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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 17, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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parts of the plane and bodies are scattered up to ten miles from the main crash site. ukraine security blames russian separatists for the attack and they plan to submit phone calls reported as evidence of a plot and emergency united nations meeting tomorrow. russian president vladimir putin said today, ukraine is to blame because of the unrest in that area. president obama talked to putin as well as ukraine's president right after the crash. mr. obama has directed top u.s. officials to keep in close contact with ukraine over the next few days. >> the united states will offer any assistance we can to help determine what happened and why. and as a country, our thoughts and prayers are with all of the families of the passengers, wherever they call home. >> the russian rebels are expected to call for a three-day truce with ukraine forces to let in humanitarian groups. this comes one day after the white house imposed economic sanctions against russia because of the russian/ukrainian conflict.
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if it turns out russia is involved the president will are v. to consider a stronger stance. wayne freedman has more about the crash and its implications. >> reporter: the flight from amsterdam to kuala lumpur takes more than 11 hours. it is a journey so long the plane would have landed just about one hour ago, the passengers might not even have their bags yet. instead, we have an international airline disaster with big ramifications. this is the first image most of the world saw from today's tragedy in ukraine, a plume of black smoke destined to become as iconic and repeated as lockerbie scotland or korean airlines 007 or any other airline disaster. an event playing out on multiple levels worldwide. >> horrified. i thought it was a tragedy of enormous proportion and the next step in the evolution of this conflict. >> reporter: for ukrainians, even local ones, it's the we told you so coming back to haunt. a conflict between ukraine, the
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kremlin, and russian separatists costing 295 innocence lives, a missile, likely supplied by russia, fired by separatists, a costly mistake bringing down a defenseless plane. >> my guess this came out of nowhere, no warning. >> i blame putin because i don't think separatists would have had weapons to shoot down planes without his support, without his arming them. >> reporter: but it's early. politicians especially have remained conservative with comments but you can read between the lines. >> if evidence emerges that russia was involved, that would obviously be extremely concerning. >> reporter: for now, though, we have wreckage and debris field littered with bodies we've used digital effects to blur them out and preserve digty. except for a last-minute change of plans this couple would have been among them. >> we were supposed to be on the flight. obviously, you know, something
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watching over us and say, no, don't get on the flight. >> reporter: a touch of good fortune on an otherwise horrible day. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. the crash rattled u.s. financial marks today. the dow closed sharply lower, the worst one-day drop since may. many investors shifted money into gold and government bonds, traditional safe havens in times of geopolitical instability. >> airspace in ukraine is closed until further notice. the website flight radar shows how many flight as voided the skies following the crash. stay with us for an hour-long edition of abc "world news" after this newscast. the israeli military launched aground offensive in gaza hours after a cease-fire ended. the first major ground offensive in five years. here in the bay area, dozens protested outside hewlett-packard headquarters.
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the group the jewish voice for peace called on hp to stop doing business with the israeli military. >> hewlett-packard profiting from not just what is happening in gaza, but also the israeli occupation more broadly of the west bank gaza and east jerusalem. >> hp has not returned our calls, asking for a comment. a spokesman for israel blames hamas for the violence. >> instead of having the door ep to a diplomatic solution, they closed the door so we now have to unfortunately protect our people through military. >> we hope to achieve a cease-fire, but the cease-fire can guarantee there will be no violations. >> just hours ago, ban ki-moon urged risrael to do more to prevent casualties. a road rage incident in marin leads to gunfire. 69-year-old man is in serious
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condition, happen on paradise drive. abc 7 reporter nick smith is live with more. >> reporter: good afternoon. new information, police have identified 71-year-old resident james steven simon as the shooter. he was arrested and booked into marin county jail for assault with a firearm. police tell me they do not believe simon was in fear for his life when he fired the shots. >> i called my wife, i said turn on the news, i guarantee you it's jim simon. boom, sure enough. >> reporter: eric nose the man that fired the shots that lest this man injured. police interviewed him because the man they're accusing of pulling the trigger was once his neighbor. >> he's an angry man. hostile, angry man. >> reporter: police officers and crime scene investigators swarmed the house on paradise drive after receiving multiple 911 reports of shots fired. the first units to arrived
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determined this was not a break-in as callers said but something more. >> started like a possible road rage incident. >> reporter: two marin county men became so angry, that things took a naft wsty turn. >> the garage door closed on the driver's hood. >> reporter: argument ensued, and shots were fired. >> homeowner fired the rounds at the driver, the tiburon resident, we know, shot in the torso, possibly the leg. he's in serious condition at marin general hospital. >> reporter: police have not identified the victim but confirmed they recovered a .357 revolver owned by james simon and the only one to fire shots was the 71-year-old homeowner, and the only person hit was the 69-year-old driver of this mercedes. >> trying to determine the circumstances of the shooting and the circumstances of the self-defense and really what happened here. >> reporter: what was not clear to investigators was if the victim was inside or out of his
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car at the time he was shot. >> it's unacceptable. it's scary. it's unacceptable, it shouldn't happen. >> reporter: but not surprising to those who say they, themselves, had run-ins with the shooter. >> this is my experience. i didn't have any physical altercations but i can tell you from his personality, behavior, he's an angry, little man. >> reporter: both men are cooperating and the shooting victim, badly hurt, expected to recover from his injurieinjurie. update on the bank robbery in stockton yesterday, police announcing that the three suspects intended to kill people before the robbery even began. after the hour-long chase and shoot-out, two suspects and one of three hostages was dead. police say the surviving suspect used her as a shield when officers opened fire on the getaway vehicle. the victim name is miss misty holt-singh. friends and family are remembering the mother of two as
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authorities investigate the events that led to her death. >> reporter: i stopped by misty holt-singh's home and found unimaginable grief and disbelief. her family is not ready to talk about this horrible tragedy. but her co-workers released a statement saying that she was caring and a very valuable member of their office family and that she will truly be missed. inside misty holt-singh's home her family cried in gasping sobs borne of unbelievable belief. >> just prayers. i feel really bad for paul and his kids. >> reporter: holt-singh went to the bank yesterday and moments later suspects forced her into the suv, started racing through stockton. two female bank tellers were taken hostage, they were either thrown or jumped from the moving vehicle, injured but alive. the chief says during the pursuit, the suspects attempted to ambush officers. the chase ended with a shoot-out
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on thornton. >> it was really quick, you know, everybody shooting. and it was even a police car right here next door neighbor's house, yeah. he was outside the car with his gun. >> reporter: the 27 and 30-year-old deceased suspects known as gang members. police believe the surviving suspect, 19-year-old ramos, used holt-singh's body as a human shield. >> we do not know when she was killed or struck by gunfire nor do we know by whom. >> reporter: police released new pictures of the weapons including ak-47 style assault rifle and several handguns. bullets tore through 14 patrol vehicles, the chief says, just a few inches separated officers from injury. >> it is, frankly, amazing that none of our police officers, none of the police officers were hit. >> reporter: those who knew holt-singh left flowers to show their love.
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bank of the west called the crime a tragedy, and closed the branch today. customers had a hard time comprehending the violence. >> i wouldn't know what to do in if i was in the position. >> reporter: the branch was robbed earlier this year. police are looking to see if the two robberies are connected. however it will never be robbed again. bank of the west is closing that branch down permanently tomorrow. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. a man apparently poses as a fake tsa screener, coming up, how he somehow infiltrated a checkpoint at sfo to grope two women. what we're learning about the man's background. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. temperatures and humidity down today but both going back up as we head towards the weekend. details coming up. also ahead -- why hewlett-packard belongs to meg whitman now. 7 on your side michael finney, what's worth buying at
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costco, what's better left on the shelves?
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covering all of the bay area, this is abc 7 news. a bay area business executive arrested at san francisco international airport. charged with being drunk in public. but investigators are looking into whether he groped women while allegedly posing as an imposter tsa agent. abc 7 reporter vic lee is live with the story. vic? >> reporter: well, released from san mateo county jail today on the charge of public drunkenness but investigators believed he did pat down two female travelers. they left on flights before police could interview them but the investigation continues.
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now, sources also tell us that they believe that the two were from asia and that they did not understand what the tsa policy is on pat-downs. >> i would ask for a female security guard because i know i can do that. >> reporter: claire knows her rights. the tsa says anytime they search a female traveler in the private room, they require two screeners of the same gender. it happened before 1:00 tuesday, past the tsa security checkpoint. eric checked in early for his trip to hong kong where a police source says he lives. after passing security the 53-year-old financier reportedly spent time at one of the bars. sources tell us he was wearing khaki pants and a dark polo shirt which could have been mistaken for a tsa uniform. same sources say he positioned himself behind the row of tsa screeners as he lured a female traveler into a small room where
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some passengers undergo more thorough checks. sources say they believe he patted her down. after she left he reportedly brought another woman into the room, this time he caught the eye of a real tsa agent who confronted him and detained him until police arrived. most of the women travelers we spoke with believe they, too, would probably fall for the ruse. >> yeah, you're dealing with security, right? you don't want to, you know, contradict command or an order. >> reporter: others say the real concern was the lack of vigilance by the real tsa screeners. >> how did it even happen that they could get into a private screening room? that was more worrisome they didn't know their employees. >> reporter: an international financier who works for atkis singapore, resume barclays
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bank. breaking news, a shooting involving a police officer near san leandro on 168th avenue at east 14th street. police are still getting information to us. we know more than one shot has been fired and that intersection is closed while the investigation gets under way. this has been going on for 30 minutes. we'll update the breaking news on air and on twitter abc 7 news bay area. a body discovered in the burned area of the bully fire in shasta county. authorities say that fire started when an alleged pot grower drove his truck over dry grasp a sacramento man has been arrested. right now the fire's burned 10,700 acres, it's 47% contained. cal fire said containment expected by tomorrow. one week after the fire starts. 18 structures have been destroyed, 68 others still threatened. mandatory evacuation orders have
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been lifted. the family of a stunt pilot who died when his biplane crashed during a show is seeking $20 million in damages from the federal government. the 77-year-old's plane crashed before 85,000 people during a may 4th show. his family claims emergency crews didn't respond quickly enough to free him after his plane caught fire after the crash. an attorney says he was unhurt when the aircraft came to rest but trapped. an autopsy report shows he died of severe burns. ntsb investigators found it took crews three or four minutes to get to the site. hewlett-packard named meg whitman chairman of the board. interim chair resigned this week because of health issues. whitman has been the president and ceo of the palo alto tech giant since september 2011. she became a member of the board january of that year. consumer news about costco and what is really a bargain at
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warehouse chain. >> consumer reports partnering with 7 on your side. >> you have been to costco. >> love costco. >> okay. costco has a reputation for delivering quality goods at great price. according to consumer reports, you need to shop strategically. joining costco can lead to big savings in your household budget but it's important to know what to get and what to forget when you're filling your cart. >> here in the labs we have tested a slew of costco products and found blendty that did really well. >> reporter: bring home the bacon, kirkland brand, top rated and crisps up nicely. kirkland signature olive oil another good pickup. a distinct flavor and there are things to skip, don't bother with the kirkland facial tissues. when consumer reports tested for strength, they rated just so so. grab the paper towels. testers found it had excellent
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absorbency. check in to the dishwasher labs found kirkland signature gel struggles to clean dishes. get the kirkland dishwasher packs which do better. if you're entertaining, several good choices include cuisine adventures, humus, kirkland cooked tail-on shrimp and kirkland signature vanilla ice cream which beat out briers. when the party's over, break out the kirkland signature trash bags. consumer reports says they're strong enough to handle most messes. when tallying savings, factor in the cost of membership to shop there. however, costco does have a generous return policy, accepting virtually anything every time. >> thank you. >> it's time to check in on the weather. sandhya patel is upstairs with the accuweather forecast outside.
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>> you know, earlier at 4rk 4:00 larry said i was basking in the sun. now it's clouded up. the breeze is in. i think a lot of people are noticing that it's not sticky and uncomfortable anymore. at least for the time being. drier air mass, back to the summer pattern, cooler today. that's going to be changing for the weekend. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. marine layer deepened, sitting near the coast solid at this hour. sierra nevada, thunderstorms firing up over 2,000 lightning strikes around the state, still counting. if you're heading to the tahoe area, a heads up, there is a flash flood watch in effect, includes the sierra nevada. tahoe until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. heavy rain could lead to rock and mudslides. outdoors, hiking, doing activity, keep that in mind. wind gusts to 32 miles an hour in fair field. breezy at sfo. 25. 29 in livermore, concord at 24.
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from lake ta hotahoe camera, th starting to move out of the picture. clouds now but they have scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for friday and saturday afternoon. slight chance on sunday. 66 in san francisco right now. 71 in oakland. mild in san jose. 74 degrees. 79 gilroy. look at the great sky. 70 santa rosa, napa, novato. 77 fair field. 76 livermore. low clouds from the south beach cam across the bay. cloudy and mild morning with patchy drizzle. warm next two days. it's going to get humid this weekend between saturday evening and sunday afternoon/evening hours. water vapor showing you the high to our east, low to the west, pulling up another plume of moisture for the weekend. tonight, you're fine. friday fine.
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it's still dry heat we're used to. by saturday into sunday, more cloudiness, mugginess means it's going to get sticky again here in the bay area. something we're not used to. keep that in mind, could be sprinkles here in the bay area. but not anything to change your plans over. tomorrow morning watch out for the drizzle for the morning commute. upper 50s to low 60s, mile start but slick roadways. afternoon warmer, 67 in san francisco. 75 santa rosa. oakland 71. up to 82 livermore. 84 antioch. 75 san mateo. 7 and oakland. 79 in san jose. look at accuweather seven-day forecast continue the warming trend for saturday. mid-60s to upper 80s. high clouds around. we will also notice the humidity will be higher. muggy for sunday as well, slightly cooler bay and inland. temperatures will fluctuate a few degrees up and down monday
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through thursday next week. for the time being, enjoy the break from the humidity because it's coming back, though it's going to be brief, notice it over the weekend. >> thank you. >> sure grow up fast, don't they. san francisco zoo's youngest gorilla a few months old when we last saw her. >> now celebrating her first birthday, [ female announcer ] the internet gets more exciting the faster it goes. that's why, coming soon, xfinity will double the internet speed on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet, period. [ heart beating ]
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xfinity internet from comcast. double the speed. [ heart beats ]
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ceremony ushering in a new era for the 49ers and levi's stadium two years after breaking ground in santa clara. it is open for business. $1.2 billion place is expected to become a major tourist attraction, luxury vip club, lower seating, ten feet from the playing field, right on top of players and more than 19,000 feet of scoreboards and wi-fi throughout the stadium, which is a must these days.
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niners play their first home game in new home, preseason game against the broncos sunday august 17th. >> oakland zoo home to a north american river otter named wyatt. >> cute otter. >> pretty cute. the 4-year-old furry male relocated to oakland from the abilene zoo in texas to breed with the female counterpart. oakland zoo officials are happy to have wyatt join their family it may continue to be one of the leading zoo. breeding otters in captivity. river otters are no considered endangered but the habitat in the wild is shrinking. the san francisco zoo had a special birthday party today but not for a visitor. it was for this gal, a western lowland gorilla, born at the zoo a year ago. got a special birthday cake made of ice cream and ice as well as fruits and vegetables. but like most 1year-olds, she
5:26 pm
went for the icing, took it right off the rocks there. just like human babies, she's finding her independence. >> climbing, she's active with her older brother. she's very curious and active on exhibit. she loves seeing the public. she interacts with them at some windows where the public can get up close to her. >> gorillas don't worry about feeding their young solid food. she's had to fend for her own food. still taking baby formula but will switch over to milk soon. >> the latest on the shoot joubdown of the malaysia flight.
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coming up on a special edition of abc 7 news at 6:30, the latest on the breaking news in alameda county, a fatal officer-involved shooting near san leandro. >> hear from the father of a security guard beaten and tied up in that bank of the west
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holdup in stockton yesterday. look into the local impact that the lay-offs announced by microsoft which has a major presence in silicon valley. >> the latest on the crash of malaysia airlines flight 17. 298 people killed on the flight as it headed from amsterdam to kuala lumpur. u.s. intelligence says a surface-to-air missile hit the plane. >> the united nations called for an international investigation. tomorrow at an emergency u.n. meeting security will present evidence it says will prove russia supplied insurgents with the missile. the attack comes one day after the u.s. issued economic sanctions against russia. some lawmakers have called for much stronger action if it turns out russia is involved. we'll bring you an hour-long edition of "world news" next, coverage of the crash in ukraine and the israeli invasion of gaza next with david muir. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. thank you for joining us.
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next newscast at 6:30. tonight, a special edition of "world news," disaster in the sky, the malaysian flight shot down. who did this? the fire ball captured on the horizon, the smoke seen rising in the air. tonight we're joined by eye witnesses at the scene, what they have found, the passports in the field rgs, the playing cards. what villagers saw in the sky. why was that commercial jet allowed to fly in that dangerous air space to begin with. team coverage across the globe. the crises in the midwest, the breaking news, the israeli troops and ground troops moving in. our reporters right there.


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