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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 25, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and he said, you're going to drive away. i immediately started saying, no, no. >> reporter: with no time to waste, olga made her move. >> he was reaching over to me. that's when i decided i'm going to jump out of the car. i'm not going to go anywhere with him. >> reporter: the man with the gun took off, and took olga's white cadillac escalade with him. she called her husband, who in turn called police. the deadly chain of events would include a high-speed chase through multiple cities and across the golden gate bridge. his car hit at least two other vehicles and crashed here at the corner of battery and california just in time for the morning commute. >> i heard the cops yelling at the car. they were saying, get your hands in the air! >> as the suspect was attempting to get himmous of the car, and good samaritans were going to his aid, he fired on the good samaritans. at least one piece of something, we're not sure what it was, struck one of the good
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samaritans. >> reporter: when he refused to put down his gun and pedestrians in danger, the officers fired, killing the driver. >> he turned the gun toward the officers, several officers fired upon the suspect and the suspect was pronounced dead here at the scene. >> reporter: back in richmond with her 2-year-old son safely by her side, olga says she knows she did the right thing. >> it's scary. i'm like, wow, that could have been me. he could have shot me. >> reporter: windows can be repaired, but olga said her life could not. she said she's just happy to be alive. in san francisco, nick smith, abc 7 news. >> nick, thank you so much. thousands of marin county commuters who use the golden gate ferry system are going to have to find another way to get to work tomorrow because some of the workers plan to go on strike. leann? >> reporter: hey, cheryl. those going on that one-day strike are the golden gate ferry captains. now, if you go on a ferry
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tonight, you'll see one of these on your seat. notifying you of the disruption in service. now, 9,000 commuters will be affected by the strike. that's the number of people who use the ferries on a daily basis. golden gate transit buses will be available. but remember, those buses will be on highway 101 and on the bridge along with thousands of cars. so yes, expect delays. the reason they are going on strike is because of the contract dispute between the bridge district and a coalition of labor unions, that includes the ferry workers. they want a 3% salary increase over three years, but asking them to contribute more towards their health care. >> ferry captains are responsible for the safety of thousands of residents to get to work. we take our job seriously. but we also take our livelihoods seriously. >> it will not affect our bus service or the bridge. we'll try to do outreach to the customers so they can make
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informed choices on how to get to work tomorrow. >> reporter: so the lark spur, sausalito, and ferry terminals will not be operating from 4:30 in the morning to 9:00 in the evening. bad news for baseball fans. >> it's going to be very inconvenient. people rely on this to get to work every day. >> we knew for weeks there would be a one-day strike. i think the workers are doing it in the least disruptive way they can to the commuters. >> reporter: now, people knew this may happen after the machinists went on a one-day strike on september 16th. but that strike did not have the impact that this one will have. and just for your information, the next bargaining session will happen next monday. live from lark spur, leeann melendez, abc 7 news. we're going to be up early tracking the way this strike affects the morning commute.
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the abc 7 morning news starts bright and early tomorrow at 4:30. san francisco's fire commission is meeting at this hour. the future of the embattled fire chief is not on the agenda, but the topic is certainly on everyone's mind. we have more on this developing story. carolyn? >> reporter: well, dan, the public comment period just got under way a short time ago. we haven't heard yet from many regular public citizens. police chief greg sur, the police chief was the first to take the stand, i guess you could call it, testifying in defense of his friend, jo ann hayes, followed by a statement from six female department heads. the public now has a chance to weigh in on the fate of fire chief jo ann hayes white. she's lost the confidence of rank and file firefighters. even the leaders of the 250 women in the department joined with all the other employee groups for a con fab in the
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mayor's office yesterday, asking him to oust the first female chief in san francisco history. what's wrong with her leadership? >> i would have to say a lack of communication. us not knowing where she's going. she hasn't been transparent. letting us know her strategy or her plan. >> reporter: a crisis that has developed over time has reached a tipping point. long waits for emergency medical service, that firefighters say puts public safety at risk. they believe the chief should have fought harder for funding. and spent what was allocated more efficiently. she believe she's tried. >> any department head, if they're fully funded every year, the answer is no, if anything, we've made reductions. five years in a row. we're in the rebuilding mode. >> reporter: the mayor described his meeting yesterday as good. but gave no indication what his decision about the chief might
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be. >> i'm not going to talk in public right now about any personnel matters. i've committed to working, and i'll have a number of meetings to ascertain and get to the bottom of all their concerns. >> reporter: chief hayes white said she will weather the storm. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. a short time ago, the coast guard told abc 7 news that a boat involving a missing sailor search was actually stolen. the u.s. coast guard spent the day looking for the boater. the man's empty bone is shown near alcatraz. a man wearing a yellow jacket was shown about 6:00 this morning on that boat. when it returned about two hours later, the man was gone. now we know why. he apparently abandoned ship. a rare storm for this time of year rolled through the bay area this morning wreaking havoc on traffic and power lines. pg&e crews working all day to
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restore power to parts of san jose, the east bay and monterey county, more than 20,000 customers across the bay were without power at some point this morning. we check in with sandhye patel. >> about .2 of an inch of rain for the entire month of september. i'll show you exactly where we're still seeing some showers up in the north bay, right around the cloverdale area, as we take you down to street level, some showers right now. offshore, we've been seeing numerous lightning strikes. but the thunderstorms have not developed here in the bay area. they have up in the sacramento valley. oakland airport, moffit field, .36.
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livermore, .18. just under a half an inch in the santa cruz mountains. we have more showers in the forecast. i'll let you know how this is going to play into your morning co commute coming up. the rain is bringing some welcome relief to firefighters battling that king fire in el dorado county. the wet weather is increasing the humidity and breaking down the flames so firefighters can build containment lines. the massive wildfire is now 43% contained, much better than yesterday with 38%. it covers more than 95,000 acres. the blaze has destroyed 12 homes, and it's still threatening thousands more in the sierra nevada foothills. the rain obviously is helping on the fire lines. we need it desperately. but overnight it will not make any difference in the drought at all. laura anthony is live in the hayward hills tonight with a look at the rain that we did
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get, laura, and any potential impact. >> reporter: hi, dan. first of all, we'll start with fire danger here in the east bay hills. it's as high as it's been in years. the rain didn't change that at all. as for the drought, water managers here tell me that that little bit of rain, or that significant rain that we got actually is just an opportunity to conserve more. >> i cut down the bushes in the backyard. >> reporter: he's thrilled to see this going on in his front yard. he cut down the ol yander in the backyard. thanks to a special program, the debris is being chipped and hauled away for free. >> i'm glad to get it done. it would cost to have a lot of money to have it done if you were to do it on your own. >> reporter: the hayward fire department is administering the program now into its fifth week designed to make it easier for residents. and motivate them to create
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defensible space around their homes. >> we're still in a drought. just because we got this one storm doesn't mean the drought's over. we need a lot more rain. and things are still dry. >> reporter: pg&e has chipped in $5.5 million throughout their service area to make sure the work gets done. the fire danger is now at its highest level. >> we'll have a contractor come into the home of the local resident and take all of their debris and chip that into chips. >> reporter: the rain wasn't enough to affect the fire danger, but it does allow homeowners to turn off their sprink lergs, at least for a few days. >> we're really excited we did get the rain. every little bit helps. but we need to conserve more now than ever. we need to keep that up. >> reporter: hayward is not the only city offering free chipping for its residents. in hayward, laurie anthony, abc 7 news.
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we have much more ahead. coming up, the district attorney might be trying to put the brakes on uber, another right service company in san francisco. shell shocked, a new computer virus could allow hackers to take control of hundreds of millions of machines all over the world. we're going to break down the risks. will the search for a new attorney general end in california. what possible contenders are saying tonight. >> we can dream. what would you do with $200 million? san mateo, making big plans tonight.
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san francisco district attorney is threatening to shut down uber lift and side car. side car just sent us a letter the d.a. sent to all three
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ride-sharing services informing them they're operating illegally, saying they present a threat to the public. the letter says the companies are calculating fares illegally and performing insufficient background checks that allow drivers convicted of criminal offenses, even sex crimes, to drive unsuspecting passengers. side car tells us they strongly disagree and will continue operating as usual, and even expand. the los angeles d.a. also signed the letter informing them of the joint investigation by both departments. not a lot to smile about at the close of wall street trading today. the stock market suffered its worst slide in two months. the dow ended the day down 265 points, or 1.5%. apple led the drop. ending down almost 2%. apple's problems with its new operating system and concerns about its phones bending helped cause today's fall on wall street.
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apple felt the drop. the company lost nearly 4% of its value today. shares finished the trading session roughly $98. apple lost more than $20 billion in the stock sell-off. the head of the fbi is criticizing apple and google for incrypting their smartphones so that enforcement cannot gan access to them. there will be a day when it's a matter of great -- it will matter a great deal to the lives of people that we will be able to gain access to such devices. the fbi director wants to have the conversation before that day comes. combey's comments are the most forceful yet from a top government official. shell shock, or bash bug, has put both lyinex or mac user at risk. 500 million computers could be at risk.
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perhaps yours. security experts say bash bug poses an even greater threat than heart bleed, another large-scale vulnerability that has affected many popular websites and services like gmail and facebook. there's not much we can do right now to protect our information, but avoid logging into public unsecured wi-fi networks like those in, say, coffee shops and be sure to install updated software as soon as it is released. one of president obama's closest allies is leaving the administration. attorney general eric holder announced today he is stepping down as soon as his successor is confirmed. two california leaders are reportedly on the short list. california attorney general pamela harris said she's honored to even be mentioned. but she's focused solely on her reelection campaign right now. university of california president janet napolitano did not respond to the reports that her name is being floated.
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eric has been a longtime friend and colleague and he will be sorely missed. the masked man seen in horrible isis videos, those terrorist videos has now been identified. i talked with david muir earlier today. >> the horrific videos for isis, the americans killed, the u.s. now knows who that masked man is. what we learned from the fbi. our exclusive tonight, the story that shocked the world. my interview with the parents, the 12-year-old taken into the woods, stabbed 19 times by two friends, trying to impress an internet character called slender man. >> such a difficult story. on a much different note, tell me about george clooney. >> that's right. word coming in from venice tonight about george clooney, is he going to tie the knot and when? coming up here, cheryl. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up right after this newscast here on abc 7. someone is $225 million richer in the bay area tonight.
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the key market in san mateo sold the winning ticket for last night's powerball jackpot. california lottery says the sole winner matched all the numbers, 7, 14, 21, 24, 41, and 26. a sole winner. the family-owned store receives $1 million. just for selling the winning ticket. >> it's going to be a big help for the business. they'll be able to do extra things. and yes, good for goodwill. our customers are going to be real excited that we're the lucky spot. >> the lottery said the odds of winning the powerball jackpot are 1 in 176 million. another person in stockton won an $11 million super lotto jackpot. the winners have yet to be identified there. boy, that's fun. congratulations. meteorologist sandhye patel. >> dan and cheryl, we got a pretty good amount of rain in the bay area, especially this morning. if you were caught during the
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commute, i know it was a rough one. lots of sunshine. some cumulus as we're watching the vertical development of showers. we'll talk about where we're still seeing some returns. our radar on mt. st. helena tracking very light returns, around gurno, occidental area. don't put the umbrellas away just yet. some thunderstorms, very strong thunderstorms just north of willow there. you can see. they may contain some hail, if you're traveling up in that direction. good news, those firefighters battling the king fire, well, they got about .77 of an inch of rain. the rain has shifted off to the east. at least they got some moisture out of it. those are the cumulus clouds i'm talking about. 68 in san francisco. in the low 70s oakland. san jose, you feel the difference today? it's cooler. half moon bay 66 degrees. here's our view from the lake tahoe cam where they've been seeing showers as well. dark clouds, low 70s right now
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in santa rosa, novato. 73 in concord and livermore. east bay hills camera, beautiful view of those cumulus as well. the puffy popcorn-like clouds over mount de ab lo. isolated showers tonight until the sun goes down. scattered showers for your morning commute. we're looking at dry and milder weather for the upcoming weekend. part one of the storm, the cold part is what drenched us this morning. now we're going to start to see the rain in the sierra diminishing, and the second part of the storm arriving with a few showers. this comes in, unfortunately, at the wrong time again. i'll show you on the computer animation. 7:00 p.m., spotty showers around the bay area. as we head into your morning commute, a little more activity as you'll notice there. at this point we'll take the rain anytime, even if it is during the commute. isolated showers remain in the forecast through friday evening. and we could see additional amounts up to about a quarter of
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an inch for the wettest spots. so keep that in mind right on through tomorrow evening. make sure you grab your umbrellas, and check this out. this is pretty exciting. high elevation snow expected in the sierra, the first snow of the season. it's going to be snow basically going into your saturday, mixing in with some rain. snow levels will be about 8,000 to 8,500 feet. there's a possibility friday as well. so if you're traveling up there, just keep that in mind. you may run into some snow. don't be surprised if it looks like winter. tomorrow morning, a cooler start, better sleeping weather for those of you who don't have air conditioning, and slick roadways, low in the upper 50s. make sure you have your umbrellas with you in the morning. afternoon highs, a lot like today. upper 60s to the upper 70s. napa 75. 68 in san francisco. 71 oakland. san mateo out towards livermore, concord 76. 73 san jose. santa cruz 72, with a few
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showers there. the forecast, isolated showers for your friday, going into the weekend. it's definitely a milder, drier pattern. mid to upper 60s coast, low 80s inland. we'll bump up the temperatures a few more degrees for next week, the work week, looking dry, at least through thursday right now. dan, cheryl? >> sandhye, thank you very much. president obama hangs a no fishing sign in the ocean and makes history in a big way. plus, the dashing daredevil. why a man is racing the tube in a wheelchair. new at 6:00, the destruction of the old eastern span of the bay bridge. it's going to the birds. and that's a pro
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weather makes quick work of this canopy tent. the man was trying to hold it down. he's okay. a little dazed. this happened in a russian city off the crimean peninsula.
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a local news event was interrupted. it lasted about a minute or so. because the earthquake hit 63 miles below the surface, experts say there is little likelihood of damage or injuries. just a lot of shaking. and there is no tsunami warning as a result. president obama made history today. he expanded a marine reserve in the pacific ocean to six times its original size. the pacific remote island marine monument is the largest area ever protected in the name of conservation anywhere in the world. it covers close to half a million square miles. that is bigger than california, nevada, utah and arizona combined. the region is now off-limits to commercial fishing, offshore oil drilling and other commercial activity. a man is using a viral video to raise awareness about handicapped access to the tube station. anthony illustrated the problem by racing the subway train from one station to the next. he comes extremely close,
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completing the route in less than a minute and a half but is stopped by the stairs leading to the platform at the very end. there you go. only a quarter of london's tube stations have been adapted for wheelchair access. despite his frustration, he said he had a lot of fun making this short film with a message. >> creative way to get his point across. the giants are headed to the postseason. bruce bochy's squad clinched a spot today, when the cincinnati reds defeated the milwaukee brewers. the giants will play either the pittsburgh pirates or st. louis cardinals. we won't know until this weekend where that game is going to be played. and the a's could wrap up an american league wild card spot as early as tonight. giants don't know yet who or where they'll play. if they do qualify for next tuesday's wild card game. it will likely be the kansas city royals. the a's play the rangers in texas in about an hour.
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the fall lineup. >> we talk with kerry washington about how her new clothing line allows everybody to find
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is it the biting? ...we need to break up. cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years.
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coming up at 6:00 tonight, a doctor facing charges in a road rage shooting outside his home. tonight dan noyes describes how this case raises all sort of hot-button issues. the racial disparity to breast cancer. less frequent, but more deadly among african-americans. all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. right now, though, "scandal" star kerry washington wants women to look as powerful and put together as her tv altar-ego olivia post. >> that's why washington has put together a new clothing line that helps women channel their inner gladiator without breaking the bank. >> kristen caught up with washington this morning and asked her what is the olivia
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pope aesthetic. >> that's what we've tried to bring to the masses with this line. we've tried to make it that any gladiator, any fan of the show, any woman out there can go into the limited or go to and figure out how to be her own version of a gladiator in a suit. >> the fall "scandal" collection is available now at the limited. all right. thank goodness it's thursday. the shonda-land rhymes taking over thursday night here on abc 7. at 8:00, it's new episodes of "grey's anatomy," followed by the season premiere of "scandal" at 9:00. at 10:00, shonda rhym new legal drama "how to get away with murder." followed by abc news at 11:00. >> fans who tweet during these shows will be entered into win a
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tgit gift. tune in tonight. by welcome to "world news tonight." a major break. the u.s. now knows who this masked man is in those horrific isis videos. our reporting from inside the fbi. and martha raddatz, the only reporter on board a u.s. warship in the gulf, as those fighter jets take off. caught on camera. you will see the video here. the officer who pulls a driver over for not wearing a seat belt. soon after, opening fire on him. how did this happen? the pictures coming in tonight. the powerful earthquake rattling part of america. listen to this room. a 6.2. what we're learning right now. and, the abc news exclusive. the story that shocked the world. for the first time, right here, the parents of that 12-year-old girl lured into the woods by her friends and left for dead. all to impress an


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