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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 4, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> referee: fouls by both teams. number 82 for texas was covered up. it was not the end of the line. that's an eligible down field. the penalty is declined. after the interception and during the return, illegal block in the back, intercepting team, number 84. that's a ten-yard penalty from the spot of the foul. baylor keeps the ball. first and ten. >> bob: after the magna carter is read, one knee will be all that is necessary for baylor to celebrate a trip back to waco with a 28-7 win. >> matt: the magna carter, huh? i was there. >> bob: declaration of
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independence. >> referee: correction. the foul was also against texas and is declined. first and goal, baylor. >> bob: now the bears can simply after all is said and done run one last play. and bryce petty takes the game and that will do it. so art briles for the fourth time in the last five years beats texas and baylor gets the job done on the road. there were times not at their best. but they run the table to be the 14th playoff to win the championship. not every game is going to be pretty. >> matt: so you're going to say if you don't play your best game, you still win, that's a good football team.
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>> bob: let's go down to quint. >> quint: coach, congratulations. you block a field goal and call a fake punt. what impact? >> i would say pretty big. i think texas did a good job today. came out and played with a lot of spirit. our guys, extremely proud of them. we have been on the road three weeks in a row. i think we're the only in the university to do it. to come out with three victories is a huge testament to our football team. >> quint: what were your options? >> we don't feel like we ran the ball that well. we certainly messed up the first half. but we made enough big plays to keep the game alive. >> quint: you sought them out for 58:00. how do you best describe what they were able to do? >> we played well. >> quint: congratulations, coach. >> bob: it's a good win for baylor on the road. 28-7 over texas. coming up at 8:00 eastern saturday night football
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presented by wells fargo. the first meeting of teams this season. number 19, nebraska, 10, michigan state. baylor by three touchdowns, 28-7 over texas. so long from austin.
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. now are the unusual move by san francisco police to help stop a huge spike in crime atop destination. and lots of people out on the water. we'll find out when a cooldown is coming. and fisherman has a tale to tell. abc 7 news starts now.
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criminals taking advantage of this beautiful view and now a common crime has become an epidemic. hello, everyone. let's take a live look at the hot spot we're talking about for car break ins. the parking lot at twin peaks. abc 7 ynews is there live. almost 100 burglaries? >> reporter: that's right. a big spike. 97 since june. tourists about about busy looking at this amazing view, but thiefs are casing cars and stealing what is inside. twin peeks is always crowded. even this tour guide was vict
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victimi victimized. >> probably 20 feet away looking it at the view. all of a sudden we heard a crash. looked back and someone knocked in the window, stole my purse and drove off. he stole our passports. >> narrator: 97 grab and go burglaries since june. >> a lot to steal in this car. >> reporter: in this cases, they're not locking their cars. >> there is more in the trunk. you for tgot lucky. >> i did. they're hitting real fast. immediately they exit their vehicle. >> reporter: no big leads so far. the spray paint artist recly has
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tourists bumming glaplastic bago cover their shattered windows. >> i'm scared i'll get robbed. they come just to discover a beautiful view and they come back out in the car with sad news. >> reporter: at twin peeks, leslie brinkley, abc 7. police in richmond warn concert goers not leave valuables in their car. thieves are on the prowl. and also there is no smoking of any kind allowed. they said the only grass should be blue grass. ♪ . a lot of blue grass music and more at the festival today. later this evening, chris isaac
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and social distortion will headline. tomorrow you can check out defe defetwe emmy lou harris. >> another day of hot dry conditions may have contributed to a fire burning along a frontage road. firefighters are on scene. no word on what caused it. no jackets required in san francisco. you see people enjoying the weather in shorts and t-shirts. temperatures did reach 91 today. and is this a live look from santa cruz. very packed sand. let's check in for a look at hot spots. drew. >> for the third day, would e'r
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talking temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above normal. radar is quiet. it is warm in a lot of spots. 90 in san jose. san francisco, 83. 94 in concord. one area getting relief, half moon bay as fallen into the 70s. heat advisory in effect for the way and inland locations. so find some shade. it is certainly hot. live look whether show you a refreshing look along the bay waters. and hot temperatures at 6:00, anywhere from 75 to 95. by 9:00, still warm. even around hmidnight, skies bu some spots still in the 70s.
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you can check the high temperatures anytime with abc 7 news weather app. we also have more information sla a fire on dweel mar court, car caught fire last night and flames quickly spread. fire captain scissors a gas leak from a parked car likely sparked the fire. and a second fire reported just after 11:00 last night in south san jose. five teens died and another is in the hospital after a single car crash. the victims were burned beyond recognition. a boy who was injured is in serious condition.
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he tells firefighters the group was returning home from after spending the day at an amusement park. they believe speed was a factor. a celebration at the grand opening of sapts t. anthony new foundation. it helped serve the dining room first 3,000 meals. each will now be better served because the new building has more space and that allows the agency to cook, freeze and store food donations for longer. >> make me an instrument of th peace. he has made all of you this board, these people, the people we serve, instruments of god's peace. that prayer has been answered. >> it also provides social
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services for clients and is also a job training program. they serve thousands of meals a day. a group of kayakers have a day on the water they won't ever forget. >> the shark knocked the guy out of the water. >> hear from the fisherman in a shark attack. and also a march through the streets of san francisco. the animal this group is trying to save. and hispanic heritage month. today we recognize roxanne cruz, first generation latin american on the board of directors of the richmond community tradition. more details on instragram at abc you news bay area.
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watch any channel live on any device around your home. the x1 entertainment operating system only from xfinity. the oakland zoo along with other groups helped organize a march to stop the poaching of elephants and rhinos. is this world animal day. >> we're marching for elephants
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and rhinos because they're on the verge of extinction. there had been a crisis many years ago and there was a ban and poaching virtually almost stopped. >> advocates are calling for the total ban again to save thousands of elephants and rye knows that die at the hands of poachers each year. detroit zoo is helping more 1,000 turtle found in a luggage. they were found last week stuffed in rubber snow boots and cereal boxes. the incident reportedly is keblgtsed to an international smuggling ring led by another man who attempted to cross the border with 51 turtle in his his pants back in august. a group of kayakers narrowly escaped an encount i
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shark. >> reporter: dramatic rescue caught on camera. holes from an apparent shark attack. >> you hear mayday, mayday on the radio. >> reporter: they believe it was a great white these could i ha could i hackers pulled from the water. look at the damage. >> his jaws were probably a 16, 18 foot shark. >> reporter: it seemed as though the shark may have of couldkayakers. >> we get him on our bhoet and
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two other of the guys that were with him hop ordped on also and towed them in. >> reporter: and 60 miles north, three beaches remain closed after a shark beat a surfer's knee. more seals and sea lions are along the coast, so the chances of shark encounters have increased. still experts say shark attacks remain extremely rare. someone is more likely to die by being struck by a falling coconut than being attacked by a dedy roy, abc news. nothing fun about this heat wave. it's too hot. >> and live doppler showing you you it is a quiet picture. we have blue as far as the eye can see. so we won't find any rain. wouldn't you like to be here?
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ocean water temperatures right around santa cruz in the low 60s. probably feels really good. 83 in san francisco. oakland 90. 95 morgan hill. san jose camera, a little bit of cloud cover moving in. but otherwise still sunny afternoon. santa a rosa 95, very warm. 94 fairfield. still dealing with the ridge of high pressure that is bringing the warm temperatures. you but the heart of the heat is finally moving eastward. we're on the tail end. so we will begin to cool off and you'll feel the relief come tuesday and wednesday. so the week ahead, san francisco, still in the 80s
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tomorrow. but by wednesday, low 70s and even upper 60s on thursday. but next week end temperatures going back up. oakland, similar pattern. especially thursday, below normal. the high only 70. and then temperatures on the rise again. so for sunday, you will notice not a cloud to be seen, but coast may have high clouds tomorrow. you but still hot the. tons of sunshine. final day for the blue grass festival, we may pick up a few clouds. 75. and clear skies from then on. and temperatures cooling off into the upper 60s. so overnight lows, plenty of stars. mid-50s to mid-60s inland.
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so 87 san mateo. the sea breeze kicking this. 80 downtown san francisco. north bay, hot. 93 a know noknow know. 89 as we move toward the inland spots. and 90s. temperatures will gradually tall back. it's back to reality on wednesday. finally. but unfortunately about if you don't like the warm air, it will be short lived. we're tracking another warm-up next weekend. >> i hate to complain about sunny warm weather, but -- >> right. >> thanks. some not so hot news for us. >> we did gave some not so good news. fighting irish, notre dame tough
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- "sincerely, shirley ramgren." - "sincerely, shirley ramgren." - that's what really sets scan apart from everybody else. scan cares. - i don't know a better way to say it than, the heart of scan. - scan, for your health and independence. fighting irish is undefeated and another loss would knock the cardinals out of the national championship picture. tough to throw the ball, but luckily hogan can run. fighting irish answer in the second. short pass to chris brown.
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he'll to the rest. we have a 7-7 game at the half. three minutes left, back on top. notre dame needs a touchdown to win. are you kidding? he's wide open. busted coverage. 17-14 irish and that is your final final. stand towaford falls 3-2. as a true quarterback, he feels his success is due to the receivers. >> main thing for me is prime offing but the receivers are running great routes. perfecting their posts.
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they're masters of their craft. >> tim hudson facing zimmerman. 1-0 in the sixth. and a pitcher's dual p. updates later. we'll check in on the florida state seminoles facing off in an ac
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florida state has not had a break outgame. wake forest in town and they're starting to look like the number one team in the nation. offense couldn't get anything going. over a minute left in the half, winston punches it in. hold being ting the wake to jus yards. a fumble recovery and winston finally airs it out to a wideoff rudolph. 59 yards. and practice state hammers wake 43-3 your final. texas a and m on top early. bulldogs looking to tie it up. hits the hole. turns on the jets.
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tackled out of bounds. mississippi state in business. here we go, n now 34-17 in the third. bulldogs upset aggies. tough road test for alabama facing ole miss. under a minute in the first half. recovers the fumble and down the sideline for the score. 14-3 tide. wallace over the top, 34 will yards. touchdown ties it up. rebels take advantage. td pass to walton. ole miss hangs on for the upset. ohio state on the road against the fighting terrapins.
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check out these uniforms. all buckeyes. barrett back it pass. both feet in. buckeyes knocking on the door. ohio state mahoyt state making easy. sanford probably out of the picture with that loss. >> thanks. up next, bad behavior caught on camera. you what investigators say he was after. and dauling the situation fluid. officials give an update on ebola in america. i'm in dallas with the latest. >> this is probably one of the scariest things because of the target itself. >> an ivy league investigation. hundreds of students getting death threats.
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developing news on the ebola case here in the u.s.. there are new up numbers as to many people may be at risk. abc news reporter lelizabeth her in dallas with the latest. >> reporter: officials say they
4:37 pm
knee the publ know the public is scared, but they maintain the only person sick is here at the hospital in isolation temperatu isolation. thomas duncan in critical care may have come in come into contact 110, and of them, 50 people may be at risk. >> it does include some individuals who traveled in the ambulance. we cooperakoopt couldn't be 100t others may not have been exposed. therefore those individuals will also be monitored for the 21 day period. >> reporter: topping the watch list, duncan's family seen here. officials say these four are healthy and to prove it, county leaders drove the family to their new home at an undisclosed
4:38 pm
location. >> i'm wearing the same shirt i was when i was in the car with that family. >> reporter: gone are the convoy of hazmat the trucks and cleaning crews. but questions remain. why was done can seuncan sent h first time. hospital officials first called it a glitch, but now claim there was no flaw. meanwhile duncan's girlfriend told abc news on the phone she and the kids are doing well at their new home, but she is upset because she says no one has told her how duncan is doing in days. in dallas, elizabeth herr, for abc 7 news. >> an ebola scare today involving a united airlines flight from brussels to new jersey. officials met the flight of a
4:39 pm
taker person on board showed possible signs of ebola. cdc staff in full hazmat gear removed the 35-year-old man and his daughter from the flirt. they we deligh they were tested and found not to have stichl tomorrhave sympt. our hearts and i can for you to be granted your freedom so we can hug you again and set you free to continue the life you have chosen. >> peter kassig is an american adrianza worker affecting by the sif civil war in syria. isis militants threatened he would be next. muslims held a memorial service for alan henning where they com demming any terror acts. >> it was a criminal act of
4:40 pm
brutality. in fact an ensuggest to the islamic faith. >> today the united states led air strikes against isis, targeting armored personnel care years used both manned and drone aircraft. today marks a week since protestors began an occupation of streets in hong kong. ♪ thousands gathers peacefully today joining together in song. this demonstration follows classes last night. police arrested 19 people in which at least 12 were injured. cnn reports beijing is concerned hong kong demonstrations will gain traction in other chinese cities. activists want the right to choose candidates for elected office. protesters are also calling for the resignation of the chief executive. police are increasing the
4:41 pm
number of officers on the harvard campus after a death threats was e-mailed to several hundred students. harvard reports the person said he or she would go to the campus on sunday and, quote, shoot all of you. harvard says the e-mail was racially charged, reportedly targeting the asian community and mark zuckerberg. >> obvious lly it demoralizing r students. it's discouraging. >> nothing like this has happened, so i'm not sure how to react. >> the university police department issued a community advisory saying the threat does not appear to be credible, but they are sainvestigating. a video shows an agent punching an immigrant minor.
4:42 pm
the 15-year-old talks on a cell phone he smuggled in and then immediately tried to hide it. an agent takes the phone and punches the teen in the stomach. an attorney says the video is startling. >> i'm offended that somebody wearing that un fooiform would engaging in contact like that this with a minor. >> the video is you pyo you pow but you nyou need the entire st. >> they cite since 2010, 1700 agents have been assaulted, 43 have fault back and ten have result this had deaths. video tonight of a 24-year-old u.p.s. worker tearing open packages searching for a drugs. it happened in wisconsin. a month long investigation caught this employee damaging
4:43 pm
dozens of packaging and sometimes stealing the contents inside. upon arrest, he told police he was searching for white bags he knew contained pain medication. pharmacy giant cvs has reached a settlement over claims that labels on some products were accurate. they agreed to pay $250,000. it covers a few store brand beauty products. the complaint claims false labors exaggerated the amount of product in the container. a spokesman said the company would do better moving forward. it's a problem in san francisco and other bay area cities. people taking advantage of can disabled vehicle placards. a technology company thinks it can catch the driver.
4:44 pm
>> reporter: handicap drivers has been a real help for people like melissa. >> it affects my mobility, so it's difficult to park farther away. >> reporter: but there are people who abuse handicap placards. in california, one of these means you can park for free at any metered spot. >> it is aggravating to know pee people are getting away with it. >> reporter: but new technology can help bust people. >> we are working in multiple state. >> reporter: there are huge government databases to look for tra fraud. >> maybe a particular medical professional is prescribing or renewing placards at a rate that exceeds peers. >> reporter: a placard could be
4:45 pm
used no where near it was issued. or people constantly losing it or asking for replacements. i says fraud is not only hurting people are real disabilities, it's hurting city coffers. >> the people that shouldn't be using the placards are not paying in those metered spots and that become as revenue problem. >> reporter: he's all for any tech knowledge that can cut down on people gaming the system. >> i think people do to save money and they're unaware of that actions. >> reporter: their goal is to sell the technology to states like california to help them crack down on handicap parking fraud. >> one in every ten drivers is issued a it is abtit i disabled. a colorful festival under way. new hex company balloon festival launched today. and all pilots have a new piece
4:46 pm
of high tech equipment. heading outside the bay area remains under a heat advisory. cooldowns coming up. find o
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i have $40,ney do you have in your pocket right now? o you have in $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪
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take a look at this gorgeous sooits. hundreds of balloons drifting above for the enter national balloon festival. and this year, all 550 tablets were equipped with to help them steer clear of flight paths since they all landed northeast at kirkland air force base. so success. wow. giants fans are cheering the postseason pride. nick case sends up this picture. this is his little girl holding
4:49 pm
on for a wild ride as giants take on washington. and this is the best seat in the house checking out the view from the giants dugout. look at that smile. so we want to see your team spirit. e-mail your fan tphotos or twee them to us. at rest you get a little shade in the dugout there. bay area under a massive heat wave. >> it's hot out there. you wish you were in d.c. where temperatures are in the 50s. much different atmosphere. we'll show you we are high and dry. heat advisory still in effect until 9:00. this is just for the bay and inland spots. widespread 90s right now. coast excluded. temperatures at the coast, finally got the sea bruieeze to kick in. back in the 70s.
4:50 pm
san francisco down to 83. 90 mountain view. high pressure still over us. but the heart of the heat is finally moves east ward on the tail end of all the warm air. so we will gradually step down the temperatures over the next couple of days. we are tracking our eighth major hurricane in the pacific. hurricane simon. winds 120 miles per hour. and it is moving to the west/northwest. and it is curving in to next dou mexico tuesday morning. could also bring rain to parts of california and arizona. back here at home, no rain in the forecast. sunday morning, shall cloud covsome cloud lovcover, but hot day on
4:51 pm
way. blue grass wrapping up tomorrow. a few clouds. temperatures in the 70s. sunny by 4:00, 75. and cooling off under plenty of stars by 7:00. overnight lows in the bay area, plenty of star, clear skies. mid-50s in the nor bnorth bay. san francisco drop to go about 61. highs for sunday the 90 red woo city. 75 daily city. cloud cover in the morning, but sunshine in the afternoon. 9 napa still hot at 94. oakland at 86. 89 for newark. 90 castro valley. and inland spots still baking in the 90s. 93 walnut creek.
4:52 pm
90 brent wood. we're gradually stepping down. so tomorrow, the coast will go back in to the 70s. still warm inland spots. tuesday and wednesday, finally back to reality. temperatures should be in the 80s inland. should be in the 70s along the bay. 60s along the coast. we'll got that for two days. and then unfortunately, friday and saturday, right back up in the temperature department and next weekend could be equally as warm. >> harsh reality check. sports, as well. >> and upset saturday in college football. including third ranked alabama bit the dust against ole miss.
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tstanford facing notre dame with a must win situation. fighting irish eyirish undefeat. rain in south bend. makes it tough to throw. luckily hogan can run. but the fighting irish answer. 17 yard. 7-7 at the half. three minutes left in the game, in the end zone, stanford back on top. golson from the 23 to the end zone. and back corner. busted
4:56 pm
17-4 e 17 17-14 irish your final. stanford falls. >> alabama facing ole miss. jones makes the play. recovers the fumble. scores 14-3 tide. ole miss down 7. not any more. over the top. sanders there. ties it up. rebels take advantage. the td pass. ole miss goes up 6. and they will hang on for a 23-17 upset. oregon went down on tuesday. alabama lost. oklahoma in trouble against tcu. boykin 29 yards. game tied. 41 yards the other way, tcu up after a blocked extra point. returned wouldby oklahoma for t. sooners need a touch done.
4:57 pm
hail mary incomplete. tcu with the upset. four of the top six teams in the nation all lost this week. we'll have much more coverage tonight after the games. do not want to miss it. nationals under way. 1-0 in the series. tim hudson facing jordan zimmerman. it's 1-0 nafgs tionals. more on that after the game. michigan and nebraska on deck. we'll break down the day in college baseball, football, a little bit of everything. but a lot of teams upset. opening up a lot of doors for other teams. >> interesting. very good. thank you. that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. thanks so much for joining us.
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it's the new efficient. >> chris: this is sparta, or, at least home of the spartans and on a chilly evening, the defending big ten champions begin their quest for another crown behind quarterback connor cook. this team built on commitment and chemistry and a stout defense, challenged tonight by ameer abdullah and nebraska. the final unbeaten team in the big ten. who will survive this test of east versus west? >> hard work, dedication, grit. the fuel for a big ten battle.


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