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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 14, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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shattered records. san francisco, oakland, richmond all reaching new highs and it is not over yet. this is a live look from our tower camera, and right now it is clear and still warm. >> a heat advisory is issued for today and tomorrow. people are doing anything they can to stay cool. >> it is not just uncomfortable, but it may booy making your home -- may be making your home a target for thieves. >> if you want to open your windows be careful. >> how keeping cool could put you in the cross hairs of criminals. lisa some. >> dan, palo alto has already seen a 20% jump in break ins in two months, and now that is it is hot, police are on high alert because just one open window could mean an open invitation for thieves. >> police department. >> detective sergeant brian philip is making a few extra rounds on palo alto streets today.
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>> it has been hit more than other streets. >> he wants to check on local hotspots before the thieves do. when it is hot, the windows are open and the burglars sneak in. the detective sergeant is looking at neighborhoods along crescent park, embarcadero and oregon expressway. prime break in territory. >> here is an open garage. you can see the driveway is unsecure. >> something on hamilton avenue catches his eye. >> there are no cars in the driveway. there are a couple of open gates. >> after looking around, even a neighbor questions the officer because he looks suspicious. >> making sure it is okay. thank you. >> but over and over again we kept finding open windows and empty houses. especially windows on the second floor. something long-time palo alto residents admi is a habit here. >> when i am not home the only ones i keep open are on the second floor and above a carport. >> palo alto police have seen thieves break in through top floor windows. they are using twitter and community out reach to spread
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the word. abc7 news. >> sandhya patel has the details on the records shattered and she joins us on live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> cheryl, it was a steamy spring day. tonight the skies are clear across the bay area. let's look across the -- let's look at the records as we look across the bay. a beautiful view from the emeryville camera. richmond, 90 degrees. tied at oakland at 93. san francisco, 90 degrees today. it shattered the previous record. look how far back we had to go. 1927. sfo new record at 9 a 2 -- 92 and 89 in monterey. both new records for the day. we have a heat advisory that remains up until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night. risk of heat-related illness and this covers most of the bay area and the monterey bay with the exception of most of the coastline. you know we will get hot again
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tomorrow. matter of fact the temperatures will go up some more. y where we will see records and when we might cool off. dan? >> thanks very much. cyclists today had to sweat through some high temperatures. organizers say today's stage from san jose to the top of mount diablo is the most grueling of this year's 8 stages. they were con constantly at the water fountain to rehydrate. tomorrow will be cooler because it winds along highway 1 in monterey county. all-around the bay area the record breaking heat means people have to be more careful working or playing outdoors. alan wang is live in walnut creek. it was pushing 100 degrees there today. >> it was, dan. when we got here it was 83 degrees around 7:30. we have been watching the temperature gradually come down to a comfortabledegrees. degrees. a lot cooler than it was earlier today. >> 92 degrees at 4:00 p.m. on
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a school day and it looks like a weekend in july at the uh rine do park pool. >> they come out of the woodworks. you never know what you will get on a day like this. >> release at the pool can only last so long. colleen knows she has to go back without an air conditioner. >> i think it will be a restless night. we will be in sports and t-shirt and sleeping on top of our sheets. >> and this is what it is like coming home to a house without ac. >> 903 degrees. 93 93 degrees. >> there is no shade covering todd's berkeley hills home. the sun beams through the front window and the deck absorbs the heat like a hot skill let. >> finally breaking down. >> it all seems a bit unusual. >> it is. usually i am here in a blaine a cet. >> keep the blanket at home because tomorrow it could get hotter. in the east bay, alan wang, abc7 news.
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>> now you can track the record breaking heat anytime with the abc7 news weather app. we have downloaded the information on our website, >> right now the coast guard is towing in a boat stranded at the pacific ocean. they sent out a distress signal this evening. it is 22 miles southwest of the golden gate bridge. three people were on boardt started taking on water. the coast guard responded by boat and helicopter. crews have drained the boat and have taken it back on shore. our hot, dry weather is creating prime wildfire conditions across the state. cal fire crews battling a wildfire near san diego that at one point threatened some 20,000 homes. all evacuation orders were lifted about 8:30 tonight. the fire charred 800 acres. farther mortar in santa bar raw -- farther north in santa barbara a wildfire threatened homes and businesses. it has grown to more than 700 acres now.
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fire crews say there are downed power lines at -- and heavy brush in that area. >> and downed power lines sparked a brushfire in pittsburgh. it will keep the roads closed until tomorrow morning. the fire started at 5:30 when a car hit a power pole knocking down the lines. the driver was not seriously hurt. firefighters quickly put out the flames, but crews will have to work overnight to make repairs. >> police are searching for two suspects caught on surveillance video. it happened late this afternoon two blocks west of homestead high school. they were monitoring video when he saw two people trying to break in through a window. he called police. they searched the neighborhood, but they could not find the burglars. >> antioch police released surveillance videos. the videos are from april 25th in southeast an a tee jobing. you can see a person there running with a bat and a car
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driving close by. look at that. a witness told us it was a dark gray four-door honda or toyota. the windows in 33 vehicles and 22 homes were smashed out. is there an electric car in your future 1234 bay area trans pour taigs officials are -- transportation people are hoping so. they are staging events to get people plugged into the idea. >> plugs right in. >> in the future many of us may be plugging in and not filling up our cars. but for now electric vehicles are a bit of a mystery. even mechanics who work on them have questions. >> we don't know what the longevity will be. it is speculative. >> the bmw, cadillac, fiat to name a few. the bay area transportation commission wants more people to experience electric to reduce emissions on the road. typically are one-fifth those
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of a gasoline powered vehicle. >>ost cost most cost about $10,0 more than the gas powered model and have an average range of 100 miles on a full charge. and then it was my turn to drive an electric car for the first time. the car is totally silent and it is weird getting used to that. but i can't keep my eye off that little gauge there that tells me how many battery life i have. i have 33 miles before the juice is gone. >> charging the car may increase your power bell 20% per month unless you have solar. >> my electric bill was $15 for the whole house and charging the car every night. >> if you want to check out these cars they will be on display this saturday on the marina green in san francisco. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> well, some sky rocketing prices are making it tough to find an affordable place to live. >> if you absolutely have to move, which is better, renting or buying? >> always a good question.
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7 on your side's michael finney breaks it down. >> it is a tough choice. i looked at all of the options and discovered what you need to know if you are looking for blown blown away. literally, dramatic pictures of the bouncy house that went airborne with kids inside. >> and what one twin sister did for the other at this track meet that gave them a standing ovation. first -- >> here is jimmy kimmle. here is a sampling of the nonsense of what we have in store for you.
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unbelievable. this is an flattable -- an inflatable play house, a,ouse, h the air, 50 feet up with children inside. the play house was staked to the ground in upstate new york when the strong winds sent it flying like this. it landed in a field. all three children inside survived. one child suffered two broken arms, and a second has aury.s h. new at 11:00, justin bieber is accused of attempted robbery. he hasn't been arrested. los angeles police say he is being investigated in an attempted robbery last night near los angeles. police were initially called because bieber allegedly tried to take a girl's phone. no other details are being released. twins in illinois showed sisterly love during a rase this week. one of the girls felt something pop in her leg and fell to the ground. her sister running just behind picked her up and carried her 370 meters to the finish line
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piggyback. the 13-year-olds did not win the race, but they did win the hearts of the crowd who gave them a standing ovation. that's cool. >> gives me goose bumps. a great story. the tech industry has brought a huge amount of wealth to the bay area. it is good for the economy and for real estate values. >> now rent and home prices are rising again very quickly. it has a lot of people wondering what is cheaper, renting or buying? >> michael finney is here with >> choices. >> rents are shooting up and so are home prices. the running joke on the street in san francisco is you can buy or rent, just not in the bay area. however, i couldn't leave it at just that. instead i took a look at the best options for anyone looking for a place to live. do you rent? do you buy? they share the same first name wo sm two small apartment in san san francisco. >> when it is crammed it can feel stressed.
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>> it has one tiny closet overflowing with stuff, a kitchen so narrow the kitchen barely opens. $2500 a month feels like money down the drain. >> for what we are paying for our represent now we could get a little bigger place. >> or can they? rents are sky rocketing and so are home prices. they face a big question. which is cheaper, to rent or buy? >> it is a hard choice to make. >> unfortunately it is bad on both sides if are you a renter or buyer. >> darrin bloom qis says renting and buying are both unaffordable for middle income residents in the bay area. housing costs more than 30% of their salaries in the five-county region. >> it is a highly desirable place to live and the economy is doing well and unemployment is low. that's pushing up prices. >> however he said rents are actually lower than mortgage payments on average in most counties. in san francisco a three-bedroom unit rents for
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$2600 on average. the average mortgage payment is $4600. reality track also found average rents are lower than mortgage in marin, san mateo, santa clara and alameda. however, it doesn't mean it is better to rent. >> if you are staying in a house for more than two and a half years you will want to buy that house. >> they say it is a race between rental rates and home values. >> currently rental rates are going buyingter. >> buying will cost you more up front, but the rent for the same house will go up and the house payments will stay the same. eventually the rent would cost more than the mortgage. swril low says if you -- zillow says if you buy now you will break even in 2.8 years. >> it is being driven by home values appreciating fast and rental rates also appreciating. >> he here is how fast in san francisco. this 76 square foot cottage in the mission district sold for
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$450,000 two years ago. according to zillow, today it is offers for $2.5 million. thig and this charming home in glen park is offered for $2.5 million, but the home doesn't exist. thisyou build it plan. you build it yourself. rent can be crazy too. the small two-bedroom apartment in the castro rents for $6,000 per month. this small studio has a nice view, but it is $12,000 per month. that neax -- that max jonas and joe mass -- jonas want to buy. >> buyers must be ready with a big down payment and possible bidding wars and competition from buyers with all cash offers. >> the recent tech boom is creating a lot of folks who have much more income. >> to put it bluntly you are on fire. >> fire, yeah. the rental rates include housing in every neighborhood in each county. however, a $2600 average?
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good luck finding that in this market. new rentals run double or triple that amount. i posted this data so you can look up the rent and home prices in your neighborhood or county. go to and look under 7 on your side. >> we are used to our prices here. it shocks people. >> it is beginning to shock me. >> speaking of high numbers let's talk about the thermometer. >> i sandhya patel has been talking about that. >> we are talking about triple digits across many parts of the inland communities tomorrow. it will only get hotter tomorrow. live doppler 7hd right now is showing clear conditions across the bay area. and just in case you missed us at the top of the show and wondering if your area was not a record? santa in santa rosa, , livermore,93 in concord and 95 san jose. 81 in half moon bay.
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all of the locations with an asterisk obviously a record. looking at this live picture from our exploratorium camera. the financial district, beautiful view. air quality, not so beautiful. poor for the inland east bay and santa clara valley. third consecutive spare the air day has been declared. ground level ozone pollution running tomorrow. san francisco is under clear skies and it is warm. 70 degrees in san francisco right now. 69 in oakland. low 70s san carlos and san jose. these look like highs for the day. 57 in half moon bay. these are current readings from our emeryville camera. it is looking at the bay bridge. 64 in santa rosa and novato. low 70s for concord and livermore. you can feel the warm ath if you step outside. from our east bay hill hills camera you can see across the bay toward the sutr tower. record highs with triple
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digits inland. coastal cooling begins on thursday. if you have been waiting for the temperatures to drop, it is coming. tomorrow from you heading to the coach watch out. riods of southerly swell and it will bring rip currents and th facing beaches at greatest risk. so just in case you want to escape the heat and you have the day off you have to be carriful. careful. the temperatures will actually hit their peak tomorrow. after that it is all downhill. the morning we start off with a light land breeze. that's what will bring the warmth toward the coastline. then the wind reverses. stronger sea breeze and that will take your temperatures down quickly as we head into the evening hours. tomorrow morning very mild. a few high clouds. low 50s to mid60s and it is not exactly ideal sleeping weather for those without ac, but better sleeping weather coming up soon. 103 in gilroy in the south bay. the asterisk indicating a
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record. 97 san jose and 95 in santa cruz. 96 in santa clara on the paw nens law and redwood city, 88 degrees in pacifica. downtown san francisco expected to be another record at 92 degrees. and in the northexpecting rec expecting records in san rafael and napa and mid-nineties san rafael. rosa.9. oakland, richmond and the east bay, mid-nineties. in the inland spots, 101 in livermore and 100 call nut creek. walnut creek. the braves will feel at home. it is going to be hot. 90 degrees and dropping to the low 80s by mid-afternoon. make sure you take the sunscreen. the temperatures will drop along the coastline to the mid70s. by thursday you will feel it there first. inland spots mid-nineties. everyone sees the cooling trend on friday. and by the weekend, drays steek steek -- drastic drop. >> thanks, sandhya.
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>> larry beil is here. there is lots to talk about. >> video replays front and center. buster posey with the tag or maybe not.
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moss hit two homers and an r.b.i double. 11-0a's the final score. who goes to the ballpark and eats a salad? there are no croutons in baseball. top of the fourth and gattis triples. 1-0 atlanta. the wheels come off in the 6th. chopper to right and jason hayward tries to score from second. buster posey has the ball in time and can't make the tag. hayward dove around him and buster called it a rather creative slide and they did the review and safe. upton knocking freeman home and the braves blank the giants. you have to see the finish of the clipper hfs thunder game. l.a. up by seven with 47 seconds left. what could go wrong? everything.
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of the clippers-thunder playoff game. l.a. up seven in the final minute. they implode with an assist by the refs and replay. in okc where it looked like this game was over, 104-97 and 47 seconds left. kevin durant hits the three. the clippers miss and durant up the floor and lay itself in and now it is a two-point game. westbrook knocks it away from chris paul. he drives and loses it out of bounds. it looks like he is fouled. it clearly went off jackson, but after the replay, doc rivers is like what is going on. it gets worse. nine seconds left and
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westbrook for three. misses badly. they call a foul on paul. westbrook makes three free throws. the clips down one nowver as th over as th paul loses and they don't even get a shot in the final seconds as the thunder steal the game. they lead the series three games to two. and doc rivers insensed at the refs after the game. >> they botched the replay. that was sloppy. >> thank you, larry.
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