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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 16, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> in just a matter on of hours the new levin stadium will make its debut, and preparations are under way tonight for the big game. thank you for joining us. so, has the city made last minute improvements to help ease traffic concerns like the grid lock we saw during the earthquakes game? >> hi, you know, after that the stadium will be on lock down but still all night long, curious fans have been coming down check things out. football fans just can't seem to get enough of the stadium. >> we wanted to see it at night.
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we wanted to see it lit up. of course, tomorrow, it will be on during the day, and we wanted to see what it looks like all lit up. it's impressive. >> impressive. a state of the art stadium. that is just a way to describe the new home for the 49ers. >> we are ready. >> santa clara's mayor is sure that will go smoothly. he does not expect a repeat of the earthquakes game a few weeks ago that created a traffic nightmare. a lot of tweaking has been done, extra turn lanes and signals have been synchronize. >> we have 32,000 parking spaces. it's a matter of getting people to the places. >> fans headed to the games will receive turn by turn directions to get them to their parking spaces. extra buses and light rail will be running and that shep are
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congesti congestion. those who live near the stadium have been given red stickers to get in and out of the area easily. homeowners have mixed reactions to how it will go. >> they have people coming in and peep coming out and the last time it was three hours. >> the city has planned enough to make it so it won't be that big of an inconvenience for moecht people. >> the 49ers could still make more changes to help traffic flow even after tomorrow's game. in santa cl amp ra, abc 7 news. >> if you are going to the game, check out the live traffic cameras from the city of santa clara, we have a link, and our own real time maps with alternative routes on the traffic page. and help alleviate the anticipated traffic and parking problems, california's great america and santa clara will be
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closed and they will be closed every time the niners have a home game. police are searching for the driver in a deadly hit and run that killed a 2-year-old girl in a crosswalk lat night. the driver of this car hit the child and kept going. we have details. >> a small am of flowers and a candle, it's a small memorial for the girl. the aunt said that this 2-year-old and her mother were walking across from the street when the driver of the car went by. >> she was hit by a driver and dragged. and that is pretty much it and the car kept ongoing. >> this is a series of pictures taken from the mission street parking garage, can you see the white of the front car and the rear and the whole car. throughout the afternoon and evening, san francisco
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motorcycle officers have been holdi ining out tickets on this street. >> they are on heaven force many they are on heavy enforcement. it's a busy area on a friday night. >> we asked what happened and we all found out about what had happened last neaight. it was pretty tragic. the family said they are in shock and the search for the droifr in the hit and -- the driver in the hit and run is not helping. >> the driver should turn yourself in. you know what you did. >> investigators are hoping that anybody that can identify car can give them a call. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> the bay area woman known as the serial stow-a-way is out of
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jail after three days. she was sentenced to 177 days in jail for violating an order to stay away from lax without a valid ticket but she was released today because of over crowding. she snuck on a plane without a ticket. she is already banned from sto, one person is dead and another injured after a private plane crashed in el d tomorado county. there were two men in the plane, one was taken to the hospital and the other was pronounced dead at the scene, the plane is registered out of san jose, the plane circled the airport before disappearing. in santa rosa the decision to let a deputy return to the streets next week, he shot and killed 13-year-old andy lopez.
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the teen was carrying an air gun made to look like a ak-37. the deputy was cleared from wrongdoing thers want justice for lopez. >> i think he should not be returning to work in the county. that he should be, if anything, working elsewhere. a lot of people are not happy that he is going to be on the streets again after this happened. >> protesters say the shootding and protests that followed highlights the tensions. >> a state of emergency now issued in ferguson, missouri, where an unarmed teenager was shot and killed by an officer a week ago today. we are taking a life look now, where a midnight curfew is in effect to try to prevent another
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night of violence. now, just a few minutes ago, police released tear gas as protesters refused to leave the area. >> reporter: roads blocked off, the curfew in ferguson, missouri going in to effect tonight. >> this is not the silence the people of ferguson or this region or others but to contain those who are drowning out the voice of the people with their actions. >> state of emergency declared after the looting and clashes with the police last night. some accusing state troopers of not doing enough. >> we can did not ask them to top doing their jobs, we k asked for them to do it better. >> tonight, we will enforce the curfew, we will not enforce it with trucks or tear gas, we will communicate. >> it's a difference kind of communication, protesters are gathering by the hundreds to
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demand. a push to learn why a deputy killed michael brown. police saying that the police officer does not know he was a suspect in a robbery when he shot him. tonight the fbi is interviewing witnesses and for many, demonstrating, and taking frustrations straight to the governor, the answers are not coming quickly enough. and there's another big rally scheduled for tomorrow, the parts will be there asking tore -- the parents will be asking for peace and the deputy that is in hiding tonight be charged. >> business owners in the east bay spent the day cleaning up after a march. they marched in to downtown oakland, denouncing police violence after the shooting in ferguson. businesses were spray painted and vandals wearing masks smashed windows.
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>> protesters shot this video as the group marched -- >> one oakland police officer was assaulted by demonstrators two others were pepper sprayed, two protesters were arrested. more than a thousand people upset with the conflict in ga zmp a, protested the arrival of a ship. several groups with several messages marched to where they unload cargo, those on the other side of the conflict said that israel must be able to defend itself. still to come, police chasing police? we will tell you who was in the car. and a woman tries to hold off labor to help her other child, what she had to do before she could give birth. >> we started off the weekend
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with seasonal temperatures, i will let you know how long the pattern will last. and the touching ice bucket challenge tribute, why this one was about more than just dumping ice water on their
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>> a woman in san diego led officers on a chase. the 22-year-old stole the police car late last night, spike strips did not work, after he she rammed three cars and two c hmp perform vehicles and another city vehicle, the car was too damaged the to keep going and she was arrested. nobody was hurt. a train conductor thought he hit someone. happened around 7:30 near 22nd and indiana street, after a
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search, no one was found and service was restored by 8:30. a judge ruled that there's enough evidence for a former security guard to stand trial for attacking a student in a wheelchair. this video shows him punching and dumping the child out of his wheelchair. mitchell was pushing the student to class when the student spit in his face. nearly week after his death, fans are honoring robin williams, the memorial in front of the san francisco home used in "mrs. doubtfire grew today. people made a special trip to see the flowers, and notes on the front step. the church in san francisco will honor williams at their services tomorrow, he helped to raise money for their church. a dramatic arrival of a baby boy in texas.
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a woman was in labor when she went to register her son for a pre-k program. she said that it was the only way to make sure that he was registered for class. the baby had other plans, arriving in the school nurse''s office instead. >> i'm trying to get -- and i look, and the baby is crowning, so i threw down box and i see the baby and i had no choice so we pulled the baby out. >> goodness. the nurse wrapped the healthy baby boy in t-shirts and sent them to the hop. we have seen the ice bucket challenge, people challenge to dump ice water on their head and donate money to the charities. these players took a challenge, dumping water down the line,
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they are doing it to honor and help a former teammate's father who is fighting als and joined in. yeah! um -- >> he is saying gentlemen, thank you, very much. this means a lot to him. >> that's it. >> they shot the video for a special that will air to august 31st. coming up later this hour, i will take the ice bucket challenge, you will not want to miss that and don't for get to donate. let's get to a check on the saturday night weatherheading in to the sunday. >> quiet night, live doppler 7 h hd, no showers expected overnight. the plane rolls down the run way, today, a similar weather pattern like yesterday, not a huge difference in the daytime highs over the past 24 hours,
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one degree warmer. same in oakland, one degree cooler in san jose. this is the pattern we are going to be in again tomorrow. expect similar highs for your sunday, like we had today. our camera will show you the lights bouncing off the clouds. we are down the 58 in san francisco, and oakland in 63. and also at 63, gilroy at 58 and half moon bay at 59 degrees. a rooftop camera showing i all lit up. temperature wise, santa rosa 55 fairfield 63, and livermore coming in at 64 degrees. a final shot, a beautiful one, look at this along the bay. the nice light show we have out there and the forecast will show you the clouds building back in, more sunshine on on the way and rather breezy, especially along the coast, and a steady pattern.
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an area of low pressure building and the winds will pick up a bit tomorrow. that will thicken the marine layer a bit, bring cooler air inland. and general just a quiet pattern around the bay area. daytime highs as we tour the region, 82 for the high, lots sunshine and further north, 78, and san francisco, topping out at 67 the sun set district and 66. the east bay in the mid 70s. 78 for union city and 75 for san leandro, and 89 in antioch. we have the 49ers game kick off at 1:00 as they face off the ken ver broncos, sunday, 1:00 p.m., 75 degrees, and 80 by 4:00, we have a ball game, the giants taking on phillies for game
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three. 63 degrees at first pitch, remember that the uv index will be on the high side, wear the sunscreen, and temperatures around 55 degrees. here is your forecast, tomorrow, 90 and 60s along the coast and we notice a bit cooler by wednesdays that marine layer will give you the wind off of the ocean and bring you down 86 and otherwise, pretty steady. next couple of days. >> thank you, great weather to watch the giants play. >> and it helps when they win. it's nice when they win. makes everyone happy. gienltss making up ground in the west, the a's losing ground with their current losing streak and what it me
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phillies left feeling sick. how good was he back in the day. front row seat for hunter pence to do this in the first. pull to kendrick, fastball in to the bleachers in left, 1-0 giants' lead. short lived. phillies took a lead in the third and tacked on more in the fifth. hudson gone after four innings. trailing 5-1, san francisco, ties it up with f-- ties it up with four in the sixth and blanco, single, that will drop. another run scores, pagan ties it up. tied at 5 in the eighth, after a panic triple. blanco, rbi single and morse was happy, had a three-hit day, romo in to close it out. gets the save. sizemore flies out to end it. giants win 6-5. and that is because clayton
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kershaw in l.a. taken to task by the brewers. fourth inning, brawn, two-run homer to right center, long ball was kershaw's nemesis, gomez took them deep. kershaw had not lost since may 28th and threw his sixth complete game, but his win streak is over. the a's and braves uniform looked like this. this was today, and this game was in atlanta. three straight starts for sonny gray, he had lost in trouble, fourth year. rbi single, 3-0 braves. oakland gets on the board in the sixth. and a two-run homer to center and it was a 3-2 game. bottom six. upton, running on the gray delivery. and johnson executing the hit and run. jaso, solo homer in the eighth and ninth norris, pops up to end the game with a tying run on
11:26 pm
first. and gray drops the fourth straight decision. a's lost 6 of the last 7 and l.a. won 4 in a row to over take oakland. lewis struck out ten angels and gave up ten hits. pujols, deep to left. 23rd of the year and howie kendri kendrick, he goes yard. 5-4 the final for the first time since april 28th. the a's do not have possession of first in the west. still to come, the changing roles of curry and thompson, scoring
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a horrific leg injury sidelined paul george, demarcus cousins hurt himself in practice this week. curry and thompson will be asked to do more for team usa. they were in a tune up game. curry, step back j, had nine in the game, this was a home coming for rose, injuries, squarely behind this guy, making moves like that again. thompson catching two threes, he had ten. and davis, providing a spark for the u.s. go for the ball, and diving in the crowd, he was fine. lookity a this alley-oop, davis lead s the way with 20, and team usa, 95 and brazil 78. >> multi-tasking and serving and signing. in a battle, hernandez falls. and two goals in game for him.
11:31 pm
43rd minute. the left foot, far post and in, and hat trick for him, how about this team, premier leaves west ham and tottenham, runs on the pitch and attempts the free kick. pretty good effort, the players were stunned, they did not move. he did get caught. yes, tottenham, a 1-0 victory. with the niners and rick flare. think of levi stadium. yeah, rick flare, nature boy, we talked to him today, it was good stuff. tracking down bike thieves, how cops in san francisco are using technology to stop crime and -- >> it is outrageous. >> texas governor rick perry reacts to the new indictment against him, why he is calling it political maneuvering, and the abc 7 news team gins in on
11:32 pm
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening, in tonight's headlines, right now, police are trying get protesters to disperse, reportedly use tear gas and smoke canisters, some arrests have been made and curfews are in effect. one protester has been shot by another protester. san francisco police are searching for the driver involved in a deadly hit and run that killed a 2-year-old girl in a crosswalk last night. she was walking with her mother when she was hit. police say the driver was in a white lexus or toyota sedan. the woman known as the serial
11:36 pm
stow-a way, is out of jail, she served three kays of a 177 sentence, he they let her go because of over crowding. she was arrested after sneaking on a flight from san jose to l.a. and one man is dead, another injured after a private plane crashed tonight, the single engine plane is registered in san jose. another round of air strikes. the nine air strikes targeted an area in northern iraq, todays attacks destroyed or damages more than a dozen armed vehicles. the u.s. said that the strikes were necessary to protect american personnel and efforts to aid thousands of religious refuges, a potential presidential contender fighting for his life. rick perry, denounced the enact
11:37 pm
that he is just slapped with a criminal indictment. >> we don't settle political differences with indictments in this country. it is outrageous. >> perry has been on the rebound, eyeing another bid for the white house. but now, he is fighting a two-count indictment, abuse of power, and coersing a public servant. >> this farce of a will be revealed for what it is. he said that this woman should have resigned after pleading guilty to drunken driving. the two were at odds other her role as the state's public integrity unit that investigates corruption. it's a tough legal case to prove, but still could complicate his political ambitious ones. three years after this. >> the commerce and let's see, i
11:38 pm
can't -- the third one of course i can't, sorry. >> he is back at it. we caught up with him in iowa. >> how tough is it to make a second impression on the voters? >> i think second chances is what america is about. >> he is planning to visiting new hampshire next week to keep the 2016 hopes alive. but before this he must stop by the courthouse. lawsuits against theater will proceed. 20 lawsuits can advance. the ruling did not state whether the cinema was negligent in providing safety. there's a nationwide boom in commuting to work by bicycle and
11:39 pm
it's also fuelling a 60% surge of bicycle theft. now your bicycle is four times as likely to get stolen as your car. >> shameless thieves cam which you are -- captured on camera again and again, watch as this man clips the lock and walks off with the bike in broad daylight. it's something that the officers say is routine. >> an estimated $50 million black market in stolen bikes, sold by the same repeat offenders on craig's list or flee markets. i have arrested a lot more here. >> they have turned catching bike thieves in to a sport, posting mug shots and baiting them. >> that mountain bike is worth about 1500, 1600 bucks. it's part of a fleet of
11:40 pm
so-called beat bikes, wired with gps trackers and left around town by police for thieves to steal and get caught. officer freedman showed us how easy it is to cut the average lock with a simple tool. >> so we will run an experiment, this is a san francisco police department bait bike, i will cut the cable, take it and we will see if they can find it. an app on his phone and a second receiver hone in on the bait bike. i hid it blocks away. but it doesn't take long you zeroed right in on it. he recommends small you lock -- small u-locks like this one, and a way to keep them guessing, is it a bait bike or an easy target some. >> still to come, the san francisco skyline of the future, and the center piece of the new transit center.
11:41 pm
coming up. >> on weather, a quiet ahead,
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>> driving in san francisco these days you cannot help but notice the construction cranes, much of the work is a plan to
11:44 pm
redevelop areas. >> this is the san francisco of the future, it's a view you will only see on abc 7 news, thanks to graphic designers at steel blue, tall towers will rise and parking lots will be parks and a transit hub will be for the entire bay area, on top, a three-block long park. but this san francisco is not just a dream. it's now taking shape. and it all centers around this site. >> all the bracing is in place and we really hit the next milestone of building the train box, which is the bottom two layers of the transit center. this is the senior project manager of the terminal project, he gave us a closer look at the progress being made below ground. >> some day, we will have six trains running through here. we have six tracks, four for high speed rail and two for cal
11:45 pm
train. >> the busy streets above, work is under way. >> the transit center is the opposite of the old transway terminal, high ceilings, bright, sky lights, lots of windows. >> the center piece of the new transit center will be a huge glass column supported by massive pipes. it will connect here. >> behind me is the anchor boll that will hold all those pipes together. >> it will begin to rise above the ground when the siel work begins. it's slated for completion in 2017. because funding has not been secured yet for high speed rail, it's likely we will not see trains running here for a couple of years. >> that is not slowing work, the sales force tower will be 1,070 feet tall. >> it's an unprecedented time in
11:46 pm
san francisco's history. >> from sky 7 hd, you can see how busy this part is. between the bay bridge and market street, more than 2 dozen projects are under construction or planned. these renderings will show what some of them will look like. the owners of this empty lot are have big plans for the corner. >> we went to three architects, all world renowned and asked them to give us their vision of what they saw on the site. >> local developer, t mmg properties, wants to build two properties. combined if two buildings could provide 2 million square feet for offices, a hotel and residences. >> it will be the second tallest and if we do it right, we will put the condo on the top of the tall tower, so they will be the tallest residential units on the west coast. >> they hope to break ground by the end of next year. if built, it will be part of a dynamic new neighborhood taking
11:47 pm
shape. >> sort of a grown up san francisco, for the 21st century. >> eric thomas, a abc 7 news. >> time now forthe ice bucket challenge. the idea behind the challenge that is sweeping the internet is to pour a bucket of ice water on your head for the awareness of als research. yesterday we accepted the challenge. >> oh! that is freezing! >> here we go. oh! that is cold! >> i did not dress up for the occasion, today it was my turn. it's my turn to take the als ice bucket challenge. >> oh, gosh, let's do this. whoa! oh, man, that was colder than i thought.
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i tried to be drought friendly and dump it back in the pool. so, really, it is a great cause, we have all made our donations to als, you can do the same, for information on how to help, go to abc 7 let's get a check on the weather. >> live look at doppler 7 hd, all is quiet, if you are traveling tomorrow national look at the east coast, the showers dotting the landscape, washington, d.c., new york city, all under the gun for thunderstorms back here out west, all is hot and plenty of sunshine. take a look at the highs around the state. 103, the high, and 98 the high for chico, here locally in the bay area, our typical summer time threat. 60s along the coast, and 70s and 80s and high of 90 and 82 for napa and 67 in san francisco. we have the 49ers taking on the broncos in preseason action
11:49 pm
tomorrow. 75 at kick off at 1:00 and by 4:00, expect a ton of sunshine can and a warm temperature of 80. quick look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast, 64 along the coast and we will stay within the numbers for the next couple of days. a slight cool down, and temperatures typical for this time of year. >> all right, sounds good. thank you, we were talking to a wrestler tonight? >> drew is new and we are learning, we learned that he is a huge or was a huge wrestling fan. >> i was. >> he will appreciate this one. you do something long enough and it's part of you, right? rick flare knows all about it. what he was doing in san jose tonight and the event he cannot
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
>> welcome back, my wife went to school in charlotte, north carolina, and rick flare was a good guy, kept a low profile in the neighborhood, a different personality than what we all know, we know him like this, in the wrestling room. tonight, flare was in san jose as a referee for twwe summer slm tour and he promotes more than
11:53 pm
ever. he cannot wait for the wwe to invade levi stadium. well, wrestlemania is the greatest sports spectacular in the world. you can take all of it, if you have not experienced wrestlemania live and in person, you have not lived. it's the greatest form of sports entertainment in the world. >> and you be here? >> i will be here,er whoa! >> i have not lived, because i have not been to one of these. i better go next year. make plays when you make yourself valuable. michael sam knows this and tonight he took a big step toward proving the skeptics wrong. sam played in the second half of the preseason game against the packers and registered his first sack. taking down matt flynn for a ten-yard loss. had two quarterback hits in the ram loss to green bay. as far as preseason games go, the niners and broncos tomorrow, the most anticipated one, the
11:54 pm
bay area has seen in years maybe ever. a new home against peyton manning and the super bowl runner up. he has moved in to a new stadium before, a big deal for the rest of us but not for the players themselves. >> not really, that is more so for the media and fans and stuff like that. either way, us players wherever he pl we play. it's football. >> the raiders able to come from behind and beat the lions, derek carr, solid in relief for schaub. mcgloin took over, and six seconds left. starter, schaub, 8 of 13 for 87 yards. he would with like this one back, a deflected interception. >> it was big for us, the total team effort, everyone that played in the kbam from the first quarter to the fourth quarter and see fence made huge stops. we have a few big plays on special teams.
11:55 pm
so, it was a huge step in the right direction. sonny dikes and the cal football team has saying that between 14 will not be a repeat of 2013. he was under siege more often than not, kyle opens campaign at northwestern. >> it's been 180 degrees. it's really good to see and i'm excited toe see both sides work. i mean the offense has been doing a good job and we picked it up a lot. >> now, you would think that to shoot a around of 59, everything would have to go your way rng right? that was not the case of the dicks sporting goods open. he had 7 birdies and an eagle on the first eight holes, parred 9 and dropped another bird on ten and kuips it rolling with a birdie on 11, here he was, 18th
11:56 pm
hole, that would have been a new pga record, he settled for a 59. talk about the reception he received after. >> there were so many guys here afterwards, it blew me awampt it's emotional to see the guys, the support you get out here. this is only my third tournament. it's just a great place to play. >> third round of the lpga championships. round of the day. 567, she is in second place, tied with the defending champion at 9 under par. they are both one back of the american, brittney, she is at ten under hiding in to tomorrow's final round. unlock the potential. that is our motto, pga tour, third round. 565, 13 under, he trails the leader, nick watney.
11:57 pm
by one strok, watney shot a 65. larry beal will be live at levi stadium with all the post game reaction from the broncos, and the niners. >> yeah, it will be fun, debut of the new stadium. thank you, colin and thank you for joining us, that is it for tonight's abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. all of us here thank you so much for joining us and remember you can find us on abc 7
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