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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 29, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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to the ucla campus. they couldn't stop it for hours. abc7 news begins in 60 seconds.
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10 millions of gallons of water down the drain. it was all during this historic drought. a raging river quickly flooded campus sending students running for safety. good evening. i'm dan ashley. the 90-year-old main line nearly three feet in diameter burst before 3:30. the water shot 30 feet into the air as you can see out of a huge hole in sunset boulevard. and it took nearly four hours for crews to shut it out. shut it off. the water poured and soaking the newly renovated basketball court. it was a disaster. these are pictures on twitter. it also made it to the men's
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locker room and thousands of gallons was -- cascaded down the stairs. it looked like a water feature. alex michael son is on the story. >> polly pavilion, home to so many ncaa championship banners is home to a clean up. it is underwater. >> crews estimate at its height there was five to six inches of water on the floor and now they are doing everything possible to get it off before the wood buckles. >> we know the damage will be caused by standing water on the hardwood floor. >> the flow of 8 million to 10 million gallons of water near a watermain break overwhelmed the heart of the campus. water pouring downstairs and into an under ground parking lot. crews do everything they can to divert the flow away from polly pavilion and firefighters joined with students to place sandbags, but the water is too much to
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keep out. now crews are working around the clock to clean it all up. the timing is especially devastating. polly pavilion reopened in 2012 after a a $133 million renovation. >> we just got it and now it has been taken away from us. >> it is really upsetting. >> i had season tickets right in in that corner. >> as a proud ucla alum, this is personal. >> it is like watching my house burn down. i have been here so many times watching these games and supporting the bruins win after win after win. it is hard to see this happen to a pleas that is the center, the heart of ucla. >> that's alex michael son reporting in l.a. here is a live looky at the sinkhole created by the break. you can see the crews pumping water out of the hole, but it is just a catastrophe. it is gonna take a lot of time and money to fix. and look at this picture. after two and a half hours
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after millions of gallons of water went down the drain the sprinklers came on across the street. do you see them? even more water being wasted. they are on a timer, but what a shame and an irony as well. for more video and a slide show of these incredible pictures go to our website, we have a lot on there for you on what happened in southern california today. well back up here now and these are dangerous days to deliver pizza in sunnyvale. a couple of drivers were robbed at gunpoint and police and the local domino's franchise want to find out who is responsible and keep it from happening again. lisa is live in sunnyvale a with the latest. >> they are scared the robbers could show up here. that's why on a shiest that normally has two people on it now has triple that. >> i think it is scary and it is crazy and i don't think it should be going on. it is ridiculous. >> she is talking about what
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happened to two domino's delivery drivers after delivering pizza on east remington, two people pushed this driver who did not want to be identified into his own car. his manager told me what happened next. >> to get in his car. >> the kidnappers eventually left the driver with his car, but an hour later they struck again. >> had a gun, get in your car. >> this time they targeted a driver after his delivery on bay view avenue. but he was not about to give in. >> have a gun and i grab his hand and we fight. i just push him and run. >> he ran back to his customer's house and banged on the door. >> he said they have a gun and we were like, get inside. then we got him inside and closed the door and called 9-1-.
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>> they believe they are responsible for both crimes. >> drivers carry cash and it is an easy way to take advantage of them and take their money. >> the robbers probably don't realize that drivers don't carry much cash. both delivery men refused to take a day off from work today. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. new at 11:00, oakland police evacuated a boys and girls club full of children during a chase involving a woman with a gun. it happened about 6:30 at the willie keys at poplar park. police tried to pull a car over. they detained two people and recovered a gun. a third suspect took off running through the boys and girls club and was able to escape. the search continues. could the bay area in for another round of thunderstorms? here is a live look from our emeryville camera toward san francisco and north. meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking an unsettled system with live doppler 7hd.
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sandhya, interesting. >> very interesting. i went from watching the sun going down to the potential for thunderstorms. let's check out live doppler 7hd and i will show you why the right ingredients may come together as we head into the overnight hours. a lot of cloud cover and subtropical moisture continues to move in. as you look carefully here, we are watching some moisture intensifying around the point reyes area toward jenner. there is definitely a subtropical moisture trough coming from the south. there is a disturbance off the northern california coast and the combination of the two may create enough instability for dry lightning. best chance for the thunderstorm possibility is north of the golden gate. and with the dry fields, there is a fire danger. coming up, we will look at when things will quiet down. pg&e faces additional charges in connection with the san bruno pipeline explosion.
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a federal indictment accuses pg&e officials of obstructing the federal investigation. it also charges pg&e with 27 counts of alleged poor record keeping. the indictment null -- nullifies one in april with 12 felony violations. pg&e issued a response that said, quote, based on all of the evidence we have seen to date we do not believe the charges are warranted. that's from pg&e tonight. in san francisco, landlords are taking slack for taking advantage of the system. they are accused of kicking out tenants for illegal vacation rentals. now as abc news reporter cornell bernard reports there is a push to crackdown. >> how long are you here for? >> two weeks. >> tourists from brazil on vacation in san francisco. her family rented an apartment in this building from the website. critics say the landlord here is not playing fair.
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a protest was held at the building. the san francisco tenant union claims the landlord used it to evict tennants and flipped them to vacation wren -- rentals. >> they are illegal and they are not being enforced in terms of they need to get out of there. >> they say at least 50 complaints have been filed with the city about other illegal conversions. they are putting these stickers on the buildings to put the landlords on notice. there are laws against it, but rarely enforced. >> absolutely unacceptable. >> david shu wants more regulation. he is proposing legislation pour acquiring land -- requiring landlords to take ownership. >> you need to live here most of the year. you have to pay your taxes. you need to get liability insurance and play by the rules. >> sometimes it creates disturbance. >> not everyone likes sharing the neighborhood with tourists, but beth and her family from brazil say they
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are getting a great deal and a dream vacation. in san francisco x cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> you are being ordered -- >> the bomb squad and the s.w.a.t team responded when an attempt to serve an eviction notice took a tense turn. officers say when they entered the home they found suspicious notes indicating there were ks plows sighs -- explosives inside. a dozen homes were evacuated for nearly nine hours. it went on all day. there were snipers on the rooftops. it ended when they found out there was no bomb and no one in the house either. new details, a park popular with swimmers will re-open tomorrow. shadow cliff park was closed due to dangerous levels of e-coli as we reported to you. tests found the levels have dropped significantly. oakland's lake tamiscal was
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closed because of a a build up of blue green algae we reported as well. raider nation down south? next on abc7 news, reports the silver and black have been flirting with another city. what's the deal? plus drug deal on wheels. the new local app that promises medical marijuana on demand. and why is this little girl so upset? the adorable tantrum that is going viral tonight. first, here is jimmy kimmle. >> thanks. here is a sample of what we have in store for you tonight. >> it is definitely a look. if i left you as you are now, no one would ever talk to you.
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for $199 a month. considering a move to texas, or is it just a little posturing to get a new stadium in oakland? either way the silver and black is making news and faking fans and officials nervous. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live at the coliseum with the story. alan? >> dan, this wouldn't be the first time a sports team used san antonio with its home city. but some say the raiders are serious, and it is no secret that raiders' owner mark davis would like a new stadium to replace this aging coliseum. this is oakland raiders' owner mark davis on the far left with cliff branch and san antonio mayor last week in texas. davis met with the san antonio
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leaders to discuss moving his team there. >> i don't think it will happen. >> but his son-in-law works for the raiders and oakland has not reached a deal to keep the team here jie. we haven't gotten down to the concrete needs in terms of the organization, the stadium and the other requirements they are looking for. >> but they believe a plan to develop 130 acres of shoreline property including a new raiders stadium is too hard for davis to turn down, not to mention the market side for san antonio. >> we are in the 6th largest media market so i believe we will have a deal in oakland. >> he was with some of the city officials. i have nothing further to discuss on the topic. but oakland wants to discuss more, especially since it is likely to sign a deal and it expire tees end of october. alan wang, abc7 news.
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>> you can order chinese food or pizza with your phone these days, why not medical marijuana? a new promotion shows how patients can order medical marijuana delivery. they call themselves the uber of medical marijuana and right now would only operate in san francisco. they must register their pot prescription card to qualify. the app not available yet lets users select what strain they want and even contact their delivery driver with special instructions. a big sister thinks her brother is so cute she is hysterical at the thought of him getting older. >> i don't want him to grow up. he is so cute. >> it makes you cry? >> i don't want him to grow up to be 100. >> this video of sadie sobbing
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over her brother popped up on youtube. look at carson smiling trying to reassure her. this is not sadie's first break down, but it is the first time she has gotten upset over her brother's aging process. that's pretty darn cute. let's talk about the weather forecast. sandhya patel is watching maybe more thunderstorms, sandhya. >> certainly a possibility. sadie was so cute and so is her little brother. live doppler hd is tracking the weather and not only the fog at the coastline, but subtropical moisture is moving in. you can see the moisture working its way from south to north. a few drops may be reaching the ground. these returns have been intensifying which is why there is a slight possibility for thunderstorms. a potential for thunder and red flag warning in effect until 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. the upside to the subtropical moisture we have been seeing
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today, the monsoon moisture is this gorgeous sunset from the east bay hills camera. sun down at 8:21. i asked some people to watch and smap in pictures and -- snap some pictures and this is one from antioch. let me show you one september to me via twitter. this is a burst of color and lake elizabeth. thank you for your pictures. i could only choose a couple for the sake of time. keep them coming. we are watching the fog. upper 50s in san francisco and we have 60s from oakland to san jose and here is a view of the exploratorium cam showing you the foggy conditions over the financial district. 62 in napa and still mild in fairfield and concord. upper 60s. livermore is a warm spot at 74 degrees. sfo camera showing you the low cloudiness. a slight chance of thunder in the north bay and into the morning hours. coastal fog and high clouds and continued
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hot inland. here is the set up. we have been watching this remnant low. basically the stream of moisture continues to work into southern california and now central california and parts of the monterey bay. we will see the subtropical moisture and call it partly cloudy. higher humidity as well. tomorrow morning, a mild start and mid50s to the mid60. you will be seeing the fog around and a lot more cloud cover for afternoon 90 degrees in san jose and 96 in gilroy. on the peninsula, 87 in redwood city and 66 in pacific -- pacifica. 65 daly city and 70 degrees in downtown san francisco. north bay 60s coast side and triple digits, ukiah and clear lake. vallejo and out toward the east bay 78 in oakland and inland spots will be cooking again. 98 in livermore and antioch. when you add the mugginess to
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the mix it doesn't feel so great. upper 60s to the upper 90s and the temperatures dial back a little inland. as we hit the weekend our typical summertime pattern by this weekend. >> i am going throw a tantrum like sadie did. >> let us show you some of the faces of the young people who have received disney abc youth service awards to recognize their volunteer work. 10-year-old will provided a local food bank with reusable grocery bags. children 5 to 18 are eligible to receive $1,000 for the school or organization where they volunteer. the application deadline is thursday. we have more information at young people doing great things. larry beil is here now with all of the sports. >> i am not sure if the gentes hit rock bottom, but i know they can see this from here.
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the a's save their best for last.
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things were looking grim for the a's in houston. lifeless three runs and then the eruption. in his fifth start for the a's really struggled in this game. hernandez doubles to left and singleton scores. he leaves after going six and two-thirds. the a's are down in the 9th. he delivers a base hit. suddenly it is 4-3. two down and cespedes and a little blooper. is that going to fall? yes. we are tied at four. a batter later and brandon moss, liner through the shift.
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it is a 5-4 game and the a's explode to win it 7-4 and they are back up over the angels who lost tonight. it was law enforcement night at at&t park. a nice kiss from daddy. baby is fussy and so is josh hudson. you rarely see a right handed batter go deep to right field, but that one is gone. travis snyder and that's to the arcade. pirates up 3-0. michael moore is trying to find beast mode again and got it barely. clears the wall in left and giants down 3-1. the one-time giant comes back and strikes out over 11. the giants lose their 6th in a row and fall three back of the dodgers now. venus shining at stanford and the raiders, what stands between them? an impossible move
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at stanford for the bank of the west classic. venus williams played the feature match tonight, but first let me take a selfie. venus facing poland and this is all venus all the time. how about starting with the ace down the tee to win the first game of the match. second set and venus the bottom of your screen and rips the wicked forehand. no chance for her 22-year-old challenger. 6-3, 6-2 and serena plays tomorrow night. we reported this earlier. frustrated by a lack of a stadium and l.a. murky at best.
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mark davis is looking at san antonio. a source close to the raider situation told me today that the raiders see san antonio as a real possibility and not just leverage to get a deal going here. that facility lacks enough luxury suites and then davis would still have to get another stadium built there and the cowboys, texans and the nfl would have to approve such a move. and tonight jerry jones said he deeply values the san antonio fans who root for the cowboys. in other words, raiders stay off my lawn. >> thanks, larry. back in a moment.
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our next newscast is 4:theater. 4:30. have a g from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! [ cheers and applause ] tonight -- daniel radcliffe. from "rectify," abigail spencer. and music from kiesza. with cleto and the cletones. and now, i told you so. here's jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: good to see you. thank you. thanks, cleto. thank you. i am jimmy. i am the host of the show. [ cheers and applause ]


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