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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 1, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> this has been a party nonstop . the rally has been people coming up and expressing concerns you can see a demonstration taking place now the crowd has been huge, filled with demonstrations from across the bay area in celebration of international workers day. they hope to highlight issues beyond fair wages and labor laws. hot topic this year is immigration. ending the deportation of undocumented my -- migrant workers 800 people took to the streets. it's a small part of what the rally is all about. beginning as a way to recognize the international labor movement, organizers say it's transformed into an annual human rights protest they say will touch on issues affecting their community. most of the anger is focused on president obama and what they're
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call aggressive deportation. >> latino community and my grant community helped him get elected. this is how he repaid us deporting and separating our families. >> i think it's important for them to be here today for them to learn to be includeed and see from a very young age that everybodies' rights need to be respected. women, people of color. everyone's rights. >> as you saw from sky 7 hd, the group is still marching throughout the fruit veil district. police made plans of their own, dozens of officers had been brought in to cover the rally the police department spokeswoman told me they expect everyone to behave because they have officers walking in the crowd anyone getting out of line will
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be arrested. >> nick, thank you. here is the location of a march through san francisco mission district. abc7 news is keeping an eye on that for us tonight and is live. leenan? >> reporter: demonstrators just arrived here at 16th and mission. the scene is a peaceful one. demonstrators gathered at 24th and mission. at 4:00 this afternoon then began marching with drums, waving posters and flags i just saw san francisco supervisor david campos joining marchers the march supposed to clog mission street people head down here to where we are. 16th and mission next to the bart station. because we're in the mission some have been demanding better
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living wages and an end to evictions due to i noticed some businesses decided to close early. it's loud sh but peaceful. >> thank you. two may dar marchs in san jose converged with groups from our lady of guadalupe church and another met at story road and south king road coming together at city hall. david louie is on the scene with the story for us. david? >> well, it's hot this evening in san jose. but that has not impacted numbers or the level of passion these people are showing after their march to san jose city hall. they're here to try to get more
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money for working families and prevent families from being deported. these two brothers and sisters providing the human face for the debate over immigration reform. their mother deported to mexico yesterday because she was undocumented. as they marched they point out there are millions like them whose families have been separated. >> i do need my mother here. just not just for me, so i can -- but well being of my 12-year-old brother. he deserves to grow up within the guidance of my mother. >> a long time activist says current policy is devicive. >> these are set to divide immigrant families. to destabilize their work force. intimidate workers from finding further -- you know further rights to intimidate neighbors to not support each other. >> families went to mass to pray but there is growing frustration
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among marchers that elected officials are not listening to them. >> biggest impediment we have is that american people don't trust the president to enforce or implement the law that we may, or may not, pass. >> another critical issue is closing the pay gap. san jose raised minimum wage from $8 to $10 an hour. >> workers have been able to pay for necessities. it means there is increased economic activity in this community. >> neighboring cities and santa clara county are still considering similar ordinances but a restaurant owner points out once floor staff got a raise so did a dish washer. >> i moved him up, the next guy working sautes i had to adjust him, too. it created a sliding scale for me. >> there are different points of view with no easy paths to
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resolution but this gives working families an opportunity to raise their voices we're live in city hall, abc7 news. >> david, thank you. well, it's win or go home for warriors tonight. they try to stay alive in the playoff series. both teams trying to focus on basketball as controversy swirls around the owner of the l.a. clippers because of the racist tirade. we're live outside of the oakland arena. certainly a big distraction. >> it is. but let me tell you this. the nba owners are not going to let this fester. they're advisory committee voted to move very quickly on this donald sterling controversy and plan to meet again next week. it's do or die for warriors tonight. they're trying to focus and distance them selves from the donald sterling controversy. a group of owners agreed to move
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things along as quickly as possible on a vote to oust the clippers owner. at a shoot around in san francisco this morning, his team was still dealing with questions. doc rivers says it has hurt but his guys are moving on. >> what do you say to your players with this swirling around? >> in the a thing. i do think players as a group, golden state and player union were phenomenal. >> the ball is now out of their hands this week the commissioner made the unprecedented move of banning sterling for life. he wants him to sell the clippers a forced sale taking a two-thirds vote or 23 of the 30 owners. >> what if he fights the sale? >> it's far from us now. we're fresh off having closure. >> michael goldman believes global brand of the nba is at risk without new ownership for
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the clippers. >> i think what you'll see is everyone towing the line and following the same message that commissioner silver set up but perhaps some of the negotiations and how exactly that deal is structured, perhaps some of that we won't see. >> goldman says it's created an opportunity for a new era in the sport. >> sport is a business. should be run by professional business people. >> nba committee plans to reconvene next week. so far, donald sterling has not said if he'll agree to go willingly. >> the bay area got baked by
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sco scoreching temperatures. >> yes. >> i'm here under blue skies and warm but no longer hot conditions. earlier, into afternoon hours we had lots of beach spread around the bay area. patch of high clouds off shore, here is a look at today's official high temperatures. two more records today. so today was the second day of record warmth in the bay area. richmond 89 degrees. and san rafael, 91 degrees is a new record high also for this date. highs into the 90s in east bay and north bay valleys. these are not all records but hot none theless. in just a moment i'll show you how soon we can expect a cool down. i mean a serious cool down coming our way shortly. dan? carolyn? >> thank you. >> state water officials took the final survey of the sierra snow conditions
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they found water content of the snow pack this year is just 18% of normal. and in most places this morning they found more bare ground than snow. >> mandatory water rationing is now in effect in santa cruz. that is the first time in 25 years. it's started today as abc7 news reporter matt keller explains people are finding they have a lot to learn about conservation. >> santa cruz is known for surfing but now, instead of cutting back on waves residents will have to cut back on water usage. it runs through october 31st. people are getting creative. this home has two garbage cans they're half full from the storm. this home gets help from the creek throughout the property. >> there is no use of the sea water. >> officials say santa cruz has
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one of the lowest water usage rates of the state. each home allotted 249 gallons per day. going 10% over it's extra $25 on the bill. $50 for each owe% over that. that is easy to do if you're not careful. older toilets can use three and a half gallons of seven gallons per flush a ten minute shower uses 25 gallons and a load of laundry in a traditional washing machine can use from 27 to 54 gallons per use if you replace those with water-saving versions you can cut usage in half or more. >> i've done my part to try to reduce needs. and my most-recent bill, i was down to seven units for a family of five. that is pretty good. >> landscaping will take a hit in santa cruz. several restrictions are in place. and hoses must have a shut off
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nozzle. water department workers will be patrolling and they can ticket you. >> i think money issue is a scare thing. people are afraid of going over. i think all in all it's going to be best thing for the community. >> water department says it will give out warnings first to help educate the public the goal to save 100 million gallons of water. >> still ahead more on saving water. a big incentive to have lawns removed >> and a restaurant where neighbors and customers are frustrated by the popularity. >> and new video game now being developed that can read your mind. you'll s
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a shooting reported on 85th avenue near international boulevard. >> there are police officers here on the scene. you can see activity and one ambulance responded we do not know if the shot hit anyone. but police responds here at 85th and international boulevard. >> follow us on twitter. booming business is creating a nightmarish parking problem. they want the city to do something about the situation. abc7 news is live when the growing controversy.
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>> i bet you it is. i haven't tasted it yet. this is a delicate tight rope they want businesses like the restaurant behind me to come to the city. but they're hearing from residents and merchants, angry for misjudging what the cars are doing to their quality of life. >> i am parked almost three block as way. >> customers said the dim sum was good, but not the parking. the cars are keeping parking valleys busy but success does have a price. >> they open a restaurant with 400 seats. and no intention of providing
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parking. just letting the parking overflow back into the neighborhood. >> residents here say the tree lined streets have become a parking mecca. >> i would like to be able to come park in my spot in front of my own home. >> reason michelle can't is because the restaurant doesn't have parking they had to put up a sign to keep out restaurant customers. >> we're having complaints they have no place to park their vehicle. >> this parking he says has affected the bottom line. working with the restaurant to
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come up with a solution. >> it's hard for the neighborhood we apologize and are working hard to mitigate that. >> the mayor says there is that he'd rather have a parking problem than lots of parking and no business. the restaurant did not rerespond to our request for an interview. vic lee, abc7 news. >> two people bitten by 1 or 2 dogs wandering streets this morning. minutes later a man bit on the calf by the pit bull had been daysed by animal control officers both dogs are now in the contra costa county animal shelter. >> firefighters in vallejo brought a house fire under control tonight. it started on a backward around 4:00. it spread to a shed and into the home attic.
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always worry about fire but it's about to cool off. >> yes. serious way, but you know we've had two hot days. we still have warm conditions around the bay area now. and high clouds reaching up near the golden gate. here is a beautiful live view from our camera across the embarcadero. it's now 79 degrees in san francisco. a toasty 92 in gilroy. how about this view looking west across the bay? it's 86 in santa cruz now. corning yord, 86. livermore, 89.
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here is a look at interesting cloud formation over ocean beach. these forecast features clear, mild overnight. there will be a little bit of cooling tomorrow. cooler ska beginning that cooling pattern. here is that ridge of high pressure very warm ridge. it will be a little cooler tomorrow near the coast and around the bay. saturday, we can get this sea breeze developing. clouds moving n that cooling continues for about a week. speaking of a week to week ahead, we'll produce this temperature range for san jose. 85 tomorrow. temperatures leveling off saturday, low to mid-70
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throughout the seven day period. overnight, a few high clouds and clear skies. low temperatures mid to upper 50s for the bay area. sunny warm to hot again with highs of 85 in san jose. low to mid-80s. upper 60s to 70s on the coast. north bay hay highs to napa and 80 in castro valley. saturday and throughout forecast we'll see low to mid-70s inland around 70 near the bay. upper 50s to 60s on the coast.
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thank you. >> just ahead use of wind power >> new solution having you sailing across the bay. stay with us.
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strong demands for pick ups and suvs helped the auto industry.
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and sales at general motors up 7% as well. pg&e committed $2.7 billion to safety improvements and may have to pay more in fines. ask ebay settled a government lawsuit and the justice department says it cost workers the chance of better jobs more pay. >> new green technology could provide a environmentally friendly way to power ferry boats this, wind sail made of carbon fiber using wind, diesel and solar energy. it's caught attention of ferry raters interested in cutting their carbon footprints the designer put the creation on
6:26 pm
a test journey today. >> you have a perfect angle to win. so best place to test the technology. >> california air resources board are funding the $350,000 testing phase taking place on the cata marchan. >> still to come tonight at 6:00 a fresh blast of wind fuelling the southern california wildfire. just ahead a fire forcing schools to close for a second day. >> here tonight we have found a city offing a big incentive to homeowners to lawns removed >> and a high school english teacher honored at the white house. what makes him america's teacher of
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california today. the fire is burning in rancho cucamonga in san bernardino county. it's 53% contained. >> quiet on the line today firefighters are still looking for a sign of fire just in case. >> you can tell that the situation isn't as perilous as yesterday. >> around 5:00 this morning i woke up i didn't see many trucks. so i kind of assumed maybe we're out of harm's way. >> but these are still warm, windy. red flag conditions. it's so much so that we never did see firefighting aircraft. the fire department says they tried but decided it was still just too windy.
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>> if we're under limits of being safe, when you drop retardant it's just going to go everywhere but where you want it. >> firefighters were mopping up after homes were lost last night. >> there were sparks and numbers. wind blowing them around the top here. >> three people were injured. but considering the conditions, and all of the homes and trees here he says it could have been worse. >> very lucky considering wind conditions earlier in the day were 50 or 60 miles per hour. >> three suck strurz were consumed by the fire. >> so a lot of people still very
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mindful of the weather conditions here. it's warm and windy. good news is that no smoke, no flames. anywhere with that you look. >> same storm system generated dozens of temperatures in the south drenched much of the east coast causing problems there. a block long sink hole opened up in a neighborhood swallowing cars and forcing evacuation of several homes. the rain turned streets into rivers and this cell phone video. you can see a car being swept away. >> unbelievable. >> crew overseas now. hundreds calling attention of the abduction of more than 200
6:33 pm
school girls by armed militants angry crowds calling for a rescue effort for the girls. 200 teen-aged girls being held by an extremist group. some have been forced into marrying their kidnappers with an islamic group meaning no western education. last night, hundreds dressed in red marched to the national assembly protesting lack of action over the students. >> high school english teacher from maryland honored by the president as this year's teacher of the year. the president praised his work and college readiness program. 98% of the graduates were accepted into colleges. >> we stand here because of those people who invested in us. and here we stand for the
6:34 pm
importance of investing in each and every child >> tim smith competed against him for the title. >> back in the good old days part of keeping up with the joness meant a big, broad, green lawn. this is part of the richest drought incentive plan in california. brown or green, it doesn't matter. that lawn is on the wanted list. >> this describes a program sponsored by palo alto and the water district. remove a lawn, replace it with approved plants and those
6:35 pm
agencies will write the checks. >> carol and allen stiefers eliminated a thousand square feet of lawn based on photos, it was a bonus. >> did you want had lawn to go? >> yes. >> so it's gone. >> these native manhattans will attract birds, bees and use less water. i think he's going to lose half. >> was a big step deciding to do this? >> finding what to do once we decided. >> so doing allen bought a computer program he only got a little addicted. >> six. version of the file. >> it's got to be done.
6:36 pm
>> you know the saying the grass is greener? not in palo alto. not if you like cash. >> do you see yourself doing more yard work or less? >> i'm not going to do yard work. nochlt going to hire someone. >> why not? >> just head of story of new technology in a bay area hospital. >> could change the way your doctor looks for breast cancer.
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stanford hospital is using technology that could change the way breast cancer is diagnosed. doctors believe it has the tool to identify cancers more accurately. >> sylvia is a believer in having an annual mammogram. she says the appointment turned into a nerve wracking ordeal after receiving a phone call >> said we need you back to do
6:40 pm
more imaging. so i freak out. they said well, it was a shoddy. >> after spending the weekend worrying she learned it was not cancer but caused by her dense breast tissue. this time around she turned to sanford hospital and a different imaging. >> it's a form of x ray producing 2 and 3 dimensional images f doctors notice an area they can turn to examine it from a different angle. >> it's dense on two dimensions you wonder about the finding. >> the benefit is that you image that allows you to resolve
6:41 pm
a lot of artifacts we can see when we take a two dimensional projection of the breast. >> a change requires doctors to notify women if they're diagnosed with dense breasts. >> are the of people are advocating ultra sounds. it's a huge false positive rate. >> 80% to 90 will turn out to be nothing. >> he says mri is effective and believes there are practical advantages for wide spread use. >> i think we'll not have anywhere near as high a false positive rate. >> a mammogram exam gives us more sensitivity. >> dr. lipson says current units deliver the same radiation as a
6:42 pm
normal mammogram. >> that is you know less scary for women. >> and it offers advantages to women with denser breasts stanford is making it available to all women in the program. >> when we return here tonight we're going to show you a video game that can
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what if video games could read your mind? engineers inching closer to an answer for that. jonathan bloom explains technology could one day affect you if you're not a gamer. >> that is a video game until able to sense how a player is feeling. >> the phd candidate rips the bottom off of the printer and
6:46 pm
installed a new one. >> it knows how fast the heart is beating. >> so instead of reading the brain we know what is affected by the brain. >> now, they're about to start trials using this to track how much movement is on the screen. in other words how exciting game is. and they want to feed the data in the game. >> we hope it will be able to adopt for that person. >> if the game senses you're bored with this, maybe they'll send one of these your way. >> the ability to tell how you're feeling based on what you have in your hand could be yugsful far beyond the gaming world.
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>> if respiration is declining it could mean they're falling asleep. he says that could protect hundreds of lives and piece of mind for parents >> parents are concerned and we'd be able to sense that. >> at stanford abc7 news >> we're seeing changes in the forecast coming. >> we are. spencer christian is back on the forecast. >> we're ready for a change. showing sunny skies around the bay area. thin, wispy high clouds. here is a look at high temperatures versus records for the date. san rafael set highs today, 89 in richmond. tomorrow, state wide will be warm to hot again.
6:48 pm
highs into nine #s in chico and sacramento. los angeles, 100 down in palm springs here in the bay area, warm again around the bay. temperatures will be low for highs were. you can see saturday, all locations would cool down sharply. up to about 70s around the bay. and near 60s along the coastline. >> thank you. >> and can the warriors stay alive in the nba playoffs? >> hi larry. >> this place going to be packed and to the brim. and ayou loued. can the warriors stay alive in must one games?
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good evening, we're live at ora cell arena for a must-win
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game six between warriors and the l.a. clippers. one of the themes here tonight, people are wondering is sort of secondary to the series with all of the controversy is will this be the final game for mark jackson? they check out video from the series, the question is whether mark jackson can pull the series out, whether he can get the series out and whether he gets an extension or not. he not want to go into next season as lame duck coach. there is an awful lot riding on this series. i bring in an old buddy. you're looking great as always. this series pressure given the
6:53 pm
uncertainty of the situation. how much is riding on the game tonight? >> i think a lot. i wonder if a decision has been made already. >> if it's being considered to me it's bigger than what happened tonight. it's something that maybe is predetermined or something they've went and thought long and hard. if i'm getting rid of a coach it's because players don't like them. >> with clay thompson and what he thinks about mark ajackson earlier in the let's talk about steph curry. because i mean it seems simple to say when he gets the ball
6:54 pm
and held to 17 points. warriors lose. what does golden state have to do from x and o standpoint. he needs to play one of my boyhood iet yils. sleepy floyd he needs 51 point game. he has to have a game and be he has to get there. and not only and you can look for guys on the wing and get the ball to them. so that is a problem he's having a hard time. so that is the key. >> home crowd, fans don't want this. to be the last game of the
6:55 pm
season. what is your pick, mark? >> you're going to make me say this in front of my hometown? i think clippers goring to win. >> thank you for coming. come together right after this cue here. we hoped to have it here. >> one thing sharks warriors don't want it to go out of the way the sharks did last night. five teams with leads that failed to close out and lost to l.a. kings. rather somber sharks locker room last night. >> they let the fans douvenlt everybody in the organization down. it's not a good feeling >> i think they fixed their problems. we didn't. our problems got worse as we went along.
6:56 pm
we're awful. >> warriors have to keep their season alive. their playoff hopes alive with a win tonight. must win in game six. from my perspective they get it and force game seven. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. we'll see you tonight. back to you. >> that should be the way it goes. >> thanks >> join me tonight at 9:00. origins of a scandal. a famous audio tape of donald sterling became public in the first place. >> how you can score discounts on travel. >> here on prime time back to back episodes of grey's anatomy z a series "black box" then stay tuned for abc7 news at 11:00. >> and remember, if you're a dish customer. you can see all abc programming
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online on your smart phone. just go to abc7 and click the watch abc logo. or down load the watch abcapp from your app store. >> that is this edition of abc7 news our coverage continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. thanks for watching. from all of us here. have a good evening. woah, this kitchenelcome ho! looks beautiful. hey mom! it's bigger! it's great, right? give him the tour. let me show you! quartz countertop, soft-close drawers, farm sink, under cabinet lighting,
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than any other woman. marlon and michelle -- yeah, you know how good you're gonna have to be today to replace her. but good luck to all three of you. here we go. and now the categories. and all of the clues in that category will be given by melissa clark from the new york times. julia, start. cooking for $200. alex: melissa? julia. what is pesto? right. cooking for $400. again.


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