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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 24, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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that does for us at 5:00. welcome to "world news." tonight, the deadly rampage in california, the santa barbara shooting. >> we got another gunshot, shots fired, shots fired. >> the shooting spree lasting ten minutes. nine crime scenes, the gun battles with police, the focus on the son of a hollywood director, the videos he posted before the shootings. >> tomorrow is the day of retribution. >> witnesses diving to the ground. >> three kids there to perform cpr on a kid who was barely breathing and breeding. >> we have team coverage from the scene tonight. also the tornado watch, the lightning, heavy rain, the hail. our extreme weather team on it all. the medical debate tonight. you've seen the commercials, the help for men. this evening what some are calling the breakthrough for women. why won't the fda approve it? do you buy their argument?
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starry night, the spectacular show in the sky overnight. will there be an even better show tonight? good evening and thanks for joining us on a saturday night. we do begin with that deadly rampage. tonight police calling it a premeditated mass murder. it lasted several minutes. shaken young people, witnessing it all in the street, stunned when it was finally over. authorities say this is the gunman's bmw where it crashed to a stop, the windshields shattered after shootouts with police. the bodies covered in sheets on the ground, six victims. tonight there is an intense focus on a hollywood director's son believed to have been driving that car. his videos posted on youtube, many of them could hold chilling clues. listen. >> i've been doing a lot of thinking about how sad and unfair my life has been all because girls haven't been attracted to me. >> we have team coverage
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tonight, what do the experts see in those tapes. were many warning signs missed? first we begin with bazi kanani at the scene of the crime tonight. >> reporter: a friday night rampage in this college town, 22-year-old elliott rodger believed by his family to be the gunman seen on his facebook page in his shiny black bmw, the same car used by the shooter. >> i'm in shock. i was here when the shots started going off. >> reporter: investigators say it all happened in just ten minutes of terror in isla vista near the campus of uc santa barbara. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> reporter: the first call at 9:27, that bmw driving madly around the neighborhood, leaving behind nine crime scenes and running over at least one person. gunfire coming out the window while winding around the loop, a restaurant and bar-rimmed road packed with students. one by one they fell. lisa hopper tried in vain to perform cpr on a fellow student who did not survive.
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"u cpr on a kid who was barely breathing and bleeding. oh. and, um, paramedics finally showed up. >> i felt the wind right past my face. >> reporter: 18 yearly sierra was walking home when the gunman pulled up next to her and started shooting after she ignored him. she later recognized the same smile and eerie laugh in the video posted by elliott rodger on youtube. >> that image was in your head? >> i never actually literally looked into the face of the devil, you know. >> reporter: after two gun battles with police and a chase, it was all over, seven people were dead including the gunman, seven others injured. tonight investigators are pouring over videos roger posted online, this one just a day before the shooting in which he complains about being rejected by girls and warning that the time for revenge had come. >> tomorrow is the day of
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retribution. >> reporter: rodger's family knew he was troubled. his father, peter rodger is assistant director for the "hunger games" movies. attorneys say he had multiple therapists and his parents and a social worker called to report their concerns last week after they saw the videos he posted. >> after interviewing the child in the child's home, he was a perfectly polite, kind and wonderful human. >> reporter: roger had asperger's syndrome, a form of autism, and other students who knew him say he struggled socially. bullet holes, police tape, the somber reminders of terror in this college town, students have started makeshift memorials at the places where some were killed. it's the end of the school year, grgs graduation season, typically a joyful time. students tell me not this year. as we just heard in the report, the young man's own family and a social worker who
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knew him had raised alarms. tonight here what could those videos reveal? abc's gio benitez now on that part of the story. >> reporter: it appears elliott rodger used his youtube channel as a manifesto. >> my life is so lonely and mundane. >> reporter: the videos were posted just this month and many show rodger exploring beautiful southern california. >> a beautiful environment is the darkest hell if you have to experience it all alone. >> reporter: take a look at this. one video has this description. "i temporarily took all of my vlogs down due to the alarm it caused with some people in my family." that diagnosis of aspergers, experts say it does not trigger violence. >> there's obviously something else going on. >> reporter: we brought in psychotherapist dr. robi ludwig to look at these videos with us. >> this is elliott at a golf course. >> it's one of the few places where i can come and truly have a sense of escape. >> he says there was something he was trying to escape.
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>> escape rejection, escape this idea that he's not good enough, that he's inferior. all the people rejecting him are enemies. >> this is elliott watching a couple there on the beach. >> they're kissing right now. it's torture for me to watch but i have to do this. i have to film this. >> he's forcing himself to watch this so that he can build up the courage he needs to exact revenge. >> and this is a video titled "life is so unfair because girls don't want me." >> i'm such a magnificent guy. i'm beautiful. you can't deny that. >> he's calling himself beautiful. >> yeah. >> you can't deny that. >> wonder if there's a mania there. he's a beautiful guy, he's a fabulous guy. well, why isn't he in a loving relationship? that's where he goes into a blame mode. >> reporter: so now those familiar questions, could this carnage have been prevented and did law enforcement do enough?
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>> could they have been maybe more proactive in talking to mental health folks, perhaps. but there may not have been enough there to actually involuntarily commit him. >> reporter: no one can know for sure but as dr. ludwig says, by looking at the videos, this is not someone who ever wondered what should i do different. instead he always seemed to blame everyone else. >> it's early speculation but a lot of people are going to be looking at those videos. thank you. we'll continue to follow this throughout the evening and much more on the deadly rampage first thing in the morning right here on "good morning america" and "this week." we turn next to the severe weather this holiday weekend, a tornado watch is up this saturday night and there's been heavy rain and flooding across the country. ball games, barbecues, outdoor events cancelled. look at the last 24 hours. the dodgers and the phillies taking to the field under a darkening sky. moments later, a diehard fan left in the stands. in colorado look at this, these women trying to escape the flooded streets there, that system on the move tonight, the
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forecast for the rest of the holiday inn a moment but first abc's linzie janis with the pictures coming in. >> reporter: a memorial day washout for huge swaths of the country. heavy and violent storms causing flooding from colorado to kansas to new mexico where hail rained down on unsuspecting drivers. together with texas, the states are ground zero for wild weekend weather. the rain would be welcome in arizona, that massive fire north of sedona now swallowing up more than 10,000 acres, still just 15% contained. >> if it gets into here it's not a good thing. >> reporter: in the east severe storms slamming vacationers in south carolina, making back yards look like driving ranges, new york city's skyline littered with lightning bolts friday night striking the freedom tower and the empire state building, hail in new jersey, too.
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and this ominous scene over one of the state's beaches shows it's not over yet. more showers and thunderstorms are predicted for the northeast tonight and it will get dryer tomorrow and by monday temperatures across the region including right here in central park will be in the mid 80s. i can't wait. david? >> thanks, it will get better. we have severe weather to get through first. meteorologist jason nicholas back with us. you've been tracking this in the weather center and a tornado watch tonight. >> severe weather potentially tonight. severe thunderstorm watches are out as well as tornado watches in southeast new mexico and southwestern texas. the potential is there. large hail, strong winds and an isolated tornado. unfortunately, david, this severe weather threat doesn't move all that much for folks across west texas both tomorrow and monday. notice that bull's eye from lubbock to san antonio. doesn't move all that much at all. that means rain on already saturated grounds for lots of folks. roswell, new mexico saw rain this morning, more than four inches. three times the amount of rain they've seen all year long.
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the good news is across the midwest and great lakes, a little memorial day weather, finally temperatures in the mid 80s from chicago to new york. that's a good five to ten degrees above average. >> the unofficial start to summer will start to feel like summer. >> yes. >> we mentioned the start of hurricane season and we already have one. >> take a look in the pacific ocean. we have hurricane amanda. normally hurricanes don't form out here until the latter part of june. no immediate threat to land. eventually the remnants will make their way to the southwest bringing rains to areas of arizona who are dealing with fires tonight. >> we can use it in the southwest. jason, thank you. around the world tonight the developing headline from belgium. a deadly attack on a jewish museum there. at least three people were killed and one seriously injured when a lone gunman parked outside and fired at people near the entrance. late today a suspect was taken into today. to russia president vladimir putin speaking out on ukraine and comments made by prince
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charles, putin responding to reports that prince charles compared putin's moves on crimea to hitler's invasion on poland. putin saying that was, quote, not royal behavior. >> from thailand's military koup. the crises deepening and the military arresting officials after taking government officials into custody already. now to the midwest tonight where pope francis is traveling through the holy land. he's in jordan at the ad-libbing remarks showing rare anger. abc's terry moran on why he was so angry. >> reporter: this morning a farewell to rome. during the flight, a papal greeting for each of the 69 journalists on board, smiles all
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around. after landing in jordan, francis met with the king and you sensed the pope's grim purpose here. the war in syria, francis said, has lasted too long. jordan has taken in perhaps a million syrian refugees, overwhelming resources. many of them were in the crowd at the stadium for a mass. the pope spoke directly to them and then got closer as he took a lap in the open pope mobile, giving a few great big papal hugs along the way. at one point, jordanian security scrambling as people surged forward to reach francis, touch him. later a striking moment, the pope in prayer alone on the banks of the jordan river where jesus was baptized. but it was in a nearby church you saw the pope flashing anger about syria and those who are selling weapons to fuel the war there. criminals he called them. god, change the hearts of those who plan wars. popes aren't supposed to get angry, but this one does. maybe he just decided that the situation in syria has gotten so awful, someone had to. david?
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>> terry moran from jerusalem, thanks. now to the sight in the sky seen across the globe overnight. a rare show and we're told part two comes tonight. >> reporter: just look at the image captured on this man's roof, the meteor shower streaking across the sky above the trees there. astronomers told us to expect a show, and it was a starry night, the shot through a telescope of a quick flash across the sky. all of it space debris, not the man made debris but a dust trail from a comet intersecting the earth's orbit made from a comet years ago, the 1700s and 1800s. we're just seeing it now. this image was taken at joshua tree national park in california around midnight last night. look this one, a single line in the darkness. this image captured in barcelona spain. last night they were gathered at this observatory in sacramento, california with big wishes. >> it's an iffy proposition. we're hoping for the best. >> it's going to be exciting if it turns out.
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>> reporter: it did. astronomers say you'll get another chance tonight and it could be better than last night. >> we'll see later tonight. this was an actual photograph taken last night. if you capture it, send us a tweet. much more ahead on "world news" this saturday night. it's being called the little pink pill some believe could greatly help women long after all those commercials for viagra for men. so why is the fda standing in the way and do you buy their argument? what's being called the global selfie around the world. take a closer look though, there are so many faces. is your neighbor in there somewhere and how did they make this happen, coming up.
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if it shows promise, why is the fda standing in the way? abc's maria schiavocampo tonight. >> reporter: when it comes to enhancing libido, there are plenty of options for men as we've all seen in those iconic viagra commercials. for women, not so much. there are currently no fda approved drugs for female sexual dysfunction. cindy whitehead is trying to change that. she's the head of sprout pharmaceuticals. a company with just one single drug. >> it's the little pink pill? >> it's the little pink pill. >> reporter: known as viagra for women. it's real name is a less than sexy flibanserin and if approved would become the first drug of its kind on the market, specifically for treating hypoactive sexual desire disorder or hsdd affecting an estimated one in ten women who say they have no desires whatsoever. >> if you are married and you have no sexual desire but if channing tatum walks through the door everything changes do you have that condition?
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>> you do not. that's important. >> reporter: married mom amanda parish says she has hsdd. after using flibanserin for a few weeks as part of a clinical trial, she says she noticed a definite difference. >> i became much more of an initiator and in turn we became much closer intimately. >> reporter: whitehead says most of the 1,000 women in the trial doubled their so-called satisfying sexual events and reported a 50% increase in sexual desire. after weighing the benefits and the risks, the fda made a big decision on the little pink pill, no. sprout pharmaceuticals is appealing the decision and if they win flibanserin could be available as early as next year. maria schiavocampo, abc news, new york. when we come back tonight, a quiz for you at home, the most common age right now in america? the answer might surprise you. e i'm l-i-s-a and i have copd,
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our "instant index" on a saturday night starting with a happy birthday to the oldest person in america, jeralean talley of michigan has turned 115 years young. she credits her long life to her faith. she was surrounded by five generations of her family for her birthday. she bowled until she was 104. not surprised about that. to that other number we asked about. their now more 22 years old in america than any other age, followed by 23 and 21. it's the first time since 1947 that the most common age is not a baby boomer. millennials taking over. the earth like we've never seen it before, the earth day selfie. it's a mosaic of selfies that people all over the world
5:53 pm
snapped an earth day, april 22nd. there are a total of 36,422 photos from antarctica to right here in the u.s. that's incredible to see. on the eve of the indy 500 what the defending champ gave to a teenage girl during her darkest hour and he says it gave him the brightest moment of his career.
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finally tonight here as we all know tomorrow is the indy 500 but this evening a victory you might not know about, the gift from the defending champ to someone else and he's convinced it made a difference to him, too. >> reporter: from the beginning, tony kanaan never started a race without this medallion. >> my mom gave it to me when i was a kid and i would wear it every time, every race. >> reporter: by 2004 he was already a racing star when he visited nearby methodist hospital. three days earlier, 15-year-old andrea braun collapsed in her room after a soft ball doubleheader. >> she had a massive brain hem rage. you're thinking i'm calling for last rites for my 15-year-old. >> reporter: andrea was in a medically induced coma when tony
5:57 pm
kanaan entered her room. >> i felt really bad. >> reporter: as he spoke he reached for the medallion in his pocket. >> i said to her mother, my mom gave me this medal to protect me. if you believe this i want to give it to you. >> we usually kept it pinned to her hospital robe. it brought good luck, it kept him safe. it would keep andrea safe, too. >> reporter: as andrea recovered, the medallion was a talisman of hope around her neck. >> i felt extremely special that i had this medallion that he personally gave to me. >> reporter: andrea would achieve her dreams, graduating from college, becoming a physical therapist, getting married, but winning the indy 500 was tony's dream and he fell short. >> tony kanaan lost -- >> there was always some bad luck that would happen. >> reporter: two days before indy 2013, andrea wrote him this letter. >> she says nine years ago -- >> you gave me your good luck charm.
5:58 pm
obviously it has done more than help me have a recovery from my brain hem rage. >> i would like you to have it back and i can't wait to watch you dominate this race. >> reporter: on may 26th, 2013, andrea and her family gathered to watch the 500, where tony kanaan's decade of bad luck ended at last. >> after years of frustration -- >> the winner of the indianapolis 500! great job, tony! >> one of the first things he did was pull out that medallion. >> that was for her to show her that i knew she was watching. >> reporter: at the speedway this year, tony and andrea shared a joyful reunion, two people joined by extraordinary circumstances and a medallion whose history they shared. >> incredible story. the indy 500 right here tomorrow on abc. good night.
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next at 6:00, developing detailings on the deadly rampage near uc santa barbara, including the details of what was found in the some shooter's apartment. fire danger in oakland. authorities hitting the streets. a hotter forecast for tomorrow. a look at the quickly rising temperatures. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. a southern california college town sent into chaos as a gunman goes on deadly rampage. seven people are dead, including the shooter. tonight, investigators are learning more about the man and the warning signs that made his family worried something terrible would happen. good evening, i'm ama daetz. the shooting started last night in isla vista just off the campus of uc santa barbara.
6:00 pm
officers are at the gunman's paper where they removed three bodies. the victims were stabbed to death. they will continue investigating through the night. an abc news reporter has the latest. reporter: a small college town shattered be violence overnight. a lone gunman on a ten-minute shooting spree, killing six people, sending students scrambling for safety. >> people started running in and getting down and huddling in corners. >> i got on the ground and then looked over and saw the victim, he was barely breathing and bleeding. >> police call it a planned mass murder. >> he lifted up a little black pistol. he shot and i felt -- i felt the wind passing by my face. >> the driver of the black muslim methodically gunning down pedestrians as officers returned fire. >> multiple officers in the first engagement and one in the second engagement. >> the alleged shooter,


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