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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 21, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. and breaking right now -- heading home. the two americans who contracted ebola and were rushed to the u.s. for treatment about to be finally out of the hospital. questions now about whether they're still contagious. shocking new details about hostage james foley. his harsh time in captivity before being executed. reports now that his abductors demanded more than $100 million in ransom. the white house admits the special ops mission to save him on the fourth of july failed. flipping out. the 21-year-old who tumbled 100 feet through the air falling off a glacier. how he had the presence of mind to stick the landing and save his own life. from the world, the super bowl halftime show is the biggest stage on the planet so what gets you on the stage? why the nfl just changed the
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rules for the game and will rihanna, coldplay or katy perry rules for the game and will rihanna, coldplay or katy perry pay what it takes to win? and we do say good morning, america. did you watch the little league world series last night? oh, it was so much fun. it was a tough game, though, for mo'ne davis. she did strike out six but faced a very tough nevada team, so they went down in defeat, but today, those kids from philly are going to face off against that other team from the south side of chicago that is really capturing -- two heartthrob stories but nevada was very good last night. >> very good team. a lot more on that. but the breaking news, there's the hospital in atlanta where the two americans infected with ebola have been
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treated for nearly three weeks. dr. kent brantly is going home this morning. we're going to learn more about nancy writebol's discharge. abc's steve osunsami is in atlanta with the latest. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, george. nancy writebol and her family have asked for privacy and will not attend a news conference scheduled later today. dr. kent brantly will attend that news conference, take no questions, and then he and his family, we're told, plan to disappear. this morning, dr. kent brantly, the missionary doctor sick with ebola finally going home to the arms of his loved ones. dr. brantly and nancy writebol were serving god and saving lives in the ebola war at this field hospital in liberia when they got sick. both were flown to this atlanta hospital. brantley was strong enough to be walked into the building nearly three weeks ago. both are being released. the disease has claimed the lives of more than 1300 people in west africa. the deadliest outbreak in history. but with the right care, about 40% of ebola patients survive. >> the key here is excellent nursing, frequent vital signs, fixing problems. >> reporter: it took an elaborate rescue mission to fly the two missionaries stateside.
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experts say brantley still has plenty of healing ahead of him. the most common issue joint and muscle pain which can last for years. >> it's pretty common for people after a bad infection to be very fatigued, maybe to have muscle and joint aches and that certainly can happen after ebola virus. >> reporter: doctors say that after three weeks, ebola patients who beat the disease can no longer spread it easily. the virus no longer appears in the blood or saliva, but there is evidence it can be transmitted through sexual intercourse for up to three months. just this past saturday, brantly was still in the isolation unit separated from his family by a clear wall and an intercom telling abc news in a statement "as my treatment continues in the isolation unit, i'm recovering in every way. i hold on to the hope of a sweet reunion with my wife, children and family in the near future." throughout their ordeal both of these missionaries have tried to put the focus on the crisis that's taking place in west africa, which so far has not spread west. george.
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>> boy, they've handled this with such dignity. >> they have and they have put the focus exactly where steve said but i'm so happy they're heading home and doing well. now to new details about that shocking execution of american james foley by isis terrorists. his abductors demanding that huge ransom, more than $100 million. and u.s. special forces recently launching a secret mission to try to rescue him. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross has been following this for us. good morning, brian. >> well, good morning, robin. this morning the white house will face new questions about what went wrong with that mission to rescue them over the july 4th weekend. officials tell abc news several dozen special operation forces carried out the bold attempt only to find no hostages when they arrived. for the families of james foley and the other u.s. hostages, it was more heartbreaking news of what could have been. this morning, authorities could be closing in on the identity of the hooded executioner using a database of known jihadists to look for a match with his eyes, his hands and most telling his
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voice with what british authorities call a distinctive london accent. >> you have plotted against us and gone far out of your way to find reasons to interfere in our affairs. >> reporter: the director. of the fbi said he is determined to find foley's killers. >> these savages have turned it into a homicide investigation. >> reporter: and there are new details today about foley's harsh treatment while in captivity provided to abc news by one of his former fellow hostages, french journalist nicolas henin. >> he was kind of a scapegoat. every time there would be a round of kicks and punches, he would get a bit more than the others typically. >> reporter: of the several u.s. hostages, foley was picked as the first to be executed. his kidnappers sent word to his family and bosses at "globalpost" last week that they intended to kill him. >> we responded to it and pleaded with them not to take that action. clearly they didn't listen to us.
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>> reporter: as the outrage over the scene spreads across the world, the vatican said pope francis intends to call foley's parents today to offer his condolences for their brave son. >> he was strong, courageous, loving to the end. i mean, we just highly recognize our little boy. i mean, he just -- he was just a hero, you know. >> and you know from the videos that his last words were, "i wish i had more time to see my family." >> reporter: there was no further word today and growing concern about the fate of the other american hostage shown on the video, steven sotloff who the isis group also threatened to kill if the u.s. bombing in iraq continues as it is. >> what more about this huge ransom they were demanding? >> it was 100 million euros which is about $130 million and the boss of foley at "globalpost" said they never took it seriously. >> they didn't, all right.
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thank you, brian. let's get more from our chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz in washington. martha, we saw the president saying yesterday the united states would do whatever it takes to defeat isis. secretary of state john kerry says isil must be destroyed, will be crushed. the question, how? >> reporter: well, the u.s. will certainly not let up on those air strikes in iraq because of the threat from isis, in fact, options have been presented to intensify the air strikes in iraq to help, as the president has said, contain isis. there have already been close to 100 air strikes in iraq. the administration will also seek out partners in the fight, but there is another aspect to this, and that is intelligence. this changes the whole dynamic. turning on an even more robust intelligence gathering, moving drones, surveillance aircraft into the region in greater numberss, but what we really lack is people on the ground to gather intelligence and a broader strategy, say critics, to get to the root of the problem, george. >> you talk about a broader strategy. what about expanding the battlefield?
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is it possible the united states will start bombing sites in syria to try to draw in iran and syria against isis? >> reporter: well, the president has always made clear that if it is determined that someone or some group poses an imminent threat to the u.s., the u.s. will act. that has been the case in pakistan, yemen and would not be ruled out in syria especially given jim foley's murder. >> okay, martha raddatz, thanks very much. all right there, george. now to the latest from ferguson. tensions easing somewhat overnight. police calling it a very good night and the reason they say that is that arrests were down significantly. only six people arrested. this after attorney general eric holder met with the family of michael brown. abc's alex perez is in ferguson and has the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. authorities say this is the first time since those violent protests began that they've had a night this calm. all this as the grand jury begins reviewing evidence. overnight, thunderstorms seemingly dampening the crowds
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in ferguson. >> there were no molotov cocktails tonight, no fires, no shootings. >> reporter: but tensions still running high. police evacuating supporters of officer darren wilson following tense exchanges with other protesters supporting the unarmed teen he killed, michael brown. this as newly released images show a heated conflict tuesday night. >> my hands are up, bro. >> reporter: a police officer pointing a gun at a demonstrator and threatening to shoot him. >> hands up or i'll [ expletive ] kill you. >> reporter: that officer suspended indefinitely. attorney general eric holder visiting ferguson yesterday trying to ease the unrest. >> people know that a federal thorough investigation is being done. >> reporter: holder also meeting with brown's family as a grand jury met for the first time hearing evidence that could lead to charges against officer wilson. >> they will have absolutely everything that there is, every piece of paper, every photograph. >> reporter: this new cell phone video could be key to wilson's defense, a witness heard in the
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background saying brown was shot while walking towards police. >> the next thing i know he's coming back toward the police. >> reporter: abc news also learning from a source close to officer wilson that wilson suffered a serious facial injury during the confrontation, and prosecutors say the grand jury will get to hear officer wilson's account of what exactly happened. it could be eight weeks before a decision on charges is known. robin. >> at the least, all right, alex, thank you. let's go to amy now for the other top storying developing. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a stunning navy investigation into cheating by sailors. at least 34 sailors are being thrown out of the service for cheating on exams to become instructors at a nuclear power training site. that cheating ring operated for at least seven years, none of the sailors were involved in the handling of nuclear weapons. and a serious escalation in the middle east overnight. hamas confirming an intense israeli air strike has killed three of its top military leaders. israeli leaders saying their
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operation will not stop until hamas stops firing rockets into israel. and here in new york, palestinian supporters unfurled this huge banner from the manhattan bridge. this is the second recent security breach on a bridge. you will remember the concern after some artists scaled the brooklyn bridge planting two white flags. well, bank of america has agreed to pay a record penalty nearly $17 billion. the bank will also admit to misleading investors. the fine settles accusations of selling faulty mortgage bonds before the financial crisis. well, hostess is closing the original twinkie factory in illinois where twinkies have been baked for 84 years. about 400 workers will be affected. twinkies will be made at three other plants. and some good news about hall of fame quarterback jim kelly. he is cancer-free. the buffalo bills legend underwent radiation and chemotherapy in his fight against sinus cancer. his doctor says it is possible no further treatment will be
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needed. congratulations to him, indeed. and an airline mechanic getting praise with this photo. there he is helping navy vet taylor morris who lost both of his arms and legs in afghanistan. morris twisted his leg out of place at the las vegas airport but his special wrench was in his checked bag, and that's when keith dufner came to his rescue. and caught on video off the florida gulf coast a four-foot shark, okay, that's scary enough. but wait until you see a giant grouper swallowing the shark in just one bite. groupers can grow to eight feet long and nearly 700 pounds. wow. all right. finally a pop culture icon is going big time literally. this giant rubber duckie will lead more than a dozen battleships and sailboats into the port of los angeles this afternoon to kick off the tall ships festival. this duckie may look squeezable like the one you have or perhaps still have in your bathtub.
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it's actually made of steel, and it weighs about 11 tons, but it sure is cute. >> yeah. >> cute steel. 11 tons. >> looks squeezable. >> huge. >> thanks, amy. we're going to turn now to the desperate search for two missing mothers in indiana. they disappeared five weeks and less than 20 miles apart in similar circumstances, and now police are trying to figure out if the incidents are related. abc's linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: this morning, police say they are actively investigating any possible connection between the disappearances of these two young indiana mothers. 30-year-old joelle lockwood and 27-year-old kristy kelley disappearing within weeks of each other. >> it doesn't happen frequently that we have two women of the same age group that go missing around the same time. >> reporter: kelley was last seen leaving a boonville veterans club around 1:30 friday morning. this surveillance footage shows what police believe is kelley's car heading in the direction of her home.
7:14 am
>> there's been no activity on her bank accounts, no evidence pointing towards any type of a struggle. >> reporter: less than 20 miles away in evansville, joelle lockwood was last seen by friends leaving a house on july 9th. she too gone without a trace. >> it's been difficult to keep one foot in front of the other, but we are doing that, and we will find our daughter. >> reporter: so far, police say they have nothing linking the two women, but investigators on both cases are comparing notes daily. >> just knowing that our daughter is out there and we can't get to her, it's very, very, very rough. >> reporter: both families pleading for the public's help reassuring their grandchildren they won't stop searching. >> we have told the children that their mother is missing, we are looking for their mother and that we will continue to look for their mother. >> anybody that's a parent, i hope no one ever has to go through this nightmare.
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>> and if someone does have her, i just beg you, beg you, please bring our daughter home. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> let's hope this attention helps. >> we do hope that helps. lara, little league world series so exciting this year. >> yeah, the action continues, guys. the little league world series is on. mo'ne davis will be back in action today after a rough night. her team will be going head to head with another favorite from the south side of chicago, and abc's gio benitez is at the stadium in south williamsport, pennsylvania, with all the news. good morning to you, gio. >> reporter: oh, good morning, lara. you're right. she did have a rough game. but tonight we're going to be talking about the two teams that have just captivated this nation showing everyone that the little leagues, they're pretty major. tonight, two of the most talked about teams in the little league world series coming face to face and only one will continue on.
7:16 am
south side chicago's jackie robinson west team defying the odds, the first little league team from chicago to make it to the world series in 31 years, becoming a social media craze and beacons of hope for some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country. >> it's over. a complete game. >> reporter: on the other bench philadelphia's taney dragons and their star, mo'ne davis, now gracing the cover of this week's "sports illustrated." she made history with a pitch perfect game friday. the first shutout by a girl in series history. overnight davis took to the mound again with more than 34,000 fans in the stands. far more than ten major league games played on the same day. even the newly elected mlb commissioner attended the game. >> 1-2. laced into right center. >> reporter: but in the end it was a disappointing loss against las vegas. davis taken off the pitcher's
7:17 am
mound early in the game and moved to first base. >> she, you know, didn't have her "a" game today but she's certainly entitled to it. >> reporter: and now strict little league rules say she can't pitch for two full days, which means at tonight's game, we'll only see her at bat or covering the bases. her legions of fans behind her all the way. who are you here to see? >> all: mo'ne! >> so again she can't pitch tonight. those are the rules, but if the taney dragons win tonight's game, they will play saturday night, and you can bet mo'ne davis will be back on that pitcher's mound and, guys, we're going to be watching. >> yeah. >> no pressure. >> so much pressure on such a young girl. >> she's really handling it well. >> i want both teams to win tonight. >> i know. >> can you arrange that? >> a tie, does that happen? >> look at those big crowds they're playing to in williamsport. >> it's fantastic. >> it is. >> ginger, you got hail all over the country. >> yes, more than 150 severe
7:18 am
storm reports yesterday, and we have this time-lapse video out of iowa that we just thought was stunning. shelf cloud and all the lightning in the background. some of it coming out of kentucky, some in tennessee. we did not hear of any injuries but looking at another morning already very eruptive in parts of iowa, minnesota and wisconsin. already with severe thunderstorm watches and strong storms in the mid-atlantic but here's that elevated risk area for severe storms from minneapolis to des moines. we include chicago, remember, the atmosphere will destabilize again this afternoon. you could see it in indianapolis all the way down to cincinnati, grand rapids, michigan, included there too.
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again this afternoon. i am your meteorologist, expect a warmer afternoon with clouds early and a seasonal pattern into the week end. highs are typical for summer with 60's loan the coast and 70 along the bay and 80's inland. tons of sunshine throughout the day. the seven-day forecast shows sunshine today and upper 80's inland and a seasonal pattern the prosecute of >> coming up i'm going to show you why we got this out, scorcher because it is one for a lot of folks today. >> not here, though. all right, ginger, thank you. coming up, the shocking allegation against a former yale graduate and "jeopardy" contestant charged with viciously attacking the wife of
7:20 am
a virginia politician. also ahead, a major setback for anna nicole smith's estate. a judge ruling on her lawsuit of her late husband's fortune. tens of millions of dollars at stake. plus, the young man lucky to be alive after a terrifying hiking accident. how he used his training as a gymnast to save his own life. and our big "dancing with the stars" reveal. who will be the new fourth judge? well, we have the answer ahead. it's in our huge "gma" live event. you don't want to miss it. ♪ ere was a credit car new car smellhere the t and the freedom of the open road? a card that gave you that "i'm 16 and just got my first car" feeling. presenting the buypower card from capital one. redeem earnings toward part or even all of a new chevrolet, buick, gmc or cadillac - with no limits. so every time you use it, you're not just shopping for goods. you're shopping for something great.
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witnesses say they heard fire works moments before the fire began. check on traffic this morning. trouble, leyla. >> lots of trouble, eric. it looks like usual business here. very busy from emeryville. we have this sigalert. however, this is in los altos. heavier backup due to an oil slick there. we take you into crockett, head-on collision at the refinery at lincoln and cummings. eric? >> leyla, thank you very much. when we
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i'm abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma. 67 for half moon bay, 68 for san francisco. 70s in the east bay and inland locations, nice and warm today. 88 the high, antioch. 84 for concord and 86 for fairfield. accuweather seven-day forecast will show you we're warm inland at 88. and then seasonal by the weekend.
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♪ ♪ steamy salsa from meryl and maks. they were the champs. big new twist this season, though. the stars will be judged by not three, but four judges and this morning, we're going to reveal who that new judge will be right here on "good morning america." >> i love that. to be revealed here on "gma." >> you did a little judging. >> oh, so much fun. whoever it is, they're going to be in great hands. also this morning, anna nicole smith back in the news. a federal judge making a major ruling on her late husband's fortune. tens of millions of dollars at stake for the late model's daughter. plus, the startling and remarkable story of a 21-year-old hiker who plumbed 100 feet and survived.
7:31 am
how his training as a gymnast helped him stick the landing and save his life. it's an amazing story and then also you remember that first day of school being excited, a little bit scared maybe. well, now we're getting a fascinating new look at what it's like from a first grader's perspective. his parents strapping a gopro to his chest. it's really sweet and it will really open your eyes. >> his first day will be a little different with a gopro on his chest. >> a little. great video. okay. we're going to begin with the bizarre story of an ivy league educated woman and former "jeopardy" contestant charged with beating a politician's wife. claire ogilvie had become obsessed with the family and trouble broke out. linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: a lot scratching their hides on this. she was a know it all when it came to answering trivia but this morning one big question remains unanswered, why did this former ivy league grad who not only competed on "jeopardy" but also "who wants to be a
7:32 am
millionaire?" allegedly attack a woman who's been described as a close family friend? >> claire? >> what is love? >> the only jeopardy claire ogilvie is facing this morning is the legal kind. far cry from her days competing on game shows. >> you said who is fidel castroey you are right. >> reporter: ogilvie is awaiting trial on charges she broke into the home of virginia state lawmaker david toscano and viciously assaulted his wife nancy tramontin. court documents allege ogilvie, a former patent attorney and high school teacher snuck into the home in february orred with a deadly weapon. she's now in jail charged with breaking and entering while armed, abduction and malicious wounding with the intent to maim, disfigure, disable or kill. so far ogilvie has not entered a plea. her attorney declining bail. >> there are reasons, you know, every case is different. this is a case where we felt that it was in our best interest also not to ask for bond. >> reporter: in a written statement to the "charlottesville daily progress"
7:33 am
represen reps say she met them on a sea cruise in 2010 where the yale grad was tutoring their son and they remained friends but according to the statement, in 2012 nancy became concerned that ms. ogilvie had developed an unsettling interest in the toscano family and the family reduced their contact beginning in the early summer and saw her for the last time in fall of 2012. experts say that may be what caused ogilvie to allegedly act out. it's a pattern they've seen before. >> it's very common in stalking when the stalker feels rejected that's often when they will turn to violence. >> reporter: attorneys for both parties declined abc news' request for comment and prosecutors say until ogilvie's hearing on september 17th, the record will remain sealed. you can't help but think there's a lot more going on. >> thanks. now to the late anna nicole smith and a key ruling in the seemingly endless legal battle
7:34 am
over her late billionaire's fortune. tens of millions of dollars at stake for smith's daughter and sole heir, dannielynn. abc's cecilia vega has that story for us. >> still don't know what's going to happy but happy with what came out. >> reporter: a battle that has raged on for nearly 20 years but this morning, one chapter in the legal tug-of-war between the estates of anna nicole smith and her late oil tycoon husband is finally over. a judge rejecting a bid by smith's camp in federal court to win about $44 million from the estate of texas billionaire j. howard marshall saying in a new ruling the fight has lasted nearly 20 times the length of their marriage. >> my husband is not alive to testify. >> reporter: 89-year-old marshall died in 1995, about a year after marrying then 26-year-old smith leaving her nothing in his will. >> i lost my sheep. ♪ anna
7:35 am
>> reporter: smith fought for a chunk of that fortune until her death from a drug overdose seven years ago. smith's estate continues the battle. >> my mommy. >> reporter: her daughter and heir dannielynn is now 7 and living in rural kentucky with her dad larry birkhead. he told abc news last year they're staying out of the court fight. >> i worry about my financial situation and that, you know, the lights are on, the groceries and i don't worry about that. >> reporter: the case has gone on for so long most of the main players have died. smith, marshall and marshall's son e. pierce marshall who fought the former "playboy" model from getting a dime of his father's fortune. >> it's cost a tremendous amount of money to litigate these claims and hopefully soon all of the litigation will be concluded and we can put this case behind us. >> reporter: this morning smith's estate is not commenting but they are heading back to court. this time in texas where there are potentially still millions more at stake.
7:36 am
for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. and we turn now to a colorado man lucky to be alive this morning. all thanks to his skill as a gymnast. he plunged 100 feet while hiking and somehow managed to land on his feet and michelle franzen has this incredible survival story. >> we'll be climbing over there. >> reporter: this is the hike that's about to turn horrifying. >> there was a hiker nearby me that fell off one of the steeper cliffs. i can see blood. >> reporter: 21-year-old dylan schuetz plumbing 100 feet while hiking in colorado last week with two of his friends. >> to see him tumbling down the cliff -- >> reporter: tumbling head first, death almost certain until schuetz, a gymnastic teacher does something incredible. just like he's done at the gym countless times he flips midair and manages to land on his feet. >> then he spots his landing and then kind of does a flip, front
7:37 am
flip over himself. >> reporter: but schuetz was out of the woods yet breaking both of his legs and ankles in the fall and puncturing a lung, his frightened friends trying desperately to keep him conscious until help arrived. >> just keep talking to him. do everything that you can to keep him alive and going and just have hope. >> reporter: this morning, schuetz's recovering at colorado hospital with another surgery coming up friday. his mother says he plans never to hike again. but he vows to make it back to the sport that he loves, and the one that may have saved his life. >> i the doctor asked him if he wants to do gymnastics again, he said, yeah, he said so we'll get you there. >> reporter: for "good morning america," michelle franzen, abc news, new york. >> wow. to have the presence of mind like that in tumbling -- >> i like that, stick with the gymnastics, no more mountains. >> wish him all the best. time again for the weather and it's hot, hot, hot you say. >> we're talking oppressive heat. can we tart in panama city?
7:38 am
it is one place with a heat advisory, parts of ten states have it. it looks nice but starting at 80 degrees. really the heat plus the humidity that gives you the heat advisories in so many places. look what it will feel like. the heat index more than 100 for so many cities later this afternoon, 102 is what it will feel like in memphis, kansas city, 102. even up into parts of indiana, evansville, a heat index 100 at highs around the region summertime spread 60's loan the coast, 70's inland and 80's in fairfield and antioch. the seven-day outlook shows warmer inland and >> all that weather brought to you by berocca. this is like dripping in august heat. >> triple digits. >> look at all those 100s. >> okay, ginger, thanks. coming up, the super bowl ha halftime show.
7:39 am
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use your target debit or credit redcard for an extra 5% off our every day low prices. ♪ back now at 7:42 with stunning news about the super bowl halftime show. the nfl reportedly asking musical acts like cold play, for example, to pay for the privilege of performing but it
7:43 am
looks like big names are not exactly buying into that idea. abc's mara schiavocampo has our story. ♪ >> reporter: the super bowl halftime show. the biggest stage in music. bruno mars and the red hot chili peppers attracting 115 million viewers this year, more than the game itself. double the audience of the academy awards and triple that of the grammys. for the nfl, you can't put a price tag on that kind of exposure so artists are not paid for the gig. but next year, money just might change hands and probably not the way you'd think. according to "the wall street journal" the league reached out to top picks rihanna. ♪ shine bright like a diamond >> reporter: katy perry. sfoets are you ready for ♪ >> reporter: and coldplay asking if some of the artists would pay the league for the privilege of performing. >> the super bowl is the mother lode of publicity for any band. the nfl's thinking could be,
7:44 am
well, if we're going to offer this, we're going to get something in return. >> reporter: the nfl does cover production and travel expenses for the show which can top $1 million. and though artists don't get a check, the performance often leads to a big payday, boosting album and ticket sales. sales for beyonce and destiny's child albums jumped 40% the week after last we're super bowl. ♪ ♪ my body too bootylicious >> reporter: they want to see if the artists will contribute some of that windfall to the league. a spokesperson for the nfl tells abc news their goal is to put on the best show for the millions of fans who watch and contract arrangements with artists are confidential. we reached out to katy perry, rihanna and coldplay but they didn't comment on the auroras. >> requests like this could backfire. the very upper echelon offing as doesn't want to have to pay to perform. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> so we want to hear from you.
7:45 am
should performers pay to play at the super bowl? tweet us, #socialsquare. interesting question. a lot of viewers potentially a lot of sales. want to hear what you think. >> it will be interesting. coming up could this be a case of selfie incrimination? how the snapshot may help police solve a scary home invasion. the live event. robin knows how tough it is to judge on the show. we'll reveal the new addition this morning. >> it's not me! it can bring out the worst in people. but the m-class scans for danger, corrects for lane drifting, and if necessary, it will even brake all by itself. it is a luxury suv engineered to get you there and back safely. for tomorrow is another fight. the 2015 m-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. ♪ freeze frame freeze frame freeze frame freeze frame ♪ >> one of my favorite tunes "freeze frame" but now to the selfie that could help police crack the case of who broke into a california home. it's a picture perfect set of clues and amy's in the social square with all that for us. >> that's right. robin. i believe it's been well established that i love me some dumb, few pedestrian criminal
7:50 am
stories and that may be what we're dealing with with police getting a little high-tech help. they look like a young couple in love lounging on a pillow, but are these love birds actually would-be burglars stupid enough to post a selfie on their victim's cloud account. police in santa clarita, california, trying to unravel the mystery releasing this photo to the press after it appeared in a local woman's cloud account just days after thieves broke into her home and robbed her. >> some of the stolen electronics uploaded photos that were taken on the stolen devices into the victim's cloud account. when the victim accessed her cloud account, these photos came of people that she had no idea who they were. >> reporter: authorities aren't calling the selfie taker suspects at this point, just persons of interest. it's possible they bought or were given the stolen devices, but it's not the first time a suspicious selfie was the hot lead and police around the country using them to nab the brazen or plain dumb thieves. >> well, as social media progresses, as cloud accounts
7:51 am
progress, i expect we'll see more, you know, crimes and more incidents like this. >> hopefully more arrests. crips may want to think twice about stealing those high-tech devices for another reason. police also using features like find my iphone. >> yeah. >> to track down suspects. so great that those are there. >> you've really developed this dumb criminal -- >> it's my new -- >> you can make it your franchise. how one woman thought herself thin. her secret to incredible and lasting weight loss. come on back. ♪ eyeglasses are ready. you should notice a real difference with these. they are nikon eyes prescription eyeglass lenses. you get sharper, clearer vision, and unlike ordinary lenses, nikon eyes lenses resist scratches and reduce glare. plus, walmart offers a twelve-month replacement guarantee. break or damage them, and we repair or replace them at no charge. and we now have nikon eyes sun lenses, so you can enjoy nikon eyes sharpness and clarity outside. ask about our second pair savings. nikon eyes lenses available at walmart.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. police are investigating a shooting at lito way, a man suffered a severe gunshot wound. doctors expect him to survive. no arrests have been made. meteorologist drew tuma is here with your forecast. drew? >> turning to sunshine in our typical summer spread, 60s for the high along the coast. 70s along the east bay. we'll see 80s inland. accuweather seven-day forecast seasonal through the weekend. we look right now at your
7:57 am
drive, 680 looking quite slow out here out of pleasant hill. the farther south you get, you are going to find this accident is in the clearing stages of stone valley road. lanes blocked here northbound side. you're going to find those bumper to bumper lights and southbound into elmo.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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♪ this is going to be the best day of my life. good morning, america. it's 8:00 and the first day back to school like you've never seen from a child's point of view and it might just change the way you send them off. ♪ it's a beautiful night could a big fat wedding be the secret to a happy marriage? >> oopa. new research revealing the size of your wedding could make you happier. the key to losing weight. the mom revealing the surprising technique that mesmerized her into losing 140 pounds. wait until you see how she looks now. ♪ i got a feeling we got a feeling this could be great. the brand-new judge tangoing into "dancing with the stars" so who is joining bruno, len and carrie ann? we're revealing it live here. all that and vine superstar
8:01 am
shawn mendes with devoted fans taking over times square as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ >> the iphones are out. everyone waiting and there he is. shawn mendes, 16-year-old singing sensation. his fans have been screaming lining up all night long getting a chance to see him. he'll be singing. taking fan questions from vine. >> long faces are outside right here also big shawn mendes fans and they're like, how did they get up there? there's only so much room in the end but we want to make sure they got on, as well so we're looking forward to that. >> he's huge. >> i know. just 16 years old. i sound like my mother right
8:02 am
now. that's a nice young man. he really is. >> oh, oh, did you know about this? there's a new judge for the upcoming season of "dancing with the stars". >> i hadn't heard, robin. >> you never go online. who could that be? >> maks? >> how about a little clue. the judge, this person is "footloose and fancy free." >> a great silhouette. >> you can tell it's a she. >> could be either. could be deceiving. >> that's right. >> but there has been a lot of speculation. >> there has? a lot of talk of who it might be. >> we'll clear it up. >> i'm excited. ho is that silhouette. robin, look. >> ah. >> wow! >> go big or go home we like to say on "gma." we built a tennis court in times square. you may have also heard it's time for the u.s. open, everybody. >> yay. >> and the bryan brothers and
8:03 am
victoria azarenka are all here. we'll have a little tutorial. we'll get out and do a little volleying lesson. >> we are? >> you have to do it with this. no high heels and no giant racks. >> how happy are you about the u.s. opening starting? i don't know of a bigger tennis fan than lara spencer. >> matches my enthuchl. i play moediocre all the time. >> we'll defor ourselves a little later. we turn to amy for the stories. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news about the two americans infected with ebola. dr. kent brantly is being released and plans to make a public statement and then retreat with his family. brantley and nancy writebol were infected while working at a missionary hospital in liberia. both have been getting treatment in isolation at emory. and there is now a global effort to find the isis militant seen executing james foley. analysts are paying particular
8:04 am
attention to what british authorities call the hooded man's london accent. military sources tell a failed attempt to rescue foley was carried out by u.s. special forces over july 4th weekend. foley's bosses say they never took it seriously. it was the demand for more than $100 million ransom to spare foley's life. well, u.p.s. is warning that some of its customers' credit and debit information may have been exposed about i a computer virus. thousands of transactions are at risk. but the company says it is not aware of any fraud due to the attack. and we are learning new details about robin williams' final resting place. the death certificate says williams was cremated and his ashes were scattered on his beloved san francisco bay according to online reports. well, tennessee high school senior kendra turner says she was suspended after saying "bless you" to a friend who sneezed in class. school officials claim she shouted it across the classroom
8:05 am
disrupting the lesson. all right. finally, kids are apparently getting less from the tooth fairy these days. new research by visa says that on average the little ones are getting about $3.40 per tooth. that's down 8% from last year. who knew that the tooth fairy was suffering from a recession, as we. by the way, that's more than my i had c kids get. it's usually around 2 bucks. >> post -- one has a tooth. it's worth less at another house. >> wah-wah. >> i got 25 cents so, you know. >> such a wild leap. >> bringing it back. >> math. i'm just thinking. >> thank you, ginger. if you're planning your wedding, you might not want to cut back on the guest list. when it comes to your big day bigger could mean a bigger
8:06 am
marriage according to a new study. abc's linzie janis has more. >> reporter: ah, the tress of planning a wedding. it's enough to pull your big fat greek hair out. >> do we have to go in? >> reporter: but even if a large formal walk down the aisle ends in a bride war, you may still be on the path to marital bliss. according to a new study by the national marriage project, couples with 150 guests or more at their wedding reported having higher quality marriages than those who had smaller big days. >> the number of guests at one's wedding might also reflect the amount of support that the couple has for their relationship. >> reporter: the study wasn't able to account for a number of factors like the wallet size of the father of the bride. >> is that dollars, $1200? >> reporter: or if the weddings cost as much as a kardashian's and some couples like "sex and
8:07 am
the city" big and carrie who never made it through the front door of their wedding. >> i let the wedding get bigger than big. >> reporter: may disagree but the authors say the more wedding witnesses, the more likely couples will commit. just one more reason to consider adding some extra bridesmaids to the party. ♪ don't you know >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> so what do you think of that? >> i think it makes sense. the whole idea behind weddings is have the whole community supporting you. >> right, right. >> and strengthening that bond. >> i agree. "pop news" and weather coming up. now lara has the "morning menu" over in the social square. >> i do, indeed. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first the remarkable story of a woman who lost 140 pounds by thinking herself thin. plus, the new fourth judge on "dancing with the stars." we'll reveal her coming up. then breakout vine sensation shawn mendes is with us.
8:08 am
all that coming up live on "good morning america" here in times square. ♪ hi, guys. hi. how are you? hi. [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you? "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by nexium. new nexium 24 hour, now available without a prescription. ♪ ♪ ♪
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which is why this choosy mom chooses jif. coming up, shawn mendes performs live. there he is. we have one of his fans posting this question to him. >> hey, shawn, i was wondering what your idea of a perfect date is. >> we're going to get his answer ahead. he's not going to answer it right this second. we'll reveal "dance's" new judge. ♪
8:12 am
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8:15 am
mischer has chosen williams' good friend billy crystal to lead the tribute saying he was the obvious choice. the first time crystal has spoken out about williams death other than one tweet he sent out that simply read, no words. the 2014 emmy awards will air this coming monday night and that is sure to be a tearjerker. >> yes, so special. >> so missed. from u.s. open to open mike. tennis champ serena williams took center stage at a karaoke aevent serving up her rendition of "dimes are a girl's best friend". >> can we hear it? >> yes. ♪ >> oh, there was some more. >> there you go. ♪ diamonds are a girl's best friend ♪ >> she's got a good voice, guys. ♪ best friend >> oh, yeah. >> she's got the pipes. now serena will warm up her
8:16 am
stroke, to the her volkle chords going after her third straight u.s. open title, the number one seed going into the final grand slam of the year and all the action begins august 25th and we will be talking about that coming up here on "good morning america." rob robin and i outside we have set up a tennis court and the bryan brothers are with us to give us a little preview and maybe a little lesson. >> wow. could use that. >> there they are right there. >> court smack dab -- we put everything in times square. >> that's how it goes. that's just a good life. finally, guys, you know, it's thursday, the workweek, almost over. that alarm clock. just getting on your last nerve, right? all you want to do is sleep. [ alarm clock going off [ . >> oh. >> oh, buddy, i understand. i did that same thing this morning.
8:17 am
let's ask her. clearly not a morning dog. he is in no mood and i think we can all relate to that. >> everybody will be in no mood. >> i'm getting up? you're getting up. the video already got 400,000 views. he's so upset. >> make it stop. >> turn the alarm off already. that's "pop news." >> get get over to the snooze button. >> his paw can't get it. >> cranky canine. >> yeah, you know. >> all right, lara, thank you. the "heat index" is coming up but first ginger has another check of the weather outside. >> i keep that snooze button on my phone right on my stomach and keep hitting it. a check of the forecast. how about chicago? stormy and you can see it there but i wanted to share with you too rain in parts of the country will be heavy at times. look at the next couple of day, charleston right in the heart of it. i am your meteorologist, expect a warmer afternoon with
8:18 am
clouds early and a seasonal pattern into the week end. highs are typical for summer with 60's loan the coast and 70 along the bay and 80's inland. tons of sunshine throughout the day. the seven-day forecast shows sunshine today and upper 80's inland and a seasonal pattern the prosecute of -- the >> well maybe you caught it last week. we're starting something new, a "gma" sunshine moment. it has its own hash tag and today it has something to do with shawn mendes. can you see this? we have a live shot of what's going to be part of it. yes, someone from this crowd outside is going to be going inside to see shawn mendes. we will tell you who that is coming up in the next half hour. let's get inside to you guys. >> i love that idea, ginger. that's great. she'll be doing that from time to time surprising folks in different ways. first up on our "heat index," so many children going back to school right now as you
8:19 am
know. this morning, we're getting a look at just what that experience is like through the eyes of a first grader. oh, this is adorable. abc's rebecca jarvis has the story. >> reporter: pop quiz, what's really going on behind those closed doors on the first day of school? take a look at this. it's the world through the eyes of 6-year-old andrew weber. >> we wanted to see what it was like to be a kid, a first grader at mcfarlane park on the first day of school. >> reporter: so his parents had him wear a gopro to his tampa, florida, school on day one. watch here as andrew walks down the hall to his classroom and here's andrew going in for a hug from his nice new teacher. >> want a hug? >> it's a little scary for the little guy. >> i was impressed with what the perspective was of a 3 foot something child, how big everything was. the furniture, how big adults were, how big some of the other
8:20 am
kids in school and i think we sort of forget that perspective. >> reporter: here he is in front of the entire classroom all eyes on andrew but he says that gopro made him the most popular kid in school. >> my friends wanted to wear it. like, i warrant to wear it. >> reporter: for may it's a huge insight into that age-old question how was your day. >> i have that challenge every day when i pick my children up from school. tell me about your favorite part of school and i always get that one word answer. now i know maybe different kinds of questions to ask about their friends. >> reporter: andrew's teacher and principal also pro gopro. >> on the first day of school everybody has nerves and jitters and it was exciting to see what the kids felt. >> i thought about from the child's perspective what it looked like, what they were experiencing, the social skills, the developmental skills. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york.
8:21 am
>> nice perspective. >> i love that. i would love to have that perspective of my kids' days at school. next up in our "heat index." remarkable weight loss story. lost 140 pounds and kept it off for years and she said she thought herself thin and juju chang explains. >> reporter: is this the new weight loss secret? tricking your mind into thinking you had gastric bypass? imagine instantly craving healthy foods instead of junk. >> all i wanted was spinach. it was the craziest feeling in the whole wide world. >> reporter: that's what happened to julie evans, the overwhelmed mom of two little ones who used to weigh 287 pounds. >> i was the biggest skeptic whatsoever. >> reporter: there's reason to be skeptical because the 35-year-old says the trick to shedding 140 pounds was hypnosis. >> i haven't had fast food since. i don't even crave it. >> reporter: but back in 2006
8:22 am
she ate fast food and junk food every day. it wasn't until a vacation to hawaii that she realized she was too embarrassed to show her body. it was time for a change. >> i'm like, this is holding me back from living. >> reporter: her mom convinced her to try hypnosis. skeptical julie went to a seminar featuring reena greenberg. >> we have a lot of old patterns bombarding the mind and we're rewriting the script. >> reporter: she says she has clients visualize pushing a plate away because you're no longer hungry and going to the game instead of binging on cookies. julie said it changed the way she ate after just one session. >> i would pause and think about what i'm putting inside of me. >> reporter: still, critics say it won't work for everyone. but it's not like you're saying hypnosis is a crock. >> not at all. >> reporter: but that you're not -- this is unproven. >> it's unproven and it doesn't work for all and the studies do show you have to believe it's going to work for it to work. >> reporter: now she's going to the gym for the first time in
8:23 am
her life and listens to hypnosis cds when she feels she's getting off track and kept the weight off for years and to the skeptics she says, don't judge till you've tried it. >> i do think you have to have an open mind and you have to be willing to listen and be open-minded. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> yes! whoo-hoo. >> don't judge. whatever works for somebody works for somebody. >> if you can change your behavior, great. we've been waiting for this moment. i know you have been too. "dancing with the stars" is changing it up this season adding a fourth judge to the table. it is finally time to find out who it is. so come on out. ♪ tonight's going to be a good, good night ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> yes. >> yay! >> hey. how are you guys? >> look at you. >> how is it going. >> good to see. >> you good to see you. >> two-time champion.
8:24 am
you know what it takes to win this thing, the mirrorball. >> it's been a few years since i've been back but obviously the guest judging for the last couple of seasons but, yeah, it's been a while since i've been back. i'm excited. >> why did you want to do this. >> oh, my gosh, well, "dancing with the stars" is always been a part of my family. that's where it all began for me so it just kind of made sense and, you know, when i think about what derek and i just did this summer on tour with move live on tour reconnecting with the fans and just the people that have supported me from day one from "dancing with the stars," it just felt like the right time and the right kind of opportunity -- >> what are you most excited about. >> oh, my goodness. i think just joining len and carrie ann and bruno, you know, robin, how fun it is on that panel and sometimes it's a little nerve-racking but it's fun too so i think the camaraderie between the judges and, of course, being a part of the show again. >> having been on that dance floor, now that you're judging
8:25 am
do you ever want to hop over the table and show them how to get it done? >> oh, maybe not show them how to get it done but definitely the urge of dancing again, definitely comes back. i mean, that's, again, partly why i wanted to be a part of the show again was just being back on the road and everything just gave me that extra bit of oomph to start the whole dancing thing again. >> i have to ask what you are anticipating when it cops to judging your very own brother, derek, who is now -- do you think you'll be tougher on him because you won't want to show bias. >> you know, i think that's a very valid question. i think that it's going to be how it was when i guest judged. it's not necessarily about derek and the pro dancer. it's about a collaboration, the team effort. what they're doing as a partnership and really the celebrity and what they can do to improve each week. yes, i am known to be a little honest and a little direct but i think that that's kind of my
8:26 am
role as a judge in this because, you know, i want to see people improve. it's never with malicious intent but it's because i've been on the other side and i do want to be able to give criticism that they can take and learn and grow from. >> it's fun to see the celebrities get better and better each week and they take that advice and they're looking for constructive criticism. >> absolutely and like i said i've been there but also, you know, back in -- when i was 10 years old i was competing and living in london and going to bla blackpool and world champions so i hope that whatever knowledge that i do have, it comes with grace and heart so -- >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> welcome back. we reveal the stars of season 19 september 4th. .
8:27 am
we have breaking news. a double homicide in mill valley. two men are found dead of apparent gunshot wounds. we have a crew on the way to the scene and will have a full report on abc 7 news at 11:00 this morning. let's check in with leyla to see how your commute is going. >> we have problems this morning. lots of traffic out there. now we have this, an accident that is blocking at least one lane as you're traveling southbound along highway 101 near candlestick park and paul avenue. heavy bumper to bumper traffic causing pressure along 280 as well as you leave daly city. slow and go on 280 and northbound side 101 as you try to make it to san francisco, have you company out there.
8:28 am
kristin? >> leyla, i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use...ns. which means managi) especially during a drought. learn to save water and money at
8:29 am
>> i'm abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma. expect temperatures in the mid 60s along the water of the bay in the mid 70s and inland. still much warmer than we were yesterday. 84 in concord. accuweather seven-day forecast, today, warm inland upper 80s. bay in the low 80s. coast in the mid 60s.
8:30 am
minor dip tomorrow and very seasonal temperature through the weekend and next ♪ we don't have to be ordinary make your best mistakes ♪ ♪ because we don't have the time to be sorry ♪ ♪ so baby be the life of the party i'm telling you to take your shot in life it might be scary ♪ ♪ and hearts are gonna break ♪ because we don't have the time to be sorry so baby be the life of the party ♪ >> wow. >> all right, shawn. [ applause ] >> whoo! >> good. >> hey, shawn, thank you for being here and for coming downstairs. i know you'll be performing upstairs, but these young fans have been out here for hours to see you. >> i know. it's amazing. they're incredible. >> and you're very sweet to do that, so shawn mendes. >> thank you. >> his hit, "life of the party." you've seen him on vine. so much more ahead with shawn
8:31 am
coming up. >> what a voice. >> yeah, a wonderful voice. and then we're heading out to the "gma" tennis court in the middle of times square. we set up a legit court, and there they are, the bryan brothers, the dukes of doubles. >> look at them. >> they are rock stars, and robin and i are going to have a little tennis fun with them and talk about the u.s. open. >> yeah. oh, and the reason that -- the reason josh brolin is here, he's having some fun over at the twitter mirror. he's going to tell us all about his new movie. george is going to talk to him in just a couple of minutes. having a tough time figuring it out. thanks, josh. and the big reveal for "star wars" fans out there. we want everyone to look at the jumbotron. there it is, you're looking at "star wars: commander" from disney interactive. and when you play the game, you can join the rebel alliance or be a part of the galactic empire. >> oh, yeah. >> we asked you which side you'd join, and 56% say they would join princess leia, han solo and chewy while 44% are all about
8:32 am
the empire. this is a way to bring it back home from exploring new planets to battling the bad guys from your iphone, your i pad or your ipod touch all from the apple store starting now, so, parents, get ready. have to pull those devices off my kids -- >> get ready for it. now we're going to head over to george with josh. >> from the twitter mirror, josh brolin right here. made a career out of playing tough guys with a tender side, and in his new film, "sin city: a dame to kill for," he plays a private investigator tangled up with that dame. take a look. >> i'm in hell, dwight. it's worse than you can imagine. >> you made your bed. sleep in it. >> forgive me, darling, i beg you. >> no. >> i love you. >> no. no. no! you do that again, i swear to hell i'll kill you.
8:33 am
>> that's one confused guy right there, josh brolen. >> excellent kiss there. >> let's get in the mood. >> okay. >> we'll play "sin city" right here. there we are, black and white. not bad. just for you. >> bring your voice down. you got to talk like this. >> yeah. your voice is way down. >> yeah, but you have to do it through the segment. >> i have to do that, have to go down like that? that's as low as -- >> hi, i'm george stephanopoulos. hi, how are you? we have josh brolin with us here. how are you? >> great. how are you? >> really well. >> this is really something. you are in the ultimate co-dependent relationship in this movie. >> i am. it is. it is the quintessential co-dependent relationship, and i get to do it with this amazing french actress who i get to kiss and get a little taste of french in there. she's amazing. i mean, she was very nervous. you know, she -- it's like it's green screen, all this stuff. it's very different. >> you've worked with green screens before, obviously "men in black." >> this is different. >> you go in there and literal ly the corner of the whole
8:34 am
warehouse is green. you shoot in one part of the warehouse the whole time, so you go in and, say, i'm driving a car. there will be a steering shaft or steering wheel, three green apple boxes, and you're surrounded by green the whole time, so you don't really know what you're doing until you see the movie. >> yeah. how does it affect how you act? what do you have to do differently? >> resort to imagination. you don't. you resort to his, frank miller's drawings, and robert rodriguez is sitting there, and he's a very inspired guy and he's saying, okay, this is on a cliff and you're tortured here and now you're going to kiss ava, and you're kind of like a puppet. you know, he's the grand master puppeteer, and you're doing what he says, and then you see the movie, and you go, this is what we did? this is amazing. >> you're also in a big action movie this summer, "guardians of the galaxy." >> that was fun. that was fun. that was a good decision. >> i'll bet it was. >> i didn't know until later. i didn't. no, we went to comic-con. and they had me do this thing. they did this avengers panel and they said, look, kevin goes, put on this gaunt let in your hand. you know, i'm picturing myself a serious actor and
8:35 am
they go, put a gauntlet on your hand and you go out there, and there's 7,000 fans, and then you actually do it, and people go insane. >> crazy. >> they go insane and the fact they accept you as this character means everything. critics don't mean anything at this point and the fans, if you don't get it right, you won't last long. >> if they accept you, it means you're coming back. >> which i have a feeling i am. i'm glad the movie did as well as it did. >> oh, good we got a little bit of news there. it's throwback thursday. i could not believe this when i heard it, 30th anniversary of "goonies" coming up. >> i know. it's amazing. >> we had a twitter question coming in saying, will you be in "goonies ii"? >> will i -- do you want me to answer that? i don't know. >> the viewers want you to answer that. >> the viewers -- i don't know. man, they've been talking about it since we finished the film. >> 30 years ago. >> 30 years ago, so maybe when i'm around 80, you know. >> the sequel. >> "goonies" with a walker and tennis balls. >> thanks for coming in. >> all right, man. >> josh brolin, "sin city: a dame to kill for" hits theaters
8:36 am
nationwide this friday. let's go outside to ginger. final check of the weather. >> george, we have got some exciting things coming up. this crowd is revved. are you guys -- who did you want to see again? i'm sorry. >> shawn. >> oh, shawn. yeah. we're going to hear more about that later. but let's get a little check of the forecast because we have not had a chance yet to mention the monsoon moisture fueled in part by some tropical storm moisture. you can see phoenix only 93 for a high today. there will be some widespread storms, so look out, potential for some flash flooding, of course. i'll leave you with a look across the nation. i'm telling you, can you guys highs around the region summertime spread 60's loan the coast, 70's inland and 80's in fairfield and antioch. the seven-day outlook shows warmer inland and a >> okay, it is time for our "gma" sunshine moment. you can use the hashtag, and these ladies all have been all
8:37 am
morning, and guess what, four people are going inside to see the concert up close, and it would be these girls right here. [ cheers and applause ] so come on in. come on. follow me. we got to get upstairs, girls. we have to get upstairs. hurry, hurry, hurry. come on, come on, come on. >> oh, my god. >> and silence. >> how are you guys? hello. >> enjoy. >> you guys have awesome outfits. i love it. what are all these? >> a "gma" sunshine moment. george, we're going to be going upstair, all of us. >> very, very happy. >> coming up, get ready for some tennis. superstars bob and mike bryan, victoria azarenka here live. lara and robin going to play with them right there on that court. ♪ everybody
8:38 am
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♪ everybody very excited to be in the middle of times square on a tennis court we put together to celebrate the u.s. open. so excited, the best tennis players in the world descending on new york. three of them right here. it officially kicks off on monday and we'll get a preview and raise awareness for a great charity. want to talk to the bryan brothers and victoria azarenka. grai congratulations on all the success. tennis, we know it. we love it. you guys are here for a great cause. >> we're excited to be partners with eesurance.
8:41 am
go #rallyforacause and we're proud to be part of an event like this. >> thank you for doing that it's touched a lot of us and the v foundation for cancer research is doing a lot of great things and 100% of the money goes to that foundation. when you donate it, it goes right to research. not for anything else. what am i going to do out here with these people? let's show the ball. doesn't quite bounce here so -- >> this is not exactly regulation. >> so give us an idea what you'll be doing with the drys and stuff out here with folks. >> i'm going to be coaching, it's very unusual for me, i have an opportunity to coach you guys but i think we're going back to the grass court game here a little bit. you know, playing some volleys, no bounce and going to have some fun. >> how cool is it for you guys, for anybody if you're in new york city to come down and be with players who are actually going to be in the u.s. open? i want to ask you a little about that. you've been a finalist in the past two opens. how is your foot feeling and are you ready to make those finals again. >> pie foot is feeling much better. i'm really excited to be here.
8:42 am
new york is always such a special place with this, you know, electric vibe and so much energy and the fans are like straight up. you know, sports fans so it's really amazing and i always love coming here. >> all right. we wish you luck. >> you won the mixed doubles title out there. >> i did. >> you guys knew something about winning at the u.s. open. was it 15, something like that. >> 15? something like that. how are you approaching this one. >> we're excited for another u.s. open. i think this is our 20th u.s. open. we started in '95 so we're trying to win another title there. it would be our 100th title so we're hoping to do that at our home slam. get some support from the fans and -- >> that's awesome. >> yeah. >> first played in 1995. >> it's like the secret language of twins on the tennis court. when you're out there, what is the secret weapon? >> we can reach each other's mind of that's the key. you got to move as a team. you play a lot of doubles.
8:43 am
you have to cover your partner and can't let a lot of balls go through the middle. >> show them how to do it. >> victoria, will you give us pointers her. >> yes, i will help you. >> all right. good luck, guy. >> good luck. >> bob and robin. volume i volley, right? >> nice. >> sorry, girl. >> back at you. >> look at that court. i mean the bounce is incredible. >> oh, you're a pro. >> oh, yeah. >> robin. >> i don't think anybody needs coaching here. >> nice. >> you guys are excellent players. >> nice. >> look at those reflexes. >> a double-handed backhand. >> i like that. >> the one-handed one. >> i like to mix it up. >> that's the way to do it, keeping that short and getting that weight moving forward. yes. >> nice.
8:44 am
>> backhand. >> you like the forehand better. who wants an overhead. >> i do? >> here's an overhead. >> crush it. >> don't kill me. >> robin, give us a big one. give us your best azarenka. >> you want one? overhead. >> i'll feed you one. >> don't hurt us. kill it. >> oh. >> are you okay, mr. bryan? >> yeah, i'm okay. almost hit me right in the eye. >> i would never. >> all right. >> sorry. trick shot. so this is just a sampling of what we'll see when you guys are on the court. >> this is -- >> robin, you're good. >> nice. >> oh. >> all right. >> hey. >> a 360. >> wow! >> okay. >> all right. >> all right. guys. >> as we continue -- >> great job. >> check out espn's coverage of the 2014 u.s. open. it begins monday, august 25th at 1:00 p.m. are you ready? >> ready for it.
8:45 am
>> are you ready? let's do it, guys. so great. we'll see you. coming up, you know who, shawn mendes performing live. >> thank you so much.
8:46 am
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8:47 am
[ cheers and applause ] what a crowd here for shawn mendes, dubbed music's first vine star. has 3 million followers and thanks to them he is the youngest person to debut on the billboard 25 chart and radio disney's next big thing. he is going to sing his huge hit "life of the party." [ cheers and applause ] from his self-titled ep but first a chat if we can hear each other talk because you have a lot of very enthusiastic fans here. you uploaded a vine of yourself singing justin bieber's "as long as you love me." the next morning it had 10,000 hits. what was that moment like? >> i thought it was -- i didn't know what was happening on my
8:48 am
screen. there it is. >> look at you there and look at you now. your new ep went to number one in 37 minutes when it hit itunes. >> yes. >> you're on tour. you went from recording songs in your bedroom to performing in front of thousands of fans. >> yeah. >> adoring fans. have you adjusted to that yet? >> not at all. this has been like a dream that is just not ending. every day i wake up with something incredible in front of me. it's simply unreal. >> we have our first ever "gma" vine to review. your fans have asked questions via vine. you saw one earlier. let's replay it from laura shellenberg. so you can answer it. >> hey, shawn, i was just won r wondering what your idea of a perfect date is. >> ah, i don't know. probably keep it simple. maybe go to dinner and go to a beach or asking. >> all right. they all like that. your fans love it. also we've got one from
8:49 am
gagrianna walter, i think we have her right here. >> what's your favorite part of performing in gropts of all your fans. >> my favorite part about all of the sets is when there's a part where i stop playing and come off the mike and the entire crowd sings the song back to me. >> they know every single word. all right. the next one we have from bella navarro. >> hi, shawn. dinner -- >> it was incredible. first of all like he was the most down to earth person i've ever met and he just made me feel really cool and was an awesome guy. it was really fun. >> they just said like you. so you know what, i think we all are ready to hear shawn mendes singing the song that skyrocketed straight to number one, it's called -- >> all: "life of the party." [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:50 am
♪ ♪ i love it when you just don't care i love it when you dance like there's nobody there ♪ ♪ so when it gets hard don't be afraid we don't care what them people say ♪ ♪ i love it when you don't take no i love it when you do what you want cause you just said so ♪ ♪ let them all go home we out late we don't care what them people say ♪ ♪ and we don't have to be
8:51 am
ordinary make your best mistakes ♪ ♪ 'cause we don't have the time to be sorry so baby be the life of the party ♪ ♪ i'm telling you to take your shot it might be scary and hearts are gonna break ♪ ♪ 'cause we don't have the time to be sorry so baby be the life of the party ♪ ♪ together we can just let go pretend like there's no one else here that we know ♪ ♪ slow dance fall in love as the club track plays we don't care what them people say ♪ ♪ and we don't have to be ordinary make your best mistakes ♪ ♪ 'cause we don't have the time to be sorry so baby be the life of the party ♪ ♪ i'm telling you to take your shot it might be scary hearts are gonna break ♪
8:52 am
♪ 'cause we don't have the time to be sorry so baby be the life of the party ♪ ♪ come out tonight come out tonight there's no one standing in your way ♪ ♪ come out tonight come out tonight we don't care what them people say no we don't care what them people say ♪ ♪ and we don't have to be ordinary make your best mistakes ♪ ♪ 'cause we don't have the time to be sorry so baby be the life of the party ♪ ♪ i'm telling you to take your shot it might be scary hearts are gonna break ♪ ♪ 'cause we don't have the time to be sorry so baby be the life of the party ♪
8:53 am
♪ yeah [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, guys. thank you so much. ♪
8:54 am
♪ ♪
8:55 am
8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by the firephone from amazon, the only smartphone that includes a full year of prime. >> people are asking us on twitter is he as nice as he seems? yes! and then some. shawn mendes, thank you very much, and for the friends you brought along with you here -- [ cheers and applause ] >> this is what it feels like to be shawn mendes. thanks for coming in. big party in the park tomorrow, guys.
8:57 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. meteorologist drew tuma, still gray out there. >> we're seeing the clouds break down especially along the coast. expect sunshine for thursday and usual threat for 60s. high 60 for san francisco. 74 along the bay in oakland. 84 high in concord. 86 in fairfield. ant antio antioch, nice and warm. 88 inland. 80 for the bay. 60s for the coast. minor dip tomorrow and then by the weekend, it's mild to warm and near average. you go back to 90 midweek next weekend. let's check traffic. good morning.
9:00 am
>> good morning, drew. the traffic is awful here. sigalert in the process of clearing. delays from 680. kristen? >> leyla, thanks >> it's "live with kelly and michael." today, the beautiful and talented charlize theron. plus, "mad men" star jon hamm. nd singer cher lloyd sings her hit song "sirens." plus, a trip to a utah cabin or luxury resort could be yours, but you've got to tune in to win. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan stram! ♪ [cheers and applause]


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