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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 25, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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at 6:00, if you are weighing up, we have big problems on the bay bridge. if you coming into fran off of the bridge a sig-alert is in affect because of police activity, westbound 5th street off ramp there is a heavy backup and the morning commute is underway. we have our skyway camera through the fog you can see the arrows pointing to traffic to move to the far right side. 5th street will be shut down until further notice and we starting to see the impact on the morning commute. we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza coming up to the bay bridge the metering lights turned on 20 minutes ago and you can see the heavy backup from the maze ands finally, a look at berkeley, the life is starting to stack up as you head westbound, the headlights coming beyond the university avenue
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over crossing and you can see from the hoffman split to the maze it willic you ten minutes. good morning, everyone, on this hutch day, a look at your day planner no the bay. a lot cloud cover. patchy drizzle for the morning commute. clouds will open up between 9:00 and noon and breezes will pick up and hold us around 70, and grab a coat. thicker clouds and frozey and 61 by 7:00. clouds inland and 50. sunshine by noon and 75 and the high clouds and low clouds develop throughout the afternoon and mild 78 and a breezy 70 by 7:00, so you will need a coat inland in the evening. along the coast, drizzle this morning and mostly cloudy throughout the day and breezy with temperatures barely making it to sick. over to kristen and eric? more on the breaking news we have covered all morning, san francisco police say the c.h.p. are investigating a police chase and fatal crash that trying eled
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a -- that trying eled -- that triggered a signature alater. >> they just re-opened harrison street. you can use harrison. the focus, now, is still on the median, the embankment off of the fifth street off-ramp and officers are there for a while. here is video that was taken right after the crash. there were two people inside the car and they were both killed. with no survivors. the car caught on fire. this happened at 5th street off-ramp at harrison at 3:00. the for spotted the car in oakland, realized it was stolen and tried to pull the driver over. >> one of our units northbound 8 80 located a stolen vehicle which was occupied and drying on northbound 880 and they tried to
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stop the vehicle, it fleds when it crossed the bay bridge toll plaza and for unknown reason they hit the left-hand side wall and the vehicle caught on fire and both occupants were deceased here is a picture of the off ramp from the camera, you can see it is closed and officers say it will be for a while. do not expect to use it during your commute. no word on who the people are who were killed. police are working on their investigation. though not only focuses on the crash seen but they have been walking around the area trying to find any surveillance video. they have noticed the cameras in the area on the buildings so they will try to see if any of the cameras caught the crash and if they can get the video. do not plan on using the off-ramp during the commute. it will be closed for a while. thank, amy. breaking news in oakland cruise are on the scene of an apartment fire at 39th and international boulevard. it broke out in a four-unit
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building with firefighters saying two units were burning when they got there. everyone got out safely. the fire, though, displaced 17 people including five children. if you see jedi nights and storm troops around south of market it is not that they are pro star wars but they oppose rising republicans and are protesting a big tech conference. matt? the line is growing the last hour outside of the google developers conference at the pass cone center. it could be an interesting day both inside and outside as protesters take aim. a roast was held at google's mountain view campus. a group supported net new reality and person identified as citizen journalist post add video last night. police officers arrested several for trespassing.
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we reached out to police and have not received aens for. they tweeted that ten people were arrested. and this is before planned profits at the mascone center and this morning the security officers and young activists dressed in star wars costumes and a joyant banner of dark vader will urge google to support good jobs and affordable housing. the costumes depict crossroads between evil and good. 6,000 attendees will see the latest technology and systems. it is a two day event and the keynote address starts at 9:00 this morning. at 6:on a, the hillsborough police department is asking residents to look out after three residential burglaries took place in one day. they all happened hours of each other. his say someone broke into a
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home after 3:00 yesterday afternoon and a home at churchill drive also was hit along with a home at lake view drive. investigators are asking residents would have surveillace cameras to review their video for anything suspicious. >> officials are considering there to suspend team uruguay's star player after he bit an italian blair in a match yesterday. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with what is happening. a lot calls. >> a soccer analyst said is madness. he needs help. >> sock officials decided to punish luis suarez he has time to get help because he will not play again in the world cup. here is the chomp felt around the world: he has been charged with biting an italian player. the team has until 5:00 tonight
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local time to present evidence including a video and the decision must be push accomplished before the next game of uruguay on saturday. if suarez is found guilty there will be a ban of at least two matches but a maximum of 24 months. he is shogging it off say laying -- playing coy. >> i didn't know anything. if we are going to analyze every collision in a soccer gape, that is complicated. >> this is potentially a strike three or...strike third bite if you will. the 27-year-old was suspended in the little lands in 2010 and in england in 2013 for boating -- for biting opponents. here is a photoshop picture showing him wearing a cone around his neck. and the italian player would has
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the tooth marks said he is a sneak and he gets away with it and he is blaming the ref for not booting him out of game. now, fallout this morning after the national transportation safety board issued the final report on the crash of asiana flight 214 that killed three people and injured 180 others. in washington, dc, the ntsb, put the blame on the pilot for not understanding the lend's technology and being fatigued and said the complexity of the flight control systems contributed to the crash and faulted the san francisco fire department after a fire truck ran over and killed a teen would survived the crash but was thrown on to the runway. now a lawyer representing 14 passengers in a lawsuit against boeing and asiana flight 214 says that playing the pilots means ignoring a larger problem. >> we should not run away from
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this with the idea that this is all pilots who were too tired and not communicating that is true. but if you do that you only look at the tip of the iceburg. there is a bigger story on the automatic system. >> the lawsuit claims that boeing should have retrofitted the automatic system after a similar crash in 2009. today in sonoma county, crews are conducting a controlled burn. expect to see a lot of smoke around sonoma mountain road at 8:00 this morning with crews with unit are landing to burn 22 acres in the area. the controlled burn should rap up by this afternoon. it will serve as training for firefighters. now an update on traffic. leyla gulen? we started off with two sig-alerts and now are down to one. it is here to stay for the next several hours.
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westbound 80, it is shut down for police activity and a fiery crash. it was blocking off harrison street but amy hollyfield is on the scene and has been reporting are there all morning and it looks like harrison has reopened. we are seeing the squeeze as folks try to make it into san francisco from the east bay. do watch out for that traffic if you want to get around this, perhaps taking the richmond and san rafael bridge could be a better bet as the minutes are piling up. certainly top speed into san rafael and the drive across the san mateo bridge is not too bad as you make it great the east bay over to the peninsula if you make it into san francisco. here is a look at the drive through san rafael, southbound 101, the tail lights are pushing to 580 and it and clear and stays clear to the waldo tunnel with fog. mike will tell us about that. >> good morning, how are you doing, leyla gulen? we have mid-to-upper 50's along
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the peninsula but woodside is at 50 so it is wild. the same temperatures everywhere until larkspur at 52 and antioch at 67. now, the winds are blowing on shore at 16 at sfo and 12 at oakland and 20 at concord and 25 in fairfield and they will be faster as we head toward the lunch hour, and especially this afternoon. that is really what will happen pull our temperatures down compared to yesterday. in fact, during the evening hours they will stay up. there it is, yeah, that is actually moisture on the lens of sfo with drizzle falling. that is the when place we had the most reports of drizzle. you can let me necessity if you run into it. temperatures are from two to seven degrees cooler than average and this isn't even the coolest day in the forecast. i will have that coming up and a heat wave in the seven-day
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forecast. next a bit are tweet day for students would survived the ferry disaster in south korea. >> the big winners so far in the world cup is the company that is being -- seeing a huge boost in the growing popularity of soccer dug the world
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iraq's prime minister is asking for the closing of ranks against the militants but this is no word of inclusiveness for the minorities. hundreds gathered at a baghdad recruitment center hoping to join the fight against militant whose is taken control of much of northern and western iraq. there have been disasterrous set backs and it is estimated there are 10,000 firefighters gathered inside of iraq. >> a tough day back-to-school for students would survived the south korean ferry disaster. students walked past the parents of classmate whose died when the ferry sank during the field trip. students asked people to never
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forget the friends and the crew be unpushed. trial began for the captain and crew. they charged with abatch doning ship knowing the passengers with like lie die punishable by death in south korea. 293 bodies have been recovered and eleven more people are still miss. we have a drought in california, people in the midwest are fighting a losing battle with nod water, fueled by massive rain. homes in one town of waterville, minnesota, have had water at their front door. in minneapolis the mississippi river is 5' above flood stage and will not drop until tomorrow. in indiana, people are cleaning up this morning after a tornado damaged almost 20 homes near indianapolis and fortunately no one was hurt. we have been focusing on the bay bridge, westbound into san francisco and the off-ramp could re-open. >> we don't have an official time when it will re-open but we do expect another couple hours
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and that is at the least but we also have problems, cap stall -- capital corridor is 40 minutes late between jack london and emeryville so land ahead for that. bart is running on time and ace train 3 and five, running on time, too, and the sig-alert we have been talking about all morning with amy hollyfield on the scene, the fifth street off-ramp is shut down and we are looking at slow downs coming off the bay bridge into san francisco because of police activity. it was blocking off harrison and harrison has reopened. if you want to get off the freeway, it is best to do it at first street. if you miss the off ramp the next best one is use the civic center street off ramp. plan ahead for that. in san jose, quiet conditions and a dark picture this as you make it away from highway 17 but no accidents and no construction to get this the way. thank you, leyla gulen, happy hump day on this
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wednesday, check owe the individualsibility on live doppler 7 -- visibility on this hutch day. our visibility is okay, although there is drizzle. here is one exception: walnut creek at 680 there is sunshine with most of the clouds headed to the afternoon and into the evening hours. cool breezes today and less sun. temperatures are well below average. spotty drizzle this morning on the peninsula and the coast, more tomorrow, and another chance on friday and high pressure rolls in and create as heat weight sunday, monday and tuesday. today we have the warmest temperatures, los gatos and goal provide and mid-80's and from 72 in milpitas to 77 in san jose and cupertino and the rest of the santa clara valley, 69 in millbrae, breezy and cooler than everyone else and redwood city and los altos are the warm spot at 76. in the upper 50's to low 60's
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and 59 to 61 is as much of a spread as we will get with more cloud cover than yesterday and mid-60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-70's to 80 through most of the north bay valley and the warmest weather as you head inlap more like napa at 81, and 68 at berkeley and alameda, and 70 at oakland and hayward and 75 in castro valley the warm spot along the east bay and in san ramon valley well start at 80 at walnut creek and drop into the upper 70's at dublin/pleasanton and pleasanton and livermore and low-to-mid 80's at concord and pittsburg and friend -- brentwood. our best chance showers is with the low with the counter-clockwise spin that will skirt up to the north. if you are headed that way cloud cover and cooler and showers. we have a chance of drizzle and maybe a random shower. by 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow, that event is over, the weak cold
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front rolls law can it will cool us off again upper 50 at the coast and wearily mid-70's and lucky if we make it to 80 inland. friday, more sun, not so breezy, temperatures the same as today and a string of 90 through tuesday and low-to-mid 80's around the bay and mid-to-upper 60's at the coast. have a great day. thank you at 6:20. much more ahead, including the latest condition of a veteran oakland firefighter injured during what was supposed to be a routine training exercise. >> first, five years later, how michael jackson's estate is making more money in death than in life.
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we will check with amy and "good morning america" at 7:00. >> coming up, extreme weather pummeling the midwest with three recorded to mades from indiana and flash flooding from texas to pennsylvania. the so verify weather is ahead on "good morning america" next. >> thank you is in 37 minutes. chris brown is leaded to court in washington, dc, for what could be the start of the trial. the 25-year-old is facing misdemeanor assault charges. police say brown punched a
6:24 am
20-year-old fan seeking an autograph after the two exchanged words outside the w hotel in downtown washington last october. the case may not go to trial according to the "washington post" because brown is reportedly in plea negotiations with the district prosecutors. >> today is five years since michael jackson died and businesses report that the estate has earned over $700ment in the time and more thanback son made since the prime of his career. mega deals include a reported $200 million record contract with sony and seven new albums and a permanent show and las vegas. >> a fundraising effort to create a women's and children's medical center is off and running in san jose and the goal is to raise $25 million to pay for an expansion at the valley medical center main campus in san jose including a breast cancer screaming -- screening center ask private rooms for mothers and babies to be
6:25 am
together at birth with an extreme artistic design the new facility with toledo nors pitching in $6 million. work is expected to begin next year and finish in 2015. >> we told you of star publics raising prices, right in some people in sacramento are not too worried after a hidden cash paid a visit to a park this. this launch hour exercise helped with an knell of cash -- an envelope of cash showed up with half a dozen winning a told of not confide $1,000. one winner did not have plans other than paying it forward. >>:25. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top story. >> next, a set back for bryan stow in his recovery from the attack outside dodger stadium three years ago. >> a poll finds governor brown in the lead in the re-election bid but it is not as big of a margin as many thought over the man you seeing, republican
6:26 am
rival. we have an off-ramp into san francisco closed this morning and officers are still here on the scene of a fatal car accident. i will give you an update next. i am leyla gulen in the traffic center, and a look at the san francisco skyway with the sig-alert that amy has been talked about, controlled chaos is the best way to describe it with heavy traffic impacting our bay area commute from the east bay with more details straight ahead. >> i found the drizzle at sfo where we have one hour and nearly 31 minute flight arrival delays. there is more drizzle in the forecast and a heat wave in the back half of it with details after the bre
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. happy wednesday. you can see the drizzle and fog, and mike and leyla gulen have a lot to talk about, especially leyla gulen.
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>> the words of the morning are "sig-alert." >> good morning, everyone, if you are just waking up, starting this half hour we are talking about the sig-alert. we have been talking about it since 4:30 this morning. westbound 80, 5th street off-ramp is shut down because of police activity. amy hollyfield is on scene and will bring us details when this sig-alert will lift and it will be here to stay. i assure you that. we have heavy backups trying to push across the bay bridge. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the meters lights were turned on 20 minutes before 6:00 so we have had a big buildup of remark and from emeryville to the bay bridge you can see how sluggish the commute is pushing to treasure island and it will be 20-minute delay headed into tran. mike? >> good news for most of us, the live doppler 7 hd not showing any organized area of wet weather but we have drizzle
6:31 am
predominantly along the peninsula and the coast and the higher elevation of east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains. you can see how come resolutioned the marine layer is below 1,500' with more moisture and it is giving it up in the form of drizzle. that is about 9:00 or 9:30 with sunshine at noon and more clouds this afternoon. 75 to 84 north bay to east bay inland, and at along the coast and 65 in downtown san francisco and 68 around the bay to 77 in the south bay. kristen and eric? >> it is 6:31. more on protect news we have cough all morning, the sig-alert on 80 caused by an investigation into a deadly chase that claimedded lives of two people. amy hollyfield is at 5th and harrison. amy? >> now that it is lighter i can show you what is left of the car. it is just a crumpled heap, a
6:32 am
pile, and officers are still working on gathering evidence at seen. we have evidence technicians gathering all they can and they will be here for a while. this video was taken after crash when an officer spotted the car in oakland and realized it was stolen so tried to pursue it. the driver refused to stop. the chase started and it was a fast chase. they weapon speeding across the bay bridge and the driver tried to exit here at 5thstreet and harrison and crashed into a weather coming off the exit burst into flames. no survivors in this crash. both ok patches were killed. >> we asked c.h.p. about the decision make process on the high speed chase. >> with a stolen vehicle you never know what you will find, there are other things going on, including warrants beside the stolen vehicle. >> all we know now it was a stolen vehicle.
6:33 am
>> we have no identification yet on the occupants. >> here is a picture of the off-ramp that closed and has been for hours and will be. i got a briefing from an officer who said they plan to open 9 rank at 10:00. there are are are self -- are sl harrison is now open. it was closed for a while. the surface treats are fine. you have to navigate your way around the area, though because of off-ramp. they have not identified the to people who were killed and we don't know who they are or why they running from police. a veteran oakland firefighter is in the hospital this morning after he was critically injured during a routine training exercise. the 55 your old 28 year
6:34 am
department veteran was hurt when the truck flipped at the oakland airport during a trillion loaded with 3,000 pounds of water and foam and rolled as he turned. >> the firefighter is one other more experienced firefighters at the station. >> he was wearing a seatbelt. >> he stab at oakland airport for seven years and is recovering in oakland at highland hospitals. firefighters showed up throughout the day if a show of support. >> a shoot last a woman dead and a man injured last night in east oakland. the woman was if her 20's and a 31-year-old hand was shot in the foot. officers gathered several pieces of evidence at seen and police have not said what led up to the shooting or if the victims knew each other. sadness in a crown city neighborhood this morning after neighbors tried but could not save a man from a burning home
6:35 am
at his home that caught fire on san tar close way. neighbors rushed to help. they knew an elderly man lived there with his adult son would was in the drive when the fire started. a retired firefighter could only make it halfway through the window before turning around. >> it was black and hard to see. our eyes remain watering and everyone was overtaken. >> victim was found near the living room close to where the fire started. >> cause is under investigation. an attorney for bryan stow confirms he suffered a stroke 10 days ago while the lawsuit against the dodgers conditioned. fox news in los angeles reports the attorney says the community is coming back okay and will be speak with him today. he will not be able to attend closing arguments in court tomorrow. bryan stow is suing the dodgers for negligence in the attack outside the stadium that last him with permanent brain injury. a doctor testifying in the trial says he reach a lat to in the
6:36 am
treatment and may never improve any further. >> a poll shows that governor brown is far ahead of the republican challenger in the race for governor. brown leads neel kashkari by 20 emergency points in the race. according to the poll brown is ahead 52 to 32 percent among likely voters and 15 percent are undecided. the poll is the first major independent and nonpartisan survey on the race since concern -- since betting the primary early this month. secretary of state, hillary clinton is coming to the bay area at part of her book tour and will discuss the crisis and challenge faced dug her four years as equity of state. show will sign copy of book tomorrow morning at book passages in the ferry building. >> officials for world cup soccer charged the top player
6:37 am
ofure guy with biting a player from italy. luis suarez bit italian defender on the shoulder at 80th minute yesterday of the game between uruguay and italy and then a minute player uruguay scored the only goal to eliminate italy. if found guilty the ban is at least two matches and up to 24 months. he has been suspended device before for other biting incidentals in four years. espn and espn two carry the world cup matches live. at 9:00 this morning nigeria and average attend on espn. bosnia-herzegovina and iran and iran on espn two. at 1:00 o'clock, honduras and swiss hand and ecuador and france on espn2. still ahead sir paul is rocking on releasing a new message that is music to the
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fans. still low clouds and fog hanging there, draped over the golden gate bridge but it will burn off, unfortunatelies though, we have had some traffic problems this morning involving the other bridge. leyla gulen will tell you more about that coming i never know what kind theof adventure awaits. that the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $329 a month.
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we are talking about traffic right now with major problems. we have at least three big crashes, the first is a sig-alert as you come off the bay bridge we have talked about it all morning and amy hollyfield is on the scene a fiery crash resulted in fatalities, westbound 580 the off-ramp is blocked. use first street as the alternate if you miss that, civic center 9th is the next one. you can completely avoid it and take richmond-san rafael which is a round about way. and in san jose northbound 880 near dickinson landing road a four-crash road is block one lane. very busy with traffic. >> good morning, everyone, we have cloud cover and drizzle in many areas we will talk about summer we veterans. the alameda county fair starts
6:42 am
at 11 o'clock, with clouds increasing at 3:00, 77, and breezy and 67 at 7:00, and 61 by the time it closes at 11 o'clock. a day game, padres and cryans at 12:45 and warming to 64 under breezes. if you are in the area, we have music in the park at 70 at 5:00 and dropping to only 59 at 8:00. around the state, north of 80, showers are possible today and probably north of chico, 75 in lake tahoe and random showers and 1308 in palm springs and sunshine and los 70 in los ange. museum coveted by san francisco is headed to a city fares far away and the force now is with. chicago. >> first, the protests that could take attention from big
6:43 am
announcements from
6:44 am
6:45 am
covering lows altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. for fans of abc, diane
6:46 am
sawyer stepping down as anchor of "world news," leaving at the end of august to tackle enterprise reporting projects for the network. she will shift to work more on investigative pieces and extraordinary interviews. dave muir will take over as anchor september 2 and george stephanopolis has been promoted to chief anchor of abc and will handle breaking news. demonstrators oppose rising rent in the city and protesting a big google technical conference and dressing up in unique gear to make sure they are noticed. matt? i got word that another protest is going to take place outside of the google developers conference here at the mascone center and you can can see there are a lot of people lined up to get into the event a starts in to hours. overnight a roast was held at mountain view campus can here are photos from a group called
6:47 am
occupy google that supported net neutrality. a citizen journalist post sad video that showed police officers arresting several people for trespassing on the mountain view campus. ten people were arrested, and they put out a call to the followers to rally outside the mascone center starting at noon today. another group is also planning a protest outside the google development conference at 10:00 this morning with security officers and union activists will dress if star wars costumes and hold up a banner of darth vader asking to support jobs and housing development. developers from around the world will network and learn and watch the newest products being unveiled. a new investigation of the droid operating system has rumors swirling. the keynote address starts at 9:00 and the event lasts through
6:48 am
tomorrow. 6:47. the finger-pointing has begun in san francisco now that star wars creator george lucas has decided to build the museum in chicago to house the personal art collection and star wars mel -- memorabelia. he wanted to build it in the presidio which was rejected by the presidio trust. and many are blaming the trust for dragging out the process for years. >> sir paul's tour is on track after he postponed self -- several dates as he had to postpone several dates because of an infection. >> feeling great. rock written and rollin'. ial! >> the tour starts july 5 in albany but we are waiting here for august 14 when he will people at candlestick which was to be the last show, the
6:49 am
farewell to candlestick but now there are more dates to make you are for shows that the 72-year-old beatle missed in june. >> trading is underway on wall street so we will look at the big board and see the dow is in positive territory up 12.5 points to 1680. >> buffalo bill bar has had long lines out the door for big games such as the usa portugal game on sunday and yesterday the company stock jumped 6 percent and it comes at a good time which is usually a slow month. >> now, we have had big track problems out there this morning, and we will see where we are. >> we take you to the east bay traveling into hayward we have an accident southbound 880 in the industrial parkway but the problem remains right off of the
6:50 am
bay bridge, a sig-alert, westbound 80, the fifth street off-ramp is shut down and it has been shut down for the last 2 1/2 hours and amy hollyfield has been reporting the details from the scene and a fiery crash that ended in fatalities is blocking harry son street which has re-opened, however, 5th street remains shut down and as we take a picture of the skyway you can see the traffic is slowly moving by making it up to the next exit which is the civic center 9th street exit. the attenuators pushing traffic to the righthappened side is causing a backup. the emeryville camera is showing slow going up to treasure island. good morning, everyone, welcome to wednesday on hump day. we have been tracking the drizzle, with delays at sfo of an hour and a half. it is 25 miles per hour wind at failed. that is the big story. small craft advisory from 1:00 o'clock to 9:00 this evening with winds at 15 to defy knots
6:51 am
bay and delta and northwest winds up to 30 knots and through 9:00 at our beaches. we will talk temperatures, we are 52 in alum rock and nearly 60 throughout the south bay and sunnyvale and los gatos and 60 is the warm spot and mid-to-upper 50's bay shore and also inland at lafayette and danville and 63 in brentwood the warm spot and 52 in bodega bay at into and 53 in novato. here is the sunshine. 101 and san rafael, we have a lot of sunshine. as the day goes on the low clouds break up and high clouds will come in, this afternoon, and the freezes keep the temperatures below average. spotty drizzle and better chance tomorrow morning and lingering chance on friday and heat wave on sunday, monday and tuesday. best chance for warmth is to the south and mid-80's, low-to-upper 70's from milpitas and san jose at 77, and 76 at los altos and redwood city and 69 in millbrae
6:52 am
and mid-60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and 75 to 81 is the spread from petaluma to napa to the north and 68 at berkeley to 75 at castro valley and upper 70's in the san ramon valley and we will look at what going to happen, we have an area of low pressure spinning right here and the best chance of showers across the none part of our state and as the tail end of the weakening cold front comes through a better chance of drizzle, maybe a spotty shower. i will be here tomorrow to get you through that along with leyla gulen and our coolest afternoon temperatures are well below average and we are back to average on saturday and above average on sunday, monday and tuesday. ahead, 15 things to know before you go. >> the morning news returns in 90 seconds. stay with
6:53 am
6:54 am
whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, seven things to know today. >> sig-alert is in effect until 10:00 this morning at 5thstreet off-ramp because of police activity after a fiery and fatal crash. we have heavy delays coming from the east bay at to minutes to head away from the maze into san francisco. >> the sig-alert shows two people are dead after the chase
6:55 am
involving the c.h.p. and dmw ended in a fiery crash in san francisco? police have not identified the two who died when the stolen car burst into flames near 5th and harrison. >> breaking news in oakland, the red cross is helping 17 people, five of them children after a fire ripped through the apartment building breaking out at 39th near international boulevard at 2:45. everyone got out. >> an oakland firefighter is in the hospital this morning after critically injured during a training exercise yesterday. the 55-year-old mitchell ow was driving a truck when it rolled at the airport. he has worked at the airport since 2007. >> there is a news conference right now addressing the disciplinary proceedings that opened yesterday against uruguay's luis suarez who is charged with biting an italian player yesterday in the match.
6:56 am
suarez has until tonight to present evidence. he could be banned for two maps or up -- two matches up to two years. >> diane sawyer is stepping down at the end of august and will shift duties to work more on investigative pieces and david muir will take over as anchor and george stephanopolis has been promoted to chief anchor of abe abc. >> the big news is the cloud cough, the drizzle along the coast, the one hour and 31 minute flight arrival delays in sfo and this afternoon a few breaks in the cloud cover at lunch and the clouds will be thicker with temperatures well below average from 59 at the coast to 84 inland. >> somewhere in this was sfo, right? >> yes. >> we continue now online and twitter and facebook and all the local devices. >> back here in 25 minutes with news and
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good morning, america. breaking now, wild weather and devastating flooding across the country. towns under water in the east, a code red called in texas. more than 40 rescue calls in rising waters, police cars submerged. dangerous lightning and hail over denver. look at that incredible sight over a soccer stadium. and the manhunt for an armed and dangerous escaped convict growing increasingly desperate this hour. this surveillance video showing him trying to barrel into a home and taking a hostage. >> he is armed and will shoot. he has ammo and he has a shotgun. >> national guard helicopters joining in the hunt right now. >> oh, dear, oh. the world cup superstar who stunned millions when he bit his opponent.


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