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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 12, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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safety protocol at the hospital. the news is not surprising to a group of nurses in the bay area, saying hospitals do not have the guidelines and safety measures in place to treat the deadly disease. >> national nurses united gathered in oakland this afternoon to sound the alarm. they say based on a survey of over 2,000 nurses across the country, an overwhelming majority of hospitals are not doing other good job trains nurses how to protect themselves from ebola. most of the nurses say their hospitals, including here in the bay area have not communicated any policy regarding infected patients and say their hospitals lack personal protective equipment. national nurses united is calling for all u.s. hospitals implement a full emergency preparedness plan for ebola immediately. >> when the nurse become infected, they're blamed for not following the protocols. that is not going to work. we cannot blame the healthcare providers providers who are on the front
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lines, who are risking their lives to provide care for patients and who are then faced with possible infection themselves and infecting their families and community members. it's not okay. >> the nurses say they gathered in front of kaiser today because the ebola scare at the kaiser in south sacramento in august. the union claims that patient, who eventually tested negative, was not put in isolation right away. kaiser said the patient was placed in a negative pressure room and be provided those caring for the patient with appropriate infection control training which includes personal protective equipment. nevertheless kaiser says it will do additional training and simulation drills this week. abc7 news. >> a passenger who landed at los angeles international airport was tested for ebola today. authorities say the person was taken to a remote area of lax
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after showing flu-like symptoms on a flight from new york but found she was not at risk. in boston, man who recently returned from west africa is being tested right now. he showed up at the hospital with a headache and muscle aches. he was removed from the hospital and taken to a facility better set up for ebola treatment. there are daily develops on the ebola crisis. you can get alerts on that and other breaking news with our abc7 news news app. it's free to download on apple's app store or google play. right now police in oakland are on the lookout for a group of armed gunmen. they shot and killed a man last night in a drive-by. i happened at 9:30 p.m. on the 83rd avenue near international boulevard. police say three men who rented rooms at a residence were standing outside when a car pulled up and fired shots at them. all three were hit. one man died at the scene. two others, ages a 1 and 60, were taken to the hospital.
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another man was injured in a shooting about ten blocks away this morning. happened around 8:00 a.m. at international boulevard and 73rd avenue. police say the shooter opened fire, then took off running. the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. developing news in the north bay. one person has drowned, another had to be rescued off the coast of rodeo beach. it happened around 12:25 this afternoon. sergio quintana is live at the coast guard station in sausolito with details. reporter: one of those men was pulled out of the water by coast guard rescue crew. i'm told they did try to resuscitate him on the trip here to coast guard station. unfortunately, just minutes after he arrived he was pronounced dead by paramedics. the first call for help went out sometime around noon. according to the national parks service, someone used marine band radio to call for help after seeing two men who were fishing on rocked a roteow beach, get swept into the ocean.
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lifeguards found one of the men clinging to the rocks. they rescued him and rushed him to the hospital. the second man was spotted a short time later, and was plucked from the water bay coast guard rescue boat crew. a spokesperson for the national park service says, they're trying to figure out exactly how the two men were swept into the water but high surf warnings are in effect from the north bay to the monterey bay area. >> a sneaker wave is a much larger wave than any that you see in a series of 10, 20, 30 waves. then one very large one will come up. we have people who get swept into the water almost every year due to sneaker waves. >> and beach goers throwing the bay area are being asked to be careful as high surf warnings continue. they are being told that sneaker waves and strong rip currents will continue through this evening. reporting live in sausolito, i'm sergio quinn tan a. >> more on that now.
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beach-goers warned to keep an eye out for the strong surf and rip currents from sonoma to monterey. the national weather service reported seven to eight-foot swells and waves could reach 12 feet tonight, creating even nor dangerous conditions. here's a live look right now from our emeryville camera, showing the sun as it heads down, starting to set at this hour. the bay area's clear blue skies could be clouded this week with a chance of a little bit of rain coming. let's go to meteorologist drew tuma with more and a look at live doppler 7hd. >> fall chill is on the way. the warm temperatures will be a thing of the past shortly, and then we'll tack rain moving in. the live doppler 7hd is bright and breezy today. the big story this weekend. no rain in the next 24 hours. the active winds still continue to have the beach hazard statement in effect for large northwest swells, possibly 12 feet, through tonight. the winds are going to last. that's going to help the wave to decrease in height bass of the cold front approaching the
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region, just getting into parts of washington and oregon, as it moves into the area tuesday, first you'll notice the clouds on the increase and then the rain moves in, first in the north bay and spreads to the south. will this affect the giants' game and it's the only chance of rain we have. details in just a little bit. >> organizers of this year's fleet week estimate more than a million people were in attendance and the blue angels put on quite the show for them. the pres flight team was just one of the many aeronautical and naval spectacles that drew huge clouds to san francisco. here's more incredible video. reporter: just a couple hours ago marina green was teeming with families but now it's just a marines left cleaning up. aerial acrobatics dazzled and delighted. >> my gosh, amazing. so happy to be here.
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>> looping, twisting, turn, all aircraft setting the stage for the fan favorite. >> what is your favorite part? >> blue angels. >> i like the blue angels. >> me, too. >> the blue angels flight soon, and even news the service, we geek out on that. >> definitely the blue angels. the stole the show today. >> the stole the show again but many families arrived early to explore other attractions like this coast guard boat and marine vehicle. >> i saw all the -- all the stuff. >> we found children oogleing men in google. >> make you want to be a pilot. >> yeah. >> airlines are a big thing for the little boy. >> vendors, a bit more preparation. delicious foods hoped to sell 600 teriyaki stick today. nearby, a high school club
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staffed a souvenir booth. seven percent of sales sport the club. >> hoping to raise $2,000. >> fans say fleet week bit the red, white and blue. >> me rinds us of the hard working men and women who fight for the country and a reminder what is going on overseas. >> seeing the family and the thank yous means a tremendous amount. >> by all accounts fleet week was a stunning success. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> awesome. love it. still ahead at 6:00, creepy clowns spotted throughout central california. what started this growing horror trend. >> the bay area cattle rancher's fear this could be dangerous to their herd. >> researcher believe a
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>> organic ranchers are urging authorities to remove elk from the national recreational area and point reyes sea shore. the elk are competing with cows for spares vegetation. ranchers say the native animals devour the rye grass that the
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cows eat. the elk threaten the dare riz because 30% of a cow's diet must be forged material or the lose their certification. a scandinavian nonprofit announced plans to colonize mars in a project called mars 1. however, a new mitt m.i.t. says the study is doomed. the plan would put commits on mars by 2025. students at m.i.t. studied the project using a mars settlement analysis tool and found the mission's food would not last and the colonists would starve and the plan to grow food indoors would fail because of air pressure. the founder says the study is right, that getting replacement parts would be a problem. the researchers hope to work
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with mars 1 scientists to make it more efficient. coming up at 6:00, should you break out your rain gear? a live look at san jose. drew tuma will let you know the answer next. >> the raiders looked like a different team today in their first game under tony sparano but the rookie mistakes cost the game. details and reaction in sports.
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creepy new trend is freaking people out in the san joaquin valley. people are dressing up as menacing clowns and then just hanging out. started at an art project on instagram. the user posted photos of clowns in balloons and scary makeup. now it appears there are copycats out there. bakersfield police received several reports of scarier clowns in the last few days and a teenager was arrested after chasing a group of children while dressed as a clown. last night someone reported a clown holding a firearm. but police could not find that person. a lot of people already have a fear of clowns out there.
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don't know if that's you, drew. >> yes, sorry. >> stay out of the area. >> i'll do what i can. we had a bright and beautiful weekend forecast on tap. including no rain on live doppler 7hd. a quiet sweep. but temperatures very warm. even as we approach 6:18 p.m. 80s across the board. san francisco, a high of 83. 77 currently. san jose, 87. san mateo, 86. napa, 88. santa rosa, in the 90s right now, at 94 degrees. so a live look from the mt. tam cam, showing you the bay waters, the bosts pulling back into dock and the sun is setting at 6:36. the forecast features call for fair skies. tomorrow, it's another mild day. then temperatures go back to reality thanks to a cold front bringing light showers tuesday and wednesday. so the satellite and radar shows you high pressure in firmly control of the forecast. so expect another sunny day tomorrow and warm temperatures
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thanks to the wind out of the north northeast. also incareering our fire danger. so a red-flag warning into effect tomorrow. with gusty winds bringing in dry air and humid between eight and 18%, causing fires to rapidly grow and spread. what is waiting in the wings, a cold front, and what this is going to do, suppress the high to the south, wipe out the warmth, bring back the clouds and cooler temperatures and a chance for rain in the forecast. the an make, sunday night and monday, the wind out of the north northeast. monday is another warm ask sunny day. then the winds switch overnight, coming onshore. adding clouds early on tuesday, and then the cold front brings the rain. the rain looks to arrive by the evening rush and continuing overnight into early wednesday morning. so, overnight lows, dry, quiet, stars out there.
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oakland, a temperature of 60 overnight. highs for your monday, one final day of the autumn warmth. 88 in san jose and concord, 0. if you are headed to at&t park on tuesday, see the cardinals and the giants in game three. looks cloudy. overcast but the rain looks to hold off throughout the entirety of the game. while we are celebrating the win of game three, that's when the showers look to enter the picture. so the accuweather seven-day forecast will show you a final day of this -- unseasonable warmth, and then wednesday we're back to more fall-like numbers, and the numbers stay steady with another chance for rain, another cold front moves in here friday night, into saturday morning, and the shower chances look like but any rain we do get, it's great. >> the more chance, the better. thank you, drew. >> now to shu.
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raiders? >> more chances they get, the worse they get. raiders and chargers, great rivalry, back to 1960. one of the game's best. today was no different at the black hole but a rookie mistake by quarterback at the republic carr cost the raider. carr's best game as a raider, silver and black up 7-0. game was tied at 14 at the half in the third, carr finds -- escapes his man and gone. 47 yards. first career td, 21-14 raiders. rivers, three td passes, thin one to get as. game tied but oakland retakes the lead in the fourth. carr rolls out, a dart to the end zone. 28-21. two minutes left. down four, undrafted rookie brandon oliver, over the pile. then raiders in field goal
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range, which would send it to overtime but carr going for the win. picked off, rookie mistake throwing into double-coverage. raiders 31-28 the final but a different team today. >> came here to win a football game today, and in our league, there's none of those type of things, no moral victories, but i did tell them i was proud of them. this group, from what they've been through here, came out today, played with a lot of energy, i thought, a lot of passion. got to give credit to the team across the field. >> they're just not better than us and we let them off the hook. just flat as that goes. we got to close games out. i don't can like this. i'm a little sick right now. >> peyton manning added three more td passes to his resume, face the jets. now two behind brett favre for history. 25 seconds left. down seven. smith from his own end zone,
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picked off by talib. broncos win. new york has lost five straight. >> seahawks and cowboys, demarco murray, sixth straight 100-yard rushing game of the year, only the second in inflame history. puts his team up four. russell wilson ash chance to tie the game but picked if by mcclaim, cowboys beat the seahawks at home, 30-23 the final. packers, late-game heroics in miami. aaron rodgers, four yards for the touchdown with three seconds remain and the packers beat the dolphins 27-24. >> shootout in cinci, bengals and panthers. bernard, the longest rushing td from scrimmage this season. 89-yards. he had 137 on the day. 14-7 bengals. game needed overtime, all 15 minutes. time expires. misses a 36-yard field goal. game ends in a rare 37-37 tie. college football has a new
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number one, mississippi state jumped over florida state in today's ap rankings, 78 year history of the ap poll no team has gone unranked to number one in five weeks. bulldogs upset stanford yesterday and fsu beat syracuse on the road. mississippi state got 45 first-place votes, seminoles 12. unusual for a top ranked team to drop when undefeated or coming off a win. here's your top five. mississippi state, followed by fsu, then ole miss, baylor number four, notre dame number five, stanford, number 23. pga tour facing its first event of the 2014-15 season in napa with the open. bay had a lead coming into the final round and needed all of it. birdie here on 8. in the clubhouse at 13 under. birdie here on 12. but goings 13 to cut his lead to two. but he would par in, and come
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away with the open champion. >> this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware, giants and cardinals, game two underway on coffee tv 20, see you then. >> next at 6:00, can "gone girl" hold off movies that just hit the box office?
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join us on kofy tv 20. iphone users could start using apple's new pay service soon. what a new report is saying about the feature. then on abc7 at 11:00 here on channel 7, the dangerous new trend that started will celebrities and is now affecting the nonfamous and why police say it's leaving people terrified. that is tonight at 11:00. the best selling book "gone girl" proved to be too good of a draw at the box office, awaying the top spot in its second weekend. "gone girl" pulled in nearly $27 million. studio analysts are surprised it's doing so well with so many other options but believe believe strong word of mouth boosted sales. dracula, was in second place
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with 27 million. alexander and the terrible, horrible no good very bad day made 19 initial its first -- 19 million in its first wake, and "the judge" made 13 million. >> that's it for abc7 news at 6:00
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