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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  May 9, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> from all of us here, we'll see you again at 6:00. welcome to "world news." tonight, weekend wipeout. so many americans hitting the road for mother's day. as along with floods, tornado sirens blasting today. warning to take cover. we'll meet a mother and baby walking out of what used to be their home. close call. a drone almost hit a passenger plane filled with people. a warning tonight about growing traffic in the skies. and the real deal, from the car dealership to the makeup counter. >> the minute they sat in the chair, the amount of money they spent doubled. >> secret ways they get you to buy more than you planned. >> and good evening to you on this friday night. as american families look
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forward to this mother's day, mother nature has her own ideas. on the roads, flash floods and snow out west. a sprawling storm system bringing destruction and sometimes, a savage beauty. take a look. storm chasers at koco captured this picture, a rainbow over a tower of rain in oklahoma. here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: families in pensacola just starting to dry out from last week's floods, getting ready for mother's day today, back getting more sandbags. the last thing they need is coming, more rain and a flash flood watch tonight. >> it's a difficult situation, going through flooding, and knowing we're going to possibly go through it all again. >> reporter: across missouri and southern illinois, they were running for cover. blinding rain, high winds, and a
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reported tornado pulling trees out of the ground. tonight, travel issues in dallas, 60 flights cancelled and over 300 delays. turning creeks into rivers and reducing visibility thursday. this was the view from offices downtown. >> that's a hurricane out here. >> reporter: they could hear the tornado sirens blaring. kelsey freyer and her newborn daughter made it out of their mobile home alive. after high winds tore it to pieces. the poor baby was left with a scratch on her nose. >> it scared me. she is only a month and a half. >> reporter: the severe weather continues east through the weekend. most of what you'll need to look out for, damaging winds and isolated tornados are possible, but the bigger story across much
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of colorado. a major snowstorm could bring up to a foot in places, slowing travel down. >> thank you so much, steve. and now, the outrage reaches a new fever pitch about a health care system that failed some men and women that served this country. and tonight, a doctor comes forward exclusively to abc news to tell us what he saw firsthand. here's abc's jim avila. >> reporter: on display at this phoenix open meeting today, open pain and anger. from families who lost loved ones waiting for v.a. doctor appointments. >> my dad is no longer here. and i know there was something done wrong. >> it took months for them to see him. >> they kept telling him, be patient. i'm here to tell you that my dead veteran husband can't be much more patient than he is today. but me, i'm pissed. >> reporter: sally was at the meeting, caretaker for her
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father in law, who died before seeing a doctor. he died of bladder cancer two months after being promised someone would call him back. >> they have no business, a v.a., to treat them like animals and delay their care. >> reporter: it's not just phoenix. the scandals spreading across the country, with charges from doctors and clinicians saying -- a systematic coverup. ryan turner from the san antonio v.a. hospital says he was trained to keep two-year waits off the books. >> there was something different and strange about what we were doing. >> reporter: and this doctor, talking exclusively to abc news and the center for investigative reporting says he lost his position because he tried to get the mental health staff to see
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patients for more than three hours a day. they averaged just six patients a day while other private psychiatrists were seeing 14. >> we were not seeing enough patients a day. the workday started late, it ends early. >> reporter: the v.a. asays it's aware of the charges. >> when you're not seeing enough patients per day, you're creating this log jam. >> reporter: this scandal has rocked the veterans administration. the v.a. is conducting their own nationwide audit. investigations by both congress and the secretary general. and the v.a. secretary has been called to capitol hill to testify. diane? >> thank you so much, jim. and now, we turn to a startling mystery. at 2,300 feet in the air. a near-miss that may be the first of its kind. a passenger jet nearly colliding
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with something in the air over florida. what was it, and raising questions about crowded skies and safety. david kerley tells us. >> reporter: the pilot of a u.s. airways regional jet says an unmanned model aircraft was heading straight for him. near the tallahassee airport. the warning went out. >> a remote-controlled aircraft. 2,300. keep an eye out. >> reporter: this march incident just revealed by the faa. >> it was so close to his jet that he was sure he had collided with it. >> reporter: there was no damage. but the faa is worried. >> imagine a metal and plastic object, going into a high-speed turbine engine. the results could be catastrophic. >> drone use has exploded.
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amaz amazon, real estate agents. none of it approved. or the flight that crashed into a high-rise before falling to a new york city street. with more drones taking flight, the new rules won't be out until the end of the year. david kerley, abc news, washington. and now, overseas to crimea. where today, this was the scene on the ground. vladimir putin on a kind of victory lap. arriving in crimea for the first time since the russians took the region back. he told the massive crowds that russia is stronger united. at the same time, ukraine's security forces say they're fighting back. killing 20 pro-russian forces. a big and deadly day. and a twist in the missing girls story in nigeria. an allegation that nigerian authorities were warned, but did not take action. and hammish macdonald is
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investigating. >> reporter: we know many of their names, hundreds of them. the missing. amnesty international says that the nigerian government was warned. armed militant were targeting the school. tonight, the military describes the claims as unfortunate and untrue. but the government is silent on so much of this story. let me just ask you a few questions. so, today, we tracked down the finance minister. >> i'm tired of the same story. >> reporter: i'm sure you are, but it's an important story. can you tell us what the government is doing? we don't know. >> the government is doing everything. sent additional troops. the government has had aerial surveillance. >> reporter: are you talking directly to boko haram? >> sorry, i have a meeting. >> oh! >> reporter: at the mosque today, friday prayers were for peace. everyone remains hopeful that the girls will come home safely.
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but almost a month after the abductions, praying is almost all you can do. back here at home, still more news about the battle over the l.a. clippers. another new take. this time, donald sterling directly addressing the racist comments as a new power player steps in to take over the team. abc's ryan smith with the breaking news. >> reporter: tonight, a new boss for the clippers. former citi bank and timer warner chief richard parsons, installed by the nba as the clippers ceo, effectively taking over the team. a defiant strike at owner donald sterling. parsons says he's been deeply troubled by the pain the clippers community has faced. and wants to help the team build on their values and accomplishments. and opposition comes as another
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conversation was released between sterling and a friend. where sterling admits he made a mistake with his comments. >> i know i'm wrong. what i said was wrong. >> reporter: in that fateful conversation with stiviano, sterling said he didn't want her photographed with black people, like magic johnson. in the new tape, he says he was just jealous. >> the girl is black. i like her. i'm jealous that she's with other black guys. i want her. so what the hell, can't i in private tell her, you know, i don't want you to be with anybody? >> reporter: stiviano has told barbara walters her relationship with sterling wasn't romantic. >> i love him like a father figure. >> reporter: there's another woman in the triangle, sterling's wife of 57 years, shelly. she's the team's co-owner, and she's not backing down. >> she's blameless. it's donald who's the problem. she's a 50% owner of the team, one of their biggest cheerleaders. >> reporter: that may not sit well with the clippers.
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but tonight, the team, focused on just one thing. a playoff win. ryan smith, abc news, new york. now some news for you and the music you love. the company that revolutionized our lives with the ipod, apple, on the hunt for the next big thing. reportedly about to spend about $3 billion. to keep from falling behind in the way we access the music we love. and a famous name may be about to cash in. here's paula faris. >> reporter: for a company that's always marched to the beat of it's own drum, apple dropping an unexpected tune. ♪ reportedly in negotiations to buy the company beats electronics, which was founded by hip-hop artist dr. dre, and famed music producer jimmy iovine, for a reported $3.2 billion. beats, best known for those headphones worn by celebrities like lebron james, katy perry, and justin bieber, recently got into the lucrative streaming
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music business. streaming services like pandora and spotify allow users to listen to whatever they want, whenever they want. beats charges $10 for a monthly subscription. which industry experts say could be what lured apple. it's an area that apple's late ceo steve jobs didn't project. once saying, "customers don't seem to be interested in it. people want to own their music." but the itunes era may be ending. last year, for the first time, online music sales dropped. one media expert saying, "the age of digital downloads is basically over." apple hasn't commented on the potential deal. however, dr. dre posted this video just last night. >> the first billionaire in hip-hop. >> reporter: dr. dre, up from the rough streets of compton, conquering the hip-hop world. six grammys under his belt, but this could be his biggest hit yet. again, that number, $3.2 billion.
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this is the largest acquisition in the history of apple. it's eight times more than they've ever paid for a company. >> somebody ought to be really happy tonight. thank you, paula. and happy mother's day to you. coming up next, confessions from the car lot to the makeup counter. the secret ways salespeople get you to spend more than you planned. >> the minute they sat in the chair, the amount of money they spent went up double, if not more. >> how to stay alert when they want you to spend more. due to menopausal changes. the problem isn't likely to go away... ...on its own. so it's time we do something about it. and there's help. premarin vaginal cream. a prescription that does what no over-the-counter product was designed to do. it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse
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as you age, you may not get all the nutrition you need to stay active. try boost® original nutritional drink. it helps fill nutritional gaps in your diet. each delicious serving provides 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, and 26 vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support bone health. plus, boost® original is doctor recommended and has a guaranteed great taste. help get the nutrition you need with boost® nutritional drink. this has been medifacts for boost® nutritional drink. and next tonight, some tricks of the trade. two salespeople are coming forward to tell you their secrets. how they get you to trust them. and maybe spend more than you want. here's dan harris. >> reporter: auto dealers are often portrayed as pushy and
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manipulative. this former dealer, ray lopez, says it goes deeper than that. they play sophisticated mind games. >> at my very worst, i was a bloodsucking salesman. >> reporter: lopez spent 26 years as a salesman and he says the hustle begins as soon as you drive onto the lot. >> i've already psychoanalyzed you. >> reporter: as soon as you open your mouth, he applies a label to you, like an easy mark. someone who needs to buy a car immediately. a lay down, someone who accepts the first deal put out there, or a researcher, who's done his or her homework. even if you know your stuff, here's how he can still play you and get you to spend more than you want. >> you're a very intelligent person. you've done your due diligence. so we can cut out the b.s. >> reporter: but that's b.s. too? >> yes, because i'm playing up to your ego. >> reporter: you guys are malignant psychiatrists. okay, we all know the car lot can be tricky, but it turns out there are also dangers lurking at the mall.
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women, beware the makeup chair. >> the minute they sat in the chair, the amount they spend went up double if not more. >> reporter: for seven years, cara phillips lured women into free makeovers. the whole idea, make customers feel obligated to buy. >> some people would actually just lie and say, oh, there's a minimum purchase of three items. and just hope they didn't get caught. >> reporter: another trick, convince women to pull out their current makeup stash, then react with the face. >> look at something and be like, oh, they're going to buy whatever version that you have. >> reporter: our former sales people say there's one secret. turn around, walk out, and don't look back. dan harris, abc news, new york. dan will have a full report on "20/20" tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern.
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tonight, a sign on an american highway getting some laughs. here's nick watt. we begin this week's best of the "index" with a tandem skydive gone wrong. >> came off her foot, hit me in the face. >> again in slow-mo. the story of ours you shared most this week was mine -- testing secret menu items at popular restaurants -- >> you want a quesarito? yeah, we'll have one of those. >> yes, that exists at chipotle, and so does the cotton candy frappucino at starbucks. in pennsylvania, a bear scratched his back on a camera that's supposed to film him, and stole a donut from the trap that's supposed to trap him. cool bear. meanwhile, in massachusetts, they're appealing to drivers in the vernacular. the translation apparently is, use your turn signal. and finally, it's mother's day sunday. and here's a mama duck in dublin. will they follow her? >> oh! >> there they go.
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that was the "instant index." i'm nick watt. and next, the superstar and loving son who called his mom the most valuable player, and made children of all ages think about their mom. mom is the person of the week. i got more advice than i knew what to do with. what i needed was information i could trust on how to take care of me and my baby. luckily, unitedhealthcare has a simple program that helps moms stay on track with their doctors and get the right care and guidance-before and after the baby is born. simple is good right now.
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named most valuable player, kevin durant, thanking his mom? >> made sure we ate. went to sleep hungry. you sacrificed for us. you're the real mvp. [ applause ] >> and so, tonight, with all of our moms in mind, we had some tiny experts tell us about their moms. and those moms are our persons of the week. ♪ >> she's sweet. >> she makes funny faces and we both laugh. >> she's going to be a doctor. going to make millions a year. >> she dyed her hair. >> what color? >> pink. >> a hug.
5:57 pm
>> a waiter with a dance floor. >> bracelets. >> kisses. >> a hot dub in the backyard. >> a vacation. >> i would give her a vacation to bora bora. >> do you know where that is? >> no, it just sounds nice. >> a rose. >> flowers. >> every single flower in the world that's pretty. >> if i didn't have my mom, what would i eat? >> because if you don't have a mom, how could we be borned? >> when i'm funny. >> smiling. >> cleaning my room, which i never do. >> giving her lots of kisses.
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>> her name is mighty mom. and she can do many things at once. >> she does super things for us. >> the best mom. ♪ i love you >> happy. >> happy. ♪ >> happy mother's day! >> and our hello to moms everywhere. we follow up on a woman's attempt to rent out a home that doesn't belong to her. investigators promise answers >> will the acquisition of a high end head phone maker help apple become cool again? you'll hear from the man who designed them. >> parents threaten to remove their children from canalling
5:59 pm
rick schools where teachers are forced to sign a new morality clause. >> ye neighborhood questions about why this lawn is soggy in a drought. >> it's a big problem in the bay area, imposters renting out homes and then disappearing with the first month's rent or deposit. we heard today from the alameda county district attorney the fraud division is launching an investigation now. we're live outside of the home tonight with more. allen? >> the woman told the potential tenant she wanted the deposit in a form of a blank money order it raised a red flag. they lured the woman to this
6:00 pm
home where she thought she's going to pick up the money. an yule found out someone she didn't snow though was going to show her home the woman who met her told her she was the rental agent named nicole. >> i have an agent by the name of nicole >> the real nicole told sanchez someone changed the locks and might be taking deposits from renters like this woman who doesn't want to be identified. >> the phone shall tenant says the imposter asked tore to bring a blank money order. >> she said to leave it blank. how much?


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