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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  August 25, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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welcome to "world news." tonight the dramatic day in ferguson, missouri. hands raised in the air, thousands attend the funeral for michael brown. the american hostage coming home, freed by terrorists. tonight his mother talks to our amy robach about the secret way she confirmed her son was alive. special delivery, the baby born seconds before that powerful earthquake struck california, the doctors and nurses who jumped to the rescue. a good evening to you on this monday night and we start this week together in ferguson, missouri. a funeral, a family, and thousands of mourners reflecting on michael brown who was killed in broad daylight by a policeman more than two weeks ago. the policeman's story still
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unknown. the story of the unarmed black teenager front and center as hollywood directors, civil rights leaders and ordinary citizens came to bear witness today. abc's steve osunsami is back on the story for us tonight. >> reporter: thousands of families who crowded the sweltering church to say goodbye to michael brown walked in with their hands up -- "don't shoot" -- the gesture that has come to symbolize their protest against police here. >> let us not lose sight of the face that this young man should be doing his second week in college. >> reporter: for families here and across the country, this has become a movement. >> we have had enough of the senseless killings. show up at the voting polls. let your voices be heard. >> reporter: the family of trayvon martin, here in support. too many young, black men killed, they say, because they were born a suspect. >> we're armed and dangerous even if we have no weapon. that's what they say. >> reporter: celebrities and white house officials paid their
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respect. brown's mother and father didn't speak but they spoke plenty with their tears. >> michael also stated to the family that one day the world would know his name. he did not know how his name would be remembered. >> reporter: brown died in the middle of this street, shot to death by a ferguson city police officer. this video fanned the flames. police say it shows brown stealing cigars from a convenience store owner just 15 minutes before he was killed. police say officer darren wilson suffered serious injuries to his face in a fight before the shooting. >> we are darren wilson. >> reporter: families are coming out to support him, too. the unrest and militarized stake that's come to define this city seems to have eased for now. today's schools here finally allowed children to start their first day of classes. as they bury their son, brown's family has asked for peace. brown's death remains an incredibly divisive incident and not just here in ferguson. there's now a loud call for
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justice for both of the young men involved in this shooting. diane? >> again, steve osunsami, back on the story tonight. and now we turn to another american family, this one celebrating after two years of fear about their son. a hostage is coming home, peter theo curtis, an american journalist taken by a terrorist group with links to al qaeda. as we know, his sudden release in contrast to the execution of journalist james foley. abc's amy robach has the curtis family and one mother's message to everyone suffering tonight. amy? >> reporter: good evening, diane. theo curtis is a free man tonight. while his family here in cambridge, massachusetts is hoping he will public home soon, after nearly two years of waiting, they are taking it one day at a time. theo curtis disappeared 22 months ago. today his mother describes speaking with her son for the first time since his release. >> what was that like? >> well, it was wonderful. usually he doesn't have a whole
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lot to say to me. he's a typical guy, hi mom, yeah, everything is fine. but he was so excited. he was saying, mom, they're being so nice to me, and they put me in this 12-star hotel. he was over the top excited. i think obviously he has to decompress. he's been through so much. >> reporter: the 45-year-old freelance journalist falling into the hands of syrian militants loyal to al qaeda, a different terror group than the isis extremists who brutally murdered american james foley. after nine months of silence, shadowy evidence of his whereabouts. a photo journalist who made a harrowing escape. sharing the first information about his long captivity with curtis. >> he escaped. your son tried to follow and couldn't get through the hole. >> there was nobody to push him. >> reporter: then the family receiving ransom demands by e-mail, as high as $25 million.
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samantha power, the u.s. representative to the u.n. connected the family with the qatary government, a u.s. ally which has helped communicate with the terrorist group in the past. there was a condition imposed by the u.s. government. no ransom could be paid. the family then demanding proof of life with a question only curtis could answer. >> i remembered what was the subject of your phd dissertation. what museum did you write about? it came back, the western museum, and i thought, yes, that's right. and nobody would know that. >> it's him, he's alive. >> yeah. >> reporter: this weekend, word that curtis was finally free, no ransom paid. >> the first thing i did before i even told my daughter was i sat down and i sent an e-mail to diane foley. we've been through so much together. and i didn't want her to hear it from the media first. >> do you know what you'll say to him?
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>> i'll give him a big hug and i'll probably cry. and he'll probably cry. >> reporter: the curtis family is extremely grateful for all those who helped free him. but their thoughts continue to be with the families who are still waiting for their loved ones to return home. diane? >> thank you, amy. you can see more of amy's interview tomorrow on "good morning america." as she said, there is ongoing concern tonight, especially for the family of james foley. authorities believe they are closer by the hour to identifying his killer. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross now on the new technology and the clues in the killer's eyes. >> reporter: british authorities today were focusing on these neighborhoods in london where several hundred young muslim men had been recruited to become some of the most brutal jihadest in the criminal organization. including this man, a one-time rapper known on youtube as l ginny whose father is awaiting trial in new york from the al qaeda attacks on u.s. embassies in africa.
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this was an l ginny social posting two weeks ago showing the severed head of a syrian soldier saying, quote, beheading is the only cure. >> it's a manipulated version of islam that says i don't belong to any nation. i'm loyal to islam and america is our principle enemy. >> reporter: british authorities don't believe the rapper was the executioner of james foley. they say they're close to figuring out who he is. >> the united states is working closely with our partners around the globe, including the british, to identify that individual. >> reporter: starting with the eyes of the hooded man. advanced facial recognition experts created this possible likeness of the killer. clean shaven and with a mustache. other experts, official and bloggers, have been dissecting the background from the foley
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tape, identifying topography, plant growth and rock formations to identify the precise area where the three remaining u.s. hostages might be held. believed to be near the isis stronghold in the syrian city of raqqah. >> raqqah is about the safest territory that currently exists. >> reporter: it was near here that the u.s. carried out its unsuccessful attempt to rescue the american hostages. all three of them have been threatened with execution including a young american human rights worker whose name has not been made public. today her friends and colleagues have said they have sent an open letter to isis pleading for her life to be spared. >> brian ross reporting in again tonight. thank you, brian. now we turn to the new pictures coming in on another big story, that serious earthquake back here at home and napa valley. faultsz families are still an alert for aftershocks. at least 65 so far, and there is new video showing us what it was to be at home sleeping when the ground started to shake. abc's cecilia vega in the quake zone for us tonight.
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>> reporter: the violent shaking sent families running for cover. surveillance video capturing that moment at 3:20 a.m. sunday at this music store. drums fly, the ceiling crumbles, >> when this quake struck, what went through your mind? >> honestly, i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: in all, more than 200 people injured, their stories just now emerging like little baby ismael, born just before the shaking started. his parents and hospital nurses hovering over him to keep him safe from falling debris. >> i think mom and dad were more shaken. >> reporter: the price tag for damage could top $1 billion. winery workers helpless as millions of dollars of wine pour right down the drain. this quake hit so hard it split this land completely in two. it's not over yet. based on past quakes, scientists say there's a 30% chance another big one could strike this week. the worst quake to hit the bay area in 25 years has some calling for new reminders of
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what to do if the big one hits. stop, drop and cover your head. others calling for an early warning system. when an earthquake happens the waves that cause damage travel from the epicenter at the speed of sound, but sensors near the epicenter that detect earthquakes can send alerts much faster, at the speed of light. >> the closer you are to the earthquake, the less time you get because the waves get to you sooner. >> reporter: that warning system could give up to 40 seconds of lead time in a quake, enough time to stop a train from leaving a station or to get to a safe place in your home. the warning in sunday's quake, just ten seconds. >> i'm not sure if ten seconds of warning makes a whole lot of difference. >> reporter: so many people i've spoken to today out here tell me how lucky they feel. this wasn't the big one but they all know it could be coming. just in the past day alone there have been 74 aftershocks. you can see all of this rubble out here behind me, diane.
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now that cleanup begins. >> that's right. and expensive, as you said. cecilia vega reporting in. now an all too familiar scare earlier today. word of an active shooter on an army base in fort lee, virginia. the base was put on lockdown when a female soldier barricaded herself in an office with a weapon. that soldier, a 14-year army veteran who spent 15 months deployed in iraq, later turned the weapon on herself and died and no one else was injured. another brazen stunt at the iconic brooklyn bridge, the second security breach in under a month. tonight brand new images streaming in. they show a man 276 feet up walking along an upper cable. a 24-year-old russian tourist is under arrest, charged with reckless endangerment, trespassing and disorderly conduct. officials say he walked right by security, later telling police he did it for fun. and we move now to a report about some surprising new hotel
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charges just as 35 million americans are expected to take one more summer trip this labor day weekend. abc's linsey davis shows us services that now may come with a hefty price tag. >> reporter: it's a record-breaking year for the hotel industry, raking in $2.25 billion from surcharges alone. >> something that's new is the early arrival fee. so it might be $30 for example to go to the room a few hours early. >> reporter: in the study out today, nyu professor bjorn hanson reveals some surcharges you might not expect, like when the bellhop takes your bags to your room and you give him a tip. >> in addition there might be an automatic gratuity. >> so you're paying twice? >> that's right. >> reporter: planning on having the hotel store your luggage as a courtesy? some hotels charge $2 a bag. thought that $5 coke from the mini bar was stuff to swallow? how about the new restocking fee sometimes as high as $5 more. want to guarantee a king or two queen beds?
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$30, please. >> this sort of makes me feel like i'm being ripped off. >> reporter: but the american hotel and lodging association told abc news hotels and resorts provide guests full disclosure for all fees charged at the time of booking with each property setting its own fee structure. according to professor hanson, one of the challenges for guests is that these fees are not consistent across the same hotel brand. >> someone could stay at a brand hotel on the east side of manhattan one night and the next night stay in that exact same brand on the west side of manhattan and the fees and surcharges would be different. >> reporter: new reason tonight to check out the fine print before checking in. up next right here tonight, a dramatic call for help. >> a bear attacked him. he said he's cut up really bad. >> the man and his dog who wandered into a bear attack and the surprising moves from both of them that helped them survive. and the family portrait that stole the show at the mtv awards
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change is in the air. it's time to talk to your doctor about the only fda approved, non-hormonal option. brisdelle. and next here tonight, the hunt for a family of marauders is under way, a protective mother bear and her two cubs. a man came face-to-face with one in a state park last week and his dog is one reason he's still alive. tonight the dramatic call for help and what we're learning tonight about how man and dog escaped with their lives. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: black bears can weigh up to 600 pounds and run up to 35 miles per hour. that's exactly what steve kirchbaum and his dog henry found themselves staring down in the george washington national forest in west virginia last week. >> i hear this crack over to the left and i look over there and i see these two small cubs, maybe 30 pounds apiece. >> reporter: henry wasn't on a leash, and mama bear attacked
5:47 pm
kirchbaum. >> she charged down the bank and bit my thigh and knocked me to the ground. >> reporter: that's when henry sprang into action, attacking the bear, giving kirchbaum time to pick up a rock and fight her off. >> i was able to pick up this rock. >> reporter: they walked three quarters of a mile to the car and drove to a nearby market for help. >> a bear attacked him. he's bleeding profusely. they said he could pass out. he said he's cut up really bad. >> where is he bleeding from? >> he's bleeding from his legs and his torso, his arms. >> mike: >> reporter: kirchbaum and henry will be okay. experts say black bear attacks are extremely rare. if you do come across one, what should you do? >> well, the best thing to do is just give the bear its space. you want to back away slowly and talk in a calm voice so the bear knows you're not a threat and you can both go on your way.
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>> reporter: and as one hiker recently learned, keep your dog on a leash. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. when we come back, the unlikely opponent who had venus williams on the run at the u.s. open today. you have to see it. an ominous warning on a beach in massachusetts, swimmers rushing out of the water. we'll tell you why. it's our "instant index" next. this is kathleen. setting up the perfect wedding day begins with arthritis pain and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns... that's two more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain... when jamie says... what's that like six pills today? yeah... i can take 2 aleve for all day relief. really, and... and that's it. this is kathleen... for my arthritis pain, i now choose aleve. get all day arthritis pain relief with an easy-open cap.
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our "instant index" today, a showdown at the u.s. open. kimiko date-krumm tries to serve against venus williams when a bee sets the stadium abuzz. kimiko bobs and weaves, but the unrelenting bee holds court for over two minutes. a team of ball boys and girls come to the rescue sort of, but the bee then takes on venus who swats at it, blows at it and some helpers finally carry off that bee in a towel. venus proceeds to win the match. a romantic mystery solved
5:52 pm
tonight. over the weekend, authorities in london spotted this, will you marry me? it's spelled out in what's believed to be candles. you can see it in a thermal image, a man on bended knee. the question was who were the real life romeo and juliette. police went on the hunt. tonight mystery couple found. here's a picture, backs to the camera so they can stay anonymous but revealing that she said yes, a hollywood ending. and just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, the iconic line from "jaws," you're going to need a bigger boat etched in the sand at a beach in massachusetts after authorities spotted what is believed to be a 15-foot great white in shallow water. swimmers were ordered out of the water. one beach goer tweeting this picture, everybody out of the water. and up next right here, behind mtvs family portrait, the picture that stole the show as we give our annual awards for highs and lows on that spectacular stage last night.
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and finally, the mtv video music awards last night, the highs and lows, a flash, shock and spectacle and of course the big moment when the night belonged to one woman. abc's nick watt with the annual awards all his own. >> reporter: sure, beyonce stole the show with a 16-minute marathon medley, but my big winners of the night -- for most ambitious costume change schedule, nicki minaj. one, two, three, four, with an inevitable wardrobe malfunction. but "a" for effort. classiest moment -- the traditionally trashy miley cyrus sending a young homeless man called jesse to collect her award. >> i am accepting this award on behalf of the 1.6 million run aways and homeless youth. >> reporter: an intentional homage to marlon brando sending a native american woman to collect his oscar in '73. >> i'm representing marlon brando this evening. >> reporter: cyrus bought jesse a suit, a hotel room and took him for a burger after the show.
5:57 pm
and in just 24 hours has raised over $200,000 for a homeless charity. most classless moment -- kardashians engrossed in their phones during the michael brown tribute. bronze medal for dancing while seated -- lorde. silver -- taylor swift. gold -- j-lo, who also wins best dressed. worst dressed -- katy perry and riff raff, an apparent denim-on-denim-on-denim tribute to brittney and justin's look way back in 2001. worst audience reaction -- rita ora watching nicki minaj. a face that speaks a thousand words, most of them unrepeatable. ♪ yes, beyonce was great, but upstaged by her pint-sized protége, a little blue ivy mimicking her mamma from daddy's lap. and a kiss for daddy. scotching those rumors, with one pucker, that they were about to split. nick watt, abc news, los angeles.
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>> and we thank you so much for watching. we're always here at "nightline" of course later, and i'll see you right back here again tomorrow night. have a great night. a clearer picture of the impact the earth quack caused. >> a scene of destruction, but one of hope, courage, and grip. >> also, getting back to
5:59 pm
business the work underway to reopen damaged businesses and why some stores don't expect that to happen any time soon. >> i wasn't sure if he was okay. >> a friend of a teenager seriously hurt in the earthquake shares with us what happened. emergency response. >> the daniel evidence, fire and emergency crews say they're working as quickly as they can, for recovery efforts here are that are just gibing and the threat of dangerremains, good evening, and thanks for joining us. >> live in downtown, we're going to begin with the latest on the napa earthquake. we just experienced another
6:00 pm
after shock. there have been dozens. 2.9 less than one hour ago. officials reported things are getting better here, people now have service again this evening. power mostly restored. still, 15,000 customers are still waiting, however, so there is work to be done. only one road in napa county remains closed. that is old sonoma road napa valley unified school district cancelled school for a second day as inspectors work to make sure classrooms are safe. they don't want to put kits kidz back into classrooms that are not safe so they're making sure there is no problem. and the red cross going to be open again tonight. officials say things are going as well as can be expected this qu


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