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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 9, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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home where she thought she's going to pick up the money. an yule found out someone she didn't snow though was going to show her home the woman who met her told her she was the rental agent named nicole. >> i have an agent by the name of nicole >> the real nicole told sanchez someone changed the locks and might be taking deposits from renters like this woman who doesn't want to be identified. >> the phone shall tenant says the imposter asked tore to bring a blank money order. >> she said to leave it blank. how much? >> whatever i had.
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>> the police department told her she could not investigate, unless she caught them in the act. >> do you have an id on you? >> no, you don't? >> i don't think i'm going to -- >> we have your license plate number. >> have a good day. >> she hopes she has a case for the police to investigate. i sent a photo to the woman who says he identified her and they've arrested her several times, and now they're interested. just minutes ago i spoke to another victim. why she's worried about more than ruse losing money on a deposit. >> great work looking forward to the story. we're following breaking news out of gilroy now.
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we apologize for the audio in the studio at the moment. afternoon, that mountain lion seen at a creek on the ranch side of the park. people in the area and schools were notified authorities could not find the big cat. on tuesday, a mountain lion captured and wild live officials released it on wednesday. >> it's maddening. we're working on it. someone went to great lengths to get hands on apple products today look at what happened in berkeley this morning. the driver stole lap tops and iphones the resale value makes them attractive to thieves. this also happened in southern california, chicago and in germany. >> apple said to be close to a
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multi million dollar deal to buy beat electronics. and lillian kim is live now for us. lillian? >> employees could make a lot of money. one person that won't make anything is the guy that started it all. >> the foster ceo isn't happy he won't gi a penny of the deal despite the fact his company came up with the design for the electronics >> we can't capture the fruits of our labor. and would have done better than that. you know, it wasn't, we're happy for the experience. put it that way. >> beats music moved into this office building less than a year ago. the streaming start up is part of the beats electronics
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emmoiys had little to say about a possible acquisition by apple. >> there is nothing official. right? it's just rumors so we don't know anything that anyone else knows. >> the head phones will no doubt bring a cool element to apple but analysts say the service is what they are after. >> apple pioneered the idea of owning it. but streaming has become the way to go. i think apple has to be very much part of streaming to remain relevant. it's not like apple can't afford it. the company has $150 billion in cash. if the deal goes through, it's expected to be announced next week. in san francisco, abc7 news.
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>> and killing the pilot of a cessna. he heard a thump and realized planes collided investigators found the tail fin crushed the surviving pilot was in a korean war era show plane. after the crash it continued on into his home base. he said to avoid populated areas in his damaged plane. >> a firefighter has now filed a lawsuit against the san francisco fire department. three passengers were killed including a 16-year-old. another rig ran over the team
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twice before the truck. she says it indicated sole responsibility. she is seeking unspecified tajs >> officials in dan value want to mow who spray paint aid threat to kill people near a middle school this week and offered a cash reward the town of danville is offering a joint reward for information leading to an arrest. police increased patrols yesterday, the department says there is a 0 tolerance policy for threats. >> a government watch dog group says the agency in charge of pipeline safety is not doing it's job. that report three and a half years after a pipeline explosion and concludes the pipeline and hazardouses material safety administration has not made sure inspectors are properly trained or risky pipelines are inspected
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often enough but points out the number of accidents has fallen by two thirds >> late word of bishop of the oakland diocese agreed a contract crosse to abide by catholic doctrines in private lives, outside of school. 20% of the teachers are not catholic. >> it just might have to happen. >> maggie cook has twins who are juniors and says she may pull them out of the school. if the contract language offered teachers in the diocese doesn't change. >> they've been formed by teachers and administration for three years boy like that kind of integrity to continue. >> diocese says it's a small word change but some say a
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contract clause requiring teachers to live by catholic doctrines outside of class goes too far the clause they're worried about reads, quote in both employee personal and professional live, employee expected to model and promote behavior in conform ti with teachings of the roman catholic faith. and do nothing that tends to bring discreditit to the school or diocese >> my daughter said the right thing. mom, this reads like something that happened a long time ago. like the spanish inquiz yigs. >> if signing the clause, some teachers worry they can be fired for things as being gay, living with a partner or using birth control. mike brown told abc7 news there is no risk of prescribed
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behaviors. this is not a witch hunt but an effort by a bishop to make things more clear. >> we know the administration did meet with the bishop to try to reach a compromise in that contract a judge halts work in the middle of a construction job >> why did the president pick this mountain view store to make a point about renewable energy? >> a campaign calling attention to kidnappings in nigeria. why it's gearing up this weekend. >>
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a judge just stopped construction of a new school saying increased traffic could put children at risk. it's a huge victory for neighbors. abc7 news is live now from the school district office with the story for us. vic? >> officials are stunned by the ruling because construction well underway the neighbors are elated by the ruling and have been saying that
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the project defies common sense. >> joe haggerty is a plaintiff in the lawsuit, pointing to dangerous streets that front the school. like summit drive with flying curves chris fitzgerald is another neighbor and plaintiff. >> you can see in the neighborhood there is no winding roads here. >> hoover elementary shut down because of declining enrollment. but now, the district is bulging at the seams and they thought reopening the school would accommodate influx. hoover is on a hillside, straddling the border of burlingame and hillsborough. expensive homes on the hillsborough side line the street from the
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the district said studies show no safety risks. construction continued including a big new building. but yesterday, the judge ordered the district to stop construction saying there needed to be an environmental impact report the decision surprised school officials. >> how can a handful of people prevent a school from opening? these residents bought house as cross the street from the school. >> the superintendent says all construction will be stopped. there is no decision yet on what the next move will be >> the president is back in washington tonight after a two day visit to the bay area. the president left moffett field this morning after an event in mountain view. but tonight some questioning when it's a good example.
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>> president obama put walmart in the spotlight because of efforts to go green the message appearing to be if this company can do it so, can others. >> if we do it now, we'll leave our children with a better america and better future >> walmart began installing solar eight months ago, working with truck makers on a electric tractor trailer rig to reduce oil consumption. professor dan cam onattended a speech and weighed in on whether it's a good example. >> walmart has a ways to go about how clean their supply chain is. but it's a company everyone notices right off. what they do matters >> however, the environmental record was criticized by former
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u.s. secretary of labor now a professor at uc berkeley. quote, it's emotions grew 22% last year. to nearly half a million met trick sons a spokesperson agreed saying it's achieved success in reducing increase in carbon emissions. >> we know they're here and will be there they have a right to speak their opinion. i don't think it affected anyone in the room much. >> malmart hopes to operate 100% of the stores on renewable energy. david louie, abc7 news >> and on reports of low pay,
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angry the president would they say ignoring this issue. she's worked in a walmart store nine years >> i need president obama to tell walmart to give us a living wage. asking for $25,000 a year. >> now, the leader of the free world will grace one young woman's facebook page. >> everyone is liking it, sharing it. he gave me a hulling hug. >> the president invited christina and her family for the event. >> that is a special moment. she was so excited. >> yes. i can't believe she pulled it
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off. >> i know. >> beautiful weather and we'll continue with increasing temperatures heading into the weekend. yes. no matter what you're doing with mom, picnic, taking her out for a hike, lunch, weather will cooperate. live doppler 7 hd showing clear skies now. we have clouds but that is about it. measuring rainfall long gone. winds up gusting to 37 at sfo now. about ta po 33 miles per hour around napa. 58 in san francisco. mid-60s in oakland. it's 68 in gilroy. 55 half moon bay. palm trees and blowing blue skies behind 68 in santa rosa.
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you can see all of the way back towards sutro tower. just a sign of things still to come. sun sunny, windy saturday. warmer weather mother's day, heats up with a possibility of record highs here in the bay area. you'll see in just a moment. here is a satellite and radar. one system pushing through pacific northwest that moves through, high pressure starts to build in. that will create locally windy conditions tomorrow. here is a computer animation of how windy. tonight, it's going to be a little bit on the breezy side. gusts to 35 miles per hour. 30 in sfo the winds start to taper. and and off shore it's be warmer but not too hot.
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we taking a look at the accu-weather forecast, you'll see the heat coming. tomorrow, 71, 75 average high temperatures. numbers continue to rise. close to the triple digit mark by wednesday. it's going to get hot we may be talking about records here. tomorrow morning, starting out with low clouds mid 40s to low 50s. we're expecting mild weather in the south bay. 72 morgan hill. cupertino. 58 in pacifica. windy there. you'll need a jacket. 64 downtown san francisco. north bay, 50s coast side low 70s in sabt santa rosa. 72 livermore, breezy, sunny. accu-weather forecast, winds relax. temperatures going up, mother's day looking beautiful we'll crank up the heat by mid week.
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seven owes along the coast but we'll all be here. >> yes. that is a good thing. >> beach sounds nice. iet does sound nice >> san francisco dog owners raising questions about this lawn. >> why is it so soggy in the middle of a drought? that story as we continue.
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> >> san franciscoins noticed muddy paws >> we noticed standing water and sidewalk runoff. we're live where too much is not a good thing. it's a story only on abc7 news. >> i certainly didn't think i'd need them, but where i'm standing i sunk because it's so soggy, and other parts of south beach there is is
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water. swamp like fields in the mid yefl a california super drought. >> it's soggy. not good news for the water supply or the corgi. >> i my dogs are low riders so they're muddy. >> the yes is why? why is this park oversaturated with water when the governor asked everyone to cut back? >> someone is wasting water. >> sometimes it's not wornl walking through because you're dogs are soaking. >> the park is under jurisdiction. maintained by south beach harbor. >> we have had a problem over the years. >> harbor master says he had a crew inspect the sprinkler system but they didn't report the conditions after learning about the field from abc7 news today, walter asked a landscaper
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to shut down the supply. he says this is not the fault of overwatering. >> there is a broken pipe. >> it's a serious problem, it's costing money. i'm a manager. so we'll do everything we can to get it collected. >> that can't come soon enough for efforts and is tired of drying of her corgis. . >> still to come a push in the social media campaign calling attention to student kidnappings in nigeria, gearing up for mother's day weekend. >> tonight we're going to tag along on a trip to crimia. >> coming up, how much do you tip? how much should you tip?
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why are you tipping? i'm michael finney. 7 on
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>> it is unconscionable. these despicable acts must be condemned in the strongest terms. >> nancy pelosi leading the charge in washington the house observed a moment of silence for nearly 300 kidnapped girls in nigeria. every woman in the house signed a letter condemning it. >> a new report says the nigerian military was warned about a threat to the girls several hours before the kidnap asking could have prevented it. they were taken from a school. u.s. military experts will be joined by teams from fbi and state department tomorrow but is the united states doing enough to help? >> it's a vice president of the world bank for africa that used
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the term bring back our girls. from that moment on, people began using it as a hash tag. now, tweeted well over times. >> political strategist, the daughter of the house minority leader rallied for the release of the nigerian girls at cal, announcing members will have an emergency town hall meeting on sunday to address the crisis in their country. and director says they'll use social media to support the cause. >> this is the only way to go now. if you don't, they won't. >> the world learned about the kidnappers. the words mean western education is for by then. the group had been around 12
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years pushing it's ideology in the north. >> they're shooting children in cold blood. >> the director of the center for african studies at cal from nigeria. >> parents are worried. there needs to be reassurance. >> yesterday, condemning the kidnapping and today, a letter was sent to the president signed by 50 members of the house. asking to unite behind this cause. global fund for women had been involved in spreading the word about the kidnapped students. their colleagues say now is the time to capitalize on the awareness.
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>> this is supporting the work they're doing on the ground. >> and as noted they believe the girls are still in the country and have not been moved but experts say it's likely they're no longer together in one large group, making it locating them and staging rescue attempts more difficult. >> difficult and dangerous thank you very much. a pilot is safe tonight after a plane crashed in arizona. you can see the wreckage in a remote area south of phoenix the crash happened around 3:00. the aircraft based out of yuma. >> today crimean leaders rolled out a welcome mat for russian president putin.
6:34 pm
the obama administration and nato and ukraine condemned this visit. >> it was a victory lap for vladimir putin. the russian president made it's trip to to celebrate what is called the return to the motherland. the obama administration took a different view. >> this is unnecessary. crimea belongs to ukraine. >> may nine is a day of pride for russians honoring millions who died in world war ii. today in moscow putin watched a parade of russian military
6:35 pm
might. putin told the crowd we'll protect russia. and first we'll serve our homeland. there is jubilation in crimea. parts of eastern ukraine teeter on the brink of civil war. cla clashes turned violent today. the prime minister of ukraine said it's government is doing all it can. >> we will bring it into reality. >> sunday, parts of eastern ukraine will vote for independence. it's not a vote to join russia but could destabilize the region. >> just ahead tonight the history of tipping. >> tips on tipping from michael finney.
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re i look, i see a and a congress standing in the country ready way.ove forward... their budgets are late; jobs bills are stalled... and special interests run rampant. as an economics teacher at stanford, i know education means good jobs. so here's my plan: i'd start teaching computer coding in public schools right away. open doors for women in science and technology. and prepare young people for middle class manufacturing jobs. i'm ro khanna and i approve this message, because change starts with us.
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how much do you tip? how much should you tip? >> that is what michael finney
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has been looking into. it's something people seem to have strong feelings about. >> when you think about it, what an odd practice, we give away money we can keep but why? how much should you tip? >> look around. there is a lot of money changing hands when customers tip. here at the ramp a fun waterside bar ask restaurant, the wait staff is doing well. over in north beach at original joes, valets are making out. union square this, doorman is bringing it in. but why? why do we tip?
6:40 pm
no one makes us. >> see, that is only a small difference between the words and the best service. this guy told me he usually tips 15%, 20% if service is great. >> their bill is $59 i gave a $12 tip. >> more than 20%. so why do we tip? >> lots of reasons but biggest, most important is because it's expected and they want social approval that comes from following norm. >> we often tip to be liked >> i tip 20% to 25%. i'm a server. >> but often leaves us nonplused. >> it's a hot button issue. >> that is kit yarrow. she says tipping is beginning to tick some of us off. >> people looked at tips at something they felt like they
6:41 pm
wanted to give. when people feel like they're expected to spend it, it changes shape a little bit. >> most people tip between 15% ask 20%. in yushan areas we lean towards 20% n parts of the world there is no tipping at all. in europe, americans seen as overtipers. it's seen as a good thing. >> well we tell people in europe, they give americans better service because they know they're used to tipping. >> so how much should you tip? i have links on abc7 news for the information. now tonight, i'll have an astonishing story about thousands of american who's had tax refunds seized by the government this year because of
6:42 pm
what happened when they're little kids. if you're one of them, i'll show what you you can do about it, tonight at 11:00 here on abc7 news seriously. little kids and the government is looking for their money. >> for a consumer reporter it's three bucks. >> yes. >> thank you. >> pardon the cliche, but it's true. everyone is a winner here today >> coming up achievements of #00 special athletes. things on purpose? youe not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. illamookmook old fashioned is absolutely amazing. creammmmmy. it makes my tongue dance. me too. hey you two, stop that tillamook tongue dancing and get back to work! tillamook ice cream, tastes better because it's made better.
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crystal geyser. bottled right at the mountain source. a quick reminder for a closure planned for golden gate bridge. northbound highway 1 will be closed to crews can shift traffic working on the presidio parkway project the detour running from 1:00 a.m to 6:00 a.m sunday morning. >> work is under way had a project shutting down interstate 280, southbound lanes will close and should be finished by 5:00 a.m following tuesday. additional closures taking place over july 4th holiday and labor
6:46 pm
day weekend. >> a joyous day today at san francisco stadium filled with special olympics athletes. 600 students took part they ran races there are no winners or losers and everyone who took part. >> kids are more positive and active. more willing to do work they have better relationships with parents. and socially. >> you can see the positive impact. the simp yinz took part in the program. >> there is a gorgeous day out there. >> just perfect out there. >> it's going to get better as
6:47 pm
we hit the weekend. here and warm down south. we'll enjoy mostly sunny weather. 71 san jose. and as you take a look at the game time forecast for a's and nationals, tomorrow night, 64 degrees then, getting breezy. dropping into upper 50s by 9:00 p.m . you might want to take a sweat shirt with you. a look at the accu-weather forecast, mothers day looking fantastic we'll call it mild to warm mid 60s to mid-80s, then, it starts to get hot. close to triple digit by mid week. going to be warm to hot
6:48 pm
forecast. >> thanks. >> it's day two of the nfl draft. >> espn had highest ratings for the draft. >> ever? >> ever. >> i don't believe it. >> whatever. >> and raiders picked a man they hope will be their quarterback of the future, next.
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good evening, 49ers acquired a wide receiver today in a trade with buffalo. niners send last six years in buffalo. 28 touchdowns. a solid veteran. grew up a huge niners fan so this is going to be a huge home coming. niners selected jimmy ward with a 30th pick.
6:52 pm
he missed part of the draft because he was buying a birthday gift for his mom. >> cool guy. kind of funny with a sense of humor. looks like my cousin. but i feel like it's ht of great players here. i'm looking forward to meeting eric reed, definitely. and you know they're going to take the win. i know i can learn from them. >> this is interesting. they picked the 57th selection a bruising 230 pound back from ohio state.
6:53 pm
and raiders used their second round pick on derek carr from fresno state. so he got big arm, some people think he should have been a first round selection. and his brother david still years ago. the raiders introduced their first round pick today, mack feels he can make an impact at buffalo setting a record 16 career forced fumbles. some have mack ahead and fans will enjoy hearing about the
6:54 pm
linebackers he compares himself to. >> a player like clayton matthews his motto he uses. to make similar in that aspect. how about local players? trent murphy selected in round two. 47th pick. 65, 250 pounds. huge hands if that is important to you. a little bit of government, today finds water once, then he is going to find it again.
6:55 pm
missed a cut. he is 12 under with a one shot lead over jordan speak. and thank you, larry >> join me tonight at 9:00, that is cable channel 13 math whiz an 8th grader just won a competition. tonight tough question he answered see if you can get it right. >> then at 11:00 paying your parents debt. all because of something that happened when you were a child. michael finney finds out why thousands of refunds were seized this year. and we have back to back episodes of grey's anatomy. and next tuesday is marvels agents of shield.
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just go to abc7 >> finally tonight what matters helping the helpless. anger and disgust at kidnappings of 275 school girls in nigeria. a terrorist group is responsible. he is promising to sell the girls into slavery or as child brides for as little as $12. it just demonstrates this man's sick lack of respect for fellow human beings. the nigerian government asked our government for help, we're sending in teams to find them. america may not be the world's policeman but can and should go stop this animal. these are little girls. no matter where in the world those who can protect children must protect children. ask our service men and women to volunteer and i guarantee you'll get twice as many as you need for the job. there is no place on this planet
6:57 pm
to do what this man is doing and what matters is that america and other nations do what it takes to stop him. let me know what you think. >> that does it for this edition of abc7 news. >> we appreciate your time as always. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" battle of the decades. let's meet today's former champions -- he used his winnings from the 2012 teachers tournament and the 2013 tournament of champions to buy his mother a house. please welcome our final representative from the 2000s, from chicago, illinois... our last contestant from the 1990s not only won the tournament of champions, but he also competed on the very last day alex trebek had his legendary mustache. from chamblee, georgia, please welcome... and our final champion from the 1980s co-wroteheook "secrets of the jeopardy! champions" and hopes his competitors in this tournament didn't find a copy of it to help them play against him.
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he traveled from rome, italy, to be here today, so please welcome... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. hi, folks. welcome aboard. not only are these three players -- colby, mark, and chuck -- jeopardy! champions, they are all winners of our tournament of champions in the past. so, gentlemen, good luck. here we go -- the jeopardy! round. the last of our quarter-final games has these categories -- alex: chuck, off you go. fashion "p"ieces for $200, please.


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