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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 9, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> developing news tonight,
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just a short time ago the abc7 news eye team learned during a membership meeting tomorrow morning san francisco firefighters will consider a vote of no confidence in chief joanne hayes white. >> this vote comes as firefighters review a call today in which an ambulance took too long to respond. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama dates. the eye team has confirmed that the san francisco fire department is reviewing an incident in which an ambulance failed to respond within the required time limits. >> dan noyes has obtained the dispatch records from this morning's incident and he is here with an eye team look at this. >> some are asking her to stp down. today it has found a few more calls for her to resign. i looked into it after receiving a tip that the ambulance was late again. most of the residents at 1255 terrible street in san francisco got out safely this morning after carbon monoxide alarms went off.
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>> i wake up to 10 firefighters in my room, but it is better than not waking up i guess. >> fire crews detected elevated levels of carbon monoxide and evacuated the building. >> during the process we had a medical condition occur that required cpr. i called for additional resources. >> they were running short of their own ambulances. they were out haming other calls. handling other calls. they had to count on the private companies to respond. they show the first ambulance took 18 minutes to arrive. maximum response time is 10 minutes. the question tonight is could those minutes have helped an elderly man. >> he was conscious and moving when we were evacuating and he suffered a heart attack. >> long-time paramedic tells me heart attacks are sometimes associated with carbon
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monoxide poisoning. the victim was 94-year-old aaron grayborn. they were a major issue for white. it that is documented people waiting 30 minutes, 40 minutes and up to two hours for an ambulance. many in her own department are calling for hayes white to resign including the battalion chiefs and the firefighters' union. >> we want a chief that will roll up their sleeves and pay attention to the small things. how many are on duty? what fire engines are in the shop. >> a deputy chief tells me the department is looking into what happened this morning and why the ambulance was late. he promises answers tomorrow. if you have a tip for my next investigation call 1-888 for the eye team or e-mail me at >> we will see what happens with this. >> we sure will. more to come. >> to dallas now where thomas eric duncun, the first patient diagnosed with the u.s. -- dying ease nod in the u.s. died today.
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a sheriff who was staying in the room where he was has been hospital lidsed. five airports will start separate screenings for travelers from west africa. they will have their temperatures taken before going through customs. laura anthony is live in walnut creek to show us how john muil medical center is ramping up in case any patients show up with ebola symptoms. >> john muir has not had a suspected it case of ebola, but they are ready. their mantra, first detect, and then protect and then respond. >> this one is. it is the first one people see on the way to the emergency room at john muir hospital. it is the one asking patients if they have traveled in the past 30 days. >> they say they have been to liberia or west africa and it will trigger an alert. >> he is the director of
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infection prevention for john muir. he says protocol's are already in place if a potential case walks in the door. >> we notify other people with what is going on. a person that is dressed in protective gear will come with a wheelchair and wheel them to a private room. >> once a potential ebola patient is isolated anyone who has contact must wear one of the special suits like we have seen in dallas. where the first ebola patient was inexplicably sent home. >> he was from liberia and had a fever and throwing up and feeling ill. somehow that wasn't flagged or raise awareness that it is something to be aware of that the person could have ebola. >> the reality is unless they recently traveled to west africa or been in close contact with someone who has, it is highly unlikely they have ebola. laura anthony, abc7 news. >> there are daily
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developments on the ebola crisis. you can get alerts on that and other breaking news with our abc7 news app. it is free to download from the app store and google play. >> tonight san francisco police say there was no choice. they had to shoot a man who pulled a gun. police say 26-year-old evans and two others were breaking into cars near the giants' ballpark last night when he pulled a gun. tiffany wilson is live at second and briept with the story. tiffany? >> dan, this is near the location that evans was shot. i spoke with his family and they say that they absolutely cannot believe their son would pull a gun on an officer. as lights and sirens sur under rounded -- surrounded evans his mother knew something was wrong. >> i was feeling just worried and keep calling his phone and keep calling his phone and there was no answer. >> reporter: at 2:00 in the morning her phone finally
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rang. >> calling to tell me my son was killed by the san francisco police. >> reporter: evans and two others burglarized a suv. mercedes-benz suv. when officers tried to stop them police say evans pointed a gun their way. >> we never want to have to use deadly force, but we do want our officers to be able to defend themselves and go home at night. >> reporter: those close to evans say he was a family man. here he is with his mom in the red shirt next to his brother and with his niece and nephew. his family says he had no criminal record and wouldn't point a gun at an officer. >> that's not his nature. he was loving. he was very caring. his familiment the world to -- his family meant the world. >> the bond was like brother and sister. >> they hope surveillance video will explain what happened. >> all i need is justice. there are too many unanswered questions. >> the sfpd hopes to answer those questions at a town hall meeting at the academy of arts
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tomorrow. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> berkeley police will now pursue murder charges against a man who stabbed a 72-year-old woman during an attempted carjacking last month. nancy mccleland died early this morning. her family decided to take her off life support. mcclel lend was in the -- mccleland was is in the icu since september 19th. she was stabbed several timings timings -- several times. they tracked down berlin. he is being held without bail. >> developing news out of vallejo tonight where an elderly woman was a in a hit-and-run. it happened at the intersection of sacramento and redwood streets just before 6:00 p.m. police say the victim was walking in the crosswalk when a driver hit her and took off. witnesses say the car may be sill vr, compact car. the woman is in serious condition. several fires have destroyed at least six structures in placer county.
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two are confirmed homes. 80 more homes was evacuated. a series of grassfires started near apple gate. they spread to 380 acres. the fires are 10% contained. he put his life on the line to protect others. coming up, the local air tanker pilot who crashed in yosemite. only on abc7 knew, his daughter tells us about his fashion for flight. >> and the bay area woman with terminal cancer who has chosen when she will die. >> and the pool party with a purpose. the local event where it pays to take the plunge. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. it is gone by this weekend and that means a warm up. back with your temperatures. abc news at
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a powerful clean that's family friendly. that's healthing. pilot killed fighting a wildfire near yosemite talked exclusively to abc7 news. he crashed into a cliff and today his daughter told us he was a uc santa cruz chemistry instructor who flew for cal fire during the summer. hunt had been fighting fires as a pilot for the last 13 years. she said her father loved science and nature and tried his best to share his passions with her. >> the last reminder of my dad is in the living room. he would sit under the light and read his chemistry and quantum physics. he would want to teach me and of course i would run away. that's what he enjoyed learning and that's what i enjoyed doing.
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he was a very smart man. >> hunt recently celebrated his 39th anniversary with his wife sally. he was 62 years old. >> cal fire's air tanker fleet is thoroughly inspected. these are pictures of the air tanker that crashed. california's drummond s2 planes were built 50 years ago for the navy. and fighting fires from the sky puts the aircraft through tremendous stress and pressure. the wings of this 50s era plane were literally torn off while fighting a fire in the sierra in 2002. a terrifying crash and the crew was killed. the state's fire chief insists that the planes have been overhauled and are airworthy. >> without the air tankers helicopters have a greater role fighting the dog rock fire near yosemite. they are filling buckets of water in the merced river and carrying them to the fire. the fire has spread to 210
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acres and is 10% contain had. 60 homes have been evacuated and highway 140 remains closed at the entrance to yosemite. here -- her emotional story has gone viral. the 29-year-old moved to oregon so she can take control of her life and how she chooses to end it. now to the newsroom with how people are reacting to this woman's difficult decision. alyssa? >> many support britney's decision while others disagree for religiou just r just want her to hold on as long as she can. britney is spending her final days advocating for death with dignity saying it should be a choice everyone has. early this year britney maynard was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. doctors told hershey would only -- her she would only get worse and she had roughly six months to live. she decided to move to oregon to have access to the death with dignity act. >> i know it is there when i need it. >> she was prescribed pills that will end her life
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painlessly if she chooses to take them. >> i can't even tell you the amount of relief it provides me to know that i don't have to die the way that it has been described to me that my brain tumor would take me. >> people all over the world are reacting to britney's emotional story. gabrielle law tweets, your story has changinged my heart and inspired me. you are the strongest woman in the world. tatiana writes, she has every right not to suffer. others hope she will change her mind. one says, i am a survivor. it is not a death sentence. assisted suicides are illegal in california. >> we have seen family members get prosecuted, get arrested and prosecuted across this country and including in california for trying to help their loved ones have a peaceful death. >> brit intoe is spending her final weeks traveling and spending time with loved ones. she even made a pact with her mom to continue going on adventures. >> it is a place i am scared
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to go to. machupichu, a lot of climbing, but she said she would meet me there. and so damn it i will go. >> britney plans to die november 1st. she chose that date so she can celebrate her husband's birthday which is october 30th. abc7 news. >> a gut wrenching story. a special honor for abc7 news reporter alan wang. alan and 10 other people were named everyday heros by the group for raising awareness for hepititis c. they are at higher risk for help b. it hep-b, the largest cause of liver cancer. congratulations to all of you. cheryl jennings is doing her part for charity. cheryl emceed the pool toss she has done that for years.
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they were pushed into the pool and raised 262,000. it is for youth and family programs in the tenderloin. it was a nice night for a swim too. >> yes. and sandhya is here with the rest of the forecast. >> i was waiting for cheryl to take the plunge. >> you may have to wait longer. >> you may want to take the plunge. we have warm weather coming. live doppler 7hd is showing the fog near the coast. take a look from our sutro tower camera. as you look over san francisco there is a shallow layer of fog there. and here is another vantage point and looking toward san francisco. in the upper 50s san francisco, oakland currently 63 in san jose and morgan hill 68. and here is our view from our exploratorium camera. you can see the depth o fog laye fog layer is not very deep. 57 this santa rosa and 55 currently in petaluma. it is getting cool in petaluma. 73 in concord. i did double check the temperature and it is a southwest wind that is keeping you warm.
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here is the view from the emeryville camera. we do have fog around. it will be around for the coast and the bay. cooler the next two days and a warm autumn weekend is ahead. as you look at the pacific satellite picture what was once a tropical storm, not much left to it. it has been dumping rain into the desert southwest. arizona in particular had flooding rain in particular. for us high pressure moved in to allow a north wind to warm us up. it was a reversal of what we expected. we are looking at a cool down the next couple days. and watching for rain as the system is developing. we will keep an eye on that. fog first thing in the morning coast and bay for your morning commute and then you are looking at sunshine with a few high, thin, whiskey clouds. whispy clouds. we will keep the fog for your thursday. the morning will start out on the cool side. upper 40s to the upper 50s for most of you.
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antioch 61. you will need to bundle up. nice day. just not as warm as today. 80 in san jose. 70 eye cupertino. on the peninsula, redwood city 77. 74 san mateo. fog is going to hang around a lot like summer even though it is fall in daly city where it about will be 62. 67 dow no north bay 60s coast side santa rosa, napa, and out tooter had east bay 75 newark and a mild afternoon. 88 livermore and 87 in fairfield. fleet week festivities, the blue angels start the practice runs and the weather will be nice and mild. blue skies for that. warming up by saturday with lots of sunshine. accu-weather seven-day forecast, you can see the cool down on thursday and friday and leading up to the beach weather for the weekend. 70s to 90s and our rain chance now entering the picture on tuesday afternoon. cooler on tuesday and
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wednesday. >> looks like we will get some rain. >> time to turn our attention to sports. a little hockey. >> yeah, mr. beale is here. >> it is that time of year. he dropped the puck and revenge is a dish best served on ice. the sharks open the season against their arch rivals.
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before the game the team celebrated with their fans. now presenting lord disanly's -- lord stanley's chalice. marked wards said he wanted to ruin the kings' festivities. a nearly i'm is po angle. a nearly impossible angle. mike brown of the sharks hooking up. yes, these teams still do not like one another. marlow with the redirect. great hand-eye coordination. racing down the ice here and look at the moves. oh backhand sweet. his second goal of the night. 3-0 teal. 14 seconds later and marlow and he has his bitter beer face going on. the sharks win their opener 4-0.
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we have the san jose sharks in l.a. and the san jose earthquakes in the city of portland. this game was all timbers. the 41st minute and wallace with a blast that beats john bush 1-0. the 51st minute and on the penalty i can kick and 74th minute and pushed to save, his second goal of the game. the quakes are blanked 3-0. it was the signature play of the playoff run. you will hear from the man who made
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was willie mays and dwight clark and the championship game. hunter pence helping the giants win the division series. the greatest catch ever and it lead to this celebration as the giants defeated the nationals three games to 1. they will play the cardinals in game one of the nlcs on saturday in st. louis. this play in the 6th inning. slams against the wall, but somehow was able to hold on. all of the fans behind pence at the fence were looking on in disbelief. unit hunter talk -- today he is talking about that moment in time. >> i wonder if anyone can see this picture. that's sharing a moment and i think my favorite part about what i saw of the clip was the fans' reaction. they have one fan that has amazing reaction. that is special.
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i am grateful to be a part of that. >> that was cool. >> all of the people behind the fence, they are there for free. it is a free spot. >> you hardly see it, but there was a little kid down there at the end after he caught it. caught it. , usher!eally cool. good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins! look for big g cereals with money saving offers on these breakfast favorites and give your budget a boost. ss? u want i fix this mess? a mess? i don't think -- what's that? snapshot from progressive. plug it in, and you can save on car insurance based on your good driving. you sell to me? no, it's free. you want to try? i try this if you try... not this.
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♪ turn around, barry ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ wake up weather. grab a jacket or sweater. it will start out on the cool side. fog on the beaches and bay. 40s and 50s at 5:00 a.m. low 50s to low 60s. mike niko is here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thank you, sandhya. >> that is our report. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama dates. the news continues on-line, on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with the abc7 news app. our next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> and right now on jimmy kimmle, kyra sedgwick. we appreciate your time.
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