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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 16, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a man wanted for targeting two young girls at different big box stores. the video police want you to see. >> game over. 3-1. >> one game away from a return to the world series and it can be wrapped up tonight. >> imagine we saw those firework last night. imagine the fireworks we will see tonight if it happens the way we want. >> really excited? >> maybe a little. hopefully those the only showers we will see. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. it is dry, the only forecast is champagne showers. live doppler hd is quiet. high clouds and sunshine, no need to worry about the wet weather. put the up preliminary away.
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we are in the mid-to-upper 60's by 4:00. no fog. high clouds and sun. upper 60 to low 70 from noon to 4:00. grab a coat. it will be quiet. along the coast, clouds and fog but in drizzle and temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's with high clouds and sun. check out the cars. it is a parking lot from the maze at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is 15 to 20 americans from the maze to the city. we have a problem over the altamont pass headed along in the when direction, that is are we have a stalled vehicle causing heavy backups and the traffic is not dissipating. in the eastbound direction we have this project from greenville to in the flynn until 9:00. >> new developments in the ebola virus epidemic. amber vinson the second nurse
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diagnosed with ebola virus is treated at emory university in atlanta. the search is on to identify 132 passengers on a flight sent son took -- vinson took before she was diagnosed. and a house of representatives committee will talk about the virus and why she was allowed to flight. rebound has canceled campaign appearans to hold an emergency meeting at the white house. >> airports are taking steps to monster ebola virus but one airline's lack of action is shocking for one flight attendant. we have followed the story from the beginning. although health officials have said patients are not considered
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contagious until they have symptoms they say they are ready. >> we have not soon any cases in california but officials are not taking any chances. the state has asked the centers for disease control to add international airports in california to the list of those conducting enhanced screening of international travelers. that hand happened yet but a flight attendant with 30 years of experience under her belt who wanted to say anonymous said the spread of the environmental has her shared. officials are prepared to keep passengers safe and have workers and centers for disease control representatives at duty at customs. since the outbreak of ebola the organizations and we have been disseminating information and reviewing our roars and make sure we are on the same page. the airport has prepared if
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diseases like sars in the past but tom frieden director of the centers for disease control says ebola is transmitted through direct contact with body fluids and air travel remains safe. the daily developments on the crisis are found on our news app free on apple or google play with more information at >> police are searching for the man who molested two girls at two stores. this is the man caught on security camera. this happened early this week at the wal-mart and the target at bay fair mall. matt has the details. >> the solano -- san lenadro
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police are checking with other law enforcement agencies to see if they have similar information to led to an arrest. the details are disturbing. miss say the child sexual predator fondled the young girl on monday night at 7:45. he quickly drove a mile away to the target store and stalked the aisles and found another little girl and did the same thing. >> the fact he not only went into a public place where he likely knew he would be recorded on security camera but three could not hold back and he committed the crime. not once. twice. in 15 to 20 minute period. >> he is between 25 and 40 and 6' tall. his say people who chit -- commit these crimes if not stopped are capable of more violent assaults.
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in both cases the girls were alone but the parents were close by. they are checking the parking lots to see to they can get more information on the suspect's vehicle. >> a man is in custody after attempted kidnapping and dramatic stand off. miss say the 44-year-old set up been -- booby traps it did nut work. he was arrested. police say the stand off began after he tried to kidnap his girlfriend. giants ace bumgarner stars again the cardinals as they seek to make the world series for the third time in five years. the gianted answered this play
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with a pair of runs. that made it 4-3 in the 6th. they took the lead and there was a three-run rally and then a strikeout ends the game and giants win 6-4 to take the series lead hoping to close out st. louis today. >> it is our goal. what we want to do. a lot of guys were on the team in 2012 when we were in the same boat and we were able to win they if a row so we are not taking anything for granted and though we will have a tough game on our hands. >> first pitch is 5:07 p.m. royals fans are celebrating the first trip to the world series since 1985, a long drought. royals completed a sweep of the baltimore orioles yesterday
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betting baltimore orioles 2-1. game one of the world series will be tuesday night in scan scan against -- in kansas city against the giants or the cardinals. >> the executives were worried about a st. louis and kansas city again. >> exactly, attracting the same demographics. mike? the game at 5:00, when you settle interest your seat under partly sunny sky it is 63 with clouds by the end and chilly at 58. if you are headed out to bart it is 51 at dublin/pleasanton and 62 in pittsburg, and most of us in the mid-to-upper 50's and lafayette is 52 and oakland is 58 and san francisco is 59 and fremont is 56. the air is clean and calm. temperatures this afternoon will run two to six degrees
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cooler-than-average and we are going to stay cooler-than-average headed into the weekend with a slight chance rain in the north bay. the rest of us have scattered showers friday night into saturday morning. >> we will look at the north bay on 101 headed along in the southbound direction with tail lights pushing to san rafael and 580 looking heavier. northbound traffic is starting to build and when you get to the golden gate bridge everything is moving line fine into the city and along in the northbound direction the construction has wrapped up and drive time traffic 580 tracy to dublin has had problems 52 minutes from east to west and highway 4 is heavy and 33 americans from antioch to concord and clear and moving along at top speed from san rafael to the city. >> much more ahead on the ebola epidemic including the man who transported the latest paint
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without haz-mat suit. the internet wants it knowly out. >> a florida fan flab, -- flap nearing ending an important debate before it starts. >> we want to see giants' team spirit at
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covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning at 6:13 on thursday. hopefully, this is the day the giants clink the nlcs and you can see the ferry building lit up in orange with hopefully bringing us good luck. sad news, a clerk -- character in "modern family," dies of natural causes after a brief illness but did not elaborate. among the many roles she played the mother open "modern family," but men for many roles on the
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big and small screens spanning three decades. she appeared in "rush hour," and "incredibles," a member of the show's family and will be missed. ebola is outbreak and some are not aware of the contagious nature of the virus. when a nurse diagnosed with ebola virus was walking on to a plane surrounded by people in protective collecting, look closely, that one man holding a chill board wearing only a shirt and pants, regular clothes, was near the paint and seen exiting the plane handling a canister and crash bags and is thought a member of the air crew and not part of the medical team with a full explanation yet to be given, obviously thes have centers -- the centers for disease control wanted to track down that man. >> did the fan flap in florida
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getting nationwide attention during a football gubernatorial debate which was almost over before it started because of an electric fan. >> governor crist has asked to have a fan, a small fan, placed under his podium. the rule are the debate that i was then by the scott campaign say there should be no fan. somehow there is a fan there and for that ron, ladies and gentlemans, i am being told that governor scott -- >> really? >> will not join us. >> really? the agreement --. >> boo. >> the fan was included in this. >> boo. >> the crowd was booing so the pod operators tried to figure out behalf to do and seven americans later governor scott actually took the stage.
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>> it is electric not electronics. some would consider that to be a factor. >> interesting stuff. in hawaii residents are preparing for tropical storm anna strengthening into a hurricane by tomorrow. some residents are loading up on water and gas and public schools have been canceled tomorrow and officials are preparing to open shelters and are asking residents to be prepared for strong winds, heavy rain, and potential power outages as the storm makes its way across the state. hawaii was hit early in the summer so hopfully it will be okay. >> it will be a hurricane and it will be on the top side of the hurricane where the fastest winds are. they are embracing or should be bracing. >> right now, it weakened overnight and it is still over warm water and that is why the hurricane center thinks it will
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intensify the next 24 hours with winds at 60 miles per hour moving to the west at 10 miles per hour and 530 miles southeast of hilo which is at least the other side of the island from where the hurricane's prudent force will hit skirting most of island to the south until it is reaches honolulu possibly a direct hit by 9:00 on sunday morning. then it exits the hawaiian islands by 7:00 monday morning. put your umbrella away here, temperatures are light. we have another cool day. we only have a west wind at four miles per hour on the golden gate and no fog. i have not seen any anywhere else. high clouds. sunshine. cool today. a couple more charges of rain in the forecast but they will stay mostly across the north bay into oregon and washington. mother nature is teasing us with
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the systems. they are weak when they reach us. today, low-to-mid 70's in the south bay and santa cruz at the boardwalk is 70. upper 60's in mill bay and redwood city south is low 70's and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and mid-60 an downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and we will drop to 61 by bodega bay and san rafael is warmer, and berkeley and oakland upper 60 and everyone else in the low 70. inhand, we have high clouds and sun and mid-70's. the cloud stay around tonight. fog is limited to patchy fog along the coast and low 50's in napa and santa rosa. >> the cold front shows it is rolling toward us and spreading the high clouds today and it is partly sunny and school and a chance rain across the north bay
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tomorrow afternoon with light rain as the southern winds keep blowing and on friday night it will be just drizzle and light rain along the north bay coast with most of us fine for friday night football and not much green with the radar returns overnight with the storm system falling apart over the ocean before it gets here but well have a chance friday note into saturday and scattered and light showers and less rain than yesterday. saturday afternoon and sunday we are looking at mostly sunny conditions and warmer but cooler with the rain on monday to tuesday and warmer and dry weather on wednesday. it is busy. it is moving along. we have 15 minutes from highway 4 from hercules to the maze. not too bad. the next hotspot into san francisco we have one disabled vehicle northbound 280, one lane is blocked and not causing any
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delays with traffic headed away from san francisco toward tell daily and -- actually daly city and at sfo it is not too bad top speed away from san mateo and 280 moving along without a problem and to the south if there, 101 to 280 is clear. we have traffic building as folks try to get off the dumbarton and san mateo bridge but we also have an issue over the altamont pass clearing up with the details straight ahead. holiday hiring is ramping up. the tens of thousands of jobs a major technical giant is landing just in time for christmas. >> "7 on your side" teams up with "consumer reports" to determine if you can getting in determine if you can getting in savings replacing hi, i'm henry winkler determand i'm here to tellng in savings homeowners
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guarantee better opinion an. $1930 -- $190 scored "excellent" for rain resistant in warm temperatures and if you prefer casement style all four earned "exlend," in wind and rain test. the least expensive is this one by anderson for $260 at home depot. "consumer reports" says you can keep replacement when costs down by skipping on the upgrades. for example, this wood grill looks nice but it can add $150 to the cost of each when. >> check before you clean the windows because some manufactures do not recommend alcohol based cleaners because they leave streak or a film that attracts dust. use a vinegar solution or a
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special cloth. >> i hope someone comes to my house and does it for me. volunteers? >> i am waiting to my volunteers. developing new is search for a gunman who injured a 12-year-old boy in confident cost county. >> to people have contracted ebola virus working in this hospital, officials are stepping up their efforts for containment. >> san francisco giants are a win away from the world series and national sportswriters cannot believe it. live doppler hd showing it is dry this morning and i have a couple more charges of rain in the seven-day outlook. in the traffic center, that is a look at the toll plaza pulling to the toll it is not
6:27 am
too bad and across the water at five minutes we have a few areas of hotspots.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, at 6:30. thanks for joining us. in 12 hours, or 10 1/2 hours the giants will hopefully wrap up the championship series with the cardinals. >> no return trips to st. louis, i say. and move on to kansas city. we hope we get good weather for the fans today. >> it is easier airport to get in and out of. good morning, everyone, here is what is going on, fog on live doppler hd. it is quiet. no need to worry about wet weather. a lack of low clouds and breezes. we are in the 40's and 50's this morning. not is breezy today. low 60 to 70 from the coast inland and noon temperatures are still in the low 60's at 4:00
6:31 am
and upper 60 to low 60's the bay and inland. >> now the committee on on the -- check on the commute. >> the san mateo bridge to the peninsula is fuller. we have a couple of trouble spots and the first is at the red top road on-ramp westbound 80, a crash, blocking one plane and we have a little bit of slowing approaching the interchange eastbound direction through american canyon a couple of prick lights. we have heavy traffic along 87 in the northbound direction at the expressway and in san jose you are going to be on the practices and 101 slow away from the 280/6 80 split. >> at 9:00 a.m. the centers for disease control director thomas frieden will go before house of representatives to deliver testify on the agency's response
6:32 am
to the virus and the two nurses diagnosed with the illness. frieden will say ebola is not a significant public threat to the united states. he is expected to recommend the number of worker whose care for anyone with ebola virus be kept to a minimum. the second nurse diagnosed with ebola virus is now getting treatment in atlanta after leaving dallas last night. amber joy vinson walked off the plane arriving at emory university hospital in isolation, the 29-year-old is the second dallas nurse to catch ebola after treating thomas eric duncan who died there last week. the associated press reported she had close contact with thomas eric duncan drawing blood and especially troubling this which youd a trip to cleveland
6:33 am
visiting family and a trip to dallas before she knew she had the disease and the centers for disease control gave her permission to fly despite a heightened temperature at 99.5, lower than the 100.4. >> she should not have traveled on a commercial airline. >> they say the risk to the 132 passengers is extremely low, travelers in general are uneasy. >> you wonder, is it safe to get on any of the planes going anywhere? another number, nina pham is at texas health presbyterian hospital and is improving. they are vetting how the two became infected. the number is expected to climb. >> this is a nightmare for the nurses but a review of thomas eric duncan records reveal he was in the hospital for two days
6:34 am
before they switched to haz-mat suits. >> officials monitor the travel of those exposed to ebola viruses we are seeing cities and workers here in dallas knocking on the doors of the community of amber vinson to get the word out. measures at kaiser permanente facilities are asking president obama to step in to key them safe. they want national standards in place including mandatory protective gear. the union is demanding some conditions as pat of the new contract. k permanent has 21 facilities and 18,000 nurses across northern california. so many are concern about ebola virus we posted a detail list of seven things you need to know of the virus including the origin, symptoms and how it is transmit ted. >> the shooting of a 12-year-old
6:35 am
is being investigated in contra costa county last night. the by was found wounded in front of an apartment and airlifted to children's hospital in oakland with no word on his condition or a suspect or motive . tomorrow is defy years since the loma prieta earthquake and there will be a practice of what to do when an earthquake hits and meteorologist mike nicco got a feel for a lamb earthquake. to find an event if your area -- >> we will have a special "15 seconds, 25 years later, the loma prieta earthquake." hope you can join us for that
6:36 am
special. >> game over. >> dreams of another world series for the san francisco giants now just a win away as the orange and black take 3-1 lead over the cardinals in the budget of seven. and another scrappy wind last night so game five is tonight and we will find our reporter. we are ready for a party. >> chill the champagne. party atmosphere. they could do it tonight. last night the game started off badly. the victory was that much sweeter. >> one more. one more. one more. >> fans can see the world series if reach and they are excited. i have been reading the sports column and the national press seems very surprised the team has made it this far especially
6:37 am
with the lack of hitting. the team manager admits they are not doing it the conventional way but they are getting it done. >> they are a gritty bunch. if you are not hitting a long ball you better find other ways to get the runs. right now they are doing a great job. the national reporters are not giving a lot of trouble to the pitchers. bumgarner is on the mound but the players are cool saying tonight is tough, st. louis is a good team that does not quit. one game at a time. the fans say they have not stopped believing and are hoping they can pop the champagne. tonight. >> they have to have the
6:38 am
goggles, ready. >> or chose your eyes. the oscars have a host and what the host is telling "good morning america" but, first, a search is on for a man targeting young girls at department stories in the east bay as police t
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champagne showers is all we may have at at&t park. when the giants win. 63 at 5:00. 58 by 8:00. rough surf to the south near the coast over to santa barbara and mid-70's around los angeles and san diego. high clouds and sunshine and 6 in monterey and low 80's through the central valley and 64 in lake tahoe. warmer as we head through the weekend with a lot of sunshine. above average and 70 by sunday. we had an early motorcycle crash that cleared. you have a bit of a backup. almost from highway 85. the rest of san jose is loading up along 101 headed up to the san jose airport.
6:42 am
mass transit, all running on time and bart is at least 53 train on time, ace rain and all is clear and no delays with ac transit. >> thank you, leyla gulen, at 6:42. trading is underway on wall street. we check the early numbers after the huge slide and a partial
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this is abc7 news. 6:45, in the east bay police are searching for a hand who molested two little girls at two different stores. this is the man they are looking for caught on security camera happening early this week at wal-mart and the target at bayfair mall. here are the details. matt? >> a very disturbing story. the police are hoping that the public can help stop this sexual predator doing this again. here is surveillance video of the man described as being between 25 and 40. he is at least 6' with medium build and brown hair and light brown eyebrows and fondled a
6:46 am
young girl on the wal-mart at 7:45 and what alarm them more he quickly drove less than a mile away to the target store and stalked the i'ms and found another little girl and did the same thing. >> we know the people that commit these crimes are very capable of doing violent sexual assaults if not stopped early. >> police are looking for the man both the young girls were between seven and ten. they were alone but the parents were close in the store. police are looking at other ages to see if they have information to lead to an arrest. thank you, matt. trading is underway on wall street. the early numbers though the doug is having a down day right now down 125 points and tee
6:47 am
tearing around 16000 and only three days ago or a week ago it was at 17,000 so a huge down day on ebola virus worries, europe worries and the economy here so it has been a roller coaster yesterday the dow falling 600 points and then recovered so we will see how it goes today but investors are jittered this morning. amazon is planning to add 80,000 new workers for the holiday season. business must be good because that is 14 percent increase from last year. they plan to have more than 15 of what they call sort centers for fast are delivery. >> apple will unveil a new internet in the tablet warren introducing a new ipad air that is faster and thinner than last year. other highlights include finger print sensors for all ipads. they leaked pictures on itunes yesterday and everyone is
6:48 am
talking about, was it an accident? but with appling in is accidental. you decide. >> someone hit "go," by accident while pouring a cup security? >> it is always a conspiracy when they release information ahead of time. >> you are getting deep into this. >> we like the intrigue. >> is the weather intriguing? >> it can be. to the north we find the rain this morning and that is where it will stay as you can see moving to the northeast and that is the beginning of the front that will bring us wet weather tomorrow and right now it is pushing the high clouds across the sky and it will be colorful. i will put some pictures on twit are and facebook. san jose is looking cloudy over
6:49 am
280 and 17 but it is dry and in need for the umbrella just clouds and cooler-than-average temperatures. a chance of rain tomorrow and monday and tuesday and the best chances is to the north around oregon and washington and low-to-mid 70's and including headed to santa cruz and upper 60's and millbrae and low 70's for the rest of us and long the coast we have low-to-mid 60's and that stretches into downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and to bodega bay and low 70s headed up to the north bay today and upper 60's to low 70 along east bay shore and headed with the east bay valley, mid-70's and livermore at 74 degrees. the temperatures tonight are dropping into the low-to-mid 50's and here is what we look at: the cold front is to the west but the jet stream is push the high clouds to us so partly sunny and cool and thicker
6:50 am
tomorrow with sprinkles and a better chance of light rain in the north bay as the system pushes in from the southwest. the mountains will naturally lit and you can see the green in the sky in the north bay. sprinkles in the evening. the system falls apart before it gets here and scattered to lit showers into saturday morning and by saturday afternoon the system is gone. to the south, tropical storm is headed for hawaii and it should be there and it will hit sunday morning. the seven-day forecast shows we are looking at temperatures warmer with the extra sunshine on saturday and sunday and, againen on wednesday and otherwise, today, tomorrow, monday and tuesday are the same. a few days if a row we had problems with an accident and today is no, exception westbound 80 an highway 12 blocking one lane and causing blackups at 24
6:51 am
miles per hour, approaching the interchange behind it from fairly at 57 miles per hour. when we look here this is the golden gate bridge making it across the water it is moving along fine and the san mateo bridge is busy and the dumbarton is moving better but we are starting to see delays cross the water to the peninsula. our time is 6:51. a familiar face is hosting the academy awards next week. neal patrick harris will emcee the oscars posting this video of his bucket list crossing off "host the oscars." he has hosted emmys twice and the tone awards four times and thousand is ready to take on the biggest night. >> he is well loved by the
6:52 am
community. he can really put on a big show. he can sing. he can dance. ♪ all your questions ♪ in the middle of the show >> he said it is truly an honor and a thrill to be asked to host the academy award sunday february 22nd. you can want the oscars only here. stay tuned.
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a look from the camera, this is just an amazingly gorgeous shot. >> this is the san francisco we me and love and san francisco that no oh city can watch. >> mike has another forecast coming up and whether you just joining us or headed out the door seven things to know. the police are asking for the public's help finding a man wanted for groping two young girls at a wal-mart and target store the first girl's mother told security who called police and the second attack was a short time later a mile away. >> authorities are investigating the shooting of a 12-year-old boy in the east bay that happened in bay point around 9:00 last night, and deputies found the boy and airlifted him to children's hospital oakland.
6:55 am
>> officials at sfo are ready if any passengers shows up with ebola like symptoms. county health worker and centers for disease control representatives are on duty at the airport's customs deck. get ready for the great shake intermediate to teach earthquake safety across the country this morning and at 10:16 in california. tomorrow is 25 years sip -- since the loma prieta hit. >> the giants are a game away from another world series leading 3-1 with st. louis on the brink of elimination. first pitch is at 5:307. >> we will see fog developing around santa rosa at two miles and it is not going to have a
6:56 am
long shell life with beautiful colors because of high clouds. 70 to 75 inland and south bay and coast and san francisco is 61 to 66 and around the bay, 61 to 72. enjoy. the bay bridge toll plaza show a stalled vehicle just right at number seven a messy commute at 20 minutes from the maze to san francisco. we have a problem in solano county if you headed westbound 80 you cannot miss it, with lane is blocked and heavy delays and a look at the east bay, the drive from hayward through union city is stop-and-go and sluggish at pleasanton. we continue on-line and on twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. the calm before the excitement at at&t park. thanks for joining us. go giants.
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>> good morning, america. and breaking overnight, the newest ebola patient evacuated from this dallas hospital for emergency treatment in atlanta. the investigation this morning into why the cdc allowed that nurse to board a plane with an elevated temperature. the crew and some of the 139 passengers now asked to quarantine themselves. >> bleached all my luggage, i washed all my clothes. just trying to keep everybody, you know, completely away from my house. >> that plane, grounded. the president canceling his own travel to deal with the growing crisis. developing now, monster storm in the atlantic. packing 140-mile-per-hour winds. the strongest storm in 11 years bearing down on bermuda. and tropical storm ana about to slam hawaii in the pacific.


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