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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 21, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> and that breaking news is happening now in san jose court house. 49ers linebacker alden smith just made a deal regarding dui and gun charges >> leanne melendez is outside with the latest. >> yes. alden smith entered a no contest plea. it has the same affect of a guilty plea, sort of. he is saying i do not wish to contend charges, meaning i'm admitting the fact but not guilty here. this avoids a trial.
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you cannot use with regard to other cases pending and against him. these are two cases that merged, dui charges, and gun charges against alden smith. let me refresh your memory. in 012, police went to his house because there was a party out of control. police found weapons purchased in arizona but not registered in california. the second set of charges happened in september hes with a suspected of driving under the influence after his pick up slammed into a tree in san jose. alden smith entering a no contest plea today, in san jose. again, dui, and gun charges against him.
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that means he will be sentenced on july 25th. but there will be no trial. smith faces potential criminal charges for an incident happening an airport just recently. he was joking, going through security line about having a bomb. this is because he had received extra screening going through the airport. that is still pending. that has nothing to do with these charges pending against him. i think that the nfl could still suspend him. live in san jose, abc7 news. >> yes. you're correct. once the criminal cases have been resolved and presumably after the sentencing, then, nfl can go ahead and impose anything from a 1 to 4
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eight-game suspension. but niners have no say. it's a commissioner-imposed suspension. >> moving on now, second day in a row a construction worker died in the bay area, a worker fell to his death today in a construction site in san jose. this is sky 7 hd video of the scene near sierra road. according to a cal osha spokesman, the man was unloading sheet rock and fell three stories. yesterday a worker died in a fall, falling 15 feet. cal osha investigating these incidents. >> police arrested a man of kidnapping a woman in southern california, holding her captive ten years. he is charged with suspicion of kidnapping to rape, lewd acts with a minor and false imprisonment. the victim was 15 when she disappeared in santa ana. she was dating garcia at the
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time. police say he assaulted her mother, locked her in a garage and used abuse to prevent him from leaving. they had a child together in 2012. the woman is now 25, she contacted police after finding her sister on facebook. >> threatening skies in colorado. four tornadoes have touched down including one forced a denver international airport to ground flights and evacuate gates for short time this afternoon. at this point, no reports of any damage. >> the same storm system pounded the region with marble sized hail and heavy rain. there were reports of major street flooding with winds up to 60 miles per hour. >> a man accused of trying to murder his doctor in back in jail today the 84-year-old was earlier released on a half million dollars bond but a judge increased that to $2 million.
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this after the doctor said he was fearful based on the fact the gun he is said to have fired is still missing. investigators say he was angry for pain treatment he receiveed and shot at him april 23rd. >> ac transit chief officer, prosecutor says he took a half million dollars perfect allen temple baptist church, in charge of the financial accounts, investigators say he spent it on cars and children tuition at a bofl club membership. transit officials say they're confident the agency's money is safe. >> the battle over state senate seat is heating up less than two weeks before election. video of the 011 shoplifting arrest of mary hyashi released and posted online but senate
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candidate bob wokowski. the hyashi campaign says attacks are the kind coming from a serial bully who will say, and do anything to stay in power but political analysts say this is part of politics. >> really, this is information that i think is fair game in terms of leaving it up to voters to make a decision. >> hyashi said she was hurried and distracted that day at neiman marcus she was sentenced to three years probation. >> two tug boats in san francisco bay practiced for an emergency involving a containership. the first of its kind in the country. members from national transportation safety board observed from a nearby ship the committee says the purpose to see how well existing tug was move a ship that come to call on ports. you'll recall in 2007 the coulds co buson spilled 53,000 gallons
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of oil. >> women who live near a popular walking trail are getting word about a teenager wanted for thr three groping incidents. they say they're shocked by the news. >> really? here on this trail? i have never heard the women couldn't believe the news that a teenager has been running up, groping women. >> sur prigsing we've lived here for 37 years. we're original owners. it's just not the kind of thing you hear about. you know? you don't. this is a quiet neighborhood. until now. >> three women have come forward to report being groped. police came up with this sketch the victims say he's asian, or hispanic, about 56, with short
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dark hair. police say he hasn't hurt anyone, he grabs them from behind then runs away. >> sounds like a prank to me. just hearing the description it doesn't sound like someone is wanting to have a confrontation, more of a shock factor that, i mean it's disturbing either way. >> here? then, running off. police put out a press release two months after the first crime was committed they won't talk about it and no flyers are post add long the trail. but the women we spoke with say they plan to spread the word. >> with the news getting out, i'm hoping whoever is doing it will decide to stop doing it. >> the times have varied. one happening at noon, two others in the evening.
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in concord, abc7 news >> the postal service taking steps to keep mail carriers in oakland safe from dogs. carriers at west grand annex received training on dog bite prevention. also ranking 19th in the country with 22 dog attacks last year, there were 5500 employees bitten in 2013. officials say carriers need to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings. >> many cases, they're unaware that there is a dog that is there to attack. in some cases dogs will rush through an open door when the dog owner opens the door to retrieve mail. >> the training is part of an education effort organized by the postal service and other communities. they believe it's avoidable. >> a three-year project to refurbish one of san francisco's oldest building is nearing completion today, abc7 news had a sneak
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peek of what it looks like when opening in september. students will be able to learn about california history. the to00-year-old walls have been reinforced but among the things they're excited about is that new mexican restaurant. >> beautiful out there. >> yes. there is spencer christian with the update. >> this is about as pleasant as i can imagine. sunny skies, mild to warm across the bay area, here is live doppler 7 hd, giving you a view of what i'm talking about here in the bay area. in the sierra, active weather, scattered showers and thundershowers, the weather continues to produce unstable conditions there. looking now from our lake tahoe camera, yesterday's storm, clouds over the lake, taking a
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look at current conditions here in the bay area, 62 in san francisco. low to mid 70s in san carlos. 55 half moon bay. that is our cool spot. 77 novato. 81 concord and fairfield. looking at the golden gate bridge, we'll see low clouds and fog tonight. sunny warm tomorrow afternoon. we'll take a look at the holiday weekend in just a moment. >> spencer, see new just a few minutes >> still ahead protestors shake things up with demands for big pay raises >> mer schools providing healthier meals these days but it doesn't mean children are eating them. >> then at 4:30 a huge child porn bust. dozens are arrested including a police chief and a rabbi.
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>> michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook. you can contact michael on twitter. >> at 4:30, taking a look at afternoon commute, this is 680 in walnut creek. moving nicely going southbound. stay with us more still to come at 4:00
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fast food workers and supporters from around the country including from oakland converged on headquarters demanding higher wages. more than 100 people were arrested in the protest. effort coming a week after thousands of workers staged protests in 230 cities nationwide. most mcdonalds employees make $8 an hour. >> if you shop on ebay, you should change your pass word. that is the advice because of a cyber attack. ebay says hackers compromised a data base containing names, encryption pass words e mail and other personal information. ebay says 145 million users were active on the web site but they haven't seen any increased fraudulent account activity the hacking took place two months ago the company didn't realize it until two weeks ago after discovering credentials were
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stolen. pay pal was untouched. >> some stool lunch programs are trying to help students from eating more health fully, are getting a failing grade. >> nick smith checks up in san pablo today. >> this is all about the school district trying to take that message home to families they know kids want to eat pizzas and tator tots. they believe if they introduce them to new fruits and vegetables they can't help but weigh differences exchanges. fruits and veggies can be a tough sell to kids. >> they eat too much junk. >> lake elementary played host to west contra costa county health and fitness festival.
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the event is designed at introducing kids to better choices experts say can curb the trend of obesity. >> vegetables help you. it makes you healthy, and strng strong. >> most kids know they're good for them, but that doesn't mean they want it. some let their fruits and veggies sit on their plates without touching them, most winding up in the trash. some washington lawmakers even say efforts to get kids to eat anything but pizza >> it just takes time. >> it's barbara's job to lead the fight for change. >> so they can go home, teaching their parents, in turn. >> sounds simple but healthier programs are inclusive to us. >> we're very limited whit comes to child nutrition program.
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>> tell me the difference between a fruit and a vegetable. >> local vendors help makeup the difference through grants and brings fruits of every shape, size, color and location to each event with the belief every encounter matters. >> continuing the theme, a bay area seventh grader finished in a top ten at "national geographic" bee in washington, d.c. finishing third in the finals. he attends nueva school in hillsborough. this is the third top ten finish. >> pretty neat. >> yes. >> let's check on the forecast now. >> yes. spencer christian with his own lens. >> yes. taking a look at the lay of the land. we've got sunny skies over the
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bay area now. just a very few thin, high clouds to the east. still have some thunderstorms. looking across ex-bark daro, low clouds tonight. warmer days tomorrow through sunday with a cool down. that upper level low brought us crazy weather last couple days. leaving nevada entirely, moving towards utah. as it moves out we have a warmer pattern moving in. warm conditions into the weekend. high temperatures topping out sunday at 91 degrees, dropping
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mid-80s monday, further cooling tuesday, wednesday. that is what we can expect generally across the bay area over next seven days overnight, fog becoming thicker, more prominent at the coast. tomorrow, mainly sunny skies in the south bay. high temperatures upper 70s to mid-80s in gilroy. highs upper 70s, 77 in palo alto. low 60s on the 75 in fremont. warm inland with mid-80s. livermore, 87 in antioch.
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temperatures continue to rise inland, we'll see low 90s throughout the weekend. low to mid-80s around the bay. some cooling in all areas on monday. warm inland with upper 70s around the bay. lovely weather and a terrific holiday weekend a great day off for those of us that don't have to work. those of you that don't have to work. >> i presume you're going to be there monday. >> we'll see you monday. >> thank you. >> still ahead, the creative ideas from children around the nation. which doodle won. the show that will have you dahat stayin the show that will have you
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charges of fraud and false claims made by a whistle blower against rooeshg ecology is going to trial >> the former employee is claiming the company cheated the state, city and ratepayers out of millions of dollars. >> this lawsuit has been winding through the legal process for a long time, today, opening statements in the civil trial against recology, a large waste management recycling company if the whistle blower wins, it could mean tens of millions that they would have to pay in damages. >> employees were embez yaling what is estimated $1.3 million per year in cans and water bottles. >> that is just one charge brian mcmay is making against his
4:31 pm
former employer, that workers inflated how much recyclable materials weighed and kickback scheme was customers they knew in order to get more money from state redemption program. >> mostly deflation of a small bag of cans turned into 2, 300 pounds of aluminium. some of it seemed to be people they're working with, people they knew planned to come in. he says he exposed the theft, fraud and embezzlement, uncovering as an operations supervisor recology fired him his attorney led the jury threw the charges which covered almost a decade another serious allegation in this lawsuit deals with an incentive system the city set up. recology is entitled to millions in bonuses if they can reduce the amount of garbage, increasing it's reek cycling and green waste.
4:32 pm
john scott, the attorney says the company cheated by filing chals claims >> they misreported the number of tons that is going into land land hills or not reportedly reporting the material being diverted they should not have received millions in bonuses under the way the rules are established, that amount of money would have gone back to the ratepayers and would have reduced rates. >> mcveigh's lawyers told jurors most evidence will come from recology books and records >> this shows is that figures don't lie, but liars can figure. >> the company said it will send a statement, which we have yet to receive. he has also filed a lawsuit charging wrongful termination. >> thank you.
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u.s. sent 80 military personnel to chad to find 200 girls kidnapped in nigeria. saying they will stay on the mission until supporters no longer need it. the group kidnapped the girls last month. today a nigerian girl told lawmakers she survived after the group killed her father and brother because they were christians. >> i didn't know what's happening they put me in the middle of my tad and brother. nobody helped me throughout the night i was in shock. next day, the soldiers came and take me to hospital. >> nigeria asked the united states to december nate the group as a terrorist organization. >> a police chief, a rabbi and a paramedic are in custody
4:34 pm
following one of the largest child pornography round ups in the new york city area, announcing arrests of 70. the suspects charged with possession, distribute and production of child porn, confiscating 600 computers and mobile devices authorities say operation shows there is no stereo typical profile of a child predator. >> many defendants are well educated ask success envelope private and professional lives. they worked as registered nurses, paramedics, care takers for mentally ill adults computer programmers and architects. one was an airline pilot one, a police officer. >> authorities say an alarming number of defendants had access to young children though there are no reports of abuse. agents are cataloging evidence that could result in more arrests.
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>> president obama ordered a comprehensive investigation of veterans affairs hospitals but not planning on firing the va secretary. there are accusations he lied about wait today, the president said if they're true >> it's dishonorable. and i will not teller yat it, period. >> the president got an update on the internal investigation from the secretary who is under fire. >> the families deserve to know the facts. once we know facts, i assure you, if there is misconduct it will be punished >> it centers on a va hospital visitors say 40 veterans died
4:36 pm
>> we realized patients were dieing because of it. we said we can't take this anymore. >> ravel that purple heart recipient who died after waiting for a specialist. >> it failed them. it's still failing thousands of them. >> the va says there are 26 facilities under investigation up from just ten last week. veterans are angry, demanding answers. >> i have been to iraq and desert storm. then, you come this is hospital care received >> the president legion says the decision was unfortunate. the president said despite controversy trr there are still millions getting good care from the va. karen travers, abc news,
4:37 pm
washington. >> a human rights group says six people arrested m iran after taking part in this video have been released. they were dancing and hip syncing to the song "happy". dancers were forced to repent. iran yun president may think differently saying happiness is our people's right. and that is an excerpt from the june 2013 victory speech. and this reaction, it's beyond sad these kids were arrested for trying to spread happiness >> coming up a fan's dream. >> big announcement could take you to a galaxy far, far away. >> today's seven on your side q and a just ahead. i'm still taking kwur questions.
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you can contact me on and on twitter at m finney. i'll answer questions live here in just minutes >> looking westward, you can see low clouds and fog on the coast. that will prevent a big warm up over the next few days. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> it's heavy coming towards the east bay seems to be hazy out th
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is the force with you? >> probably not. i'd like to think so. but no. if it is. you can land a roll. you can be able to land a roll in star wars episode seven >> we're going to give you a chance to win a trip. a trip. to be in a movie. >> that is film maker jj abe brams about a contest raising money for unicef. they can go behind the scenes and be transformed into a character for a role in the filment >> we have a link on our web site. disney is the parent company of
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abc7 news. >> let's check in now with spencer christian. >> may be force be with me now? looks like we might get one. we have lovely weather conditions at this moment here in the bay area. sunny skies, coastal fog, thunderstorms scattered across central sierra. tomorrow we'll see mainly smiez and warm conditions across 48 contiguous states. thunderstorms rumble again today, there are severe thunderstorms in the denver area, tomorrow, from the interior valley, sunny and dry tomorrow but thunderstorms in southern sierra. showers beyond into palm springs area. here in the bay area tomorrow, morning fog and low clouds, we'll see sunny skies except at
4:43 pm
the coast. high temperatures ranging from low 60s to upper 70s around the bay to mid to upper 80s inland it's going to get warm, warmer over the weekend. >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 4:001 player went mike tyson. >> plus, he wasn't talking. the message today about jobs. >> i'm michael finney. pardon me. what are the rules for dogs in
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live pictures from near phoenix, arizona. authorities warned 3,000 residents to be ready to evacuate. it's expected owe double by tonight. no injuries have been reported at this point. so far, no structures have burned but it's burning out of control. >> a minor leaguer in los angeles dodgers organization is recovering after his ear bitten off by a teammate during an
4:47 pm
argument the catcher chomped down on alex gurerror's left ear the two are teammates on the isotopes. it began minutes before when olivo became upset. police say he didn't want to file a report until talking with his lawyer. >> paul mccartney is apologizing to fans after falling ill and now cancelled an entire tour. he is scheduled to play seoul followed by 19 under the circumstances us performances in august. >> mary tyler more's diabetes fight has taken a toll.
4:48 pm
betty white tells closer weekly the 77-year-old's eye sight is her biggest problem now, she's almost beyond the point of being able to see. she was diagnosed at type one diabetes at age >> one by one, representatives stood up to pledge they'll hire kids for the summer. joining effort was 49er linebacker who talks about his first job. he was working for his mom >> my mom is not a push over. you know? i walked in there thinking i was just going to earn my check she put me to work >> you will make the fries young man. >> this year will focus on
4:49 pm
finding work for kids from low income neighborhoods. this comes from gill yu, e mailing are there regulations regarding dogs in stores? >> you won't know it by walking around san francisco would you? there is not very much regulation there are guidelines saying dogs aren't supposed to be where food is being prepared well, that would rule out most supermarkets because they make sandwiches and beef. and vegetables and that. and yet, they seem to allow dogs some of the time. there is no rule for restaurants in the city of san francisco. dogs allowed to be in a restaurant. there are rules saying they can be outside tables not inside and not allowed to be petted by wait
4:50 pm
staff. >> that is reasonable. >> they're not rules yet. >> okay. >> interesting. >> my mom heard about a free credit score. i checked and it appears they're charging. >> you can never accuse fico of giving away a perfect duct. you want to go online. there are many out there. if you want want a free credit report go to annual cred writ if they want your card number don't give it to them. somehow, you're going to end up spending money on them. if they want to give you a free one, let them but it's not a fico. >> is it necessary to tip on
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wine served by a feel? yes. what happens is that people don't want to tip the 15%. if you can afford it get oit. >> good advice. >> thank you. >> sure. >> up next which doodle was the best? >> the young winner of the contest. >> coming up at 5:00 a san jose woman is honor forward saving a baby on the side of the road. >> without her actions, i don't think the baby would have made it. >> customers told to drop to the ground details. those stories and more when cheryl and i see you at 5:00. we'll be right back right after this.
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tonight one hour season finale of the middle, followed by modern family, mixology, then
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motive at 10:00. >> may is asian pacific heritage month. we're using our instagra feed. today, recognizing this man chief engineer at hewlett-packard laboratories and currently the holder of 135 patents we have more information on instagram for you >> if you're a google user you will notice their logo. >> a young girl was chosen today from thousands of entrants. >> we are live now from the google campus to tell us about the winner of the doodle for google contest. >> well, the winner is an 11-year-old girl from new york. in her honor, ten schools will receive clean water systems
4:56 pm
here is why. google had more than 2100 variations of the logo known as doodles one will be on the web site for millions to seechlt they were created by school children part of the doodle for google contest. >> this is the kind of thing we try to do on the doodle team, it's a big inspiration to see. >> more than competed they have art and science work shops today the theme if i can invent one thing to make the world a better place.
4:57 pm
>> i see a letter bot. it's here. >> a panel of judges narrowed the field google users also weighed in. >> beautiful thing is the fact that kids are thinking about what they can do to contribute to a society. >> there are five finalists. this 11-year-old used markers to draw her doodle. >> she wins a $30,000 college scholarship. her doodle will will being a special animated logo, like this one. >> so many talented young people. >> thanks for joining us at 4:00
4:58 pm
>> abc # news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. breaking news in san skroes yeah. 49er alden smith cuts a deal. what the plea is on dui and weapons charges >> surveillance video, senate seat. a political battle between mug shot mary and bob the bully may have reached a tipping point >> and a woman's quick thinking saved a life of a baby. >> she let them come in, how is my baby. how is my baby? >> i'm sandhya patel. increasing temperatures going into memorial day weekend. how warm, coming up. >> alden smith makes a move in court trying to put legal troubles behind him, pleading no contest to three felony counts the 25-year-old faces just a
4:59 pm
couple days after training camp begins we are outside of the court house in san jose with more on the breaking story. leanne? >> well, cheryl, by entering the plea he's saying i'm not going to fight these charges but at the same time, i'm not admitting any guilt. now this avoids trial he will be sentenced on july 25th. at the time, the judge can give him no time whatsoever or up to four years in jail. here is what happened. in 2012, police went and there are complaints of weapons but they were not registered here in california. then in, september police smith was under the influence when his truck slammed into a tree in san jose. now, smith went into rehab, at the time, 49ers ceo said i'll
5:00 pm
support our players as long as they're willing to get better. now there is another case against him, he faces criminal charges for an incident m an airport security line. he obtained extra screenings and said jokingly that is a bomb. i'm live in san jose, abc7 news. >> it's a problem that won't go away for mary hyas him. . one touchdown is bob wikhowski and using surveillance video part of a campaign to discredit the formerss


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