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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 15, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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hours to get here from alamo. >> san francisco! >> the show started when they were sitting in their car. >> as we made our way along the road that runs alongside the candlestick, we followed it until we heard the encore. >> the show ended after midnight. it was traffic horror again. >> we did not move for two full hours. so it was two hours and 45 minutes to make this one-minute drive from candlestick back to redwood city. >> police chief greg sur says he
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had the same number of officers as he does on any wbig 49er gam in the same number of controls. but he said the concert contributed to the gridlock, when many leave when it's over. >> by all estimates, this is just a great show and nobody left early. so when 60,000 people all leave the same place at the same time, you get what you get. >> reporter: ticket holders said the parking lots were filled early, but sur says many of the concert goers were unfamiliar with the other on-site lots. >> when you're unfamiliar and it's dark and you think you have to get closer to the stadium because you're late, it was everything exponentiated and made it the problem it was. >> it just didn't really seem like they had their act
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together. ♪ >> dick lee, abc, 7 news. now, the 49ers are trying to make sure the traffic for their first ever pre-season game at levi stadium sunday isn't a repeat of candlestick. today parking attendants met at the stadium to get instructions on this weekend's game. they all made sure they knew the niners plan for getting two and from the stadium. there are changes coming to santa clara to help ease the traffic all in time for the 49ers first game at levi stadium. >> we have listened to our riders and we have made a few changes that we hope will make the ride more smooth and more comfortable coming into the stadium on sunday. >> public transportation is looking to make sunday as stress free as possible. improving traffic signals, extending traffic times and lengthening the service from designated stations.
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>> some people may see them directly. some of them may not see but should feel the effects. >> reporter: additional trains and shorter wait times partly because of this pocket track, a third track that will allow them to store three three-car trains holding as many as 150 people, giving them extra space to move people neatly after the game. parking was an early problem, too. 30,000 spaces were supposed to be available, but some fans stopped looking for the lots, adding to the traffic congestion nightmare. this time levi stadium says they're ready. there will be 21 parking lots dedicated to fans making the drive. on sunday, unlike last time, great america will be closed adding an additional 3,000 parking spaces. more places to park and more room on trains. >> and you do know whether or not the 49ers win, all depends on you? >> oh, boy. i'm not sure i'm ready for that pressure. >> reporter: a new stadium, new
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route, new parking places. we understand it can be a bit overwhelming. that's why we provided the information you'll need to get here safely on sunday on our website at in santa clara, nick smith, abc 7 news. >> thank you, nick. the humane society wants your help tracking down these people. they dumped about 100 cats in a nevada facility in the past 18 months. in surveillance video, this is their suv when they left behind 2100 cats. it's not illegal dumping them off, but breeding them is irresponsible. >> they have a lot of cats that are not spayed and neutered, and they keep breeding them. unintentionally, probably, but what it means now is our shelter is overrun with cats and kit tens. >> the shelter is now taking care of twice as many animals as usual. it has put a strain on the humane society's budget. they don't euthanize their cats
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and it could take several months to get them adopted. that's why the adoption fee of $100 has been waived for the rest of the month. they're asking for a sweeping view of the oakland park disciplinary system. >> reporter: we're live in oakland now with the details. >> reporter: district judge shelton henderson has been overseeing reform at the police department for more than a decade now. but he says those reforms should not be considered anywhere close to complete. they have disciplinary cases against police officers are regularly overturned. during a 2011 occupy open demonstration, military veteran scott olson was hit in the head with a non-lethal bean bag. when a crowd gathered to help, robert roche gave tear gas canisters to the crowd. he was kicked off the force, but in a repeal, was reinstated last month. in the last two years, 16 disciplinary cases have been repealed to an arbitrator.
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nearly half were overturned. five others had their punishments reduced. the u.s. federal district judge says there's something wrong when they handle these cases so many are being overturned, so he's ordering an overhaul. he says just like any failure to impose appropriate discipline by the city administrator, any reversal of appropriate discipline at arbitration undermines the very objectives of the reform program. it's an order the oakland police officers association supports. >> i think it's long overdue. i'm disappointed that the city itself didn't have enough in o introspection to do that review themselves. >> a comment from the mayor's office and the police chief's office have not gone answered. according to the city attorney's office, they'll be reviewing the way they present these cases at arbitration so they can see if they can make any changes. reporting live in oakland, abc 7
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news. now, you're looking at a dramatic cell phone video provided by it shows a stolen taxicab being driven the wrong way. they suspect a carjacker being responsible for two car crashes. she was arrested when the cab finally stopped after clipping a van. this is a look at the damage from that accident. martinez police believe the woman driving the cab carjacked its driver outside a store on escobar street at 8:15 this morning. here's a bird's eye view of what the proposed campus arena for the warriors will look like. the original design for the billion-dollar facility has a place to off-center just off the park. the warriors hope to have the arena built in time for the 2018 basketball season. the team has played in oakland since 1971.
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the sketch was unveiled yesterday after a meeting with the mission-based senior advisory committee, which is a neighborhood group. united. we'll never be divided. >> hundreds of california groups demanded a freeze in interest rates. they want the freeze to last through the 2015-'16 school year. this morning's march ended at the office of janet napolitano. student activists fear they'll raise tuition due to shortcomings in the tuition's budget as they've done in years past. berkeley had a water main break this morning. they used a bucket to water their plants. a pipe burst on grant street near berkeley high school. about 40 customers lost water pressure. the fire department reported flooding in one home but damage was minimal and the water was mostly in the garage.
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what we need is water falling from the sky. i don't think we'll get too much of that this weekend. >> no. spencer christian is here with our accurate update. spencer? >> we can't count on that. we can, however, count on more beautiful days like this one. it's stunningly beautiful here in the bay area. we've got sunny skies all across the region. some low clouds along parts of the coastline, but mainly north of the golden gate. we do have a little finger of fog pushing through the golden gate right now. here's a live view from abc 7 looking at blue skies over the bay, or at least looking in this direction. 68 degrees right now. carlos 79, 80 in gilroy. there you can see that little bit of fog pushing through the golden gate, but otherwise clear conditions, sunny skies above. 80 degrees, 79 in napa, 86 nevada, fairfield 92, concord 88. this is our first forecast as we check out conditions at sfo.
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you see fog building in the background near the coast there. we'll see some fog and more fog developing during the evening hours. then early morning some lingering patches of fog. and by afternoon tomorrow, mild at the coast, warm ip lanland, y skies. more of this to come and i'll have more for you. >> thank you, spencer. i'm lillian kim live in san francisco where thieves stole 18 ipads from an elementary school. i'll have that story coming up. also coming up, a look at the new app that combines two favorite cell phone activities, self selfies and texting. what a 13-year-old girl accomplished today that's never been done before. fiblg fmichael finney is ta your questions on twitter and facebook. he's going to answer them here live. you can contact michael at
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it helped me a lot. comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide.
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some san francisco teachers returned to their school and discovered an unpleasant, really mean summer surprise. >> thieves broke in and stole some expensive electronics they use to teach their students. but it appears the burglars were caught on tape. >> lillian is looifr at the
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school with the story. lillian? >> reporter: thieves caught at their most vulnerable. teachers are in and out and doors are often left unlocked. security cameras mounted throughout the k through 5 campus captured images of the thieves. there are four total, but two walked away with one teacher's prized possession, 18 ipads gift ds gifted to her by an outgoing teacher. there were other parent-teacher meetings going on yesterday, so the school staff said seeing four young adults walking through the hallways did not appear to be anything out of the ordinary. after reviewing the security video, the thieves tried entering as many classrooms as they could. by the time they left, a teacher's wallet and 18 ipads were missing. a third grade teacher in fulton was heartbroken to return to her classroom to find the ipads gone. >> the things we could have done with that, the sharing possibilities between the classrooms, you know, like six
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to each classroom, and we could have really spread it. someone spread yjoy ask lovnd l us and then somebody took it from us. >> resources are very low for us for sure, so this gift is -- it's so sad. i think if the robbers understood one iota what this school has tried to do over how many years, to take something that was such a huge gift to us, i would hope they would want to return them. >> reporter: about 70% of the students at glen park school are on free or reduced lunch, so ipads and having access thoo th are a big deal here. the school is now appealing to the community, hoping they can be replaced. a west sacramento man is recovering after spending five days lost in certificasierra wid or money. mark vigil got turned around
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after fishing last week. he admits he made a few mistakes as he tried to find his way back. he finally decided to stay put. he built a shelter and spelled out "help" in pine needles. >> i made my "help" kind of like tom hanks in "castaway." i heard helicopters on more than a few occasions, but they were in the distance. you get emotional, hey, they're going to see me, and then nothing. >> he didn't think he would make it out alive. he carved notes to his family on a log. but last sunday rescuers finally found him after spotting his s.o.s. sign. he said seeing them was quite a sight and he plans to buy them several rounds of beers when he gets the chance. car enthusiasts are still buzzing today over a record price somebody paid for a vintage car in carmel. this ferrari sold for $38 million at an auction yesterday. it's the highest auction price ever paid for a car.
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the ferrari was originally owned by french racer joe schletzer and it was used in the 1962 automobile race. only 39 cars like it were ever produced. the previous record price for a car was 30 million for a 1930 mercedes benz. check out what some san francisco developers came up with. it combines two favorite cell phone activities, selfies and texting. users just snap a picture of themselves and use it to crop and trim their face skrjust lik that. within seconds they can send a personal emoticon. >> it got pretty boring sending the generic smiley faces. >> users can use the app to take pictures and send emoticons of
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many things, not just fair thfa. right now emoji is only available for i phoniphones and. >> spencer, what's up for our weekend? >> the sun is really smiling on us today and it will throughout the weekend. this is a great weekend for outdoor activities, recreational plans, travel, whatever. we've got sunny skies across the bay area right now. just a few areas of low clouds developing along the north coastline, and some pushing lightly through the golden gate right now, as you can see in this view from the golden gate. just a few clouds above the gate there. temperatures and wind blowing nicely. we'll see temperatures increasing overnight around the bay and near the coast. it will be mild to warm the next few days and we'll have a steady pattern of sunny skies in the afternoon and mild days into next week. the radar image shows low
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pressure center to our north, a center of high pressure offshore to our west, and the combined circulations around those two systems producing a steady sea breeze for us right now, a light and gentle sea breeze. this high pressure system, more importantly, is going to produce no weather worries this weekend. of course, there is concern, obviously, about our continuing drought, but as far as weather interfering with any plans you may have, no worries this weekend. high pressure will carry you through. speaking of through, the week ahead will see high temperatures peaking tomorrow at a high of about 89 or 90 and dropping off a few degrees into sort of a steady pattern that will not go one way or another a few degrees the next few days, and that's what the entire bay area can expect in terms of an area of highs the next few days. overnight look for fog near the coast. low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s, and then tomorrow, south bay, sunny
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skies, warm conditions, highs reaching 89 in morgan hill. 80 in redwood city. mid to upper 60s on the coast. 66 in the sunset. in the north we look for highs of 81 in santa rosa arñ samoa. and inland east bay will have highs in the upper 80s to around 90 in antioch and fairfield. notice a steady pattern. highs around 88 degrees inland sunday through thursday. perhaps bumping up to about 90 on friday. upper 70s to about 80 on the bay and mid-60s on the coast. you can't ask for or even expect a steadier pattern than that for midsummer. it's just going to be lovely. >> gorgeous. it's going to be 100 degrees this time of year. thanks very much. . up next, seeing justin
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timberlake was pretty cool for one san jose boy. a moment of his concert he'll never forget. and new after 4:30, a global
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. after i dump this bucket of ice on my head, i get to nominate three new people in the challenge. >> microsoft founder bill gates not only accepted that challenge from facebook's mark zuckerberg, gates set out to outdo that challenge in the ice bucket challenge to contribute to als. this video of gates going to the drawing board to build the ultimate ice water dunking machine, gates also issued three more challenges. ryan seacrest and chris anderson, consider yourselves challenged. you have 24 hours.
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good luck. >> only bill gates would have this contraption, right? the latest innovation, low-tech as it is, it did work extremely well and left him drenched. calling out a bunch of folks, right? >> yeah, and speaking of being drenched, we're going to see you being drenched a little bit later. >> allen last night gave us the challenge. sandy takes the challenge at 5:00, i take the challenge at 6:00. we're all part of it. justin timberlake is one of many celebrities that took the ice bucket challenge. >> he's also known for making his concerts unforgettable for fans and this happened for julian this week. >> julian has autism, and his mother took him to see justin timberlake. she was nervous to take him thinking other concert goers
4:27 pm
would take to him negatively. >> someone in the audience saw him and brought his attention to justin timberlake and this happened. >> julian, this is for you. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday -- >> that gives me chills. >> isn't that the sweetest thing? 20,000 fans were singing to julian, a moment he'll never forget. that was cool of justin timberlake to do that. >> just the littlest thing can be a big deal to someone. the risk of contracting west nile virus is higher than normal. a winning series for a 13-year-old phenom from philly. are animal
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there you go. it at us. so it's kfc night. [cheering] last week we hosted. yes, this week the kids invited us to their place. sorry i was late. i had a little trouble with the rope ladder. he fell twice. but look at all this food we've got. yeah we got this delicious kfc meal and they threw in 2 extra sides for free. for free! and i love what you've done with the drapes. are those your bedsheets? [laughing] ♪
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clark county officials say the risk of west nile virus is higher this year. >> already 25 people have tested positive for the disease. we're live in mountain view which is scheduled for fogging next week. >> neighbors in this area said they were getting a lot of
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notices about the fogging. they didn't understand why and then they heard about the fivex new cases. mosquitoes infected with west nile arrived in the bay area in 2004. people have been sick with the virus since. recently three men and two women all over the age of 50 tested positive for the virus in santa clara county. two of them suffered encephalitis and required hospitalization. >> you'll get things like a severe headache, you'll have fever, of course, and you may have what with it. >> they've found several dead birds this summer. >> we've had a record season for the number of dead birds, the number of positive birds, and we still have six weeks of the season ahead of us.
4:32 pm
>> it was contracted in mountain view, sunnyvale, carroll, parts of san jose. as a result, vector control increased the number of foggings. >> we're up to 16 already this year. >> that's more than five from last year. >> concentrating the water sources for the birds and also the mosquitoes, and so when they get more concentrated, they transmit the virus faster. >> a small amount of standing water can breed a mosquito colony in less than a week, so health officials recommend diligence. >> i don't have a lot of water products around me, a pool, pots of water, that kind of thing. >> they also recommend using repellant and covering up if you go outside around dusk or dawn. >> in mountain view, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. more protests are under way in ferguson, missouri after the release of the name of the police officer who shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old michael brown. >> police also revealed
4:33 pm
surveillance video and details about a nearby robbery moments before the shooting. brown is accused of being involved, and that sparked a fierce response from the community and the brown family. >> abc 7 news reporter marci gonzalez is live in ferguson with the day's developments. marci? >> reporter: they started off by releasing the officer's name. they hoped it would relieve some of the tension out here, but that has not been the case. >> and that is wrong. we want the truth to come out. >> reporter: reaction in missouri today to this. surveillance images just released by police of a strong-arm robbery at a convenience store saturday. the police report saying the suspects were dorian johnson and michael brown, the unarmed teenager shot and killed by an officer. but police say the officer did not know they were suspects when he stopped the teens from walking in the middle of the road. this woman describes part of what she says happened next. >> he turned around, put his hands up like this.
4:34 pm
the cops could see that he couldn't shoot and told him to lay down on the ground. >> police wouldn't say what led him to shoot, only to say he was hurt in the encounter. they finally released that saefr name. >> the officer who was involved in the shooting of michael brown was darren wilson. >> questions today by protesters. >> it's not like he had to release his name. all of a sudden, these photos come out. it's like he's trying to distract us from the killing. >> the head of the highway patrol now in charge of securing ferguson responding to that frustration, urging peace in this community that has already seen so much violence. >> i can also tell you that in our anger, we have to make sure we don't burn down our own house. >> reporter: and the attorney for michael brown's parents released a statement today saying they, too, are outraged, accusing police of trying to assassinate their son's
4:35 pm
character. we're live in ferguson, missouri, marci gonzalez, abc 7 news. al gore is suing the news network for holding tens of millions of dollars it owes him and other shareholders for the $5 million deal. that money is currently located in an escrow account. gore and his business partner founded it in 2005. every year a little league world series turns the spotlight on some very talented kids who play baseball not for money, but for the love of the game. >> and this year a star in the making has really stood out, and not swrjust because of a blisterback ball. >> telling someone they throw like a girl has new meaning.
4:36 pm
the pitcher in philadelphia did it again. she used her 70-mile-an-hour game pitch in a shutout. jamie jumped out to an early 3-0 lead after they questioned a deep three-run homer in the first inning. that's all the run support davis needed. she struck out eight and allowed just two hits over six innings. >> it always feels good to have a couple runs on the board in the first inning. >> the right-hander has been the talk of williamsport this week. just the 18th girl to ever play in a little league world series. >> when you watch her, it's like she don't let the boys intimidate her. >> players in texas said they prepared for davis' heat by taking pitches from high schoolers. but they don't care the fastball is coming from a girl. davis is taking all the attention in stride, joking around in interviews and dancing for teammates in a usa
4:37 pm
promotional video. her mom says she's proud of the way her daughters handled the media spotlight. >> the media wanted to get to her at one time, i thought it was too much for her, but she's all good. >> davis' honor student says she's used to being the only girl among the guys. z >> i played all basketball and soccer with the boys, and i decided to come on saturdays and we started playing beef ball and i started getting better each time. >> karen trav ers, abc news. a globetrotting challenge. the message one man is spreading by using a rubik's cube. q and a is just ahead. i'm still texting your questions on twitter and facebook. you can contact m me @michaelfinney. pushing through the golden gate right now, and it will be pushing a lot farther inland and
4:38 pm
will become widespread overnight. i'll have the ac krr krrkaccuwe forecast tonight. >> you can see the highway with lots of cars. people are still trying to get to the paul mccartney concert. i'm just kidding. not too bad. if only it was like this yesterday heading down to candlestick
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a pride of lions to the rescue. a 10-year-old girl shot cell phone video showing adult lions rescuing a cub from a moat in the zoo in miami. you can see how her mother pulled her by the neck and out of harm's way. >> the father is there, too. the whole family came around. that's the thing about lions. they're a social animal, so they're very drawn to protecting the family. >> they don't know how the cub actually got into distress. she tells us after she got done recording, the young lions licked the cubs and made sure everything was okay. a harvard graduate made this rubik's cube showing people all over the world playing with it. each got to make one move. she came up with the idea after seeing the violence in the middle east. he wanted to find a way to show the similarities we all have instead of focusing on our difference all the time.
4:42 pm
there he is making the final move, a simple remirnder that working together can solve some of the world's most common problems. all right, we have to check our weather for the weekend. >> christian is here with the forecast. >> it just occurred to me i never got to the final move. maybe my final move but not the final move. here's a look at what's going on with our weather. sunny skies over the bay area with the exception of low clouds building in the coast and pushing into the golden gate. we've got some great weather coming our way, and here's one example this evening. at&t park, game time 7:15. it will be mostly sunny. a few clouds around. breezy. pleasantly mild. 66 degrees to start the game, dropping to 55 degrees later. here's a look at the national weather picture tomorrow. 48 in particular areas. thunderstorms up along the north coast there -- north border is
4:43 pm
what i mean -- border with canada, otherwise a pretty quiet day weatherwise. over on the west coast and through much of california tomorrow, sunny and warm conditions. warm to hot expected in the interior sections of the state. here in the bay area, we'll have a lingering fog on the coast, sunny skies over the bay tomorrow. upper 80s to near 90 inland. a lovely start to the weekend. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead here on abc 7 news at 4:00, it was anything but sweet. what the restaurant is now saying about a tea that sent one woman to the hospital. plus -- >> when i found him, he was screaming. >> a mother's warning for other families after her two-year-old's eyes were burned. we're all asked to conserve water in this drought, but what if you were required to keep your lawn green?
4:44 pm
does your landlord pay the fines
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a cdc scientist is being blamed for the accidental shipment of a vial of the deadly berkeley virus. information released today said a scientist rushing to get to a meeting accidentally cross-contaminated a speciman of a berkeley virus with a dangerous drink in january. the drink was sent to two labs where unsuspecting scientists worked with the vials for months before it was discovered. nobody became sick, but workers who knew of the mistake didn't notify supervisors until six weeks later. a georgia family is getting the word out about the possible dangers of those colorful laundry detergent pods after their son was nearly blinded by one. two-year-old easton hatfield suffered burns of 80% to his eyes when the pods burst. his mother doesn't know how it happened exactly, just that easton had to climb on top of the washing machine to get them. >> when i found him, he was screaming, just screaming, and
4:48 pm
he was wiping his eyes and just trying to get it out. >> doctors say the hatfields did the right thing, quickly rinsing easton's eyes with water and not rubbing them. this isn't the first time we heard of an accident involving detergent pods. a florida infant died after he ate one last year. a utah woman who drank tea laced with poison is showing little sign of improvement today. jan harding suffered severe burns to her mouth and throat after drinking a tea laced with a highly industrial cleaning solution sunday. this happened at a restaurant near salt lake city. the restaurant has now admitted that a worker mistook the cleaning powder for sugar and accidentally mixed it in the tea dispenser. he is talking about it on "good morning america." >> the terror in her eyes, and i looked down and said, i love
4:49 pm
you. she couldn't really talk at that point. she just mouthed, i love you, too. >> he says if something good can happen in this incident, like new safety measures, then it will all be worth it. michael finney is here answering questions sent to him by facebook, twitter and e-mail. first up is a great question. michael k. e mailed, i rent a house and the contract said i must keep the lawn green regardless of water restrictions. do i have to pay the fine or does the landlord? >> that's a great question. this is a whole krarea of law that's really popping up right now. we're getting a lot of questions about this. let me start out by telling you if you're in a homeowner association, by law they're no longer allowed to charge you fees if your grass goes green. next week we're expecting another law that says you can drag out, pull up all your grass and plant drought tolerant, and homeowner associations have to deal with that.
4:50 pm
different cities and counties have a different set of rules, and that brings us back to your contract. under contract law, there is a thing called frustration of purpose, and that means things have changed since you signed the contract. what changed is the city and county is probably telling you not to water your lawn. so that contract or that portion of the contract has been frustrated. you need to talk to an attorney about this or you could end up spending a fortune. get some advice. wendy j. asked on facebook, do i need to belong to costco to buy their alcohol? don't you have to belong to costco to buy anything? >> i love this question. yes, no. here's what it is. you can buy hard liquor at costco without having a costco card. what you have to do -- what it is, it goes back to all the old laws where you weren't allowed to join a private club and go
4:51 pm
in. that's how far back it goes. you go to the counter and say, i'm here to buy alcohol. if they know about this rule, they'll give you a little card that says, i'm allowed to buy alcohol. only hard alcohol, not beer or wine. >> whiskey but not mnm's. i'm all for saving money, but i'm also worried about getting scammed. >> go to you need to figure out which is a scam and which isn't. next, sea world responds to critics to the new multi-million-dollar plan the park has for the new shark house. soccer mania in the city. how some of the best players are taking part in a
4:52 pm
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utes could save you fifteen percent or huh, more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know the great wall of china wasn't always so great? hmmm...what should we do? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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storn r. here's tonight's prime timelineup. alma and i will be here for abc 7 news at 8:00. a frightening sight in southern california. check this out. a great white shark was spotted near a swimmer off manhattan beach yesterday. look at that, how close. los angeles fire department lifeguards say it was about 7 feet long. paddle boarders, surfers, jet skiers before it left for deeper waters. they monitored the shark for 45 minutes and did not issue an advisory. officials say there was no risk to the public saying the young shark was not aggressive. >> but it gets your attention, doesn't it? >> yeah. wow. a controversial film has forced sea world to make some big changes. >> today the park manager made an announcement of how it will tr train its killer whales. >> ladies and gentlemen, the
4:56 pm
blue world project. >> a dramatic unveiling at sea world's san diego theme park today. a mural shows how they plan to build a new killer whale tank there by 2018. later they'll do the same in san antonio and orlando. they are more than half the size of the tanks that currently hold their orcas. it allows them to swim against moving water. >> today's is nothing less than revolutionary. >> it comes two days before sea world plunged to its lowest level, reporting low earnings and lackluster attendance. people are unhappy about the way they treat their whales. they're introducing the blackfish and the boycots have hurt its business. they told the tale of a killer whale at sea world linked to three deaths during his 30 years of captivity, including the death of sea world trainer don
4:57 pm
garceau in atlanta in 2010. outrage has also led california to entertain a law that would ban orca whales for entertainment. while sea world says its plans will transform the way its parks handle killer whales, animal rights group peta isn't impressed, issuing this statement. this is a desperate drop in the bucket move to try to turn back the hands of time. a bigger prison is still a prison. sea world is also pledging $10 million in matching funds for ocean health research. the company also planning to form an independent advisory council. kirk hawkins, abc news, los angeles. and thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> their heart is in the right place, but it really isn't a responsible thing to do. >> she's talking about this. what we're learning about people abandoning cats outside the
4:58 pm
humane society. plus, a stolen orange attacks goes flying down the freeway and going in the wrong direction on the east bay. the joyride ends with not one, but two, crashes. and memorable for the wrong reason. for many fans the paul mccartney concert will go down in being stuck. >> we did not move for two and a half hours. >> police explain what led to the traffic mess. this is abc 7 news. it's happening in the dead of night and all too often. surveillance video captures someone dumping cats at a shelter in nevado. now the humane society is overwhelmed. >> shelter officials are trying to identify who is dumping these cats, though they say it's not illegal. they certainly want some answers. wade freeman is live in nevada with the story tonight. wayne, awfully strange.
4:59 pm
>> it's strange and unusual and a little bit twisted. it's happening right here where i'm standing. thls t this is the back door of the marin humane society. the last time it happened, 5:00 a.m. monday morning. they got it all on video. >> the unidentified people on this video might call what you're watching an act of love. it's 5:00 a.m. monday morning. they arrived in a minivan and hauled crate after crate full of cats and kittens. 24 of them this time. it is surreptitious but not illegal even though this video shows them dashing off in a hurry as if they were. >> unfortunately, we were not able to get the license plate off the video we have. we would like to track them down and talk to them. >> for ashley kinney who runs the humane society, it's a problem. they they love animals here, but after four dropoffs of cats in the last four months, it's leaving them strapped for food and money for medical care.
5:00 pm
>> a couple notes that say please find homes for these cats. >> notes that read in part -- >> a neighbor down the street had a stroke and had to be placed in a care facility. >> do you believe that? >> i'm not sure. >> reporter: so here's what they know. many of the cats are kittens and most appear to be related, which means no spaying or neutering has been going on. someone somewhere has an obvious affection for cats and a lot of them. they love them enough to drop them off where people will care for them, at least, but who are they? >> it is a mystery. we don't know where they're coming from, out of county, in county, down the street. have no idea. >> reporter: just a lot more cats. in marin county, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. santa colllara county offics say this is the worst year for west nile virus. there were only two reported cases in santa clara county last year. county officials say half of all the infected birds in california were in santa clara county.


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