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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 9, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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first united states victim. our reporter is at the medical center in walnut creek. amy? >> yes. they do not have a case. walnut creek is being proactive to make sure if a case comes through they catch it. when you walk in the e.r. you will see a sign asking people if they have traveled in the past 30 days. doctor say if they have traveled to west africa or liberia it trying els an alert and if they have potential cases here, the patient would be isolated and staff help that person would be required to wear personal protection equipment. >> we notify other people immediately with what is going on and a person that is dressed in protective gather will come with a wheelchair and immediately wheel him to a private room. >> take a look at this list of
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airports, watching carefully. they have decided to begin separate screening for travelers arriving from west africa, john f. kennedy in new york, and dulles in washington, and o'hare in chicago, and in atlanta. they will take the passenger's temperatures before they can go through customs. airports and hops are on high alert to keep ebola from spread ing. a deputy sheriff who served a quarantine order on the apartment where thomas duncan was staying is being examined for "possible" exposure. duncan died yesterday the first to die from the ebola virus in the united states and the remains will be cremated. the deputy woke up with soreness and a headache. doctors in texas say he does not have classic symptoms but they are not taking they chaps and isolating him.
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you can get the latest with the app which is a tremendous download from apple or google play. san francisco firefighters will consider a vote of "no confidence," in the chief this morning. the department is reviewing an incident yesterday where an elderly man died while waiting for an ambulance. here is the dispatch record. most of the residents got out safely after carbon monoxide alarms went off and the fire department responded. >> i woke up to ten firefighters in my room but it is better than not weighing up the crews detected elevated carbon monoxide and evacuated the building. >> we had a medical condition that required c.p.r. and i called if additional ambulances. >> sources say they were running
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short of their own ambulances. they had to count on the private companies to respond. dispatch records obtained show the first king american ambulance took 18 minutes to arrive the maximum response team is supposed to be 10 minutes. the question, could that have helped an elderly man? the psychiatry was conscious and moving but he suffered a heart attack. he passed away. >> long time paramedic tells me heart attack are sometimes associated with carbon monoxide poisoning. the victim was 94-year-old -year-old man. ambulance response types are a major issue if the fire chief. in past reports we have documented people waiting 30 minutes, 40 minutes up to two hours for a ambulance. many in their own department are calling for her to resign including the chiefs and the firefighters union. >> we want a chief that comes in
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pays attention to all the small things, who is on duty, how many ambulances we have, what fire engines are in the shop. >> the department is looking into what happened and idea plan was late and promises answers later today. >> if you have a tip for my next investigation, call me or mail me through our website. >> a test conducted on jahi mcmath declared brain dead a year ago do not show the 13-year-old girl has grabbed. a court hearing scheduled for today was postponed after her family decided they knee more time to review test results from the court-appointed expert. the mother is seeking a court order to pronounce her alive so they can bring the teen home and get medical care in california. she is at a facility in new jersey. last week the family released video showing her responding to
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verbal commands. they believe it proves she is not dead. >> union leaders for hundreds of golden gate bridge workers will announce plans for another strike. the ferry captains say the transit unions including ferry captains and deck hands and bus mechanics and bridge workers have been working without a contract since july fighting over pay raises and insurance costs. state officials will announce results of a sting targeting unlicensed contractors preying on napa earthquake victims. police and the licensing board have been warning residents of using unlicensed or unscrupulous contractors since the 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit napa august 24. it is a physical -- felony to contract without a license in a disaster area. >> a state senator wants to
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remove the president of the california public utilities and will announce this in front of the building of the commission in san francisco saying california public utilities commission president has few cozy a relationship with pg&e which is what he is supposed to regulate as illustrated by e-mails that reveal secret communications between the two sides. he will officially introduce the measure when the legislature reconvenes. palo alto police have a sketch of the man who has exposed himself to two children. the man exposed himself from the car to a 10-year ode on tuesday. the girl was walking her dog when it happened. on monday, police thing the same man did the same thing to a 14-year-old half a mile away. he is caucasian in his late 20 or early 30's with brown hair. although he was driving a newer blue pickup in one instant and a
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white volvo in the other police think the two cases are red. >> several fires from destroyed six structures on interstate 80 with five separate fires bun near applegate and two hopes have been burped. 80 have been evacuated. 380 acres are burned and only ten percent contain. >> the family of a bay area pilot killed fighting a fire was a good man with a passion for life. geoffrey "craig" hunt crashed while fighting a fire on sunday. in an interview you will see only here, his daughter said he was a santa cruz chemistry instructor would lieu for cal fire in the summer. he was fighting fires as a pilot for 13 years. his daughter said he loved science and tried to share his
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passions with her. >> my phone of the memory he would sit and read his organic chemistry and physics and went to teach me and i would run away but that was what he enjoyed learning, physics and chemistry and application. he was very smart. >> he celebrated his 39th wedding anniversary withly wife, sally. he was 62. >> the air tanker fleet of cal fire is grounded while the planes are inspected. helicopters will play a bigger role fighting the dog walk fire in yosemite filling buckets of water and carry them to the fire. 60 homes are evacuated. highway 140 is closed at entrance to yosemite. >> what is going on with the weather, mike?
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there is fog? >> yes, there is fog so there will be flight arrival delays into san francisco international airport. later next week, the pattern will change and we will have wind but the fires have to wait seven or eight days. 56 through the ferry building and same across the golden gate bridge. watch out for the fog. the last couple of morningings we had early commutes that wering for free but, three, it has been there. today, it is there from the beginning. 52 at palo alto and fairfield is 60. most of us in the mid-to-upper 50's. today, more clouds and fog and very light drizzle during the morning commute. at unanimous we have slower sunshine and temperatures are cooler for lunch, 60 at the coast and low-to-upper 60's and mid-70 at the bay and 60 at the coast and the evening is the
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same as it has been all week, 60's at coast and low 70's inland. tomorrow is like today and look at the heat, with a few high clouds, 80's at the bay and 70's at the coast. >> we have the golden gate bridge and you could ought see anything a moment ago but it is blow through the fog and we new have a fog advisory as you come through the waldo tunnel. we have limited visibility. use the low peoples. we have a major crash in san francisco involving one vehicle found with major damage and totaled eastbound 80 at 1st street. c.h.p. has to do a break and get car out of the road. a wheel was torn off. it is serious. if you continue on the lower deck of the bay bridge, this is construction until 5:30 making it to the east bay. that will wrap up at 5:30. eric and kristen?
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thank you, tesla will reveal a big secret. the hints c.e.o. has been dropping about the latest project. >> caltran reveal how support rod on the new east were span of the bay bridge could be getting corroded. >> a huge fine for bogus billing. cell phone giant forced to pay millions. you could get part of
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. happening today, tesla is planning a big event if los angeles, although it is not clear what the carmaker is up to. last week, we showed you this tweet from less that c.e.o. saying that it was about time to unveil the "d," but the question is, what does that stand for? driverless?
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there is a lot of speculation. they will introduce an all-wheel version of the popular s, and tesla forum users posted this picture of the rear of tesla with no license plate and others thing it could be driverless version. we will find out this morning at 7:00. >> bart is expected to get and the bus business in the overnight hours. this morning, the bart board will aproblem a participateship with the alameda contra costa transit district. bart trains do not run between 1:00 o'clock and 5:00 in the only because of maintenance. the service begins in december if approved. >> advocates for underage illegal immigrants will hold a rally in oakland with the mayor attending and caravan to the office of the congressman in
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bakersfield. the republican is house majority leader and want to end deporting the children who cross the border without adults and demand legal representation and support services for the kids. >> caltran knows the source of the water concerns on steel rods that anchor the new section of the bay bridge to the foundation. the agency says rain that fell during construction pooled around the rods. engineers say it does not appear to be a problem but tests are underway to see if rods were damaged. repair work has been continue to keep the future rain out. with the water caltran says the rods will not fail like the 32 that cracked on the seismic stability structure. >> tesla announcement is coming at 7:00 p.m. today, not 7:00 a.m. >> bummer. we have to wait.
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>> now, we will celebrate. >> we have to wait for saturday until the baseball game, we all about waiting. >> some things are worth waiting. >> 60 miles per hour at fairly. the sea breeze is stronger this morning. yesterday, the ferry ride was foggy but it could be damp with high drizzle this evening, it will be breezy as the freezes kick in super today at 11 o'clock this morning to 8:00 during the evening hours. sfo shows cloud cover as we look to the west and i have delays that will develop but, of course, it will be another hour and ten minutes until we know. look at clouds, sitting on the bay bridge as we look from the exploritorium and the bay water that look like glass it will change this afternoon. our cool of the highs, today and tomorrow sunny and
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warmer-than-average, and a significant pattern shift is going to develop next week. that will bring us much cooler weather and the possibility of rain late next week into the weekend. we will have quite a difference between this week and next weekend. we have slower sunshine until noon to get rid of the low clouds and fog but at the coast we will stay with more clouds than yesterday, 60, 70's and 80's today. the 90's are gone. we will be close in gilroy at 88. that is the exception. mid-70's to 80's in south bay and 80 at san jose and 69 at pill bay and mid-to-upper 70 with palo alto at 76 and clouds keeping you in the low 60's land the coast and mid-and-upper 60's and more sunshine downtown and south san francisco and sauce least and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valleys and low-to-mid 70's along the east bay shore until you are further inland castro valley at
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79. tonight, we will fall back into the 50 and cloud cover is the same as this morning and the possibility of drizzle about the same. cooler tomorrow but the 90 come back and holding on through monday, with 80's at the bay and tuesday and wednesday, much cooler and 60's and 70's with rain on thursday and friday. have a good day. unlike the other big bridges hike the golden gate bridge or the bay bridge it is not so foggy on the san mateo bridge. pretty clear into foster city. it will only take nine minutes. there is a crash in san francisco involving one vehicle and c.h.p. is trying to get it off the freeway but eastbound 80 at 1st street through downtown
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involving major damage, totaled: this drive is empty and moving at top speed along 101 beyond the nimitz to the san jose airport at 71 miles per hour on 280 and it could have extra traffic pulling away from 680 into cupertino at 15 minutes. highway 85 is clear, too, from 101. >> google has a new way to capture the street view images. >> cell phone giant could owe you money. >> a refund from at&t the wireless company paying $105 million with $80 million for billing for unauthorized services. apple will announce new ipads which are faster and thinner and lighter and bigger. they only saying "it has been way too long." we will have a new mac operating
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system, with a new camera getting a lot of burs with one-button operation that can be sent to smartphone or apple or droid. this is no view finder which is not needed they say because of wide-angle lens. ing if used use -- camel to get this picture. california gets $900,000 of the at&t settlement with the average refund $10. for claims go to under "7 on your side". >> a huge stretch of california wilderness will get federal protection with a's by president
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obama having some people all riled insurance companies are spending millions of dollars trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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>> the home depot is teaming up with an organization called recruit military to host a job fair happening at the marriott with oppositions at the home depot including sales and customer service and i.t. and a city council will consider a minimum wage ordinance at a special meeting with no word on what the rate is but it is believed more in line with san jose's minimum wage of $10 an hour. the city council discussed an ordinance to give union level wages to construction workers hired to work on city newspapered projects. >>ed so will be installed at the san jose, stadium scheduled to start being rolled out at 7:00 a.m. and continue throughout the day latest milestone in the construction of the soccer team's new home across from san
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jose international airport. the first seats in the 18,000 seat stadium were installed scheduled to open next year. >> it is in the middle of the soccer season and we hope for cooler weather because it is so hot. >> absolutely. people are out jogging but if you are jogging this morning, or driving, all that fog looks like it could be a limit wet on the golden gate bridge so we will check with leyla gulen about that. there is light drizzle. we have reduced visibility and it could be slick with cross wind at 15 miles per hour. today, san francisco is six degrees cooler-than-average and with the cooling we have had we are from one to six degrees warmer-than-average.
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and it is looking on the bridge to be wet with moisture. traffic is moving fine on walnut creek and from pleasant hill at highway 24, no problems with construction on the roadways and one is here, eastbound side of 58 to pleasanton and this project will last until 6:00 this morning. westbound traffic is building out of tracy at 33 miles per hour as 205 merges with 580 and it jumps to 37 miles per hour and you will be on the way and the crash in san francisco, it is cleared and it is moved to treasure island and eastbound 80 at first street, everything now is wide open. >> a study reveals five healthy lifestyle choices for women to reduce their risk of stroke. researchers say a healthy diet, moderate alcohol consumption, never smoking, physical activity, and body mass index
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less than 25. researchers say women living by all file of those choices could cut risk of total strong by 50 percent. 32,000 swedish women took part in the study. >> president obama has a brief fundraising trip to california including a controversial designation of the mountains as a national monument. 350,000 acres of the mountains northeast of los angeles are permanently recollected. specifically, only the national forest land in the mountains are designated. some say national monument status affected water resources, and roads and effort to prevent forest fires. the president is if san francisco tomorrow. >> after the president makes the announcement he will fly to the bay area for a fundraiser at san francisco city hall with tickets starting at $1,000 and $10,000 for a quick meet and greet the last trip to the bay area's the november midterm election.
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>> and four weeks from election day and the video trying to get-out-the-vote is going viral. >> i am turning out. >> i am turning out for reproductive rights. >> among others, there is whoopi and little john. it is part of a "rock the boat" campaign to get people to turnout to vote. >> how long is too long to wait for emergency help? the death of a bay area man is fueling the call for the removal of san francisco fire chief. >> family of a man shot and killed by police near at&t park questioned what officers say happened in the minutes before the shooting. >> ebola claims the first victim in the united states. this is a protest spar
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, good thursday morning at 5:00. thanks for joining us. first up, we will find out where the fog is. meteorologist mike nicco? >> it is getting thicker. that is a concern along 101 where we doned to less than quarter-mile in novato and half a mile in santa rosa. if you look at our tower camera cameras, there is fog everywhere . if you drive up a couple of hundred feet you will hit clouds with some moisture in them. there is light drizzle accumulating. in the afternoon,


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