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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 1, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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this is abc7 news reporter. >> did you sleep with the windows open? i did. >> you did? >> i had a big fan. >> that works, too. >> we will check with mike more on whether we can break more records today. >> it will be close. the records are warmer today. we will be a few degrees to many areas and the coast is the exception.
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it will not be so warm as year. you can see a few high clouds showing up, "it is dry. and quiet. from the east bay hills, the lights reflecting off the calm conditions of the bay this morning, our temperatures will warm rapidly and we will get to 75 to 80 at the coast quickly and you will stabilize if not drop this afternoon when the sea breeze kicks in. around the bay we are at 82 to 90 and inland we go from 84 in petaluma to 94 in brentwood. >> another day of heat. >> we set off with mass transit and i will let you know the 5- to 10-minute delay at san leandro and richmond and daly city direction so five or ten-minute delay because of an equipment problem. in san jose, this going to be construction that will last until 7:00 and it is emergency work south of the san jose airport southbound along the nimitz from coleman avenue that will last until 7:00 this morning so plan ahead northbound
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traffic is not affected and we were seeing slow downs and that is all cleared. no delays. we will take a look at san jose and 280 pulling away from 17 is very light traffic. >> break news from florida, 155 people have been sent to hospitals after a gas explosion and building collapse in pensacola. two people have been killed. this is at a jail and most of the injuries are inmates and corrections officers at the county jill. the blast caused the building to partly collapse. there were 600 inmates in the jail the at time, which was flooded during severe storms on tuesday and wednesday and they are investigating if this was related to that. >> temperatures could be rising but in the city of santa cruz, water usage should not, and that is because drought-induced water rationing begins and matt keller is in santa cruz with the hand and the penalties.
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how serious is this? check out the water fountain here at city hall, no water flowing and it has been changed into a planter for plants that don't need water with water rationing starting today running through october 31 designed to provide enough water for indoor use but not for outdoor irrigation. you are not allowed to water your property between 10:00 a.m. and 5 p.m. the goal is to save 100 million gallons of water and many long time residents are used to water restrictions. >> we already are careful with our water. we don't have landscape water and we take short showers and we don't use a lot of water washing dishes. we are conscious. >> residents are allotted 249 gallons of water a home per day. households with more than four can request more water and those who use more than their share
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pay $25 for the first 10 percent and $50 for each 10 percent over that. these are the first mandatory cuts in santa cruz in 25 years and workers from the water -- will start patrols today looking for leaks on sidewalks and gutters and people breaking the rules by watering their lawns during the middle of the day. the hot water has firefighters in the north bay concerned after a winter with little rain, cal fire added 20 engines to the rotation six weeks ahead of schedule they knew it would be an early wildfire season. napa foothills have patches of yellow fields and the grass will only get more dry as the temperatures heat up. amy hollyfield will have a report coming up in the next half hour. >> a bay area police department is cracking down on those would leave pets in cars. someone got a $500 fine for leaving an animal in a hot car
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yesterday on an 85-degree day. the inside of a car can reach temperatures up to 120 degrees in 30 minutes. a we of nba team owners will discuss what to do about donald sterling who vows to fight to keep his team despite the scandal and ban. katie marzullo is in the newsroom. the nba finance advisory committee has a conference call today and members will talk about the league's next move. all signs point to the majority of owners wanting to force donald sterling to sell but if they vote that way that is not the end necessarily. he can fight the decision and it sounds like he might, fox news is reporting that donald sterling said the team is "not for sale." experts say donald sterling could tie up the sale for the rest of his life and then this glitch if his estranged wife files for divorce the property law could delay a sale until the assets are divided.
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there is plenty of interest in buying the team, retired boxer, for one. >> the important thing is that the clippers need a face and what better face than my face, a fighter, a fighter who has been in the ring, would has not for his life, would has fought for the world championship titles. >> championship boxer floyd mayweather wants the team and oprah has expressed interest and the team could sell if $1 billion. according to nba rules the commissioner has these days to provide donald sterling with the charges and donald sterling has five days to spend. a vote would come within ten days. game six warriors vs. clip international workers day. the call for immigration reform
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is one many issues demonstrators are expected to rally around. the rallies are landed in san jose, san francisco, and santa rosa. other issues are police violence and united states military policies that first migration. >> if russia, a massive rally is landed in now's red square today, just like in the old days before the communist soviet union was dissolved in newspaper none. up to two million people could be on hand for the event and organized by russia lane unions loyal to the kremlin. it comes against a backdrop of patriotism mixed with row regulation in the wake of russia's annexation of ukraine's republic of crimea. >> we know how a teen stow away snuck on to the tarmac at san jose international airport three weeks after a federal security inspection much the perimeter. t.s.a. conducted a three month review of security measures at the airport and during a hearing
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yesterday, senator boxer questions the thoroughness and posted this exchange with the t.s.a. official on her youtube channel. >> you are looking for guarantee, that is not going to happen. >> i am looking for layered defense. >> which we have. >> it is not a guarantee 100 percent. >> did not happen this is serious business. >> i agree. >> i don't thing you are taking it that seriously. >> i disagree. >> that is the head of the t.s.a. the boy scaled a 10' tall fence at the airport and a spokesman says the airport is in compliance with federal regulations. >> in southern california at the airport, things are back to normal after a computer glitch grounded flights. the system that failed was responsible for tracking planes flying at high attitudes in the southern part of the state and parts of nevada and arizona and the grounding caused major delays at several other airports including sfo with four flights headed to the southland diverted
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there and two landed in san jose. a 23-year-old iraq war veteran is in jail accused of kidnapping two women in separate incidents. middlebrook was living in his car, a trance yet, and known to change his look. the father told a reporter he has post-traumatic stress disorder and force add 19 year old woman to drive him to see his father because his license was suspended. he forced another woman to drive him away and was caught. middlebrook was turned over to the police and is facing two counts of kidnapping. >> another hot one. >> the morning temperatures, napa is 47, a cool spot to the north and bodega bay is 63 degrees and 101 from mill valley at 54 and 56 at san rafael and low-to-mid 50's up to guerneville and that is
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representative of most of the temperatures until you get to san francisco and alameda at 65 and 63 and 60 in new york and san jose and good good morning, lafayette is 56 and brentwood is 65 degrees right now. this is how it looks from sutro tower you can see clean air, a few high clouds for the morning and if you get beautiful pictures, i would like to see them. 47 to 64 is the spread. 70 to 86 so a rapid warming through lunch and the coast will happening out in the mid-70's for the better part of the afternoon with the sea breeze and 90 inland by 4:00 and the breeze will filter in to more neighbors in the evening at 66 to 78. leyla gulen? >> we still experiencing delays on bart, to san leandro in the richmond daly city direction, 5- to 10-minutes due to problems with equipment. ace tran, on time and no delays.
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at the car and what is happening, we heard it is game six at the arena and warriors take on the clippers today at 12:30 so doors open at 11 a.m. so expect heavy delays along the nimitz. 67 miles per hour right now as you make the drive into oakland. if you are headed through castro valleys there are no delays if that area at 238 but up to tracy we are seeing the bumper-to-bumper traffic. the bay bridge toll plaza shows early cars stacking up and everyone is moving along just fine. thank you. make room for your pooch on the next camping trip. the effort underway to find thousands of jobs for teens.
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covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. news from the pacific northwest this morning that could make some a little uneasy. mt. st. helenas is stirring again. geologists say the magma is retreasurizing and has been for some time. it doesn't mean it will erupt but it is a reminder it needs to be watched. it has been six years since she
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last erupted the most closely monitored volcano since the er bankruptcy which was deadly in >> residents have been bargaining with a hospital for a year over sal, safety and patient support. official say they cannot give raises because of a massive reduction in federal funding supporting graduate medical education. no data has been set but -- no date has been set but a mediator will join the talks. >> more proof that wal-mart does sell...everything. here is america's money. good morning, topping america's money, strong start to stocks on may day, the dow jones industrial average opening at an all time high after hitting
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16580. >> the bailout of general motors cost taxpayers $11 billion, $1 billion more than estimated. that loss includes $400 million the treasury wrote off last month ending the involvement with g.m. wal-mart is going into the car insurance business teaming up with allowing you to shop online saving you $1,100. dog lovers would like to camp, a sleeping dog for -- sleeping bag for why dog so they can stay warm on the chilly nights. >> oakland summer job program is underway and the goal is to find 2,000 summer jobs for oakland youth between the age of 14 and 21. and each intern can earn up to $1,000 over the summer and get on the job training and
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experience. >> oakland is billioning and i want to make sure that kids have an opportunity to get a summer job in all neighborhoods. some kids never get out of their neighborhood and have no idea what the possibilities are out there. the jobs change lives. >> positions include child care retail, office support, painting and construction. berkeley's mayor is trying to get local communities to grow to a minimum wage hike in oakland and richmond and albany and emeryville. activists in oakland want voters to agree to raise the hourly rate to $12.25 but his plan does it more gradually. if all cities adopt the proposal non-could be at a competitive disadvantage. local business owners oppose the
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plan. >> in indiana a fan received a surprising soaking after an unexpected pop-up shower at a minor league game between ft. wayne team and the great lakes players, when the sprinkler head was set off and water was shooting 20' in the air and this video was posted on youtube by the tin cats. it was delayed for 18 minutes while the sprinkler was fixed. >> who would have an exposed sprinkler head on a baseball field. >> it is a minor league field but if the temperatures got any hotter it would have been nice around here. >> nice driving away and having an air conditioner that, worked when stopped in traffic in san francisco when it was 90. >> light wind out there and
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almost nonexistent as the high pressure is dominating the weather. you can see it from mount tamalpais where we are looking as far as we can see down to the san mateo bridge. it is going to be warm to hot this afternoon and a few high clouds from time to time like yesterday and cooler tomorrow through the weekend and the due in us is our nights will cooling, also, as far as right new, we are talking about temperatures nearly 90. upper 80's around sunnyvale and cupertino and santa clara and 84 today at santa cruz. up the peninsula we will start 90 in los altos and 88 in redwood city and we will warm rapidly at the coast up to the mid-to-upper 70's by noon and the sea breeze kicks in and taper you a little bit in the afternoon with low-to-mid 80's around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito with mid-80's to upper 80's through the north bay valley and 90's in
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sonoma is the warm spot and the east bay sure we will have 86 today in oakland and 88 is the warm spot in fremont and castro valley and hercules and the east bay valleys we go where 90 is the cool spot to 94 in antioch. tonight, do not see many 60's left around antioch and the rest of us are in the mid-to-upper 50's and a few 40's around napa, also, here is what is happening with pattern, the high pressure is starting to slowly public off to the east but it still has a nice grip on our weather today. as we head into the week, this low will start to march closer the entire trough, and that will kick in the cooler sea breeze so all areas will cool tomorrow, and significantly on the seven-day forecast and six to 12 degrees cooler tomorrow and back to average on saturday and we are slightly below average on sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday and the light chance of rain on sunday and monday is looking less likely.
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i made a boo-boo here and i said that game was going to start at 12:30 but it is at 7:30. if you got there at 11:00 you will be sore, the warriors take on the clippers at 7:30. expect delays. here is drive time traffic, 580, westbound, tracy to dublin is 37 minutes and antioch to concord is 16 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes. we have an update on bart with delays extending in san leandro and also expected to be 5- to 10-minutes late in dublin/pleasanton and richmond and daly city direction. we have those delays and we will let you know when they subside. >> the good traffic reporter will always say, give your self plenty of time. >> seven things to know as you start your day. >> look what floated up on a
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beach in washington. >> look what happens when you put a bite-sized we burrito in front of a hungry hamster.
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makes everything algood even better...ilk from the bowls of cereal you make... to all the delicious recipes you bake. because inside every carton is the goodness of blue diamond almonds. almond breeze. almondiciously good! >> blue are just joining us or headed out the door, seven things to know: hot weather has firefighters concerned about dry conditions and in napa, 20 engines were added to the rotation on monday, at least four full weeks ahead of schedule. amy hollyfield has a report in a few minutes. >> record highs again today, check out this temperature trend in san jose, 90, 17 degrees
5:25 am
above average and you can see the cooling trend, we will talk about that in the forecast. one person is involving from burns to their hands after the three-alarm fire in san jose. a viewer sent us this video of the house fire, with other people getting out safely. no word on a cause. >> breaking news, we are following from florida, two people are dead and 155 inmades and corrections officers have been sent to the hospital after a gas explosion and building collapse at a jail in pensacola, and 600 inmates were in the jail at the time. >> officials in malaysia released a report in the investigation of missing malaysia airlines flight 370. among the details, the plane was off the radar for 17 minutes before it was noticed and officials did not launch a rescue operation for four hours. an nba finance committee made up of team officials and owners will hold a conference call to talk about how to further deal with donald
5:26 am
sterling and the l.a. clippers, 22 of 29 team owners have to agree in order to force donald sterling to sell the team donald sterling said the team is not for sale. >> the problem on the tolls is with bart with 5- to 10-minute delay at san hand drove and dublin and richmond and israeli city directions because of equipment problems and well let you know when they lift. >> old boat washed ashore and officials think it could have been swept away from japan during the devastating 2011 tsunami and is covered in eel like vegetation and this is asian lettering or symbols printed on the boat. scientists will examine the vegetation to determine where it came from. >> a hamster is a viral star with the owner making this video of him preparing miniature
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burritos for his hamster to enjoy, and they made with small managers of fresh tomatoes and meat wrapped in with a million views on youtube. >> the happy hamster dance. >> you need a soda to go with that, too. >> wreckage recovery, a small plane that crashed into the bay is pulled from the water and the ntsb reveals what the pilot was trying to do moments before the crash. >> another snow survey in the sierra, and what is expects ahead of the final measurement ahead of the final measurement of the m, creamy greek yogu new mixim, creamy greek yogurt. with two unique ingredients. ahead of the final measurement of the to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:30. hope you enjoy the warm morning so far. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. everything you need to know about the weather you can find out this afternoon. mike? >> it will be a hot one. but it is a dry heat. imagine if we threw humidity in there. good morning, visibility is unlimited on live doppler 7 hd and we will talk about all of the sunshine and a few high clouds this morning and into the usually afternoon hours. hot. 82 to 90 an the bay. hot, 84 to 94 inland. a warm 75 to 80 along the coast. as we take you over the santa cruz mountains we have a construction problem that will last until 2:00 this afternoon and southbound lanes are affected between santa village road and county line so look out for that and scotts valley. along 80 away from highway four to the hoffman split you can see
5:31 am
green, so we are at top speed and continuing through berkeley could be a slow down before you reach university avenue but from highway four to the maze it is 17 minutes. as we go to the san mateo bridge you can see the traffic is moving smoothly over to the peninsula and same for dumbarton with top speeds and no accidents. the heat wave does not help when it comes to will early start of the wildfire season. crews are now getting a jump on being prepareed. we saw an example of the danger overnight. it is only may 1 and we already have a charred hillside to show you in antioch with a fire here after midnight at 12:35 with three acres burning here and firefighters stopped it before it hurt anyone or burned any buildings and this is what people worried about all over the bay area. the dry conditions and we got
5:32 am
rain but the heat is burning off any moisture we had from the rainfall. cal fire has added extra crews and four to six weeks early in northern california because they are so concerned about the dry conditions and the early heat. it makes it more tender with the rainfall it did not help the field moisture go up and it is dry and ready to burn. >> it is only the beginning of may but they want you to think of defensible space now and clearing a safe barrier to protect yourself because it is so dry and so hot. it will be a long season. it is never too early to start, and work that into your plans to protect your home.
5:33 am
it is better to start now. it is coming. cal osha is urging workers to take the heat seriously the first heat advisory of the year and regulations require fresh water and shaded areas for brakes. officials say they will inspect agricultural and construction and landscaping and other outdoor sites during the hot weather. evacuation orders have been canceled for 2,000 homes in the path of a wildfire with firefighters say the fire burning east of los angeles has eased enough to allow people back in their homes. however, firefighters are concerned that winds could pick up today so schools will be closed. the fire has burned 1,000 acres and no sturctures have been damaged. >> this morning, san jose firefighters are investigating the cause of a three-alarm house fire and this is video of the flames from our viewer and the
5:34 am
we fire starts before 9:30 when firefighters got there, 50 to 60 percent of the 3,000 square' home was engulfed if heavy flames. it is believed to is started on the back deck and spread to the home. a victim was making sure that firefighters did not get fatigued in the heat. >> the first real hot day and everyone is trying to get acclimated and trying to be cautious. residents got out safely. >> state surveyors will take the final measurement of water consent in the sierra know pack. last month officials measured the snow pack at 32 percent of normal in high sierra near lake tahoe. they expect near record lows. heck tropic snow pack readings show the state at 19 percent of normal for the state. the survey is done after the snow pack has already started to melt into streams with warming
5:35 am
weather. this is the third straight dry year. >> mandatory water rationing is happening starting today in santa cruz. residents are allotted 249 gallons of water a home each day. if you have more than four in the household you can ask for more. if you pay more than allotted you pay $25 for the first 10 percent and $into for each 10 percent over the that the first cuts in santa cruz in 25 years. at top of the hour, matt will have why city officials are warning more rationing could be coming. >> a marine salvage cover recovered the wreckage of a cessna that crashed on sunday with the pilot's body. the fuselage was found in 13' of water colliding with another plane on sunday after leaving half moon bay air show. the ntsb lead investigator says the cessna pilot was preparing
5:36 am
to take a photo of the vintage fighter plane as it passed by. the pilot was passing low and to the left and obviously there is a speed difference between the two airplanes can that is what we focus on. >> pilot and passenger were not hurt and the ntsb will lead the investigation into what happened with the name of the cessna pilot still not released. officials in malaysia released a preliminary report on malaysia airlines flight 370 including details that officials say on the day the plane disappeared it was east radar for 17 minutes before it was noticed. and officials did not launch a rescuation for four hours. the boeing 777 jet disappeared march 8 with 239 people on board while traveling to beijing. a massive multinational search has been focused in the southern indian ocean but not one part of
5:37 am
debris from the plane has been found. >> in california, a committee made up of several is conveneed to discuss steps to force donald sterling to still the l.a. clippers. all members have voiced support for the decision by silver to ban donald sterling from the nba if life over the racist comments but legal experts say if donald sterling decides to fight back what he promises to do, it could drag on for years. a legal an list says the odds of winning are zero. >> tonight, clippers will in game seven. it is a best of seven series and the warriors have beat clippers in 15 of last 17 meeting the at
5:38 am
arena with tip-off at 7:30. a small number of tickets are still available on the warriors' website between $147 and $1,200. >> but the sharks nation another long off season after another disappointing playoff exit struggling on the play going 0-6 in game seven against the kings. the kings goalie stopped the sharks maybe 39 saves. they had two goals to advance to the western conference semifinals only the fourth toes there a series of seven games after win the first three games. you have to lose four in a row. >> given what has happened... >> how many times can your heartbreak? >> we will talk temperatures
5:39 am
especially on the peninsula, it is mild and palo alto at 52 which is the cool spot and 55 at foster city and redwood city and san mateo is 59 and belmont and san bruno 61 and 63 and hayward and san jose and 59 right now in san francisco and 50 at half moon bay. the temperatures are the same in novato and two decks cooler in hayward and everyone else is warmer and this morning is the warmest. the day planner has high clouds and sunshine through noon and warming, again, with low 70's at the coast and mid-80's inland and we will hang out at 4:00, and nearly 80 at the bay with low 70's at the coast and milder this evening. 66 at coast and money 70
5:40 am
elsewhere. >> we have bart delays at 5 to 10 minutes in dublin/pleasanton and fremont and richmond and daly city directions. ace train one and three are a couple of minutes late. in san jose, there are no delays with top speeds along 101 further to the north into mountain view it is looking clear, 280 through cupertino, not a problem and 85, all the way through saratoga, toward cupertino, a great drive and through fremont in the northbound and southbound direction along the nimitz or 680, everything is accident free and the entire bay area right now is accident free and wonderful at 41 miles per hour in the westbound direction and 18 miles per hour southbound on 84 near buchanan. quiet on the roads but some congestion building. >> taking a break, toronto mayor rob ford is headed for rehab.
5:41 am
the new video that may have finally let to the decision. >> tornadoes and now heavy rains with flood waters literally washes away roads in the south and east. >> how the 49ers helped a local man score major points local man score major points with his girlfriend. we got this amazing 10-piece meal from kfc and it came with a free chocolate chip cake. local man score major points with his girlfriend. [sighs] how do you guys feel about this meal i had to not cook? you should not cook more often. i will try not to take offense to that. ♪
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>> covering daly city, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. toronto mayor rob ford is taking a break from his career to get immediate help for substance abuse. after toronto's newspaper obligated new video that shows ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine from a pipe. a drug dealer said he shot the video and claims the player was smoking crack if his sister's basement. ford posted he has a problem with alcohol and has made bad choices while under the blue and is taking a break to get help. he will conquer his issues and thanks the people of trend -- of trend for their support. >> a storm system has left flooding along the east coast this morning with rain and flooding moving houses off the phoses and cars in ravine and
5:45 am
forces crews to use boats to rescue. pensacola, florida, got 2 feet of rain in 24 hours after four days of thunderstorms and tornado the system will head out to sea later today. months before the first game is played at the new 49ers home a man has left the stadium a big winner. at love. take a listen. >> this is the perfect place for us to start our next chapter. >> scotty plame ! >> is this a yes? >> 49er fan surprised his girlfriend by proposing during a turf levi stadium capturing the big moment on video and a tearful girlfriend... >> she said yes. but he had to ask repeatedly because she was choked up. >> we will have the first
5:46 am
continue, the first pass, the first proposal has already happened. >> he set the bar pretty high, guys. >> if you are outside, maybe the kids playing football or bail at again? >> have fluids and drink plenty of water. yesterday, we can see how warm it was all the 90's across the board and napa was two degrees short of a record and san francisco was knee, and that is four degrees warmer than i thought. 90 at sfo, and 92 if livermore, and 93 at san jose, and santa cruz was 93, one degree shy of a record and now compared to what is going on in minnesota. it is snowing. from moose lake. when it snowed in minute -- in minnesota on her birthday i thought the divorce papers were
5:47 am
coming in. i am digging the heat today. it is a nice start. look at colors, warm to hot and cooler wind shift tomorrow and through the week and cool nights following the cooling wind shift. >> >> my wife is not up yet. >> nearly 90 for the santa clear valley and los gatos and gilroy low-to-mid 90's and as far as the peninsula, quit a spread from 90 as los altos and 86 at menlo park and 82 in millbrae, almost tolerable. temperatures will run up to noon or 1:00 o'clock and then the sea breeze kicks in and you hold steady or drop. home 80's around wound and south san francisco and sausalito and we will start at 84 at petaluma up to 90 which is the spread through the valley and the east bay shore is 85 in berkeley and alameda and up to 88 in castro valley and fremont and low-to-mid 90's from 90 at pleasanton to 94 in antioch for
5:48 am
the east bay valley. tonight, 48 is the cool spot in napa and 60 in antioch and most of us in the 50's. the high pressure is moving off to the east and it will on the door for the big trough to come in but it holds the heat another day and the sea breeze kicks in. we drop dramatically. six to 12 degrees cooler tomorrow and four to eight degrees on saturday and more on sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, below average and chance of rain on sunday night fades out of the forecast. we have bart recovering from 5- to 10-minute delay in san leandro in the dublin/pleasanton direction. still 5- to 10-minute delay but they are recovering. if you are headed out on to the roads we are looking at slowing building over highway four at 16 miles per hour approaching lone tree way and when the two lanes
5:49 am
open to a couple more you can see how the traffic starts to flow and as you continue toward pittsburg and bay point we are at top body and down 242 to get to 680 no problems just a little bit of a slow down approaching highway 24. if your travels take you to highway 4 to 80 or 80 toward richmond and san rafael toll plaza, you can see this are cashpayers across the bridge and on other side you will find 101 southbound it is empty. >> ikea is recalling 30 million wall lamps that pose a strangulation hazard after a baby was strangled and the near death of a 15-month-old who was entangled. each lamp has a cord 7' to 8' long, with 30 million latches
5:50 am
affected. if you have a lamp discontinue using the lamp until you get a repair kit and eliminate the danger. for a list of wall lamps go to abc7 news come and "7 on your side" and next, what is leading to a surge in soldiers getting tattoo. >> a tv merger could be in the works and who at&t is making a bid for. ♪ because i'm happy ♪ hop along >> next, you know this song, but it turns out that he wasn't the first choice to report the hot single.
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this is a big day to salmon lovers, the fish season is underway on the coast. early reports say the stocks are plentiful and the fishing is good the fresh salmon should be in the stores in a few days. the buzz is not all good. the drought is making it tough for young salmon to get to the ocean to feed so it could be the last good season for several years. pharrell williams has reached new height with "happy," but he wasn't the original artist picked to sing the song. ♪ because i'm happy ♪ hop along >> if a recent interview someone else was asked to sing
5:54 am
it, and the song was handed off and pharrell says the other artist does not hold a grudge. >> a taste of curtis mayfield if that song. >> now the popular princess of disney, the biggest money makers in the magic kingdom. >> five is ariel "the little mermaid." and "ana" from frozen and "snow white" and then "cinderella." and most popular is --. ♪ let it go. ♪ >> elsa is number one after raking in more than $3.3 million on ebay in terms of
5:55 am
merchandising since may last year. it has taken off. >> "frozen" sounds good. with the heat. meteorologist mike nicco? >> frozen custard. >> the magic powers turn everything into a sheet of ice. >> making some money today. >> everyone would want me to chill the cocktails. the beautiful picture of the sun cresting the horizon and as far as what we are doing today compared to average we are anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees warmer and we will make a run at record highs and the sun will set at 8:00. around the state today, low-to-mid 90's through the central valley and sunny 80 in monterey and hope you injury it. >> if you are waking up with bart, we are recovering from the 5- to 10-minute delay in san
5:56 am
lenadro in dublin and daly city direction and, also, ace train one toward fremont and great america is a couple of michigan -- couple of minutes late and this is an equipment problem for the larkspur ferry so you will ariff at 8:15. around the bay, in the car, you are not moving fast over the altamont pass with a new report of a stalled big rig on the westbound 580 grant line road. the lanes are blocked but the drive is slow in the westbound direction. it is 5:56. the 49ers new home in santa clara is the site of a big game for a local while football game opening their season at the new levi stadium on august 29 part of a double header that reportedly could include jesuit of carmichael and major league
5:57 am
soccer holds the first game in july. >> a teen was attacked while trying to take a selfie with a squirrel. he just wanted to take a selfie while visiting a florida park but it did not go as planned. when the flash went off the squirrel went wild and the next thing, the squirrel was on his shoulder and under his shirt and his mom was standing by with the camera and continued to snap away as the squirrel climbed up her son's back and she thought it was hilarious. only because she doesn't have to take him to the hospital. >> the morning news continues at 6:00 with the new stories. >> government watch dogs say a golfing trip of the president
5:58 am
cost seven figures
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, hundreds of inmates injured at a florida jail after an explosion. >> to, tough new water restrictions go into effect in santa cruz, and how much each household getting and what will happen if they use more water than they should. >> the scandal surrounding donald sterling is far from over this morning, the l.a. clippers' owner is vowing to fight back. >> it is 6:00 on this thursday. >> what we have in common the past couple of days is the heat. mike has the forecast. >> united. we have all had to deal with it yesterday. and to a lesser step, today. live doppler 7 hd shows a light breeze. it is stuffy in a few


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