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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 19, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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a deadly beating at a bay area gym leaves friends of the victim stunned asking how this could have happened. >> and tonight what the suspect told his daughter just minutes before his arrest. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama -- ama dates. he is accused of killing diego go lynn dough. >> alan wang is live outside the south san francisco gym with this deadly attack taking place. >> dan and ama, this ball's fitness center has a wide layout. the suspect a daughter tells me she spoke to her father shortly pf he what -- shortly after he what arrested and he told you what happened. he stunned the meat market where he worked a is a butcher
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for 10 years. and today employees are collecting money for his funeral. >> he grew up with the kids and took care of them. to soccer practice, the movies, the beach. >> he was bludgeoned to death at this bally's in south san francisco. 46-year-old kenneth osaco, a plumber from south san francisco, was aired. police say he struck him in the back of the head with a steel gym bar. >> he told me quickly that a man was trying to talk to his girlfriend. >> she said she spoke to her father shortly before he was arrested the day after the incident. >> it happened so suddenly and so quickly. i have seen my dad get overtaken by anger before. i can just picture him being so angry. >> she says she is you expects her -- she suspects her father as bi-polar, but he that --
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but he hasn't been dying knowed. >> i wish i could give the family pea of mind. if they want to know anything or if they want to ask me anything, i am here for them. >> osaco is being held without bail and he will likely make his first court appearance on monday. in south san francisco, alan wang, abc7 news. guy roger -- roger goodell said he is sorry and he said it many times today. he broke hi sigh 11 after 10 days of almost daily disgraces. he says he will not resign because he is that a lot to do including a policy for players. >> i am not satisfied with what we did. i let myself down and let everyone else down and i'm sorry. >> nfl commissioner roger goodell with an apology today and a promise to do more to draw the growing number of nfl players accused of do me stick vie -- domestic violence.
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>> we will get our house in order. >> the commissioner who that been glaringly absent in recent weeks didn't say enough to satisfy former fans and players. >> we needed somebody to be a leader and say something substantial. i don't think roger goodell is the guy that can do that anymore. >> four players were pulled from the field uh could youd of domestic violence in the l.a. two weeks since this video showing baltimore ravens star ray rice beating his now wife became public. adrian peterson charged with whipping hi 4-year-old son with a tree branch. the carolina panthers sidelining greg hard econ viced it of assaulting his girlfriend. and jonathon dwyer benched accused of head butting and punching his wife and throwing a shoe at their todd leer. guy i would never hurt my son. >> fans are continuing to exchange the jerseys of their former favorite players. >> i don't know what could be
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said by goodell at this point. i think they dropped the ball on the situation. >> goodell says he that no plans to resign. instead he wants to lead the league in implementing new programs to education players on domestic violence and come up with a consistent policy on i did palestinian. abc news, new york. now before we move oif you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence here is the number for the do me -- do me stick hotline. we have it posted at police are looking for two men uh could youd of sexually assaulting a girl. they forced her in on tuesday afternoon and sexually assaulted her and dropped her off by prospect road. these are sketching of the suspects. they are described as two men in their 30s in a white or
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silver van. animal control officers want to talk with the former owners of eight dogs left in a home without anyone caring for them. sheriff deputies i did covered the abandoned dogs while serving an eviction in the on within. the dogs appeared malnourished and some lost their hair possibly because of parasite. they are getting plenty of uh 10 10 -- attention and food. >> we have wonderful staff and volunteers foe can can -- focusing attention on them. hopefully we will see them on the mend and behaviorally feeling more confident in the world and hopefully they will be put up for adoption soon. >> the dog a former owners could potentially face charges for animal neglect. a man that been charged with arson and could facial more charges. he pled not guilty and investigators are trying to determine how many homes the fire that destroyed.
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if is it five or more prosecutors can seek additional charges. about 12,000 home are in danger right now. the fire has burned 76,000 acres in just six days. fire crews are using an unprecedented amount of fire retardant. they had 275,000 gallons of retardant and a half million gallons overall. the mixture is continue veer sal because it -- controversial. >> and all of the smoke will cause serious air quality problems for us this weekend. a shift in the winds is now bringing the smoke our way. sandhya patel will have the warnings issued for the bay area counties coming up in a few moments. the smoke is producing spectacular sunsets. this was taken in sacramento with a hayes. it is giving the sky a pink hue. a vai cage turned into a
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nightmare escape. they are happy to be out of cabo san lucas, but with thousands of people stranded and suffering, the u.s. isn't doing enough. sergio is live in the newsroom tonight with their story. sergio? >> they flew down to cabo san lucas l.a. weekend with their two young children to celebrate her birthday. but when the hurricane hit it paralyzed the whole area and they had to fend for themselves to get out. within hour of hurricane odile slamming into baja, california cabo san lieu is cay turned into a scary -- cabo san lucas turned into a scary place. there was confusion and chaos outside the resort. >> we heard so many things. what we know is they are rioting right out there. >> this is a picture of her husband with their two children at the resort with no power and no communication and limited food. they say most everyone is what on their own to get out.
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guy i saw some -- >> i saw some other people from our building leaving and i said where are you going? they said we are going to bribe somebody to take us to the airport. >> they arrived in san francisco early this morning. they say the u.s. government should have done more. bay area congressman says there are still a thousand u.s. citizens stranded. he is pushing for more help. >> we have the largest aviation fleet in th -- in the world. i am doing everything we can to get everyone out of there. a tropical storm is set to hit tomorrow. >> they want the attention focused on the disaster. >> we are appalled to see that the iphone 6 is making more news than this. this is a humanitarian disaster. probably pretty equal to katrina. >> they say tourists should be evacuated to help allow the mexican government to focus on rebuilding. abc7 news.
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they are designed to protect, but they may actually be deadly. ahead, the i team talks with a local boy severely burned after crashing into a dangerous guardrail. >> and how did a man just hop a fence and walk right into the white house. up next, the new security concerns. >> i'm sandhya patel. a smoky sunset. what you can expect as we get ready to close out summer this weekend. first here is jimmy kimmle. >> here is a bit of what we have on tap for you tonight. guy i don't have a middle name. >> you don't? let's give you one. wouldn't that be something if we march down to the dmv
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find out how this man made it to the white how -- the white house. agents evacuated the west wing for a short time. the fence jumping suspect went to the hospital after complaining of chest pain. they just left for camp david aboard a helicopter ?ie. a new study about guardrails out this week confirms dangers raised by the i-team last year. they can malfunction and sometimes causing injury and death. >> "20/20" explored the issue. and here is dan noyes with the latest on his own investigation. >> the biggest guardrail manufacturer in the world is facialing a growing number of lawsuits over the guardrail and terminals.
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[inaudible]. >> they can malfunction and sending it slying through a vehicle like this accident in january. >> stay on the line with me as long as you can. >> i am trying. blood is going out too f.a.a. -. >> okay. had the guardrails done their job. >> or it can jolt the car back into traffic or off the road. that's what happened in concord. the suv plummeted and caught fire badly burning a 16-year-old boy. that lawsuit is still underway. josh harmon that filed a federal lawsuit over what he believes are design flaws. i spoke with him in little rock, arkansas. >> i have been in this business for 25 jeers. -- years. i am not out here for anything oarn safety.
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if something is not done it can be your children or mine. >> the force of the crash put the guardrail into the end terminal where it is flattened. that pros said absorbs the energy of the crash and slows down the vehicle. >> last year harmon told me trinity shrunk it to save money. the result? >> when the headlocks up it kicks to the side and flips it around and then this w beam which is ridge git enters the compartment and cuts off legs and cuts people in holf. >> those concerns are echoed by a study out by the safety institute that looked at hundreds of crashes and compared them with other end terminals. >> the chances are about three times greater for a fatality and two times greater for an injury. and that's a real problem. >> a spokesman for trinity
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industries declined to be interview and declined to comment on the safety institute study. they said they have a high degree of confidence in the performance and integrity of the et plus system. and it continues to be accepted by the federal highway administration for use on u.s. highways. this week, brian ross caught up with the highway administration official who approved the et plus. >> you think they are save on the highways? >> as i said, please talk to our public affairs. >> you can't answer that question? >> no, sir. >> whether they are safe? >> safety is a relative matter. >> a cal trans spokesman told me they have not identified any problems with the et plus. there are hundreds of thousands around the country including here in california. i am posting the company a full statement and more at abc7 you can leave me a story tip or call 1-888-4 the i team. san francisco residents will have to wait a little
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longer for reconstruction to finish at dolores park. they blamed too much ground water for delaying the project up to four months. the delay will add more than $2 million to the cost of the job too. now totaling more than is did -- $20 million. even in the drought. guy and we are heading into the last weekend of summer. say goodbye. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the fore cay. >> farewell to summer and hello to fall. if you have plans this upcoming weekend for the last one of summer i will tell you what will happen. the weather will be nice. sphog is in the usual spots around the coast and bay right now. i do want to turn your attention to one concern here. smoke from the fire burning, the king fire in el dorado county has been drifting in this direction. it has been heading toward the bay area a little bit today. the smoke advisories are in affect for the bay area on saturday and sunday. want to show you the sunset from tonight from the east bay hills camera. you can see the pinkish red
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hue as it went down at 7:11 p.m. that's an indication that some of the smoke was moving in, and we got this from a viewer. the vallejo sunset was redish, all right. here is a view from the sfo cam. it is not so much redish. it is gray. temperatures are mild. low to mid60s san francisco, oakland and san jose is currently around the san francisco area. showing you overcast skies and your numbers are comfortable. 62 in santa rosa and livermore 66 degrees. a light breeze along the embarcadero. smoke advisory up for this weekend. hazy skies are expected with mild to warm weather and fall starts on monday. the temperatures will be falling and we may see more numbers falling. low clouds closing in on the coast and around the bay. tomorrow morning for the early plans, just in case you decide to take your dog for a walk or bike ride or hike it will be
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on the gray side which is perfect for a hike or walk and then later in the day the sun is shining in the bay and inland and not so much on the coast. if you are heading to the sierra, shower and thunderstorms are expected for your saturday afternoon and a slight chance on sunday as well. we are waiting for some showers. it looks like another round is coming. wednesday night at 11:00 p.m. there is a cold front in the northern portion of the state, and then it slides down late wednesday night into thursday morning. there is a po built of an autumn -- possibility of an autumn storm. the weekend looks dry. upper 50s to low 60s. look out for the fog and low clouds. 81 in san jose and 85 los gatos and mill pea dison the peninsula. you will hang on to some of the clouds. 70 in downtown san francisco and in the north bay, make sure you have your sunscreen, 80 in santa rosa. hazy skies in napa. 75 oakland and 80 castro valley. hazy sunshine and 87 livermore
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and 84 concord and 86 fairfield. the smoke advise vee covers solano, contra costa and alameda counties. fall begins on monday night. the temperatures start to slide. we do have that midweek chance of some rain. so thrilled about that, ama and dan. >> definitely. thank you, sandhya. >> we have baseball to talk about. >> colin is in for larry. >> i am thrilled about both of these teams. normally they would face a rookie pitcher.
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and three teams in a virtual tie for two wild card spots.
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forget recent struggles. how much do the a's want in? larry beil was there. shocking the coliseum crowd. thank you. r.b.i single and it is 2-0. next batter and coco crisp. it is 3-0a's. their scoring would begin and end in the second inning. john lester on the hill. looking good until the fourth. howard, that's gone, dead center. 22nd of the year and it is 3-1. laster, that was his lone mistake. able to close it out in the 9th. donaldson great play here to get marlon bird. it is a's 3 and phillies 1. they are back on top by a half game. detroit is helping oakland. they beat the royals 10-1 and mariners beat houston and move within a half game of kansas city for the second wild card spot. giants and padres opening up a set. hudson's shortest outing of
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his career. bases loaded double and two runs score. pads get four across in the first. move to the bottom of the third. a routine grounder to third and sandoval is gonna take my time and brandon belt is tall, but not that tall. he advances to second on the error. two batters later and the unearned run makes it 5-0. he had the giants' number again and three starts this year and he allowed one run. dodgers are winners as san francisco falls three and a halfback in the west. still to come, from bad to worse for roger goodell. same for the former
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today roger goodell apologized for his handling of the ray rice incident and plans to implement a new personal conduct policy and balked at the notion he should step down as commissioner of the nfl. asked questioned he looked indecisive and bewildered. >> we have to be cautious in not getting involved in a criminal investigation. i would have love to have seen that tape. should we do more to get that information in the future? that is a question i want experts to do. >> we found out by one phone call. you have a whole legal department. can you explain that? >> i can't explain how you got the information. only you can do that. >> comical. late news out of tallahassee. after screaming an obscenity they said jameis winston won't play the first half of the game against clemson, but they have changed their mind. after a massive public outcry he won't play at all.
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number one florida state, second ranked clemson tomorrow night and jameison is out. >> it is like nobody has a policy. >> people don't want him to play? okay, he is out. >> so many he lines in foot -- so many headlines in football.
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wake up weather when you first start off your saturday morning plans. you will start off with low clouds, fog and mild temperatures. 50s and 60s. lisa argen will be here at 5:00 a.m. >> thank you, sandhya. >> that's this last weekday broadcast of summer. >> yes, it is. abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices. our next newscast is 5:00 a.m. >> and up next, morgan freeman
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on jimmy >> jimmy: it's jimmy. >> hi, jimmy. come in. >> jimmy: thank you. i hope i'm not bothering you. >> no, no. >> jimmy: i want to thank you for being on the show. >> i don't mind it. >> jimmy: and this is a big night for me because not only are you here, but i just finished my screenplay so -- >> you wrote a screenplay? >> jimmy: i did, yeah. it's kind of a passion project for me. took me five years to write this thing so -- and i hope this isn't inappropriate, but i kind of wrote it with, hoping you would play the lead. >> you wrote it with me in mind to play the lead? >> jimmy: yeah, not only with you in mind i wrote it really for you. >> well, jimmy, what an honor. i mean, i'm bowled over.


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