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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 28, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. thanks for joining us. it will be a warm day. mike? absolutely. probably the warmest day. that is what i forecast. moving forward we will see a cooling trend tomorrow through the holiday weekend. no rain. temperatures seasonal. it will be warm.
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wind at 22 miles per hour and faster today so we are seeing more cloud cover. like yesterday, between 9:00 and 10:00 it will evaporate with only sun around the bay at 74 to 84 in the south bay and 84 in the north bay and 94 inland and long the coast into san francisco more cloud cover than yesterday and 66 to 72 so if you liked yesterday you will like today, too. clear conditions approaching the macarthur maze long 80 from berkeley to emeryville. as we look you can see the traffic is run smoothly as you make it to the bay bridge and the rest of the area couple. we do not have accidents only construction, eastbound side of 588, from north flynn road to grant line road we have spring crews and we seeing a slow down because of the bottleneck and the rest of the drive in the when direction is building through address at 37 miles per hour for a top somebody from 205
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the rest of the the drive is smooth. we have an update on a big construction project in san francisco. that is ahead. now the latest on the napa earthquake the board of supervisors plans to and for a federal emergency declaration at a special meeting making it eligible for potential federal assistance. 632 structures have been red or yellow tagged. several streets will be worked on including twin oaks drive and sandy [ lane and napa valley college is opening showers to residents who do not have water or been pored in their homes. >> students at a school that re-opened are still dealing with a major issue. amy hollyfield has the latest on that story. good morning. they have water here at the
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school and the spring hers are shut off seconds ago but they do not want the students to drink it. they shut off all of the water fountains at the middle school and parents got the news from a recorded emergency from the principal at the school saying the city is testing the water and for now it is not safe to drink. i am glad they called. they should er prosecute on the side -- they should err on the side of caution much i trust their choices. the city of napa is still hard at work repairing 83 water behind breaks and hundreds people in napa are still without waterworking around-the-clock to fix all the lines. the city says people who lost water at all dug the earthquake need to use pot eled water for drinking and cooking or boil tap water for a minute before using
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it. they are hoping to have all of the water leans repaired by the the water leans repaired by the end of the day tomorrow. new damage is still spotted by teaches of building inspectors fanning out across napa looking for hazards and including a big problem at lincoln and jefferson street and this wall is on the verge of separating from the rest of the building and collapsing on a parking lot below. building instructors spotted the huge crack and red tagged the building and asked everyone who parked below the wall to move from harm's way. >> geologists will be in napa valley to trace the fault republicture. a recovery of earth sciences who studies earthquakes will be there. the goal is to learn more of the napa fault line.
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[ inaudible ] >> i think we have a broken water or gas main. >> gas leak. >> it is my daughter if law and my son cannot get through 9-1-1. >> the voices of alarm. c.h.p. received 449 calls did you the first hour after the evening. the lines were jammed with people simply asking for information of the earthquake that struck again 9-1-1 calls should be restricted to emergencies only. you will find a gallery of photos from the napa, and tips on preparing if the next disaster with continuing coverage there. coverage there. in are breaking news alerts on >> there is a huge storm in the
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pack. katie marzullo? tropical storm marie is showing her power with massive waves. waves bring down the life guard tower north of mall but leaving it collapsed and at one point when the crowd got too close this happened. in the water there have been dozens of rescues including this one captured on live tv one of four lifeguards working to save a body surfers at 25' waves are around them. a surf legend saved a man, as well. anyone who enters the water is risking life and limb and bench front homeowners have their own problems. self homes were flooded. crews have been working on a 5' crews have been working on a 5' 6' high
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and those were huge waves but not like today. >> in santa cruz 5' to 7'. good surfing. >> east coast, hurricane cristobal is whipping up deadly surf and two teens died. people are drawn to the dangerous waves open both coasts and are supposed to last through until tomorrow. pg&e is trying to track down a security breach after thieves targeted the same substation hit by snipers. the metcalf substation is locationed south of san jose off highway 101 and vandals cut a large hole through the chain link pens and stole heavy power tools used in construction on tuesday. the break in was not discovered until yesterday morning and the same substation was vandalized in april of 2013 and a sniper
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opened fire and destroying 17 transfollowers and leaving $15 million in damage. a preliminary investigation suggests human error and pg&e blames the security temperature for not adequately addressing the fence alarm. a judge is refusing to restore full service at the medical center despite pleas from the nurses and doctors denying a request for anings junction to keep the hospital open and restore staffing toful hads from before the emergency room closed two ambulance traffic. the plaintiffs say the down respond sized hospital means contra costa county does not meet federal standards for health. the judge is expected to issue a final ruling on the matter in the next few days. an emergency training exercise will get underway in san francisco and crews are taking over a high-wise building on first and mission south
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market as a way to building owners and mores to get experience working with first responders during a critical incident or emergency. do fault be alarmed if you see a lot of activity in the area starting at 9:30. >> you may be semi aremain thatted about the temperatures as far as air conditioning because it will get a workout. >> if you are going to the coast, the water temperature is warmer than acknowledge up to nine degrees. we are at 62 in bodega and 64 in san francisco and monterey and we should be at 54 if bodega and 58 at half moon bay and monterey. a lot of questions either from twitter or facebook or mail questioning if it is more humid this summer. that is why. we are seeing half moon bay at 9' and san francisco has 5' and
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bodega bay is 6 food foot. we have more clouds this morning and temperatures are cooler than year at 55 to 62. by noon we are 64 and 78 inland and at 4:00, 66 at the coast and 90 inland. as we round out the 12 hour day planners 7:00 is mostly sunny away from the coast and 62 and 78 inland. mass transit has 39 bart trains running on time ace train 1 and 3 on time and the golden gate bridge is smooth here and we had construction crews making their move in the northbound direction bying up cones and they are out of sight all the way on to the other side of the bridge so they have made quick work of their duties. in oakland we have a report of car poet roll around if the lanes, southbound 880 at broadway not causing delays and hopefully they can get that on the shoulder but the project is
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starting at 2:00 p.m. northbound 280 is shut down until tuesday at 5:00 a.m. for a hinge replace ment that will impact the commute in and out of san francisco. imagine fact coes for life. what do you think? >> good idea. you may want to enter a once-in-a-lifetime contest for the most popular chains in the united states. next. >> giants makes it worth while for stay to the end with an exciting finish coming up. you are looking at the bay and also in the small screen, the golden gate bridge and another view of the western span of the bay bridge and the of the bay bridge and the richmond-san rafael toll
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> an investigation is going on after police officers shot and killed a crew member of the tv show "cops," on tuesday night as they responded to a robbery at a fast food restaurant. officers thought the suspect had a handgun and opened fire killing him and a 38-year-old member of the tv crew. the suspect had an air soft hand bug with plastic pellets. the video was captured by another crew member of "cops,"
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and the officers are on leave pending the investigation. this is the first deadly accident for the show in the 25 career history. an explosion at a refinery in indiana east of chicago rattled homes and caused a fire at the plant. the the bp spokesman inhouse fire department knocked downed place in two hours. people two miles away felt the blast. an employee was taken to the hospital as a precaution and then released. general motors is moving vehicle production to mexico. good morning, topping america's money, general motors is moving production of the next generation cadillac cross crossr s.u.v. from mexico to tennessee creating or creating 1,800 jobs. denny's is celebrating the
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first vaunt in the big apple with a special breakfast for two, pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, coffee and tea and dom champagne at $300. >> freed if for life at taco bell if you find one of special dollar bills with winning serial numbers. the odds are one in 2.4 the nhl concerns will use the stanley cup to raise money to assist in earthquake recovery efforts. the kings general manager lives in the area and planned to bring the cup to napa to show it off and now will use the cup to raise money. on saturday it will be on display at napa from 1:00 o'clock to 8:00 and on sunday it is the home ice arena from 10:00 do 1:00 o'clock. >> the giants are celebrating milestones after a dramatic
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victory last nature. in the to which the 6th hud son knocked the 2000th strikeout. the yankees tied but buster posey hit the second career walk off homer, two-run shot giving fans 4-2 victory. everyone is happy. year win 1,600 for the year win 1,600 for the he now passed tommy almost >> i want to keep seeing that video that is why i am talking slow. >> fun to go to the game, have a cold beverage, garlic fries. i keep thinning of --
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thinking of the "dukes of thinking of the "dukes of hazzard" he got two strikeouts. now, what is going right now we are looking at temperature at 58 in napa and after a high in the mid-80's to upper 80's and a high of 90 we cool off nice. early this morning is when it will be better. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and low 60's for the rest of us. the cloud cover will probably cause flight delays. i will find out at 6:00 and i
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will let you know. the warmth peaks this afternoon with high clouds and not so warm tomorrow through mound and dry through the holiday weekend with temperatures close to average. today, more extensive cloud cover and between 9:00 and 10:00 it fades rapidly and not so quick as yesterday but along the coast as has been the trend we going to see more cloud cover and 90's in our deepest inland neighborhood in los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and low-to-mid 80's if the rest ofs south bay and santa cruz sunshine and 78 degrees. temperature range from 74 at mill bay and low 80's for the peninsula and mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast and flirting with the low soviet around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito is 75 and up to san rafael 85 and napa is at 90 and mid-to-upper 70's for most of the east bay shore and berkeley is cool at 74 and warm spot is
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castro valley and union city and fremont. get rid for 80's and low-to-mid 90's inland. the first game is 12:45, first pitch, and 68 degrees under sunny skies and warming to 70 so have the sunscreen. at 7:00, we have a kickoff against the seahawks and the raiders at 67 and will cooling down to 62. the seven-day forecast shows our temperatures are running at two to four degrees cooler tomorrow and high clouds and sunshine in the afternoon and same on saturday and bright are but, still, the temperatures hold steady and warmer for labor day can cooler on tuesday and wednesday. the san mateo bridge is quiet and that is the story for the bay area this morning we do not have accidents to report so we are in good shape. our drive is green and the dumbarton bridge is moving at
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top speeds. along westbound i-80 from albany to the maze it is four minutes. southbound 880 fremont to san jose is 14 minutes. northbound 280 from 101 up to northbound 280 from 101 up to cupertino is 12 minutes. thanks. straight ahead, seven things to know to start your day and the mystery of death valley and what is behind a moving rock. >> have your kids cough their >> have your kids cough their ears: the reveal of hello kitty traffic on 280 is looking (vo) ours is a world of passengers. the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired.
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whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, pg&e is investigating the security breach at thieves targeted the metcalf substation in san jose the second attack at the plant. vandals cut a large hole through a chain link fence and stole heavy power tools and pg&e say they beefed up security after the attack last year. >> this afternoon the napa valley board of supervisors will request a federal emergency declaration following the 6.0 magnitude earthquake. it will make the county eligible possibly for federal assistance. >> three, new data could lead crews to a missing malaysian airline flights 370 from a failed satellite phone call from ground staff to the plane after losing contact. they say the plane that vanished in march may is turned southerlilier than previously
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thought. four, scandal: quaterback has been suspended from a team after admitting to lying about how he suffered ankle injuries. he said he was hurt jumping off the balcony to save his browning nephew. the school did not explain how he actually got injured. five, retrofit work shuts down the northbound lane of 280 between 101 and king street in san francisco at 2:00 p.m. and it will not re-open until 5 o'clock a.m. on tuesday. the closing allows caltrain to replace two bridge hinges. >> six, mass transit is going to be running on a different story for labor day and bart will run on a sunday service and muni is sunday service and ace train, no service at all. >> a quiet night in the north bay with the last earthquake greater than 1.0 last evening at
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7:23. the seven-day forecast is ahead. a pice try solved in the california desert, perhaps you have see the images of rocks at death valley weighing up to 200 pounds that appear to have moved. finally, last december, two scientists saw what happened. they discovered a light wind could move a sheet of ice across the surface of water and on to the rocks and would peopled by -- propelled bittock it moves and last the trails. this is published in an online scientific journal. hello kitty has a huge surprise for fans. the japanese company that created the icon says that hello kitty is not a cat! she is actually a little girl from london would has her own pet cat named charm kitty.
5:27 am
images of hello kitty is for biden walking on all fours. this comes as the character celebrated 40 years. >> tweety bird is not a bird and mickey mouse is not a mouse. coming pack with another full 90 minutes of news. former secretary of state hillary clinton returns to the bay area today. we will break down the look at trend from embarcadero to the bay bridge. we showing you the san mateo bridge and sfo and this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7
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news. good morning on thursday at 5:29. first a check on the forecast. good morning, everyone. the thickest clouds are around santa rosa at five mills and half moon bay we have had a ceiling as let as how with nine miles visibility and same in san jose. this afternoon as we look from the roof camera at the low cloud deck and a light breeze blow across the exploritorium, temperatures are the same as year at 84 to the north and 94 inland is you may need the air conditioning and clouds are clinging to the cost at 66 to 72 interest san francisco and we will be around 74 to 84 with a will be around 74 to 84 with a lot of sunshine. traveling eastbound 24 from 13 through the caldecott tunnel you find a few lanes shut down until 6:00. along in the westbound direction
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a beautiful drive through lafayette and orinda and top speeds, be careful. 680 in the southbound direction or northbound, pleasant hill and walnut creek all checking in and accident free. you can see the drive into san ramon is clear. santa clara sheriff is trying to find the thieves would block into a pg&e substation the same facility that underwet an expensive security upgrade after sniper incident. matt is at san jose. >> in family was made to disrupt the grid and no equipment was damaged and no customers lost service but this security republic is troubling. the theft was not reported until 7:30 yesterday. the sheriff says that the thieves snipped through a fence throw times creating holes large enough to enter the metcalf substation and stole construction equipment including
5:32 am
heavy power tools just after 17 transformers are shot out. >> we do not have any indication that this was connected to april 2013 incident. we are looking just at this particular incident. though are questions we want answered. the preliminary investigation suggests human error and the security team is blamed for not adequately addressing the finance alarms. deputies checked the i.d.s. last night pg&e pledged $130 million upgrades for security. no arrests have been made in either case. 5:32. the city of napa estimates damage to just private rots --
5:33 am
properties and homes and businesses at $300 million. inspectors have fund more damage, a total of 116 buildings are red tagged. self streets remain closed including franklin from 1st to close and local weenries say 95 percent of the wineries are back open and officials under the visitors to return to the wine country with the holiday weekend coming. the board of supervisors will request federal emergency deck -- declaration will available for federal assistance. on customers have in water as repairs continue. 29 of 30 public schools re-opened yesterday the natural pa -- the napa
5:34 am
of the water fund attends at one school were shut off and students were getting bottle waters. until tomorrow residents who lost water service after the earthquake are urged to use bottled water for drinking or cooking. amy hollyfield has a report at top of the hour. the state school superintendent says two tons of food is en route to earthquake victims. the napa valley food bank sustained dama families who lost power and their refrigerated food can assemble a bag of groceries. for free. >> we have tips on how to prepare for the next disaster with continuing coverage and
5:35 am
breaking news alert by following us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. two deadly storm systems one on each coast are kicking up surf and creating dangerous conditions. a pier in malibu is closed when a lifeguard house collapsed. massive serve is pounding the southern california coast with another day of potential water rest use after responding to hundreds of calls. there was a rogue wave in newport. on the east coast cristobal is winning up deadly surf and a 17-year-old was killed off sandy hook, new jersey. four lifeguards rescued a bed -- began to struggle. then the lifeguards needed help. they could not reach shore as the waves pushed them to the
5:36 am
jetty. they were pulled to safety by a boat. >> a fire that threatened homes in vallejo started near a homeless encampment. flames burned dangerously close to homes. the first fire started after 3:30 yesterday afternoon in marsh west of highway then and 29 interchange. the marsh land was too soft for the heavy engine and firefighters battled the flames on foot as it burns through the grass at 7' to 8' high the winds burned 5 to ten acres. a federal judge rejected the attempt to block the sale of nine sam money models with iphone features. they wanted a district judge in san jose to issue an order preventing fuel sales of the phones. the judge refused saying apple did not prove the intellectual theft hurt their sales or
5:37 am
diminished were reputation. tour months ago apple was awarded $119 million in damages for samsung infringement on technology. apple asked for $2.2 san ramon police are asking the public to look out for a missing woman who suffers from dementia. the 77-year-old speaks little english and was seep leaving the home yesterday afternoon. she speaks russian. she has light brown hair and brown areas. the familiar says she left the house without her medication. call san ramon police right away. san francisco police hope photos will help catch the man would robbed and severely injured an 87-year-old woman. this is the man who knocked the victim down and dragged her so hard she suffered several broken bones. the robbery happened at 9:00 on
5:38 am
august 8. the man is described as african american and in his 40's and up to 6' tall. the elderly woman is still recovering. >> a family in san jose are devastated after scoffing their dog severely beaten during a home burglary. two boys, children and 14 are accused of bludgeoning the 11-year-old would had to be put down. the teen used a golf club to beat the dog and they are behind a string of home burglaries and now are in juvenile home. >> oakland police are investigating the finding of a noose on a public works truck on tuesday afternoon on edgewater drive. that truck is drive were by african-american employees. the city said there will be a thorough investigation, the first incident in recent years. >> former secretary of state
5:39 am
hillary clinton speaks at noon today in san francisco making a keynote address at the summit as executive forum for the technology industry. the focus, technology trends and how it affects the global economy and our lives," university of california university of california president and former head napolitano, will also speak. >> the aftershocks are the aftershock was 1.8 so it is quieting compared to yesterday and the day before. larger earthquake we have a 2 percent chance. strong aftershocks of 5 or greater down to 10 percent chance. we will have weak aftershocks at
5:40 am
1 to 10 percent and 3 to magnitude. 90's are possible over the weekend and through the hell day on monday. then we drop to average on tuesday and below average which is 82. for the rest of the us we have 64 at the coast at noon. 66 at 4:00. more cloud cover than yesterday. 62 at 7:00. from low 70's to upper 70's from noon to four and back to upper 60 by 7:00 and inland, 80 at noon and upper 80's at 7:00. we have a report in east appeal of a stall vehicle that could be causing a slow down as you head along southbound 101 at embarcadero road you could see this, it is blocking one lane and northbound traffic is moving along in front you approaching highway 84 and the rest of peninsula is fine and as it
5:41 am
takes you to san jose the drive is clear with the exception of 101 between the 280 and 680 split you will find slow-and-go traffic up to the nimitz and when you pass 880 you are on the way and 280 is nice and clear and highway 85 is accident free and in the next report i will tell you of the closing to expect in san francisco. it could cause big headaches. giving your smartphone new power with a tool that bart is unveiling to help riders fight crime on the system. american banks are under attack by hackers with financial information that may have been stolen. super screen 7 in the middle you can see the golden gate bridge covered by mist and you can see 280 and 17 in the south bay and sfo and the spay yes bay and sfo and the spay yes bridge moving
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 5:44. the f.b.i. launched an investigation into a hack attack on j.p. morgan chase and several other united states bangs looking into the scope of well coordinated cyber attacks on five bangs after breaking into the networks and stealing
5:45 am
sensitive data. law enforcement sources say investigators believe russian hackers are behind the attack possibly retaliating against united states sanctions against their country. >> there is a deal to expand financial incentives for movies and tv shows shot in california under the agreement earmarking $330 million in tax credits over the next five years triple what california offers right now. the credit is based on the number of jobs this expect to create trying to reverse the steep loss in film production in the golden state. >> a 15-year-old girl from atherton will play at the u.s. open facing 4th rank tennis player from kazakhstan. on tuesday she was the youngest to win a u.s. open match since 1996 winning in three sets.
5:46 am
she went in ranked 1,2308 in the world. she will move up after the stunning win. she group up in hillsborough and nowlies in atherton. now, another exciting baseball game hopefully equally as exciting as last night. >> and football in the evening at the cove. move influence the forecast and theness seven days, live doppler hd and quiet but the cloud cover is thicker and more windshield spread and -- more widespread and it is sitting on oakland and high clouds are not is warm friday through sunday and then we look at a temperature that will drop late next week after being very summer like over the holiday weekend as we unofficially say goodbye to summer the we know for some of us our warmest days are ahead. our cloud deck this morning is
5:47 am
deeper into the north bay valley and penetrating deeper into the bay and it has not made it over the east bay hills so inland is clear and that will pull mostly to the coast but not so much sunshine. you are sometime in the 60's and 70's and 80's and 90's inland and 90's around los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and to the south, 91 and 93 and 94 and sunshine and 78 in santa cruz and low-to-mid 80's for the rest ofs south bay and 84 in san jose. redwood city south is low 80's and north ward, san mateo and millbrae is 77. sunset it will be 67. low 70's around downtown and south san francisco and 75 in sausalito. young is coolest at petaluma and the last to get rid of the cloud cover and napa is 90. again today. 80's in castro valley and mid-to-upper 70's along the east bay shore. low-to-mid 90 in our east bay
5:48 am
valleys with 92 in san ramon. the baseball forecast shows last game at 12:45 total sunshine and 68 and warming to 70 so you need the such screen. it will feel warmer in the sun. the sun will set at 7:45 and kickoff is 67 and cooling to 62. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures going up-and-down depending on the afternoon clouds and how thick they are dropping us down and not so anything on saturday. the sea breeze will be stronger on sunday and the temperatures down. monday they are up. before they go down begin on tuesday and wednesday. a baby roller coaster. a stalled vehicle in east palo alto on 101 is now turned into an accident involving two vehicles. southbound 101 at embarcadero we have an accident and it is blocking one lane. we do not have delays.
5:49 am
c.h.p. is headed there. a unit is on the scene. it is a dangerous situation. to the north away from sfo headed into san francisco clear conditions and a tap on the break up to the cub but if you need to make it to the lower deck of the bay bridge nine minutes fromto third. tracy to dublin is 39 minutes highway four westbound antioch highway four westbound antioch to concord is 22 minutes. we have big news. angelina and brat we have big news. they have been married according to the spokesman so twitter is going crazy with the news and everyone is talking about it
5:50 am
mostly congratulations. what is interesting they have been together since 2005 and they got close while filming "mr. and mrs. smith," but they have been engaged since 2012 but in 2006 he said he and she would not marry until everyone in the country could do so legally and course on june 26 the supreme court supported marriage he calculate striking down the defense of marriage act and re-instateed gay marriage in california so here you are, they are now legally married mrs. brad pitt or mr. and mrs. angelina jolie. heart stopping moment after gamers pull a prank on another player and why police are not amused. a high profile member of congress reveals the harassment she says is taking place inside the halls of congress. outside the halls of kgo you
5:51 am
are looking at a picture of sfo and the the bay back with more news and weather back with more news and weather and traffic after
5:52 am
5:53 am
an unsuspecting gamer in colorado was the individual of a prank called swatting. >> on the ground. >> the gaming famers are known to trick 9-1-1 systems into deploying s.w.a.t. to home or business where they playing and s.w.a.t. was informed a man shot
5:54 am
co-worker and was hiding in the office. authorities figured this is a prank. it is a federal crime. bart has a new app to let riders report crime smartphones. >> riders have been asking for a way to report trouble without drawing attention to themselves and works on apple and droid. we have a link at to download it. you can get weather information without going anywhere. sit down and listen to mike. >> enjoy. relax. one day closer to the weekend. upper minutes to low 100s through the central valley. 92 in yosemite. a few more clouds around monterey but, still, 71. 89 where the dangerous surf because of the tropical storm marie down to 50 miles per hour wind and that is difficulting off nice swells.
5:55 am
it will stay off the coast with high clouds starting tonight law saturday dropping our temperatures a little bit but the biggest hazard for marie are the ways that could get up to 20' through 6:00 tomorrow away los angeles and for us around 4' to 6' or up to 8' in monterey. the tom toll -- toll plaza at richmond-san rafael is moving well but the traffic is funnel ing in beautifully. the accident now is a four car crash starting off as a stalled vehicle and now it turned into a two car crash. now it is a four car crash. southbound highway 101 at embarcadero. be careful. it is active scene. debris is scattered across the roadway.
5:56 am
5:55. the company that brought michael jackson back to life last may will put elvis on tour. the creators partnered with another group that holds the licensing rights to all things elvis and they land to build singing and dancing king to people 60 to 90 shows in las vegas or overseas saying it will take two years to bridge elvis back to life. >> if you think school starts too early there is credible company. >> a statement published by the american academy of pediatrics agrees with the students falling asleep. they recommend schools start no earlier than 8:30 in the morning saying sleep deprived teens are at high risk for obesity depression and accidents and need between 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 hours sleep. only 14 percent of public high schools start first period at
5:57 am
8:30 a.m. they could do better with their studies. if you at 6:00, big increase in attendance at cal football games and why this is not the case across the nation. did you see this? "friends" reunion? what brought women of the together on jimmy kimmel? >> the new abc7 news now. we have what going on during the we have what going on during the break all on the screen for
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. the bay area power grid is ex pokessed after vandals target a pg&e substation.
6:00 am
>> students in napa are in school but they are told to avoid the water. surf is up in southern california. huge waves pound the coast. an army of onlookers viewing. quite a bit damage. warmer day but it is cloudy. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. the cloud deck is more widespread and lower than yesterday. still no reports of drizzle. we have nine miles per hour visibility at santa rosa and nine at half moon bay so for reports of fog unless you drive into the cloud deck hanging around 900 to 1,000'. sunny by noon and hang out in the upper 70's to 80's at 4:00. plan your day around vine this morning inland to sunshine and 80 at noon to 90 at 4:00 and


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