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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 11, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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abc 7 news starts right now. with live breaking news. that breaking news comes from oakland, where a 1-year-old boy has been shot. police say the incident happened early this afternoon on 77th avenue between garfield and bancroft avenues in east oakland. police say the boy was rushed to the hospital with noncritical injuries. and is now listed in stable condition. sky 7 hd was over the scene about half an hour ago, where you could see police were still at the home. investigators say the child was in the presence of family members at the time of the shooting. they're trying to determine if that shooting was an accident. we will continue to follow this breaking story on abc 7 news here at 4:00, as well as 5:00 and 6:00 and twitter. good afternoon, everyone. i'm larry.
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>> i'm ama. today the nation paused to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. a solemn ceremony today in union city to remember victims of 9/11. the event was held at the flight 93 memorial at sugar mill landing park. the united airlines flight was headed from new jersey to san francisco international airport. >> it crashed in western pennsylvania when passengers tried to overtake the plane's hijackers. today the ceremony included bagpipes and a ceremonial bell ringing. >> we're also mindful that the selfless and heroic acts of the passengers and crew of flight 93 may well have saved an untold number of human lives. >> the union city memorial was created by a former marine from hayward and dedicated in december of 2007. there are 40 granite stones bearing the names of the flight 93 passengers and crew members.
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abc news reporter marcie gonzalez is in new york with a look at the tributes honoring the lives lost that day. [ taps ] >> reporter: flags waving, tears falli falling, honoring the 2,983 people who lost their lives in the terror attacks on september 11th, 2001. >> 13 years and it still feels like yesterday. >> reporter: bells leading into moments of silence. marking when the planes struck the twin towers, crashed in shanksville, pennsylvania, and hit the pentagon. >> 13 years after a small and hateful minds conspired to break us, america stands tall and america stands proud. >> reporter: standing proud, but on alert. security especially tight at
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this year's ceremonies. >> the increased concern about isis is now adding to the work that we're doing. >> reporter: officers keeping close watch -- >> laura rockefeller -- >> reporter: -- until after the last name was read -- >> and my loving sister -- >> reporter: and into tonight, as these beams again light up the new york sky. reminders of all that was lost 13 years ago, and that promise to never forget. for the first time on an anniversary, the memorial plaza will be open to the public tonight until midnight. so anyone can come to see those beams of light up close, and pay their respects. marcie gonzalez, abc news, new york. coming up in ten minutes, the message one bay area transit agency had for commuters on this somber anniversary. on "world news tonight" at 5:30, david muir and a survivor share a view of ground zero you haven't seen before. today is a spare the air
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day. look at the haze across the bay. it's been like this most of the day. >> an accuweather update. hi, spencer. >> the haze continues to hang over the bay area and we continue to have hot conditions in our inland locations. showing sunny skies across all of the region, except for coastal fog. and here's a look at high temperatures so far. 100 degrees at livermore. 100 in lakeport. numerous upper 90s from cloverdale to fairfield, concord and antioch. here in san francisco, a high of 78. across the bay in oakland, 83. so far, it could get warmer. wildfires continue to burn up in the northern most part of the state. some of it continuing to travel out to sea, and then curl back into the bay area. thus adding to the haze and declining air quality here. tomorrow will be our second consecutive spare the air day,
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with it expected to be in the east bay and santa clara valley. i'll tell you how long we can expect this wave of heat to last in just a few minutes. >> thank you, spencer. friends and family attended a memorial service in san francisco today for 14-year-old high school freshman rashawn williams. he was stabbed to death by a former classmate. williams was killed last tuesday outside of a corner store in san francisco's mission district. police arrested another 14-year-old and charged him with murder. today hundreds of friends, family and classmates from sacred heart preparatory gathered to remember rashawn at st. mary's cathedral. >> it's overwhelming to me. it leaves me speechless. but appreciation. >> it's been a whirlwind of support. and also anxiety. a lot of tears. but an overwhelming sense of community. >> rashaurn was a top student and talented football player who had earned a full scholarship to
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sacred heart. the dod office in fremont will open tomorrow after a suspicious scare. the office on central avenue was evacuated around 11:00 this morning after a suspicious electrical device was found near the door of the building. the area was cleared by 12:30. barbara boxer and diane feinstein were among the 16 female senators calling on the nfl to now adopt a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence. >> in a letter to sent to commissioner roger goodell, they said we are shocked and disgusted by the images of one of your players assaulting his now wife. you shouldn't get a second chance to play football in the nfl. >> ray rice's case could serve a wakeup call to the other professional sports leagues. >> carolyn tyler joins us from at&t park. you spoke with bud selig today. >> reporter: that's right. he's stepping down in january.
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so his visit to at&t park is part of a farewell tour. as far as the issue of domestic abuse, he told me today that the players union and the league have discussed in the past implementing some rules and regulations. but no action has been taken. an anti-violence group called the san francisco giants are models for professional sports. but the league itself has no policy on domestic violence. outgoing commissioner bud selig was noncommittal today whether that should change. major league baseball does not have an explicit protocol or policy dealing with domestic violence. is it time for that? >> we handle every -- we haven't had any cases, i'm happy to say, for a long, long time. but we deal with situations as they occur. >> reporter: there have been several incidents and allegations over the years.
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former twins and yankees second baseman chuck knoblock was arrested this summer, charged with assaulting his ex-wife. jose conseco pleaded no contest to domestic violence charges back in 1998. while there's no official league policy, giants ceo larry bair said he's in favor of anything that acts as a deterrent. >> it's up to every team in every league to call attention to the issue, and highlight the issue and do whatever they can. >> reporter: for the past 1 years, the giants have held a strikeout violence day at the ballpark. this coming sunday it will feature a nonprofit called futures without violence. that group believes every workplace needs a domestic violence policy. >> sports leagues in particular we think have an additional responsibility. because they do hold social value. and young people and fans are watching every move these players make. >> reporter: her organization has sent recommendations to the nfl, on training and education,
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in light of the ray rice incident. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, something's wrong with former governor schwarzenegger's new portrait at the capital. we're talking about a cover-up. also, an 81-year-old man will make the swim from alcatraz to san francisco. there's a special purpose behind this plunge. new at 4:30, the sfo airline mechanic who found a noose on the job. this is a story you'll find only on abc 7 news. the traffic at 4:09 on this thursday, a little better on the right-hand side down south to the peninsula and 101 south.
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nothing is going to change if we don't change the leadership at city hall. >> today four former police chiefs in san jose came together saying they've had enough of the turmoil in the department, and something needs to be done. the mayor says this is nothing more than an election year stunt. abc 7 news reporter vic lee joining us live at city hall with the story. vic? >> reporter: larry, the police officers association brought the chiefs together, at least in my memory, this is the first time i've seen four former police chiefs in one room. unless, of course, it's a retirement party. but their primary reason for coming together today was to throw their support to santa clara county supervisor dave kortasei for mayor.
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they said they wanted to tell the public that they support the rank and file officers in their battles with city hall. >> i love this city, i love the department. it's time for me to speak out. >> to watch it be taken away and destroyed, it's difficult for me personally. >> there are deep wounds here and it's hard to watch. that's our baby. that's our police department. >> you care about the job. you care about the place. >> reporter: these four former police chiefs have more than a century of experience behind them. what grade do they give the department now? >> when it comes to support from city hall, it's frankly an "f." >> reporter: and they blame it almost entirely on measure "b," the pension reform act which attempted to rein in growing costs. hundreds of cops have since quit. and the exodus continues. the chiefs agrees there needs to be fiscal reform. but at what cost. >> it's priorities, where you put the money, what you say is most important. public safety is most important. >> reporter: the officers, the chiefs say, have become the
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unwitting victims of measure b. >> they've been demonized in the public process, and they're leaving in droves. nothing else is going to change if we don't change the leadership at city hall. >> reporter: with that said, they endorsed county supervisor dave kortasei for mayor. his opponent is sam lacardo who was not available for comment. >> this is an election year. >> reporter: outgoing mayor chuck reed worked on pension reform with lacardo. he supports them for mayor. >> we've been able to stabilize the city. we're restoring services for a third year in a row and we've been able to increase the employing in the police department. >> reporter: meantime, parts of measure b are in litigation. vic lee, abc 7 news. remembering the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. in san francisco, firefighters stopped what they were doing and stood at attention at 6:59 a.m., the moment when the south tower
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collapsed. among them, members of station 1, 15 of those firefighters packed up and headed to new york, right after the attacks to help. firefighter kevin salas was one of them. >> it became pretty clear a lot of firemen passed away. it was a pretty serious atmosphere at the firehouse. a lot of guys were quickly thinking of what we could do, how we could help. >> salas and his colleagues used their vacation days and paid for their own tickets and headed to ground zero. >> it was more than a gesture, there was an important message to riders. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has more. >> reporter: in the quiet hours before the sunrise in downtown san jose, a vta light rail train stops at 5:46 a.m. for a little longer than usual. it was the same time the first plane hit the north tower of the world trade center in 2001. the conductor prepared the train for a moment of silence. >> to honor the many and women
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of the armed forces, thank you, to preserve the safety and freedom, we will decrease operations for one minute. >> reporter: security is on the mind of the santa clara valley transportation authority. they were doing a sting at the first street station in japantown. they hoped to spread a message from homeland security on the anniversary of 9/11. the see something, say something campaign is raising awareness to potential threats to transportation systems. >> it's not something they need to be concerned about every time they get on a bus or train, but something that just as a general practice, is part of everyday life, it's good to be alert and to be aware of a suspicious package. just like at an airport. just report anything that you see that's going on. >> it's easier to report suspicious activity thanks to a mobile app called vta alert. it came out in april last year. 600 reports of suspicious activity, unattended bags and
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other possible crimes were made to law enforcement. while a terrorist threat makes the headlines, daily crime is more of a concern of the riders we spoke to today. >> this is more of a viable threat than a package. suspicious bag. theft and violence on the light rail. >> reporter: the vta alerts app is available for iphones and android phones, and is free to download. matt keller, abc 7 news. word of a cover-up surfacing recording former governor arnold schwarzenegger's new portrait at the state capital. the former governor returned for the unveiling of his official portrait. there's apparently a little bit of a problem with it. a "new york post" reports there's a smudge on schwarzenegger's lapel where a picture of maria shriver was removed. schwarzenegger sat for the portrait long before the couple divorced in 2011. he was wearing a lapel pin with shriver's picture on it at the time. one capital tour guide said the person who touched up the painting did not do a very good
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job. an 81-year-old former marine is making a big push to raise money for a korean war memorial. >> final training laps in santa rosa this morning. on sunday, he will take part in the 19th annual alcatraz invitational swim. stewart fought in korea from 1952 until '53. he's part of a group trying to build a permanent korean war memorial in presidio. >> the 1 1/4-mile swim is the day before the 64th anniversary of the landing, a fierce battle in which u.n. forces, mostly american troops, had to land on the beach and fight their way up a seawall. >> those guys langered in the forgotten war for a long time. i would like to bring it to the front. they put their body and soul on the line and did what had to be done. >> if you'd like to give where you live, we've added a link to the korean war memorial foundation on our website. driving into the city today,
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embarcadero, 70-some degrees. inland, close to triple digits. >> close. some of the inland locations did hit triple digits. perhaps in some places it's uncomfortable. sunny skies reaching across all of the bay area, except the coastline, which has some low clouds and some cooling fog. meanwhile, while we swelter here in the heat in parts of the bay area, it's snowing in parts of wyoming, near lander and casper, even over in the western-most part of south dakota, just west of rapid city. but much of the remainder of the nation is still feeling the heat of summer. here's a live view from the emoryville camera. low clouds and fog at the coastline. 66 in san francisco right now. 76 in oakland. 82 san carlo. here's a live view of the cooling fog moving through the golden gate. 94 at santa rosa at this hour.
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fairfield 98. 100 in livermore right now. a live view from the camera at the building marine layer. these are the forecast features we'll see hot inland conditions for the next two days. it will be a spare the air day again tomorrow. but we'll see a cooler pattern settling in early next week. right now, if you look at the satellite image, you see the big ridge of high pressure dominating the weather picture. the heat will hang on for a few more days, as long as the high pressure ridge is our dominant weather factor. for the week ahead, san jose will see high temperatures the next three days. well above average. up near 90 tomorrow. but beginning to drop off a little bit as we approach monday. then monday through thursday we'll see temperatures pretty much the average seasonal range for san jose this time of the year, around 81 to 83 degrees. overnight, look for some fog at the coast. a little bit beyond the coast, low temperatures relatively mild, mainly upper 50s. to right around 60.
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then tomorrow, another sunny and hot day in some spots. we'll see high temperatures ranging from upper 60s at the coast, where we expect a good bit of sunshine tomorrow. mid to upper 80s around the bay. upper 90s to near 100 in the warmest inland locations. here's the seven-day forecast. tomorrow, another spare the air day. it will still be hot inland on saturday, but perhaps a couple degrees lower than today and tomorrow. then on sunday, we see more significant cooling. and then monday through the remainder of next week, we'll see temperatures in the more seasonal range, certainly more comfortable range than those who don't like the triple digit heat. larry and ama? >> thank you. rachael ray, what are her seven essentials to have in the kitchen. facebook rejected this picture on its website. and now it's apologizing.
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we made a new friend. >> we did. >> rachael ray.
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>> rachael stopped by abc 7 last week and i got a chance to spend time with her and get her list of seven things everyone needs for the kitchen. >> the first thing you have to have is a sharp knife. whether you know how to sharpen knives yourself or take it to someone, you can resharpen a good old kitchen knife. >> okay. >> second thing you need is a huge cutting board. when i lived in literally one room, i had a big cutting board, big wooden heavy cutting board, and i put it over the top of my little tiny sink. and i created a counter space. i could position it right next to the stove. >> and wood, not plastic. >> wood. next thing you need, a six-court or larger pot. pasta, chili. and that can transfer to the oven so you can roast. and you want to have it to have a lid. shallow enough to cook an egg or steak orburger but deep enough
4:25 pm
to do a chili or chili mac. a garbage bowl. basically any bucket or thing that you keep on the counter so when you're cooking, you don't have to run around the kitchen to the garbage, to the recycling bin, here, there. throwing the scraps away. next thing you need in your kitchen is whatever relaxes you. something that will put you in a good mood when you are cooking in the kitchen. for me, that's music and a nice italian bread. kosher salt, and black pepper. and high temperature and fruity cooking oil. a good olive oil that you can use on salads, and in dressings, that you don't necessarily cook at a high temperature. and a high temperature olive oil, blend or vegetable oil. so your oil. >> i was going to say, is evio on this list? >> that's lucky number seven. that's also good on your skin. put warm olive oil on your skin or hair to give yourself a
4:26 pm
little hair treatment. my mom always gave herself pedicures with olive oil. >> even if you have a small kitchen, you can utilize your space, have versatile pots and pans so you don't have to amass a ton of things and you can really do everything you need to do. >> one stop shopping for your seven things for presidethe kit >> catch rachael rae right before this newscast every day. the new season starts on monday. >> olive oil on my head? >> you can. >> i didn't know that. really? >> your scalp. >> i wonder if tim tebow does that. tebow time is coming to morning. he will join "good morning america" as a contributor and help launch a new series which focuses on stories of triumph across the country. he's on the new s.e.c. network and very good on television, i'll tell you that. just ahead at 4:00, an airline mechanic's on-the-job stunner. >> it looked just like a noose, no mistaking what it was.
4:27 pm
>> next, his outrage over the discovery as well as what he says happened after he reported it. also, the blade runner, oscar pistorius, acquitted of premeditated murder today. but his future still hangs in the balance, tomorrow. later, the super surprise today for a teenager with a debilitating disorder. it's going to make her life a lot easier. ...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years.
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in headlines today, at 4:30, women in washington are taking a stand against domestic violence. senators barbara boxer and diane feinstein are among 16 female senators calling on the nfl to adopt a zero tolerance policy for players. coming up at 5:00, lillian kim is live at 49ers headquarters with a look at what the team is saying today about athletes and integrity. today marks the 13th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks against the united states. today president obama sent a tweet writing, 13 years after small and hateful minds conspired to break us, america stands tall. united airlines is defending itself after a worker found a noose in his workplace. laura anthony is live at san francisco international airport. it was a story you'll see only on abc 7 news.
4:31 pm
laura? >> reporter: hi, ama. this incident comes on the heels of a similar incident two weeks ago at the city of oakland. also involving a noose. the incident here at sfo happened almost a year ago. but the employee told us since the company hasn't done anything in that time period, he's now taking them to court. >> i was mad and disgusted. and upset. >> reporter: airplane mechanic tony carter told us it started as just another day at the san francisco airport. working on jumbo jets for united airlines. but this time when he arrived in the cockpit, he found this. >> i walked into my work area, which is the cockpit of the aircraft and i saw a noose hanging there. >> reporter: he took these photos of the rope. and then went and found his immediate supervisor. >> he asked me, where is it at? i said it's still in the cockpit. i didn't put it up there so i'm not taking it down. he went up and looked at it. he removed it. >> reporter: then carter says
4:32 pm
after a brief period of interviewing employees and finding no one who admitted placing the noose in the cockpit, united's investigation ended. >> what we're really concerned about here is the failure to take steps once an incident occurred. the thing that shocks us is how much they tried to ignore this. >> reporter: carter is now filing a lawsuit against united for civil rights violations and discrimination. >> the way it was handled was truly disappointing to me. >> reporter: a united spokeswoman told abc 7 news, quote, united does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and we will vigorously defend these allegations. the noose hasn't been seen since. in san francisco, laura anthony, abc 7 news. paralympian oscar pistorius will find out tomorrow the final verdict for the shooting death of his girlfriend reva steenkamp. he began sobbing in court this
4:33 pm
morning as the partial verdict was read. a judge said today the prosecutors did not prove premeditated murder, or second-degree murder. but lesser charges are still on the table. >> i am of the view that the accused acted too hastily and used excessive force. in the second accepts, it is clear his conduct was negligent. >> the finding of negligence raises the prospect for a conviction of culpable homicide. that carries a maximum prison sentence of 15 years. it usually leads to a sentence of about five years. pistorius said he mistook steenkamp for an intruder, shooting and killing her accidently last february. signs of support from congress today for president obama's call for new authority to fight islamic state militants in iraq and syria. congress vowed to give the resources needed to make the
4:34 pm
mission. house leaders voiced different opinions. >> last night, the president was strong, formidable, and clear in presenting his strategy to deal with isis. >> our goal is to eliminate isil. there's a lot of doubt whether the plan was outlined by the president last night, if it's enough to accomplish that mission. >> despite the concerns, it appears house republicans will support the president's request for funds and support. americans strongly support military action against isis. u.s. soldiers serving in afghanistan marked the 9/11 anniversary with a somber memorial service today at bagram air base. this could be the last commemoration in afghanistan. u.s. forces are scheduled to leave at the end of the year.
4:35 pm
speakers honored the victims of the attacks and pledged to make sure they never happen again. games for wounded service men and women from 13 countries are now under way in london. members of the royal family attended last night's opening ceremony, led by prince harry, who worked for more than a year to make these games a reality. his goal, to allow wounded warriors to compete as a kind of relief for the price that they paid in iraq or afghanistan where he served as well. >> over the next four days we will see some truly remarkable achievements. but some of those taking part, this will be a stepping stone to an elite sport. for others it will mark an end to a chapter in their recovery. i have no doubt lives will be changed this weekend. >> more than 400 athletes are competing in such games as wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball and rowing. about a quarter of them are from the united states. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, actor charlie sheen steps into a tip war involving an
4:36 pm
all-star. a baby bear having a real good time on a golf course. we see haze in the air. low clouds at the coast. and hot conditions continue inland. i'll show you when you can expect an end to this. checking your traffic through walnut creek, and 680. on the right, traffic heading south toward san jose. a little bit lighter than your traffic coming north on 680 on the left-hand side.
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check this out. playing golf can be a bit of a bear. here's proof it can be the other way around as well. he's having a good time. a golfer captured this video of a young bear just having an extraordinary time with a flagstick at the mountainside golf course in vancouver, british columbia. the bear had so much fun, well, he decided to steal a ball off the green before he headed back off into the woods. there's another one there off to the left as well. >> maybe a whole family. >> yeah. >> that's actually -- >> yeah, three of them. >> that's much more fun than playing golf. this is the second day in a row. yesterday we had vinny the bear, the walking bear. this is a place for bear news right here. actor charlie sheen news, paying $1,000 to a waiter who only got a 20 cents tip from philadelphia eagles running
4:40 pm
back. >> the tiny tip on a $61 bill. the owner claims mccoy and his friends were also verbally abusive to staff and made derogatory statements to women. >> so sheen sent this tweet out to the owner saying, please tell the waiter i'm pledging $1,000 to him for the tip debacle. just want to help. mccoy was asked about that and he said today he left only 20 cents because the service in his mind was bad. and the tip was him making a statement. as for sheen, mccoy said he he's glad he's grad lad he's finally doing something positive with his life. let's go right to live doppler hd. we've got sunny skies, and still hot conditions in some parts of the bay area. especially in our inland areas. let's take a look at it. right now, conditions, 100 degrees, still in livermore.
4:41 pm
97 san ramon. 98 fairfield. concord and antioch. 96 degrees. 93 in novato. the inland heat is just holding on, not ready to retreat yet. oakland cool 66 in san francisco. for tomorrow, across the 48 contiguous states, numerous areas of showers and thundershowers in the mid-atlantic, parts of the southcentral states. cool up in the north states. it's snowing in parts of wyoming and western south dakota. but the heat will continue in the far west and southwest. in particular, high tomorrow of 99 at phoenix. here in california, look for highs tomorrow of 100 at chico. sacramento 97. 103 fresno. nearly 90 at los angeles. and 107 palm springs. here in the bay area tomorrow, we'll have our usual summer spread. look for highs ranging from 68 on the coast at half moon bay to 77 degrees downtown san francisco. little warmer across the bay in
4:42 pm
oakland. a high of 82. and much warmer inland and walnut creek with a high of 97 degrees. how about antioch? 99. almost 100 degrees at antioch tomorrow. the wave of heat, not quite a heat wave, but a wave of heat inland continues tomorrow. we won't see a significantly cooler pattern until next week. coming up at 4:00, facebook's apology after wanting to take this picture down. plus, a warning about your sushi. the action being taken against the state's largest exporter of rice. plus -- a 12-year-old's app to help parents who worry about their children's safety. new information in home depot's security breach. one retailer already has a top toys list for christmas.
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4:45 pm
the food and drug administration has approved a new weight loss pill. according to the fda it's a
4:46 pm
combination of two drugs. one is an anti-depressant. the other is a drug used to treat substance abuse. dr. jennifer ashton says it fights brain signals that fight hunger, reward and impulse. >> this is not for the person who wants to lose five pounds by the next weekend. this is for adults with a bmi of 30 or above who have failed attempts at aggressive weight loss with diet and exercise alone. >> dr. ashton said it's a powerful drug. the possible side effects are seizures, nausea and dizziness. it's the third new prescription drug for obesity approved by the fda since 2012. facebook is apologizing to a north carolina father after it pulled a photo of his sick child from their website. kevin bond posted the picture of his 2 1/2-month-old son in an ad trying to raise funds for his treatment. hudson has heart disease, and needs a transplant. facebook took the photo down saying it was too scary, gory or
4:47 pm
sensational. well, after the story went viral, fable said their automated system flagged that ad and it took it down. facebook has offered bond $10,000 worth of advertising as an apology. a group is suing california's largest exporter of rice, farmers rice cooperative based in sacramento. the class action lawsuit claims sushi rice sold to california restaurants is inferior and has been tainted with mold and rat droppings and it's been sold that way for years. the complaint claims the company knowingly mislabeled and misrepresented products to consumers and restaurants. >> every single person who has been to a sushi restaurant in the last few years probably has had contact with this kind of rice. >> farmers rice cooperative handles more than 20% of california's rice crop and has been in business for 70 years. it calls the claims absurd, saying its rice is safe. but has agreed to meet with the group behind the lawsuit. a 12-year-old middle school student has come up with a
4:48 pm
mobile app that he hopes will save somebody's life some day. the app turns the power button on any android phone into an emergency alert button. so when the phone is locked and somebody hits the power button eight times, what it will do is send a pre-written tex the message to a list of numbers that you program into the free app. the idea is to help somebody who is being abducted. >> if i was getting abducted and i had my phone in my pocket, all i have to do is reach down and press the power button. >> with a 99 cents upgrade, the person receiving the message will also get a gps map showing the sender's exact location. dylan thought of the app because his father was friends with jessica cane, a teen who disappeared in texas in 1997. we have a link to the app on our website smart kid. the debate over california's proposition 45 reached the footsteps of blue shield's office in san francisco. prop 45 supporters are upset
4:49 pm
blue shield bought a luxury sky box for 49ers games. they say the nonprofit health insurer should not be spending money on luxury suites. the petition asks blue shield to give the tickets to the policyholders. it gives the state insurance commissioner to reject rate increases, something that already happened with the auto insurance. >> california is the only state auto insurance rates have gone down. we're simply extending the same protections that voters enacted for them for 25 years for health insurance rates. >> security guards at blue shield refused to let the protesters in or accept their petition. blue shield declined to comment to abc 7 news about the demonstrations. opponents of prop 45 say the initiative creates a costly bureaucracy. nearly 100 kncalifornia families could lose their insurance. >> officials are wanting thousands of families, they must prove they are legally residing in the united states, or they could lose their insurance.
4:50 pm
it provides health plans under the affordable care act. the law does not cover undocumented immigrants. notices went out to 98,000 families who have not proven they live here legally. the families have until september 30th to provide documents, or risk losing their health plans. >> it's very important right now for individuals to make sure that they get that documentation in, so that we can make sure that their coverage does not get interrupted. >> those who cannot provide documents must return any subsidies they received under the affordable care act. the impact of the home depot credit card breach is already being felt. sources tell abc news 10 to 15% of the stolen credit and debit card numbers have already been used. that's 69 million cards, with as much as $2 billion in bogus charges. we're also hearing that california's joining with five other states to launch a probe
4:51 pm
into that breach. the two senators are calling for a federal investigation. big box retailer walmart already knows what kids want on santa's list this year. walmart has unveiled its top toy list for 2014. talk about getting a jump. it features classics like hot wheels and barbie, leapfrog and anything related to our parent company's disney's fosa. if you can get the song "let it go" out of your head. that's today's consumer news. >> hard to believe hot wheels has been around for so long. >> who invented those things. >> i wish it was us. the surprise for a teenager with a debilitating disorder, and it's going to make her and her family's life a lot easier. coming up at 5:00, new pressure on one of the largest chicken producers in the country. what investigators found at foster farms. plus, bad roads and
4:52 pm
congested commutes. the incredible potholes and poor maintenance, next on abc 7 n ...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years.
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. here's tonight's primetime lineup. 8:00, the quest, followed by shark tank at 10:00. and abc 7 news at 11:00. a massive solar flare may affect some technology here on earth in the next couple of days. nasa released the solar flare. >> the national weather service said it's likely the flare produced a geomagnetic storm. that can temporarily disrupt gps signals, power grids and radio communications on earth for two or three days after the eruptions. a 13-year-old alameda girl living with a debilitating disorder got a surprise today. >> yes. izzy penston has been featured on abc 7 news before. it's getting harder for her to move around, and she's now in a
4:56 pm
wheelchair. today she and her family went home with something that will make their lives a lot easier. abc 7 news reporter leann was there. >> reporter: it's actually a super van made for izzy penston and her family. we've told you about the penston family of alameda. izzy, who is 13, has freezer's ataxia, fa, a rare de babilitai disease. there is no cure or treatment. >> loss of coordination and balance, fatigue. she can't walk without assistance anymore. >> reporter: one of her neighbors watched our story. he owns a dealership. one toyota of oakland. >> i know them. when i saw that there was a need, it was something we get passionate about. >> reporter: toyota and a company called mobility works paid for the conversion. the total price for this van is $70,000. >> toyota makes it. it's like a regular van that starts off like this.
4:57 pm
and then the conversion company cuts the floor out. raises the chassis. and makes this wheelchair accessible ramp right here. >> i'm ready for school in the morning. i can just roll in the car instead of climbing in it. >> reporter: until now, her parents have had to help her get in and out of the van. >> my back has been paying the price. this will just -- this is going to change my life. >> reporter: the van was brought to at&t park where the family was invited to a giants game. there, they met some lookyloos. >> i cried. it's beautiful. it's perfect. >> reporter: for them, watching the giants beat the arizona diamondbacks today made for an even better day. in san francisco, leann melendez, abc 7 news. >> what an amazing thing to do. >> great gesture. thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at
4:58 pm
4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and dan. larry, thank you. breaking news in oakland. a toddler is shot. details are still coming in. we're live with late details. a rare gathering in san jose. why four former police chiefs are banding together. it's not downtown. >> the culture needs to change. >> i'm extremely disappointed. plus, former athletes weigh in on ray rice and domestic violence. you're going to hear what the president of the 49ers is now saying about it. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist. will sizzle is back in summer. abc 7 news, starts right now, with live breaking news. police cars. i'm sorry, this is the wrong video. we want to tell you about a much different story. police cars crowd around an oakland neighborhood after a shooting that wounded a
4:59 pm
1-year-old boy. >> let's show you exactly where this happened now. it is on garfield avenue at 77th. abc 7 news reporter alan wong just spoke with police. he's live with the latest on this. allen? >> reporter: dan and cheryl, police aren't giving us a whole lot of details here, but they believe this was an accidental shooting that happened in the 2600 block of 77th avenue in eastmont neighborhood around 12:30 this afternoon. apparently the 1-year-old boy was outside of the home with some family members when that gun went off. police won't say where the child was shot, only that it's a nonlife-threatening injury. right now, he's at the hospital in stable condition. so far, no arrests have been made, while investigators are talking to family members, trying to figure out who fired that gun and whether or not the gun is in legal possession of the person who pulled the trigger. whoever that person is, they could be facing felony child endangerment charges. reporting live in oakland, allen
5:00 pm
wong, abc 7 news. allen, thank you so much. a livermore golf instructor pleaded guilty to seven felony counts for sexually abusing three boys and trying to solicit someone to murder them. he was arrested last december and charged with 75 counts of abusing boys between the ages of 12 and 17. he faces 27 years in prison when he's sentenced next month. he taught at the golf course in livermore. one person is dead and another seriously injured after an overnight crash. a car driving the wrong way on interstate 280 crashed into another vehicle. it happened just before 1:00 a.m. near page mill road. there was just one person in each car. the chp is still trying to figure out which vehicle was driving the wrong way and if drugs or alcohol was a factor. meantime, a brentwood police officer is recovering after his patrol car was hit by a suspected drunk driver in oakley this morning. police say the driver ignored a


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