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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 14, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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america. >> stay tuned for "good morning america." making news in america this morning, developing right now, a night filled with tear gas, smoke bombs and violence. as new protests erupt over the police involved shooting of a teen, new video from the clashes with police. on board emergency. a rogue wave smashes into a packed ferry breaking windows, terrifying passengers. new pictures of the damage from inside the cabin. violent explosion. manhole covers ripped from the street with people standing nearby. what caused the city's sewer system to ignite. treasure trove. the million dollar discovery one woman made in her attic.
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good thursday morning. it's great to have you with us. we begin with the unrest in an american city torn apart following that police involved shooting of a teenager. >> the demonstrations turned violent in ferguson, missouri, for a fourth straight night. >> yeah, tear gas, stun grenades raining down on protesters there and the police ordering them to disperse. the demonstrators returned fire with mol toll cocktails and abc's tahman bradley has the very latest. >> reporter: another night of violent protests in ferguson, missouri. tensions still simmering days after a police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager last saturday. demonstrators threw molotov cocktails and other objects at police. officers responded firing tear gas. were you in the front line. >> in the front line, yes and they just started shooting. >> reporter: while some of the nighttime protests have gotten out of hand, during the day peaceful demonstrators raise their arms chanting, hands up,
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don't shoot. that surrender sign now a symbol of so many people's anger. >> it shouldn't be no cop shooting no child. >> reporter: the chief of police is trying to turn the temperature down meeting with the family but with death threats coming in, the chief is refusing to identify the officer who shot and killed the 18-year-old. for now all the chief will say is that the officer was injured. >> his face was swollen so he'd obviously been hit or punched or something like that. >> reporter: the st. louis county prosecutor is promising a full investigation and the fbi has opened a civil rights inquiry. two-thirds of ferguson's residents are black. the virtually all white police force is working with the justice department on community relations. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. the other major story we've been watching overnight is the easing of the humanitarian crisis in northern iraq. >> yeah, the pentagon says air strikes and airdrops have helped break the siege now on mt. sinjar by islamic militants. thousands of iraqi civilians who
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had been trapped are free. the pentagon says a rescue mission which could have involved u.s. ground troops is far less likely. israel and hamas are extending a temporary cease-fire for five days. this gives both sides a chance to continue negotiating a long-term truce at meetings being held in egypt. the head of the palestinian delegation says progress has been made, but obstacles remain. now to a truce of a different kind. president obama, former secretary of state hillary clinton meeting up at martha's vineyard at a birthday party for a mutual friend. it was during that visit clinton said she would, quote, hug out any tension with the president after her recent critiques of his foreign policy. jonathan karl caught up with clinton before the big event. >> reporter: the timing for this encounter between hillary clinton and president obama here at a mutual friend's party on martha's vineyard is a little bit awkward. it comes just after secretary clinton offered some of her most pointed criticism yet of president obama's foreign
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policy. she tried to smooth things over shortly before the party at a book signing here on martha's vineyard but take a look what happened when i tried to ask her about the specifics. did you think he was handling the situation in iraq right now -- i mean would you be doing it differently? >> i'm excited about signing books. >> reporter: mrs. clinton promised to hug it out with president obama, but make no mistake, if she decides to run for president, this will not be the last time that thee finds herself at odds with president obama. jonathan karl, abc news, edgerton, martha's vineyard. >> the white house said overnight a, quote, good time was had by all. the couples dining on surf and turf and dancing the night away but no word on that obama/clinton hug. the pope arrived in south korea overnight marking the first papal visit there in 25 years. greeting pope francis as he stepped off the plane were relatives of those killed in april's ferry disaster. boarding the plane in rome, the pope again carried his own
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briefcase and once in korea he hopped in a simple compact car. apparently vying for attention north korea launched a series of missiles into the sea to coincide with the pope's visit. it was a frightening ride overnight for dozens of people off the coast of massachusetts. a giant wave slammed into a ferry knocking out the engines and shattering windows right next to the captain. the boat was heading from boston to cape cod when the 20-foot wall of water struck. passengers scrambling for life jackets as water gushed from the ceiling. the ferry regained some power and slowly made its way back to boston. >> all of a sudden down from the ceiling came a couple, you know, a lot of water actually. >> it was insane. at some point i really thought i was going to die. >> we were out in the middle of the ocean and we were just all pretty scared. we didn't foe what would happen. >> the captain suffered cuts to his hand but thankfully no one else was hurt. well, another victory for gay marriage advocates. this time in virginia. a federal appeals court has refused to delay its ruling striking down the state's gay marriage ban. that means same-sex cups in
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virginia could start marrying as early as next week. the state would also need to start recognizing gay marriages from other states unless the supreme court steps in. many towns across the northeast have been completely swamped by torrential rain. >> major intersections filling up fast here in the northeast, rescuers having to wade through waist deep water to save that man trapped in his car after underestimating how deep those floodwaters were. >> the rainfall was epic in parts of long island, new york where a big cleanup job is under way this morning. more than 13 inches of rain came down in just 8 hours. setting a new record for the entire state. drivers were forced to abandon their flooded out cars and rising waters surrounded homes. emergency crews were on the move in the southwest after heavy monsoon rains there. a man sleeping under a bridge was swept away yesterday. he had to be rescued from a flooded waterway. you see him here. firefighters tossing out a rope and pulling had him to safety. and in phoenix, a car with
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children was swept into a flooded canal last night but even in the dark firefighters managed to pull everyone out safely. and taking a look at today's forecast, heavy rain and flooding in northern maine. thunderstorms over parts of louisiana and all the way to florida. the eastern two-thirds of the nation, though, will be sunny and clear. in the west, heavy rain with severe thunderstorms. in the rockies and cascades. temperatures today will be moderate on both coasts and the great lakes, but hot in the midwest and southwest with phoenix hitting 102 degrees today. well, still ahead, the family sedan that tops 200 miles an hour. plus, a radio host under arrest accused of shooting his wife. hear what he says happened on the dramatic 911 call. making history five years after his death a new michael jackson video premiering overnight. ♪ i've never done
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welcome back. well, we start our business news with what's being called the world's first family-sized muscle car. it's the 2015 dodge charger srt hellcat. the four-door has a powerful 707 horsepower engine under the hood. they say it goes 0 to 60 under 4 seconds, but its maximum speed, 204 miles an hour, just right for a family outing. put on those seat belts. lands' end is apologizing this morning to parents who got more than they expected when they bought school uniforms. after their purchase, they were sent a free "gq" magazine, the cover of which featured a model wearing nothing but a floral lei. the magazine was meant as a gift. lands' end's ceo says no
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excuses, this was a mistake. most burger king restaurants are dropping so-called satis-fries from their menus. the lower calorie french fries have been for offered less than a year. sales were never strong, though, and now only about a third of burger king restaurants are opting to continue selling them. and if you're in seattle, why not drop by the tokyodog food truck and try -- take a look at that -- the world's most expensive hot dog. a foot long smoked cheese bratwurst with toppings that included grilled onions, mushrooms, foie gras, shaved black truffles and caviar all on a buttery brioche bun for the not so small price of $169. >> decadent. >> but it's good. pop music fans got a treat overnight from the king of pop. >> michael jackson's newest video has now become the first music video to premiere on twitter. no hologram here, though. that's actual footage of m.j. from years ago. the song is called "a place with no name," and it was featured on his new album this year,
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"excape." take a listen. ♪ oh take me to a place without no name ♪ ♪ take me -- >> lots of reaction overnight on twitter. one user saying jackson is still, quote, killing it. he does have the moves there. we miss those. well, when we come back, caught on camera, an explosion sends a manhole flying into the air. new details on what caused the massive blast. plus, pencils, pens and alligators? a scare for students and staff just before the first day of school. this is a woyeah!esitating on a life-changing decision. at university of phoenix, we- we know going back to school is a big decision.
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be sitting atop the john hancock center 1500 feet in the air. >> wow, now for a look at morning road conditions. a slick ride in parts of the southwest, rockies and pacific northwest. slippery at times today in the dakotas, nebraska and the great lakes. flooded highways in northern maine, and it could be a wet commute all along the gulf coast. and if you're flying, just a couple of weather-related airport delays to look out for in salt lake city and denver. well, an ohio talk show host and businessman has been charged this morning with shooting his wife, but he claims it was an accident. >> blake seylhouwer's wife misty is expected to recover. police say he shot her during an argument in their driveway but say it's not clear if it was intentional or if he was trying to scare her. in court yesterday he pleaded not guilty to assault and domestic violence. >> you said you shot your wife? >> yes, accidentally.
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i took my [ inaudible ] out of the back of the trunk and it went off. >> seylhower has been ordered to stay away from his wife and two young daughters. he is being held on $500,000 bond. a young girl in upstate new york is nursing a broken arm this morning after a dangerous fall from an amusement ride. the 12-year-old was injured after dropping ten feet from the sky flyer ride at the erie county fair. ride operators believe the girl wasn't properly secured and boarded the ride when the person checking didn't see that the riders didn't see her. >> the girl wasn't seated and they started the ride. the girl fell out of the swing straight to the ground. >> operators say there was no mechanical failure involved in the incident. meanwhile, in a nashville neighborhood, it was rocked after a tractor trailer jackknifed triggering a huge blast. the truck carried about 8500 gallons of gas and diesel all of it leaking out. most of that fuel went into the sewage drain and set off a series of explosions. you see them there. the manhole covers flew into the air. amazingly, though, no one was hurt. it was a memorable start to the school year for some folks
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in suburban houston. an alligator decided to check out the inside of their junior high school building. for awhile the gator blocked one of the entrances. deputies eventually rounded it up and put it in the trunk of a squad car. students and teachers were at the school for registration day. some sports news now. starting with more evidence of just how bad tiger woods' aching back really is. woods says his doctors have advised him not to play or even practice golf right now. he says his back muscles need time to heal and be rehabbed. woods missed the cut at last weekend's pga championship. he's now removed himself for consideration of next month's ryder cup matches. a scary incident from the minor leagues. a center fielder colliding with the right field teammate. take a look right here. the guy in the center, unconscious for ten minutes. he suffered a concussion. both players were taken to a hospital. on the lighter side, one of them did make the catch there. as for what went on in the major leagues last night -- >> we get our highlights from
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our friends at espn. >> this is the "sportscenter" set in los angeles. he's stan. i'm neil. the a's have the best record. the royals are in a race with the tigers. man, this baseball is fine. >> the very well tanned neil. >> thank you. >> athletics and royals. jason vargas roughed up for seven runs on six hits in his last start, but that was his first start after he had an emergency appendectomy in july. >> vargas and maui where i got tan too. >> at this point he's retired 20 straight. top nine, he's retired 22 straight then he gets one more. three-hitter and a shower before his shower. as the royals win it, 3-0. stay on top. >> you heard of buck farmer? neither did anybody else until he made his major league debut on wednesday. tigers are overtaxed on their
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pitching tax and farmer, man, that's his dad. that's cool. farmer pitched well. travis snider, third home run of the series. millcreek, tweet it up. farmer five innings, four earned, four ks. bottom six tied at 4. nick castellanos off vance worley. do you mind if we dance with your dates? his night. tigers win it, 8-4. northwest league, hillsborough, walkoff walk in the bottom of the tenth to beat boise. >> yeah. >> we cover it all. >> back to you. >> up next in "the pulse," oxford dictionary is out with its list of new words, and some of them you have to see to believe. >> you definitely do. plus, lucky find. the million dollar collection of baseball history one woman had packed away for years. yeah but you'll regret it. what about him? healthy like this super smoothie. yeeeeuk! the perfect man and the perfect snack, don't exist.
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♪ welcome back. time to check "the pulse," stories we think you'll be talking about today starting with a tow truck driver from rifle, colorado, who finds himself about $50 million richer this morning. >> al, who refused to give his last name won last weekend's $90 million powerball jackpot. just over 50 million in the payout after taxes. al says he's been waking up every morning since sunday feeling like it's not real. when asked about his plans, al says he plans to take a big family vacation. >> good for him. go to disney world, baby. all right. next up, editors at oxford dictionaries have finally added a new new words. >> they really give insight into the current language trends. for instance, yolo, oxford's definition, an abbreviation for you only live once, and that expresses the view that one should make the most of the present moment. >> that's right. how about cray meaning crazy without the extra time-consuming syllable there at the end.
4:23 am
then there's the bro hug, a friendly embrace between two men. >> some of our other favorites, binge-watch. to binge-watch a series. hot mess and my favorite, neckbeard. we want to see somebody demonstrate that, tweet us. a new public relations headache for comcast. this time a customer says he was put on hold for 3 hours, 25 minutes while trying to cancel his cable service. >> that was just long enough for the customer service office to close. >> to disconnect all of your comcast service, press 3. >> pressing 3. >> i'm sorry, but our offices are now closed. our regular business hours are weekdays from 8 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and saturday -- >> that's how long i've been on hold, and they're closed. >> if you'd like to use any -- >> i'm pissed. >> comcast has since apologized. by the way, he called the next day and was able to get his service canceled within 15 minutes. >> come on, man. sometimes you just want to get rid of your cable service. pull the plug. >> he was very patient. all right, now to a grand slam for a woman
4:24 am
hanging on to some hidden treasure. it's been in her family for generations. >> she inherited a collection of old baseball cards dating back to the 1870s. they came from her great, great grandmother who ran a boarding house for players in boston way back when the red sox were called the red stockings. the pbs program "antiques roadshow" says the cards are worth a bundle. >> for at least $1 million. >> are you serious? >> the expression on her face. >> love her expression. they are serious, but despite the million dollar windfall, the owner says she has no plans to sell them. keeping them where they've been all along, in the family, but maybe not in the attic. so there you go. they are beautiful. we've been admiring the hairstyles all day, look at those 1870s red sox. well, for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, we'll be back with the 99-year-old sprinter. >> you won't want to miss this woman.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, i am katie marzullo here for kristen this morning. >> happy to have you. >> is this saturday? >> not saturday. yet. or i would be asleep. >> good morning, everyone, nice to see you, katie. here is what is going on: high pressure will move in and compress the marine layer. the fog developing in the north bay. quarter-mile at santa rosa and the 101 stretch is foggy. the rest of us have clear conditions and it will be clear quickly. but it will be hazy. most of us are around 70 or 80. inland eastbound is where it is
4:29 am
warm, 86 to 91 and coast and san francisco 63 to 69. leyla gulen? >> so far, so good, good morning, everyone, as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza the cashpayers are loading up on both sides. fast track through the middle is not too bad. we have an accident in san jose. if you are traveling along northbound 680 an overturned vehicle on the shoulder. it happened an hour ago. they are in the clearing stages of the accident southbound 680 from milpitas at 880 and 101 with no delays. we have breaking news. c.h.p. investigating a fatal car crash in santa rosa southbound 101 around 12:30. the driver is a man in his 30's and he may have been drinking.
4:30 am
a witness says the driver unexpectedly veered off the road and plowed into a guardrail before hitting a tree. he died at the scene. c.h.p. has cleared the scene. a controversial sex education become will go back to the publisher to take out references to bondage and other material that parents find objectionable. the school board made the decision in a crowded meeting. the meet was late into the night and the school board decided to send the book back to a publisher to write a more high school-oriented text which was written as a college textbook. fremont would be the first high school direct to use it but some objected to much of the content in chapters on sex talking about sex boys and bond acknowledge -- bo


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