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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 20, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news this morning -- ebola in america. a sigh of relief once the clock struck midnight. why today is important for dozens of people being monitored for the deadly virus. we're live with details. new this morning. the manhunt intensifies for an accused cop killer on the run in the mountains. after a woman claims she came face to face with him. >> he turned toward me. that's where you could see the mud on his face. >> her chilling account and the latest on the investigation. firefighters chisel away at a chimney after hearing cries from inside. the messy rescue and why police arrested the trapped woman. and touchdown king. peyton manning breaks an all-time passing record. the message from brett favre overnight, and how the rest of the broncos had a little fun
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with their qb. good monday morning, i'm reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes. this morning, an important milestone in the fight against ebola. the first group of people that were at risk from thomas eric duncan, they're now out of quarantine. and out of danger. >> but the battle is far from over from the two nurses who did get sick after karg for duncan in his final days. we begin with abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: this morning, a huge sigh of relief in dallas. the first group of people quarantined and monitored after contact with ebola patient thomas eric duncan are no longer at risk. 48 people in all, including duncan's relatives and fiance, louise troh. >> after 21 days of being on the watch list, there's zero chance that any of those young men or that louise carries the ebola virus. >> reporter: another person, a
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dallas lab supervisor, who handled lab samples from duncan, has tested negative, but not before a huge scare. the woman arrived back in texas after a cruise on the carnival "magic." 3600 passengers on board. though the lab supervisor didn't show symptoms, she was quarantined in her cabin for days as fear spread quickly. >> she shouldn't have been on board. she should have stayed home. >> reporter: also this morning, the two nurses who contracted ebola from duncan, nina pham and amber vinson, remained in the hospital. overnight, vinson's panelly says she contacted the cdc before flying to cleveland and the cdc cleared her for travel. the family also says when she learned about pham's infection, she again asked if arrangements could be made to fly her back to dallas, but she was assured her concerns were unfounded. meanwhile rngs federal health officials are revising ebola property kols for hospitals. >> one of the things will be complete covering, with no skin showing whatsoever. >> reporter: and reena and t.j.,
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the pentagon is now assembling a 30-member medical support team that will be placed on standby to assist the cdc fight ebola if needed. sometimes, it's hard to tell the difference between the facts and the fear. >> which was it that caused two countries to refuse to allow a hospital lab tech to get off a cruise ship in their ports? abc chief medical editor dr. richard besser weighs in. >> i was baffled by this. this is a person who is very low risk. you take these aggressive actions when it's not warranted, rather than reassuring people, it promotes fear. right now, we're seeing more of an epidemic of fear than we are of ebola. >> a bridal shop in akron tried to calm the nerves of the community by bringing in a high-tech cleaning company. the nurse, amber vinson, was at coming attractions three days before she was diagnosed with ebola. the cdc says ebola cannot be spread by touching objects. the owners want to be extra careful. they don't plan to reopen until some time in november.
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stay with abc news for the latest on ebola in america. live team coverage coming up on "good morning america." for the first time, the u.s. has air-dropped weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies to help kurdish forces in syria. they're defending the city of khabani against isis fighters. the drop comes after more than 100 air strikes by u.s.-led forces. central command says air strikes have now helped push isis back and weaken its ranks. there could be a major breakthrough in the search for eric frein. the survivalist wanted for the fatal attack on a state trooper in pennsylvania. a woman says she saw the fugitive friday night not far from the high school he attended. angd after interviewing the woman, police say her account is credible. she shared chilling new details with our philadelphia station. >> he had actually turned towards me and that's where you could see the mud on his face, you could tell what height he was based off of the truck he was standing next to.
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>> he had a gun? >> oh, yeah, you could clearly tell it was a gun. >> rifle? >> rifle. with a scope attached to it. >> her story triggered a flood of fbi and other law enforcement personnel to the area south of the original search zone. police in virginia are waiting for forensic tests to confirm whether or not the remains found this weekend are those of missing college student hannah graham. the remains were found on an abandoned property south of the university of virginia in charlottesville. the search for her has been intense. >> thousands of hours have been spent in an effort to find hannah. we think perhaps today proved their worth. >> the last person seen with graham, jesse matthew jr., is jailed in connection with her disappearance. new details from one of the young women held captive in that house of horrors in cleveland. michele knight says she's learned to forgive ariel castro. and feels at peace in her life.
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knight said that when she asked castro why he had kidnapped her, he replied, i am a sex addict and i can't control myself. knight said after therapy, she realized he had a disease and his actions were not his fault. cleanup on the island of bermuda. after taking a direct hit from hurricane gonzalo. the storm pounded the island. uprooted trees, downed power lines. grounded boats even. the worst damage was to the island's main hospital. no deaths, only minor injuries have been reported. and hawaii breathing a sigh of relief after hurricane ana drenched much of the state but passed by with no major damage. ana churned up the surf and triggered some flooding, but most watches and warnings have being canceled. time for the weather across the nation. fall descends on the northeast and mid-atlantic. storms around the great lakes. down through the ohio valley. scattered showers. south texas to denver. rain from northern california and up through the northwest. >> frost and freeze advisories in the northeast. milder across the center of the country. seasonal out west.
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one major sports note to pass along. peyton manning is the new nfl recordholder for career touchdown passes. >> he came into the game two behind brett favre's mark of 508 touchdowns. it didn't take him long. he set the record with his third touchdown pass of the night, the one you're seeing right here. he later tacked on another td pass. they ended up winning the game, 42-17 over the niners. >> favre tweeted, well deserved peyton. congratulations on breaking my record. #onto600. more highlights coming up later. also coming up, forget about an apple a day. how about a viagra a day? yes, what doctors are saying that daily dose with do for your health. an annual fall gathering gets out of control, forcing riot police to take control. who investigators are now blaming. take a look at this. we have a calendar controversy. swimsuit models packing heat with the national guard. the video is now triggering an investigation.
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apple's new digital wallet known as apple pay is being debuted today. it's being backed by most of the credit card giants and can be used in more than 220,000 stores. critics say it starts with a relatively small user base because it can only be used with the newest iphones. they point out it's not connected to store credit cards and corporate cards yet. tough mortgage restrictions could be about to ease. fannie mae, freddie mac, and private mortgage lenders are nearing a deal to lower restrictions on borrowers with
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poor credit. an agreement could be announced this week. it is believed to help banks protect themselves. the highly stylized tv ads that show matthew mcconaughey driving a lincoln have given the carmaker a much-needed bolt. lincoln said it sold more than 65 thourk 65,000 mkc's this year. it was two years ago parent company ford considered shutting down lincoln for good. after successfully testing its driverless car, audi put the rs 7 performance car through more intense challenges this weekend. the automaker says the car hit 140 miles an hour, controlled only by computers. the idea was to see if it could negotiate curves and corners without skidding and going off track. i wonder if it has heated seats, too. >> that's all that matters, right? at the weekend box office, "gone girl" finally out of the top spot. what got it out of the top spot? brad pitt's drama, "fury." this bloody thriller earned $23.5 million in ticket sales. >> "gone girl" dropped to
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second, with almost $18 million. and "book of life" was third. and when we come back, a hero carries a man from a burning building. we have that rescue on camera. plus, one thing about what happened that still remains a mystery this morning. and a woman covered in soot. hoisted from a chimney. why she's put in handcuffs after being pulled to safety. yeah, enough for two. gosh. try four, buddy. hmm, i'll take a dark roast. chai tea, please. honey, text the man what you want. french vanilla, make it strong! the all new keurig 2.0 is here. brew for one, brew for all.
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well take a look. in the water there. you see that. fins of at least two great white sharks splashing around in the waters off cape cod. scientists say the video is another indication that sharks are in no rush to leave the area. eight of them spotted there near last tuesday alone. some won't leave for warmer waters until maybe december. now for a look at morning road conditions. three areas of concern. wet roads from pennsylvania to illinois. west texas and new mexico. west coast, northern california to the canadian border. today's the day to fly. no major delays in the forecast. turn to new hampshire. authorities promising to prosecute anybody responsible for mayhem this afternoon. >> it started saturday afternoon. parties from keene state party spilled over into the streets.
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about 50 people were arrested. dozens injured. >> like all granite staters, i'm absolutely horrified and outraged at what happened last night. married what has been a great tradition in keene for 24 years. >> she's defending police saying they acted appropriately. some say they were heavy-handed. student leaders claim most of the perpetrators were not students at the school. a fresno, california, man alive this morning because of the kindness of strangers. he was trapped in this house. his daughter inside, screaming for help. one by one, three men answered the call. one man found the 73-year-old struggling to breathe. two men stepped in and rushed him to safety. >> we were carrying him out. that's when we were passing the garage and just explosion just -- out of nowhere. >> is everybody out? >> no, there's a -- >> everybody escapes just in
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time. all three rescuers left once the fire department arrived. their identities, at least of two of the other heroes remains a mystery this morning. what were they thinking? the utah national guard investigating whether a pair of troops broke protocol by allegedly allowing a group of bikini-clad models to photo shoot there without permission. all of it for hot shots, a british swim suit calendar. proceeds benefit wounded service men and women. >> well, that's something. a headline in health. analysis done by researchers in italy says a viagra a day, not an apple, may keep heart problems away. the class of drugs used in the little blue pill and similar sexual dysfunction medications may improve heart function when used daily by men with cardiac
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issues. that doesn't mean such drugs should be prescribed to help heart disease just yet. a southern california woman is in custody this morning. after she got trapped in a chimney of a home she was trying to break into. firefighters spend two hours trying to get her out. they had to pour dish soap all the way down it. to lift her out. >> that's good, old-fashioned ingenuity. >> m met online. let that be warning to you. a battle of 3-3 teams tonight. the texans visit the steelers on monday night football. >> and a record-setting performance for peyton manning. welcome inside "sportscenter." i'm john buccigross. peyton manning made history sunday night with his 509th career touchdown pass. breaking brett favre's career.
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here it is. set the record in the second quarter of the 42-17 win over the niners. hoping to get his hand -- give me, that's mine. give me, that's mine. give it to me. broncos improve to 5-1 on the season. they host the chargers on thursday night. that will be a biggie. romo and the cowboys hosting the giants. they play next monday night. third quarter, escobar. full extension in double coverage. second touchdown of the game for escobar. demarco murray. seventh straight game, nfl record, with 100 yards to begin a season. no one's ever done that before in the long history of the nfl. cowboys beat the giants, 31-21. the only way brad keselowski would be sure to stay in the chase for the sprint cup
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championship was with a win on sunday. he did. he won it to advance to the eliminator round. four drivers including jimmie johnson and dale earnhardt jr. were eliminated. for more, check out a live "sportscenter" right here from studio x, 9:00 a.m. on espn. that special moment between the broncos seem to have struck a nerve with peyton manning. that's why it's our "play of the day." >> his receivers couldn't help themselves. look at this. they played a little keep away. trying to get the game ball. listen to this after the game. >> you know, it's not fair. they're all great athletes. i couldn't get the ball from them. my vertical leap is not there anymore. i haven't played keep away since i was probably 8 years old. so that's definitely something i'll remember. >> that's fun. they could be in the moment. they ended up winning the game,
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42-17. if they were losing i doubt it would be that much fun. he's not keeping the ball. they're taking it directly to the hall of fame. >> i like that they had a good sense of humor about it. he did, too. >> he's a good sport. coming up in "the pulse." cheers and tears for a walk down the aisle that no one expected. also, a big dog got a little too excited about the forecast. ♪ i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪
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and that helps put my craving in its place. that's why i only choose nicorette. well, time now to check "the pulse." we start with a groom making good on the promise. he promised to walk down the aisle at his wedding. he did wit the help of a walker and a bionic exoskeleton. >> he's been paralyzed since a boating accident three years ago. >> they were off to jamaica after the wedding. >> it took him seven hours day to get through physical they were. >> they look like a happy couple. if you have ever questioned
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whether smart foens have killed the art of conversation, you're not alone. >> "the new york times" declared the death of a conversation two years ago. now, a london photographer has composed a series of photos by the same name. every snap, they seem engrossed by what's on their phones even if they're with someone. >> we have all seen that. i should talk to you more. i'm sorry. >> what were you saying? >> exactly. >> tweeting. but any way. to a record-setting group of women who enter the recordbooks high in the sky over southern california. >> particularly 117 women from 28 countries jumped out of airplanes and linked up as they fell to the earth. they set a world record for the largest ever sequential formation. ? they set the record for largest all-female formation, as well. we turn to a tv weatherman.
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he got upstaged. on live tv, this always happens. this dog's name is ripple. that's mike soeble, invited the 18-month-old to deliver the forecast to help for adoption. >> he chewed through the leash. not sure if this convinced anyone to adopt a dog. but it proved the old saying, never do this with animals. >> the dog did its job. probably got more viewers than he could have imagined. >> i would like to know if the dog was adopted. that particular dog. he's feisty. he's playful. i think he would protect my home. >> as long as the intruder doesn't give a weather forecast. for some of you, your local news is next. for everyone else, a picture showing true sportsmanship.
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abc 7 news reporter alicea herrington is live to tell you what cal trans is planning to
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do. >> i got stuck here friday and it took 45 minutes to go over the bridge. today it should be smoother. this sort of traffic has them rethinking the entire project. this is what caused. six steel plate that's were installed. drivers slowed way down to go over them. grid lock extended all the way to highway 24 to the children's hospital. cal trans officials are halting work. >> this time the traffic with as so bad for so long we decided to suspend the project. >> reporter: the steel plates have also been removed. they were able to cover the work area. cracks were found along the western span of the bay bridge and engineers have to replace both. officials are meeting today to discuss reschedu


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