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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 12, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> fan each other. >> good morning, everyone, i am going to tell you about the heat coming our way. you can see it on live doppler 7 hd the pressure is here and the air is dry with no clouds and there will be no breeze to keep us cool today. that will allow temperatures along the coast in san francisco to be fairly mild and mid-to-upper 70's and we could touch 80 in a few areas. inland, 85 to 90 so it is warmest there. around the bay is warm, at 81 to 89 degrees. we will look at heat advisory ahead. leyla gulen? >> hope everyone had a wonderful mother's day and i saw a lost comments on facebook that said every day should be mother's day which is true. happy mother's day. >> we are starting off with a couple of citizens across the bay area and the first is in pleasant hill driving into walnut creek southbound at 680 near treat we have activity in the area that is not blocking lanes but it could cause spectator slowing.
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as you head into san francisco westbound at fremont street we have piddle lanes are blocked because of a hit-and-run accident and a look at richmond- bit. >> we are climbing into sizzling temperatures and health warnings are gown out. >> amy hollyfield is at the cal fire station in sunol. amy? >> they are gearing up and they say you should be thinking about what you will do, too. do not leave children or pets unattended in a car. it can get dangerously hot in two minutes. when buckling up the kids in the car, make sure the buckle is not too hot. slow down outside. it is bad to exercise in the heat of day. stay cool. sunburn keeps you from dissipating heat.
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officials will declare today the start of fire season for northern california. that usually doesn't happen until june. at the cal fire station they will have 15 trucks starting today. usually they have telephone. there will be new employees to be trained to get them ready for the season which is going to be busy they think. 95 percent of fires are started by people. they are putting out the word hoping everyone will be extra careful and do their part. developing news from the south bay, this morning investigators are looking to the cause of a stubborn fire in a san jose landfill first reported yesterday afternoon. 11 engines were called but access to the water was a problem for crews with the nearest hydrant half a mile away. >> the reason for the number of engines is the size of the fire and the fact we have in water resources on the him.
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the engines are running out of water and coming back down to refill the tanks to fight the fire. >> the scene was cleared at 10:00 and residents were advised to close their windows and shelter in place if they smelled smoke. >> we are hearing from donald sterling, the l.a. clippers' owner who banned if life from the nba for making racist remarks. it is his first extended interview since being band and he is insisting that he is not a racist in an interview that will air with cnn. this is as the nba says donald sterling ownership of the l.a. clippers is terminated and so is his estranged wife. >> i am apologizing and i am asking for forgiveness. am i entitled to one mistake after 35 years? i love my league, i love my partner, at i entitled to one mistake?
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it is a terrible mistake and i will never do it again. >> shelly sterling sat down with barbara walters and tells barbara walters she will fight to keep her half of the l.a. clippers with the interview on "good morning america" this morning. >> and a silicon valley billionaire will testify in a lawsuit over abscess to a popular san mateo county beach. at issue is a private road that leads to a beach south of half moon bay and the only way to access the she chewed beach closed by him when he bought the property. surfers say he did not obtain the proper ps and say that it is a violation of california coastal act. >> divers are expected to be back in the water today to search for four men presumed dead after their boat capsized. the men were in the shallow part of the lake when the boat flipped on saturday. investigators are not sure the cause but they say that part of the lake is dotted with small
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islands. >> at the state capital, the senate appropriations committee will vote on four bills aimed at strengthening the political reform act. the measures include creating a fundraising blackout period during the end of the legislative session when lawmakers have critical budget measures and a large volume of last-minute bills to consider. it would ban candidates from raising money for more than one office at a time and to provide stronger reporting requirements. >> and the oath of office for the 69th speaker of the california state assembly, and will be the first lesbian and the first lawmaker from san diego to serve as speaker. she was elected to the post by her colleagues in march and the legislative priorities including water infrastructure and prison overcrowding. >> one of the most important landmarks in america will re-open. the washington monument has been closed since august of 2011 when an unusual earthquake rocked the
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capitol and damaged the structure. >> good morning, kristen. the lawn is mowed. scaffolding is gone. people are starting to line up for a chance to visit one of the most spectacular united states landmarks. today the washington monument welcomes the first visitors in three years, gone is the giant awkward looking scaffolding a bandage around the wounded monument. it was closed august 2011 after a 5.8 earthquake. >> an earthquake centered in virginia has been felt all up and down the eastern corridor. >> inside the massive stone structure, tourists raced to get out and debris fell and the wall suffered 150 cracks. this shows daylight shining through the 555' structure. the park service closed the monument. >> the restoring captured in
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this movie was extremely complicated. the monument is made of three kinds of marble, 36,000 stacked stones no real mortar, the stones rest on top of each other >> we are ever recollecting scaffolding and to the point of making repairs. the price tag? $15 million. half came from a philanthropist. >> tourists could not wait. >> we announced it would open in a week we did 16,000 tickets in the first 15 minutes. >> the monument usually gets 700,000 visitors off day and today visitors have a chance to go back in and they can go all the way to the top if they want. thank you. the ceremony is at 7:00 our
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time. >> we are dealing with an earthquake a couple of years ago and we have unusual weather for us here with 100 degree temperatures. >> hottest temperatures of the career coming our way. you can see a few clouds off in the distance but total sunshine is our forecast for today. next 12 hours 42 in the north bay valley to 55 in san francisco. it will be dry at noon and 68 at the coast to 82 inland and warm everywhere at 4:00. 72 to 88 and i an not surprised if the car thermometer towns 80 or greater. by 7:00, 64, but, still, 80 inland. temperatures today will jump compared to yesterday which jump compared to saturday but today, no breeze to keep you cool. we will be five degrees warmer in oakland and 79 in san francisco and santa rosa is 87. 89 in concord. san jose and fremont are 88 and
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86, ten and 11 degrees warmer-than-average. this is just the beginning. check out the areas in red away from the coast tomorrow and wednesday and that is our heat advisory. please be careful. >> we will head into san jose with a car fire that is on northbound 101 at 280 and it is not causing delays but it appears there are flames seen coming from under the vehicle so hook out for that with the rest of the drive looking clear, 280 and 680, that is moving along fine, as well. back into san francisco, westbound 80 an fremont we have middle lanes blocked because of a hit-and-run accident and starting with walnut creek, here is the richmond-san rafael toll plaza everything is looking line and checking in at top speeds and walnut creek where we have activity there, at the off-ramp,
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the tow truck just arrived and we have activity with lots of debris in the lane so hopefully they can get the vehicle moved off the freeway soon. >> thank you at 5:10. an old favorite in the cookie aisle. >> the major road work today in poke land and giving drivers a smoother ride. >> and a safety pitch that giants' fans get. >> the battle between the 49ers and legend joe montana over his plan for an entertainment complex next to the levi
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>> covering benicia, san ramon san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. monday at 5:13. both sides of the bay are clear. what you cannot see but you will be able to feel later on today is a heat wave sequence filing as we get on in the week. we will talk with mike nicco about the timeline and how hot the temperatures get. >> the kremlin is making it clear that annexing the ukraine eastern provinces is not on the ascene ask. president vladimir putin urged engaging in talks with representatives from the eastern part of the country following the overwhelming vote backing sovereignty. critics say the vote was flawed
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with several voting more than once and children casting ballots. organizers said the ultimate status of the region could include the possibility of annex ation by russia. >> law enforcement will teach up with agoers from san francisco state to raise awareness on pedestrian and bicycle safety. in the bay area 101 previouses in 147 bicyclives were killed collisions with vehicle in 2012 and their goal is to educate pedestrians and bicyclists and motorists on how to interacts safely with each other. the event is from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at at&t park ahead of the giants' game. >> the pothole blitz starts today repairing 2,300 lane miles of potholes over seven weeks. the public works crews will spend a week in each district starting in east oakland and progress west. the mayor said that potholes are
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one of the biggest complaints. the strategy is to address 2,500 potholes by the end of june. joe montana's plan to build a hotel and complex next to the 49ers new levi stadium in santa clara is in jeopardy over packing. according to the chronicle, they need more packing spaces to accommodate fans. under the deal with the city they are entitled to 800 packing spots on the site of montana's proposed project. the team has told the city of santa clara if the 49er legend's project is approved the city is on the hook for finding 8.5 acres for parking designated for the games. for free. it is montana versus the 49ers. >> you wonder if he will come through, try, he always came through in the 4th quarter. >> important earnings reports this week review the impact of severe weather on the retail giant.
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>> good morning, topping america's money, retailers check in this week with chains like macy's and wal-mart have warned that sales everyone off because of the harsh winter weather. new york city has the most billionaires in the united states third best in the world. ahead is now with 48, and the city with the most billionaires by far is london with 72. britian has more billionaires per person than any other country. ed first sandwich cookie is coming back which debuted four years before oreos but not made in years. and a come by opened with $51 million in sales and "spider man" was second and "other woman" was bringing in $9 million. >> people headed to the movie
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theaters. >> free air conditioning. >> hang out in the frozen food section. >> now, a look at the wind outside, you can see they are fairly calm with a nice breeze yesterday that made it feel cooler than it was so it was gorgeous. now the winds are gone and they will switch offshore and let the heating begin. if you are coming into san francisco we are in the low-to-mid 50's. the ferry building is warmest at 56 and golden gate bridge is 51. to the financial district and mission it is 53. we richmond is 46.
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saratoga is 49. low-to-mid 40's around american canyon and half moon bay. from the east bay hills a nice ride. almost looks like glass. sunny and calmer and warming. east wave is tomorrow through thursday with the heat climaxing on wednesday and milder highs and much more in comfort for the sleeping during the weekend. tonight, low-to-mid 90's in los gatos and gilroy and san jose is 88 degrees and redwood city is 88 the warm spot, and everyone in the mid-to-upper 80's and mid-70's to nearly 80 loan the coast into downtown and south san francisco with sausalito and bodega bay, and mid-to-upper 88 through the north bay valley and low-to-mid 80's through the east bay shore and 82 at berkeley but deeper inland castro valley is 87 and keep going to the east you run into the upper 80's to
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low 90's. we will sleep okay and the house will not get heated up too much, low 50's inland and upper 50's to low 60's but tomorrow night and wednesday night when it will be hard to get the house to cool off if you don't have air conditioning and to a lesser extent on thursday night. by saturday and sunday the temperatures are getting closer to average at 20 to 25 degrees cooler than wednesday. have a good one. >> we had 39 bart trains running on time and now we have a ten-minute delay in dublin/pleasanton direction because of equipment problems. cal rain is on time and ace train 1 and 3, no delays. walnut creek shows how it is shaping up and it looks to be all gone. we had an early accident in the southbound direction everything is removed and all lanes are re-opened and traffic was never impacted because of this.
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in san francisco, moving away from 580, a buildup of traffic with tail lights moving south and along just fine and into san francisco with traffic heavenly as you make the drive northbound 87 beyond the julian street off-ramp no problems. we are preparing a look inside the dark net, you cannot get there by google, the secret marketplaces for guns, drugs and so much more or an enormous challenge for law enforcement. one users who buys drugs told the i-team he is not concerned about getting caught. >> you have to worry that police are setting up the account. >> not really, it never crossed my mind because i don't think the we police have the knowledge to do this stuff. they struggle to learn the new
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technology with a review with a navy researchers who wrote the program that makes it possible tonight at 11:00. >> seven things to know use start the day. >> and the developer of education gray birds is giving an education about app. >> barbara walters prepares to ease back on llion.
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that's "america's money." i'm diana perez.
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so say hello to ocean spray 100% juice. and goodbye to added sugar. i thought we weren't adding any sugar. oh. okay, nobody use these cranberries over here. >> here are seven things to know. the bay area is bracing for hot temperatures, stay cool and drink plenty of water. today is the start of fire season which usually begins in june. amy hollyfield will have more on the warmup coming up in a few minutes.
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>> investigators are looking into the cause of a stubborn fire at a san jose landfill. it broke out yesterday afternoon gusty winds and access to water were a problem. the scene was cleared at 10:00. >> three, los angeles clippers owner, donald sterling, is apologizing for remark he made that led him to being banned for life from the nba. in an interview on cnn donald sterling says he is not racist and says he made a mistake. >> 700 people have been forced to evaporate in the texas panhandle after a wire filed destroys dozens of home. 100 homes have been lost. up to 1,200 homes are in danger. the fire started on sunday afternoon and is driven by high winds. >> they could be the target of endless jokes but shooter men may -- short are men are more like throw have a longevity gene
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leading to longer life. men under 5' 2" have the greatest chance of living to old age. >> a lack of wind today but the dangerous heat is tomorrow through thursday. >> we were off to a very busy start but things are calming down as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic running smoothly and we do have a bart delay, though, and i will tell you where and in what direction coming up. >> parents, are your kids addicted to angry birds, there could be an educational angle in the game. the company that created the game is marketing a pre-school program called angry birds playground with the characters with music and technology tools based on the successful play help based learning system in finland and now training
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teachers in china on the curriculum and hope to expand in the near future. >> that is the ticket. they are on the phone playing video game and you are telling your kids tobly -- to play more angry birds? i don't think so. >> there was a stabbing in the south bay that sent the police scrambling to an empty house.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> hope you had a great mother's day at 5:28. we had a great weekend weather-wise. it was beautiful. >> but boy, you have a special
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sense of beauty if you are enjoying the wet now. >> it is a change. good morning, everyone, here are the winds, they are light and variable and nonexistent. so, we started the warming trend yesterday but we had the comforting breeze. today, it will keep warming and we will not have the breeze. this is how it looks from mount tamalpais, you can see clean air right now but it could build to unhealthy levels. today is a "spare the air" day, the first "spare the air" day of the summer season and 89 around the bay and 74 to 79 coast and san francisco. >> bart now is recovering from an early program they had and now five or ten minute wait in the dublin/pleasanton and fremont and richmond and daly city direction. it is getting back to normal and back on track. as we take a look over the altamont pass, it is slow as you make the trek away from tracy and from tracy boulevard to dublin it will take about 40
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minutes. the san mateo bridge shows the drive across the bay away from hayward to foster city and the tail lights are building and, still, only 12 minutes gets you through. >> we have breaking news from san jose, firefighters have cleared the seen of a vegetation fire that break out near story and center road two hours ago. it sparks at a homeless encampment and spread an acre. crews were on the scene to help. no word on the cause. >> can california firefighters are beef up defensive ranks with the fires which is critical because of drought. amy hollyfield is at cal fire in sunol. >> good morning, starting today the fire station will have 15 trucks, usually they have 12 trucks. they are getting ready. they land to declare the start of fire season today for
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northern california and usually it starts at the beginning of june. they say that 95 percent of fires started by people so they are asking everyone to be extra careful with power tools and campfires and officials do think it is going to be a busy fire season and they say they are getting ready. >> trying to get everything set up, everyone trained, and we have new employees and getting everyone ready to go. that is a lot of preparation. >> the next couple of days it is going to be hot. officials say it is critical to take good care of yourself and check in on elderly neighbors or people with health problems. they suggest you exercise early in the morning, avoid the hottest part of the day, and keep hydrated. firefighters are hoping people will be extra careful the nbc couple days and they are ready in case something goes wrong. >> investigators will be back at the scene of a stubborn fire
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that broke out at a landfill, crews managed to fully cape the fire at the landfill in san jose at 10:00 last night, six hours after it was first reported at the property. 11 engines were called. crews had difficult fighting the flames because of gusty winds and the near of the hydrants being half a mile away. >> san carlos officials will meet to discuss options during the drought. officials will consider asking residents to voluntarily reduce water usage. san carlos is the latest to ask residents do conserve after the regulators made the recommendation in response to the drought. san carlos meeting is at 6:30 tonight at city hall on elm street. >> san jose police are looking to what sparked a stabbing that sent a man to the hospital. police were called to archer street near grand boulevard around 9:00 last night and officers say a man with several stab wounds went to a home in the area seeking help and the victim was taken to the hospital
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and is expected to survive. investigators followedded blood trail to a vacant house on michigan avenue which they believe is where the stabbing happened. >> cal football player accused of attacking a man and his dog is due in court. the 20-year-old player kicked a job and punched him in the face during an altercation on tuesday. self witnesses say the victim's dog attacked himself. drew has been suspended from the team pending further investigation. >> new developments in the donald sterling scandal. the l.a. clippers' owner is apologizing. in an interview with cnn airing today he says he is not a racist and he believe he is entitled to one mistake. this comes as his estrange wife spoke with barbara walters saying she will fight to keep her half of the team. >> what does the team mean to
5:34 am
you? >> it means a lot. i have been with the team for 33 years. through the good times and the bad times. it is my passion. i love it. >> the nba says if donald sterling ownership is terminated so is shell limit can you watch more of the interview with barbara walters today on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 a.m. >> state audits fine numerous errors in how pg&e checked the gas pipeline efforts to decide what needed to be tested or replaced of at the explosion. pg&e was ordered to review the reports following the 2010 explosion which the company assumed to be safe. "san francisco chronicle" reports that new state audits show among 20 sets of recorded picked at random documentation on 11 was missing, erroneous or filled with inconsistencies
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including asking officials to shut down a gas line that was operating at a level not justifiable. >> a stretch of mandatory overtime for oakland police officers have caused concern of public safety and morale. the officers have worked the equivalent of two extra day as month for the last year and a half. it is expected to continue another ten months. that is when the department expects to have the officers to adequately staff the patrol division. too much overtime could lead officers fatigued and prone to mistakes but, officials say they have not seen any negative impact from wide-spread overtime. >> after three years being closed the walk monument will re-open to the public in 90 minutes this is a look at the 130-year-old landmark on the national mall under going repairs in an extensive restoration project. an earthquake left 120 cracks in the memorial. new exhibits have been installed
5:36 am
at tonight 550' tall monument at the top of the hour. >> that opening ceremony is at 7:00 our time. mike, when the sun comes up it will bring a lot of heat. >> absolutely, you will need sunglasses and plenty of moisture before you get thirsty but by then it could be too late wednesday into thursday when you have been dealing with this a couple of days. air quality is poorest in the east bay neighborhood but all of us under the summer "spare the air" alert so ozone pollution >> this is the coolest morning we are going to have all week with temperatures in the 40's and 50's. and at the coast we are at 68
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and at lunch, low 70's to low 80's around the bay and inland and low-to-mid 70 at 4:00, and at the coast, low-to-mid 80's with above-average temperatures and calm this evening with 64 at coast and 74 around the bay and 80 inland. tomorrow, look at the areas in red away from the coast and all the way through wednesday that is our excessive heat with the risk of least-related illnesses will jump these two days. be careful. leyla gulen? >> we have a five or ten-minute delay in the dublin/pleasanton and fremont and richmond and daly city directions so a couple of michigans are backed up but the rest of bart is moving along just fine and it look like the rest of our roads are moving fine with the exception of 580. as we take you into antioch the drive along highway 4 making the commute into pittsburg you have stop-and-go traffic and then you have top speeds into concord and only taking 18 minutes from
5:38 am
anback to concord and 242 to 680 at top speeds all the way to walnut creek and the early crash now has been cleared. through lafayette and orinda moving along fine. no delays. we have another look at the drive time traffic. >> a mother's day a woman will never forget that is helping her beat the odds. you see her story only on abc7 news. >> no one told winter it is over. we will show you the unusual and incredible challenge for drivers in one part of the nation.
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at covering santa rosa, berkeley san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the bay looks beautiful. you want to dive into it. it will be really hot especially by wednesday. we are talking triple digits with mike nicco so maybe a swimming pool is the better bet. >> a way to stay cool. >> nebraska's governor will survey damage after a tornado swept through the state. the hardest hit area was 130
5:42 am
miles west of omaha. buildings were destroyed by the twister. the severe weather threw trees on the car the schools are closed today. >> a different type of severe weather in colorado: a spring blast of snow. power will storm drops more than 1' of snow and several feet are expected in the higher elevations and several inches in denver today where snowplows have been working all night to prepare for the commute. the national weather service expected similar weather through the end of june. >> a major moment this morning in the oscar pistorius as the prosecution asked the judge to put oscar pistorius through a psychological evaluation for 30 difficulties. earlier a defense psychologist said he has an anxiety disorder that affected the way he reacted after shooting his girlfriend last year. the psychiatrist who is called the defense's strongest witness says he knows right from wrong. oscar pistorius claims he shot reeva steenkamp by accident.
5:43 am
the prosecution argue he intentionally killed her after an art. >> some of the 276 nigerian girls abducted by islamic militant group boko haram and are reciting the first group of the koran. the girls have converted according to the leader, and the video released by a french news agency and said they will held until all militants are freed from prison. speakers are being supplied to help return the girls home. a silicon valley bring back our girls vigil is held to support the kidnapped girl underway at palo alto on the corner of university avenue and emerson street. the vigil starts at 6:30 and people are asked to wear red. >> a young mom celebrated mother's day with a new lease on life after undergoing a successful heart transplant. the 26-year-old from reno developed a rare heart condition after the birth of her daughter
5:44 am
eight years ago. she became sick and was put on a heart transplant list in the winter. the odds of a match were not good but fridays the doctor had great news. >> she was very calm. i was speaking out. >> it could not be a better mother's day gift, a donor heart and the opportunity to raise her daughter. >> the procedure took five hours. she is recovering in the i.c.u. and we send our best wishes. >> we have good weather over the weekend but it is going to change moms got what they want and now you get to be fair. >> exactly. a lot of hard work. >> they say mother's day is once a year and father's day is the other 364 days a year. that is realistic. >> i made brunch, can i have the rest of the day off. >> i fell my kids every day is
5:45 am
children's day. >> carting the kids to practice. >> good morning, everyone, the winds on live doppler 7 hd show there are no winds. they will start blowing offshore and that is when the warmth is going to pick up. here is a look at the temperatures in the north bay: 42 in petaluma and american canyon are coolest. 56 in bodega bay. we are low-to-mid 50's in san francisco, and alameda and newark and redwood city and san jose and mid-to-upper 40's though around san ramon and lafayette and fairfield and cupertino and half moon bay and brentwood already at 61 degrees with the cherries so delicious. so were the strawberries. nothing like hand picking them yourself. the golden gate bridge shows no fog and it will be a nice easy commute and hopefully
5:46 am
weather-wise coming in from the north bay. heat wave reports tomorrow through thursday and milder highs with comfortable nights this weekend starting tomorrow it will not be so easy to sleep. high pressure is building to the west and the north and with the clockwise flow that means warm to hot temperatures. today we will jump above average into the upper 80's and nearly 90 in the south bay and a few upper 80's around sunnyvale and mid-to-upper 80's through the peninsula and 81 in millbrae and into south san francisco and sausalito mid-to-upper 80's through the north bay valley and low-to-mid 80's through the east bay shore and 87 in castro valley and hercules and upper 80's to nearly 90 inland east bay valley. coolest around santa rosa and most of us in the upper 50's to 60's. triple digits under land wednesday with 90's around the bay and nearly 90 at the coast and 20 to 25 degrees cooler by
5:47 am
the the weekend. >> bart is experiencing five or ten-minute delay, so be patient. it is on the way. along the peninsula, 101 to 80, all moving along at top speed with no accidents to report. up the peninsula you can see through burlingame, 67 miles per hour along 101 and 75 miles per hour through san bruno. at 101 away from sfo there are no delays and up to 80 it will only take you ten minutes from the airport to 3rd street. we had an early accident westbound lane and that is now cleared. good news there. we will look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza with the cash-paying lanes loading up to the eastern span of the bay bridge and traffic is looking thicker there but the high wind advisory that c.h.p. issued is now canceled. >> thanks. a relatively new bay area
5:48 am
commute option is proving a big success and here to stay. golden gate bridge directors will make the 7:30 a.m. ferry into san francisco from larkspur permanent. they hoped for 250 daily pans but they have averaged 365 riders each day. with there the other two were sd out. the ridership has increased 6 percent the last year. barbara walters week continues on "the view" leading up to the retirement on friday. on thursday, all 11 past and present co-hosts gather on stage for a celebration of the creator wrapping up the career. it debuted in 1997 and all past co-hosts will join the current send off. >> it is now 5:48.
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putting california's standardized exam to the test and students who have taken the >> at 6:00, underageg up short. some lawmakers say this is good. blue is a catch. >> and an embracement of a boyfriend after finding out he has been drafted by the nfl and the player now facing trouble for his negative comments on the openly gay player. things on purpose? youe not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source.
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surprise!lcome back. crystal geyser alpine spring water. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. news flash, it's bottled at the source. news flash, we sell it in cases. oh. thank you. oh no no no. crystal geyser. bottled right at the mountain source. monday after mother's day, hope you had a good one. a gorgeous shot from the bay and
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the east bay hills with the sun about to rise. the orange is only going to intensify. we begin a heat wave climbing this will we get to the wednesday high. >> everyone will be glowing orange. >> oakland high school students put a robot to work. this device is designed to go underwater and capture images. it was launched into the water yesterday. the images will become part of a project to explore the lake's unique ecology. >> will rollout of the new computer based system of standardized testing is not getting an "a." it is plagued by glitches. students have reported problems with log ins and a shutdown because of inactivity while the students read long passages. they have problems with. -- they have problems with exams freezing up.
5:53 am
this is a pilot launch to test before it goes online. >> we are a day away from seeing the best bicyclist return to the bay area in the third leg of the tour of california. the race continues this morning with stage two which features individual time trials over 12.5 mile route. stage one was 120 miles that started and ended at the state capital. tomorrow is a 1308-mile race and riders will climb almost 11,000 feet. >> did you time this to challenge the bicyclists and separate the toughest from the less tough? >> why not? >> they are probably not used to the eat they will get tomorrow. it will be brutal. good thing they are not coming here on wednesday with triple digits on wednesday. the series with the sox at the cove and the a's which starts
5:54 am
first, no favoritism, dropping to 65 and across the bay the braves are in town and they will take on the red hot giants 69 to 64 and 90 near the central valley and 66 in lake tahoe, and low-to-mid 90's in los angeles and palm springs. >> a brand new accident occurred in oakland southbound at 98 the at nimitz blocking lanes. i have a map in the next report. as we take you to san jose we have this slow down northbound on 10130 miles per -- northbount we have over at the san jose airport top speeds along 280 and through cupertino and 85 and 87 looking clear, as well. traffic is 680 walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to
5:55 am
san francisco is 51 minutes and through the santa cruz mountains quiet and accident free. >> in oakland, three people are injured after a car slammed into an east oakland home. it happened yesterday afternoon with a person in the car trapped and firefighters has to pull the person out using the jaws of life. two other people were injured. >> a pilot is expected to be back at the national laboratory in livermore today to remove his plane after he had to make an emergency landing there. the pilot landed safely in a field we yesterday afternoon and the eyewitness caught the scene on camera of officers taking away the pilot in handcuffs. security approached him when he landed with guns drawn. the pilot was detained for questioning because the facility is a high security area where scientists developed nuclear weapon systems. witnesses her the plane sputtering before landing and he was trying to avoid the homes
5:56 am
nearby. >> crime is down on muni buses because of the san francisco police department putting ruin formed officers on board. they report that 30 percent drop in crime since october is relatived to officers riding with 700,000 passengers each weekday. smartphone thefts declined 77 percent from last may when 109 phones were natched from muni riders. $1 million grant made the officer ridership possible. san francisco supervisors committee will vote on a new public plaza program to allow more events like farmer's markets and music festivals. the examiner reports that the program will let nonprofit groups take over management of selected public plazas and the groups would maintain the plazas and be able to hold up for eight event as year in the open spaces with a streamlined process and the permits applications and with lower fees.
5:57 am
>> the morning news continues at 6:00 with these stories: donald sterling speaks with some of the tv interview released. >> a northern california priest aarrested over a secret relationship he is accused of having landing him in trouble with the law. >> apple has not confirmed whether they are buying beef but dr. dre is spending the billions coming his way.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, a look outside. the sun is a symbol of what is to come, that orange means lots of heat and triple digits this week. >> i made a terrible, terrible
6:00 am
mistake. i'm here with you today to apologize and to ask for forgiveness. >> donald sterling speaks and what the embattled owner is vowing never to do again. in one hour the washington monument will re-open to the public for the first time in three years. we are in the nation's capitol with the preparations ahead of the opening. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. i am matt matt matt >> i was close to wearing a tank top today but they could not get the cameras to balance the color my pale skin. >> i heard it was a fright. >> it was. >> what an image...i will try t


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