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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 30, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> palo alto police catch a fugitive after they say he trick add good samaritan into helping him hide out. >> good morning, police sent out warnings of the suspect. eric? >> they sent out a county alert system all morning during a 4 1/2 hour manhunt. there it is, the county emergency alert system. amy hollyfield is in palo alto with this amazing story with a lot of twists and turns. this neighborhood was on lockdown yesterday. it was tense. little did they know the suspect was hiding among them.
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it was at 5:00 yesterday afternoon when the suspect was accused of creating a fraudulent transaction at the bank downtown. he ran into this neighborhood and hopped a fence right here. the woman inside said she heard it. it was scary. he get away from police. the manhunt began. police say the 35-year-old from san francisco convinced a resident to let him in. he said he was jumped and people were looking for him and the resident let him in and cooked him a meal and let him stay for hours and even received a police alert but didn't think the description matched the description of the man in his home and let him stay. he convinced the man to take him to the train station. when they stepped out, police who were stationed in the neighborhood saw him, chased after him and finally grabbed
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him and the neighbors who were on lockdown for hours say it was quite an experience. >> this is a quiet, beautiful area. look, i add my back door open. maybe i learned a lesson. he could have gone in and hidden >> police say that the suspect is wanted in oklahoma for a sex crime against a minor. he is in custody. the man what was nice to him is in his 60's and they have node heave was trying to hide a man that police were looking for. he was unsuspecting just trying to be nice. he is cooperating. new this morning, the santa clara d.a. has dismissed murder charges again the map accuses of killing his wife 25 years ago.
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the body of the 38-year-old was discovered covered by a quilt in the back seat of her car in 1989. evidence suppose through tied her husband david zimmer and his brother to the killing but the d.a. is reevaluating all evidence because the prosecutor in charge of the case was having an affair with the criminalist who testified about the d.n.a. evidence. david zimmer is now free and his brother will be, soon, because the case has not been heard by a jury, and charges could be refiled when the d.a. reinvestigates the case. >> a threat for an elementary school has police on high alert around oak brooke elementary school. someone post add message on the p.t.a. website saying they were thinking of harm people there. investigators are trying to track down that person and find out if it is credible or a hoax. >> developing news, oakland
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raiders fans are waiting to find out who will coach the system. they fired the hold coach yesterday after oakland lost ten straight games. matt keller is at team headquarters in alameda. matt? >> the press conference is held at 2:00 so we should find out then who the new interim head coach will be. the candidates come from the current coaching staff, al sanders and greg olson, and the offensive line coach. for fans, though, all they want is a winner. >> it is tough being a raiders fan in 2014. a few miles away from headquarters more people told me they used to be raiders fans than the ones who told me they are current fans. >> we have always been a raiders fan. >> the bad stretch of play resulted in the firing of head coach dennis allen. the loss against miami in london on sunday was the 10th if a
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row dating back to last season, the worst in the franchise since before al davis arrived in 1963. now they are look for most likely an interim coach. >> the raiders need stability going failure. obviously the lack staffibility for the stadium situation has been an issue. there is the talk whether they will move or not so from top-to-bottom stability is the key word. >> 58en was the 7th head coach since the raiders traded the coach after the 2001 season the most in the nfl during that time span. they hope they can get where they once were and where they will win, baby. >> the coach has not done a good job and i hope the new coach is able to do a good job and they can win. >> right now, something better. something better. but anything would be better.
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>> this is a free week so the coach gets extra time. the next game is october 12 against the chargeers in oakland. >> more nfl news, the league is responding to a controversial penalty last night during monday night football. the kansas city chief city intercepted a pass, ran to the end zone and then kneeled and played. he is a practicing muslim was penalized 15 yards for what they call unsports m.p. like conduct. the nfl says this warning that he should not have been personalized or the referee says the league makes exceptions such as tim tebowing. >> michael phelps free after being arrested today for driving under thefully. police near baltimore stopped
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him for driving 84 miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone and failed a field test and booked on drunk charges, speeding, and crossing the double line. this is his second d.u.i. arrest. in 2004 he pleaded guilty and sentenced to 18 months probation. he has 22 olympic medals, the most in the modern era. >> the director of the secret service is taking responsibility for a security breach at white house. >> the new details show the breach was worse than first reported. >> angry lawmakers demanded answers. >> the white house is supposed to be one of america's most secure facilities and, in fact, one of the world's most secure facilities. how on earth did it happen? >> they questions the help of secret service director. >> tremendous restraint is not
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what we are looking for. the message should be overwhelming force. >> new details keep coming on the massive security breach at the white house. after omar gonzalez ran across the lawn and through the unlocked door on september 19 he was not stopped immediately as the secret service originally said. the 42-year-old homeless iraq veteran made it inside the main view -- floor of the mansion. he had a knife. he pushed beyond the guard and an alarm box was on "mute," and the officer had no idea gonzalez was about to run in. gonzalez ran beyond the staircase that pleaded to the first family living quarters through the 80' long east room before he was taken down. >> can you imagine what happens if gonzalez was carrying a gun rather than a knife. >> from the moment gonzalez jump over the fence to when he was taken down, a series of
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failures: secret service director takes full responsibility. >> this is unacceptable and i take full responsibility. i will make sure that it does not happen again. >> secret service is conducting a review and the director says that the agency will make all necessary changes. >> two teen girls are recovering and a young woman is under arrest after a police chase ended in a violent crash at san pablo. this is all that is left the car that was stolen early in the evening the police tried to pull over a woman in her 20's for a track violation but she drove off. she lost criminal and crashed into a median near san pablo avenue and church lane and one of the teens was ejected from the car and taken to the hospital in serious condition. the other girl was treated and released. it took investigators eight hours to wrap up their work and re-open the intersection. >> a week after a judge ruled the silicon valley billionaire could not block access to a
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popular half moon bay beach there is another issue on the table. the governor brown has until tonight to sign or veto a bill that would allow the state to negotiate with the owner to buy all or portion of the land for public access road. the billionaire closed the gate to the beach after buying the property in 2008. the surf riding foundation sued and the judge ruled that he broke state law by blocking access to the beach without obtaining a proper permit. california just became the first state to ban plastic bags. the governor signed legislation this morning imposing the first statewide ban on single use plastic bags. they will be phased out of large grocery stores the next few years and pharmacies and convenience stores in 2016. the bill presbyterians 100 local bag bans including san francisco and slow which are supported by grocers who can charge ten corner as paper bag leading to a loss of manufacturing jobs.
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transportation leaders are getting a report on the latest problems at the eastern span of the bay bridge. this issue involves several giant steel rods spoked to water with corrosion. the water was discovered during a routine inspection. the water has been drained but they do not know if the rods are damaged. the problem has been found in all of the rods. still to come, new worries in japan. experts think a volcano that already killed dozens of people could erupt again. >> and a pact signed for the united states and afghanistan and what it means for the untroops. >> a look from the exploritorium camera: high puffy clouds.
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there are concerns a japanese volcano could blow up again days after an eruption of gas and ash killed 36. mount ontake erupted unmissedly and they suspended plans to recover two dozen bodies because it was too dangerous and it could erupt again. >> the united states and afghanistan signed a deal allowing troops to remain there beyond the end of there year at a ceremony in kabul, afghanistan new national security advisor signed the security pact along with united states ambassador
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james cunningham and the deal will let 10,000 american soldiers stay in afghanistan after the combat mission there ends on december 31. >> a man accused of abducting and killing a real estate agent in arkansas has pleaded not guilty to charges of kidnapping and capital murder. aaron michael lewis appeared in court hour after the body of beverly carter was discovered. the 49-year-old was missing since thursday when they said she planned to show a hold to a buy we near little rock. he admitted kidnapping her but denied killing her. he is held on $1 million bail. wal-mart attorneys say tracy morgan is at least partly to blame for the injuries he suffered in an accident. a wal-mart truck hit the limousine in which morgan and his friends were riding last june. a friend of morgan was killed in the crash. wal-mart claims in a court filing that the passenger injuries were caused by a fair
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to wear seatbelts. an attorney for morgan is calling this "appalling." authorities say the georgia truck driver has not slept for 4 hours before the crash. leyla gulen is head with the accweather forecast. >> are you ready for the heat? >> not sure. >> today is the last day of seasonal temperatures. hooking to san francisco, the clouds condition to move down on the bay area and we have a little bit of a marine layer. now there are holes poking through. we have very warm conditions right up to friday with a slight cool down expected by early next week and we will have the full seven day forecast straight ahead. also ahead, why ebay is spinning off pay pah into its own company. >> watching a major blockbuster is not going to
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>> ebay is spinning off pay pal into an independent company. pay pal allows people to pay online with apple rolling out their own options and ebay says this is best for growth and shareholders. the deal will be finished middle of next year. leyla gulen is doing everything this week. it is all good. >> speaking of growing, the mercury is rising. it will be a scorcher by friday. let's talk weather. from san jose bureau camera, it is hazy. the sun is definitely out
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further to the north and that is where we are seeing the cloud cover and a look at live doppler hd where the clouds are continuing to push their way east and to the south but mostly it is starting to clear out. with we still have flight arrival delays at sfo at 45 minutes so that is less than what it was. current temperatures in san francisco are 81 and oak is 63 and 64 in san jose and half moon bay is 61. a look toward san francisco we have the marine layer that will burn off by midday and santa rosa is 52. petaluma is 66, and 66 currently in livermore and concord because of the high pressure that is moving down, starting topped, where we will fine the offshore flow that is going to bring in not only warmer temperatures but dry conditions. the winds will pick up especially in the north and east bay hills with 25 to
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35-miles-per-hour gusts. fire danger is the concern with triple digits by friday especially interior. make sure you have the pets inside account young and elderly should have comfortable surroundings. our highs today are 79 in san jose and 76 in sunnyvale. sun along the peninsula at 78 in redwood city. 71 in millbrae. as we are closer to san francisco, 71 there. we will top out in the lower 80's if were of the north bay and the east bay is 72 in berkeley where it is cooler. the east bay, further inland, 894 degrees in oakland, and lows are in the upper 50's to lower 60. our seven-day forecast, show the 90's hitting tomorrow, october 1, right up to friday, but, still, it stays warm for the weekend. >> she is doing it all. hospital calls, the e.r. is ready for brain surgery.
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listen to this, for the first time ever a sequel to a hollywood blockbuster will make the debut at movie theaters and netflix at the same time. part two of "crouching tiger," premieres in august on netflix and imax theaters. this is a new model nor movies, and netflix hopes to show hollywood what movie lovers want. we have a look at the dress and wedding photos of mr. and mrs. george clooney in venice. the gorgeous bride and oscar winning actor are on the cover of "people," magazine and she looks stunning in a custom french place wedding gown featuring off the shoulder neckline. the actor who wore armani said marriage feels "pretty damn
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great." sorry, childrens. they made a deal with "people," and "hello," to publish the first photos and both will have more exclusive photos of the lavish ceremony in this week's issues. "do or die" for the a's in kansas city as they take on the royals in the person leak -- kansas is having the first playoff in 29 years and thousands showed up to see them practice. lester will take the round for the a's and shields for the royals. >> giants are in pittsburgh ready for the wild card game against the pry rats. we were there when the giants boarded the bus and bumgarner will pitch for the giants. >> still to come, the passion of
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> yo! oh! hey! hey! hey! hey! i'm terry crews. welcome to millionaire, including all of you out there who watch my other show, brooklyn nine-nine. [cheers and applause] our returning contestant has been married 51 years. today he's here to win his high school sweetheart $1 million. from las vegas, nevada, please welcome dennis stein! yeah! you're doing good. aww. come here. how are you? >> i am good. >> this is great. you just renewed your wedding vows. could you tell me how you did that? >> oh. we m


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