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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 13, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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daughter's classmates graduate. jahi would have been there, too, but for complications after her december surgery at childrens hospital left her declared brain dead the family fought that and now has jahi in an undisclosed location on a vent later and feeding tube. her family went back to the same school she started kindergarten to collect her honorary 8th grade diploma. >> it is bittersweet. a lot of them are her friends she's so loving. she can't be here, i know she's happy and proud. >> despite reports, the school principal says they never intended not to honor jahi >> we've always loved her, she's been a member of the family. it's only appropriate to honor her today. >> her classmates told us they wouldn't have it any other way. >> she hasn't been able to do that with us. instead of being selfish we
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should bring her with us. she's not able to walk the stage with us. >> jahi was a good friend of mine we played a lot. and did jokes. but, it's just hard for her to be gone. >> her mother won't say where she s she claims her daughter is making progress and she still hopes, one day to see jahi attend her own high school graduation. >> in oakland, abc7 news. >> well, fire erupted on a hillside today, scaring residents as they tried to get out of the way. it happened in san rafael. firefighters from three cities were called in. abc7 news joins us with what's happening now. >> the fire is now contained after burning 5 to 10 acres. firefighters are still mopping up and we just saw one flare up. firefighters mopping up that hot
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spot. no homes were destroyed but it got close to some of them. those evacuated are back home now, all exsecht one residents, arrested but to the for setting this fire. samantha ruiz and jasmine salgado saw trouble ahead. >> smoking and it was horrible. >> the grass fire started on a hillside in the rear of contempo marin mobile home park. it quickly spread uphill towards channing heights. >> apartments and condos there. then, winds shifted and it went wide and came east. in this direction. >> about 100 firefighters battled, aided by chopper and fixed wing craft dumping water on the inferno. suddenly, the wind changed. flames cut a swath. >> smoke everywhere. you couldn't breathe or see anything. >> firefighters regrouped. tractors tried to set up a fire
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break, you can see lines and flames now, the fire traveling in back of the mobile home park. along the way, burning homes next to the tracks. it threatened more. that is when benjiman cook went into action. >> when seeing that going up, got real. i was trying to put water in the deck. >> police ordered evacuations the park is one of the first. >> like on the microphone they're like okay. try to evacuate. we're getting everything in the house trying to leave quickly. >> this resident was arrested after police say he threw a bottle at
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>> firefighters battled a fire on page mill road this afternoon. investigators say a car served to avoid a deer and caught fire. smoke visible in hills above and from southbound 280. no one was injureed and no structures damaged. again, it's a small fire. san jose fire department put out a fire in a business today in willow glenn area, just afternoon on stone avenue. crews were able to quickly knock down the blaze and keep it from spreading. and scary moments from muni passengers. the scene captured about an hour ago at west portal station passengers reported an odor that smelled like smoke. firefighters evacuated the station that reopened after officials determined there was no danger. >> a falling tree pulverized four cars in the parking lot of
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a foothills restaurant today. take a look. the tree came down, clear across the vehicles at hungry hut restaurant near schaeffer lake. what a mess but nobody was hurt. all four cars considered a total loss. emergency crews quickly put the tree apart. four tow trucks were called in. the lake located about 50 miles north of fresno. >> epidemic in the state health officials say they're dealing with 350000 cases of whooping cough. 800 cases reported in just two weeks. and that 85% of the patients there had preventible shots. that is calling into question effectiveness of the vaccine. >> mountain view police credit a tip from the community with helping capture three people suspected of growing marijuana illegally.
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detectives say the suspects had illegal weapons in their possession. this picture provided by police shows some of the half million dollars of illegal pot officers seized during the raids. in san jose investigators say a street fight with people using baseball bats and shovels as weapons ended with the death of a young man. this happened last night on south 12th street. the victim is being described only as being in his mid to late teens. so, he's young. witnesses say he was running into an apartment complex, when shots rang out. police say up to a dozen people were involveed and long gone by the time the officers arrived. police are hoping witnesses will come forward. >> a state lawmaker is proposing a system to catch hit and run drivers the yellow alert will have
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information about car drivers. estimated fewer than half of caught. >> attorneys for ceo of the social network next door revealed he was involved. he's been convicted in a misdemeanor hit and run in brisbane that left a woman with several fractures. he pled no contest, sentenced to 30 days in jail. >> big change may be coming to farmer's markets. maybe one you enjoy. they have not been allowed to give out samples state senate sought to change that, passing a bill allowing limiteded tastings. shoppers would get to try. >> people enjoy getting samples of the produce.
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wine is an extension of that. >> the bill will be heard by the senate next. nine states already allow the tasti tastings >> did you see it? day two of the world cup under way. the netherlands, there it goes. nice. and in slow motion. the world champs >> oakland raiders are not playing yet there is a crowd at ricky's. >> i paid it point to be here today. i worked to have this day off. so... that is going to take care of things for a while. >> this morning's matches
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between mexico and camarron this, soccer competition only happens once every four years. these fans say that reason makes it worth taking a vacation day. >> if mexico don't make it past three games, it's the only three games in fours years. >> first game of the world cup for mexico. my mom is from there. i have to cheer on the team. >> ricky's plans to be open for every match. the owner here says he loves to see people representing diven countries all come together here in his bar to share love of the game. >> yes. it's huge. you know? they get into it. when they went in there, they're losing, they're crying. >> it's about being where you're from. >> the ricky ricardo says he thinks it's gaining momentum here. >> i think raider crowd brings a
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bigger crowd and stuff like that. world cup stands up to it, too. more so every year. with people from all over. it's huge. >> the owner is portuguese and i asked ricky ricardo who he would cheer for he played it neutral saying i can't lose. >> that is right. as long as everybody is happy. if you want to stay home, we're your ticket. abc7 watching the world cup live this weekend. >> sunday, two more games and france at 11:30. watch abc, let's you see matches on smart phone, tablet and
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computer. >> tough talk in san francisco. >> broken immoral, corruption immigration system. >> tonight new efforts to reunite family members. plus... >> no one thought i was going to win. >> now, look. new jersey governor tries to shine his political star on a california long shot. will it do any good? >> they're trying to force me out. >> growing pains and
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>> faements are using father's day as a back drop for
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immigration reform today they say two young fathers were taken yesterday, leaving their families alone. they say the other man has an 8-year-old son. >> this is not just unique to us. this is religious leaders of families. >> families say two men had clean criminal records and are now struggling to communicate with him while in custody. >> new jersey governor chris christie touring a flower warehouse with republican governor kneel cashcary. he says republicans can win in blue states. >> craziness folks will say to you if you vote for a republican, what happens? look at new jersey.
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nothing is happening. he got 19% vote in the june primary. >> mormon church is threatening to ex-pell one activist. what steps and how they're trying to lead a modern church. >> kate kelly considers herself a devout mormon. she founded ordained women, spotlighting gender inequality within the church. in response, the church is threatening to kick her out. >> they're trying to force me out of my faith.
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and is painful. >> this two months after she asked to join a meeting reserved for only male member who's can enjoy boys just 12 years old. and the church sent a letter to john dellen, creating forums for those questioning their faith. >> we're a 21 century church and be excommunicating people like the 1800s. >> in years it's worked to make over the image, including this ad campaign showcasing it's membership. the church says when members attempt to change clear church teachings, doctrine needs to be clarified experts say the church is showing where it draws the line,
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and how far it's willing to go to liberalize the faith. >> details reveal a driver distracted by gps hit a muni bus last night. he drifted into lanes and crashed foot husband the drivers of the bus and car with three muni passengers suffered injuries >> we know we're not supposed to text while driving. right? how many listen to that rule? 33% of teen drivers admitted to texting behind the wheel. currently there is not a ban on texting or using a phone while
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driving. it makes you 23 more times likely to crash. >> wow. >> texting may help children improve their grammar. researchers say abbreviations for words like great, before, tonight, and wonderful there they are, make things think about language to sound out spellings. researchers say it could be due to intellectual ability. >> price line is buying open table for $2.6 billion. million people use open table every month. and last week, uber valued at
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$17 billion. this sale is providing a bump for other sites like yelp. and netflix as a must look. >> looking outside this is a chamber of commerce day. >> it's just gorgeous. and what a nice day to get into the forecast. >> this is all about dads. bright, sunny skies and nice warm up today, father's day forecast clear, we're enjoying
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blue skies. and six degrees warmer in san jose. and four degrees warmer in half moon people. you can see this view at the beach there. temperatures into 70s today we're going to provide nice, warm weather going with 70s tomorrow as well. h.6 san francisco. today's highs into low 60s to mid-80s. and even visitors enjoying the beautiful blue skies. san jose, traffic moving along just fine. clear skies.
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warming trend and we're looking at a cooler start to the work week. mild to warm weather for saturday. it's going to be warmer than today. this is a system working towards the coastline bringing some cooling again. when i say warming and cooling we're not talking about major swings in temperatures. after rinl highs into 80. dropping down sunday, monday, then, recovering back into warm range for thursday, friday. into upper 80s to low 90s, tomorrow morning temperatures into 50s. and ynd tomorrow morning it will be breezy at the coastline. afternoon high clouds coming in.
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filtering sunshine. 90 degrees in gilroy. 80 degrees in milpitas. 65 in pacifica. 66 in the sunset district. other areas into 80s. 86 in santa rosa. inland spots on the wafrm side. # eight livermore. and accu-weather forecast, dip on father's day. low 60s, mid-80s. cooling continues on monday. no matter what you're doing with dad, games, giants, a's this weekend, weather looks
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fantastic. >> in time for father's day, moms and dad can get a free chance for expecting things all baby. >> stay tuned for that. tips on how you might be able
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everybody knows we can't put a price on fathers but we can put a price on great things they do. typical dad jobs around the house worth about $24,000. moms tasks are valued at $63,000. father's day is the smallest of all american gift giving holidays. it's less than mother's day spending. >> moms do so much work but that
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doesn't seem fair. >> too bad. >> we can do this later. >> happy father's day isn't enough for you? come on. >> it's finney's friday free stuff. and we only this is chorus roamus, oatmeal squares. they come in different flavors. six grams of protein not fat. they very good. and why would you spend money? you don't have to.
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okay. now one free ticket to bird and baby fair. it's the best educational parenting work shop on june 21st from 10:00 until 5:00. this really looks fun. >> as long as you're not a dad call that number. >> thank you. >> all right. >> appreciate it. >> stunning screens to inspire local photographers >> coming up, not just pictures but what they used to ta
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take the nestea plunge. ♪ nothing refreshes like nestea.
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cheryl and i will be back at 6:00. raw sewage gushing into homes for years neighbors say nothing is being
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done about it. >> the by the could bring olympics to the bay area. and now, there are smart mugs. >> yes. it knows what you're drinking and what that drink is doing to your body. >> wow. >> that is coming up on abc7 news at 6:00 >> photos submitted by 54 photographers. >> participants can submit pictures only taken with iphone. >> it started in 2007. three winners chosen win ipad air, the first place winner wins a gold bar from most recognizable private gold mint in the world. amazing. technology improved. >> they do. i love to take pictures with my iphone. >> that is going to do it for us. happy father's day. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> from all of us here, i appreciate your time we'll see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news" tonight. the new crisis in iraq. a brutal extremist army closing in on baghdad. the white house weighing military options and our terry moran near the front line. a big warning tonight about sleepy air traffic controllers, coming up. fake out. prepare to be surprised as david muir and the experts show you all of the fake products around you from shampoo to makeup, even medicine. and cliffhanger -- the dream home on the edge, up in flames now. the story behind this picture. tonight. and a good evening to you from all of us on this friday night. as we come on the air, a nation so many americans fought and died to secure is cracking apart.


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