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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  July 2, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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help wounded veterans. >> thank you so much and thank you for joining us. >> we'll see you again at 6:00. bye for now. welcome to "world news." tonight, breaking now, tropical storm arthur, gaining strength, barrelling toward the east coast, set to become a hurricane right before the 4th. our team is live along the coastline, swimmers rescued from rip currents already. meteorologist ginger zee with a new storm track coming in now. breaking news, terror fears, u.s. authorities calling for new security at airports around the world. tonight, what are they so worried about now? the food truck fireball caught on tape, families were lined up for dinner. tonight we've just learned what caused it and the urgent warning now for anyone grilling this holiday. and wimbledon in full swing, but tonight it's not the players nor the royals who are the real stars. it's this hawk. on a secret mission. why he's swooping in tonight. watch out.
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good evening, in for diane. it's great to have you with us on a wednesday night. millions of americans are watching this tonight, the monster tropical storm growing by the hour, the radar right behind me here, churning off the coastline tonight and it could not come at a worse time. hurricane warnings going up just as we come on the air tonight. look at the view from space this evening. arthur is 450 miles wide. winds are already gusting up to 80 miles per hour or more and it's just the beginning. with the 4th of july coming, families bracing for arthur, we have team coverage up and down the coast. but first we want to get right to it. meteorologist ginger zee is tracking this hour by hour. where is it now? >> still about 400 miles from the north carolina coast that
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will be affected most. at this hour what we are most concerned about, david, would be those hurricane warnings. even a mandatory evacuation just put into place for hatteras island. so you're seeing all the cities there and the red is what we're really concerned about, 80-plus miles per hour gusts, definitely rough surf and coast tall floods for tomorrow night and early tomorrow morning. this will become our first hurricane for the atlantic season. you're watching it skirt by on the carolina coast and it goes off to the sea. much of the east coast is going to miss out. a big reason? the water temperature. you see the 80s and 90s. you need 80 degrees to fuel a hurricane. as it goes to the 70s and 60s it's going to kill it. we'll put it together in a future cast. this is how it's going to play out. it gets to north carolina onshore midnight friday. so early friday morning. then the cold front squeezes together.
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parts of washington d.c. will be rainy friday morning but drying out friday night. you know who's going to have a problem for friday night? connecticut to boston. >> we learned boston has moved its fireworks up by a day. >> absolutely, from the mid-atlantic through new england and the southeast. >> ginger, thank you for leading us off here. >> one of the real dangers as you pointed out, the rough seas and rip current. abc's matt gutman is in florida tonight and he was right there with the rescue teams already getting the calls today. matt? >> reporter: that's right, david. arthur is kurng about 100 miles that way or more. it's bringing bands of wind and rain on the sea behind me. the hidden danger is what's hidden beneath them. a high rip current risk declared nearly 500 miles of u.s. coastline from florida to south carolina. this afternoon when a drowning call came in we were with ocean rescue. >> you guys have -- >> reporter: they found someone who just got caught in a rip tide.
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like millions on this holiday weekend, folks playing in the surf. despite that sunshine, a silent killer lurked nearby. what we're seeing is basically a channel forming and that's a rip current. >> that's basically what a rip current is, a channel that forms on a sand bar. >> reporter: officials warning us today those current powerful enough to sweep even a strong swimmer out to sea. you can see the current by adding dye to the water. now you see it, now you don't. remember, if you are caught in a rip current, swim parallel to shore until you're free. but the surf and current too much for these five girls yesterday paddle boarding off fort pierce, florida, getting slammed into these rocks. >> i thought i was going to die. i couldn't breathe. >> reporter: a rescue swimmer forced to save them. rip kurtz along with winds, storm surgeries and flooding made north carolina declare a state of emergency. >> i was hoping for the best, pray for the best. again, don't put your stupid hat on. let's be smart.
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>> reporter: david, i want to show you something you can't see with the naked eye. just to the side of that pier is a rip current. the rescuers here who save about 60,000 people a year from these beaches say if you do insist on going into the water during the storm, stay close to lifeguard towers like this one. >> or stay out all together. matt gutman in florida, thank you. as i mentioned, a state of emergency declared in parts of north carolina already. the outer banks of course a very popular 4th of july vacation spot right in the bull's eye. abc's david kerley live on curry beach tonight with more on those mandatory evacuations tonight already under way. >> reporter: the first one ordered for cape hatteras and this is the entire coastline. it's under a hurricane warning tonight. it could not come at a worse time, a holiday weekend. and the businesses here along these beaches depend on these weekends for a lot of their money. so far no mass exodus. the storm expected to hit thursday night into friday morning. still people are canceling. on a normal week, a quarter of a million, 250,000 folks come to north carolina beaches.
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businesses here expecting about a 25 percent hit. as you just heard the governor say, don't put on your stupid hat. be smart. safety comes first. that's the message tonight in north carolina. >> well said by the governor. david kerley, our thanks to you and to matt and ginger, our extreme weather team on this first thing in the morning on "good morning america." in the meantime, out west in california opportunity it's a wildfire they're battling, this time in napa valley, wine country. firefighters batting the fast moving blaze. officials saying the hot dry weather making this fire explode in size. at least 200 homes evacuated already. now to the breaking headline from washington tonight. the terror fears late today. u.s. authorities calling for new and sweeping security precautions at airports around the world. there is new concern terrorists are plotting right now. i want to bring in abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight working his sources. these new security sources, what are we talking about, pierre? >> reporter: today homeland security is asking some airports overseas to expand their screening of passengers before
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flying to the united states. here's what sources say you can look for. more random screening, intense scrutiny of electronics and expanded use of bomb detection machines. >> where do authorities believe the planning is taking place, and what are they most concerned about? >> reporter: this is about fears someone could smuggle a bomb onto a plane headed to the u.s. intelligence sources say some of the innovative bomb makers from yemen -- the same people who designed the christmas 2009 underwear bomb -- appear to be teaming up with thousands of al qaeda fighters in syria. many are from western countries and they could have access, easy access, to the homeland. today a 19-year-old woman from the denver suburbs was arrested for trying to go to syria to join fighters there. >> pierre thomas live in washington. thanks. now to that potentially explosive scene from the south, the showdown near the border. you'll remember the images we showed you last night here on "world news," buses filled with immigrants headed to a processing center in southern california. angry protestors stopping the bus, forcing them to turn back. some of the passengers, mothers and children, our cameras were on the borders.
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many children came across without parents at all. you'll hear from the mayor of that town explaining why the people are so angry. here's abc's jim avila. >> reporter: in the dead of night, a border patrol bus filled with 140 central american immigrants tries again to find safe harbor. moms and children on bored fresh from their illegal crossing turned away in marietta, california. the road blocked. the immigrants were sent here because border patrol facilities in south texas are jammed. but this california town said no. >> we would have 500 immigrants potentially on the streets of marietta, which we don't have the resources to handle. >> reporter: here is what the town fears, the border patrol holds the immigrants only long enough to process them, and then as we saw first hand, releases them at local greyhound stations where they are free to go anywhere they want. >> reporter: this is an international bus station. there are plenty of buses going south to tampico and other
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places in mexico. but there is no line there. the only line is here, and it is a long one. because these buses are going north into the united states. >> ohio. >> ohio? >> yes. >> memphis. texas, louisville, kenseth. >> reporter: melissa here brought her five-year-old son on the journey, starting in honduras, then eight days on a bus through mexico, across the rio grande by raft to mcallen, texas, four nights in a border patrol processing center and then by bus to maryland. all with just one promise. show up in court today at 10:00 in the morning in baltimore. abc news was there, she was not. she wasn't at the maryland address she gave either. border patrol sources say fewer than 20% ever show up as promised. >> you tell me how many of them are going to voluntarily turn themselves in once they've been released? >> jim avila back from the border in washington tonight. that map was eye opening.
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from honduras to texas to maryland and tonight authorities have lost track? >> reporter: that's right. that's exactly the problem you point out. that's why the president said he needs billions of dollars to build more detention centers and to get more immigration judges to process these people faster. the administration also saying that the only real cure for all of this is immigration reform. >> the debate rages on. jim avila tonight, thank you. around the world and to israel and new fallout after the three teenagers were found dead, one of them an u.s. citizen. tonight an arab teenager has been found dead. an apparent victim of a revenge killing. prime minister benjamin netanyahu had already taken action, bombing dozens of sites in the gaza strip. tonight the two sides now clashing, fighting with tear gas. israel's iron dome defense system intercepting two rockets fired from gaza. to the urgent headline from the world health organization, sounding the alarm, holding emergency meetings after the deadliest outbreak of ebola on record. this new outbreak now killing
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more than 460 people across three african countries. dr. richard besser who has studied this up close on the new fears tonight and whether this deadly disease could travel here. >> reporter: we saw the deadly power of ebola first hand in uganda. a disease so dangerous, anyone going on the ward took extreme precautions. >> there's not one speck of my body that is exposed. making sure that every inch is covered is absolutely essential. >> reporter: today, the world health organization is struggling to contain this unprecedented outbreak spreading in part from trade across the borders of three african countries -- liberia, guinea, and sierra leone. there is no cure. in this outbreak, 62% of infected people have died. ebola spreads by close contact with body fluids of infected people. when i visited this ward in 2012, when the team touched a patient, they were quickly sprayed down with disinfectant. >> i have to say that there are
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few things that i've done in medicine that are as nerve-racking as going into this place. >> reporter: tonight a new fear. some frightened patients staying away from hospitals and further spreading the disease. >> the numbers are stunning. dr. besser is with us now. we've seen this spread across three countries in africa. a lot of people are wondering could it come here? >> very slight risk. you only spread this disease when you're very sick with symptoms and in that condition they would never let you on an airplane. it is possible for a hospital worker to travel here. while it wouldn't spread around the u.s., it's a world-wide problem. >> that's why we should all pay attention. thank you. we're going to turn into pictures that came in late today from los angeles. it was a wild scene, a 30-minute police chase, a spinout that followed, choppers following it all. the suspect eventually face down in the middle of the street. the officers then racing to the car to make sure no one else was inside. they say the suspect had stolen the car. he's under arrest tonight. we move on this evening. just 24 hours after team usa's
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heartbreaking loss in the world cup, america's star goalkeeper is a hot commodity. his record 16 saves and sponsors racing to sign him up. so many having fun with his newfound fame, a spot on mt. rushmore, several right there. on wikipedia he was dubbed the secretary of defense. the real secretary of defense congratulating him. he got a call from the president, too. what was discovered in tim howard's high school yearbook, what our reporter found that might have predicted it all. abc's paula faris in brazil for us. >> reporter: goalie ti m howard saved his best performance for the world's biggest stage. in spite of it all, team usa falling to belgium 2-1. howard, his voice still hoarse from that epic match. >> our heads are high because we couldn't have given anymore. sometimes you don't win, but we're proud of ourselves.
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>> reporter: amazing success for howard whose own mother once worried his tourette's syndrome would keep him from becoming a star. >> i was concerned that people who met him would not be able to see past the ticks and twitches to the person that tim was. >> reporter: with each save in last night's game howard's popularity on the internet surging. a hashtag of things he could save took off with these photos. there he is saving the titanic. and this, a look at howard's determination even before he hit the world stage. this quote from his high school yearbook. "it will take a nation of millions to hold me back." and, david, tonight as the u.s. team prepares to head home, a simple message on twitter from none other than the belgian team captain that said, hashtag respect. david? >> paula faris, team usa, fantastic, and so were you every step of the way. much more ahead tonight
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right here on "world news" this wednesday. the families lined up for dinner and then this, the incredible pictures, the food truck fire ball caught on camera. we've just learned what started it all and the warning for any family grilling this 4th of july. the one thing to check for. then tonight the big reveal here, call him the terminator or call him whatever you would like. he's terrorizing wimbledon tonight. but it's not the players. why they keep this hawk hungry on purpose. who he's after, coming up. [ding] the outdoors misses you. get back out there with off deep woods. the long lasting mosquito protection frees you to reunite with the great outdoors. off deep woods. keeps bugs off. sc johnson. a family company a body at rest tends to stay at rest...
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patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. don't take celebrex if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. next tonight to those food trucks growing more and more popular, one of them bursting into flames in philadelphia. we've just learned the cause. authorities have a warning tonight for all of us as millions prepare to grill on the 4th. abc's linsey davis tonight. >> reporter: keep your eyes on this food truck. watch, without warning, as it explodes into a massive fireball. look again. flames span the street in both rections, injuring 13 people, among them, the mother and
5:48 pm
daughter inside that truck. >> chaos. i came around the corner and saw flames coming out of the truck, saw the woman on the ground. >> reporter: police think a propane tank on the truck was leaking. it's invisible vapor ignited by the grills inside. a propane leak was also blamed for this blast during a game at fresno christian high school. but it's not just food trucks. similar propane tanks will fuel many backyard barbecues. in 2012 gas grills sent an estimated 4,000 people to the hospital. our colleague, espn anchor hannah storm, was one of them. >> a huge fire ball exploded. >> reporter: she relit her grill, igniting an invisible propane cloud. >> propane is a monster and you have to respect it. >> reporter: if your grill goes out, turn everything off and wait 15 minutes before relig relighting. always keep the lid all the way open when lighting the grill. watch what can happen when gas builds up.
5:49 pm
try rubbing dish soap on those hoses and connections. leaking gas will cause it to bubble up. just a few ways to stay safe now that grilling season is heating up. when we come back, imagine this moment on a flight. a flood right down the aisle. the cabin filling up with water. we'll show you what happened next. then the ball girl, sitting on the sideline just waiting catching not one but two lightning fast balls right after the another. you have to hear what the announcer said in the "instant index" on deck tonight. crestor lowered bad cholesterol in it's a fact. high-risk patients more than lipitor. bad cholesterol... you're going down! yeah! lowering cholesterol is a big deal, especially if you have high cholesterol plus any of these risk factors, because you could be at increased risk for plaque buildup in your arteries over time. so, when diet and exercise aren't enough to lower cholesterol, adding crestor can help.
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5:53 pm
could dry off. red sox nation filled with pride because of this ball girl lynn herman on the third baseline getting one tough foul ball. hands it to a fan. then another, catching it right there. even the announcers couldn't believe it. >> wow, i'll tell you, that's two very nice plays. that might have topped the first one. she's showing some range. >> showing some range. she did miss the next foul, but who's counting. she told us her quick reflexes getting more than 5,000 likes on facebook. add us to that. from wimbledon tonight, the fun photos from duchess kate. the usual lely reserved duchess getting into it all. grimacing, her jaw dropping, all showing the high stakes at center court. finally a smile there. when we come back here, it's more than kate making headlines tonight. the hawk terrorizing wimbledon. the one pound, six ounce terminator. it's not the players he's after. who is this hawk swooping in for, right after the break. this is kathleen. setting up the perfect wedding day begins with arthritis pain and two pills.
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for two weeks i sat up in bed because i couldn't lay down. i had the scabs all throughout the side of my head and into the upper neck region. i didn't want to do anything except go to sleep and have the pain be over. as a pilot that meant i was grounded. >> finally the eye in the sky at wimbledon. soaring in and taking aim. it's not the players he's after but something else. they attached a gps to the hawk to track his every move. abc's lama hasan frightened by the hawk, but she's still there.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: high above wimbledon's storied courts, he patrols the sky. >> my name is rufus. >> reporter: rufus, a 6-year-old woodland hawk, so well known here he's the star of his own beer commercial. >> i wake up at 5:00 a.m. every day to patrol the grounds. >> reporter: the problem? pigeons interrupting the play. that's where rufus comes in. >> his incredible talons coming towards them. they are not going to hang around long enough to see if he actually will have them for dinner. >> i weigh one pound, six ounces, the perfect flying weight. >> reporter: his weight monitored down to the exact ounce. too heavy, he won't want to hunt. too hungry he might eat the pigeons. that's not what they want. instead he's simply the official bird "scarer." up close, he is intimidating.
5:58 pm
>> you can touch him here, just on his front. >> reporter: his talons sharp as fives. his vision is so precise, if he spotted a newspaper across the field -- >> he would be able to read that headline if he could read. >> reporter: the perfect weapon -- and a guardian of those games below. lama hasan, abc news, wimbledon. >> llama was not going anywhere near rufus. you can watch wimbledon action tomorrow and all weekend long on our partner network espn. i hope you'll come back here to us tomorrow night. for diane and all of us, good night. >> we did have a little cool weather last night that helped. it's cooler than yesterday. >> the weather may be better but fire isn't out yet. we're near the fire lines as crews work to protect dozens of homes in danger. >> what is state is doing with hundreds of thousands of pounds of confiscated and illegal fire
5:59 pm
works >> it could be a traffic nightmare the closure gets underway in just a few hours. what it means for holiday travel. >> you're going to see outrageous video. an elderly man attacked in a gas station. what police are asking for, tonight. >> they're dangerous and explosives. so we've got to destroy them, properly. >> illegal fire works a costly problem california officials say is getting worse. right now about 300,000 pounds of fire works are sitting in bunker as cross california the state doesn't have room for anymore. good evening, i'm ama daetz. >> the truly busy confis
6:00 pm
time is on the 4th. >> now, they're finding commercial-grade fire works inside of cars and it's dangerous, especially in this drought. they're big, go boom. for many, they're a beloved part of 4th of july. >> reminds me of my childhood. >> christina buys safe and sane fire works but those are illegal in some communities. california has 300,000 pounds of confiscated illegal fire works >> they're explosives. >> that means sending them out of sate or incinerating. both options are costly. local jurisdictions but


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