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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 16, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. happening now an industrial section of san jose is shut down this morning after a deadly accident involving a tanker and a motorcyclist. the tanker truck is blocking the road in both directions right now. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. i am matt keller. >> i am kristen sze. >> streets at the intersection at commercial street in east san jose are closed while investigators process the scene. nick smith joins us there live.
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nick? hello. it was a busy commute and police say that after 7:00 a.m. they arrived on the scene and they expect this intersection to remain closed for at least another hour. take a look at this view from sky 7. western over the scene minutes after police arrived this is what we know: after the first responders got here for an injury accident between a big rig and a motorcycle they found out the motorcycle was tramped under the rear wheels of the truck much the man on the motorcycle was pronounced dead at the scene and police say that the motorcyclist was traveling in the fast lane and the truck was in the slow lane. traffic investigators believe the truck driver made a u-turn without seeing the motorcycle. they are not early stages of the investigation but officials say preliminary evidence gives clues as to who may have been at fault. >> anyone making a u-turn from a slow lane of traffic and
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crossing over a fast lane of traffic is obviously putting other motorists in danger and this is considered illegal u-turn. the driver of the truck did stay at the scene and is cooperating with the investigators. at this time, san jose police do not believe drugs or alcohol we were a factor. we have been in touch with the san jose police department and they have not identified either driver. we know this is the 18th traffic-related fatality for the city. thank you, new information on the mysterious death of a college senior on the campus of stanford university, the school officials say that the man's death believed to be a suicide but that has not been confirmed by the santa clara sheriff which is handling the investigation. the man was found unconscious early yesterday afternoon at the dom on mayfield avenue when
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graduation ceremonies were held. a san francisco man at the focus of an intensify file manhunt will be arraigned in federal court on bomb and gun charges. a grand jury indicted the 42-year-old ryan chamberlain on charms of trying to build a remote controlled bomb and charges him with possessing a handgun. he was arrested this month after a three-day manhunt. authorities say they found bombmaking materials in his apartment and faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. >> firefighters are racing to control a wildfire spreading more than 500 homes in central california this morning and the fire has scorched more than 2,000 acres in the sequoia national forest not of bakersfield and two homes have been destroyed. the fire broke out friday night and is only 10 percent contained no word on what started the fire. >> the north bay today authorities following up on to fires in marin county since
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friday to see if they are the work of an arsonist with the first breaking out on friday. the fire brushed dangerously close to 100 homes, or, burned, i should say, close to 100 homes. there was also a small grass fire at he 101 in novato. >> target has a big bull's eye on its back after a computer glitch across the nation. they faced scrutiny after hackers stole the personal information of millions of customs before the holiday shopping season. this incident played out on social media. long lines at target are not unheard of but sunday they did not form because of the usual big crowds. a computer glitch disabled check out registers at several stores across the nation. >> told us that there was a problem with the system. she was rebooting the register she was on. while she was rebooting that she went to the register right
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behind me and she was literally bouncing between registers trying to get the people out. >> public relations problem for target is customs complained on social networks and taylor was one of many tweeting out about the problem. >> target members said only cash. no charge. >> super crowded. i didn't realize there was problem with the computers and i heard a few people talking about it and they started following everyone into one long line. >> it brought up concerns it was possibly another attack by hackers. millions of target customers' personal information was stolen in a breach in november. the giant retailer went to witter to calm the nerves. target tweeted "we have identified a check out issue as select stores which is not related to security and is being resolved. we apologize to those impacted." some customers say they going to remain loyal despite the recent issues. >> i'm not going to stop
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shopping at target this is one-time incident. i never had this happen. >> they tried to make up for the glitch at one of the bay area stores and a customer says everyone was given a 10 percent discount at the register because of the we inconvenience. at&t confirmed they have been hacked according to business insider, the social security numbers for in customers were stolen between april 9 and april 21. at&t said it was an inside job by employees at a vendor and did not say how many cell phone customers were affected but california law requires companies to disclose prepares that affect more than on people. at&t says that it has mailed letters to customers and will offer free credit monitoring. >> the california legislature is sending the brown a new budget that will go into affect in two weeks after a record $156 billion budget last night hours before the constitutional midnight deadline. $108 billion is for the general
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fund and the rest is bonds and money for specific programs including programs for children and provided $1.6 billion for the rainy day fund and paying down the long-term debt. $264 million will be spent for preschool and day care for low income families that will cough half of all four-year-olds and includes $250 million from the cap and trade greenhouse gas fund for high-speed rails. >> transportation officials hope to resume negotiations with muni operators and reach a deal before the july 1 deadline with the contract dispute leading to a sickout early this month. as of right now there are no contract talks scheduled. the last offer included raises of 11 percent over two years but it requires workers to start contributing 7 why 5 5 -- 7.5 percent, and muni workers overwhelmingly rejected the offer. >> world cup fee veer is high with the first match starting if less than four hours.
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>> many local soccer fans are getting a jump on the action and amy hollyfield is in san francisco with a bop particular pub. we have the golden gate bridge, coit tower, who knew that the pub was on the sightseeing list? it is during world cup. we met some tourists, a lot them, taking break from vacation to watch soccer. >> it is not just those in san francisco who like to gather at public and watch the sports. for the world cup match of germany and portugal we met several tourists who grabbed a seat and were thrilled.ç >> [ inaudible ] it is very special here. [ thick accent ] >> very concerned he was going to have a little bit more...we have a little bit of energy but this is a great turnout for the match. >>the bar was full for the 9:00
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a.m. match and coffee and beer will flowing freely and as germany pulled ahead of portugal the crowd went crazy. >> people are together, and everyone is drinking and eating and supporting their team. >> this is warm-up. some in the crowd grabbed the seat at 9:00 a.m. >> they have a couple more people coming to the united states game and we picked out our spot and, you know, hopefully why have too many drinks. >> the bar owner says if you want to watch the united states play you better get here soon. >> it is quiet. quiet before the storm. it will be crazy. a lot of people. so, i see a bunch of fans in there, already, so they will be closing the doors at 12:00 or 1:00 o'clock a couple of hours before the game.
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>> shear how crowd it will be, they are setting up shop outside with barricades to handle the line of people they expect and put a cash register out here to get your money to help with the chaos inside. it should be a lot of fun but very crowded. live in san francisco for abc7 news. there are several viewing parties where you can catch today's world cup mashup between the country and ghana one at 2:30 at market and san fernando and one at 3:00 at civic center lazy in san francisco. >> we will be the only place to watch the world cup live next saturday and you can want belgium play russia at 8:30 followed by south korea and algeria at 11:30 and don't miss a moment of the world cup where you can catch them on your smartphone or computer. >> brags rights for three local
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cities to be the safest in the state. >> a father caught a home run ball single-handedly while carrying precious cargo in his other hand. >> blue skies at the golden gate bridge but it looks warmer than it is, leyla gulen will let you know about the cool temperatures and have the forecast
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>> the obama administration said today that washington is willing to talk with iran over deteriorating conditions in iraq. sunni militants have taken over several iraqi cities and currently are taking aim at baghdad the before dawn, another northern iraqi city was captured about 260 miles northwest of the capital and the administration says that they are open to discussions with tehran if the iranians can hope end the violence and restore confidence in the iraqi government. secretary of state john kerry said washington is not ruling out military cooperation. >> we are open to any constructive process that can minimize the violence. >> john kerry said that drone strikes could be an option and stress that any cacs with iran -- any contacts with iran would be step-by-step situation. >> a hall of famer died after a battle of five years with
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cancer. he played with the padres for his entire career and was known at are m padre the he retired in 2001 and coaching for san diego state before going on medical leave in march. >> the catch of the day and this has gone viral. check it out, a giants fan holding a baby, caught a home run ball with one happened, boom, while holding some precious cargo with the other. the fire captain rob winner, that is really his nape -- name, caught the player. the rockies player was celebrating his first father's day. >> his first father's day and he wanted the ball back and i gave him the ball and he gave me an autographed ball. i got a ball signed by lefty gomez when i was five and my different got me, or introduced us and it is a fondest memory.
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>> thomas will never forget i am sure and the amazing catch with the kid was the second to half over the weekend which is appropriate for father's day. >> it is okay to catch the ball and hold the baby or it is okay to hold the baby and drop the ball but fault okay to catch the ball and drop the baby. >> leyla gulen we are talking about cool temperatures. >> summer is dropping the ball. it is so chilly today, and today is going to be the cool of the day of the week, i assure you. right now, looking to the bay bridge in san francisco we have blue skies with the clouds moving out and a cool 63 degrees in oakland and winds continue to push around the bay area with the strongest breezes in fairfield and your seven-day outlook is straight ahead. >> thanks, starbuck is serving up to its employee as great way to plug in to a free college
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education but some workers are not happy. >> a big smile
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>> covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all bay area, this is abc7 news. new this morning a major milestone was celebrated in san francisco marking the completion of the town fell work for the central subway. the mayor and muni fours were on hand to announce the two giant boring machines to finish dicking two tunnels through chinatown and it took several months to dismantle the machines and when that is done the work
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to lay down the next lines will begin to be open in 2019. >> starbuck workers can get a free education working for coffee teaming up with arizona state university to offer workers a degree debt free to the arizona university online and only is to work 20 hours a week and have the grades. some workers are upset learning this only applies it those owned by starbucks not those licensed at other lobbies like safe way is airports. >> caffeine impacts boys and girls in defendant way after they hit puberty. researchers examined 200 kids, boys and girls, the boys saw a bigger increase in blood pressure than girls and could be more sensitive to the effect of caffeine. the study found that caffeine affected girls differently influence hair men industrial
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cycle and three in four children are known to consume caffeine each day. >> in san jose there is a grass fire being worked on at center street and now is a second alarm fire that is bushing out-of-control. you will want to stay with our tweets for the latest information. >> if you are familiar with that area that is kelly park and happy hallow park and a lost grass to burn if that area. >> the winds will blow it around so hopefully that will be under control because the gusts are exceeding 20 miles per hour and i will show you as we look at sutro tower camera we have cloud cover pushing through san francisco and you can see a little bit of san francisco underneath but it is cooler today and it will be the coolest on tap for the week. as we look at live doppler 7 hd the radar satellite, it is dry and all the fog is now burning off and blowing to the south and the clouds to the east of us so we are seeing clouds and here the gusts, in san francisco
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right now, ten-miles-per-hour gusts, up to 18 miles per hour in mountain view and 31 in fairfield and 29 at sfo and the winds are picking up and will continue to do so into tomorrow. now, the trough of low-to-upper that is over the pacific northwest is coming through bringing in the onshore wind and that is cooling things down significantly for us here in the bay area, but the good news is high pressure is on the tail and that will warm things up by the middle of the week. here is a look from san jose and it is sunshiny from with current temperatures at 67 in oakland, and 65 at morgan hill and 57 at half moon bay. still cooler along the coast. >> if you are headed to the game, the a's take on the texas rangers and first pitch is 59 at 7:00. when the game ends at 10:00, it will be 55, so pack a light sweater and a jacket and you will need them. mostly sunshine for much of the bay area and degrees in oakland
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and 9 in santa cruz and 62 in san francisco and 77 in antioch. our overnight lows will pull down again the fog that will be combined to the coast and mostly as you push down toward the south bay, 51 in santa cruz and 50 in napa and 48 in santa rosa and cloverdale is 49. my seven-day forecast, though, it will warm up starting tomorrow with windy conditions and the warm-up comes on wednesday but it cools back down for the start of summer on saturday. >> pretty mild out there and going into summer. >> if you are looking for a safe place to live or to raise a family you may not have to go too far. >> three of the top safest cities if california are in the bay area according to the rally blog, hillsborough and saratoga top the list and then imperial in southern california are
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included on the list. >> we have breaking news in san jose, you can see the smoke rising over the whole area we were talking about at center where there is a grandson -- grandson fire as the fire is burning out of control with san jose firefighters on the scene. >> this is a popular spot for families and kids. we will be right
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now from a camera in san jose, in east san jose, on center road, you can see smoke coming up from a fire that is burning in the park with a lot of dry grass on the ground. >> san jose fire department tweeted that they don't know the acreage right now and the fire is not contained so you can get the latest breaking news on twitter through use bay area. >> we will update all morning and through the afternoon.
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[cheers and applause] >> oh! hey! what's up, buddy? what's happening? all right. what up? what's happening? what up, dog? what's happening? hey, hey, hey! how are you? >> how are you? i'm good. >> good. come on out here. [cheers and applause] yeah. hello, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant is a thrill seeker.lanes, she jumps out of planes, white-water rafts, skydives, and today she's gonna dive right into the game of millionaire with us right here. from denver, colorado, please welcome beverely leadon. how are you, beverely? >> i'm great. i'm great. >> what's happening? so a little bit of a thrill seeker, so you just--you just doing all that.


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