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shows. an air force spokesperson said he died in the crash. he was flaying upside-down and low to ground. >> the weather conditions were similar to what you're experiencing right now. if we look at yesterday, the winds were much gustier, stronger gusts down the runway. what i can tell you is the winds were approximately 10 to 15 knots, and that will be part of the investigation. i can give you the exact details of that as the national transportation safety board will get the exact details of that. we do have the capability to capture that information. >> witness saws two air for personnel tried to rescue the pilot. the air show shut down after the crash. here's what we know about be
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pilot. he is performed in nearly a thousand air shows. in 2004 the international council or air shows gave him its excellence award. and last year he was inducted into the icaf hall of fame. two men are charged with attachmented murder and a sheriff's deputy is still in serious but stage condition tonight, this after a routine call turn violent 'the alameda county sheriff's office says kelly carter on the right called 9-1-1, telling dispatchers two men were faithing behind an apartment building on grove way in castro valley. when the deputies arrived the three attacked them. one deputy was purposed so hard he'll need facial reconstruction surgery. >> one suspect is proficient in martial arts and has extensive training. >> the deputy who was punched
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tased one othe men. in addition to attempted murder charms for the men, all three face assault charges. u.s. park police want to find out more about a bid offend today at stinson beach. it happened on part of the beach controlled by the federal government. investigators say the body was badly decomposed. the person's gender won't be know until an autopsy is performed. today's discover came after two women died on mt. tamalpais last month. >> a rally will be held at a high school where a controversy erupted for years ago. it began when students wore american t-shirts on cinco de mayo. we're live where the cries or free speech are getting loud. reporter: live oak high school here is getting ready for cinco de mayo. the front of the scowl sounded
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by chain link fence. police say it's a precaution but extra officers well be on handin preparation for rallies reigniting a debate over free speech. >> apparently they don't want the children to be exposed to democracy in action. >> for jean, president of gilroy mortgage gap hill patriots, talking about a large fence which surroundses the high school, the same place where she will stand silently monday morning with 50 members holding american flags, all in the name of free speech inch 2010 several students wore t-shirts with american flags to school on sink sink sink. some latino students were offended. the school told the boys to take off the t-shirts are go ohm. the case went to court and a recent decision by the ninth circuit ruled in favor of the school. >> very upsetting to a lot of people that the nag, which is an american -- flag, which is a positive american symbol, was backed. >> one conservative l.a. radio
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host urges residents to boycott the celebration. >> i think it's better to promote cinco de mayo as cinco de mayo and not an american protest. >> this resident has strong opinions. just check out his shirt. a copy of the constitution. >> if this is america, regardless, if you want to stay here, that's fine. otherwise the line is short to get out. >> some students released a video celebrating diversity and respect on the eve of cinco de mayo. >> some parents fearing trouble may keep their kids home on monday, others just want the controversy to good away. nine people need to find a new place to live after a fire destroyed the converted gram they called home in vallejo. flames ripped through the garage located behind a home on lincoln just before 5:30 this morning.
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paramedics treated one person for smoke inhalation. the fire did not spread to any other buildings. re red cross is assisting people displaced by the fire. >> the highway patrol suspects a woman died because her husband was driving while drunk. john norman lost control of the nissan before it broadsided a truck. his wife died at the scene. the chp plans to ask prosecutors to charge john norman with vehicular manslaughter. donald sterling's estranged wife says she supports the nba's banning of her husband after his racist remarks went public. she co-owns the los angeles clippers with donald sterling and pledged to help the league find a, quote, fresh and accomplished new leader, but statement from shelly sterling did not messenger the nba's plan to force the sale of the
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clippers. anyone who thinks they've had too much to drink on cinco de mayo can get a free cab ride home in san francisco from 10 tomorrow night until 4:00 tuesday morning. they're also offer odd new year's eve, to st. patrick's day and halloween. ♪ a mariachi band got a jump start on celebration friday oakland. drummers and dancers entertained people in the fruitvale district. still ahead at 6:00. we'll look at the violence in the ukraine today. that is an indication that civil war may be coming. from furries to one man discos to whatever else is going on out there, san francisco got weird today, and it was fantastic. a look at the fun time in the city. >> i'm spencer christian in the
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accuweather center. a little toolup tomorrow but a warmup in the forecast.
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more violence in ukraine indicates the nation could be moving closer to civil war. the violence was started by pro-russian forces. here's details. gunner. reporter: the latest city to go up in flames. in odessa, hundreds of pro-russian militants stormed the police headquarters, forcings policeman to release all prisoners. the crowd outside chanting, odessa is a russian start. it's part of a bigger pattern.
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ukrainian government officials admit they have lost control of the eastern part of the country. pro russian militants have seized power in almost every opportunity. a full-scale counterattack by ukrainian troops has yet to happen. this weekend has been the deadly iyest. this separatist hawks was set on fire, killing 31, most of them burped alive in the capital of kiev mourners laid flowers for the dead but little sympathy. >> they're against this own people, this man says, they betray their own people. >> but this woman telling us, i feel terrible. i'm in my own country and my own army is taking action. >> there are russian troops along the border and witch a referendum in one week, it's highly inlikely the troops will leave soon. >> up next, storm troopers, fist
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bumping fans on the street. why the star wars characters were out in force throughout the world today. >> a look at your monday morning commute. spencer christian is up next with the forecast. >> now that the warriors' season is over the question is will mark johnson come back? steph curry has his
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force. want to back to the deadly air show crash at travis air force base. thousands of people watched as the stunt plane crashed to the ground. sergio quintana is live with the latest. reporter: almost immediately after this crash, there were pictures posted on social media from some spectators. let's look at a few of those we
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did see. you can see some pretty dark plume of smoke on the runway. we talked to few spectators who say the plane was doing what was called a ribbon-cutting maneuver and was upside down, flying just feet above the runaway, when it seemed to get closer and closer to the concrete and then skidded for several feet. white smoke, following that skid, and then it turned to black smoke, and then fire. a lot of witnesses we talked to say it seemed like the fire crews took awhile to get out to that fire. they say that the fire department was stationed behind the audience so they had to drive around them quite some bit before they could get to the scene of the fire. i did ask that of the colonel who just gave a news briefing here just a few minutes ago. he said that it was travis air force base fire crews who were stationed there, who were overseeing this whole show. he said the time to get there
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following the crash will be part of the national transportation safety board ongoing investigation. some of those -- i can say right now that the scene right now is shut down, the military installation, the air force base is shut down. they're only allowing civilian investigators on to begin their investigation. thank you so much for that update. some folks got a big head start on celebrating halloween in san francisco today. several musical acts played during the how weird street fair. others dressed in a variety of costumes, including the favorite sci-fi characters. the festival filled several blocks of second street. the festival began 14 years ago. star wars fans are using today's date as a greeting. may the fourth be with you on this star wars day to help
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celebrate storm troopers posed for pictures with fans outside a comic book and action figure store on haight street in san francisco. fans celebrate because may the fourth sounds like may the force, which means tomorrow could be the revenge of the fifth. >> that's a good one. and nasa, tweeted out a series of star wars shoutouts, including this one that says, these aren't the droids you're looking for. on the international space addition we have floating rob abouts. they float around the station to test maneuvers that can be applied to satellites and ships. >> service dogs have been helping disabled and visually impaired people for decades. now a bay area group is training dogs to help manage a teaches. at the center in concord the dogs are talk to recognize symptoms of low blood sugar and
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warn patients. that alert is critical because hypoglycemia can impair important acts, including driving. >> if i'm driving and he alerts me, then typically i'll pull over and check, and then i have food in the car so i can eat. we won't get me in the car if i'm dropped. >> tomorrow night we'll take a look at huh the training works and the amazing the ables the dogs are able to develop. let get a check on the weather. >> things are looking good. you can see we have a few clouds passing over, and a few low clouds developing as well near the coast, but mainly bright and blue. let's take a live blue from the high definition mt. atm camera. you can see the includeds, and see lots of blue sky. temperature readings, 61 in san francisco, mid-60s, redwood city. here's a live view from the emeryville camera, looking at
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the golden gate, and you seek a few broken -- scattered low clouds in the background. mid-to-upper 60s are fairfield, concord, livermore, and a live view, beautiful view, of the skyline of downtown san francisco from the exploratorium camera. partly cloudy tonight, cooler tomorrow, breezy, and then a warmer pattern develops around mid-week or so and carries us into the weekend. satellite radar come possess set shows the passage of hi clouds through the bay area today, and continuing to pass through, giving away to large breaks in the clouds. we'll have this breezy pattern tomorrow because of a stronger onshore flow and a high out to sea, and the low will kick a few more clouds in during the day tomorrow. so start our forecast animation at 7:00 this evening. we'll see passing clouds, and even maybe some spotty moisture
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that could possibly produce an isolated shower or two but we're not putting rain in the forecast because it's so unlikely. we'll call tomorrow partly cloudy. tonight, overnight, look for clouds thickening and then breaking up. tomorrow, partly cloudy, partly sunny. mild in the south bay. 66 at palo alto, 6 in redwood city. breezy on the coast, and coastal highs range from upper 50s to around 60. downtown san francisco, high of 63 tomorrow. 60, sunset district. north bay highs, 67, santa rosa. 68, sonoma and napa. east bay, 66, oakland, and the inland east bay, highs mainly in the upper 60s but up to 70 at fairfield and antioch, here the accuweather seven-day forecast. and a little sunnier weather approaching mid-week and wilder
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weather, and then warm up towards the end of the week. high temperatures on friday, low 80s. upper 60s on the coast. and really warm for the weekend for mother's day. sunny skies, mid-to-upper 80s inland. low 80s around the bay, and up to 70 degrees on the coast. >> that will be nice. >> beach weather. >> thank you, spencer. the playoff run is over but present to talk about. >> sure is. will he stay or will he go? mark jackson has taken the time to back-to-back playoffs since the early 1990s but there's talk he and the owner are not seeing eye to eye. he could have gotten more from the team -- steph curry had these comments on coach
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jackson's future. >> what coach has again through this year, been unlike anything i've seen, just the amount of distractions and the circus has been around him and decisions he has had to make. i love coach more than anybody and i think for him to be in a situation where his job is under scrutiny and under question is totally unfair. definitely be a shock to me if anything like that would happen. >> stay tuned. meanwhile, spurs fans dancing that's nate the mavericks tide in game seven. second quarter, knocked away from dirk nowitzki. feeds leonard. he knows what to do. spurs up 22 at the half. defense for dallas didn't get better. parker running right by them for the easy buck. he had 32. spurs face portland after eliminating dallas. >> nets and raptors, game seven in toronto. toronto down three. now a one-point game with eight
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seconds left. it's off the leg of paul pierce. six ex-s left. now three seconds left. lowrie, blocked at the buzzer and the nets win 104-103 and face the defending champs, miami heat in round two. giants over the braves. they have now hit home runs in 11 straight games and brandon crawford had his first multihomer game as a pro. agreed pitching from madison bumgarner, now 3-3 on the year. thanks largely in part to brandon crawford. extends the giants' home run streak to 11 games. giants 2-1. goes deep again in the eight. third of the year. two-run shot. brandon, 2-4, two rub and two home runs. giants sweep with a 4-1 victory and now head to pittsburgh.
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>> a's looking to avoid a sweep by the red sox, and mascots getting it into it. cespedes to left center off the top of the green monster. josh donaldson started at first, hustles around first. makes it home. but the sox tied in the seventh. a.j. pierzynski, solo bomb. we're tied. top ten, bases loaded. cespedes, chopper to third. jed lowrey scores, 3-2,ways, and then jim johnson gets credit for the win. a's head home, preventing a streak with the 3-2 victory. >> let's tee it up in charlotte for the wells fargo tournament. j.b. holmes had brain surgery twice and now found the winner circle. the preach -- porch approach.
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jim furyk, 7-under 65 today. chipping off the green on 15. has the line. right speed. another eagle. in the clubhouse at 13-under, but holmes able to hang on. the long birdie here on 1 1. a two-shot lead and needed it because he bogeys on 18 but wins his first pga tournament by a stroke and collects a cool $1.2 million check. warrior players will be talking and i'm sure the subject will be the future of mark jackson. >> next, the amazing spider-man sequel was number one in the u.s. and overseas. we'll look at a few of the records it broke in asia.
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join my tonight at cable 13, we'll tell you why researchers believe wine, bread and cheese, could be bad for the economy. >> then at 11:00, preparing for what is expected to be a big fire season and what you can do to protect your property. that's at 9:00 and 11:00. the amazing spider-man 2 kicked off the summer movie season by dominating the box office. the sequel to the reboot with new veil laps and new problems for peter parker. families made up a third of the audiences which is unusually high for a superhero movie, but also cleaned up overseas with $116 million. 6 million of that was in india. that's a record for an american film. and it played on 11,000 screens in china, which is also a record.
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here in the u.s., spider-man 2 made $92 million. last week's winner, "the other women" fell to second place. and that is it for abc7 news at 6:00. i'm ama daetz, for spin sir christian, mike shumann, thank you for joining us. see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00.
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right now spiderman webs up >>world. >> it was a massive big gigantic barn storming kind of role. >> and the whole level of luxury movie watching. we're rolling out the red carpet now. welcome to "on the red carpet" from the brand new theater in los angeles. i'm rachel smith. if you're thinking about watching a movie, this is the place to do it. fine dining, cocktails when reclining. we're going to take you inside the movie watching experience because it's just the place to catch the new


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