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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 5, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everyone, i'm larry beil >> peaceful protest over a volatile issue. dozens took a stand to draw attention to a flag controversy born at this school four years ago. >> each of them an exercise and free speech. two others held today have a lot to deal with patriotism and the
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flag. yet as diverse as opinions are, they seem to have a lot in common. a temporary fence put up around the school to create a line. student leaders told administrators they wanted a normal class day with tests scheduled for tomorrow. >> they asked the leaders of the protesting groups to do the protests away from the school. >> leaders of the pro flag patriots decided to do their rally before school. they stood silently as live oak students arrived to start the day. >> under the constitution and first amendment we have freedom of speech and to peaceably to assemble. >> also here were parents of one of the four students at the center of the controversy when they wore american flags on cinco de mayo. >> we support a multi cultural celebration.
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do it. we support it. but you can never say you can't wear the american flag at the same time. >> another group mostly american legion and patriot guard organized a motorcycle ride to show pride in the flag. >> we feel that it's wrong to tell one group it's okay to do this, and tell the other group you can't wear yours. you know? so we're here primarily for the first amendment of the constitution. >> they said the pledge of allegiance outside of the school. no conflict and no confrontat n confrontation. police did not need to intervene. they talked to the groups ahead of time. >> a shooting in east oakland forced a lock down of a school. sky 7 hd was near the scene where police responded to a shooting around 9:30 this
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morning. we don't know his condition at this time. police are still searching for the shooter. no one at the school was harmed >> investigators say the teenager shefrj shot to death by a police officer was high on drugs and using a baseball bat as a weapon. >> learning something more bizarre. vick? >> this is a sad, tragic refrain a teenager hooked on drugs, getting violent, then a live-ending confrontation with police. and this story, the threat of cannibalism. >> he was threatening to eat his friend. >> the police chief says
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officers had to taser the teenager when he turned on them. police were called on sunday evening to herrera's mother's apartment he left the hospital that day against doctor years advice he was causing a scene. his sister called her boyfriend, who called 911. >> he felt there was something going on there. he felt for her safety. >> police say >> mr. herrera took the bad hit the officer in the hand. he was holding his fire. >> that is when investigators say officers fired the shots that killed herrera. vic lee, abc7 news >> a sheriff deputy is being called a hero for saving the
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live of his partner on saturday night. investigators say they were attacked by two men and a woman. one deputy punched in the face and in in the hospital. the three suspects are in custody. two men charged with attempted murder. all three charged with assault. >> this is what remains of a plane that crashed and burned over the weekend. investigators are still trying to figure out what went wrongdoering this stunt. witnesses say the plane crashed 50 feet above the tarmac. >> we're focusing on evidence today we're looking at wreckage. grounds guards. that is stuff we have to focus on today.
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>> investigators say they're reviewing videos hoping this will help them figure out what went wrong. wayne freedman has more on his background for us. wayne? >> today at this time of the day residents are saying the skies are empty. he used to practice in the sky above and used to entertain this community he wasn't just a pilot he was a community leader. this is a gathering place, today n a community best known for fishing and halloween pumpkins most eyes turn to a blue sky with flags at half staff outside half moon bay airport today. >> he liked to split meals with whoever is with him. he liked blts.
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this cafe is no different. he showed up here almost every morning. his picture is on the wall. >> you know it's like that. that white stuff there. he cares. you know? the best pilot people have seen, doing a stunt he's performed hundreds of thousands of times. just this once, the margin was too small. >> eddie would tell you it's hard work. and that it's -- like -- life sometimes come out of nowhere. and just more than a week ago,
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david plum died in a mid air collision. he had performed here. it's been a tough eight days now this community ponders a few tour of life without eddie. i'm going to miss his smile. and him saying "what is going on". >> happening now, emergency crews responding to a plane crash near denver. you can see the plane smashed into a home. the fire department says the pilot was able to walk away uninjured and nobody is home at the time. >> a terrifying scene in rhode island is under investigation by several agencies. >> some may find these images
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disstushing. the investigation focuses on a broken clamp. safety officials say they don't know why it snapped. two performers are in critical condition. >> an accident of this level is unprecedented we've never had an accident with this number of performers injured. it is a testament to their fitness and skills. >> the circle reyums on thursday. >> in southern california traffic backed up along interstate 15 because an overpass is burning. chp closed all three lanes you can see it's just gridlocked crews working on the overpass bridge say wooden supports
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exploded into planes around 1:30 this afternoon. fire collapsed a portion of the bridge. flames also fractured concrete and melted the bridge's steel core and reinforcing bars it's not clear when any lanes will reopen. >> looks more yendus. >> cal fire says it's responded to 1200 blazes this year. california suffering through one of the worst droughts in decades saying the state is facing moderate to exceptional conditions u.s. forest service says it could cost $1.5 billion. >> we're seeing cooler temperatures today but a warm up is on the way.
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that is right. we have brisk and breezy conditions. let's go to live doppler 7. lots of sunshine and showers we've talked about coming our way over the weekend. you can see it's now fizzled. things are quiet at the moment in terms of precipitation. gusts over 20 miles per hour. 31 in napa. 24 fairfield. windy across the region. 60 degrees in san francisco now. another beautiful view from sutro tower. scattered showers, lots of blue skies. temperatures mid to upper 60s in santa rosa and livermore.
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this is a first forecast, partly cloudy, breezy this evening. tomorrow morning injured and passing clouds. afternoon continued breezy conditions under mostly sunny skies tomorrow and a little bit milder than today. larry and carolyn? >> thank you. >> still head on abc7 news at 4:00 a politician looking to bolster his campaign coffers. it's a fund-raiser that probably couldn't happen anywhere else. >> and at 6:30 the difficult task firefighters are facing trying to bring a devastating wildfire under control in oklahoma >> michael finney taking your questions and will answer them here live just a little bit later. you can contact michael here and on twitter.
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a political fund-raiser in san francisco raising eye brows. local fetish porn company is hosting a fund-raiser for david campos's assembly race. it's head quartered in the mission district within campos's current district and will include a meet and greet with campos and for $300 donation, supporters will get a tour of the armory as well as a vip performance and a goody bag to take home. >> you don't want toing for get your goody bag at that event. >> the ceo of target is step lg
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down agreed to step down effective immediately and also resigning from the target board of directors target disclosed a cyber attack that resulted in the theft of 40 million payment card numbers and 70 million pieceses of customer data. amazon teeming up now with twitter to make shopping more convenient. twitter users can link accounts to an amazon account. then, you can add items to your cart responding to tweets with a product link. you never leave the twitter feed and the item is in your cart when you log into your account. >> the number of american children with diabetes is
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increasing. finding type one diabetes increased 2% researchers say more work is needed to determine the reasons for this rise they expect obesity may be a major factor. there are dozens of high tech devices on the market to help them track and control their blood sugar. a bay area group believes there are advantages manufactures cannot. dogs for diabetics train service dogs to help recognize changes that may indicate hypo glies yeema. a drop in blood sugar that can be dangerous. >> low blood sugars can be debilitating. confusion, acting like they're drunk. can prove,#8> tonight at 11:00 we'll take a look at how this training works, as well as difference these dogs
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are making in the lives of pash yevenlts >> it's fascinating. you know you have to act quickly. 30 minutes can mean live or death. >> yes. >> these dogs are something else. >> that is at 11:00? >> yes. >> let's head up and get a check of the forecast. windy day out there. >> yes. it is a windy day. it's a beautiful day. here is showers that passed through and fizzled. there may be isolated showers in the evening and overnight hours. looking towards still breezy at the coast. warmer patterns settling in by the end of the week. satellite shows a cold low dropping down bringing us stronger breezes and cooler air.
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and may produce snow. over the sierra a winter weather advisory in effect from 10:00 tonight until noon tomorrow up to three inches of snow above 6,000 feet. chain controls are possible. not a big snowfall but late in the season. here is our forecast animation. starting at 7:00 this evening, clouds passing through. maybe isolated showers. tomorrow, breezy with mainly sunny skies. temperatures in the low 70s mainly through friday. a sharp rise over the weekend and through monday. the warmest days will be sunday, mother's day and monday. that is typical of the kind of pattern around the bay area. overnight expect partly cloudy conditions and maybe isolated showers, low temperatures from upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow, south bay highs or
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just above 70 degrees. on the peninsula, upper 60s to 70s north bay highs mid-70s east bay, upper 60s from oakland down to fremont. inland east bay, low to mid-70s that is the 75 in antioch. 74 in fairfield. here is the accu-weather forecast. notice temperatures remaining steady through thursday. warming up friday, then, mid-80s through the weekend inland, upper 70s around the bay. upper 60s on the coast and 90s inland monday. a reminder, sunday is mother's day. looks like lovely weather to do something special with mom. >> thank you. >> up next a preview of the "dancing with the stars" competition. there is a special twist in store for the competitors. >> neighbors call them big, ugly
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and noisy. a plan to dress up cabinets bringing cable tv to thousands of people.
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general admission tickets to candle stick park are selling fast because sir paul mccartney will be performing the tickets on ticket master are gone. tickets range from $100 to $4800 a piece. >> should be fun. >> yes. >> six couples on "dancing with the stars" will perform twice tonight. >> i'm excited. >> it's celebrity dancing i believe.
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>> i don't understand the concept yet. >> we'll start the dance 20 seconds altogether. then, in the middle it's a few celebrities that have to dance with each other. so then you go back and finish it off. but you never know. >> they started with a fox trot. week eight, excited to go back to ball room style with a veinnese waltz. >> i think this is an amazing stature for just a leading man. >> i'm learning how to do something i've never done before. there are times
4:25 pm
yous tr -- frustrating but if y commit to it, you're not going look silly. >> another new guest judge from the show "dance moms" will be at the judge's table. you'll see the fun at 8:00 right here on abc7. in los angeles, abc7 news. >> and as george mentioned "dancing with the stars begins at 8:00 p.m . then at 11:00 you can watch "castle". catch the shows live on the go with smart phone, tablet or computer or down load the free app. >> just ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 efforts to put out a massive wildfire burning in oklahoma. are crews making headway there? >> kidnapping of hundreds of
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girls in nigeria. what a group claimed responsibility is threatening to do next. >> back at home a plan to help a san francisco neighborhood maintain its identity.
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work for a living. my husband spent 13 years getting this play. s fixed it up, so nice >> people returning to find their homes destroyed for a fast-moving wildfire that killed one person. a thousand people were evacuated yesterday north of oklahoma city. some of them are now returning home. authorities believe it started with a controlled burn but grew out of control. from the air a wall of thick smoke. >> it's a big sand now. >> the flames feasting on thousands of acres of bone-dry oklahoma brush. 150 homes are still in the its path. >> i fought like hell. this is my life.
4:30 pm
i mean look at it. >> the blaze claimed a life. >> this 56-year-old male at his home and a mobile home he was asked by family and law enforcement to evacuate he chose not to do so. >> firefighters from across oklahoma scrambled to keep the upper hand, some hauling hoses and dense thickit to hit hot spots. >> with air supports many homes were saved. including scott ward's. >> i was 15 feet away the house and camper were still there. i can't describe it. >> officials say relief may be temporary. gusty winds, record heat and low humidity made it a difficult fire fight. 80% of oklahoma is in a drought.
4:31 pm
>> began as a controlled burn but the fire chief says the person that started it could be held liable for the damage. abc news, los angeles. >> international news now it's been a deadly few days in ukraine. there have been heavy fighting in ukraine last few days. today alone four people were killed and 30 others, injured after attackers shot at residential homes and set them on fire. president putin continues to keep thousands of troops right across the border. >> putin dismembered the ukraine using special forces and intelligence agencies. i fear now that there will be a civil war. >> the violence follows a bloody weekend in the country.
4:32 pm
40 protestors were killed in clashes. and new details now on the kidnapping of more than 300 nigerian girls this, man came forward claiming the islamic extremist group he leads are responsible for abducting the girls the group released this video overnight the leader threatens to quote sell the kidnapped girls calling them slaves saying they were targeted because they went to a western-style school. where are the girls? police officers have said that 53 of the girls did manage to escape. 276 remain in captivity. this has sparked international outrage and a social media movement. and military efforts have been
4:33 pm
unsuccessful. the nigerian government has been criticized for not doing enough. saying the president and his team are closely monitoring this situation in nigeria. the u.s. government is quote doing what it can p. >> a murder trial for oscar pistorious put on hold two weeks for easter break. he says he mistook his girlfriend for an intruder. neighbor testified they were with him after the shooting saying they saw him on the ground with his girlfriend begging her to live the defense scheduled to continue until middle of the month >> new report reports joe montana's name came up during a corruption investigation leland yee and others.
4:34 pm
suggesting an fbi operative contacted montana during the investigation but came up empty. montana's attorney says he knows of who one perfect the agency and fears the names of high profile people will surface is among reasons the judge plans to issue a protective order against yee and chow to the general public >> just ahead, running for cover during a strong earthquake. >> next at 5:00 a quake sent these monks running out of a room in asia. >> i'm michael finney. today's q and a is just ahead i'm still taking your questions you can contact on finney abc 7 and on twitter.
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i'll answer questions right here live in just a little bit. >> i'm spencer christian. here is a live view of lake tahoe. snow is developing. winter weather calling for several inches of accumulation i'll have of the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> a look at the afternoon commute. downtown san francisco, this is the skyway. it's slow going to traffic heading to the lower deck of the bay bridge. not much better for folks heading towards 101 south. back with more at 4:00 in just a
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afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection. and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> that is a 6.0 earthquake this morning. the epicenter located near the border with myanmar. so far no casualties reported. >> today is cinco de mayo. celebrations in the mission district bringing atension to the gentrification going on in the neighborhood. we are live with 24th street. >> a lot of people here in san francisco a lot of people
4:39 pm
associate it with chinatown. a supervisor wants to make this 24th street the permanent hub of the latino culture. >> the mission is a unique place. low riders move at their own pace. no hurry. no worry. the bright murals are a reflection of the world around us, social issues people here face. this mural reads we're here and not leaving. it's felt by family that's lived here decades seeing their neighborhood change. >> it would be terrible if the mission started to look like a strip mall, union kwar or union street the beautiful thing about san francisco is that it's made up of neighborhoods that have their
4:40 pm
own character. >> there is a proposition to protect a 12 block stretch. >> behind that emphasis people want to recognize contribution but second, to take steps to protect character of the neighborhood before it, you know >> people from france and germany frequent the stores. >> they talk about displacement here or changes going on. many hope it will help preserve
4:41 pm
what is left. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> gorgeous outside but cooler. >> yes. spencer christian feeling the breeze. >> it's true around the bay area. let's go right to live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies and areas of isolated and broken clouds. to evening a's take on nationally tomorrow pleasant, warm day across the southern sierra states. there will be showers in the interior northwest. and across california tomorrow. scattered showers mainly down south. and in the interior sections of the state. out towards sierra. some snow until noon tomorrow,
4:42 pm
here in the bay area, scattered clouds and a chance of an isolated shower or two into afternoon. look for highs tomorrow near 60s on the coast we'll see upper 60s to near 70 around the bay. mid-70s inland locations and a big warm up coming and starting over the weekend which is appropriate. mother's day weekend things getting warmer and toastier. is that how it should be. >> take a look at this. a giant water slide part of an art exhibit. a hundred thousand people this slide built out of hay bales. >> we'll get that set up on
4:43 pm
lombard. >> best ride ever. >> still ahead at 4:00, outrage at a school students assigned to write a paper on whether the holocaust actually happened. >> also, they're supposed to protect your kids but a report finds baby gates aren't as safe as parents think. >> you get your refund from irs. does that mean you won't be audited? that question and others when we come back.
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a southern california school district mr fire a controversial assignment asking 8th graders to argue whether or not the holocaust happened. they were asked to research the holocaust and write an essay explaining whether it was real or fictional. >> to have students try to
4:47 pm
determine whether or not it happened, they're going to go online, google the holocaust and come across sites that look slick and persuasive that are bad history and propaganda. that is not what we want them to be doing. >> the school district issued a statement assuring any reverences to the holocaust not occurring will be stricken assignments >> a study suggests baby gates are not always as safe as parents think. research researchers found nearly 2000 kids in the u.s. get emergency treatment after falling true or climbing on the gates. researchers say parents should use bolted type gates. >> mortality rate in massachusetts declined after the state implemented its health reform program in 2006.
4:48 pm
researchers call results dramatic. 320 lives saved per year. one life for everybody 830 people gaining insurance. they compared rates to changes in other states that had not enacted reforms the study has implications. as it rolls out nationwide. >> a gallup poll found percent of adults in the us thaws lack health insurance has fallen since 2008. 13.4% don't have insurance. finding the number fell with those income levels below $36,000 per year. >> tomorrow is silicon valley's first-ever giving day. silicon valley gives is a 24 hour effort to raise millions of dollars for 650 charities in santa clara and san benito counties.
4:49 pm
palo alto and san jose whole foods are just a few locations where volunteers will be accepting donations and offering information to customers if you want a list visit our web site. or visit online. that address you just gave. if you give you maximize donations so check it out. >> good information. >> michael finney giving answers to questions. sometimes more valuable than cash. a car repossessed. they appear to be able to get us to auction it off. >> you do not want them to auction it off
4:50 pm
the deal is that they auction it off for whatever price then you owe the difference between how much is received and how much you owe. there are exceptions if you have threatened to destroy the car they just go auction a car. assuming you haven't done that, there is a third thing. you can't have tried to hide the car. >> well, one question, when buying a nonrefundable travel package is a good idea to purchase trip insurance? >> yes. key word there, a agree. some will, but not very many.
4:51 pm
it's you get sick or a close relative gets sick. >> here to ask if i got a tax refund from irs does that mean you're in the clear for an audit? >> don't you wish we all wish it worked like that. what they do is that they make sure w 2 is right. math is right that is about it. they send you your refund. they can come back on that. remember they have three years to come back. and it doesn't mean. >> is there a statute of limitations? you said three years. three years if it's a mistake and you didn't do it on purpose. if they think you did it on purpose they can go back forever. >> we'd never do it on purpose. >> yes. >> just want to make that clear.
4:52 pm
>> san francisco cannot ban them. what some want to do with these giant cabinets. at and t putting up all over the city. coming up cruising for a cause how goating behind the wheel can stop stress for someone else. >> two students getting attention of the obama administration z fighting wind, big time. unbelievable video. those stories and more at 5:00 the news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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bay area >> san francisco considering tweaks to rules that let at and t put big utility cabinets on city walk sidewalks >> the city can't ban boxes but they're trying to soften the appearance. >> big >> 200 of the boxes under place despite protests dating back to 2011. >> the proliferation of the boxes we do believe constitutes a blight on the city. >> here organization san francisco beautiful food and last week lost its attempt to force a more thorough environmental review. under state law, the city not ban the boxes from the sidewalk. but scott weiner believes it's
4:57 pm
time to impose tighter regulations he spelled out measures requiring more robust outreach to neighbors about potential locations and a provision to beautiful the boxes >> we'd like to at and t do more whether it's allowing murals on the boxes, whether it's planting then maintaining greenery around boxes we'd like to see them make a better effort. >> mark blakeman is with at and t. >> we do believe in. legislation as it's written violates our state rights. and so we, yes, we do have some issue was that. >> he says the utility is working with the city but in the meantime, about 400 more of these could be coming to a sidewalk near you. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> thanks for joining us at
4:58 pm
4:00. the news at 5:00 begins right now. investigators hope wreckage will lead to answers in the crash that killed a stunt pilot. >> a small plane crashes into a home. and stunning news about a man in a cockpit. and... motorcyclist reving up about free speech. >> breezy, blue behind me. we can see showers or two. i'll have details coming video showing a pilot crashing at the air show at travis air
4:59 pm
force base here is that plane today. sky 7 was above as the investigation gets underway. faa and national transportation safety board are on scene. thanks for joining us. >> the pilot thiled audiences for decades he was very expeens peer yensed and from half moon bay. laura anthony is live with the story. laura? >> reporter: officials estimate 100,000 people were potential witnesses to the accident. many took video. about 100 of those are already in possession of investigators trying to figure out what happened. one day after the stunt pilot was killed investigators are examining the charred wreckage.
5:00 pm
>> the focus is ground scars looking at wreckageusing on the site >> the 77-year-old andrini was near the end of his performance. his plane crashed to the ground. >> before i knew it, he just skid on the ground. so what happened? >> he was inverted cutting a ribbon. it's fairly close to the ground. >> investigators say they now have about 100 pictures and videos like these. and will examine. >> harry price was 100


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