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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 9, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon, everyone, i'm larry beil. >> the president wrapped up his two-day visit to the bay area today, now back in washington, d.c. but did not meet with noisy protestors outside of a closed walmart store today, but the president did make it clear who is to blame for keeping wages down. we're live now at that store with more on the story. david?
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>> labor groups have long complained workers can not live on walmart wages. now, a leading republican has changed his position about opposing an increase in the minimum wage. >> the president's reason for being at walmart was to talk about renewable energy. the agenda outside about wages and working conditions led by 200 union members and supporters. he just spoke a few days ago on income equality, how the gap is widening in american. walmart is here in the widening of the gap. >> the president say republicans blocking an increase in the minute pum wage. >> they have said no to every proposal that we know could make a difference in the lives of hard-working americans. >> however, just today, the former g.o.p. presidential candidate says it's time to
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raise the wage. mountain view trying to study raising of the minimum wage. >> northern california is the hub of the movement. we're working in solidarity. our city, we made progress with mountain view city council recently. >> a representative told us of the 321 employees in this store, less than 1% make minimum wage. average wage in california is 13.08 an hour for full timers. this associate has been at the walmart store 13 years. >> can you live on minimum wage in the bay area? >> i did for years i was still living on it. but everything in the bay area is expensive. >> the choice of walmart for energy remarks was criticized by a member of the party's national committee. . >> i did have my security clearance revoked for the event today but those things do happen
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you move forward when you do speak out. >> the president touted a need for more companies to use solar and renewable energy. we'll have the story coming up at 6:00 >> breaking news this afternoon out of arizona. a military plane crashed in the desert south of phoenix. authorities are on the scene now. you can see the smoke rising from that charred aircraft a cording to reports, this is the marine corps jet that went down because of engine trouble the pilot was able to eject safely and has only minor injuries. >> community leaders are speaking out against a new crosse in catholic schoolteacher contracts that dictates how teachers are supposed to act outside of the classroom to include expectations of personal lives based on catholic principles opponents believe it means they can be easily persecuted for
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life style choices. >> could include being gay, living with a partner, unmarried, contraception. which in our mind is in complete opposition to what we were told the attitude was when we put our jewish kid there. >> the oakland diocese says this is an effort to make things more clear. >> fremont police reopened an investigation into a third grade teacher accused of slapping a child because of a math problem. >> parents were out in front of patterson elementary school over the expected return of the teacher. nick smith has the story. >> family friends and parents of julian riviera swarmed patterson elementary school in response to the 9-year-old allegedly being slapped in the face, who he claims slapped him. >> he went like this. grabbed my face like this.
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and slapped me two times in the face >> we don't grab their face or hit him in the face. i'm not going to let some man do that to my son. >> an investigation was launched and he was placed on leave. officials told us berg admitted to touching the child but not slapping him. >> he described it as a tap to the face. >> berg had been cleared of charges and set to return today until school officials gt a call from investigators telling administrators to have the teacher stay home. >> police have contacted us and they are going to reopen the case. >> officials won't say what new information prompted police to reopen the case. those gathered here today asking the teacher not be readmitted to the school saw this as a victory. >> this is unacceptable. >> the 9-year-old's mother says the suspension doesn't go far enough. >> i will do everything very to do to make sure he doesn't come back. that is my son, i'll protect
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him. >> berg remains on paid aadministrative leave. protestors say that if berg is allowed to return to the school, they'll beer -- be here to greet him. >> a school bus slammed into a median, some return ran from the bus. 15 students taken to the hospital to be checked out. none is suffered any serious injuries. authorities do not believe alcohol or drugs played a role. >> a cal football player suspended from the team. berkeley police say the 28-year-old punched a man and kicked his dog on tuesday the man was seriously injure asked drew arrested yesterday the sophomore graduated from livermore high school. he's scheduled to appear in court on monday. cal athletics saying officials are aware of the incident and cooperating with police.
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>> investigators now say a deadly fire in a sunnyvale mobile home may have been due to a cooking accident the man died inside of the home trying to save the woman, after he had helped the woman's developmentally disabled son escape. he is being cared for by the american red cross and county social workers. >> investigators released a report on what caused a deadly plane collision two weeks ago near richmond. investigators say a hawker replica war plane and cessna were taking picture as above the golden gate bridge before the accident the pilot of the hawker told the pilot of the cessna he's going faster so he was going to pass low and to the left. but during that pass he heard a thump. the 33-year-old was killed. the pilot of the hawker able to land safely. >> the apple store in berkeley
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shut down because of this. this morning a burglar drove through the front glass door, smashing through the gate then stopped in the middle of the sales floor. police say the burglar rummaged through the store for prized apple products and took off. employees set up tables on the sidewalk to help customer who's had service appointments for phones and computers today police are still looking for that thief. >> water wasted when the state can least afford it. some san franciscoins were upset to see standing water and runoff in one city park. >> abc7 news reporter tiffany wilson joins us now with a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. tiffany? >> in judging but the lawn you'll think we're in the middle of an intense rainy season. there is standing water. we brought this to the harbor hafter's attention, he promised a fix.
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>> it's always wet. >> jeremy olsen avoids this altogether. >> a lot of times i'll go down to the next park. >> it's become a common complaint by dog owners during this drought. leading to serious questions about where is this water coming from? why is so much of it pooling along the embarcadero? >> someone is wasting water. >> it doesn't make sense. so should probably cut back on the grass watering as well. >> last night, several folks told me they contacted the city about excess watering. only their complaints didn't lead anywhere. it's under port jurisdiction. south beach harbor. >> it's kind of surprising. we're still having trouble. >> the harbor master said they've dealt with the problems in the past. identified by sharp spikes in the water bill. he had the crew come out to
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investigate the system. after learning about the problem from abc7 news, walter asked him to shut down the sprinklel sisser and crews set up tape. >> it's a serious problem. you know? it's not only wasting water we don't have. it's costing money. i'm a manager. i'm not supposed to do that. so we'll do everything we can to get it corrected. >> may mean dude can return to his favorite activity. >> he likes to roll around on the grass better for me if it's dry rather than wet. >> during the drought, dry grass is better all around. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> all right. what a difference a day makes clear skies out there today. >> yes. we're going to have a warm up coming today. >> that warm up coming in time for weekend plans. live doppler 7 hd we'll talk about changes under way. it's clear across the bay area
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right now. looking at 43/100ths of an inch. trace amounts oakland, concord, hayward. san jose didn't measure. that is long gone. winds kicked up, gusting to 35 now at sfo. it's breezy out there. mostly sunny skies. 72 in gilroy. along with fairfield, 69 in livermore, looking at the view from our east bay hills camera it's on the hazy side. this evening, tomorrow morning on the cool side, 40s, 50s and coastal low clouds. it's going to be a windy one tomorrow afternoon. mostly sunny skies.
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mother's day will feature warmth. >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 another day, another recording on donald sterling. what he says was the real reason for his racist rant. >> taking a look at america's most popular baby names. there is a major change at number one when it comes to little boys. >> big price apple is ready to pay for beats music. the head phone guys. >> and michael finney is taking your questions will answer them here live just a little bit later. you can contact michael on abc7 and on twitter. >> at 4:12 taking a look at afternoon traffic on a friday. get away friday. and if you're on the golden gate you're able to get away. clear skies. all is well this friday afternoon. back with more on abc7 news at k in just a moment.
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day and forather's day not so much? she said every day other than mother's day is father's day. >> is that the way you feel? >> i don't know if i feel exactly like that but she hasq point. >> i have a feeling i know how sandhya patel feels. >> i agree with her.lp
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>> there you gochlt >> i've learned there is no point in profitesting. just go on. >> right. it'sñi going to be beautiful fo mother's day. choppy on the water and small craft advisories along the coasflkn.ç we'll talk about upcoming warm up beginning on mother's day. and right now, just a few clouds around. skies clear, beautiful view. and people out and aboutfá enjoying this tourist. warmer weather mother's day. we may seeçóé@ possible record there is a low pressure system pushing into the pacific changes on sunday. so take a look at 11:00 p.m wind gusts along the coast. close to 35&"for/fñi miles per e head into tomorrow, winds
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in point okñi reyes.jm3 we'll call it windy for saturday evening but wind turns around and let's up a little bit. by sunday morning becoming off shore. that is what isbh1ov going to s up here. after that, bets are off, :%t9rgg mid weekcxu)ufoo hot conditions expected on." wednesday. close to a hundred degrees inç spots tomorrow morning. high clouds on the cool sidethñ into tomorrow jfçw3 éñafternoo and breezy.ç 69 redwood cityym andijú menlo. holding temperaturk3÷ down intos
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upper 50s. and in the north bay, 50s coast side. napa, 74 degrees and a lovely day in the eastym bay but breez. inland spots about where you pzáp).t(s 74çó w,1
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her new book has important lessons starting with our health. >> the more we take care of our own human capitol the more effective we're going to be in our work. the more creative. and the more able to notice the red flags and opportunities you may otherwise miss. >> abc7 is a proud sponsor of the event. it takes place tuesday and for more information just go to abc7 >> up next, she's an internet cat star. where you can meet, and shake paws with little bub this
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weekend. >> then, the reason these teens decided to wear surgical masks to their prom. >> may is asian pacific american heritage month. today we recognize the principal dancer with ballet san jose the only thai professional ballerina in the united states. we'll have more information on insta fwchlt ram.
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take a look here. chicago's new tourist attraction called tilt. it's a thousand feet in the air. there it goes on the 94th floor slowly tilts outward at a
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30-degree angle over the skyline. it's opening this week at $5 will get you this. if you want to call it a ride. it lasts more than a minute. >> it's an experience. >> i would say $20 not to do it >> i'm with you. >> fans of cat videos head to oakland for a treat. >> year's funniest cat videos will be shown. and internet sensation lil bub will be there. getting ready to meet fans and apparently there are plenty, she's gotten 650,000 facebook likes. >> she's the runt of the litter born with a rare mutation but her owner says she's a true super hero. >> people looks are what people are attracted to but her story is what people stick around for. most messages are people thanking me for posting pictures because it gets them through the
4:27 pm
day. >> the videos will be shown on oakland's great wall at #:30 p.m on saturday. >> big eyes there. >> yes. >> just ahead apple big move to buy beats music. is it a sound deal? >> we're seeing a very serious problem that deserves attention of all america. >> growing concern for america's veterans >> why a judge ordered construction to be stopped in a school being built on the peninsula.
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>> experts from the u.s. and britain have arrived in nigeria to help search for more than 250 school girls. today a report said nigerian authorities had a four-hour warning on the school raid. we have the latest on what is being done to bring back our girls. nearly a month after the mass kidnapping investigators say it could have been prevented saying the nigerian military was warned about the threat to the school hours ahead of time but did
4:31 pm
nothing. iet is unconscionable the despicable acts must be condemned >> another moment of silence for victims and across the u.s., and around the world calls for action to rescue the girls are growing louder. >> time is of the essence we're going to do everything we can to move this as quickly as possible. >> a team of experts arrived today to help the search. tomorrow, a team from the fbi and state department will join them. but there is no guarantee the girls will be found. secretary of state kerry tweeted today too early to conclude, team arriving very difficult situation. more than 50 girls were lucky enough to escape. these girls with faces blurred described a harrowing ordeal. they were told if you try owe escape we will kill you all. it's a moror that haunts this father seeking asylum in the u.s. his daughter was taken 16 months
4:32 pm
ago. >> my heart was broken. i was like why is this happening? >> the parents of the missing girls hold out hope they'll be found ahiv. experts in hostage negotiation and intelligence are working closely with nigerians to track them down. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 you'll hear from groups now increasing efforts to help solve this crisis. >> now, 20 people were killed in one of the biggest clashes yet between ukrainin forces and separatists. the fighting erupted in the port city of maripol. reports say a group of 60 gunmen tried to capture the police station there. stopped by police and military according to the foreign minister two days before rebels planned to hold a referendum to break away from ukraine. >> nato and ukraine's foreign
4:33 pm
ministry condemning vladimir putin's visit today to crima. putin arrived in the port of sebastapol by sea taking part in victory day. ending world war ii. the second victory day celebration by putin today. he also attended show of military muscle in a massive parade in red square in moscow. video of what a syrian group says shows rebels setting explosives before blowing up a hotel yesterday. this video posted by a group called aleppo news network showing men placing bags in tunnels then cuts to a view of the hotel, we can see the explosion syrian state tv said rebels blew up that hoet yes. a human rights group said it had been used as a government headquarters it also damaged sites nearby.
4:34 pm
>> more outrage about the growing scandal involving an arizona veteran's hospital. 40 veterans died waiting up to two years to see a doctor. one purple heart recipient died after waiting months for a specialist visit to diagnose a lump found during a routine checkup. >> why the hell can't our federal government and va do this for our fighting soldiers? that have given their arms, their sight, their legs and life for this country? they've failed them. it's still failing thousands of them. >> the accusations of mismanagement, neglect, and a secret waiting list prompted the senator john mccain to hold an open forum today in phoenix. >> we're seeing a very, very serious problem that deserves attention of all america, especially our veterans community. >> and it's not just arizona. clinics and 13 other states including california have been accused of doctoring paper work.
4:35 pm
veteran groups are now calling for resignation of va secretary eric shinseki. >> apple is said to be close to a deal with beats electronics a company known for sleek head phone line. they have a music streaming line. >> apple reportedly offering to buy beats for a jaw dropping $3.2 billion. we are live at beats san francisco office for us lillian? >> we have seen employees come and go they seem calm about the whole thing despite the fact they can end up making a lot of money. beats music moved into this dog patch office building less than a year ago the music streaming start up part of beats electronics making high-end head phones made popular by celebrities. today, employees had little to say about a possible acquisition by apple. >> there is nothing official. right? it's all just rumors, just like,
4:36 pm
it's all rumors we don't know anything anyone else knows >> the plan is being hashed out and could fall through but beats founder drchlt dre hinted at the sale in a video posted in you tube. >> first he billionaire in hip-h hip-hop. >> his company designed and manufactured the head phones until it parted way was beats a year and a half ago. he says the technology is a bit dated. >> they're not considered to be speakers okay? or have quality. so we changed that game. about five years ago. >> annaists say the streaming service is what apple is after. >> apple pioneers the idea of owning music in a virtual file but streaming has become the way to go. i think apple has to be very much part of streaming to remain relevant. it's not like apple can't afford it the company has $150 billion in
4:37 pm
cash if the deal goes through, it's expected to be announced as early as next week. >> coming up on abc7 news at 4:00 why study? the social media deal one student made trying to get his whole class out of taking a final. >> his future is bright as his height. take a look at this guy. seven feet five. high school basketball player, new to america. >> i'm michael finney. today's 7 on your side q and a is just ahead. you can contact me on and on twitter on m finney i'll answer questions here live in just a little bit. >> i'm sandhya patel. clouds looking from our mount tamalpais camera towards ocean beach. winds howling now we'll get rid of winds for mother's day, warming up we'll take a look at the weekend coming up. >> may get rid of the winds but
4:38 pm
we're not getting rid of the traffic on the skyway. it's gridlock in downtown san francisco. no matter which way you're going traffic on the lower deck heading to the east bay or trying to get towards 101 south, it's very slow going. back with more in just a moment.
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[doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed. high school senior made a deal with his art teacher allowing him and his 30
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classmates to skip their final exams. >> but, he needs 15,000 retweets in order to win the wager he shook on with his teacher. he had until made 23. right now he's around 9500 tweets. >> art students will be taking finals at the end of the month. >> it's a good try. there is no way they're going to let this happen. >> l is no way. >> how about this next story? >> this is incredible. >> to call them a standout would be an understatement. >> meet high school junior at seven feet, five inches tall. >> so big they don't have a desk to fit him look at the feet. >> size 22. shaquille o'neal i think wears
4:42 pm
22. that is a full grown man he moved to take up basketball in hopes of playing in the nba. this 16-year-old hz a 4.0 grade point average and says he would be perfectly happy being a bio chemist. >> wow. his priorities straight as tall. >> i want to take care of my mom and brother. have a stable environment. and basketball is a good way to do it. >> as you might expect taco is starting to hear from division one colleges like all of them. he's not done growing believe it or not. he can grow two more inches warrior fans will remember minut bowl. >> he seems like, minut seemed gangely. >> taco looks more coordinated. he's growing into his seven feet five inches
4:43 pm
>> sandhya patel keeping track of the mother's day forecast. >> showing you live doppler 7 hd now, we'll talk about what is going on. no moisture to speak of. showers overnight long gone we're not expecting any moisture any time soon. if you're going into tonight's game against nationals, nice-looking weather, clear skies 60 degrees at 7:05. temperatures falling to mid-50s i just take a light jacket if i were you. up and down east coast, thunderstorms if you're traveling. 81 in washington, d.c. 80 in atlanta. fargo, showers, 63 degrees. sunshine across the central portion of the united states. if you're heading to tahoe, 52 degrees, windy there as well. 74 in los angeles here in the bay area, tomorrow, we'll continue to see breezy to windy conditions under sunny skies. temperatures close to average. upper 50s to mid 70s.
4:44 pm
mother's day will look different. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m with a look at that in the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you. >> and still ahead on abc7 news at 5:00 not your regular prom accessory. why these high schoolers wore masks to the dance. >> what she did that has doctors calling her a miracle. >> how long is too long to be waiting on a tarmac? the answer is next in my q and a
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i look, i see a and a congress standing in the country ready way.ove forward... their budgets are late; jobs bills are stalled... and special interests run rampant. as an economics teacher at stanford, i know education means good jobs. so here's my plan: i'd start teaching computer coding in public schools right away. open doors for women in science and technology. and prepare young people for middle class manufacturing jobs. i'm ro khanna and i approve this message, because change starts with us. a blistery rash. i couldn't lay down i couldn't sit up because it burned so much. as first lady of our church we have meetings. we have activities. and i couldn't do any of that. any time anything brushed up against this rash
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it would seem like it would set it on fire again. it was the worst pain i ever had.
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tuxedos, dresses and corsages normal attire for the prom but not surgical masks. that is what a group did for their friend, 18-year-old jared hill who has testicular cancer he wanted to go to prom but had to wear a mask. a girlfriend decided to wear one then friends followed suit. >> there are so many of us, it made me feel not so alone. you know?
4:48 pm
i need help. >> it gets hotter quicker but i don't notice a difference. it's touching. because he's so happy. >> that is pretty cool he is now done with chemotherapy and hoping his story will bring additional awareness about testicular cancer. >> that is a nice gesture. >> debbie biggles alive after being declared dead for 26 minutes on saturday. she'd collapsed at work with no pulse and her breathing was shallow. >> broke down prognosis is grim. and newer logical, you know, damage was likely. >> doctors credit her survival to a co-worker who performed cpr
4:49 pm
saying she kept her rhythm, performing chess compressions and good for her. >> runners use those barefoot style shoes could be getting a refund. >> agreeing to settle a class action saying it could strengthen feet better than traditional running shoes >> customers declare they can file a claim and they could receive refunds ranging from 20 to $50. >> more consumer news now let's start with sam s asks my car got broken into in san francisco. with security. so who is responsible? >> who do you think?
4:50 pm
>> the city is firm on this one. neither they nor the company, sometimes lease lots neither land owner are responsible, it's only you. when you get a ticket that says if you have a problem it's your problem. your homeowners and rentals can often bay. >> what are the regulations for flying radio controlled model aircraft for noncommercial use? >> that is interest offing. stay under 400 feet. it could be huge. you can't use it commercially. you said that. so you have to be a way from structures and people. whatever that means.
4:51 pm
and however far that is. >> these rules are going to get tightened up soon. >> yes. >> eileen m asks how long could airlines leave you on the tarmac? >> they were allowed legally to kidnap you, they did. it's kidnapping. if they take you put you in a room don't allow to you leave eight hours which is what they used to do, we fought ask got a law passed. now they can hold you after three hours but after three hours they have to give you food and bathroom facilities. if it's safety or airport tells them they can't do it they got to get you back now. >> it's a big backlash with airlines doing this. it helped change and pave the way. >> yes. >> coming up next not in our neighborhood. >> why construction being stopped in a school being built on the peninsula.
4:52 pm
>> coming up at 5:00 big recall. problems with a million and a half ford and chrysler vehicles. and of all picture taking with the president in san jess yeah today, only one woman got the photo of a lifetime you'll see that at 5:00. when cheryl and i see you. news at 4:00 continues right after this. things on purpose? youe not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source.
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here is a look at tonight's prime time line up. >> the season fen naly is next tuesday so you can get a sneak preview the app is abc7 >> a judge stopped the building of a school saying increased traffic may put children at risk. >> this is a big victory for neighbor who's sued to stop the project at hoover elementary school we're live now with the story. vic? >> of course the neighbor that's filed this suit are elated by the decision. now, school district officials, on the other hand are stunned by
4:56 pm
the ruling because construction is well underway. in april, the burling game school district broke ground for the newest school in half a century. hoover elementary school. built in 1930s and shut down because of declining enrollment. now, the district is bulging at the scenes hoover is on a hillside. expensive homes on the hillsborough side line the street across from the school. our worry has been the safety of the kids being dropped off. >> he and others point to daefrng russ narrow streets that front the school. like the blind curves. chris is another neighbor. >> you can see in the
4:57 pm
neighborhood there is sidewalks. and an affect on the neighborhood the district says traffic studies showed no safety risk. construction continued. yesterday, the judge ordered the district to stop all construction saying there needed to be an environmental impact report. >> how can a handful of people prevent a school from opening? the residents bought their house across from the school i was intended to be a school. >> the superintendent says construction has been stopped but there is no decision on what the next move will be. vic lee, abc7 news. >> thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00.
4:58 pm
>> the news at 5:00 begins right now. >> dos and don'ts for teachers new morality clause redefining bay area educators. >> plus, shaken up in san francisco. a wrong turn sent a bus bouncing. >> also, daughter of a porn king is if police custody tonight. we'll explain why. >> of the picture taking only one woman got a photo of a lifetime. >> breezy right now. mother's day will bring changes. that is sure to have mom smiling the details coming up. >> controversial over what some are calling a morality pledge. >> you know this is a time of the year catholic teachers would be signing contracts for the next school year. for many there is a problem with
4:59 pm
language in the documents handed out by the oakland dooiz this year. we're live at bishop odowd high school. >> this is one of 54 schools in the diocese. and teachers complained about the language in the contract. we understand administration met with the bishop to try to get that language changed. >> the diocese of oakland says it's a small word change but some say a new contract clause requiring teachers to live by catholic doctrines outside of class goes too far. denise pinkston has a freshman daughter. >> my daughter said the right thing. mom, this reads like something we read about in books it happened a long time ago. like the spanish inquiz yigs
5:00 pm
people had to swear dishonest loyalty to protect families >> the clause they are worried about reads, quote in, both employee personal and professional lives, employee is expected to model and promote behavior in conform ti with teachings of the roman catholic faith in matters of faith and morals and do nothing tends to bring discredit to school or diocese of oakland. if they sign, some worry they can be worried for things as being gay, living with a partner, or using birth control. a spokesman told abc7 news there is no risk to preserve behaviors. this is not a witch hunt, but an effort by a new bishop to make things more clear. but some community leaders like berkeley assembly member nancy skinner says if it's an effort to be more clear it should be more clear. >> the fact it doesn't list behaviors and


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