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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 6, 2014 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- critical condition. thomas duncan, the first man diagnosed with ebola in the u.s., has taken a turn for the worse. and steps are taken to prevent any spread of the virus. we hear from duncan's frustrated family. >> i don't think they are doing enough to save him. >> why the cdc is not giving duncan experimental treatment. and the human enterovirus taking another young life. health workers saying this is now the fifth fatality among children with the virus. with the latest victim the most troubling. >> he had no signs of illness that night, and this passing was sudden and shocking. >> the latest on the search for a cure. and fight church.
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could hand-to-hand combat be the way to holier life? the popularity of a new sport bringing people together while beating each other up. >> i believe that martial arts can lead people to jesus. >> what their opponents are saying in and out of the ring. it's monday, october 6th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good weekend? >> good weekend. very good weekend. >> was it a good weekend? >> it was nice. already looking into halloween costumes. >> what are you thinking? >> my daughter wants to be a cat, and my son a firefighter. >> that's simple enough. how about you? >> i'm going to go as the annoying wife who nags her husband all the time. it's an easy costume to wear. >> that's not a costume. that's just what you do. good morning to you all. reena ninan. i'm t.j. holmes.
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good to have you all with us. here we go again. starting off with ebola. some developments over the weekend. new details about the patient being treated in the texas hospital. thomas eric duncan is fighting for his life after his condition worsened this weekend. >> at the same time, officials are doing everything to contain the spread of the virus. abc's ryan owens reports from dallas. >> reporter: thomas eric duncan is struggling to survive. he's in critical condition. his family says he's unconscious, on a ventilator and on dialysis after his kidneys failed. duncan's girlfriend and three of her family members are in quarantine. i spoke to her by phone. >> i want them to know i'm doing just fine in health, but i am worried. i want eric to be taken care of. the medicine they gave the other americans that came from africa two days ago, give him the same medicine. i don't think they are doing enough to save him.
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>> reporter: supplies of that drug have run out and the cdc says he's not receiving other experimental treatment for fears it could make him even sicker. as for his girlfriend and her family who lived with him for days in this cramped contaminated apartment, they are taking their temperatures twice a day. so far, so good. the cdc is monitoring nine high-risk patients in dallas. people who came in direct contact with duncan. about 40 others are also being watched, considered low risk. including a homeless man who police finally tracked down. so far duncan is the only person ever diagnosed with ebola in the united states. but in west africa, the fourth american infected will soon be on his way home. this freelance cameraman for nbc news is expected to arrive in nebraska. saturday cdc members met a flight from brussels at newark international after a passenger from liberia got sick on the flight. fellow flyers thought it might be ebola. it wasn't. right now really is a very
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critical time here in dallas. ebola symptoms usually show up 8 to 10 days after exposure. do the math with me. duncan has been at this hospital quarantine now for seven days. so if somebody is going to get symptoms, they are likely to show up in the next few days. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. a massachusetts doctor who recovered from ebola is back in the hospital. dr. rick sacra is being treated for a respiratory infection he may have contracted because his immune system was compromised. he does not have ebola. the u.s. is stepping up its force against isis, deploying apache helicopters for the first time. they were deployed as part of four air strikes on a major isis force north of fallujah. it also targeted targets around kobani near the turkish border. those stepped up attacks on isis targets have only increased concerns for an american couple worried about their son's safety. a former army ranger medic, abdul rahman kassig was providing humanitarian relief in syria when he was captured one
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year ago. on friday, isis aired a video of him kneeling in the desert. a masked man threatened to execute him in retaliation for u.s. air strikes. his parents issued their own video pleading for his release. >> there's so much that is beyond our control. we've asked our government to change its actions. but like our son, we have no more control over the u.s. government than you have over the breaking of dawn. >> the kassigs say their son willingly converted to islam during his captivity. a second new jersey preschooler is being monitored for enterovirus after a boy in a different class but the same school died of the respiratory illness. >> 4-year-old eli waller's death is the first linked directly to enterovirus 68. his school district is now tracking all students who are out sick and scrubbing down all the schools. here's more from mara schiavocampo. >> blue ribbons across a small
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new jersey town as a family mourns the loss of their young son. the first official fatality from enterovirus 68. 4-year-old eli waller seemed perfectly fine but after going to sleep one night, he simply never woke up. >> he had no signs of any illness that night. this passing was sudden and shocking. >> reporter: in a statement, eli's father described him as a persistent child full of unconditional love and says the family is heartbroken. >> they are strong. they are passionate about his memory. >> reporter: eli was the youngest and only boy in a set of triplets. officials say his sisters aren't showing any signs of illness and they are monitoring the two girls. health workers say this may be the first case where the virus alone is the cause of death. so it is the fifth fatality
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among children that have had enterovirus. but a vast majority of children will only experience this as a mild cold. eli's school district is now sanitizing classrooms more often, trying to ensure the first death here is also the last. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. a los angeles doughnut shop is boarded up this morning, shattered by a deadly car crash over the weekend. an suv plowed -- take a look there -- plowed through the shop with no warning crushing chairs and tables. glass flew everywhere. a homeless man who was a regular at the shop was killed. four others injured. the driver may have accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. so far, no charges have been filed. it could take weeks to find the cause of a fire that damaged several building at the flight 93 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. investigators say so far there are no signs of arson or foul play. the fire broke out at the complex used for offices and storage space. a flag that was flown over the
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u.s. capitol on 9/11 was destroyed. but the memorial and visitors center were not damaged. today is the first monday in october. that means the supreme court justices will start to hear arguments. among the cases, the court has already agreed to decide whether a muslim prisoner in arkansas can grow a beard. whether violent rants on social media are a real threat. among other high profile cases, whether gay marriage is protected by the constitution and whether states have the right to restrict abortion. alls the possibilities are on the table. a lot of people saying this could be a slow start to the term but this could be a history making term and the elephant in the room is going to be gay marriage. >> also obamacare. lots of different issues there on that one. and this is the tenth court for john roberts. can you believe that? >> i couldn't believe that. >> he's been there ten years now. >> could be a history making term for them. catholics gathered in
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washington for the red mass. it's always the sunday before the court term starts. 6 of the 9 justices attended the service yesterday, including chief justice john roberts. many people feel blessed by their pets. this weekend, it was the pets' turn to be blessed. the washington national cathedral was one of many churches honoring the feast day of st. francis of assisi. francis of assisi is the patron saint of animals because of his love for those animals. some of the pets took the honor lying down. others seemed a little more excited. >> could have been the time of day. we're such animal lovers, our producers have given us another pet story. every journey begins with a single step. sometimes it's a carpeted step. >> we heard about this. this is a cute little cocker qq
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spaniel puppy. all right. a doggy gate blocking him from going onward and upward. he has no choice but to face his fears and go down the steps which he eventually did. >> this dog reminds me of lady from "lady and the tramp." >> i don't remember that movie. >> you don't remember that movie? >> that's was a childhood classic. >> is that the one with the spaghetti? >> yes. there you go. coming up in "the mix," naked olympics and what else you may have missed. >> you can't just fly past naked olympics. >> it's really good actually. >> okay. a man on a quest to bermuda. why you are paying for his rescue. you are, yes. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by resolve. ugh.
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welcome back. welcome back. we've all said at one time or another, it seemed like a good idea at the time. >> yeah, working with reena ninan. it seemed like the right thing to do. >> then you had a day on the job with me and realized -- >> no doubt, that's what's a lot of people are saying about this one guy and this one adventure after an expensive coast guard mission to rescue him from the atlantic ocean off the coast of florida. here's abc's clayton sandell.
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>> reporter: it was billed as an impossible journey. adventurer and peace activist reiza belucci is airlifted to the safety of a chopper. his journey raising money for charity began september 30th when the 42-year-old climbed inside this human powered hamster wheel-like bubble. >> he'll attempt to traverse over 3,500 miles of water and jungle. >> reporter: last week the coast guard intercepted him, worried he was low on food and water. they warned him to stop. he said no. >> you understand by your refusal to terminate this, you're putting yourself in great danger on the high seas? >> yes. >> he finally ran out of steam saturday morning off the florida coast triggering his emergency beacon. >> he was so complex, we elected to launch not only the helicopter but c-130 aircraft. >> reporter: those aircraft costing tens of thousands an hour.
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the lives of the crew worth far more. reopening the debate about whether people who put themselves at risk should have to pay. this california family came under intense criticism earlier this year when their 1-year-old daughter got sick on a sailing trip. the u.s. navy had to rescue them. despite being warned, belucci will likely not have to reimburse the government because they generally want people in life-threatening danger to call for help when they really need it, without worrying about getting a bill. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> this isn't his first run-in with the law. he was granted asylum here in 2003 from iran. he was arrested by the iranian forces for pro-western anti-islamic stunts that included eating during ramadan. >> and running in a hamster wheel on the water? throwing punches for jesus. a controversial movement has
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christian ministers telling young followers not to turn the other cheek but to fight and fight hard in the name of the lord. coming up in the next half hour, she's known for incredible vocal range. why are fans slamming mariah carey's latest performance? some even saying her career is over. those details in "the skinny." you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. >> announcer: "world news now"
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♪ a controversial new trend is taking the fight off the streets and into church. >> christian ministers with a passion for fighting saying the church has turned men into sissies and it's high time to drop what they call the outdated notion of turn the other cheek. we're "up all nightline" with bob woodruff.
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>> did you know that jesus was angry? >> reporter: by day he's pastor preston hawker. but by night -- >> my nickname is the pastor of the rapture. >> reporter: he's one of a growing number of pastors. >> it's a battle out here. and the enemy is trying to seek and destroy. >> reporter: they believe the brutal sport mixed martial arts has a place not only in the cage but in the church. >> when the cage door closes, ain't nowhere to run. ain't nowhere to hide. somebody shout jesus. >> jesus. >> reporter: there's now 700 fight ministries around the country. >> the whole reason we're having the fight here is to bring people in and tell them about god. >> reporter: a new documentary called "fight church" explores the phenomenon. >> mainstream western christianity has feminized men. >> reporter: and questions whether it violates the very core of christianity. >> cage fighting does not speak about loving one another. it's about hating one another. >> i think most people that
3:20 am
criticize me or criticize christian fighters in general don't understand the sport or don't completely understand jesus. >> reporter: preston hawker grew up learning the teachings of jesus from his father. a pastor at freedom fellowship in virginia beach. he only turned to mixed martial arts after tragedy struck a friend. >> i was newly married. i wanted to know that i had the ability to at the very least defend her life. >> reporter: hawker started training and began to feel the skills and lessons he learned could also benefit his ministry. now up to 20 fighters join him for practices in the church. >> i believe that martial arts can lead people to jesus. i'm not insure it's the best way. it's one of the ways. >> reporter: but critics from the cloth believe the message of mma violates the most important teaching of jesus.
3:21 am
love thy neighbor. >> our society is kind of -- it's a whole question of life. do you really believe that life is the most precious of all things and the greatest of all gifts? and not just when it's in the womb, but for every moment until the tomb. rather father dufel has been a parish priest in new york for 43 years and believes the growing popularity of mma is a sign of societal problem. >> you can't use non-gospel values to reveal gospel value. there's nothing about the gospel revealed in cage fighting. >> reporter: for the churches where it seems to be working, they say it's a risk worth taking. >> i think there's something special about having our fight team in the church. the same place where i've had tons of people come to a relationship with christ. i'm not sure i'd have the same impact on people's lives some place else. >> reporter: for "nightline,"
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now it's time for now it's time for the mix. what a sad milestone this saturday morning. very sad milestone. the first saturday morning in 50 years that there were no cartoons. can you believe it? this is an old fcc ruling that they had to have -- every channel had to have a certain amount of educational programming. many decided to do it on saturday mornings so it wouldn't cut into primetime. the last channel to hold out was the cw network. they've dropped that. so no more. it was a tradition for me. fruit loops or cocoa puffs and "get along gang" was what i always started it off with. >> no more saturday morning cartoons. that is really sat. let's go to upbeat pictures. we do this every year. 43rd year this time around.
3:26 am
balloon fest. the hot air balloon fiesta as they call it. always cool to see them take off in the morning. 550 pilots out there. but new this year, they all have tablets that can run this app that shows them -- bless you. >> i'm excited about all the hot air coming out. >> it's not just me. she's not talking about me. i'm not the hot air. look at the pictures there. a nine-day festival going on for another week at least. >> i love it when they do these human pyramids with the cheerleading team. in spain they may have one upped a cheerleading team. this is a human tower. isn't it beautiful? >> wow. >> spain. they dress up in these color coded teams and do these incredible human towers. they were declared by unesco as one of the humanitarian -- humanity's masterpieces. >> what was that again? >> it's amazing.
3:27 am
it's done by people. >> that is a little more than the college cheerleading squad. >> totally. one last thing to end on. the olympics. we all like to watch the olympics, whether it's the summer games or olympic games. would you watch the nude games? the nude olympics? taking place out there -- oh, good job by our team there covering this stuff up. this is out in san francisco. the second time they've done this. they do foot races, javelin throwing, beach volleyball, even tug of war. some people just like to be naked. >> this is nonsexual? >> this is nonsexual, we're told. nothing sexual about running around naked. apparently the city has some rules and restrictions in place about nudity, but the guy who organized the games filed a lawsuit saying, hey, we should be able to run around naked if we want to. so a lot of people show up just because they're curious. >> would you compete? >> no. i don't think i would. it's cold out in san francisco. >> it is this time of year especially.
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coming up, more news from abc. where teams compete to make the right decisions about safe food preparations. our challenge in this round -- read and follow package cooking instructions, and use a food thermometer. let's see how our teams are doing so far -- team 1? we just got 100 points.
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this morning on "world news this morning on "world news now" -- ebola emergency. the first patient diagnosed with the deadly disease is in the u.s. in critical condition. and what the cdc is doing for an infected american journalist making his way home right now. runway mishap. two planes hit each other on jfk's tarmac. the air traffic controller calling it a fender bender. a lot of questions this morning over what exactly happened. a surprise ending to what started as a picture perfect proposal. the balloon forced to land in the ocean. all of it caught on camera. and fans are slamming mariah carey as she begins a new world tour saying she can't sing. you decide in "the skinny" on this monday, october 6th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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>> good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes. we're both having a very tough time with this idea that mariah carey can't sing. >> forget all the drama, but i think she's always been an amazing singer. >> that's without question. if someone is saying she can't sing, i haven't seen or heard this video. i want to wait and have an honest reaction to it. they are saying she can't sing. >> we'll see it this half hour. the ebola crisis. president obama expected to be briefed later today by the head of the cdc. >> health officials say a massachusetts doctor who is back in the hospital after being successfully treated for the ebola virus last month does not have the virus. but the patient being treated for ebola in dallas is now fighting for his life. abc's elizabeth herr reports from texas. >> reporter: with one ebola patient struggling to survive at a dallas hospital, another patient, we're told, is in great spirits, set to arrive in nebraska on monday for
3:32 am
treatment. he is nbc news freelance cameraman ashoka mukpo who just last week tested positive for ebola in liberia. frustration from thomas eric duncan's girlfriend. >> i want eric to be taken care of. the medicine that he gave the other americans that came from africa two days ago that ain't given the same medicine. i don't think americans are doing enough to save him. >> reporter: duncan is unconscious and heavily sedated on a ventilator unable to breathe on his own. also on dialysis with kidney failure. >> we understand that his situation has taken a turn for the worse. we know ebola is a very serious disease and we're hoping for his recovery. >> reporter: his family under close watch remain symptom free. they are among some 50 people
3:33 am
who require daily monitoring for 21 days. as for duncan, officials say right now, he is receiving supportive care, not experimental drugs out of fear, and say his condition may get worse. elizabeth herr, abc news, dallas. the u.s. is stepping up air strikes on isis targets in iraq and syria now adding apache helicopters. >> those attacks are only adding to the concerns of the parents of an american aide worker held hostage by isis. they are begging isis to show mercy. abc's brian ross. >> reporter: the isis rain of terror marched on. and for the first time, the u.s. sent in apache helicopters to attack isis positions outside baghdad. a clear escalation of the risk to u.s. personnel. >> when you start using helicopters you're closer to the ground, closer to the threat. the level of risk to u.s. air crews has gone up exponentially in the use of helicopters. >> there was no word about the fate of american hostage peter
3:34 am
kassig of indiana, threatened with execution late friday. over the weekend his parents ed and paula pleaded for mercy, revealing their son had willingly converted to islam during his captivity. >> our son is abdul rahman, formerly known as peter. >> reporter: kassig, a former u.s. army ranger medic went to syria to provide medical care, seen in a cnn report two years ago. >> we each get one life, that's it. >> reporter: kassig's mother wearing a head scarf spoke directly to her son. >> most of all, know that we love you and our hearts ache for you to be granted your freedom so we can hug you again. >> reporter: u.s. and british authorities are now analyzing this latest video of kassig, questioning whether the man in the black mask is the same purported executioner known as jihad john in earlier isis videos. u.s. officials tell abc news
3:35 am
they believe they may have knocked ot some of the propaganda units used by isis, but they still have no idea of the precise location of kassig and some 14 other western hostages, including one young american woman. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> what's so fascinating about this story, there's a new report that there was a french intelligence agent who defected and went to syria and when these air strikes, according to mcclatchy, they're saying were targeting this man who defected from french intelligence. that he's been uponing these militanting with these air -- militants with these air strikes out there. they were trying to go after and get him because he has knowledge on explosives. he has inside knowledge on western intelligence and he's been helping these militants with their whole operation out there. and they -- the air strikes specifically targeting an area where he was. but unfortunately, according to these reports, they didn't get him, but he managed to get away. nobody is talking about it on
3:36 am
the record. nobody here in the u.s. nobody abroad according to these reports but it's fascinating a man of this much information and knowledge had turned and is helping the other side. >> we're not going to hear the last of that. not a lot of reporting on it just yet. but much more to come. and we're going to go to pennsylvania where there's a search team looking for the accused killer eric frein. they've swooped down on a small area after a possible sighting. police say they may have spotted frein last night. it comes just two days after searchers found a stash of food, clothing and ammunition at a camp site believed to have been abandoned by frein. he's been on the run for nearly a month suspected of kill wong state trooper and injuring another. there were no injuries to the delta jet that had just come in from charleston, south carolina. the royal jordanian airbus had brought 159 passengers from amman. one of the delta passengers described it as a fender bender. the pilot agreed. >> i think we just got hit by the royal jordanian aircraft. >> do you need any assistance?
3:37 am
>> no, we obviously felt the wing scrape. it just rattled the plane a little bit. >> can you inspect the aircraft, please? >> we just got hit by another aircraft. can you help? >> nah, we're good. a passenger tweeted a photo showing a dent. the planes went on to their own gate under their own power. after a four-month break, the hunt for malaysian flight 370 is about to resume. searchers will be lowering new equipment deep in the water trying to solve the mysterious disappearance. they'll use sonar and jet fuel sensors to scour the water for any trace of the boeing 777. a newly engaged couple is going to have a great proposal story to tell. they were aboard this balloon when it was forced to make an emergency landing on a beach north of san diego. eric baretto was proposing to his fiance when the balloon veered over the water and the pilot could not get the balloon back to shore.
3:38 am
they threw a line overboard and surfers on the beach helped pull the wayward balloon down. we turn to ferguson, missouri, where protesters there interrupted a concert last night. a performance by the st. louis symphony orchestra this weekend. this was just as the musicians were about to perform. dozens of protesters, upset over the shooting death of michael brown, began putting up banners and started singing what witnesses called a peaceful demonstration. ♪ justice for mike brown which side are you on ♪ >> some members of the audience applauded the interruption. since brown's death in august, activists have been demanding their arrest of the white police officer who gunned down the
3:39 am
unarmed teen. after growing into a monster category 4 hurricane in the pacific, simon weakened to a tropical storm over the weekend. it will continue to lose strength as it inches closer to the baja peninsula. it could still bring dangerous surf to the west. and could trigger downpours. a look at your monday weather. another hot day for much of the west. scattered thunderstorms across the gulf coast. severe weather with a chance of tornadoes from arkansas to alabama. showers and thunderstorms in the great lakes, ohio valley and kentucky. things warming up in the northeast. >> 60s in the midwest and northeast. upper 70s in the rockies. 90s in l.a., phoenix and dallas. oh, canada, my canada. while singing canada's national anthem, the singer mike donnelly failed to notice the red carpet on his path, but he barely missed a note. you see him there struggling. not to laugh, but that is -- you don't want to laugh at him
3:40 am
because -- didn't miss a beat. >> well known to canadians because he often sings "o canada" before vancouver's home games there. still, he usually wears regular footwear. after this mishap it may be a while before he laces up his skates. >> wait for it. wait for it. >> oh, no! you don't even hear him fall in his voice. >> but you hear that thud. cue it up for me one more time for the thud. let's hear it. >> you hear the thud, but he still keeps singing. >> oh, my gosh. let's not make fun of him. let's make a pact not to make fun of him. coming up in "the skinny," a hollywood celebrity revealing big news about his past. shark attack. the summer may be over but the sharks keep coming. the story of two surfers that
3:41 am
escaped the jaws of a big one. next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by metamucil multi-health. metamucil multi-health. ♪ it's my favorite bar hands down. from the makers of metamucil, new multi-health meta health bars have natural psyllium fiber that helps promote heart health with a taste consumers prefer. would you like one of these instead? yummy - thanks! experience the meta effect with our new multi-health wellness line and see how one small change can lead to good things.
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♪ okay. we're not done yet with the summer of k ♪ okay. we're not done yet with the summer of the shark apparently. certainly not over for the sunshine state. >> they are recovering this morning from shark bites they suffered an the same stretch of
3:45 am
beach within just minutes of each other. linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: both attacked by sharks within minutes of each other. a 15-year-old boy surfing off the shore of new smyrna beach in volusia county. this photograph tweeted from his hospital bed. then just 30 minutes later, about a mile south, another surfer bitten. the 29-year-old seen here showing off his stitches thinks it was a black tipped shark. around four feet long. latest numbers show florida was the shark attack capital of the world last year with a total of 23 incidents. volusia county was the leader with eight. half of those at new smyrna beach. experts say anyone who has swam at the beach has been within ten feet of a shark. it comes after friday night's close call between a group of kayakers and a great white off
3:46 am
the coast of california. >> a hole from a great white shark. >> reporter: the boaters were rescued by two fishermen. but encounters with the giant sharks are becoming more common. a recent support says the great white population has increased by an estimated 42% since 1997. one of the reasons? a federal ban on hunting them. but more lucky survivors with incredible stories to tell. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> i grew up in florida and have always had a fear of sharks. part of that is because of "jaws" but there's some truth to that. >> i'm sorry. i stopped listening after you said you're not crazy. got stuck on that part. >> you've got to be so rude. >> oh, you feel like singing this morning. she had a good weekend. but your singing might be just as good as mariah carey's
3:47 am
these days, according to some. we've got "the skinny" coming back. fans in tokyo are telling her she needs to hang it up. >> and bruce jenner's new transformational hairdo. you have to see it to believe it. that's all coming up in "the babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait.
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> so skinny ♪ okay. here it is. time for "the skinny." topping this morning's
3:49 am
headlines, mariah carey getting -- >> the 44-year-old hitmaker kicked off her tour in tokyo struggling with everything from her microphone to those high notes that once made her famous. let's listen to this. ♪ >> excuse me. i don't get it. i think it was okay. it was fine. could you do that? i'd like to hear you belt that out. plenty of fans tweeted they had a blast. >> maybe they expected something else. the woman can sing. i don't think anybody is denying that. hard to tell there. maybe you had to be there. another shocking revelation from one of the most prolific actors. barely a month ago that gerard depardieu admits he drinks as many as 14 bottles of wine a day. now the 65-year-old actor has
3:50 am
dropped some bombshells in his newly publicized biography. >> he used to have sex with men for cash. and he dug up graves to steal jewelry. he also writes his friendship with russian president vladimir putin saying he thinks putin immediately likes his hooligans side. >> now it all makes sense. you throw in putin. we understand now. i don't know. i don't get it. do you understand that? >> the 14 bottles, i was hung up on. how do you do that? >> you're staying away from the putin comment. >> yeah. some startling images from bruce jenner. >> the former olympic athlete moving further from his wheaties box image of a generation ago changing his hairdo. this is the picture from tmz. stepping out in the glittering l.a. nightline for elton john's concert. >> if you're going to let your ponytail down, an elton john
3:51 am
concert is certainly the place to do it. we now turn to the passing of a rock and roll legend now. >> to he defined the sound of the 1960s. the band leader and organist for paul revere and the raiders, he died over the weekend at the age of 76. they may actually be best known for one of their biggest hits, "kicks." ♪ >> paul revere and the raiders became a fixture in the oldies circuit and had a tour scheduled to start next month are. time to check out who is blowing out the birthday candles. >> our list of celebrity birthdays. >> bruno sammartino, 78. and northern ireland's sinn fein leader gerry adams. jeremy sisto, 39.
3:52 am
and will shadley turns 15. happy birthday to each and every one of you. coming up, an important lesson learned by high school students in l.a. and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts, and stole her hard earned money. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft, and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. lifelock has the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. if mary had lifelock's bank account alerts, she may have been notified in time to help stop the damage. lifelock's credit notification service is on the job 24/7. as soon as they detect a threat to your identity within their network, they will alert you helping protect you before damage can be done to your identity. lifelock has the most comprehensive identify theft protection available, helping guard your social security number, your money,
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♪ take me out to the ball game ♪ take me out to the ball game all right. good old-fashioned day out at the ballpark. who doesn't like that? >> i know. that's what students at one high school in los angeles were thinking when they did something truly amazing for one of their school's unsung heroes. rob hayes has the story. >> reporter: alliance media arts and entertainments high school. 300 students all planning one big surprise. >> make him smile. make him feel appreciated. >> reporter: the campus, a sea of energy, kids rolling out their signs lining up in the sun and waiting. for this. [ cheers ] >> the man of the hour.
3:56 am
not the principal. not a beloved teacher. just the man known as mr. vergos who works at the -- >> plant manager. >> reporter: plant manager. aka school custodian or school janitor. simply the guy these kids have come to love and respect. >> we have to do this for him. >> why? >> he's such a great guy. >> we put a lot an him, like leaving our trash, but he never like complains about it. he's always doing it with a smile. >> that smile and attitude really paying off for the longtime dodger fan. >> we got two tickets to the dodger playoff game today for you and your wife. >> reporter: glen is the ceo of do be nice. a clothing company with a charity bent. >> nice to use it as a platform to say thanks to a person in their community in a finish n creative way. they said we have the perfect person for you. >> my first ever, ever playoff game in my whole life. i never expected to go to a playoff game.
3:57 am
>> organizers will tell you mr. vergos isn't the only one on the receiving end. all these students are also getting a very valuable lesson. >> it's what's is called a helper's high. >> we want to get kids addicted to this helper's high. where they go and do things positive for people and in turn that creates a positive community an campus. >> it's a test these kids won't have to study for. though with mr. vergos leaving early for the dodgers game, the students did agree to finish up his work for the day. in east l.a., rob hayes, abc 7 news. >> you know, folks, the show happens when you all can't see. there's stuff going on with this young lady i wish i could share with you all. >> there is? >> i wish, i wish. got to love her. don't miss our updates an facebook, >> more news from abc news. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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3:59 am
- ( snaps, clatters ) ar m) that sounds awful. ( music stops ) but a lot better than last week. ( rock music playing ) ♪ we weren't born to follow. ♪
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- the ebola emergency. why the patient in dallas is not being given the vaccine. and the race to give another american much-needed care. our own dr. rich besser now home, talking about his latest mission to liberia. closing in. a possible sighting of the man who is want for killing a pennsylvania state trooper. a romantic hot air balloon flight with a surprise ending. and the miracle crash. incredibly, everybody is okay after this one. you have got to see this video.


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