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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 16, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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texas nurses are being treated for ebola and their cases are a growing concern to the american public and fellow travelers would may have shared an airplane ride with one of the infected women. we are joining in dallas-ft. worth with the latest. now that we do know that two people contracted ebola virus while working here at the hospital, health officials are stepping up their efforts to contain the virus. >> amber joy vinson walk off the plane after getting a ride on a biocontainment plane arriving at emory university hospital. now in isolation. the 29-year-old is the second dallas nurse to catch ebola after treating temperature -- thomas eric duncan who died last week. she had close contact with thomas eric duncan including drawing blood. especially troubling, she flew to cleveland to visit family and
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back to dallas before she knew she had ebola virus. the centers for disease control say they gave her permission to fly despite a heightened temperature at 99.5 but lower than 104 which is classified as fever. >> she should not have traveled. >> the centers for disease control says the level of risk to the 132 passengers is low air travelers in general are uneasy. >> thank you is making me wonder, is it safe to get on any of the planes going anywhere? >> another of the nurses remains at this texas hospital and her condition continuing to improve. health officials are investigating how the two became infected. the number is expected to climb. >> this month is a nightmare for the nurses. >> a review of the thomas eric duncan records reveal he was in the hospital for two days before
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staff switched to haz-mat. >> as officials monitor the travel of people who may have been exposed to ebola virus, city, workers have been going door to door to get out the word. >> back to you. >> thank you, officials say they are ready if any passengers arrived with ebola virus-like symptoms. workers and representatives are on duty at customs desk and others are taking precautions. a worker who cleans planes said that crews are wearing masks and gloves while doing their job and there is a reason that is inadequate. we will have more on what is happening at sfo at top of the hour. >> nurses at kaiser permanente facilities are asking president obama to step in to keep them safe. they want national standards put in place including enhanced
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training and proper protective gear. the nurses union is demanding new conditions as part of the new contract. kaiser permanente has 21 the fares in 18,000 nurses across northern california. california department of health says they have contacted all hospitals in the state to help them get ready. officials say the risk to the general public is extremely low but they want to be ready. just in case. so many are concern about ebola we posted a detailed list of 7 stings you need to know on the virus including the origin, symptoms and how it is transmitted at this morning, contra costa deputies are investigating the shooting of a 12-year-old boy around 9:00 last night. deputies found the boy wounded in front of an apartment and they airlifted him to children's hospital oak oakland. >> today, a last ditch effort to prevent a strike that would take golden gate bridge transit out
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of service tomorrow and management and labor will be at the bargaining table this morning at 9:00 and if no agreement is reached workers will go on strike for tomorrow's commute and bus drivers are not members of the union but say they will honor the picket lines. 22,000 commuters could be affected and the differences between the two sides involve health care. >> the giants are a win away from going back to the world series for the third time in five careers. they trail the cardinals 4-1 after the solo shot in the third with the giants chipping away with health from miscues from cardinals. the game was tied and then joe grounds a first but the throw was wide and posey followed with a single to last and now san
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francisco leads the series 3-1. fans could not be any more exciteed. our reporter amy hollyfield is at at&t park. amy? >> yes, this game got off to a bad start for the giants. it made the victory sweeter. >> go. one more. one more. one more. fans were excited and the win didn't have the same ex excitement on tuesday in extra inning. this game puts the giants in a comfort lead and fans see this as nice insurance goings into game five tonight at 3-1 lead feels good. the players are not getting excited yet. they say st. louis is a good time that doesn't quit and they can't let down their guard. players say today's game will be a tough one so enjoying the victory is short-lived and they
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are on to the next game. fans say they are feeling pretty good and they say don't stop believing, employ in october, and especially with bumgarner on the mound and some fans will put some champagne on ice, just in case. reporting live in san francisco, abc7. >> it seems like everyone is catching giants fever, here is a dog sporting a san francisco scan next to a pumpkin and it is orange october. we want to see your team spirit. e-mail to close out the cardinals and avoid going to st. louis and, instead, going 200 miles to the west in kansas city. first pitch is at 5:07 and the series shifts back to st. louis this weekend if game 6 and 7 if
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necessary. >> happening today apple is expected to unveil a new entrant in the tablet war. apple is expected to introduce new air models that are faster and thinner than last year's model. other highlights include fingerprint sensors for all the ipads and a new mac operating system, and maybe, a new generation of mack computers. apple sales have slipped. the c.e.o. will host the event at 10:00 a.m. >> tomorrow is 25 years since the loma prieta shook the area and the great shakeout drill is held at 10:16 a.m. to hope people learn and practice what needs to be done when an earthquake hits. mike got a feel in this similarity and the bay area city
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officials say there are things can you do right new to make sure you are ready. mike is hanging on top. drop cover when an earthquake hits and protect your head. 's the earthquake secure items that could come crashing down. obviously, bookcases and televisions. we will mark the anniversary with a special report "15 seconds, 25 years later," and we will look at how the earthquake changes the bay area and lessons learned from the earthquake. we hope you will join us tomorrow at 6:30 people if the special report. >> i want to ask mike about how great of a magnitude the stimulator was to stimulate? >> i knew the bookcase was drilled into the wall and yours should be. and there are other ways to keep things from falling such as tvs or pictures i will put it on face book with the products
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you can find. now, baseball, 63 at 5:00 and dropping to 58. not so breeze as as the last couple of games and no threat of wet weather. if you are headed into san francisco, 59 at the ferry building and crossing the golden gate bridge 56, and downtown is 57 and same in the financial district and a lot of low-to-mid 50's an the bay shore and the south bay where santa clara is 54 and same in pleasanton and warmer in pittsburg at 58. 49 in american canyon. day planner today, a lot of high clouds and sunshine and temperatures are the same as yesterday. we will be in the 60 and 70's at noon and most us in the 60's at 4:00 until inland in the 70's and grab a coat this evening with temperatures in the 50's. height rain is possible in the north bay tomorrow and the rest of the us have a chance of showers friday night into saturday morning and saturday afternoon and sunday looking brighter and sightly warmer.
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if you are making it from hayward, there are no problems but a brand new crash involving an overturn vehicle. we do not have rain so we do not have slick roads. eastbound 80, that is where the car flipped and we had two occupants in the vehicle crawl out of the car. all lanes are blocked. eastbound 80 at carlson boulevard and drive time traffic 680 southbound from check correct to dublin is 15 minutes. 101 southbound to santa rosa is 50 minutes and highway 17 is looking good. eric and kristen? >> should there be a fast lane and a slow lane for the internet? what california regulators are manning to do on internet speed
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equality. >> a video shows how unsafe some of the roadway safety devices are. >> a solicit in who voters want to see as the next mayor of
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covering novato, oakland, sunny have a and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 4:43. it appears governor brown's endorsement in the rate for the oakland mayor is making a difference. kaplan is still in the lead. however, since shaft was endorsed by brown she is in second. the mayor is in third place. analysts say the mayor's polling numbers have never recovered from the handling of a violent occupy oakland event. >> in the governor's race, republican candidate neel kashkari will take the campaign to burlingame this afternoon. he will visit san mateo county
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g.o.p. headquarters and take part by calling voters at a phone bank trailing governor brown by huge margins in name recognition and campaign funds. >> there was political history yesterday in los angeles, state senator was sworn in as president, the 47-year-old is only the second latino ever sworn in and the first in a century, raised in poverty, he said he wants to give every child a chance at the american dream. >> a stunning admission from a company facing lawsuits over guardrail safety, with the manufacturer say they are safe. in testimony they revealed that in five crash tests the guard rails failed badly and should absorb the impact and cull off to the side but a lawsuit claim they malfunction and have caused
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several injuries sometimes fatal. the experimental configuration of the guardrails were part of a research project. >> an official criticized for cozy relationship with a company he is supposed to watch is distancing himself from pg&e and is recusing himself from work related to the pg&e pipeline explosion in 2010 and from a rate case. we have reported e-mails showing him behind-the-scenes dealing with pg&e as the company was requesting a specific judge to hear the case. the mayor of san san bruno wantm to resign. >> an important vote in san francisco today could help determine your internet speed in the future. the vote is whether to support the federal government's net neutrality proposal.
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the rules would allow internet service providers to give companies prefer usual treatment with more speedy connections. if they pay. critics say regular internet users would be shafted. the regulator has a position that could influence the fcc. if you go to mcdonald's today, donation boxes hike these are set up at bay area mcdonald's restaurants and the day of change campaign collects money for ronald mcdonald houses for families with sick children while the child is hospitalized. they have the 40th anniversary this year. mike has done a lot of good work with them and it is exciting to see. >> it is. a little bit from everyone goes a long way and that is what we help to accomplish today and we have a big fundraiser tomorrow and there are tickets available for that and the new house.
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a fabulous, fabulous new facility, and you can see our story on our website that ran last night at 6:00. you will be impressed. >> you have talked about that and the, and the giants game. do you stop working? >> we all work 24/7 now with social media. just trying to keep up. take the hoodie. did you see the fans with the panda heads last night? maybe that kept them warm. it will be in the mid-60's to low 50's by end of the game. the next system is unleashing the wet weather and mountain snow but that is mostly in oregon and toward washington. here is a look at our temperatures, with high clouds and sun and low-to-mid 70s throughout the south bay and the warmest weather is los gatos and
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morgan hill and gilroy at 75 and 76 and upper 60 to low 70 on the peninsula with low-to-mid 60's along the coast into downtown south san francisco through sauce heat and to bodega bay to 61 and ten degrees warmer headed inland with upper 60 to low 70's through the north bay and long the east bay shore we have temperatures in the upper 60 to low 70's and moving inland small range of 73 to 75 degrees. tomorrow, it will be another dry night with a lot of high clouds again and temperatures are in the low 50's in the north bay valleys and the rest of us are in the midtown more 50's until palo alto and redwood city if the low 50's. the next system will bring us a lot of high clouds today and we will see an increase headed through the afternoon hour and temperatures are cooler-than-average. with the storm coming in it will bring a chance of rain in the north bay tomorrow afternoon with the favorite areas where
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the southwest wind is lifted in marin county and long the sonoma county coast, that is what will happen, the rain will roll through. the rest of us get a chance headed influence friday night into saturday but the bulk of the system will fall apart before it gets to us so don't expect a lot of rain like yesterday, probably less than what we had yesterday but it will be in scattered amounts like yesterday like san jose, no rain, but southeast by three miles and .3". that is what we will deal with, with scattered showers friday night interest saturday. saturday afternoon and sunday, increasing sun and warmer weather and then cooler weather and a chance of rain monday and tuesday. >> two citizens working in the east bay and the first is back near richmond pulling in toward the hoffman split, this was first reported eastbound
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direction and we have the red lights that are now showing with two lanes blocked westbound 80 at school son, where you start to head over to the hoffman split into albany where you will fine the delays and further to the south, southbound we have another accident and it is blocking at least one day and it does not appear to be causing delays northbound and no spectator slowing at this hour. we have areas where construction is picked up and the golden gate bridge shows in the northbound direction coming out of san francisco you will find flashing lights. be careful. we were talking about the unveiling of the new ipad and apple may have stolen some of their own thunder. >> here is the tech bytes. >> accident am plop december -- accidental blunder by apple with new versions of the air and the
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mini which are to be unveiled today. and galaxy note 4 has a larger screen and rear camera and the "wall street journal" gives it high marks. >> if you thought apple just entered the war with the iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus and wiped out the competition, that is not the case. samsung still leads the way with better software that takes advantage of the screen and a higher resolution screen. >> parents could be responsible for child's facebook activity in a case involving a boy who created fake profile to defamily a female classmate and the parents' attorney will appeal. a possible breakthrough that could bring pro democracy protests to an end in hong kong. >> a legal victory for high-speed rail system and how it will kick the project interest high gear. >> nature's fury, a must see
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video showing why you should never mess with an angry sea lion lopreventable medical errors,hey all lnow the third leadingse of cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse.
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and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46.
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>> hong kong leader is ready to talk with pro democracy demonstrators. police and protesters clashed outside the chief executive office trying to move barricades and angry over the decision to scene candidates to run in the territory's first direct elections in 2017. >> don't mess with an angry sea lion. commercial fisherman hauled in a sea lion and one was grabbed by the sleep and flung across the deck. the shipping do, yes, they have one, tried to intervene but that didn't work and, finally, they
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used a hose to get the sea lion off the boat and they are then to swim into nets to eat the fish and swim out but this was slow or really hungry. >> they can have a stem per. >> nice from a distance. >> from a distance. >> we have issues to the south with a high surf advisory around >> we will have mid-70's to he 80's through the valley valley and 64 in lake tahoe and mid-70 around san diego and los angeles. i will show you what is going on look impressive as circulating more at 60 miles per hour wind and headed to the big island by
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saturday morning and then it could hit honolulu as we head to monday morning. heavy rain is coming possibly to the hawaiian islands. good timing. as we take you into the east bay, if you don't have good timing if you need to head to work because we have a couple of accidents we have two lanes with possible injuries. what happened is the car flips and landed on the roof and the occupants of the vehicle were crawling out leaning us with backups. and 980 to the south at 16th you can see another accident blocking one lane. i will look at the san jose drive in a few minutes. the supreme court is clearing the wear for work to proceed on the high-speed rail system.
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opponents say the $68 billion project no the high-speed rail short said work can now proceed more aggressively, now. >> a report shows senior citizens who fall victim to scams are losing big money according to a survey there have been an average of $30,000 stole and some have lost $100,000. according to a life insurance it is not just strangers stealing but, more and more were actually swing telled by someone they knew like a caregiver or a family member. seniors lose $3 million to physical abuse but many remain silent. >> an alert for a suspected child me easter and bay area police say he targeted two young girls and a video they want you
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to see. >> could ebola be an airline flight away from the bay area? local airports are now ready to keep that from happening. >> a win away, the giants are on the verge of a return to the world series and an amazing come-from-behind victory that fans will not soon forget.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good thursday morning. it is 5:00. i am kristen sze. >> mike


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