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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 29, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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you can't help but see the good. look for big g cereals with money saving offers on these breakfast favorites and give your budget a boost. surveillance video emerges that police say puts two suspected arsonists at the scene of a series of devastating fires in alameda. good afternoon. >> ama and larry are off today. police today released a mug shot from two men accused of setting as many as eight fires. >> 27-year-old steven peterson of alameda and 22-year-old andrew gutierrez, a transient. alyssa harrington joins us live with more on their arrest. alyssa? >> reporter: i'm in the parking lot behind bright cleaners, one of the places where police and firefighters responded early sunday morning for one of those
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fires. you can see there is also several security cameras out here and what they recorded helped police track down the people they believe are responsible. video captured on a surveillance camera outside jim's coffee shop shows a man lurking in the back parking lot looking into the windows of bright cleaners on park street in downtown alameda. five minutes later, flames erupted in the same spot, ripping through the dry cleaner's and delivery van. the fire gutting the business and a restaurant next door. >> it's a real mess and it's too bad something like this happened here. >> i dropped some clothes off. i was wondering if they will have a sign up, you know, how do you put in a claim for my clothes. >> reporter: police arrested 22-year-old andrew gutierrez, a transient who frequents the area and 27-year-old steven peterson, who lives in alameda. police say they are responsible for torching cars, garbage cans and buildings early sunday, causing eight fires total. >> we made the arrest in two
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different locations, each suspect was arrested in close proximity to one of the arsons. >> reporter: peterson's facebook page says he attended san francisco state university and includes pictures of him at protests. meanwhile, judy simon is spending the day abruptly moving out of her damaged apartment off san antonio avenue. >> everything is wet. the ceiling's bulging. there is going to be mold. so i have to move out. >> reporter: her neighbors, a family of five, lost just about everything. furniture, kids' toys, even homework assignments sit in a big heap at the bottom of the staircase. firefighters estimate the damage of both the homes and the businesses totals $3 million. police don't know a motive. they are investigating if the suspects could be connected to five suspicious fires they believe were intentionally set in oakland friday morning. in alameda, alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. >> thank you.
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the man accused of starting a fire at a federal aviation administration facility and causing thousands of flight cancellations faced a federal judge today in chicago while many questiair traffic control . >> things are back to normal with only minor delays. we look at how one person was able to do so much damage. >> nobody in chicago center is up. >> reporter: chaos and confusion in the air. >> chicago center is having some problems. >> reporter: closing the chicago air space and grounding some 4,000 flights around the country over the weekend. >> flight was canceled. >> very crazy. we made it. >> reporter: now, new information about the 36-year-old contracted technician, brian howard, who according to authorities, started a fire and knocked out a key air traffic control center in illinois.
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5:06 a.m. friday he entered the building with a suitcase. 30 minutes later, he posted an apparent suicide note. he then, officials say, started destroying the electronic gear in the basement of the building, radar communications, flight plan computers, then the suicide attempt. officials say in the end, there was so much blood along with fire and water damage, the faa called it a biohazard and is building a new center. in other words, the travel disruptions could last at least two weeks. leaving many wondering how one man could cause all of this. >> this contract person that created this dilemma is vetted, has a security clearance and if they're inclined and this gentleman was, to create havoc, they can do it. >> reporter: several members of congress now calling for an investigation. in the meantime, howard had his first court appearance today. he arrived wearing hospital scrubs with a large bandage
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covering a self-inflicted wound on his neck. his lawyer told reporters his client deeply regrets his actions. abc news, new york. supporters of home sharing rallied outside san francisco city hall today while inside, a supervisors committee considered a proposal to regulate services like air b & b. supervisor david chew is leading the charge to regulate short term rentals. >> this is displacing people for being able to live in san francisco during our affordability crisis. if you engage in that activity under my legislation, you will be subject to $1,000 per day fines. >> if there is a limit to the days we can rent our cottage this would most likely prohibit us from living out our dream and keeping our house and living in san francisco. >> the regulations would limit short-term rentals to three months of the year and levy a 14% hotel tax. governor brown has signed a historic bill to address the
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growing problem of sexual assault on college campuses. the new law states that yes means yes and that a woman who is drunk or asleep and says nothing is not giving consent. megan warner, who was sexually assaulted by two men as a freshman, phelped push for the senate bill. she says she thinks it will make a difference on college campuses. >> some will remain perpetrators but i think in a lot of cases, people will start to rethink their behavior because studies have shown perpetrators know what they're doing is wrong but they don't know that it's rape or they just think everyone does that. >> the bill also addresses the way colleges and universities handle assault allegations and requires special training for people who deal with the victims. with the stroke of a pen, governor brown also made it easier for millions of californians to get bachelors degrees that could open the door to good jobs. >> it can be done through the community college system. abc 7 news reporter david louie
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joins us. >> reporter: as you know, many employers are requiring bachelors degrees for a wide range of jobs, so this pilot program is in an effort to try to address that and at the same time, try to give tuition break to students. it's a dream come true for community colleges that believe having a bachelors degree program will improve the prospects for students and improve the state's competitiveness. rita is chancellor of the san jose evergreen community college district. >> california is now ranked 31st in the nation when it comes to adults who have a bachelor's or associate degree. we must do better. this is the absolute right step in the right direction. >> reporter: college districts will apply for 15 college programs that train students for high demand jobs and don't duplicate existing programs at csu or uc. the targeted areas include dental hygiene, health technology and industrial technology. the plan specifies semester units are capped at $84 above what districts charge now for
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associate degree programs so depending on the district, getting a bachelors degree could run just over $10,000. with many community college students working part-time, the course offerings will be flexible. >> some of the courses could be online. some of them could be blended partially in person, partially online. and some would be in person but also be available evenings, weekends, to accommodate the working adult. >> reporter: the pilot program is scheduled to begin in january of 2017 and end in 2023, unless it's extended. this second year student enrolled at foothill college's dental hygiene program, sees the benefit. >> obviously when you go apply for a job, you know, they are going to take the person that has the bachelor's. so that's now some opportunity. >> if they were going into certain companies or certain dental practices, they would need the bachelor's degree. so this will be a great benefit. >> reporter: david louie, abc 7 news. the 49ers ended a two-game losing streak yesterday but head
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coach jim harbaugh is not happy today with what's being said about him by a couple of former 49ers turned nfl analysts. >> personally i think that's a bunch of --. >> well, that's harbaugh responding to comments made by nfl network analyst deion sanders and from trent dilfer from espn. sanders claims 49er players and others in the organization want harbaugh gone. dilfer told espn radio he thinks harbaugh's relationship with the players has become almost toxic. reports surfaced last winter that harbaugh and the general manager were also at odds. raiders head coach dennis allen faces an uncertain future after yesterday's loss to miami in london. oakland fell 48-13 to the dolphins to start the year 0-4. the raiders have a ten-game losing streak dating back to last season. the raiders have a bye this week which could make this the optimal time for a change. the raiders return to action when san diego visits oakland on october 12th.
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san francisco city leaders broke ground today on a project that will bring 410 more apartment units to renters. >> the 3.4 acre 358th street project is currently budgeted at $220 million. it will include retail space as well as a public acceptable park. mayor ed lee says the project's right for the city. >> we work with a lot of developers in the city, and yes, these are good times but we can distinguish between developers that love our city and developers that just want to make a buck. >> the project's developers say it took about six years to plan and should be finished sometime in 2015. let's head outside for a look at the weather. >> blue skies. we have to wait awhile, spencer. >> we've got mainly blue skies now and we will continue to have mainly blue skies for the rest of the week. i can tell you this, today will be the coolest day of this entire week. it will get pretty hot later in the week. here's a look at live doppler 7
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hd. you can see clouds getting a little thicker at the coast, low clouds right now pushing through the golden gate as well but it is considerably sunnier over the bay and inland. here's a view at the golden gate bridge right now looking at mainly blue skies above. current temperature, 63 in san francisco. 67 in oakland. low 70s in san carlos, san jose, 77 morgan hill. 63 at half moon bay. check out this view looking out over the bay. you see a few puffs of broken clouds beginning to push out over the bay but still mainly blue skies right now. 74 in santa rosa. napa, 72. upper 70s at fairfield, concord and livermore and a lovely view of the sky over the bay from the rooftop camera at abc 7. here's the first forecast. partly cloudy this evening. we will see a little increase in low clouds during the evening hours, sun and clouds tomorrow morning. low temperatures range from about 52 to 60. then mild to warm tomorrow afternoon under sunny skies. we will see mid to upper 60s at the coast, mid 80s inland and later in the week, it is going
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to sizzle. i'll have the accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> spencer, thank you. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the new findings from researchers linking california's drought to climate change. also -- >> we will show you how a bomb disposal team took care of a device found near a school. new at 4:30, the twist with
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pittsburg police detonated an explosive device found late last night near the high school. it was made of two road flares and rifle rounds taped together. the explosion left a hole about a foot and a half deep. nearby residents were told to stay inside and close their windows while the bomb squad blew the device up. no one was hurt and no suspects are in custody. crews are still cleaning up the mess left behind by severe weather in arizona over the weekend. strong winds and heavy rain caused quite a bit of damage. crews worked to clear downed trees that landed on homes, fences and power lines. on saturday, somebody captured this video of a roof being torn off by powerful gusts of wind at sky harbor airport in phoenix. phoenix received a record 1.6 inches of rain friday into saturday. as california remains parched in this ongoing drought, researchers are unveiling new evidence that what we humans have been doing for the last 200
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years is to blame. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live in woodside to explain. >> reporter: you have heard us talk in the past about what they dhaul they call that ridiculously resilient ridge that has kept the rainfall away from california for the last two years. today we learned from a stanford ph.d. candidate and his study that that ridge seems to be a consequence of climate change. the ph.d. candidate who first discovered the ridiculously resilient ridge took a short walk across the stanford campus today. that as daniel swain and his ridge had a lot of people talking, especially in california. >> one could call it the region of unusually persistently high geopotential pacific ocean but ridiculously resilient ridge is easier to swallow. >> reporter: that moving red blob of high atmospheric pressure in the north pacific, the one that persisted for two
4:17 pm
winters now, metaphorically speaking -- >> that's the stream. that big red blob is the course of this animation is sitting where the jet stream and storm track would normally be. >> reporter: it's the physical cause of california's drought. daniel made headlines today by publishing an academic paper that connects climate change with conditions causing the formation of that ridiculously resilient ridge. the study is based on an examination of climate models both existing and hypothetical. in one model, daniel looked at the earth's atmosphere as it exists today with carbon emissions. in another model, no carbon emissions at all. a perfectly natural atmosphere. >> i don't think there's any evidence that it's a permanent condition, although what we have shown is that there is an increased risk that this sort of extreme pressure pattern will occur. >> reporter: what does this 25-year-old study mean for the rest of us? a confirmation mostly, another peek into the mechanism behind california's climate crisis.
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further proof that this is no fluke, it has a cause. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. let's head outside once again with spencer christian. it was really foggy this morning. >> still no rain in sight, too. >> that is true. not only do we not have any rain in sight, we have a bit of a heat wave in sight. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. talk about the clouds first. you can see we have clouds clinging to much of the coastline right now, especially near the golden gate. while most inland areas are clear. here's a live view from the east bay hills camera of clear skies looking towards mount diablo. these are the forecast features. big warmup beginning midweek. we will see high temperatures well into the 90s, widespread 90s inland by friday. in fact, upper 90s, near 100 and fire danger, of course, will increase. the cloud pattern today has been like this. you mentioned the fog earlier. it really has been persistent along the coastline, the low
4:19 pm
clouds have. most of the clouds we had today over inland areas disappeared, giving way to mainly sunny skies. we have the persistent cloud layer near the coast. here's the larger picture with specific satellite image showing an approaching dry cold front. watch what happens behind that front. we've got this big ridge of high pressure that is going to build in. that will bring us the big warmup i mentioned earlier. let's set the maps in motion. starting at 7:00, the front continues to sweep through early tomorrow and continues through the bay area later tomorrow, followed by high pressure settling in by early wednesday, giving us dry offshore winds which will bring us a significant warmup but that will also mean fire danger increases with the warmup and we will have high temperatures near 100 degrees in some inland areas by friday. now, overnight, we will see relatively pleasantly cool conditions up in the north bay, especially, where low temperatures will drop into the low to mid 50s. generally across the area overnight, we will see lows in the upper 50s to near 60 with a
4:20 pm
few clouds around. then tomorrow, look for mainly sunny skies in the south bay with highs ranging from mid 70s to low 80s. 77 in san jose. 81 in morgan hill. on the peninsula, generally mid to upper 70s. 74 at san mateo. 77 in mountainview. mid to upper 60s on the coast tomorrow. high, downtown san francisco, 71 degrees. up in the north bay, we will see highs mainly right around or just above 80 degrees, 80 in santa rosa. 81 in napa. on the east bay m to, lotomorro 78 at castro valley and the inland east bay will be our warmest region. it won't be very warm, just moderately warm with low to mid 80s. 82 in concord, 81 at livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast, the real warming begins on wednesday. warmer in all areas. thursday, warm to hot by friday, we will see upper 90s to near 100 inland, mid 90s around the bay and mid 80s on the coast on friday. we will see a little coastal breeze on saturday so slight cooling at the coast on
4:21 pm
saturday, although most other locations remain rather hot. it will be a little cooler in all areas on sunday and then temperatures begin to moderate on sunday. but nice little wave of heat is coming our way wednesday through saturday. >> spencer, thank you. up next, one big happy family. baby charlotte leaves the hospital with her folks and a couple proud and famous grandparents. new after 4:30, the smash and grab robbers who made off with thousands of dollars worth of high end electric
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the cameras flash as chelsea clinton and her marc mezvinsky left the hospital with baby charlotte. the happy family was accompanied by bill and hillary clinton looking all proud as they left the new york city hospital and headed home. as grandparents. chelsea clinton gave birth to baby charlotte friday night. this is the former first daughter's first daughter.
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>> very well said. we are heading into week three of "dancing with the stars." tonight is movie night. abc 7 news entertainment reporter has a preview of that and how the stars are feeling about the competition. >> she has been working on her fitness. she's a healthy 72-year-old. she's doing great. i couldn't be more proud of her. >> reporter: betsy johnson and her partner tony dovolani will dance to "unchained melody." you will remember it from the movie "ghost." janelle parrish is jazzed about tab tackling this classic film. >> we are doing "west side story" which i grew up watching over and over. i'm very excited about it. one of my favorite movies. >> i'm an immigrant who grew up in new york. it's like a west side story. >> reporter: derek hough is thrilled he gets to take on "singing in the rain" with his celebrity partner.
4:25 pm
>> the movie is super iconic, especially for dance. very, very special. doesn't normally clear but we were able to work some magic and it's very special. >> reporter: mark ballas will dance to a disney film. leah thompson is heading back to the future. can you guess what movie randy couture has based on this hint from his partner? >> if i can change, you can change. everybody can change. >> reporter: their movie is "rocky." when it comes to round three, antonio sabato, jr. will enter the ring with more confidence and more happiness. >> i got rid of a lot of things i needed to get rid of. i have full trust in cheryl. we just moved on some things, like this tension i had is all gone. now i listen to her, we do what we got to do. >> reporter: what tommy chong is
4:26 pm
doing now is enjoying all the attention from his fans. >> i'm the most interesting man in the world right now. >> reporter: the 11 teams still in the competition will be ready for their close-ups when "dancing with the stars" goes to the movies beginning tonight at 8:00 on abc 7. >> here are the details. "dancing with the stars" airs at 8:00 on abc 7. you can watch it on air or on the go on your tablet or smartphone with our watch abc app. signs this evening that the war against isis is having an impact on the terror group, as the administration tries to explain why it was caught by surprise. that's next. plus, dramatic video captures a tragedy at sea as an inflatable boat crammed with migrants starts to sink. why michigan's head coach says he sent one of his star players back into the game moments after he apparently suffered a concussion. stay
4:27 pm
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4:30 pm
appreciation to the governor for signing a bill designed to reduce rape on college campuses. she said thank you for signing affirmative consent bill sb 967 and leading the nation in addressing campus sexual assault. #yes means yes. new u.s.-led air strikes in syria today targeting islamic state militants. president obama has admitted his administration underestimated the threat the militants posed. abc news reporter karen travers has the latest from washington. >> reporter: u.s. military officials warn this could be a very long campaign against isis, but today, the air force said it is seeing tangible progress. >> they are unable to mask the concentrated group of what you could almost look at as a conventional army we had previously seen. >> reporter: today, many questions for the obama administration about whether it fully understood the threat from isis. >> i think our head of the
4:31 pm
intelligence community has acknowledged that i think they underestimated what had been taking place in syria. >> reporter: in an interview with cbs' "60 minutes" the president said his administration also overestimated the ability of the iraq army. the president's spokesman was on the defensive today, saying the way isis developed and moves caught everybody by surprise. >> nobody predicted the speed and pace with which isil would advance across the syrian border with iraq. >> reporter: but late last year, a top state department official told congress quote, there is no question that isil is growing roots in syria and iraq, and in february, the director of the defense intelligence agency said the extremist group probably will attempt to take territory in iraq and syria to exhibit its strength in 2014. house speaker john boehner told abc's george stephanopoulos that air strikes alone won't defeat isis. >> at some point, somebody's boots have to be on the ground.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: the white house says the boots need to be local. moderate syrian rebels or the iraqis. karen travers, abc news. washington. the new cnn poll shows the majority of americans oppose sending u.s. ground troops to fight isis in syria and iraq, but an overwhelming number support the u.s.-led air strikes. in addition, 45% of americans believe isis is a very serious threat. 23% believe it's fairly serious. leaving 22% to say it's somewhat serious and the rest were not sure. new details on the man who broke into the white house two weeks ago. we are finding out today that he made it all the way to the east room before security tackled him and that an alarm to alert there was a breach had been intentionally turned off. that calls into question what the secret service first reported that after jumping the white house fence and running more than 100 yards, 42-year-old omar gonzalez was arrested near the building's front doors. he was allegedly carrying a folding pocket knife at the
4:33 pm
time. afghanistan's new president was sworn in today, paving the way for a new agreement involving u.s. troops. the election is the country's first transfer of power since 2001 when the u.s.-led invasion swept the taliban out of power. u.s. officials say that change will allow kabul to sign a long-awaited security pact allowing u.s. forces to remain in afghanistan after december 31st, when the international combat mission ends. chinese police appeared to have softened their response and even withdrawan from parts of hong kong. crowds chanted a few feet from lines of police officers. thousands more joined the protest after police used tear gas in an attempt to break up a large sit-in over the weekend. their protests have paralyzed the financial district in the major world banking hub. they want the former british
4:34 pm
colony to have a full democratic government. video just in of a tragedy in the mediterranean sea. 40 of the 95 passengers crammed aboard an inflatable boat were killed when it punctured just as it pulled alongside another vessel 40 miles from libya. the passengers on the inflatable boat last week were migrants from mostly the ivory coast. this is the third time that vessel registered out of thailand has saved maritime disaster victims. there are new concerns about a respiratory virus spreading across the country. it's callenterovirus 68 and lar affects children but the children are having trouble moving their arms and legs. officials are investigating possible ly links to paralysis. >> reporter: 13-year-old simon spent nine days in a colorado hospital fighting for his life. >> he was sort of a blue-ish-gray color. >> i was scared because i could feel myself not being able to stay away. >> reporter: he is one of
4:35 pm
hundreds of children across the country stricken by enterovirus d-68. the fast-spreading respiratory illness is confirmed or suspected in 45 states and now the centers for disease control and prevention are investigating whether it can lead to paralysis. >> in a circumstance like that, the virus actually infects the central nervous system, the spinal cord, causes injury to some of the cells and that's what causes the paralysis. >> reporter: at children's hospital colorado, nine patients ages 1 to 18 are experiencing symptoms of paralysis. for now, they say this cluster of cases is confined to colorado. >> arm weakness or leg weakness. >> reporter: four patients tested positive for the virus but doctors have not yet confirmed a link. >> we don't know information so that's why we're really asking people to say hey, what's going on around the nation. >> reporter: while this type of paralysis can be permanent, health officials stress it is
4:36 pm
rare. meanwhile, experts say it could take at least a week to get the results of this investigation. abc news, los angeles. just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the show of defiance in ukraine. protesters take down a statue of a western icon that stood for decades. i'm spencer christian. mainly clear skies over the bay right now but we will see a little surge of coastal clouds later this evening. and a surge in our heat later in the week. the accuweather forecast is in
4:37 pm
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the giants are on their way to the pittsburgh area for the national league wild card game. the team boarded buses this morning. they will play the pittsburgh pirates on wednesday with madison bumgarner on the mound. i'm sorry. i'm so excited for them. the pirates have been one of the league's hottest teams in september but we are not worried. we are in good shape. >> see? after celebrating last night, the a's have now arrived in kansas city. they will play the royals in a wild card playoff game tomorrow. if today is any indication, kaufmann stadium will be a difficult place to play. about 5,000 royals fans rallied at the team's practice this morning. it's been nearly three decades since the royals were in the playoffs. each team has one shot. it's win or go home. that's a lot of blue there. the team that does win will face the l.a. angels in a best of five series starting on thursday. you may not be in kansas
4:40 pm
city or pittsburgh but you can still rally around your team. send us your a's and giants photos. e-mail them or tweet the pictures to us. spencer christian keeping an eye out for any kind of rain in the future. we have enjoyed having that little bit. >> i may have to look months ahead for that. i hope that's not the case, believe me. i hope that's not the case. we certainly don't see any rain in the immediate forecast future. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. here's what's happening right now. we have a batch of coastal clouds clinging to the peninsula coastline and up along the golden gate. mainly sunny skies inland and over the bay right now. the national weather picture for tomorrow looks like thchis. mainly sunny, dry weather across the 48 contiguous states but showers in the interior northwest, over parts of montana and even into the western dakotas and in the northeast, little bit of shower activity moving out of the great lakes into western new york state and parts of new england. otherwi
4:41 pm
otherwise, a dry national weather picture. a dry state-wide picture across california as well. mainly sunny skies and warm conditions with highs in the mid to upper 80s in sacramento, fresno, 97 in palm springs. here in the bay area tomorrow, a lovely mild to warm day with highs ranging from upper 60s at the coast to mid to upper 70s at the bay. a mild to moderate day tomorrow but it will warm up later in the week. san jose is our example of the temperature trend for the week ahead. notice how hot it's going to be on thursday, friday and saturday in san jose with high temperatures in the low to mid 90s. that five-day period from wednesday through sunday into monday is the period when most of the bay area will see its warmest weather -- i should say hottest weather, because inland highs will approach 100 degrees in some locations by the end of the week. >> spencer, thank you. hundreds of ukrainians tried to send a message to moscow.
4:42 pm
it was a huge statue vladimir lenin pulled down by a crowd in ukraine. the protesters first sawed through one of its legs, then used cables to pull it off the pedestal. pro-russian protesters have held demonstrations there for months. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the new recommendation that could make the pill a thing of the past for teens looking for birth control. the ford mustang reaches the big 5-0. i'm a doctor of internal medicine with something terrible to admit. i treated thousands of patients, risked their lives, while high on prescription drugs. i was an addict. i'm recovered now, but an estimated 500,000 medical professionals are still out there, abusing drugs or alcohol. police, airline pilots, bus drivers...
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michigan's head football coach brady hoke is side-stepping calls for his resignation following a ferocious hit being taken by the quarterback of the team during saturday's game, and the fact that he remained in the game. abc news reporter elizabeth hurr has the story. >> reporter: it's a vicious hit
4:46 pm
that left the michigan university quarterback visibly shaken. >> he can barely stand up. >> they have to get him out of the ball game. >> reporter: morris, already suffering from a leg injury, taking what looks like a con cussive hit and the announcers floored by what happens next. >> it is appalling he was left in on that play. >> reporter: the sophomore stayed in for one more play before he was sidelined only to return later in that quarter. >> you can't make the diagnosis purely on observation but there were certainly elements that you saw in his behavior that raised concern. >> i don't make decisions who plays, who doesn't play. >> reporter: at a news conference monday, coach brady hoke stressed he did not know morris was wobbling. >> i would never put a kid in that situation. never have and never will. because you get into this to coach kids. believe me. that's what this game's all about. >> reporter: in recent years, the nfl was taken to court over a class action settlement after
4:47 pm
dozens of former nfl players have been diagnosed with brain damage. that awareness now shifting to the collegiate ranks. it is estimated some 4,000 concussions are reported every year in college football and we are told in this case, morris did in fact suffer a concussion. abc news, new york. the american academy of pediatrics has new recommendations concerning teens and birth control. the group issued an updated policy statement that encourages doctors who counsel teens on the advantages of options other than the pill, including birth control implants or iuds. the aap says it's not recommending that young people have sex. instead, it says it wants to encourage teens who do have sex to be safe and protected. experts say the failure rate for implants and iuds is less than 1% and about 9% higher for the pill because it has to be taken daily. apple could learn as soon as today whether it may be required to pay billions of dollars in
4:48 pm
back taxes. the "wall street journal" reports the issue revolves around apple shelterring its revenues in ireland. the cupertino based company is accused of using ireland's tax laws to get out of paying corporate taxes, up to $9 billion annually. apple denies any wrongdoing. the european commission is investigating whether apple received a special deal on taxes from ireland. this is nothing new. according to a new survey released by, the new average is now $4.35 per transaction for atm, a 5% increase over last year. this follows a trend. an increase of a whopping 23% over the past five years. it notched a new high for eight years in a row. the ford mustang is turning 50. did the new model pack the same punch as the original? consumer reports partnered exclusively with 7 on your side's michael finney for the answer.
4:49 pm
>> good morning. the ford mustang is celebrating the big 5-0 by introducing the latest 2015 model. consumer reports tested the first mustang 50 years ago and got a sneak peek of the latest model at its test track. to really appreciate the 2015 mustang, you have to appreciate the rich history behind this pony car. terry goodman always wanted a 1965 mustang. she feels the iconic car is a great piece of american history and really fun to drive. >> every day in that mustang is a happy day. you just feel good in it, no matter what's going on in your life. >> reporter: over a million mustangs were sold in its first two years. it created a new car segment defined by an affordable entry price, a unique style with a long hood and short deck, rear drive and the fact you could equip it from mild to wild. this is a 1965 mustang that consumer reports tested 50 years
4:50 pm
ago, priced at under $2500. >> the mustang was a huge hit but equipped with 101 horse power six cylinder engine on the first mustang we tested, it took a whopping 16.8 seconds to get to 60 miles per hour. that's really slow. the following year we tested the 289 cubic inch v-8. need less to say, that was much faster. >> reporter: now consumer reports has taken the 2015 mustang out on its test track. a lot has changed in 50 years. including a sleeker design, a more powerful v-8 engine and this optional turbo charged four cylinder. >> finally there's an independent rear suspension. that was something conspicuously absent from the mustang for quite a long time. >> reporter: once the 2015 mustang goes on sale this fall, consumer reports engineers will conduct a full battery of tests. not all 50 years were great for the mustang. in the '70s after the oil embargo, the second generation was smaller and less powerful and did not go over well. but the car improved and
4:51 pm
consumer reports has been recommending the mustang every year since 2008. michael finney, 7 on your side. up next, a smash and grab robbery caught on video. the damage done to a popular san francisco bike store. i'm dan ashley in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 5:00, we know soda can be harmful but they could be even worse than we thought for children. what pediatricians are recommending tonight. plus forget cats. find out about the firefighters who saved some hamsters.
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it's becoming a tradition in silicon valley. more details on instagram at abc 7 news bay area. here's tonight's prime time lineup on abc 7. at 8:00, "dancing with the stars." followed by "castle" at 10:00. then abc 7 news at 11:00. use watch abc to catch all those shows live on the go with your smartphone, tablet or computer. visit watch for details or download the free app by searching watch abc in your app store. san francisco police are still looking for the bike thieves who smashed windows overnight and made off with thousands of dollars worth of electric bikes. their actions all caught on surveillance video. it's a story you will see first on abc 7 news. reporter nick smith has the story. >> reporter: in less than four minutes, thieves were able to smash this plate glass window into the shop and make off with thousands of dollars of electric bikes, all of it caught on tape. one suspect, so nonchalant he is
4:56 pm
seen smoking during the burglary. glen rogers is the owner of the electric bicycle super store. he heard the alarm and went to the store immediately. >> came down to find the front window had been smashed and the bikes were obviously missing. >> reporter: he showed us the images captured on his security system. >> two sets of criminals. there's a set of two people initially who broke the glass. >> reporter: look, a man casing the scene, testing the strength of the window and then bam! smashing the glass with two strikes. he and an accomplice make their move. they are in and out in no time. then from out of nowhere, comes someone else. >> then a third opportunistic thief grabbed another bicycle, a customer's bike that was here to be worked on. >> reporter: the store is in the heart of san francisco's western addition. the community struggled to reshape its image after being situa associated with crime. >> i have been hearing from other business owners there are some problems with smash and
4:57 pm
grabs and things of this nature. >> reporter: the theft will cost him roughly $10,000. he says the two electric bikes have an estimated value of $8,000. the third belonged to a customer and is valued around $1500. then there's the cost to replace the glass. >> i don't want to give the impression this community is challenged any more than it has the perception of being challenged. >> reporter: it's enough where people often rethink their commitment to communities but he says he's not ready to give up. he has absolute faith in the san francisco police department and their ability to help him find the people responsible. the bikes are unique. we are told they are odd in shape, odd in size, simply because they are electric. if you see anything he doesn't want anyone to be a super hero but would like for people to report it. we have posted that video on our website. take a closer look. if you see anything, contact the san francisco police department. nick smith, abc 7 news. thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00.
4:58 pm
i'm kristen sze. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. college students across the state must now say yes before they have sex. the repercussions and the reaction of a ground-breaking new law in california. plus -- >> walking away right now. see him? >> police say this surveillance video shows an arsonist moments before he went to work. the investigation into whether suspicious fires in two cities could be related. plus, the fight to legalize the online home rental service air b & b. what's at astake for the sharin economy in san francisco. i'm sandhya patel. this week will bring heat and high fire danger. all the details coming up. there is a new legal standard on college campuses in california. to help prevent sexual assault, the state adopts the yes means yes law. >> the culture of consent making
4:59 pm
it so other people will hold those accountable. >> california is the first state in the country to adopt this law. good evening. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. california colleges that received state funding most bolster policies on sexual assault. the law signed by governor brown is the first to require students to give consent before they have sex. lyanne melendez is live on the uc berkeley campus with the story. >> reporter: advocates felt the term no means no wasn't really working on campuses. instead, yes means yes is a different term, they say a much more proactive statement, one they hope will help change the culture as we know it. it's as simple as this. agreeing to have sex with someone means you must have uttered the word yes beforehand. >> yes. that's the only way. no, no nod, no nothing. it's the verbal complete word yes. >> reporter: according to the
5:00 pm
law, in some cases it's okay to nod as long as it's understood by both parties. anyone under the influence cannot give their consent. this means for the perpetrator, intoxication will no longer be an acceptable defense. >> intoxication does not mean that that's consent. it means that person is incapable of giving consent and so that's not okay. >> reporter: the university of california system already has an affirmative consent policy. still, a task force was formed to improve the way these cases are handled. for example, each campus will now have a confidenti advising office for survivors. megan was raped during her freshman year. she felt there was no one there to support her. she decided to fight to have the legislature pass the yes is yes bill. >> i think some perpetrators are going to remain perpetrators, but i think in a lot of cases people will start to rethink their behavior. >> reporter: most students feel it will continue


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