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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 7, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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helping people comes first. chase. so you can. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is tuesday morning. it is 5:00. in the commercial break there is a lot of baseball talk. we have solutions. mike?
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a lot of us know baseball in this room. good morning, everyone, the fog is hugging the golden gate bridge and we will get do that if a second and i want to show you another thick area in santa rosa. the visibility is three-quarters of a mile but the marine layer is thicker so the cloud is not hugging half moon bay and the golden gate bridge so much as it was yesterday. that will mean the marine layer is thicker and it will travel further into the bay and it is going to bring stronger sea breeze and that will continue the fading of the heat. so 85 to 93 inland and high clouds this afternoon like we had yesterday and low clouds and high clouds coast into san francisco at 62 to 72 and high clouds and sunshine this afternoon and 73 to 84 headed into the south bay. now the morning commute? we have a couple of problems. we have a bart delay at 10 or 15
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minutes between downtown oakland and west oakland because of an equipment problem. as we look at the drive through oakland, northbound 880 at 98th we have a three car crash and one vehicle is overturned and someone is trapped in the vehicle. we have c.h.p. on the scene and the fire department and what they need is to turn the car over to get the person out so this is causing a full freeway closing in the northbound direction and an area of construction so northbound lane is slowing down 580 should be used. in san jose we have construction northbound 880 from 280 lanes are blocked until 6:00. >> a leading ambulance provider is announcing new steps to check the spread of ebola virus. matt has details from the newsroom. >> company is american medical response covering san francisco, san mateo and contra costa
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county. it is changing the way it dailies with parents to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. there are no known cases of a person being infected with ebola virus but a few inspected in africa have been brought to the united states for treatment. health care providers are taking a wide various ride of precautions and armeds and e. e.m.t.s are asking parents if they have been to africa and then immediately they put on extra gather and we will alert health authorities if the parent has ebola virus. the company put together guidelines of those who have tested positive. skit giving a chance to reinforce inspection procedures. the white house is declaring the outbreak of ebola virus a
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national security priority. as a nurse tested positive. this is the first case of the disease spreading outside of africa in in isolation. in nebraska a journalist is going treatment in isolation. very strong. he shares in the relief of the family that he has been able to come back for good medical treatment here. >> in dallas, the first person diagnosed with ebola virus in the united states is still in critical condition. doctors are now administering an experiment am drug that at first they thought would make him sicker. there are new developments in the inbe crisis and you can get alerts with our news app that is free to download on the apple app store or from google play and we have more information at >> giant fans hope tonight is
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the night to wrap up the series at home at at&t park. yesterday, the giants fell to the nationals 4-1, the critical play right there an error by bumgarner. it was wide and two run were scored. the manager said he had a great game but for the bunt play. >> he tried to do too much and you take the out. you try to rush it. he threw it away well. however, in a game like is going to cast. it did. the loss now breaks the winning streak of ten games. tonight the game starts at 6:00. >> a full house at at&t yesterday the fans could not clear the giants on to victory but the fans we talked to say
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game three was a bump in the room on the way to the worm -- the world series and expect the giants to pot the publicbly -- to pop the bubbly tonight. if not, the decide game is thursday at 2:00 p.m. >> the head master of a north bay school has resigned after getting caught in a motel room with drugs and an unconscious woman. thomas woody price submit hissing nation following the arrest on felony drug charges. the deputies found rice in a sacramento motel room on friday with large amounts of drugs including heroin and meth and cocaine. deputies also found a woman passed out and this is the same alumni that include julia child.
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the prosecutor have told pg&e they are investigating five years worth of communications between company employees and the employees commission a day after they said more e-mails show it could have broken the rules. the latest batch of mails show that pg&e executive privately negotiating with officials on matters related to the rates and penalties all while they are weighing $1 million in fines after the explosion and death. >> a man exposed himself to a girl in palo alto yesterday afternoon east of stanford. the 14-year-old girl told police the manifold her for a few problems and suddenly butted up to her, she looked over and he was exposing himself. police are looking for a white man in his 30's with a new navy blue pick yes. >> police are looking if a woman
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caught stealing packages on home surveillance videos releasing those images. the woman was seen driving up to a home in st. francis neighborhood on friday and she was in a white car. the same woman was caught on another residential security camera stealing a package from the front porch of another home. if you have information police want to hear from you. >> happening today, the 49ers and officials in santa clara county will hold a public meeting regarding traffic problems around levi stadium coming after complaints from residents grid hock with some saying it takes half an hour just to drive less than a mile during home games. the meeting is scheduled if 7:00 at the school in santa clara. >> parking at bart is fought free soon, with a charm of a dollar for parking 20 4:00 a.m.
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and 3:00 p.m. at certain free stations. here is the schedule, the fee is october 27 in concord and november 12 at north concord. the dates are yet to be determined for the coliseum and hair. you must sign up in advance at the bart page to link clipper to the bart parking payment program. >> now a check on the forecast including the baseball game. >> good morning, everyone, mid-60's to low 60's is the typical weather at the park and hopefully typical play from the giants. mid-to-upper 40's in santa close and novato and thick fog along 101 and 53 in petaluma and 48 in american canyon and 49 in novato and the long nights and deep canyons are cooling nicely and 60 in alameda, a warm spot, along with lafayette at 61 and brentwood at 62 and 65 at san ramon and cupertino.
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this is how it looks at san jose, 101, 880, the clouds are moving into the south bay and are more widespread and temperatures are close do where we were yesterday. high clouds away from the coast, 64 to 80 at noon, and smaller spread this afternoon and by five o'clock we will have high clouds and the low cloud from the coast will roll into the bay and 60's to 72 so you may need a light crackle. moving forward still going to be warmer-than-average tomorrow and two to six degree drop and back to average on thursday and rebounding already with warmer wet open friday with the weekend forecast coming up. leyla gulen? >> we have an update on the accident in oakland, northbound, along 880 at 98th avenue and we have one lane that re-opened but we are still going to be the brakes after the three car crash involving in an overturned vehicle so serious injuries involved here and as we pull away we will see this is the best alternate, northbound or
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westbound side of 580, to get around it, the rest of the drive into oakland is not too bad and we are looking at clear conditions and at maze, here is the bay bridge toll plaza where the traffic is not building and we have one or two extra headlights but smooth into san francisco. >> the price of the morning cup of coffee could soon be giving you a jolt and not the coned -- kind you will like. >> the new questions in north korea on the fate of their leader kim jong-un. >> the free throw made fall short but on the court he is a inwither. the utah jazz signed their youngest player,
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> where in the world is kim jong-un? he has not been seen in a month and rumors are circulating he has been overthrown. he did not attend the september 25 meeting of parliament and did not accompany a high level delegation that made a surprise visit to south korea on saturday for the asian games. a news report from pyongyang hinted he could be suffering from gout but there are other rumors and one is that he has been side line by the number two
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leader. authorities are looking into whether animal cruelty played a role in the death of a bear cub found in new york city's central park found yesterday morning under a bush. authorities say there were signs of trauma to the body and they believe the cub may have been dumped this. bears are not among the parks known wildlife population and there are nor bears at the zoo, no bears were reported missing from other zoos, either. >> drakes bay is keeping the business open until the end of the year and will have to close down. a deal with the federal government end as long battle over the oyster farm. the interior department ordered the business shut down to return the area to a wilderness zone. the park service will relocate the workers and remove the farming equipment. they will distribute oysters from suppliers in west marin and will open a new restaurant over looking the bay.
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>> gasoline prices are down but coffee prices...aring gown. >> no! here is the money report. good morning, high expectation for the holiday shopping season. a 4 percent increase in sales in november and december. more than last year's increase. consumer spending is 70 percent of the united states economy. good news on gas. they are as low as they have been all year. the energy department says the average price for a gallon is $3.29 down six cents from a week ago. coffee prices are headed the other way. futures are the highest level in three years because a drought has cut the harvest outlook in brazil translating to higher retailer prices in a month and expensive engagement ring is no guarantee of bliss, just the opposite. men who bought modestly priced rings were lows likely to get divorced than those who spend $12,000 or more.
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that is america's money. i'm a still married, c.j. >> good for you. this heart warming story from the nba, the utah jazz has signed a five-year-old who is suffering with cancer to the roster. >> they signed j.p. to a one-day contract yesterday for a scrimmage. j.p. was diagnosed with leukemia when he was two showed off the jersey and he warmed up with the teammates after signing the contract. >> he has been fighting cancer longer than he has not been. >> he is the best kid. he has loved sports since day one, at 12 months he would like up and watch four games of basketball. >> j.p. says when he is six he wants to play with the june your jazz and yesterday the we veteran was put on by an
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organization supporting families affected by childhood cancer. >> he has the energy. >> and good form. >> he can play on my basketball team. >> amazing. like my wife who are not big sports fans. >> there is a human side. >> we will do it tonight? whatever you did yesterday, didn't do it again. the winds are at nine miles per hour at fairfield and for and blow -- and sfo and blowing
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the fog is encroaching into san francisco the flags are blowing east with more vigor than yesterday. we will have high clouds and sun this afternoon. above-average temperatures are back this weekend so if you are one would likes the cloud cover and cooler weather it will be around. that is it. morgan hill and gilroy are she 90's and 77 in santa cruz and low-to-mid 80's for the south bay and cupertino is 84. 78 in millbrae and low 80's and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and low-to-mid 70's around downtown and south san francisco and 77 in sausalito at ten degrees warmer through the north bay valley and ten degrees cooler at the coastline and mid-to-upper 70's around the east bay sure but castro valley
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and hercules is low 80's. inland, 89 in san ramon and low 90's elsewhere and brentwood is 93. we are partly cloudy and the first pitch is 6:07 and increase in clouds for day 30 and decrease of temperatures down to 62 degrees and sun will set at 6:43. 48 in santa rosa and rest of us in the mid-to-upper 50's. the seven-day forecast, baby steps tomorrow and more significant cooling trend as a stronger sea breeze develops and thicker morning clouds and the sea breeze lets up on friday and will not notice the change in temperatures until saturday, sunday and monday. 80's away the bay and 70 at the coast. leyla gulen? utah jazz player signed a contract with crayons. >> that is how iry my checks,
5:21 am
too. >> do you really? >> no, just kidding. >> come on! san jose shows 280 is moving nicely away from highway 17 with southbound side showing tail lights. in oakland, we have an update with one lane now open. we will call this a sig-alert, a severe traffic advisory and nasty crash that caused all lanes to be blocked with one lane now getting by at 11 miles per hour is the top sped at 98th so use 580 instead. in san francisco we had this construction project from 4th street and that construction is going to go away at 5:30 so be careful. slow down for the cone zone. straight ahead, seven things to know use start your day.
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our prioahhh!is...was... what is it? there are no marshmallows in this box of lucky charms! huh... weird... seriously? what? they're magically delicious here are seven things to know: the head master of a prestigious school was caught in a hotel with drugs and an unconscious woman. thomas price was arrested on felony drug charges. he was found with heroin, meth and cocaine. two men accused of attacking a 49ers fan at levi stadium have been arrested on felony assault. brothers, dario david rebollero and amador rebollero are accused beating a man in a bathroom
5:25 am
before the game on sunday. a witness says it started when the victim brushed past a man to use a stall. bay area health providers are taking precautions with the spread of ebola virus and the ambulance company which serves several local counties put together instructions of protecting vehicles and staff while transporting patients. paramedics are asking paints about recent travel to west africa. a study fines apple is the most distracting requires more concentration. >> giants try to win the division series against washington, dc, and the slowing error in the 7th led to two runs and they lost 4-1. it starts at 6:00 p.m. at at&t park. >> check out the cloud cover,
5:26 am
more widespread. the gradual cooling trend continues and i will update on when it will be coolest and the warm weather that is coming back in the seven-day forecast. it looks decent on the golden gate bridge the problems are in the east bay and we have traffic trouble on the nimitz at 98th so if you have a flight to cash give yourself extra time and bart is recovering from an early problem but we are still dealing with delays in downtown oakland. anchors away, fleet week celebrations in san francisco and the bay. we caught up with the blue angels practicing high high-flying tricks. you can see one of the newest warships, the uss america, emerging from the fog. >> details on a is happening
5:27 am
during fleet week at abc7 news with the schedule and video of the arrival of the uss america and blue angels. >> flying high a perfect score on "dancing with the stars" last night but also another elimination. >> betty and tony. >> after four weeks of competition betsy johnson and her partner said goodbye to the ballroom. the 72-year-old fashion icon leaves with a happy heart. >> it was the best expense in my life. >> i was able to take control and transform her and give her the true gift of "dancing with the stars" and all that goes with it. >> there was jazz with whitney and he got a perfect score. most are not looking forward to next week, a switchup, they have
5:28 am
to dance with different pro participates but no one goes home next week. >> we are coming back with another full 90 minutes of news. >> including how the ray mcdonald investigation is impacting officers in the south
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they often say, "i wish i had done this sooner." don't put it off any longer. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news good tuesday morning at 5 pock. thanks for joining us. first up, a check on the weather on tuesday morning. mike? >> we are tracking fog but not so widespread because the cloud cover is more widespread. the marine layer is thicker so the moisture has more area to work with so it is not so compressed creating fog. right now, quarter-mile in santa rosa and three miles in novato.
5:31 am
the coast is not so foggy as yesterday. six miles at half moon bay. what does that mean for the afternoon. cooler weather is on the way for most of us. we will look at the forecast. you can see around the bay high clouds and sunshine and 73 to 84. inland, 85 in the north bay to 93 inland and tuesday morning commute from leyla gulen. >> bart is recovered from an early problem with still a delay in downtown oakland. this was an equipment problem on the track. now we are looking at the toll plaza that is loading up. we have plenty of traffic that is making it from the east bay into san francisco with cash paying lanes loading up. fast trackers are smooth. we have an update northbound 880 at 98th the trash has cleared but three miles per hour is the top speed. if you need to get on to the
5:32 am
roads, use 580 because we still have backup from south of 238. it is still busy. give yourself extra time. developing news from the north bay, a prestigious private school is in shock over the abrupt resignation of the head master. deputies arrested him in a hotel room filled with drugs and a passed out young lady. amy hollyfield is at branson school in ross. >> this school graduated julia child but the administration is trying to convince the parents they are committed to the health and well-being of the children. the school's head master resigned after the arrest on friday. investigators say they found thomas woody price in a sacramento county with a large amount of drug including heroin and cocaine.
5:33 am
the small student body and the alumni say this is shocking. it is sad. it is devastating. we are a tight community. he was a great leader. police say price was found with 21-year-old britney hall of elk grove and she was passed out in the room. it was her boyfriend that tipped off authorities who called and said they were in the hotel. the pair face three felony drug counts and she is still in jail. he is out on bail. price was the head master for seven years and the first court appearance is scheduled next month. thank you so much, the toner continues. the giants are a game away from advancing to the national championship. they lost yesterday against the nationals at home.
5:34 am
bumgarner pitched beautifully until the 7th when he allowed two runs to score with a bunt. the ten game winning streak ends with that. >> giants were prepared for a sweep with the brooms headed into at&t park. they are confident, though, the giants will take care of business tonight the. >> this is what we do, giants' torture. >> expect to see fans wearing their rally caps in force for the game tonight hoping the team will turn things around and end the series. tonight the game is at 6:00 at at&t and if a game five is necessary we are saying it will not be, the series will return to the withed for the deciding
5:35 am
gape on thursday which begins at 2:00 p.m. >> despite the loss year, fans are solidly behind their orange and black. just ask eugene. >> the rookies have done well for us. >> he was a second-year player. >> mail your fan photos to us at tweet them to us at >> he was just called up from the minors. >> the wife of a man accused of attacking another 49er fan at levi stadium is talking. brothers dario david rebollero and amador rebollero are under arrest open suspicion of felony attack in the brutal beating of a man at levi stadium before the 49ers game on sunday after a witness brushed past a man. a suspect's wife talked of the arrest. her identity is protected.
5:36 am
[ inaudible ] >> one victim remains hospitalized in serious condition. >> this morning, the san jose police department is looking to tighten the rules regarding officers' off duty work stemming from a revelation by abc7 on the ray mcdonald case. we were the first to report last week that the 49er had called an off-duty liver when a 9-1-1 call was made in august. the officer who worked part time as security at 49er game relifed before others responded. ray mcdonald was arrested on suspicion of abusing his pregnant fiance. they admit that the officer's presence is a reason why it took a month to forward the case to the d.a.
5:37 am
new trouble for adrian peterson after hosting a while sex party and not only that, he paid for the hotel room using funds from his charity. in 2011 the minnesota viking running back was with two relatives including the underage brother and four women. one of the women accused peter son of rain but the investigation did not lead to charges. there were other discrepancies for the charity "all day foundation," which is supposed to help at risk children. he will be in court tomorrow to face charges of beating his son. new concerns this morning of the spread of ebola virus now a nurse in spain has become the first person outside of west africa to contract the virus. this is video of the nurse being transported to a hospital. she was part of a team that treated two missionaries blown home to spain after becoming infected in liberia. an experimental drug is being given to ebola virus patient in
5:38 am
critical condition in dallas. in nebraska, the father of an infected american photo journalist being treated for the virus says his son's symptoms are "mild." >> there are daily developments in the ebola virus crisis. you can get alert with abc7 news app which is free to download on the app store or from google play and we also have more information at >> police is relieved surveillance video showing an elderly woman being violently attacked september 23rd without provocation. the attackers towns and pushes the 85-year-old woman to the ground and the victim was rubbed to the hospital with a serious injury. police say the suspect is an african-american william in her 50's at 5' 6" with medium build. >> fires are keeping watch for flareups from a fire near the civic center, that break out
5:39 am
inside an abandoned pet store near jefferson. crews surrounded the building and stayed out of the structure because they feared it could collapse. squatters often occupy the building. >> president obama and vice president biden will be in the bay area this week if fundraisers. the vice president will be in van tonight arriving in los angeles yesterday and speak at two of veterans before moving on to a democratic party rally in bakersfield and will attend an even for the democratic national committee tonight at a private residence and president obama will be at san francisco's city hall this friday for a fundraiser. >> that is a big event but not so big as tonight that attracts 44,000 people. a lot more watching and listening. >> now game five mid-60's -- mid-50's to mid-60 with game
5:40 am
four tonight. my 50's at redwood city and san mateo and 60 in san bruno. >> sick at hayward. upper 40's around mill valley and napa at politicians at santa rosa and 58 at san jose and everyone is mad at me for saying that. our day planner in for 40's and 50's and low clouds. mostly sunny, low clouds are dominant and mid-60's and mid-70 to 80's is our coast and bay and inland and in the mid-80's and all of us in the 60's to low 70's by 7:00. light jacket weather. tomorrow, two degrees cooler than today, the cool of the day on thursday with temperatures rebounding. we have a report of something open fire here, southbound 680 at 780 if you are
5:41 am
headed up to the bridge, watch out if this, it is causing slowing, spectator slowing and c.h.p. is headed out there and it could cause a lane closing our two, to the south, 31 miles per hour, not sure why morning 680 is so slow approaching highway 4 we will put in a call to c.h.p. and see if they can tell us why. this is in discovery mode at 98th eve we had a nasty crash and six miles per hour is the top speed and 580 is the best bed. in san jose, northbound 880 from 280, we have construction that will be with us until 6:00 and the rest of san jose is moving along at top speed and nothing but green on the map, a great way to start tuesday morning. a possible new lifeline for an east bay hospital facing closure and chevron could help doctors medical center stay
5:42 am
open. >> the push by another bay area >> the push by another bay area city to get workers a fightin i can't believe i'm eao! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant! trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce
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medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins! look for big g cereals with money saving offers on these breakfast favorites and give your budget a boost. covering santa close berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. the richmond city council will take up a plan to keep
5:45 am
doctor medical center in san pablo open discussing the policy of diverting $20 million from a $90 million settlement paid by the chevron corporation part of a deal to allow chevron to expand the richmond refinery. the state is author i've a payment of $3 million to doctor's hospital. there are still questions on when the money is available and the hop's long-term prospects survival. >> the mountain view city council will continue two wage-related items including a draft before the city council requiring contractors on many city projects to pay their employees whatever a union wage would be for the jobs. on thursday they will consider a minimum wage ordinance setting a minimum wage higher than the $9. the l.e.d. light turned a nobel prize for a local professor in physics, from u.k.
5:46 am
santa barbara winning the honor along with two others from japan. the academy said they won for work that led to the invention of the l.e.d. light that produces white light that is longer lasting and more energy efficient than older light sources. >> we are lit by, literally, thousands l.e.d. lights. lights. >> with all that makeup. >> now, who looks great tonight? >> chicken enchiladas. >> wonder what other sports
5:47 am
figures eat? good morning, everyone, the small craft advisory north of the bay beige with wind at 21 to 23 knots and a long-term since we have had a small craft advisory. the evening commute is breezy. and choppy. >> we do not have so much fog but along 101 in the north bay and high clouds and sunshine in the sun with gradual cooling continues today and that weekend is still looking warm with cloud cover through 9:30 it retreats back to the coast and by electric we are full of sunshine and lie clouds and it looks impressive.
5:48 am
that is the top end of our scale today, 90 in morgan hill and 92 at gilroy and 77 at santa cruz, and low-to-mid 80's for the rest of the south bay and low 80's for most of the peninsula and 78 in millbrae and low-to-mid 60's loan the coast and low-to-mid 70's around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito at 77 and low-to-mid 60's north bay and mid-to-upper 80's through the valley and san ramon at 89 and otherwise low-to-mid 90's which could be last day for widespread 90's. hopefully the giants are playing back to average for the game. 48 in santa rosa is the cool spot and the rest of issue in the mid-to-upper 50's. the seven-day outlook shows cooler tomorrow, the biggest drop is thursday, at two to six degrees cooler, and it loads you on friday and you will notice a
5:49 am
couple of degrees remain warmth but 80's around the bay and 90's inland. another warm one. >> bart delays are suffering, recovering from the delay in downtown oakland and sfo and millbrae and east bay directions there were equipment problems. the metering lights are on, on the bay bridge. it is busy away from the maze to san francisco. the altamont pass is loading up at 35 minutes from tracy to dublin at 26 miles per hour for the top speed. through the pass it stays slow and jumps to 58 around vasco. slow and go to the dublin interchange from 680 to the sunol grade at 72 miles per hour for top speed. clear through fremont. an area is covered in fog and bad through santa rosa and more
5:50 am
than the golden gate bridge and southbound you can see 101 is clearing. it is 5:50. a tweet from a popular men's magazine sparks outrage. the controversial advise it gave to men of women and sports. >> distracted driving, and even hands-free and voice act separated technology could be dangerous. >> the perfect score, how many high school students really achieve per fiction --
5:51 am
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chase. so you can.
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>> if you are flying from or to the windy city at chicago o'hare, flights are delayed because of air traffic control center phone lines. the problem was also causing delays at chicago midway airport. the f.a.a. is still replacing equipment damaged last month by a fire intentionally set at another chicago area control center. a popular men's magazine is apologizing over a get that promotes an article in membership's health magazine on how to talk to william about sports. the picture attached to the long shows a young woman holding a massive phone thinger and the article says most do not care about stats and do not expect her to wear the phone finger. bloggers went crazy. the magazine has take were the we article off the website and tweeted an apology. google is revamping the street view camera system to bring you closer to nature.
5:54 am
they are teaching up with parks to take viewers inside 14 popular state parks. unlike the original secret view car it captured images in places where are there no roads and workers had to hike the state parks with cameras mounted on their backpack to capture the images with the unveiling at 11 o'clock at mount tamalpais state park in mill valley. mike, did you know the giants post-season batting player has .440 average? >> you will not let that stat story go. >> what would he be? >> strong. >> strong. >> we are looking at the roof because the winds are blowing and we will be from one to seven degrees cooler. to the south we have a high surf but, still, warm, mid-to-upper 90 through the bernardino rosas
5:55 am
valle. the record high in 78 possible for a second day in a row. southbound 680 away from pleasant hill we have a car fire with san jose fire department on the way. we will have possibly one make blocked approaching it and the rest of san jose is moving loan fine. dumbarton san mateo bridge looks to be running at top speed. 5:55. new technology in cars could be making driving more dangerous. the aaa foundation for traffic safety and university of utah studies found systems that less drivers make voice command such as sending a technology or phone call without taking their hand off the steering wheel could be so complex they require more concentration from drivers rather than less. this means those systems and voice activated smartphones could be worsening the problem.
5:56 am
>> a new report calls sexual harassment a problem for the entire restaurant industry. 90 percent of woke in restaurant jobs say they have been sexually harassed by customers and co-workers and management. researchers found tipped workers put up with unwanted behavior because they depend on customers to maken's meet. a dozen, who ares rights organizations compiled the report. the national restaurant association is dismissing it. if you would like to see the report it is posted at a baby shark washed ashore. beachgoers tried to toss it back into the pacific ocean. it happened at a beach where a woman used the cell phone to captured most, the character is a juvenile was then back into the water once but swam back on shore and another man took the best shot and threw the baby shark much further out.
5:57 am
no word on if the shark stayed in the water. >> at 6:00, new details from the san jose mayor race and who is going into the closing weeks with a big leg up when it cops to campaign cash. >> michael finney reveals how to get secret it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public
5:58 am
instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools.
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news an early decemberly woman assaulted all caught on camera in a tough to watch new video. a resolution technologious private school rocked by a drug scandal involving a now former head master. we have reaction. go giants.
6:00 am
a tough loss at at&t pack, the orange and black will try again tonight to clench the series against the nationals. close 'em out. thanks for joining us at 6:00 on tuesday. >> no giants, no errors like that tonight. >> how does the forecast look? mike? >> mid-60 to low 60's at first pitch at 6:07. >> 2 1/2 miles visibility is the fog in santa rosa. not is foggy at yesterday. the low clouds are more widespread. the marine layer is deeper. we are mostly cloudy at 7:00. 67 at noon and high clouds and sun in the afternoon and upper 60's and back to the mid-60's so grab a coat. inland the fog is to the north and mostly sunny and nearly 80 at noon and mid-70's and breezy around the dole that i


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