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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 9, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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incident, our sources told us that was the reason, a big reason why the investigation took so long. i think, a lot of people thought he was off duty. it turns out he was not. sent police units to the home. another cop responded first. abc7 news reported that the san jose police officer is a sargeant that works security at 49er games. sources told us he went to ray mcdonald's home after the defensive end called him the night a 911 call was made. we have learned that was on duty. we learned he changed into his
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uniform and was doing paper work. that is when the sources say he got the call from mcdonald, he got into his car and rushed to the home. officers were reportedly surprised to see another police vehicle and pritchard. >> the question is was he acting as a police supervisor? a sargeant on duty? or just wearing the uniform and driving the car, but working for the 49ers? >> and did pritchard interfere in any way? prosecutors now have to answer these questions. but because of pritchard's involvement, they can ask to redo the investigation, again. >> the other alternative is not to rely on san jose pd.
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he has a staff of investigators that are sworn police officers that will go out and do the entire case from the ground, up. >> the department barred pri prichchard from any work in the team. >> 49ers confirming reports a former player. according to a report the masseuse accused number 27 of trying to rip off her pants after a massage. police say he denied allegations. spillman
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>> i brief the pressure caused this to happen. >> the last day at cpuc president will be december 31st.
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>> and another leadership crisis, san francisco's fire chief is reeling from a major body blow tonight. her entire department tendering a no confidence vote in her leadership. the chief is being attacked from the inside with men and women who work for her, calling for her to resign and if not, to be removed. abc7 news is live at the fire commission meeting with the story tonight. carolyn? >> well, the fire commission is composed of five members appointed by the mayor. tonight they'll go behind closed doors to, at the least, talk about her future. >> joanne hays-white's job performance is under a microscope. commissioners are aware of the vote taken by rank and file firefighters this morning. sources say all but two voted to demand they fire the chief. >> it's not a personal pact.
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it's a business decision arrived at about the direction of the department that we work for. >> last month, the heads of all of the employee groups presented a letter to the mayor citing a grave crisis in confidence in chief white. we're told today there was virtually no support for the chief. . >> i go back to the crisis of our emf system. and i believe our commission is to protect the state and property of san francisco. oom firefighters tell us a slow ambulance time is the straw that broke the camel's back. yesterday, the fire department arrived at a building in the sunset district after carbon monoxide alarms went off. a 92-year-old man suffered a a
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heart attack. the chief says an emergency medical technician was on the scene. >> the members were in front of in front of them. >> the mayor has been standing by the chief. today, he called the crisis of confidence in the department a challenge. >> our fire commission and i shared responsibilities evaluating the performance. that is where we're at. >> another one-day strike announced by union workers from the golden gate bridge district two weeks after ferry captains walked off the job. they'll hit picket lines friday, october 17th. it means no bus service between san francisco and marin county
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next friday. however, you will be able to take the ferry. 13 transit unions have been working without a contract since july. sticking points are pay raises and the plight of health insurance. >> petaluma police are asking for help to identify a man that robbed a bank. police say he robbed the u.s. bank inside of a saveway supermarket. officers say he told the teller he had a gun. police say the man should be considered armed and dangerous if you have information call 911. >> police are investigating after a security guard found a noose hanging from a tree at berkeley high school. it happened on october 1st, taken down immediately. now, the news is commonly known as a symbol of racism rev yensing the lynching of african americans before the civil rights movement.
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>> three men are under arrest for deadly shooting of a young father in san jose. the 24-year-old richard watkins was killed outside of his home. police believe he was an innocent bystander the coach and father of two was expecting his third child, soon. >> investigators have determined the cause of a fire that erupted tuesday in yosemite the dog rock fire started by sparks from a passing vehicle, possibly a chain dragging on pavement. the fire has now consumed 245 acres and only 10% contained and highway 140 remains closed. a pilot was killed when his cal fire tanker crashed at the scene. >> as a result that have crash, all of cal fire's air tankers remain grounded for safety inspections. they're using helicopters and tankers by the forest service to stop a fire in placer county near apple gate from becoming uncontrollable.
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a thousand structures are threatened and reporter is on the story for us tonight. >> this is tack is coming from all angles hundreds of crews are on the ground, cutting tree limbs, and making their way for vehicles to get to the foot lines of the wildfire. dozens of support units are above smoke, landing drops and putting a blanket of retardand over dry land to keep the flames from spreading. this was the scene on sun valley road several homes burned ground several fires started burning
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along i 80. >> this grew into a total of four fires >> officials are still trying to determine the cause of the blaze that only intensified with dry fuels on the ground. today, firefighters are facing another obstacle. >> the concern is trying to keep it out of the north fork. >> as the day progressed, more crews started arriving and trying to get an upper hand on the fire that continues to threaten a thousand homes. a thousand fire personnel are on the scene. and with thee evacuation centers it's unknown when they'll be able to return home. >> still ahead here tonight on abc7 news at 6:00 a bay area man's $26 dispute with a cable
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company escalates to the point he gets fired from his job. why is comcast now apologize something >> under cover operations that could lead to felony charges against eight local contractors for trying to rip off earthquake victims. >> and roar of the blue angels over san francisco late today. fleet week is now in full swing.
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an accountant claims a call made to comcast ended up confidenting him his job he said he went through months of billing records, finding faulty service, and reaching out to comcast accounting service. he says then things got nasty. it seems outrageous. >> a local employment attorney says this is a highly unusual case but says he has a legitimate claim because comcast has no right to call a employer when a customer calls about a bill. >> as an accountant, he is meticulous with bills. >> i was having overbillings on every single, pretty much, invoice, there is error. >> he says he called comcast repeatedly and went to the san jose store and no one could fix
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the service he decided to call accounting controllers to complain. >> that is when everything went awry. athe attorney says he heard from his employer just one hour later. price waterhouse consults for comcast >> he received a call from a partner in the philadelphia office of price water house coopers telling him to back off and stop calling comcast, that he received a call from the controller's office and the client was angry and the client was very important >> the letter from the comcast attorney confirms a call was made between comcast and price waterhouse. several days later o'rourke was out of a job. price waterhouse only commenting an internal investigation concluded he violated ethical standards applicable to all of our people. comcast issued a public apology
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that says what happened with the service is unacceptable. and we dropped the ball. then goes on to say we want to clarify nobody at comcast asked for him to be fired. o'rourke and his attorney are asking for $100,000 and his job back. if demands are not met, they plan to file a lawsuit. . >> i a familiar roar returned to the skies over san francisco ym today. you know that sound, survey flights over the bay the team has to delay the practice for three hours because of, well, heavy fog in san francisco. this is how it goes.
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they will perform saturday, and sunday afternoon. and if you can't get to the city saturday, you can watch where you live and we'll be streaming it at abc7 we have a fleet week schedule for you as well. >> president obama will be in san francisco for a fund-raiser as fleet week gets into full swing this weekend. in town is the uss america. it can hold more than 30 aircraft including the fighter. it's also big enough to store equipment and vehicles. >> we're significant platt form and bring great offensive capability. to face disaster response, it's significant. >> uss america traveled around
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cape horn before arriving in san francisco, commissioned saturday morning when it officially becomes part of the navy's fleet. >> yes. >> impressive. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> we have nice weather for people outside today. >> we did. will it be this way all weekend? it's going to get today, fog was persistent. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. clear skies inland right now. but the fog began to push back over the bay into the afternoon and into 63 in oakland and 81 in morgan hill. here is a nice view from you're camera looking at western sky.
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sunset about to happen in a colorful fashion. napa, 67. upper 70s in fairfield and livermore. another view of the western sky from our camera, we have clouds that are in the atmosphere. lots of sunshine and a chance of rain. it's hard to remember what that is. we may be reminded tuesday into wednesday. we'll see fog into the bay. fog burns back to the coastline by afternoon lows into mid to upper 50s. now, looking farther into the forecast we've got that cooling
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breeze right now. and a ridge of high pressure going to build in. that is going to bring us heating we've talked about. this system will be moving into our direction. that is our next best chance of rain perhaps tuesday into wednesday we have a fire weather watch for north bay mountains and east bay hills from 11:00 p.m saturday to 3:00 a.m monday. winds gusting and humidity low. that will permit rapid fire growth should fires develop. for many on the coast look for large swells and a possibility of sneaker waves tomorrow, low 60s to low 70s around the bay. low 80s inland here is the accu-weather
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forecast. warming up nicely by sunday, he highs into mid-70s on the coast. a sharp cool down and a chance of rain moving in. much needed. >> yes. >> thank you. >> coming up next, a big send off for western division winners. >> yes. it's off to st. louis. back in a moment.
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tonight new turbulence on
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wall street after having the best day of the year yesterday. investors realized the promise of low rates is the sign of a slow down. shares of gap took a 12% plunge today after ceo glenn murphy announced his retirement. he turned the company around and anna rifts are concerned replacements won't be as successful z at 7:00 tonight we'll find out what tesla's he'llan musk was referring to when he said it's time to unveil the d. >> so we shall see. bart today approved a partnership with ac transit to provide late night bus service. buses will run every 30 minutes on existing lines from san francisco to richmond.
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and they will add a line between san francisco and bay point. the service could begin by the end of the year. >> the giants are in st. louis tonight the team boarded buses this morning before the trek to the airport. there are new faces from the team that won the world series two years ago. everybody appeared nice and loose. jake peavy took along his guitar. >> and here is what barry bonds tweeted out yesterday after having surgery. he said, quote, i appreciate your prayers and go, giants he's 50 now, becoming an avid bicycle rider. >> a milpitas woman is reaping rewards of beginner's luck she won $5 million from a lottery scratchers ticket.
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two of the first three tickets were winners she bought the ticket in a vietnamese supermarket on east capitol avenue. not bad. >> nice luck. >> more still to come here at 6:008 contractors caught in a sting. why they've been accused of ripping off earthquake victims in napa. >> technology moves fast it's hard to keep up. how that came to bite one local woman and what i did to help. >> and a pair of owls crucial to the environment learning to become birds of the wild again. more still to come.
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me too... we're practically twins! look for big g cereals with money saving offers on these breakfast favorites and give your budget a boost. health officials say a dallas, texas sheriff's deputy that showed symptoms of ebola was tested negative for the disease he was released from a health clinic he went in where thomas eric
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duncan was staying. duncan died yesterday. >> we're focused on containment. we've got low risk and high-risk people we're checking twice per day. we're focused on that and trying to make sure we minimize anxiety and hysteria. >> some airport workers are now worried about risk of exposure. overnight airport cleaners in new york walked off the job saying they're fed up with what they call unsafe, unsanitary working conditions >> people that license l ka cal contractors have caught several suspects in napa. as nick smith tells us the earthquake victims have become attractive fraud targets. >> if it's ten grand between you and me. you don't have to get worker's comp for employees >> the government was a part of
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it and the exchange, recorded. investigators with the contractor's state license board shot this video the target? fake contractors looking to make a quick buck off unexpecting homeowners with improper bids for quick repairs jeff miller receiving quotes well above the legal limit for work done by an unlicensed contractor. >> eight grand, cash. >> jeff miller has 27 years of under cover work under his belt he says within hours of the quake, the cslb wash warned unlicense contractors they can get in trouble if trying to offer bids. one after another, they came looking for pray. >> those people are going to be facing felony charges.
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>> across town, a licensed contractor has beenñi working t repair this home since the quake the process is a long one. the red tag faded to pink officials say doing the right way, include insuring with the state and as for those busted, punishment may include a fine of up to $10,000 and 3 years in state prison. >> friday marks the 25th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. join us for the 15 seconds, 25 years later. you can see it saturday night. >> technology advances, technology can be difficult and costly.
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>> yes. there is nothing like having a piece of technology that is suddenly useless. >> judy breneman isn't interested in bells and whistles on her cell phone she's had this motorola for 13 years. >> well, it works. >> you won't find her waiting in line to get the new smart phone. >> i'm not into smart phones and fancy ones i just wanted a phone that works. >> trakfone is a pay as you go plan. when minutes run out, you buy more. it's what judy has been doing 13 years. she bought minutes in july, but the next day her granddaughter told her the phone was out of service. >> i said i just spent 41 minutes and bought minutes >> she called trakfone.
6:35 pm
she was told her phone had been disconnected because it wasn't calculating minutes properly. she ended up buying another, but she tried to tranceer minutes, trakfone refused. >> i said you took my money. you can take my mb money, have you to give me what i paid for. >> she went around and around with the company and said it wasn't about $41 but about the principle. her biggest complaint? no one warned her the phone would be disconnected. >> there is no sign of anything wrong. i received no e mails or calls. you know? you have taken my $41. >> we contacted trakfone and
6:36 pm
told us her service is once again active. we apologized for any inconvenience it may have caused. >> just thought this is amazing. >> to see the report go to abc7 click on sections tab. then select 7 on your side. >> thank you. >> last night, we reported on an 11-year-old boy that had been attacked by a man in his 60s with a knife. police never did find the man they reinterviewed the boy who admitted he made up the story. >> coming up next, another new example of wearable technology. >> this is getti
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just hours ago a group of motorcyclists set a world record. >> yes. they're innovators that created a new high-tech helmet. >> they just raised more money
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on indiegogo than any other idea on the state sooit's history. >> the idea came if a motorcycle accident in barcelona. he turned to look at a street sign. a car stopped in front of him. >> i had a dream i was back on the motorcycle. but there was an important difference i had gps maps floating in front of me like a hologram. >> with eyes on the road he could have avoid the crash. >> takes this technology and makes it accessible for average motorcyclist. >> the $1500 projects an image. >> when looking far away and glance down, it looks far away >> in the video you can see what takes up the image a panoramic camera on the back of the helmet makes blind spots a thing of the past. and yes, it talks they plan to show data like speed, and fuel level and it
6:41 pm
works with a smart fophone. >> we set the record and just blown away. >> scully continues to smash through records making it one of the most-successful crowd source funding in history. >> those guys believed so heartily in this project their passion fleed night. >> the wearable world start up accelerator was showed off in april he says it's more than a gadget. >> it changes the game in terms of transportation when it comes to motorcycle safety there is nothing like it you know? it saves lives. >> it makes riding fun again. >> feels more comfortable. feels like someone is looking out for you. >> it could ship to consumers in may.
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developing news in san francisco. hnl officials confirmed three cases of entero virus in the city. one involves a child that experienced paralysis we know of nine viruss. it's a respiratory infection spreading widely among children. it starts with flu-like symptoms best advice for prevention is frequent hand washing. >> two very lucky owls are back in the wild tonight. we got to go along as two birds got a second chance at life. great horned owls are critical to the environment. sometimes, owls need help. today is release day for two owls that would not have
6:46 pm
survived >> he's upset because he's not used to being held. >> this feisty fellow was found when just a chick. >> little ball of fluff his eyes were still closed. >> the owl has been in wildlife care since spring. flying around in a a few months after the owl it arrived. this is so severely injured it's eye had to be removed. now, they have to catch it.
6:47 pm
this is a precision operation by a team that knows what it is doing. >> it's okay to release a one eyed owl. they focus independently with one another, and mainly with their ears >> there is nothing wrong with other hunting tools. the talons. volunteers help with a big moment. >> first, the one eyed owl makes a bee line for the trees but the younger owl heads to the field. the man who rescued him is there to root him on. >> there are many interactions now between humans and animals. there are places out there animals can have a second chance. isn't that beautiful?
6:48 pm
look at that. >> lake tahoe wildlife care are hoping to move to a largea facility. if you can help there is a link on abc7 >> thank you. and let's get over to spencer for a last check on the forecast. >> okay. an expanding layer of low clouds and fog that is continuing overnight. 84 in los angeles here in the bay area, we'll see a foggy start to the day. high temperatures low 60s on the coast to only low 80s inland so a cool day the second day of the three-day fleet week celebration. so tomorrow, day will begin
6:49 pm
cloudy. highs into mid-60s then dropping into 50s into evening hours here is the accu-weather forecast. by hundreded, highs into low 90s, mid-80s around the bay. >> thank you very much. >> time to turn to sports. >> yes. giants all eyes >> yes. giants coming up here. what this means for pitcher tim hudson. >> sports is coming up next.
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good evening, pitching mash up in the national league championship series. madison balmgardener. and giants departed for st. louis today. game one, saturday one player excited you can see on the left there is tim hudson. never been this deep in his
6:53 pm
career. said giants track record is one of the reasons he came to san francisco. >> you know the relation we have in this locker room. and you know, guys know how to win when it counts. it's the reason i came here and to san francisco. because you know i have, you know, i know how to do it. >> giants are not the only bay area team in st. louis this weekend. 49ers are ahead offing to missouri to face their nfc rivals. niners have a two-game winning streak going, appearing to be in coralation to running the football. and then, in a win over the eagles and chiefs goal racked up 226 rushing yards. coach says at age 31 gore seems to be getting better and better.
6:54 pm
>> he's playing at highest level. to be frank, game after game, he keeps doing it and doing it. and done it and done it. and he's doing it. doing it well. >> collin cappernick fined for wearing beats head phones during the news conference. nfl struck a deal with bose. kap endorses beats. >> new head coach trying to bury the past getting set for sunday's game. he had them bury a football, putting the start behind them. corny, but okay. if raiders start winning they may be burying everything week by week.
6:55 pm
just focusing on what you're capable of achieving you know? not what you haven't achieved. that makes you focus on that. then, you think you've got no chance because you're far behind then, you end up losing more games. and raider nation turns on you. so keep and get these wins coming. there is a wonderful idea. >> now sporano is very direct about what he wants. he's old school. long time offensive line coach knows how big a win would be. >> it's a division football game. okay? haven't played in our division yet. school i come from, you need to
6:56 pm
take care of the division first. we have an opportunity right now. we put those on games behind us. okay? learn from them. we have an opportunity now to play the first game in our division, okay? in napa, open. sung moon beh with a 66. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> with the shades. >> i know. >> yes. >> thank you. >> okay. >> join us tonight at 9:00 we're just minutes from the big unveiling from tesla. >> then, abc7 news at 11:00 want your man to dress better? a new trend in men's clothing.
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>> tonight tgit. then stay with us at 11:00. we'll be back with that. >> that is it for this edition of breaking news continues on twitter. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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where we find these categories... d-e-l coming up in each correct response. and from the norman rockwell museum in stockbridge, massachusetts, vening posnorman rockwell's and from saturday evening post covers. emily, start us. let's see about "del" aware for $200. emily. what is delicate? that's the word. "del" aware for $400. rena. what is deluge? yes. "del" aware for $600. emily. what's a delegate? correct. "del" aware for $800. venkat. what is delinquent? that's it. "del" aware for $1,000.


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