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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 13, 2014 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, sticky-fingered pickpockets across america are banding together to target unsuspecting victims. they rob while you shop. >> did you take my -- >> yes. >> tonight we're going inside a hidden world where your personal belongings are there for the taking. but not if this guy has his way. plus, family feud. >> there have in the past been women in your husband's life. how did you feel about that? >> barbara walters sits down with the woman who knows donald sterling best, his wife. what she has to say about sterling's alleged mistress and how she's planning her comeback. and jay-z under attack. beyonce's sister solange caught on tape in a bitter brawl with jay-z. what happened in that elevator? and why did queen bey stand
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back? but first, the "nightline" five.
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good evening. picture this. while you're picking your groceries, thieves are pickpocketing you. organized crime is nothing new, but across america these rings
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are targeting unsuspecting shoppers. tonight you're going to meet a man who works on the wrong side of the law for the right reasons, to make sure it doesn't happen to you. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: shoppers, beware. inside this san diego whole foods surveillance video catches a pickpocket in action. just for a split second the shopper turns away from her cart. and that is all the man in the checkered shirt needs. his hand's covered by a shopping bag, hide what he's about to do. the woman, so distracted by the samples being handed out, has no idea this crook walked away with her wallet and handed it off to a partner. a classic move, says master pickpocket bob arno. >> he's got to do it just when she's reaching. that is when she's most vulnerable. >> reporter: over in the produce aisle these thieves play a game of double distraction. one talks to this store employee to get him to turn away.
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his partner in the row behind him moves in. as the woman in the hat looks away from her cart to pick the perfect apple, he picks up her wallet. >> she's getting her fruit. he's getting her purse. >> he's got it. >> reporter: police released these surveillance videos to san diego affiliate kgtv hoping they'd lead to an arrest. all around the country theft rings run by sticky-fingered pickpockets are making a killing targeting unsuspecting people. >> the thieves analyze you very well. they are like a school of fish swimming. and then suddenly watching for the weak nest victim. the one who is not paying attention. >> so those are yours? >> reporter: arno knows the game. he is, after all, a professional. >> thank you. >> reporter: but not in the illegal thief, steal your stuff and never see it again way. bob gives expert advice to law enforcement on how to catch crooks red handed. he took me along to show how to
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avoid making a pickpocket's job to seasy. here's how it works. as bob and his wife sandy casually distract this group. watch the woman's purse hanging on a chair. she's so busy talking she has no idea what's going on behind her. >> did you take my -- >> yeah. >> we're doing a story on when people are distracted, how easy it can be for someone to reach in your purse like he just did. did you have any idea what he was doing right behind you? >> no. >> reporter: now that everyone is on guard, you'd think it wouldn't happen again. but just as bob explains how he got away with it the first time, it happens fast. watch bob's hand again. it looks like he's leaning on her chair. but her purse is going, going, gone. there are ways to avoid becoming a victim. a tip from this expert pickpocket. don't be distracted just because someone appears trustworthy. >> i just assume the best in
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people. i don't think people are out to get me or out to steal from me. so yeah, it's very surprising and shocking. >> reporter: another warning from bob. if it's easy for you to get to, it's easy for the crooks too. keep your valuables in the bottom of your bag, not the top. >> how do you not become a victim? show me your purse. >> it's high up under the armpit. most of mine are even higher, more like this. but this one is fairly safe. it's always hair. it's never behind me like this. never. and if i'm feeling at all threatened, it will be moved to the front. >> reporter: this bonnie and clyde on the right side of the law works in a pair, like many pickpockets in it for the wrong reasons. those thieves in san diego part of a team. one does the stealing. the others act as a decoy or lookout. >> i love this scene here because it is teamwork of three and each one in this team has a very precise duty, an exact job. >> reporter: and something else.
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they have props. whether it's a shopping bag deftly placed over a hand or bob's tool of choice, a coat draped over a shoulder, blocking what's really happening with those fast fingers. >> what's going on back here? >> so this man is going to move out here. now, why? because now everyone around who sits there will watch it, cannot see what's going on, including the victim. so if i have this like this, we call it a toreador position. classic. >> reporter: keep an eye on the cell phone on the table. now you see it. now you don't. >> do you notice anything missing? >> food. >> do you want to call me and talk about it? >> you want to talk to me about it? >> your phone. >> oh, my phone. >> you didn't even realize while he was talking to you that he got your phone.
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>> that's a little nerve-wracking. >> if you're in a crowded area, in a coffee shop with a lot of foot traffic in a major city, doing that and then stepping up anywhere, it's definitely a no-no. >> reporter: and that is bob's most important lesson. keep everything in your line of sight where you can see it. this woman left her purse all the way on the other side of the store and walked away to make a transaction. making her a prime target. >> did you put that money in your wallet? >> i put that money in my -- that's my stuff. >> guess who looks for you. the professional guys who like that. >> next time you go shopping, keep your purse on you, i guess, right? >> right. >> reporter: think men's wallets are harder to swipe? think again. while i talked to this man, bob slides his wallet right out of his front pocket and hands it over. >> did you feel it? did you feel anything? >> i didn't actually feel it because of all the stuff going on. >> all the commotion? >> yeah.
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>> we kind of got you. >> you see this here? the different angles. that's what the thief is going to look for. the angles of it. the thieves call it the crown of the money. the four corners of your phone or the four corners of your wallet. and i like to do it when you lean. just stretch for the card. that's what you're paying attention to. >> the way you carry your wallet? >> i'll carry it in my shoe next time. >> reporter: well, maybe you don't have to go that far. just do one thing, bob says. pay attention. >> so how much of this is about your quick fingers, and how much of this is about them not paying attention? >> i think it's more about them not paying attention. victims make it easy for the thieves. >> crime of opportunity. >> absolutely. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm cecilia vega in phoenix. up next, shelly sterling speaks about her husband's alleged affairs with our barbara walters.
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the notorious donald sterling finally went public with an%,'ñ apology for his rac rant tonight. but he may have dug himself into an even deeper hole with new remarks about magic johnson. >> well, what kind of a guy goes to every city, has sex with every girl, then he catches hiv and -- is that someone we want to respect and tell our kids about? >> he told cnn's anderson cooper all this while his embattled wife spoke one on one with our barbara walters. tonight shelly sterling reveals
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the final straw that's leading them to divorce. after nearly 60 troubled years together. >> this is the woman at the heart of a racial firestorm. >> are you a racist, mr. sterling? >> no. of course not. >> shelly sterling. only once has her voice been heard during the turmoil of this scandal. >> it's not true. >> not true? >> no, of course not. >> reporter: tonight she speaks out about her husband, donald sterling, billionaire, philanthropist, now accused of racism. >> your husband made racist remarks that were recorded on tape. >> pictures with minorities. why? >> what's wrong with minorities? >> it bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. >> is donald sterling a racist? >> i have never heard him say racial things. it was horrible when i heard it. i mean, it was just degrading,
12:53 am
and it made me sick to hear it. but as far as a racist, i don't really think he is a racist. >> have you discussed these remarks at all with your husband? >> he saw the tape, and he said, "i don't remember saying that. i don't remember ever saying those things." and i said, well, this is the tape. and he says, i don't remember it. >> what did you think then? >> that's when i thought he has dementia. >> really? >> yeah. >> reporter: she and donald sterling were high school sweethearts. he worked his way through law school at her father's furniture store. for almost 60 years donald and shelly sterling have shared a life together. but it hasn't always been easy. >> do you like your husband? >> do you like him or do i love him? i don't love him. i pity him, and i feel sorry for him. >> their marriage had often been strained by the other women in
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his life. >> there have in the past been women in your husband's life. how did you feel about that? >> i always thought that maybe it would go away. i was weak in our relationship. in my life i'm very strong. but i was very weak in marriage. >> what is your relationship today with your husband? >> we're estranged. we've been estranged for about a year. >> will you divorce your husband? >> for the last 20 years i've been seeing attorneys for a divorce. >> really? >> and on and off and on and off. and in fact, i signed the petition for divorce and came to almost being filed. and then my financial adviser and my attorney said to me, not now.
12:55 am
>> what was the last straw that made you say after all these years i'm out of here? >> this last few weeks was the worst. and i just couldn't take anymore. >> reporter: his most recent companion is v. stiviano. nearly 50 years his junior. she was often seen by his side at clippers games. donald sterling was with her on the day his son scott passed away. >> i called up my husband. it was 10:00 at night, new year's day night. and v. stiviano was at the house when i called him. >> reporter: was she consoling him or just there? >> she didn't want him to come to my house at that time. he said, i don't think i could come tonight, but i'll be there tomorrow. i just -- and that's when we -- that's when we sort of separated. >> reporter: this past march shelly sterling filed a lawsuit against v. stiviano. >> why are you suing her?
12:56 am
>> because donald bought her three cars. a ferrari, two bentleys, a range rover. jewelry. many things. and i felt i wanted my 50% back. >> what do you think of v. stiviano? >> i really don't want to go there. >> i think you've answered my question. >> shelly sterling believes v. stiviano leaked those explosive tapes, secret recordings that have now also put mrs. sterling under scrutiny. >> in the past you yourself have settled lawsuits alleging that you too were a racist. it's been said that you told an employee, "you could not remodel my apartment the way i want because latinos are so filthy." >> i never in my life ever said that. >> but you know that people have sued you for making racist remarks. >> right. and we've gone to court, and
12:57 am
i've won in the court. >> reporter: actually, the sterlings did not win that discrimination lawsuit. without admitting liability they settled with the justice department and paid a record $2.7 million. >> there are reports thatú,=h nba is investigating you for racism based on, quote, evidence they say in which you allegedly did make racist comments. do you have concerns about the outcome of that investigation? >> i have no fear because i never said it. i'm not a racist. >> reporter: the nba has now banned her husband from the sport for life. if he is forced to sell the team, the nba has said that her rights will be terminated as well. >> mrs. sterling, you own 50% of the l.a. clippers. well, there are reports that the nba wants to oust you completely as a team owner. you will fight that decision? >> i will fight that decision. >> what does the team mean to you? >> it means a lot.
12:58 am
it's my passion. and i love it. and it's my legacy to my family. >> we talked about your husband. this is a mess. how are you? >> at this moment i'm fine. and i will be fine. and i will be strong. i think half the team is mine. and i'll fight for it. next, 99 problems. hip-hop star jay-z gets his 100th problem in an elevator with beyonce's sister solange. what really happened that night for things to get so out of hand? vo: once upon a time there was a boy who traveled to a faraway place where villages floated on water and castles were houses dragons lurked giants stood tall and the good queen showed the boy it could all be real
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of all the megawatt celebrity scuffles that could occur, this one just might be the most jaw-dropping. ♪ i got 99 problems but a [ bleep ] ain't one ♪ jay-z rapped about 99 problems, and now he can add in-laws to the list. after being attacked by his wife beyonce's sister solange. >> jay. >> the trio seemed the picture of glamour leaving the met gala
1:04 am
after-party in new york last week but in the privacy of an elevator new video reveals that things get ugly when the "losing you" singer suddenly lashes out at her 44-year-old brother-in-law. ♪ losing you tmz aired the grainy surveillance tape which shows solange trying to hit jay-z with her arms, her legs, even her purse. a man believed to be a bodyguard attempts to hold her back, with limited success and can be seen pressing the emergency stop button so the fight can be contained away from the photographers waiting outside. solange appears to be ranting at jay during the episode. but without sound the secret behind what provoked the fight may stay in that elevator. through it all queen bey herself took a surprising step back, sparking wild rumors about why she let her husband and her little sister duke it out without her. the 'nolknowles girls have a well-documented close and loving relationship, recently performing together at coachella.
1:05 am
there, beyonce again let solange stay in the spotlight, acting as her backup dancer. now fans are left wondering why beyonce's sister may have fought on her behalf without the help of a certain famous alter ego, sasha fierce. the "pretty hurt" singer has addressed the pressures women face. ♪ for now music's first family is keeping quiet about trouble in paradise. the couple was all smiles tonight, sitting courtside at the nets game. "gma" will have much more on this story tomorrow, and "world news now" is coming up soon with overnight breaking news. as always, we're online at thanks for watching. good night, america. >> there's only one. >> miss barbara. >> barbara. >> barbara. >> come on, barbara, get over here. >> so how do you celebrate a true original like -- >> barbara. >> the amazing barbara walters. >> well, thursday on "the view," for the first time, all 11
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co-hosts come together live. before barbara makes her final appearance as co-host. and friday night the two-hour television event. >> no tears! >> i said that? >> next question, barbara. >> it was lovely. >> barbara walters. her story. celebrate barbara on abc. >> miss a "nightline"? want the best of "nightline"? well, just go to to catch "nightline" anytime. and from anywhere. and go on, set your dvr now. right now. for "nightline." there's nothing in late night like -- >> "nightline." >> "nightline." >> "nightline." with away. the cailes per gallon highw. the car with almost 900 miles between fill-ups. the car road & track called america's most fuel efficient new car,
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isn't a prius. surprised? state of the art clean diesel technology. a fuel-efficient eco start/stop system. engineered to virtually sip fuel. the mercedes-benz e250 bluetec. defying expectations. again.


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