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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 9, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, good thursday morning at 5:00. thanks for joining us. first up, we will find out where the fog is. meteorologist mike nicco? >> it is getting thicker. that is a concern along 101 where we doned to less than quarter-mile in novato and half a mile in santa rosa. if you look at our tower camera cameras, there is fog everywhere . if you drive up a couple of hundred feet you will hit clouds with some moisture in them. there is light drizzle accumulating. in the afternoon, though, we will have the sea breeze and
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slower sunshine so around the bay, average, and breezy at 69 to 9 and cooler inland, but, still, warmer-than-average at 82 to 88 and below average at the coast, 62 to 67 this downtown san francisco. >> here is the bay bridge toll plaza looking clear. it is not until you get beyond the metering lits you will see the heavy fog and it is going to impede your visibility. as we look at the cash-paying lanes in the far left, they are loading up and the rest of the fast trackers all moving along fine. this is where we fine the reduced visibility through the north bay at 101 and still at continue speeds but i would say be careful, this well area is covered in orange and that is an indication of where the fog can affect the commute and southbound it stays with us. it is getting thicker. here is a look at the golden gate bridge where we see less of it so use the low beams. >> it is 5:01 and it could be a
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tough day for the embattled fire chief and we have learned the rank and file are specificked it take a "no confidence," vote over questions of whether a slow ambulance led to a bay area man's death. matt? >> the chief is being asked to step down. yesterday, the incident of a late ambulance will fuel the calls to resign. firefighters were called to a building after carbon box i'd i'd -- carbon monoxide alarms when out. during the process of the call a man required c.p.r. and they were short of plans and had to count on the private companies to respond. the first king america ambulance took 18 minutes to arrive and maximum response time is supposed to be ten minutes. paramedic say heart attacks are sorried with carbon monoxide
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poisoning. >> elderly gentleman conscious and moving but he suffered a heart attack. he passed away. >> did the extra minutes waiting for the ambulance cost the 94-year-old victim his life? the ambulance response tim is a major issue for the chief. past reports people have waited up to two hours for an ambulance. many if her own department call for her to resign including the behalf italian chief and the union. the department is looking into what happened and why the ambulance was late promising answers today. today the san francisco police department is holding a townhall meeting at academy of arts after the tuesday night fatal police shooting near at&t pork. 26-year-old shane evans and two others burglarized a mercedes
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benz while the giants were wrapping up the series. when officers tried to stop him evans pointed a gun. the familiar say he had no criminal record and would not point a gun at an officer. >> that is not him. he would never point a gun. he would not try to do that because he knew they would take his life. >> we never want to use deadly force but we want our officers to be able to defend themselves and go home at night. >> they hope surveillance video will show what happened. the victim of a brew dallas beat -- a brutal building has had brain surgery and has not spoken and could be pairized. the brothers accused are if
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court yesterday, amador robellero and dario robellero, the brothers, were charged with physical any assault. one received an additional count for producing paralysis. the brothers who have long criminal histories were assigned lawyers and does not enter a plea. a golf pro who admitted to child poe lastation is sentenced today, the 32-year-old pleaded guiltiy to seven felony accounts for sexually abusing three boys and tried to solicit someone to kill them. a woman is in serious condition after a hit-and-run accident that happened at sacramento and redwood street were the victim was if the contracts walk when a driver hit her and took off. the white or silver car appeared to be speeding. san mateo police are asking for the public's help identifying a hit-and-run
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suspect. a car hit a teen on south more folk street on monday morning around 7:30. the driver kept going. the teen is expected to be okay. the car is described as 1980's or 1990's ford mustang. it likely had damage to the front driver's side fender and hood. >> developing news concerning the inbe crisis, a texas man is in quarantine and there is new screening for international travelers and some airport workers have walk off over fears of exposure. >> this morning, hospitals and airports are changing procedures to deal with ebola virus and yesterday the 42-year-old man in dallas receiving treatment lost his battle with the disease. >> a memorial service for thomas eric duncan the first to die
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from ebola in the united states. concerns of another possible ebola case, a sheriff deputy who went to the apartment is being kept in isolation while tested for the disease. he was rushed to the hospital yesterday after coming down with flu-like symptoms. >> we are told the risk is minimal but we are taking several actions to make sure the public health safety is protected. >> authorities monitor anyone who may have come in contact with duncan across the country officials are beefing up the defenses against ebola with passengers traveling from west africa to file of the business of the airports will undergo new screaming procedures including having temperatures taken. >> we are putting in additional protection. we have been clear as long as ebola continues to spread in africa we cannot make the risk zero. >> some airport workers are worried of their risk of
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exposure. overnight the airplane cleaners new york walk off the job saying they are fed up with unsafe and unsanitary working conditions. hospitals have health care professionals practicing drills putting on full body protective suit include macks mask and gloo they can respond. >> the other patient is receiving treatment in nebraska and he is getting the same experimental drug duncan was given and received a blood transfusion. signs like these asking patients if they we is traveled in the past month could be in every hospital. hospitals like john muir medical center are ramping up if the event anyone shows up with the symptoms. when the potential patient is isolated anyone would has contact must wear personal protection equipment.
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doctors say if you traveled to west africa it is highly unlikely they have ebola virus. >> meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> the fog is thickest in the north bay. 50 in mill valley. we are 49 in santa rosa. we are 54 in napa and american canyon. the temperatures are milder than they were yesterday because we had the cloud cover roll in quicker that did not allow the warmth to escape. 60 in alameda and redwood city and were else in the mid-to-upper 60's and 57 in san jose and newark and half moon bay and 55 in san carlos locking just like the golden gate bridge. with next 12 hours fog and drizzle and watch out for that, 50's and sick.
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78 with the sun coming out slower today and cooler inland we have the big crop. 84 inland and 54 at the coast. great britain a coat. tomorrow is a lot like today. look at warmth for the weekend, 70's and 80's and 90's for the coast to inland. >> we have a look at the san mateo bridge with traffic moving fine but at 101 we have a big roth and the detour is until five o'clock this morning and you may want to give yourself center time to make it to the peninsula. there are some detours. if you come off the san mateo bridge to catch 101 you cannot do it until after 6:00. here is a look at highway 4 moving from antioch we are looking at slowing and up to
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pittsburg it is clear over to 680 through pleasanton and walnut creek and not a bad job and highway 24 through the canyon from lafayette to the caldecott tunnel is decent. if you bought a red bull in the lat dozen years you have money coming. that is next in the money report. >> a newç case of enterovirus d-68 emerges in the bay area and we will tell you where. >> later, it was the play of the playoff run so far and hear from the man would made the catch.
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. berkeley police will pursue murder chances against a man who stabbed a 72-year-old woman during an attempted carjacking. the woman died yesterday after her family took her off life support. she was in icu since mid-september. a man stab her during a carjacking attempt and witnesses helped police track down the 18-year-old man, now held without bail. >> police have released new photos hoping to catch a bank robbery suspect. the man walked into the chase bank yesterday afternoon and demanded cash from the teller and walked out. he is described as 6' 3" and
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weighing between 220 and 250 pounds. >> new case of the respiratory virus is reported in the bay area, enterovirus d-68, someone under the age 18 hospitalized with the virus and has since recovered. it is the 6 the confirmed case of enterovirus d-68 in the area which has caused one death in the east. after a steep drop, wall street is on the rebound. here is america's money report. good morning, topping america's money a rebound on wall street after the worst days on wall street this year the markets hat the best after word that the federal reserve wants to weapon interest rates extreme low. >> if you bought red bull since two two you could get $10 back. they are growing to refund $13 million to settle class action lawsuits over false advertising
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with details on getting the $10 refund are on www. . and we sample luxury at 30,000' and now wait teams are up to 3 minutes waiting for are fast food. wendy's is the quickest and 40 percent of starbucks have drive through and 60 percent of future locations will have drive throughs. high tide is expected to flood the park and ride lot off highway 101 if marin county for the next few days and sky shows vehicles parked in several inches of water with the flooding starting on tuesday and damaged several vehicles as the water reached the floorboards and covered part of the highway 101 and shoreline highway junction. it nearly plodded a wall -- a
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halloween pumpkin sales lot. >> and this is not from the rain. >> no, no, but rain is coming possibly next week tracking a storm moving through russia that could bring a change in the weather pattern. we will talk about what will happen now, the gradual cooling trend that will move inland because of the 18 miles per hour wind in fairfield we are track ing. the sea breeze is bringing if more moisture so you can see the cloud cover that is touching the golden gate bridge and letting go some of the moisture in the form of light drizzle. do not be surprised if you run interest slick spots or have to use your windshield wipers once or twice. sunny and warm is what we will have this weekend and the significant pattern shift next week. keep our fingers crossed for significant rain. if not here in the sierra.
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mid-80's, and gilroy is the outlier with most us nearly 88, and only 72 in santa cruz. up the peninsula, we start at 79 in los altos and 74 in san mateo and only 69 in millbrae with low-to-mid 60's loop -- along the coast and mid-to-upper 60 in downtown and sausalito. 20 degrees cooler at the coast. home 70's along the another bay shore. we will go inland with middle-to-upper 80's at antioch and livermore at 88 for a warm spot. the cloud cover tonight is the same as it is this morning with temperatures and drizzle are possible so what is left of the storm is bringing rain to the southwest but missing us. we are too far away. this area of high pressure is flattened by this area of low-to-upper and that is not what concerns me. the gulf of alaska is bringing
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us the cooler temperatures but this storm moving through russia, headed to china, will bring the possibility of rain next week. you can seat big warming, 90's saturday, sunday and monday inland. 70's at the coast we could be up to 10 or 15 degrees cooler by when. have a great day. >> we will see how bart is doing with 41 trains on time and ace train one and three, no delay. friend conditions across the bay but for the altamont pass with drive time traffic in a moment. we have plenty of fog in the north bay over the golden gate bridge use the low peoples. here is drive time traffic 580 westbound from tracy to dublin is live americans mostly through the amount pass and highway 4 is looking busy through antioch but from antioch to concord it is 20 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes.
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we have construction lingering and projects lasting until 6:00 including this one in san jose northbound on the film it from 2 80 we have a couple lanes taken away, so be careful and slow if the cone. it is hard to believe it is a generation since loma prieta changed the bay area on saturday we will look back at the chilling 15 seconds in october of 1989 when a 6.0 magnitude earthquake ripped through barrier leaving chaos, destruction, death, fires and incredible moments of heroism. the world was watching as the bay area proved its resiliance. >> we saw people in san francisco, as diverse and crazy as we can be pulling together to help each other get through this
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contribution. >> on saturday we will look forward to see how the loma prieta earthquake taught us to be prepared for what is next. we present "15 seconds, 25 years, the loma prieta earthquake," open saturday at 9:00 p.m. right here. >> straight ahead, seven things to know as you start day. pool party with a purpose. hunter pence described this as sure to
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reporting improved overall skin condition overtime. eucerin calming creme. experience the difference that over 100 years of skin science makes. calm, healthy skin starts with eucerin. he are seven things to know, the i-team has used firefighters are considering a "no
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confidence," vote for the fire chief after yesterday a man died while waiting for an ambulance. two, union leaders for hundreds of golden gate bridge workers will announce plans for another strike. the ferry captains stage add one day walk out two weeks ago forcing all north bay ferries to be canceled. >> state senator hill will hold a news conference to announce legislation to remove the president of the public utility ies commission. if youly released mails suggest he has a cozy, maybe too cozy relationship with pg&e which is the utility he is supposed to regulate. some airplane cleaners in new york have walked off the job over ebola virus and fed up with unsafe and unsanitary working conditions. since the employees deal with fluids without proper gear they are concerned.
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>> several fires have destroyed half a dozen structures on i-80 with five burning east of auburn. 80 homes are over evacuated and 380 ache wees are burned and only 10 percent contained. >> the morning commute is fore but it is thickest in the north bay and tracking it with live doppler hd and i will give you an update and the warmer weather this weekend is still on tap with rain is possible next week and that is next in the seven-day forecast. seven is less foggy but traffic is thicker and the headlights are pouring in from the maze with light conditions across the freeways. i will tell you where the busy the ands -- spots are ahead. and abc anchor is doing he part for charity in san francisco, at the sell bring tool toss like the co-founder of airbnb,
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raising $262,000 for youth and family programs in the ten door line. >> today the giants are flying out to st. louis for the game one of the national league championship series and many are calling hunter penc. amazing catch the greatest defensive play in post-season history: bam, would cares about defense, just throwing the bed against it and getting the ball and hold on to it, robbing joy senator of center businesses, and, in fact, get an out. giants closed owe the nationals in a addition series on tuesday. all the fans were looking on in disbelief. your, he talked about the frozen moment in time. >> i wonder if any of the people get to see this picture because. it is really cool i hope to them. sharing a moment is my favorite part of what i saw, the fan
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reaction. one fan had an amazing reaction and that is special. i am grateful. >> the giants on the series against the cardinals on saturday with first pitch at 5:307 p.m. and i was in stands for that when he caught it and we were high fiving and no one could believe it. strangeers were literally hugging each other. >> here is the tomb honoring the fans after the big win. >> it was so classy. you felt it. together. >> coming back with another full 90 minutes of news. >> that is what he enjoyed lending and doing. >> only on abc the daughter of the pilot killed near yosemite talks about her dad's passions insurance companies are spending millions of dollars trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46.
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well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. thank you for doing this. it is a foggy thursday morning. we will find out more. >> light drizzle, too, so it is different in most areas compared to yesterday. we have no clouds trying to make their wear through. the thickesting for is novato and half moon bay but toward san rafael it is quiet at 101. there is a quick change in the visibility. be careful. it is 82 to 88 but coolest with temperatures below average and breezy this afternoon around the bay at 69 to 79 for the spread. leyla gulen has the traffic. it is amazing what a couple
5:31 am
of minutes will do, tack on a couple of extra minutes and a lot of extra cars. we have a jam in the cash paying lanes from the maze and we have heavier conditions and we will see the metering lights on at 5:45. we had heavying for covering more of the tower but it is starting to dissipate. santa rita. >> a hospital is take new precautions to keep ebola from taking hold here. what is the strategy? awareness. they are looking for it, talking abutted it, if it comes through the hospital, it will be isolated. there is now a sign asking fairs
5:32 am
if they have traveled to liberia or west africa it triggers an alert. they would be quarantineed and the staff would be required to wear protective gear. remember the dallas patient that was sent home from the hospital? four say that would not happen here. >> he said he was from liberia with a fever and throwing up but it was not flagged. and john f. kennedy and new york and constitutional less in washington, dc, and newark, and o'hare in chicago, and also, atlanta, these papers will now have split screening for travelers arriving from west africa. they will have temperatures taken before they go through customs. some are calling this a step to
5:33 am
calm the public but question whether it will make a difference because it incubates for eight to ten days. it will calm anxiety. the screenings start next week. a deputy sheriff who served a quarantine is being examined at a dallas-ft. worth in morning for possible exposure to the virus. he died yesterday morning the first person to die from ebola in the united states. his remains will be cremated. the deputy work up yesterday with soreness and doctors say he does not have symptoms, the classic symptoms but they are not taking chances and isolating him as a precaution. the latest on the crisis is with the free apple download from apple or google play. >> a pediatrics doctor said new
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tests conducted on jahi mcmath declared brain dead do not show a change in her condition. a court hearing is scheduled today and was postponed after the family decided they need more time to refute test results from the expert. her per is seeking a court order to pronounce her alive to bring the teen home. she now is at a facility in new jersey. last week the family released video showing her responding to verbal bands. they believe it proves she is not brain dead. union leaders for hundreds of district workers are going to announce plans for another strike. golden gate bridge ferry captains staged a walkout two days ago for a day forcing all ferries to be canceled. 13 transit unions including ferry captains and deck hands and because mercks and workers remain working without a contract since july fighting over pay raises and insurance
5:35 am
costs. there is a targeting of unlicensed contractors prey on napa, earthquake victims. the board have been warping residents of using unlistened or unscrupulous contractors since the earthquake hit the napa area on august 24 a physical any to contract without a valid contractor's license in a disaster area. a start representing san bruno will announce legislation to remove the president of the california public utilities commission. the state senator considerry hill will make the announcement this morning in san francisco saying he and the president of california public utilities commission have too cozy of a relationship as illustrated by e-mails that review secret communications between the two sides.
5:36 am
palo alto released the sketch of a man who has evening supposed him to two on monday a half mile from each other. he is described as caucasian and late 20's or early thursday with brown hair. he was driving a blue pickup and then a white value veto it is believed the two cases are likely related and they increased patrols. >> a bay area pilot killed fighting a island fire -- fight ing a fire in yosemite was a good map. >> his daughter said he was a chemistry instructor would flew during the summer. he was fighting fires as a pilot
5:37 am
for then years. his daughter said her father loved science and nature and tried his best to share the passions. >> my father would sit and read the organic chemistry and physics and he wanted it teach me that and i would run away. that was what he enjoyed doing, physics and chemistry and applications in the field. >> he recently celebrated the 39th wedding anniversary. he was 62. >> the cal fire feet is grounded so helicopters will play a bigger role fighting the dog walk fire filling buck coats of water if the river and carrying them to the fire that spread to 210 acres. 60 homes are evacuated and highway 140 is closed at the
5:38 am
entrance to yosemite. >> time for a check on the weather with all the fog coming in. >> i used my windshield wipers once or twice although the drizzle was light. >> 53 at palo alto and redwood city and 54 in san mateo and foster city and 60 at intro necessity so -- at san bruno. temperatures are a bit warmer than yesterday, and concord and fremont are 57 and 55 at san jose and upper 70's around santa rosa and mill valley. here is the day planner, we are going to see more cooling inland as we head to the afternoon and most of us are in the 50's through 7:00 and sunshine comes out an hour later so we have cooler conditions. 72 to 78 in the bay and inland and 84 from the coast to the
5:39 am
bay, and 3589 at the cost this evening and the rest of us are in the low-to-upper 50's. tomorrow, we have killing and, bam, it changes, saturday and sunday 90's. >> and now leyla gulen? >> it is fore but not causing accidents. we is heavier traffic in some spots approaching the bay bridge and the metering lights will be turned on. we have heavy traffic over the altamont pass and we have construction across our roads and eastbound highway 24 is a roth that is with us until 6:00 this morning with happy valley road the lanes blocked but westbound, it is nice with top speeds and no problems. we have a wanting in san francisco, we have another closing at the mascone center for dream force event and it will shut down howard secret between 3rd and 4th and the closing starts tonight at 8:00
5:40 am
p.m. run through october 18 on saturday at 3:00 p.m. so have plan "b" and the alternate form to get around. tesla will review a big secret today, and next, a hint that the c.e.o. has been dropping about the latest project. >> also, caltran reveal how support rods on the new span of the bay bridge are corroded. >> a huge fine for bogus billing with a cell phone giant forced to pay millions to
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>> cover santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 5:43. tesla is planning a big event if los angeles and it is not clear what the palo alto based electric car company is up to. we showed you a tweet from tesla c.e.o. saying that it was time to unveil the "d" but what does that stand for? driverless? duo? there is speculation could an all while drive version of the model s and someone posted a picture of a rear of a tesla with for license plate and others speculate it could be a
5:44 am
driverless version. >> dart is expected to get and the bus business overnight with the bart board approving a partnership with the alameda transit with bus service between san francisco and the business of the stations in the east bay. currently the trains do not run between 1:00 o'clock and 5:00 a.m. because of track maintenance. new bus service begins in december if approved. >> advocates for underage illegal immigrants will have a rally in oakland at 7:30. the mayor and city hers will attend. though will caravan to the office of the congressman in bakersfield. republican now is house majority leader. they want to end the departing of children who crosby themselves without adults. they demand legal represent station and support services if the kids. >> caltrain knows the source of
5:45 am
the water that raised corrosion concerns of 400 steel rods that anchor the new eastern section of the bay bridge to the foundation. the agency says rain that fell during construction pooled around the rods. engineers say the water does not appear to be a significant remember but tests are underway to see if the rods were damaged. repair work has been continue to keep further rain identity and with the water the rods are not likely to fail like the 32 rods that cracked on the stability structures last year. >> do not be surprised if the hear the roar of jet fighters today with practice flights for the fleet week show this weekend. angels are always a drew and this is the uss america at bi30 and 32. it carries a couple thousand marines. we posted a fleet week schedule
5:46 am
afternoon with pore video of the arrival of the uss america and the blue angels on abc7 news come with local navy votes who worked hard to get the commissiononing of that during "threat week." >> it is so impressive in person. >> it was a legal pride filling me. >> brand new, too, no rust. >> that is my hair spray! >> okay, bought in five-gallon size. >> now, the it affecting the flights? >> early. they are practiceing early. we have a finger of fog at angel to alcatraz and it will dissipate and maybe they will
5:47 am
practice the high maneuvers. 67 is the high today and 73 on saturday. on sunday we will hit 8 to 83 in downtown. today you can see the winds in fairly at 18 miles per hour and they will be faster headed into the afternoon and start sooner today at look until 8:00 this morning so watch out for choppy conditions. we have drizzle this morning but the clouds have not made it into the inland east bay and we can see a few stars showing up there. sunny and warm this week and a pattern shift and maybe rain next week and upper 70's to 80
5:48 am
getting a braise and the clouds are close at mid-to-upper 70's and the clouds will compress the highs at the coast at low-to-mid 60's and mid-to-upper 60's downtown and sausalito. home 60's at the coast to home 80's inland in the north bay and low-to-mid 70's along the east bay shoreline to 79 in castro valley and mid-to-upper 80's inland valley. tonight, cowed cover everywhere, again, with drizzle possible in the north bay. the low pressure is staying to the south and we are governor remained by high pressure flattened by this low from the gulf alaska and we are over in russia and china and that will bring us the rain. that is how far away. the other side of the earth we have to look for the weather. here is the seven-day forecast, more cooling inland and the rest
5:49 am
of us are steady and 90 saturdays sunday, monday. 80's in the bay and 70's at the cost and tuesday into wednesday is when the transition takes place and next welcome i hope if rain. >> traffic is whizzing by on 101 and 880 in the welcome ground and headlights are northbound and not too bad but, really, moving at top speed and 280 at cupertino it will take 15 minutes. 680 southbound from walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and 101 southbound is 52 minutes but the fog is thick all along 101 and it takes you to the golden gate bridge so we do need to use the low beams. slow down. 17 northbound from one to los gatos through the santa cruz mountains is a 22-minute commute and the altamont pass is. coming up.
5:50 am
every 40 seconds someone has a stroke. the five things a study says women can do to significantly cut our risk. a stretch of california wilderness will get federal protection and the move by the obama administration has some riled up. new details on the molestation scandal facing "7th heaven" and the lawyer is town hissancy to his
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> the home depot is hosting a dog fair for veterans in oakland which starts at 11 o'clock this morning and runs until 3:00, with oppositions including sales, i.t. and customer
5:53 am
service. >> the city council in mountain view will consider a new minimum wage ordinance tonight. no word on how much it will be but it is believed in line with san jose's minimum wage of $10 an hour. they discussed an ordinance to give union level wages to construction workers hired to work on city-funded protects. >> the first rows of sod be installed at 7:00 am and continue through the day. it is the latest milestone in the construction of the soccer team's newest home cross from san jose san jose. two weeks ago the earthquakes installed the first seat in the 189,000 seat stadium scheduled to open next year. the fog is rolling in and in doubt, it is cooler and keeping the temperatures up a little bit because it has added the effect that is keeping the warmth in
5:54 am
the ground and you can see how close the blanket is to the ground and we are from one to since degrees cooler and we have been cooling san francisco is seeing the by of the departure from normal and six degrees cooler at 65. we are in the upper 80's to mid-90's and mid-to-upper 70's with cloud cover and headed to lake tahoe we are looking at temperatures above average through saturday and back to average and mid-60's by sunday with no rain. the metering lights were turned on so we have traffic drive from the maze to the tolls and the traffic is moving pretty well across over to san francisco. we had usually construction that is not affecting anything but now it has re-opened.
5:55 am
we have a slab replacement regulate when 92 meets 101. we have construction debris 680 causing a delay with one lane blocked. a new study reveals five healthy lifestyle choices for women to reduce the risk of stroke including recommending a healthy diet, moderate which will consumption, never smoking, physical activity and body mass index of less than 25. women who are able to live by all five lifestyle choices could be able to cut their risk of total stroke by 50 percent. 32,000 swedish women took part in the study. >> president obama begins a fundraising trip including designation of mountains northeast of los angeles that will be permanently recollected,
5:56 am
including only the national forest land in the mountains designated. some say national monument status will affect water resources and roads and efforts to prevent for of the fires. >> the president made the announcement in los angeles and will fly to the pay area for a fundraiser at san francisco city hall tickets starting at $1,000. but $10,000 for a meet-and-greet chat. bit sweet moment if a young couple who just welcomed their first child. >> they got huge support on social media after learning their son will be born with a defect. >> the couple welcomed the baby into the world in philadelphia this morning. show was 13 weeks pregnant when doctors say he had a terminal brain defect that kills most babies soon after birth. they wanted to make the most of their time with their son and they started his bucket list
5:57 am
which included adventures to the favorite child hood places and posted the trip on facebook page "rares if shin," and they got thousands of wellwishers from around the world. we have been updating you on the facebook and this they are, mom, baby, dead, shane michael was born at 2:25 this morning. >> made an impact in the world. >> at 6:00, a language angry crowd surrounds police officers with a violent shooting leading to this demonstration. >> clean up the air inside your home with the best air
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7
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news. >> san francisco's embattleed fire chief is facing a critical vote. >> new detail on the 49ers fan bet up inside a bathroom. his condition? much worse than first thought. >> striking over ebola virus, workers hit the picket line. tuesday morning. we will find out more on the weather. >> that is the headline so far as we move through the day to get rid of the fog and drizzle and talk about the cooling trend but we focus on the north bay, at quarter-miler mile and fog is not hitting a lost our stations but it is cloudy with a cloud deck at 200' to 300'. we have low sunshe


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