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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 11, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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♪ live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> because we lost one of our youngest, most innocent in our community. >> two families in mourning tonight. less than two hours ago bullets took the lives of two people, one of them just 4 years old. the shooting happened in watsonville just outside a restaurant. >> reporter: candles, tears and emotions filled watsonville city plaza. they're mourning the loss of two lives, a 4-year-old girl and 34-year-old ramon randon. >> i'm begging you all to find the murderer. >> one man is in custody and
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investigators are looking for several hours involved in a horrific shooting last night in this parking lot. police call it a gang shooting and the intended target was ramon randon, but he was not the only one hurt. the two shooting victims were here for very different reasons, ramon randon worked here in the area. this is where the 4-year-old was resting where her grandparents closed up the restaurant they owned. you can see where the bullet hole was, tonight, somebody left pink flowers and a princess balloon outside the fish bar and grill. while one family grieved privately, another makes a public plea. >> this has to stop, how many more lives have to die, even if everybody thinks that they were in a gang. but for me, he was -- i loved him very much. >> police hope anyone with information about the murders
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will come forward. in watsonville, lisa amin galijin. and public safety officers say this man, david olsen was spotted by walmart security guards using a small digital camera to take pictures under the victim's dress. officers say he admitted to filming and being a registered sex offender to the walmart guard. and fleet week and the blue angels are back. the lack of jets last year left a visible and audible void in fleet week. that familiar roar filled the sky to the people who filled the area to watch. the maneuvers can be hard to keep up. sometimes it takes a second for your eyes to catch up with your
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ears. the blue angels, sensory over load in the most awesome way. >> the blue angels do tricks. >> working the show is just -- beautiful. you can see the jets going real high. and doing all of these tricks. >> it does at times seem like the pilots of performing high wire acts. dazzling the audience. the faa are not the only game in town. also overhead, a c-130 known as fat albert and a united airline 747. >> when the flame was going close to everybody, it was scary, i didn't know if it was part of the show. >> there is no shortage of sights and sounds on fleet week. live music.
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>> definitely encompasses the american spirit, what we're all about. >> inspiring the people is part of the mission of the blue angels, mission accomplished. now if you want to see the blue angels show tomorrow but can't make it to san francisco you can watch it where you live on we'll stream it at 3 p.m. and many watching the uss america, the amphibious assault ship is the first of its class. abc 7 reporter tiffany wilson has the story. >> reporter: to stand here is to be humbled. to these sailors, the hull is home. >> uss america, we want to make it look pretty for you guys. >> reporter: today is her coming out party, her commission, her
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official introduction into the active fleet of the united states navy. canon blasts began a ceremony rich with history and hopes for fair winds, smooth waters and safety for all on board. secretary of the navy spoke with us prior to delivering the keynote address. >> this ship will sail for decades, protecting american interests and it will carry marines. it will provide the presence that america has to have. >> reporter: then, the moment of awakening. >> officers and crew of the uss america, man our ships and bring her toñr life. crew members ran to the uss america and up the gangway and deck, many could not wait for this moment. >> it will look amazing. as soon as it comes to life everybody will love it. it will be spectacular. >> reporter: now that the uss america is officially commissioned, it means they are
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the first laying the foundation for sailors to come. >> it is a great opportunity to have. >> reporter: although president obama was in town for fundraisers he did not stop by. members of the audience did not let his absence detract from their experience. >> i thought it was very impressive. awesome, just so proud. >> reporter: proud to be an american. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7ñi news. a gorgeous day, let's head to abc 7 meteorologist for a first check on weather. drew? >> hey, katie, what a gorgeous start to the weekend. a bit breezy, that breeze is helping to keep us with clear skies, we are dry, we'll take you to the plans tomorrow if you're heading to the final days of fleet week. the blue angels will be flying, we have sunshine in full effect. a bit breezy, wear the sunscreen again, temperatures on the mild side. near 80 degrees when the blue
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angels take flight. coming up, this warm weather is not lasting. all right, drew, thank you, firefighters getting the upper hand on a fire burning east of sacramento. the fire along interstate 80 is now 67% contained, burning nearly 500 acres. the fire in yosemite national park is 54% contained. the highway 140 entrance into the park which has been closed since tuesday because of the fire is expected to reopen tomorrow. police have arrested a 24-year-old man on suspicion of starting the fire that devastated the town of weed. ronald bow marshal, where the structures were destroyed. most of them houses. president obama has returned to washington, d.c. after wrapping up a week of coast to coast fundraising here in the bay area.
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the president climbed on board air force one just after 11 a.m. this morning. neighbors hoped to catch a glimpse of the president. 25 democratic supporters paid up to $3500 to attend a round table. the venga founder and his wife hosted the fundraiser. the president landed at the air force base and will hit the trail for more fundraising next week. and the city council is expected to pass a law that will allow police to pass a citation to stop underage drinking. the mayor says it is due to a rise in house parties with alcohol. the adults could see fines increasing for multiple violations. california's plastic shopping bag ban has not taken effect yet, but it has not stopped a petition to repeal it. governor jerry brown signed the
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bill into law last month, large stores must comply. yesterday, the attorney general's office announced opponents of the ban to collect signatures aimed at letting voters sign the ban through a ballot measure. still to come on abc news at 11:00. the touching memorial for california firefighters killed in the line of duty. and one step closer to the world series. the giants' big win tonight. and the bay area take on a controversy involving the mayor of st. louis. plus, going green? taking some things old and turning them into a new home.
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you can see giants orange across the bay area tonight. a live look for you now at coit tower, all dressed up to support the team. the giants shut out the cardinals, giants now one up in the national league series, live from san francisco with some very happy fans. hey there? >> reporter: hey, katie, yeah, lots of very happy giants fans, a few disappointed cardinals fans and recent words from the st. louis mayor didn't seem to help. this matchup brought out boisterous teams, but
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brought out fans. in the wall street journal, he wrote a piece called, st. louis to america, don't be jealous. >> that was not a good showing of the mayor. >> the mayor's response was because a tongue in cheek write-up calling the cardinals fans the most loathesome of the teams, he joked, calling the big apple the city by the bay. indeed we're sorry that new york and san francisco are 1.2 and 3.2 times more expensive to live in than the st. louis metro. but by the end of the game, the mayor's prose didn't stop the sting of the loss, and the giants fans were fine with that. >> we're good right here. >> the giants play the cardinals again tomorrow in st. louis. in san francisco, abc 7 news.
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good stuff, and he will have highlights from tonight's game. bay area, show us your team spirit. this is dave ogden from sunnyvale, catching the game with his brother, al, and take a look at one of the cutest giants fans. this is 6 weeks old lorenzo, obviously, his team has advanced. we would like to see your giants pride, so e-mail your fan photos or tweet them to us. at abc7news bay area. and dallas celebrated the upcoming reopening of a museum in san francisco. piano music filled the air for the museum of the african grand opening dinner. abc 7's own
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served there. if you plan to head to the beach this weekend, lifeguards suggest you be careful. a big storm thousands of miles away in the gulf of alaska is generating swells on our beaches, bringing in dangers like rip currents and sneaker waves. all right, let's talk to drew for the rest of fleet week tomorrow and beyond. >> it is looking gorgeous. and the storm generating the wave will bring us a chance of rain mid-week. live doppler 7 hd, clear skies above. so no rain on your saturday night. and temperatures are rather comfortable with a nice warmup this afternoon. 65 in concord, 60 in san francisco. right now san jose currently at 61 degrees. we'll take you outside.
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live look, coit tower lit up all in orange, we take game one tonight, game two. forecast, tomorrow, breezy, clear. the breeze we have out there right now causing us to warm a bit more for our sunday. the warm weather will not last. the storm system that comes tuesday dropping temperatures rather quickly to more fall-like numbers. the rain associated with it tuesday night, wednesday morning. overnight lows, clear skies out there. generally in the mid-50s to low 60s. the forecast animation showing the offshore wind, keeping the clouds at bay. and the wind will be with us throughout our sunday afternoon, bringing us sunshine, rather. but also some warmer temperatures and the risk of fire danger is on the increase. so that dry wind gives us a red flag warning until monday morning. winds gusting anywhere from 30 to 40 miles an hour, low humidity could mean any fires that do start could quickly grow inside. along with the beach hazard,
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anywhere from 11 to 13 feet meaning strong rip currents are very likely in the next 24 hours along with the sneaker waves. high pressure, a large area of high pressure. only lasts on sunday, as we take a look, area of low pressure. wet weather and cooler air on the way by tuesday morning. the forecast animation showing you rain in the forecast, not only one day but several chances in the next five days. monday, tuesday, tuesday afternoon, the first chance of rain, light showers by the commute on tuesday, early into wednesday morning. a break in the activity on thursday, and then another front moving here on friday, friday we could pick up more rain friday afternoon into friday night. so good news there, for very dry areas that could use moisture. highs on sunday, a bit warmer. total sunshine across the bay area. 80 the high in san francisco, 90 for concord, 92 fairfield, san jose, 88, the forecast, for st. louis, game two, no rain in the
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forecast, temperatures rather cool starting out at about 60 degrees, 54 by the seventh inning stretch. the accu weather forecast showing it is very hot tomorrow. 92 inland, mid-to-upper 70s along the coast. look at that by tuesday, some areas dropping some 20 degrees, especially inland with that rain, and then another chance on friday. temperatures returning to more normal fall levels. >> and we need the rain i understand. but will it rain on the giants game on tuesday? >> i think the rain will hold off until the evening commute. cloudy but dry. all right? >> perfect, we need the rain maybe a bit later. right? that wouldn't be any fun. >> no, not counting on that, drew. >> all right, baseball top of the order, royals take a 2-0 series lead over the orioles, the giants break serve on the road. taking game one for the taking game one for the cardinals in st. louis, madison re discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions...
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while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46.
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well, the giants and cardinals have represented the national league in the world series for the past four years. game one in st. louis, madison bumgarner with the performance tonight sets a major league record, both teams had a combined 7 and is travis ishakawa, and 1-0, g-men, wainwright, hunter pence scores, four hits, no runs, seven strikeouts, including tony cruz to end in the seventh. yadier molina, and the giants
11:25 pm
take a lead. >> two teams going out there competing. this is like i said, a crazy game more than anything. >> you know, he is so good, you know, at what he does. i mean, he -- this kid -- you know, since he has come up here he is just getting better, too. he executed all night against a tough lineup. >> orioles and o's in baltimore, kc led 3-0's now tied at four bottom seventh. lorenzo cane, hustling to make the grab over. escobar, rbi double. heading back to kc, serving twice in baltimore. we'll take a time out before we check on the college football landscape. went pretty, the bears have only
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college football cal hosts washington, both teams 4 and 1, cal scored 164 points in the last three games but were held to zero in the first half. derek goff, mistake-filled afternoon. first quarter, goff with the one, cal down 7-0, and a little stunned to say the least, downhill from there, goff and daniel lasko, fumbled. 25 yards to josh perkins, still first quarter, washington has two more touchdowns in the
11:30 pm
second from their own 14. miles dumps it off to ross, going 86 yards, cal drops to four, 2 and 2, 31-7 the final. >> we didn't do a good job getting our players ready to play. that obviously falls on me. really, the sports performance, offensively, i haven't been a part of it. they were than we were, you could tell they were fresh. they did not respond very well. >> sharks, 21 games this season on the road. tonight the home opener against the winnipeg jets. they get off to a good start, 3:22 in the game, marc-edouard vlasic, squeezes it past ondrej pavelec. joe pavelski breaks it up. finds a young tomas hertl. 33 seconds left in the second, matt nieto, leaves the break. sharks have not given up a goal
11:31 pm
this season's improving to 2 and 0, 3-0 the final. the silverado country club, beautiful north course plays tough until bay sang moon got ahold of it. ran five straight birdies, two shot right on line. merely goes in for an a's, great start, he ends the day with three big putts. eagle par, 17th. birdie on 18th, to shoot a seven under 65. under a four-shot lead going into sunday's final round. and we'll have a raiders preview coming up later in the news cast. also still to come, fighting the ebola virus from our nation's airport. the changes to began today at one of the biggest. plus, remembering
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it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art,
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and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools.
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live, from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good evening, i'm katie marzulo, in tonight's headlines, a candlelight vigil for two victims of a deadly shooting in watsonville. a 4-year-old girl and 34-year-old man both died after somebody opened fire in a parking lot last night. police believe the man was targeted. a bullet tore through the wall killing the girl. a wildfire building in placer county, now under control, it has burned 500 acres, there is a red flag warning issued for the oakland area tomorrow. and the navy officially commissioned the newest war ship in san francisco as part of today's fleet week celebration. the uss america carries troops
11:36 pm
and aircraft for the marine corps. a special honor for the more than dozen firefighters killed in the line of duty. the study comes just a day after the pilot was killed fighting a wildfire near yosemite. we were showed how they honored the heroes today. >> reporter: to the sound of bag pipes playing in the background, hundreds of firefighters, family and friends came to the capital today to remember the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> first, we come here to honor our brothers, your loved ones. to let you know that we will never forget them. >> the names of 15 firefighters who died while serving will be added to the california firefighters' memorial. currently more than 1250 names are etched on the hearts and
11:37 pm
minds here across the state. >> we all know that danger comes in many forms, what is rarely discussed but yet demonstrated today is the reality of it all. >> we can certainly elevate the 15 men of valor, whose names are being added to the walls of heroes by pledging today they will always be a part of our hearts and that their example will never be forgotten. >> and as firefighters continue to battle wildfires across the state people say they are praying for them, as well. many even paying tribute to the most recent firefighter to give his life to protect others. >> we are especially mindful of our friend, our brother, jeffrey craig hunt, a cal firefighter who was killed while performing his duty. while protecting those he was called to serve. >> like the other brothers and sisters on the wall behind me we have a bond with them that is eternal. we are also here to let you know
11:38 pm
that you are our family. >> that was demonte louis reporting, today's ceremony was presented by the nonprofit california fire foundation. 21 month-old madeleine is the second person to die with the virus. six people have come down with the severe respiratory illness, some patients have developed paralysis. and new measures under way at five airports for ebola. >> reporter: at jfk, the first of five major u.s. airports to come on board. >> extensive screening getting there this morning. all passengers arriving from those countries at the epicenter of the ebola outbreak now check for fever and ask if they have
11:39 pm
had contact with any patients there. overseas, the cdc says 100% of travellers leaving those countries are screened on exit. >> fever, no, headache, no, vomiting, no. >> reporter: and over the past two months with more than 36,000 vetted passengers not a single case of ebola has been detected. >> no matter how many of those procedures are put into place we can't get the risk to zero. >> reporter: the cdc also admits the screening would not have picked up on thomas eric duncan, the liberian man first turned away from a dallas hospital, only to return there, and eventually dying from the disease. >> he did not know he had ebola when he came to ebola. and as he stated to louise, i would have preferred to stay in liberia and die than to come here and put the love of my life and my only child through this. >> reporter: in liberia, u.s. troops now on the ground working around the clock, building a 25-bed hospital for health care
11:40 pm
workers from ebola isolation units throughout the country. marines there, too, have their temperatures taken before they can begin relief work. back at home, free lance camera man, is under mandatory quarantine after a 21-day isolation agreement was breached. and activists plan to protest police in ferguson, missouri, again tomorrow. this follows another evening of loud but peaceful demonstrations tonight in the wake of the august shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown by a police officer. thousands of people are without power in japan tonight because of a powerful typhoon. vongfong, considered the most powerful storm of the year, weakened though as it hit the island of okinawa, it is
11:41 pm
expected to hit bringing gale force winds and surges. and a tornado in seattle, the first in nearly 45 years, the warning was triggered after this spout formed in puget sound. there were no injuries or damage reported. still to come, being green all the rage. see how some people are turning their recycling into fine living. and the sand castles, this is more than just playing on the beach. it's for a good cause. and abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma, a beautiful start to the weekend. the warm weather will not last all that long. we're talking about a fall chill
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covering walnut creek, burlingame and all the area. and teaming up to make the memorial stadium a little more eco-friendly. the youngsters helped the fans put their trash in the white bins as part of the ready set recycle campaign. >> and if we sell paper, and in the compost bin, we're helping them make the compost, but then we have food. >> kids are having such a great
11:45 pm
time they love it. they know more than the adults. >> well done, kids, alameda county hopes they keep the waste from going to the landfall in 2020. and americans are recycling, some are turning to the old overlooked and discarded to imagine their dream homes. devin dwooyer shows us how a little recycling can go a long way. >> reporter: at first glance it is an american home, but look closely this one is built of mostly dirt, straw and parts pulled from a dumpster. >> a lot of things are thrown out that could be used, either repurposed or used as they are. >> esther siegal and her husband say 80% of their dream home it recycled. the beams helped them save
11:46 pm
$3,000. and look at that peek hole? >> you better make sure the wolf doesn't come. >> reporter: the 350 bale truck load costs just a third of the price of insulation. in the bathroom, check out the sink. >> so what we have here is 60% junk mail. 30% sand. and 10%, and that is the binder that holds it altogether. >> reporter: yes, junk mail, two month's worth ground up to a moldable pulp. this couple say even a little ingenuity can mean big savings. >> we're going to come in here, get a closer look. >> reporter: josh give ago tour to world news now points out every part in his house was once a misfit or discard. >> this is my ladder library. >> reporter: ladder rungs no longer safe for feet, holding up
11:47 pm
books, the marble shelf for the fire. it is a movement to reimagine the meaning of mansion. in kansas, old grain silos help with the bedding. look there in the oregon woods, one man even living in a retired boeing jet. >> the biggest thing we have to consider when building the platform was that the bed was part of the entry. >> reporter: they are turning their school bus to green in more ways than one. >> i'm really liking the way it is looking now. >> reporter: and then there are the steel shipping containers. >> it is a giant lego set for people to build with. >> reporter: from texas to the nation's capital where this apartment will house the college students and could mean cheaper rent. >> the old adage, one man's trash really is another's treasure really is true.
11:48 pm
>> reporter: how much you will save depends on the treasure in the rough, and that extra old grease like new. devin dwyer. >> makes you think, dozens of elementary school students hit the beach in san francisco today. 30 teams transformed ocean beach into a field of vegetables, fruit, meats and sweets. food, glorious food was the theme. roof top elementary school in san francisco won best in show for its candy land design. the contest raises money for bay area arts program. and this year, so far, pulled in more than $200,000. wow. i'm so impressed. i mean, beyond sand castles, it was a nice beach day. >> it was, we'll have another one tomorrow, if you want to head to the beach be careful of the rip current. live doppler 7 hd, a quiet picture, no rain in the next 24 hours, highs around the state, 73 in tahoe, sacramento, fresno,
11:49 pm
92. l.a. warming up to 48 degrees, back here closer to home in the bay area, a warmer day tomorrow than we had today. ten to 15 degrees above normal. 80 the high in san francisco, 90 for fairfield, san jose, up to 88 degrees, under plenty of sunshine, as we fast forward, many of us gaining at at&t park, right now we are forecasting rain at least for tuesday evening. the game starting at 1:00, looking cloudy and breezy, dry with temperatures in the 60s. we could see sprinkles falling across san francisco and the bay area. so the accu weather seven-day forecast showing it is mild to hot tomorrow. and cooling off tuesday without rain entering the picture by tuesday evening, a break in the rain on thursday, and then another cahance on friday. keeping temperatures at fall-like numbers. >> rain is good. and for the giants game they will be home on tuesday, which is awesome. which is you, you know, we're
11:50 pm
only the two people that have tuesday off. >> so we're trying. >> they're looking for trying -- to see if anybody can help out. >> we don't have to play hooky to be there. you guys have no excuse. >> a little baseball, game one in st. louis. behind the left arm of madison bumgarner. the raiders host the c
11:51 pm
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11:53 pm
first year with the 49ers, our head coach was fired mid-season and it was a disaster the rest of the way. now, they have the interim coach, tony sparano, at least he has a chance to turn things around. he buried the football in the corner of the practice field, exorcising the demons, and then switching the locker rooms, promoting the team spirit. he likes what he sees from his team. >> we were really proud the way they handled the week. this is not an easy situation for anybody. they have handled it like pros. it is part of our business. but they have done a nice job that way of putting the distractions aside. and you know, getting on to business. and really, we have had a good week of practice. >> all right, in st. louis, taking game one of the nlcs from the cardinals,çó bumgarner settg
11:54 pm
a record, both teams have a combined 7 and 1 record in the playoff. top two, bases gets one deep. 2-0 game, plenty for bumgarner. matt bump, gave up four hits, no runs, seven strikeouts, giants get a 3-0 victory. >> there is no way to tell what is going to happen, you know, two teams going out there competing. this is like i said, a crazy game. >> the royals and o's tonight, game two of the alcs, baltimore. kc taking a two-game lead. two out for jj hardy.
11:55 pm
lor lorenzo cane, escobar, rbi double, royals take the 2-0 lead back to kansas city. and washington hosting both teams, cal scored 164 points, jared goff, a mistake-filled afternoon, first quarter, goff at the one, he coughs it up like a fur ball, right into the arms of shaq thompson, going 100 yards the other way, 2 and 2 in the pac-12, huskies win big, 31-7 the final, number 12 oregon, throwing for 210 yards, two touchdowns, also ran for 75 yards and two touches. oregon at one point led 42-10 in the fourth, unanswered. 42-30, the final. number two, versus number three, auburn and mississippi state,
11:56 pm
quarterback zach prescott. 246 yards and a touchdown. most of the damage with his legs, running for 121 yards, two touchdo touchdowns. earthquakes on the road against real salt lake, 28 yards out, kept it low to the ground. somehow sneaked it by everyone, 1-0, salt lake had a goal and then 2-0, the final. and two laps to go, jimmy hamlin in the 11 car gets loose accidentally bumping kevin harvick, angry that hamlin slowed him down, brad keselowski hits him on purpose, still furious, he hits matt kenseth. he tried to confront brad keselowski but was restrained. as brad keselowski walks away, matt kenseth jumps him in the
11:57 pm
alley, throwing punches, the two were eventually separated. but boy, are we going to have a wild and crazy final five races. good old boys, anything but. and monday night football, staying in the same place as the giants, how cool will that be? >> meanwhile, i'll review your nascar script. need to have it written down. thank you for joining us. have a great night. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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