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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 2, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> look up. i seen frame -- flames all over. everything was burning. >> a major fire spreads to four separate homes. two people are injured. scary stuff. good morning, that devastating fire chased two dozen people out of the their homes in the early morning chill. it has been stuff for firefighters because of the location and the weather. katie marzullo joins us from the scene. katie?
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>> yes, the firefight is over but a lot of work is still on the scene. you can see crews doing a lot of clean up hauling the debris out of the home where the fire started. it was hours' long because of the narrow streets and thick fog this morning. it was a massive response at the peak of the fire there were 90 firefighters on the scene. what would be bright orange flames are dulled by thick fog on bright street in san francisco's ocean view neighborhood. fire eruptedded at 6:30. a man said it was chaos when seven people and pets tried to escape. >> kicked out the back kitchen window, jumped out the window in the back and she is okay. >> the fire spread to three other homes. >> how did it spread? >> easy there is nothing in between. there are common walls. when it gets going, you get a lot of damage. >> two went to the hospital with
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moderate injuries and the others are counting their blessing. >> glad to be alive. i ain't worried about the other stuff. >> firefight was tough because of the narrow streets getting the large trucks close and between the patchy fog and smoke it was hard for firefighters to see what they were doing they did not have to rescue anyone partly because of brent walker who got people out of the home. he credits military training. >> nothing you take credit for, it is just they train you to save lives, it don't leave. >> i learned on the scene in addition to two hurt resident as firefighter was taken to the hospital complaining of check pain. what starts the fire? the residents have theories. a burning cigarette and another says a faulty lamp but the fire chief said it is too early to speculate on the cause of the
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fire. happening now, a bay area congressman is touring mineta san jose international airport to examine execute after a teen stowed away on a plane. the representative is speaking to reporters after getting a brief on security measures. the visit is two weeks after the santa clara teen sneaked on a flight to hawaii after jumping an airport fence. the teen hid in a wheel well for the five hour flight. swalwell is the northern member of the house of representatives homeland security subcommittee on transportation security. early this week senator boxer questions the t.s.a. about the stow away. >> you are looking for 100 percent guarantee and that will not happen. >> i am looking for layered defense. >> which we have. ought airports have. it is not a 100 percent guarantee. >> this is serious business. >> i agree. >> why think you take it that seriously. >> i disagree. >> the congressman swalwell is equaling an audit on perimeter
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security not done since 2009 on the airports. >> a pit bull attack sent a young girl to the hospital with bite wounds to neck and head. her father ended it by fighting the dog. amy? we just met with ceriya he was scared to go up against the pit bull but the dog has his daughter in its grip. >> my god...i useed to watch -- it was my daughter. >> he has no choice but to straddle this pit bull and put his hand in its motion to pry it open. >> it latched on to her braids and trying to pull her the she was trying to pull away and i put my hand in his wife and
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started going to actually attack her. >> the three-year-old is home from the hospital. she had to get treated for gashes to her need. >> she has abraces on her neck, part of the scalp is missing. >> she was laying with -- playig with a maybe and the dog was out for a walk on an leash. >> he tried to play but that is a large pit bull. you don't let that play with a kid. my daughter is only three. >> owner said the dog is a very energetic dog and playful. >> animal care and control talked to the dog's owner who said it was the father's reaction that caused the dog to get aggressive. >> he tried to put the dog this between his legs, the dog reacted to the dad on top of him and that is where the bite occurred, the owner's side of
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the story. we are investigating. >> he said that is ridiculous, the dog had ahold of his daughter and he did what any father would do. >> it would have messed me up but can have killed her. he wants the dog euthanized. the dog owner will not fight that. it is a process, though, and right new the dog is in quarantine. thank you. in santa clara some neighbors are turning news conference's down on one painted to look like a house in a movie "up." there is a lawsuit involved over safety. matt keller joins us from santa clara. matt? >> this house is getting a lot of attention because it looks like it was out of hollywood's favorite feel good movies but the neighbors say the construction project was like a horror movie come to life. on a street of historic victorians in santa clara, one stands out, or "up" above the rest. if it looks familiar it is
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painted to look like the home from "up," a movie. >> we thought, our house kinds looks live the house inned movie and we said it would be something that would make our daughter's love it. >> they bought the home 2 1/2 years ago and by everyone's account it was a mess. after a lot of work the couple and their two daughters moved in this past weekend. >> we got everything done and we hope to get balloons up and when the block party happens or when we are done. >> but scratch the surface on the paint and you will find a neighborhood dispute. >> i actually like the paint colors, they are fun and i like a bright fun thing to look at. >> but it is what is under that you are concerned about. >> she claims proper precautions were not taken ben the lead payment was sanded off and filed a lawsuit asking for the couple to pay for the toxic lead that
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came from her house and spread in the unable. >> it was to inlead that was sanded and stripped that ended up all over the neighborhood of huge concern especially for the kids. >> she shows lead was found and the couple would not discuss the lawsuit but their attorney denies all allegationses in the complaint. the attorney said that toasts for lead paint will turn up positive everywhere in the unable because many of the homes or more than 110 years ago but the controversy isn't about the bright colors on a classic hope. several people took pictures and complimented the couple on the paint job but if you do have a problem, a man had advice. >> get a life! i wouldn't mind that house next to me. they are victorians. i like the house. >> the mayor of santa clara will throw a block party when the home is completed and as for the lawsuit the next court date is scheduled for august. thank you. we have new details about the
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disgraceful l.a. clippers owner, donald sterling, battling cancer. espn confirms that donald sterling has prostate cancer for some time. the 80-year-old was so sick some worried he would die. if this comes as the advisory committee is working on force, him to sell the l.a. clippers and three-quarters of the other owners have to go along with that plan and the head of naacp has resign after being criticized for planning to give donald sterling a civil rights award which was rescinded last weekend after a recorded racist rant surfaced by donald sterling. >> tomorrow the warriors take on the clippers in game seven the first in 37 years. the warriors needed a win to not be eliminated in game six and the warriors everyone led by steph curry who scored 24 points with nine assists and the golden state against held the clippers to 36 percent shooting. they clawed that wear to 100-99
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we victory. >> we have a lot more ahead including good news if you are taking a road trip the major drop in gas prices that some experts are predicting. >> significant progress by california firefighters against a wildfire that has threatened over a through homes. >> and a look outside right now, meteorologist mike nicco is next with the
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san jose police have arrested a man suspected of stabbing a mother of three to death. this man knew the victim. they are not revealing what evidence they have against him. he remains in jail. the mother died on tuesday after being stabbed inside an apartment in east san jose.
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neighbors say the 28-year-old mother has twin young girls and a baby. in new york city a subway train derailed forcing commuters to exit through a hole in the sidewalk. four people went to the hospital. 15 others had less serious injuries. the middle six cars of an eight-car train jumped the track in queens and a thousand people were on the manhattan-bound express and thousands of others faced delays after it shut down one of the busiest subway lanes. >> firefighters got a handle on a southern california wildfire that burned 2,200 acres, officials say the place is is now 53 percent contained and crews expect to make significant progress with the winds easing. the fire forced evacuation of 1,600 homes. residents have new been allowed to return. >> unemployment plucked to a
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5-year low with the labor department saying the jobless rate for april dropped .4 percent to 6.3 percent the lowest level since september of 2008. employers added 288,000 new jobs a clear sign the economy is picking up steam. you can look for gasoline prices in california to drop up to 50 cent as gallon this summer. that is the word from analysts. the rice for oil fell below $100 a barrel yesterday for the first time in three weeks as it reached an average of $4.26. analysts say the worst could be behind us. expect west coast gas prices to fall to $3.80 by fourth of july. j. crew could be developing a new line with more wallet friendly prices. the new sutro towers will be called j. crew mercantile and closer to what is found at outlets. the company has been scouting locations in several cities and has signed a few leases.
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officials will not confirm the report but they did say that it trademarked the name in november. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast next. >> how was the drive? >> nogy. -- foggy. >> i like the fog. i am weird, right? >> no, just like that. open up the weather window to show you why we are focused on the fog. that is what has taken away our record warmth. big time changes for the bay and the coast today and inland i will show you how far we are going to drop in the seven-day forecast. plus, the falcon chicks living on the roof of san jose city hall get a special visitor and now we are learning how many of the new chicks are boys and how many are girls. prince william and prince harry get a royal welcome in
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we you are learning about the newest members of the falcon family in san jose. this video comes from the camera on city hall. a biologist discovered two are male and two are female, the way it is supposed to be. this shows how high the nest is with cry scrapers attracting falcons because they resemble pitch and pigeons provide them much to eat. >> prince william and prince harry are in memphis today.
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>> harry! harry! >> my goodness. very excited fans waited outside for the royals outside a tennessee restaurant. >> the brothers joined friends for a barbecue dinner in downtown memphis and though are in town for a friend's bodying and prince william took his wife as his date and prince harry recently split up with his girlfriend so he is going solo. but the ribs were good, i am sure. >> we know the heat wave is officially over, the fog and cooler weather is back. >> the weekend looks good. >> better to be outside. if you are going to be outside or have been all week you will like what is coming up. i will show you what happened this morning, a time-lapse you can see the fog rolling in and it actually gets thicker as we head through the morning hours but it is definitely a sight for those that could not sleep the
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last few nights. you will do better tonight. there it is. it is beautiful. we have to move on to talk about the weekend. we will move on to live doppler 7 hd and we show you the winds, 17 miles per hour at sfo and look which way it is pointing coming from the northwest. same thing at half moon bay, 13 miles per hour. look where it is blowing in fairfield from the southwest to the northeast. the northwest wind is going in and it is fanning out throughout the bayshore line and it will be cooler there also but not the dramatic drop we are seeing in san francisco and out at the coast. it is 57 right new in san francisco and that is 22 degrees cooler than this time yesterday when i was up on the roof and enjoying the warm sunshine. 55 at half moon bay and we still is warm weather, though, los gatos is 84, east bay valley, 80 in san ramon, and 80 if livermore, and not bad in conquer, and 65 in oakland so this area along the coast, san francisco, where the finger of
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fog is traveling to the east bay shore and that will see the biggest drop in temperatures today. in fact, we are 16 at half moon bay and nine in oakland and cooler inland but we still probably going to reach 90 in the east bay valley so air conditioning weather conditions. this is how it looks from mount tamalpais. the coastal clouds and the cooling sea breeze will spread inland tomorrow, and the extended forecast is dry but i don't see a real heat wave coming our way, either. this is how it looks down in san jose with lots of sunshine and you are going to be above average today, you are going to hit 85, not the 92 of yesterday, but, still, warmer-than-average, with san rafael a couple of record highs and it stops today. san francisco is 84, down to, hopefully, 9 in oakland down to 76. those are 15 and 13 degrees cooler than yesterday. low-to-mid 80's for most of the south bay and nearly 90 degrees in los gatos and gilroy and down to 74 in millbrae because of the sea breeze. low-to-mid 60's along the coast
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and mid-to-upper 60's around downtown and sausalito is 72 and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and mid-60's at your beaches and mid-to-upper 70's for most of the east bay shore and 80's around hercules and castro valley and upper 80's to neely 90's in the east bay valley. tonight, good sleeping water and mid-40's to the north and clouds with low-to-mid 50's. if you are headed to cinco de mayo festival, mid-to-upper 60's and an increase in sunshine but we are going to see a slight breeze develop. if you you are headed up to lake tahoe you can see the snow is felting, temperatures are 70 were and then breezy and dropping into the low 60's by the end of the weekend. here is the seven-day forecast: east bay valley, you see the dramatic drop tomorrow at 15 degrees. a lot of 70's around, no more 80's or 90's is how quickly we have flipped back to spring. temperatures are cooler on monday, below average, and then a slow warming trend but nothing
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obnoxious. >> diana nyad is is in san francisco and a guest on "dancing with the stars" but made history as you know when slow became the first person to swim 110 miles from cuba to florida without a cage at the age of 64 and she will talk about surviving child abuse. i will run over to the fundraiser and we will hear from diana nyad later on today at 5:00. >> mike has today
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>> coming up at 4:00, traveling on a budget with first-class perk. we have stipulates on traveling in luxury. >> and what the little girl who was bitten in a vicious dog attack has to say. >> and a couple of pets. >> i heard a couple of ahhh's with the east bay spca. tell us about these rascals. >> they are brothers. they are almost nine weeks old. they will be available if adoption on sunday, they do need to have their neuter surgery.
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check out our website if you are interested. >> they are the only baby kittens you have. >> we have 70 in foster care. >> the tide is coming. >> we are preparing. >> how is this coming on next week. >> we have the oakland internet cat video festival so you can go to check that out a benefit for east bay spca. it would be a good one. >> we will get them homes and the kittens in foster family some homes at 510-569-0702. where are you going? he is feisty. >> cannot resist. >> from all of us, thanks for joining us.
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♪ >> oh, hey. what up, baby? what's up? what's up? what's up? what's up? what's going on? what's happening? what's poppin'? ahh. hello. >> nice to meet you. >> how are you? it's a pleasure. come on. [cheers and applause] hello, and welcome to millionaire. with me today is a retired newir york city bus driver whose love for driving started at a young age when she was a stock car race driver, a racer. what's up? from washingtonville, new york, say hello to joann hutson-deliz. what's up? >> how are you? >> how are you? >> it's nice to meet you. >> pleasure meeting you. >> thank you. >> so you've got to tell us now, you've been driving a long time, but you started young. >> i started young. my dad and my grandfather used to take us to the races, and one


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