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matt keller is live with how this was different. >> this is different because the victim is an adult. detectives are trying to figure if the case is related to the two cases from early this week. the police was riding her bicycle on miller avenue yesterday at 3:30 and a man driving a white bmw sedan stopped in the middle of the road and asked for directions. she stopped to help him he exposed himself while committing a lewd act. >> she did the right thing, got away, and peddled off and was distant from the person and got to a place to call the police. we came out. obviously we are vetting this -- investigating this and the other two. >> here is a description: white man between 40 and 50, clone cut, professional looking, wearing a yellow button skirt
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and sunglasses that were sporty. this is a sketch of the suspect this week. the officers have increased paw trolls and are paying special attention to the routes the students use. they are not sure if it is the same suspect as the two other cases and hope to meet with the woman today to get a if enough description to make another sketch. it is 4:31. two activists fighting against suppression of children are the n peace prize winners. pakistani school beneficial and education activist and indian child rights action vest have won the award. malala is the youngest recipient shot in the head by taliban gunman two year ago for campaigning for girl's education. >> this is an important point for hindu and muslim, an indian
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and pakistani to join if a common circle if education against, streamism. >> he ensured that all children are guyen access to education. the winers share the $1 million cash prize. >> president obama is coming to the pay area for fundraisers in san francisco visiting the los angeles campaign office as debt congressional candidates head through yesterday. president obama attended a fundraiser at a home of actress paltrow and will arrive in san francisco and speak at a fundraiser at the "w" hotel downtown and tomorrow the president will attend a round table to raise money for the democratic national committee. it is 4:32. extra police patrols after a
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brazen home robbery. a student was awakened and tied up before thieves ransacked the home at 10:30 on wednesday night. we talked to the roommate who describes fining her friend frightened and hysterical. >> the neighbors know each other and what everyone feels is safe. >> i never used to lock the door. i do now. >> the sense of security disappeared when the robbers broke into the home. they found a resident sleeping in the bedroom but rather than sneaking back out of the house they tied him up. >> that gets the november out of way so they continue to do what they doing. we do not know if they expected someone to be there. >> this woman spoke through a translator and found her house mate when she got home around noon. >> screaming. i called 9-1-1.
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then the robbers were long gone with thousands in cash. she lived here her son, his girlfriend, and the victim who is a student from singapore renting a room. after what happened she is scared. >> she said she could not fall asleep. >> police do not have a lot to go on bearing seeing the suspect because he was not wearing glasses. a witness saw a dark colored sedan parked in front of the house. a fire commissioner is calling on cooler heads to prevail after firefighters took a vote of "no confidence" against chief joanne hayes-white and year morning, up to 200 of the 1,500 voted and only two still support the chief. one issue is slow ambulance time. that was the case open wednesday morning when a man died of heart attack because it took the ambulance 18 minutes to arrive.
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last night they say he suffered a heart attack in front of first responders and treated immediately. chief joanne hayes-white feels affirmed and the commission is not rushing to take action. >> i reached out to the groups and met with two this week and asked for the other groups to come together. the only way to resolve this is to have a face-to-face opposed to speculation and letters and so forth. the union will deliver a letter of the "in confidence" vote to the commission and the mayor as soon as possible. >> three cases of virus verse have been confirmed in san francisco. all three cases involved children who were treated last month. this makes nine cases together in the bay area including one yesterday in santa clara county. one of san francisco pictures suffered limb paralysis but it is not clear if it was caused by the virus. >> a congressman is on way to dallas for a homeland security
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committee hague on ebola virus representing the 15th direct will talk with health officials of what they are doing to control the serious outbreak of ebola virus. five united states airplanes that handle 90 percent of passengers from west africa will step up measures at the airports in the next 24 hours. if you have any doubt how seriously the let being taken, look at this: a passenger on a flight yesterday sneezed on the airplane and joked he had ebola and was escorted off the land by haz-mat covered head to tow in blue protective gear. >> "fleet week," has a parade of ship on the bay. this is video from sky 7 of the uss america when it arrived on monday. today, five naval vessels and a coast guard cutter arrive and pass under the golden gate bridge as sailors man the rails starting at 11 o'clock this morning with the arriving ships available if free tours this
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evening. >> like that sound? the familiar roar of the blue angels is back. they did a practice flight over the bay yesterday and the navy team will be back up this afternoon if the weather is okay and perform tomorrow and sunday afternoon in air shows we will stream the performance live at 3:00 on saturday and sunday. check out where we have a complete "fleet week," schedule ahead. >> how will be the weather be? like yesterday. they will have to wait longer than they want to practice but they will get practice time in late during window. we have a lot of clouds. they are stubborn. today is the cool of the days. coming to san francisco at 57 across the golden gate bridge and same at the ferry building and downtown it is 56 and same in the financial district, and
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mid-to-upper 50's through the bayshore and to the south bay and east bay and low 50's around american canyon. that is the exception. >> moving law today the clouds are going to be stubborn but that means less fog. clouds will linger long over the golden gate bridge and angel island and alcatraz where they will practice. that will happen today. 60 to 66 around the coast and 72 inland. 64 at coast at 4:00 and 82 inland. grab a coat this evening, 50's to let 60's. but inland, we are in the upper 60's to 70's. we flipped a switch. tomorrow through the holiday weekend, 90's at the cost and 80's in the bay and nearly 88 at the bay. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza the remark is light so friday light already. it is only 4:38. well see how it heats you. we have drive time traffic, 680,
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check correct, interest dublin, 15 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 53 minutes and through the santa cruz mountains, 24 minutes from one to los gatos. we have areas with construction and we do have this, a full closure today, the first day of the dream force closure long how war street between third and 4th lasting through saturday october 13th when streets re-open at 3:00 p.m. and that will cause an impact on the commute through downtown. be prepared. detours are in place. it is 4:39. oakland's jack london square is combining fin dining with poling. >> tesla's newest vehicle could be a game changer in the electric car industry. >> hackers hit a fast food restaurant.
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because
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i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a new security breach that could have put customs financial information at risk. hackers broke into dairy queen's pavement system. the chain says 395 of the stores across the country were hit in august and september. customers' name, credit and citizen bit card numbers by have been taken. dairy queen is offering customs free identity monitoring and rate repair service. >> the mystery of the tesla reveal is over: the c.e.o. unveiled the latest car design last night in los angeles. they are giving the model s sedan an upgrade knee -- features up to 60 miles per hour
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in 3.2 seconds and here it is, $120,000 gets you drive aid and safety features including automatic breaking. switching lanes, automatically, too when you put on the ticker to move right or left. >> the turn signal? exactly. so glad my husband didn't hear that. >> you can order one now on tesla's website. >> here is something you may not thing about in the same sentence: fine dining and bowling taking oakland by storm. opening up now in jack london square with a reputation for high crime and >> there were no coffee shops. >> he moved away from the square but, now, he is having regrets. >> every club is full, the bars are full, the restaurants are
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fall. it is the coolest spot. we don't go to the city anymore. >> this is a new 50,000 square for the therery bowling alley, restaurant and bar with live music and the grand opening with mc hammer signature mys aing necessary town vest $7 million in a city with a reputation for high crime. >> getting beyond the surface and spending time in the community is what encouraged us and made the decision to come here. it is not necessarily all you hear in the news. >> they claim crime in oakland is down from last year with an untapped market that needed a large entertainment convenience venue. >> we would never try as a tourist destination and never put our money into large hotels or venues.
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>> officials say oakland is making an honest effort and it is hoping this will enhance the campaign to attract more conventions and corporate pice. the giants and the 49ers are in stimulus this weekend playing the programs on monday night, and the giants face the cardinals in the first two games of the national league championship series. yesterday they left at&t park for the airport before catching a flight to st. louis and this is a first time in the 16-year career that hunter will go to the championship series saying the success convinced him to sign to play if san francisco. >> because of the determination in the soccer room and gives know how to win where it counts. that is why i came here to san francisco. they know how to do it on the
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big stage. >> the card 23458s have named we wainwright to start game one with rumors that he is hurt are overblown and the giants say though expect bumgarner to on the mound. game one is temperature night at 5:07. game two is sunday starting at 5:07. the soars shifts to at&t park on tuesday afternoon. by the we, the 49ers and the giants are staying at the same hotel in stimulus... >> only -- in st. louis. >> we will check out the weather. redeem yourself. now a look at what is going on i used to work in a factory, an unair conditioned factor and
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that is how my dad taught me to get better grades. >> "fleet week," the forecast, 65 today, 69 tomorrow, 74 and this can be undone, and it could be 80 when all is said and done and now, we have a stiff breeze in fairly at 18 miles per hour. the rest of us are five to 10 miles per hour. because of the thicker marine layer we do not have so muching for although golden gate bridge could have some later in the commute. watch out for the cross wind, though. cooler today. warmer on the weekend like that we will switch the wind and that will switch the forecast. fire concerns and the beach concerns, fire conditions above
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1,000' because of winds and the autumn chill with rains looking likely next week. >> the fog forecast shows across the golden gate bridge toward alcatraz and angel island at noon, it will be pretty shouldy through 2:00 or 3:00 and 60's and 70's and barely 80's in some spots like the south bay. you have to go to gilroy and los gatos to get to 80 and even a 68 at santa cruz, 20 degrees cooler than early this week. home 70's along the peninsula, low 60's along the coast and mid-60's in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and upper 70 to nearly 80 in the wine country today with 58 in bodega bay and mid-60 to mid-70's from berkeley at 66 to fremont at 75 and home 80's inland east bay and tonight is like this morning low to upper 50's and saturday morning law
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sunday night, 11 to 13' swells and possible some if surfing. watch out for the sneaker wave. you can see the entire area, the mountains and hills above 1,000' and that is when we have the fire weather watch. the seven-day forecast shows we the flip of the switch and autumn is become. monday into tuesday we dropped 10- or 15-degrees with a chance light rain and drizzle tuesday into wednesday and thursday is looking cool and friday another chance of rain rolls into the trust. >> we are looking at san mateo bridge at nine 9 and a clear drive with in fog to embed the visibility and we did not see that year, either, and at the golden gate bridge it is clear. in the north bay, southbound highway 101 you will find construction crew which will
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wrap up at 5:00 this morning. that is going to be in the picking up stages right new if you travel in the northbound direction, where we do not see delays. my next report i will look at the altamont pass and a look at san jose, as well. a big shift for amazon, going brick and mortar. >> a big change coming to snapchat the c.e.o. of the video sharing act says users can see ads starting first in the store section. and a new tablet including a tablet with 13" scene and projector build up wouldjecting -- projecting movies 50" wide. and amazon is opening a brick and mortar store and it is not clear if it is holiday only or a pop-up or permanent.
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>> if your car horn honks in the middle of the night you probably assume the worst. a surprising visitor a couple found behind the wheel at 3:00 in the morning. >> the plan to basketball train -- to boost train runs for commuters. >> what the microsoft c.e.o. said about women in the workplace generating a big
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>> microsoft's c.e.o. is apologizing for making a statement about women in the workplace. he said that they do not need a pass for a raise but trust the system to pay them well. >> it is not about asking for the raise but knowing and having faith the system will give you the right raises as you go along. that is, i think, could be an
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additional superpowers that women who do not ask for a raise have because that is good karma and will come back. >> he made the statement at an event for the top women in tech causing an uproar online and he tweeted he was wrong and if you think you deserve a raise you should ask. >> this weekends three lake tahoe ski resorts will gear up for the winter, heavenly and north star and kirkwood hold the first of three job fairs to hire 3,400 seasonal employees and they are all related under one umbrella held at the mountain resort from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 people with positions including ski and snow board teachers and you required to apply online if advance. we have a link to the application at and the threat week weather forecast.
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>> i hope we get to see more of that. we need it after three dry ones. the clouds will be stubborn, we have high school football at levi stadium, santa clara and wilcox at 5:15 at 73. and then at 64 at 8:00 under the stars. you will need a coat. traveling around the state, 65 in monterey and upper 80's through the industrial valley and mid-to-upper 70's for san diego through los angeles. in lake tahoe, we are, looking at 74 with high clouds and sunshine and back to average on sunday in the mid-60. we have clear conditions on the walnut creek commute 680 away from highway 4 it will be 9 minutes to get you to highway 24 with a buildup of traffic over the altamont pass. we have construction, too, against remark and that is in the eastbound direction along
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580 you will find lanes are blocked off and when traffic ween livermore and dublin is not too bad but we have traffic building looking tracy at 30 miles per hour leashing 580 and youing slow through the pass until you get to vasco. >> someone found a huge snake on the loose, and this snake was considered on california street and was pillow and rebel belongs to someone in the area. they took it to the an mall control authority. >> alarming when the car horn beaches when you are not in the car especially when the person beaching is: the not a person. a colorado couple was awakened and call 9-1-1 thinking it was a car thief. a black bear was trapped inside. officials say it probably opened
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the door trying to snatch left over food but could not get out. it scratched around and trashed the car. the bear was not injured. >> the cost of digging a trench through palo alto will cost $1 billion. caltrain wants to boost the frequency of trains from 5 to 10 an hour which will affect the ability of cars to cross the tracks and they will need a trench. submerged lines would mean the city would have to purchase several prosecutes. >> the blue angels are roaring above the bay for the first time in two years and we have the event drewing hundreds of throughs to san francisco this weekend. >> president obama heads back to the bay area person today with a vow to make on immigration as he raises money in california.
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new details in the arrest of 49ers ray mcdonald and the questionable actions of the first officer on the scene.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. thanks for joining us at 5:00. it is "float -- "fleet week." how is the weather? more sunshine. high clouds. total sunshine on sunday. 60 today. 70 tomorrow. 80's on sunday. this morning, there is fog here


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