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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. >> good saturday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller. we will start with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> hi, matt. live doppler 7hd shows the low clouds and fog along the coast but it's also entered the bay and we have it in the east bay and also reduced visibility. we are looking at a cloudy start. 49 in napa. half-mile visibility here. santa rosa, less than that. around a quarter mile. and cloudy skies with mid-50s concord and livermore. the fog will stay with us for the next couple of hours.
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by the:00, 10:00, it clears. we have a few overall it is a sunnier and warmer day today with temperatures climbing through the 80s inland. red flag warning goes into effect overnight tonight for the hills of the north and east bay. and then we are talking about rain all in just a couple of days. matt. >> all right, thank you. we begin with breaking news in the east bay where right now crews are at the scene. a fatal house fire. the one alarm fire broke out this morning. an elderly person in the home did die, two others injured. one treated for minor burns and one for smoke inhalation. no word on what started the fire. president obama is in san francisco this morning raising money for democrats. today he will attend a round table at the home of a pacific heights home of co-founder of a local company, mark pinkus. at today's round table follows the president's big
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event last night at the w hotel. katie was there and has more. [chanting.] >> anti-war protesters greeted president obama in san francisco. >> he didn't ask the people or congress to start these wars. >> you don't want a woman and kids in shock for three weeks and nobody doing anything, just talking. >> the president's motorcade arrived at the w hotel a little before 7:00. guests who paid between $500 and $32,000 were already inside being treated to a concert by r&b singer maxwell. nicky shared this picture with us and took this video. >> he talked about how it's great to get together, and it's great to, you know, be entertained and come together for the evening, but we have to come together and vote. >> pietrus came from texas,
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representing the asian american hotel owners association. >> he is good for small business. i think there is some issues that we work out with him, but i think at the end of the day the intentions are all right. >> when the president comes to town, there are always issues. at least one arrest. this man tried to knock down their barricades. traffic jams for sure, pedestrian and bicycle detours, and travel-weary hotel guests stopped by the police. imagine if this was your wedding day and you were sharing your venue with the president. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> dozens of people had to rearrange their friday night plans due to the president's visit. for nearly five hours no one was allowed to leave the parking garage on fourth and mission street. roads were shut down in the area of the event and drivers were stuck. >> i was supposed to go to a party, but now we end up just being here and that really sucks. >> so we just get out and then come back. we did some shopping, too.
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>> drivers were venting their frustration with traffic on twitter, even starting an obama jam hashtag to talk bat -- talk about the gridlock. we will continue to follow it online. follow us on twitter for up to the minute news. >> this morning some wonder if police could have done more before police shot -- or a man shot his ex-girlfriend and then turned the gun at himself. it happened yesterday morning in a building on natoma street. police received calls leading up to the encounter. meanwhile police are defending their actions. >> this is one. final police dispatch calls, shots fired and two people are hit. >> he was hiding in the closet, and roommate in the hallway. >> police say 29-year-old cedrick young forced his way into the south of market complex, shot his ex-girlfriend and fatally shot himself.
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she was hit in the chest and remains at san francisco general hospital. over the span of nine hours police say they received a series of 911 calls from the victim. the first call at 8:30. police say the victim said young wouldn't stop ringing her doorbell, but she hung up after the nuisance ended. 45 minutes later another call. police respond and convince young to leave. less than an hour later young returns intoxicated, so police booked him for being drunk in public. he spends the night in jail. but at 4:00 a.m. he shows up again. the victim calls police. this time he wants to pack up some of his things so police watch as she allows him in. she even helps him pack, and he leaves. but an hour later he somehow forces his way back into her home. >> another call. whispering that his roommate has been shot. >> police say this is especially troubling because young had been arrested two years ago for felony domestic violence.
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>> that case was dismissed by the district attorney's office because the victims in that case refused prosecution. >> san francisco police are reviewing how this incident was handled, but so far say officers followed procedure. abc7 news. >> a simple soccer game quickly became a heated conflict over class in san francisco's mission district. >> you think just because you have money -- >> no, no. you can buy the field and take over the field? >> this all happened about two weeks ago at the mission park soccer field. this video was posted on youtube. a group of young tech workers tried to kick local teens off the field because the workers had reserved it through the city but the teens refused to go claiming the field was always a place for pickup games. things got worse when a permit was produced and the teens argued money can't change rules of that been in place for years.
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we checked and the city allows people to reserve the field for $27 an hour. two people are recovering after a car crash end up on front lawn of a house. it happened in mountain view. a car turned on to california street from the avenue. a second car broadside thed the turning vehicle. it ended up flipping almost on to the porch. two people were taken to the non-lifethreatening injuries -- >> police are stepping up their search for a man who has now exposed himself in public twice. this man exposed himself it a woman thursday. we will show you the sketch shortly. he was in side a white bmw without plates. and a man flashed two women outside a coffee shop yesterday. he was inside a white bmw. they are trying to determine if it was the same man who exposed himself to two girls on tuesday in palo alto. this is a second sketch from the events that took place monday
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and tuesday. or if the next man is a separate suspect electric that man. this morning the top man in make soft is backpedaling about what he said about women. the statement he said about women asking for raises started a firestorm. nadella has apologized. but some groups don't feel it goes far enough. >> nadella is apologizing after these comments set off a storm of criticism. >> it's not really about asking for the raise, but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along. and that, i think, might be one of the additional superpowers that, quite frankly, women who don't ask for a raise have because that's good karma. it will come back. >> on the streets of san francisco, women adamantly disagreed. >> i think that it's absolutely absurd. >> if they feel like they deserve it, they have got to ask for it. >> he initially responded with the tweet saying he was in -- inarticulate.
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then he sent an e-mail to the entire company. it reads, in part, "i answered the question completely wrong. i believe men and women should get equal pay for equal work and if you think you deserve a raise, you should ask." when it comes to raises, this tech recruiter said many of his clients prefer it look for a new job than ask for more money. >> a lot of times we and have you asked for a raise and the more common answer is i have not. >> molly carter worked in tech. >> i learned early on in my career you have to stand up for yourself. >> some doesn't think it's enough. >> i think microsoft should fire him and replace him with a ceo who will take women in tech seriously and reward their hard work with fair salaries. >> nadella ended his apology e-mail with "i certainly learned a valuable lesson. women everywhere hope so." in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> happening today the navy will
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commission their newest amphibian assault ship, the u. s. s. america, as the ship arrived monday. it's designed to maximize the navy's capability to fly just about anywhere. it can hold 32 aircraft. it's also big enough to store equipment and vehicles. today's commissioning ceremony take place at 10:00 a.m. to the piers 30 and 32. >> yesterday many watched it sail under the bridge and into the bay. all the ships will have public tours this weekend but the highlights is the airshow and the blue angels. it draws tens of thousands of people each year. if you can't make it to san francisco to see the fleet week airshow, watch from where you live. visit we will be streaming the airshow live today and tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.
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what's the weather going to look like? >> the weather is cooperating. from our roof camera it's 56 degrees, cloudy here but clear in the east bay. we will have rain in the forecast too. stay tuned. i'll be back with the details. >> a small slip sends a toddler plummeting in a jaguar exhibit. what his frantic father and zoo workers did to stop the unthinkable from happening. and why san jose cops are now being band from working for
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>> good morning, giants fans. the big day has started. later today the giants take on the cardinals in st. louis. and fans here around the ferry building getting a little inspiration this morning as it is glowing orange. orange october continues tonight. game one of the nlcs for the giants against the cardinals in st. louis. >> a young child falling into the jaguar exhibit at the little rock zoo sent nearby visitors rescue. abc news reporter chuck severson reports on how this all happened. >> number one, hey, we need somebody over here at the little rock zoo. we had somebody fall into the tiger exhibit and the tiger
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attacked the baby. >> a three-year-old child slipping over the rail, falling nearly two stories into a jaguar exhibit. the boy's father calling for help, throwing things. a nearby water hose, his camera bag to fight off the big cats as they attacked his son on his foot and neck. >> he's in there with the -- >> yes. it's not good. >> once zoo staff arrived, they jaguars at bay with fire bay with fire extinguishers, lowering to ladder into the pit, and getting him to safety, the child still conscious. he was responsive. >> his head was bleeding and we are trying to figure out what's going on. >> the youngster at arkansas children's hospital is in critical condition with sentencive scalp lacerations, a depressed skull fracture, and puncher wounds. his name is not disclosed and his family is not releasing any further medical information. the report is the injuries are not life-threatening. for now the jaguar exhibit is
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closed and a full investigation into the incident is underway. abc news, new york. san jose's police chief has temporarily order his officers to stop working security off-duty jobs for the 49ers. this after we learned ray mcdonald personally called a sergeant who moon lighted for the team that. sergeant arrived before other officers who responded to the 911 domestic violence call. it appears that call was not made until after the sergeant was at the home. the independent police auditor said off-duty jobs can create a conflict of interest when an employer may be involved in a crime. >> i can't envision a situation where there isn't a conflict of interest a police officer is working secondary employment for companies or businesses that make money. >> ray mcdonald has not been charged. no word on how long the moon lighting ban will be in place for police officers >> a san francisco police are stepping up patrols of golden gate park's panhandling area after several bicyclists were
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attacked by robbers. it happened at least three times in the last few weeks. the latest attack was sunday night. they throw objects at the riders to knock them off their bikes. one cyclist was kicked and punched and another threatened with the knife. the robbers would then take off on the bicycle. >> a friend of mine got a break thrown at him in chicago. i've gotten things thrown at me. any number ever things. it's not good. it's not cool, but they can't stop you from riding. >> the cyclists are being urge to be cautious, especially when riding bikes at night. the san francisco police say the same group of men may be responsible for all three attacks along the panhandle. >> the devastating loam p earthquake happened 25 years ago. this friday, ceremony jennings is taking a look back with the premiere of the special 15 seconds, 25 years later from the loma prieta earthquake.
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we hope you can join cheryl. it doesn't seem that long ago. giants in the world series playoffs against the a's. hopefully for the giants tonight they can continue their winning ways in the playoffs. >> that would be great. temperatures in the 50s in st. louis. late this afternoon and early evening there. we are looking at quite the opposite with a warm weather pattern setting up today and high fire danger arriving overnight with the gusty winds. 7:14 is the sunrise. sets at 67:38. a little less than an hour. but we are looking at airport delays of one hour at sfo right now and clouds extend into the north bay. we are clear in our east bay valleys. it's cloudy in emeryville and here's where the temperatures stack up. 59 in oakland. it's 56 in san jose. 55 half moon bay and from our exploratorium camera you see the lower deck of clouds. 49 in napa, 56 in fair feel. so visibility a mile and a quarter.
6:19 am
novato, half-mile here. and three mile half moon bay and the clouds extending up toward hayward but they won't last long. we will be looking at them retreating rather quickly. it's a pretty cool night with temperatures from two to three degrees cooler than we were yesterday at this time from the east bay and south bay. lock at santa rosa and napa. five degrees cooler at sfo. we talked about the delays. it will be a sunny afternoon with warmer and sunnier conditions today. increasing fire danger. no relative humidity. high, gusty winds, up to 50 miles an hour north, east bay mountains and the santa cruz mountains. but a chance of rain arrives tuesday, into wednesday. here's a look at the advisory that goes up tonight. some of the winds will be howling. that will allow for a warmer atmosphere tonight and warmer day tomorrow. we will hold on to that heat until monday. so be very, very careful here. exceptionally dry time of year. we are looking at a beach hazard statement, as well with large northwesterly swells, 11 to
6:20 am
13 feet throughout the day today into late tomorrow. so all the way from stinson, point reyes, into monterey bay and perhaps at far south as santa cruz for the sneaker waves. here's the specific satellite picture. high pressure is all about this building about in to the north of us. as it does it provides the wind shift and the tight pressure gradient setting up for the offshore flow tonight. but it doesn't last long. we are looking for this area of low pressure to drop to the south and it will bring increasing clouds, cooler temperatures and perhaps the arriving of rain by late tuesday into wednesday. highs in the 60s and 70s. with the rain arriving, we are looking at perhaps a quarter inch bay area wide, and that could mean some upper elevation snow above 7,000 feet in the sierra nevada by wednesday. but it is all about the blue angels this weekend. or the sunny and mild conditions, whichever you like. upper 60s 1:00. breezy winds 5:00 and we will look at 67 degrees.
6:21 am
a beautiful afternoon today, but, of course, exceptionally dry. 85 concord. 75 fremont. upper 80s by morgan hill. with 85 napa and oakland today at 75 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we get even warmer tomorrow and we look at columbus day with temperatures well above average. still the threat of high fire danger. by tuesday wednesday, increasing clouds and the relative humidity goes up. hopefully some decent rain, and looking at perhaps partly cloudy skies thursday and friday. we will let you know how warm it will take my bicycle your community by keeping track of bay area weather on twitter @livedoppler7hd. we have it all going on. >> it would be nice if the rain would be enough to stomp out fire danger season for good. >> not probable. but there is some more hope in the future. >> thank you, lisa. up next, like a scene out after more roar movie. poisonous spiders pouring out of the walls.
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what the homeowners had to do next.
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>> dan hairston joins us from new york. >> good morning.
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at a major u.s. airport this morning, people who arrive from africa from the hot zone will be screened for the disease. four more airports are going to start doing this soon. the question is when this will be enough to keep the dreaded virus out. also a developing story overnight, new protests in ferguson, and demonstrates are and police going face-to-face after a teenager was fatally shot by an off-duty cop. yet another teenager shot there. now hundreds of protesters are heading into the area for a fresh round. demonstrations, and a weekend of rage. we will be following that for you. take a look at the man in the surveillance video. authorities in iowa say he is at the hart of one of the biggest mysteries in lottery history with more than $14 million at stake. investigators are desperately trying to find out who he is. and 17 years to freedom a mother of three exonerated after spending more than a decade behind bars all for a murder she all along insisted she did not commit. what the judge said to her in court. it's a very emotional story.
6:26 am
you will want to see it and it's coming up on gma on a busy, busy saturday morning. see you soon. >> thank you, dan. >> imagine standing in your house and watch poisonous spiders fall from the ceiling and ooze out of the walls. a missouri family did. they had to pump in gas and get rid of the spiders. the couple sued the previous owners saying they never told them about the problem. the half a million dollars home is now in foreclosure. >> a marin county landmark could become a memorial to the late comedian robin williams. there will be a proposal to name a tunnel in honor of williams brought to the assembly floor in december. much more ahead. why president obama says it's time to raise the national minimum wage to more than ten dollars an hour. also fighting obesity. there's now an app for that thanks to an innovative idea of an east bay teenager.
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>> good morning. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. hi, lisa. >> hi, matt.
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you can see from the east bay hills camera it looks pretty nice. you see the marine layer below. clear conditions for concord and livermore. the sun coming up at 7:14. fog in napa. 56 concord. temperatures today will warm up significantly. we have high fire deng they're arrives not only this afternoon but really kicks in tonight into monday with a red flag warning. north bay, east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains with wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour and humidity dropping below 10%. also beach hazard statement for a large northwesterly sweel from the north coast all the way down to santa rosa crude. and we have rain, maybe even snow to talk about in the outlook. matt. >> thank you, lisa. new this morning, president obama is making the case on why it's time to raise the minimum wage. in his weekly address the president said increasing the national minimum wage to $10.10 on hour would benefit 28 million and make our economy
6:31 am
americans and make our economy stronger. but he says republicans in congress continue to block what he calls a common sense proposal. >> the average worker who would benefit is 35 years old. most low wage workers are women, and that extra money would help them pay the bills and provide for the families. it also means they will have more money to spend at local businesses. that grows the economy for everyone. >> president obama said despite a lack of movement from congress, a growing coalition of state and local leaders and business owners, including those in san jose and san francisco, have answered the president's call and raised wages for their residents and employees. three lake tahoe ski resorts are starting to gear up for the winter. today heavenly, northstar and kirkwood will hold the first of three job fairs this month to hire 3400 seasonal employees. it will be kill at kirkwood mountain resort from two to four. open positions include ski and snowboard instructors, lift operators and ticket sellers. applicants and job fair attendees are required to apply online. that's in advance. we have a link on our website,
6:32 am macy's workers will have to cut their thanksgiving dinners a bit short this year. the department store will open at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. executives sent out an e-mail to workers notifying them of the early shopping holiday. several people posted the notice online. macy's is the first major retailer to officially announce it's thanksgiving day hours >> the world health organization has confirmed more than 4,000 people in west africa have died from the ebola virus. meanwhile, the family of the first person to die from ebola in the united states released the medical records yesterday. thomas duncan had a 103-degree fever on his initial visit to a dallas emergency room. hospital staff released him, even though he told the nurse he recently had been to africa. duncan was rushed back days later and died wednesday. his case was the focus of a congressional hearing yesterday at dallas-fort worth international airport. >> we learned from the miss steps and ensure proper procedures are established and
6:33 am
followed should another case arrive in the united states. >> today jfk airport in new york becomes the first of five airports to conduct additional screenings for people coming from west africa. there are daily developments on the ebola crisis. you can get the stories on our abc7 news app. it's free to download. we also have more information at a judge has temporarily shut down a madera county casino following an armed standoff between two groups. it is the native-american tribe that owns it. more than a dozen people armed with guns entered the casino thursday night, forcing the evacuation of patrons and employees. the standoff is believed to be a part of an ongoing feud over the two factions of the tribe for leadership and control. a hearing on the temporary closer is scheduled for
6:34 am
wednesday. >> more inmates in sonoma county will be allowed back on the streets sooner under a new program looking to free up jail space for more dangerous criminals. according to the santa press democrat, all people booked into the jail at sonoma county will be evaluated. it will include factors including their danger to the community and whether they are likely to commit new crimes. those with favorable scores will be released without jail. -- without bail. officials say the goal is public safety, to make more room for more serious openedders. happening today, a livermore fallen firefighter will be added to the fire fighters memorial. patrick paul g will join the 1200 names on the memorial. he spent most of his career with the livermore/pleasanton fire department. he died in 2013 following a three-year battle for brain cancer. today's ceremony gets underway at 11:20 at the state capitol.
6:35 am
a gifted latino student from oakland has been recognized as a leader on the fast track. abc7 news reporter nick smith introduces us to a 16-year-old who has created two apps to fight obesity. >> we need more minorities out there because the percentage compared to the white is very low. one thing, if i can do it, they can do it, too. >> this 16-year-old jorge started learning code in ninth grade. he took summer classes at stanford and now he's using a new language called ruby. with this program he created apps to fight a problem he says he he's every day. >> as a low income minority, i know a lot of people who are overweight. >> so jorge designed two apps targeting obesity. he is one of two latinos who received the award "latinos on the fast track" fellowship. last week they were recognized at a ceremony in washington, d.c. jorge created this, trim fit, and trim fit 2, trash smooth.
6:36 am
-- trash smash. >> it tries to encourage people to lose weight. >> it works like this. you sign up and you are connected to a community of others struggling with weight. your age, fitness level and bmi are matched with the others. a plan is developed to best help you achieve your individual fitness goals. but he knew kids would be a tougher nut to crack so he came up with trim fit 2, trash smash. >> it's like whack-a-mo but it has healthy and unhealthy foods floating around the screen. kids smash the unhealthy food and earn points. >> they see it in real life and they say that's in the game. you know how little kids are, you know, that's in the game, i'm not supposed to eat that. >> teaching good choices early on and helping to change the face of his community. nick smith, abc7 news. >> abc7 is honoring hispanic heritage month through october 15th with posts to our instagram feed. today we recognize these women. they are performing at the
6:37 am
theater through next saturday. more details on instagram. that's@abc7 news bay area. still ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news, a pair of great horned owls get a second cans thanks to the tlc of some diligent volunteers. here's a beautiful shot of the bay bridge from the recommendryville camera. things a little foggy in the city this morning, but changes coming your way and how it will be when the blue angels fly into town. we will let you
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>> good morning. >> a beautiful shot there. we have the giants in st. louis, and the blue angels today. drivers across the state could see some relief at the pump before christmas. the media partner, "the mercury news," reports gas prices could plummet as much as 30 cents a gallon before the holiday. some stations are following a nickel a day and 18 cents lower than a month ago. dropping crude and wholesale oil prices are responsible for the decline. right now the average cost of
6:41 am
gas in fran is $3.76 a gallon, in oakland gas is $3.64, san jose $3.62. while prices may dip for a while, analysts say don't get used to it. a new carbon tax on fuels kicks in next year and is expected to send prices soaring again. seems like our temperatures won't be soaring, but they are at least going up. >> right. and we also have rain in the seven-day outlook. another pretty shot, the marine layer at about 2,000 feet. it has not extended into the valleys. it's clear and inned mit 50s concord and livermore. warm weather with high fire danger on wait and a little rain coming your way, as well. the details are just moments away. >> thanks, lisa. also next, stanford plays a rare friday night game against washington state but the cardinals showed off their own air-raid attack. larry beil has the highlights coming up in sports.
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you're unpacking already?
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yeah. help me find some mugs? ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ [ beep ] hey. [ giggles ]ok. ♪ folgers in your cup two lucky owls are back in the wild, thanks to animal experts who gave a hoot. we got to go along as stew spectacular birds got a second chance at life. here's abc7 news anchor dan ashley with the story. >> reporter: great horned owls are critical to the environment. a picks predators at the top of the food chain. sometimes even owls need help and that's where lake tahoe
6:45 am
wildlife comes in. today is release day for two owls that would not have survived without this rescue center, run by cheryl and tom milham. >> he's very upset because he's not used to being held. >> this feisty fellow was brought in by bird lover rob lowry, who found the owl lying helpless on the ground when it was just a chick. >> he was a little white ball of fluff and his eyes were still closed. his eyes hadn't even opened at that time, so he was probably no more than a couple weeks old. >> the owl has been at lake tahoe wildlife care since spring, growing up in a giant enclose where it can fly around and learn to be a wild bird. the center also cares for a wide variety of other animals, all injured and all being raised to return to the life that nature intended. a few months after the great horned owl arrived, it was joined by another, slightly older owl. this one was so severely injured, the eye had to be removed. it's now fully recovered and ready for freedom. first they have to catch it. >> here she comes. >> this is a precision operation
6:46 am
by a team that knows what it's doing. confident the owl can make it in the wild. >> it's okay to release a one-eyed owl because they focus their eyes independently of each other and they hunt mainly with their ears. their ears are huge underneath their feathers. >> there's nothing wrong with its other critical hunting tool, the tallons. both owls are gently loaded into boxes and then driven to a safe spot for release. volunteers help with the big moment. >> there he goes! >> first the one-eyed owl makes a beeline for the trees. but the younger owl lands in a field, still trying to handle the big outdoors. the man who rescued him is here to root him on, grateful for the expert help that led to this moment. >> there's so many interactions now between humans and animals, one way or another they get hurt. it's good there are places out there that animals can have the second chance. isn't that beautiful? look at that. >> dan ashley, abc7 news.
6:47 am
>> the lake tahoe wildlife care has helped more than 24,000 animals over the last 37 years. they are hoping to move to larger facility. if you can help, there's a link at seeing lake tahoe with no snow on the ground, that might change next week, huh? >> that's right. with this system coming in midweek, that could spread some high elevation snow. that's good news. high fire danger arrives tonight with very gusty winds. it's a pretty start to the day with the marine layer over 1,000 feet. not quite making it over the east bay hills. we have airport delays. here's mt. tam. a gorgeous shot there with high clouds and low clouds. 57 at the san carlos airport. san jose at 56. half moon bay cloudy skies, 55. an hour delay at sfo. east bay hills camera, the marine layer below. you notice how pretty that looks
6:48 am
with temperatures in the upper 40s. half-mile visibility from napa to santa rosa right now w the southwest wind in fairfield, it's a cool 56 degrees. we will look for the winds to shift. the marine layer from the sutro tower camera on securing the morning light here. high pressure will build in and it will increase the fire danger. the winds kick up, but we are looking at low pressure to arrive on tuesday, bringing some showers. high relative humidity. hopefully capping that fire danger. looks like some showers will linger into wednesday morning. so here's a look at the highlighted areas, the high everybody elevations of the east bay hills and north bay mountains above 1,000 feet and the santa cruz mountains from 11:00 tonight, 3:00 in the morning, and by tomorrow night the atmosphere really dries out as the winds shift. we don't get any recovery in terms of our relative humidity, with no marine layer at all. we are looking at the humidity
6:49 am
tomorrow afternoon into monday. and some of our east bay valleys below 10%. you add a little wind, it can be very, very dangerous out there. it's very dry and do be careful. we have a high northwesterly sweel. as high pressure builds in, this is the culprit that will increase the pressure gradient, bringing us the north, northeast wind over the weekend. then it will fade-away quickly as this system drops down from the north and that will increase the clouds, bring down the temperatures and bring us a little bit of rain n the sierra nevada it's warm today. a nice afternoon at 74. 86 in joe yosemite. upper 60s at the beaches. you will see sunshine. as the cold front gets hung up along the north coast, most of the rain from eureka and mendocino county. here's a couple pockets and it -- more widespread into wednesday with maybe a quarter inch around here. and then the extended outlook
6:50 am
looks a little bit unsettled. if you are heading into san francisco today for fleet week, here's a look at today, tomorrow and monday. upper 60s, upper 70s, and still warm on monday. so it looks like the weather will cooperate over berkeley today. it will be nice and mild afternoon with low 70s. we will look for sunny conditions here. while it is pretty cloudy in st. louis. tonight the rain will hold off. upper 50s for the cardinals and the giants, and temperatures warming up today. 83 vallejo, 82 san jose. 62 half moon bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast showing a warming trend continuing tomorrow with high fire danger. still warm for columbus day, and then cloudy skies, showers tuesday, wednesday, and perhaps partly cloudy thursday and friday. >> all right. billing changes. thank you so much, lisa. in sports, after what seems like a long way for giants fans, the national league championship series is finally set to begin. tonight madison bumgarner starts
6:51 am
for the giants against the cardinals adam wainwright. first scheduled for 5:07:00 p.m. this afternoon cal's high-powered offense takes on washington at memorial stadium. kickoff 3:00 p.m. stanford was looking to rebounds from last week's loss. that was at notre dame. playing a rare friday night game with washington state. here's abc7 news sports director larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning, everybody. suffocating defense against the air-raid offense. trying to put the clamps on washington state on friday night football on the farm. he scored 59 points in a last-second loss to cal last week. tiger woods on the sidelines. first quarter. kevin hogan began going deep down the metal to a wide open eric cotton. 39 yards for the score. 7-0 cardinals. hogan threw three td passes. his only two catches of the game. good average. stanford led 17-7 at the half. could have had more, patrick
6:52 am
skov, younger brother of shane skov, fumbles. that was at the 1-yard line. the perfect pass and catch. ty montgomery. called back. he shoes a shade too late. fourth and goal. conor halladay. you never want to throw back across the your body to the middle of field except there to river raycraft for the touchdown. he dives for the end zone and scores. 34 - 17, stanford. the cardinals improved to 4-2 overall and 2-1 in the pac-12 >> i'm glad they are playing well together right now. i think tell only get better each week. he know it will be a fight. we just going to keep on getting the wins one at a time. >> tonight is the first night we look like us and we felt like us. i thought our runners came out and ran extremely hard. offensive line blocked well. we all had a tough week last week. kevin played extremely well. he threw the deep ball.
6:53 am
>> and cal will host washington today at 3:00 in berkeley. the beast is back. the giants included slugger michael morse. on the national league championship series roster. he's been out with a strained oblique muscle. game one giants and cardinals tonight in st. louis. 18-game winner madison bumgartner will start against allen wainwright. >> they seem pretty comfortable facing left-handed pitching, so, you know, that's -- that tells you how good hitters they are. i just have to be careful and, you know, just got to make pitches to them and hope the ball will bounce our way. >> game 1, alcs, orioles and royals. game tied at 5. andrew miller gets gordon. beats him in the neck. you don't make alex gordon angry.
6:54 am
you won't like him when he's angry. revenge in the tenth. a solo bomb. went 3 for 4 with 4 rbis. the royals win their fourth extra-inning game this postseason. 8-6 in ten. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. giants fans, we want to see your team spirit. e-mail your fan photos or tweet them to us. next, exploring the world of hello kitty. the first-ever exhibition opening in california today.
6:55 am
is it the biting? ...we need to break up. cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years.
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>> happening today, the japanese american national museum in los angeles will open its exhibition dedicate today hello kitty. the exhibition celebrates the japanese icon's 40th anniversary and explores hello kitty's history and influence on art and culture. it will showcase hello kitty themed items such as shoes, backpacks. the statue dressed as lady cleopatra. and this gown made it a plus with dolls. >> the weather is interesting. we have fleet week and the blue angels. clear skies? >> we will deliver. but first we have some low clouds. take a look. it isn't the pretty pink like hello kitty. upper 60s san francisco.
6:58 am
tomorrow upper 70s with high fire danger and the autumn warmth continues into the 70s. 82 today san jose. 75 oakland and 76 palo alto. we will look for the warm weather to stick around ask rain perhaps late tuesday, into wednesday. >> sounds interesting. thank you, lisa and thanks for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. the news continues online, on twitter, face look, and on all your mobile devices with our new abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at
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niiice bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. . good morning, america. right now, a new front opening in the fight against ebola. passengers arriving from africa will now be screened at american airports. will it be enough to keep the dreaded virus out? also why officials are now imposing a mandatory quarantine on a tv news crew just back from the hot zone. face-to-face, weekend demonstrations heat up in ferguson, missouri, after yet another police shooting. with more protests coming today, will both sides be able to keep the peace? dramatic rescue. a 3-year-old falls into a jaguar exhibit at the zoo. as the big cats close in. >> we need somebody over here at the little rock zoo. we had a baby that fell in the enclosure. >> the quick-thinking moves of


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