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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 21, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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water line burst. crews are on the scene with the police. officials say the roads have to be dug up. traffic in the area could be impacted. 22nd between vermont and san bruno is closed to traffic next to san francisco general hospital. the hospital briefly lost water pressure but it is okay. nothing was damaged but the road. we do not know the cause. it has been shut off. there is no more problem with water in the area. thank you. giants fans are counting the hours until the start of game one of the word series teen their team and the kansas city royals. an lists say an interesting matchup with the royals steal a lot of bases putting pressure on pitchers and catcher posey and
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giants starter bumgarner is a lefty so he has a good look at first base holding the runners on the base. the royals will really test the giants. >> i cannot thing of a team that reminds me of the royals. we are similar in how both fight and both teams play with a lot of heart. they are so policied. they have the speed but they were hitting the long ball. >> series comes friday tore game flee withstanding room only tickets at $500. >> game one is tomorrow, game two tomorrow in kansas city and then games three and four are friday and saturday at at&t park and game five on sunday, if necessary. the series then goes back to kansas city for games six and
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seven if necessary. all games star at 5:07. we are recovering all the action in kansas city and wayne will bring us reports through the day. new this morning "blade runner" oscar pistorius has been sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison for kill his girlfriend. the judgment in the court read the sentence this morning. oscar pistorius served sentence immediately. however, legal experts say he could move to house arrest in as little as ten months. the judge last month acquitted him of murder but found him guilty of culpable homicide similar to what we call manslaughter after fatally shooting reeva steenkamp through a bathroom dune on valentine's day last year. >> man who wrote the most contentious ballot measure is under protection after he and
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his family were told they would die until they back off proposition friction. here are the details. >> it was very specific against my family. it gave us a everyone aing. >> the. >> their of the proposition says the debt threat left on voice mail left him sick to his follow action. the caller threatened to kill his wife and cringe daughter but mentioned his two dead children killed by a driver under the influence of prescription drugs and alcohol 11 years ago. >> it is sad, knowing what happened already, would take a threat to do more harm to us. >> the caller demanded him back off on respect six 46 raising the cap on medical malpractice awards, and require doctors to take random drug tests and mandate the use of a data beat designed to reduce description drug abuse. the caller has been identified and questioned he is not taking any questions and he and the family are under 24 hour protection by the sheriff. he pulled the campaign ad that
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featured him and is more careful about scheduling public appearances. >> he achieved what he wanted. >> maybe. >> i hope the public will look beyond it and learn about the proposition and vote if it on what they believe. >> another measure getting the attention is proposition one, a $7 billion band for water projects with a goal to build more reservoirs and ground water storage while increasing the recycling and watershed protection. amendments would have to compete for funding and have much maaing newspapers for storm projects which could raise rates if customers. some wonder, where is the water coming from to fill the expending storm facilities? you can follow the election issues on your smart phone or tablet with the news app, at
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"voter resources," your voice, your vote. >> a santa rosa man is arraigned this afternoon on charges of killing his dead with a sledgehammer. this happened open sunday at their home. police say the 33-year-old mike lancaster broke down the front door of the home and beat his father, 64-year-old, with a hammer and strangled him. self neighbors were awakened by the loud sounds from inside the house. he came out. he was nervous, crying, he said something about he didn't take the medicine, and just sad. year. stay away from him. >> neighbors say michael lancaster was station estrange -- was estranged from his father but tried to re-establish a relationship. >> uber driver is accused of yanking a female passenger from the car and smashing her phone.
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the driver account passenger got into a disagreement about her final destination and the woman says the driver get out, grabbed her arm, and pulled her out of the vehicle and she tried to take his picture he grabbed her phone and through it, and the driver was cited if battery, mischef and vandalism. uber has suspended that driver's account. a public memorial service in san jose to honor the memory of aability killed fighting a fire near yosemite. jeffrey hunt was helping to battle the dog rock fire and the plane went down. it is believed one of the wings of the aircraft chipped a tree. he was a seasoned navy pilot with a masters in biochemistry. the memorial is this morning at 10:00 at church of the hill. >> tonight could be the okay to buy drones to help in firefighting with the board meeting at 7:00 p.m. and officials say a drone like this
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called we a quade cop step give fires a real bird's eye view of emergency situation including elections of flames. it could cost $3,000 which be paid for from the fire district's reserves. time to check with mike and so what we are looking forward to with the weather. >> check this out: from four degrees cooler than this time yesterday in san carlos to 16 in napa and ten in san jose and 12 in livermore and 15 in santa rosa and dress if temperatures seven degree cooler than yesterday in san bruno and half moon bay. we are in the mid-to-upper 40's in santa rosa, napa, petaluma, half moon bay and san ramon. everyone else in the low-to-mid 50's until you get to oakland at 58 and san francisco at 57. we are starting off with clear conditions this morning but cooler by noon and sunny with low-to-mid 60's and by 4:00, we
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will start to see a spread develop as the temperatures are close to year's temperatures but a lot of sunshine and a few high clouds mid-to-upper 60's in the coast and bay. everyone is going to be cool and need a coat in the evening. moving forward we are slightly warmer tomorrow and thursday with a chance of showers across the north bay on thursday and friday trending dry right now but saturday is looking wet. that is come up in the seven-day outlook. we have 20 bart trains rolling and ace train one is on time with wide open spaces through walnut creek and out of pleasant hill and 680. >> we will have attenuators and construction crews working northbound along bridge to pick up the cones continuing to the waldo but, currently, southbound and northbound 101 from the
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south end of the tunnel up to the bridge we will have lanes taken away and that last until 5:00 so it is being up as we speak at 20 minutes, everything is removed. the altamont pass is coming up in a few minutes. 4:39 a new twist in the battle over throughs of e-mails between pg&e and state regulators and next city leaders are holding off on legal action. >> drivers could soon not be the only ones pays to cross the golden gate bridge with a new plan to balance the budget. >> floating an idea to keep people from flushing expired medicines down the
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lopreventable medical errors,hey all lnow the third leadingse of cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46.
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. the start of the world
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series in kansas city with giants on the road. downtown san francisco is lit up to back up our giants for game one. orange october together. giants fans are revved up for the game. a diehard giants fan for 80 years, and she said she has every giant bobblehead ever made. >> we would like to see your fan photos at a request by pg&e delayed the release of 65,000 e-mails between the utility and the public utilities commission. city lowers have planned to announce legal action but pg&e requested a meet to discussion the documents that may show the nature of the relationship with the regulatory agency. the president and three top pg&e executives have resigned over
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mails released earlier and federal officials cried their cost relationship as the cause of the deadly 20 continue explosion in san bruno. >> two brothers are in jail facing murder in the stabbing death of a man in san francisco's mission district. police arrested the 25 and 21-year-old brothers on sunday. investigators say they stabbed a 20-year-old goodman at 24th street last month. two people of interest were shown and the police received numerous calls. >> 500 pounds of methamphetamine are off the street the past year the most ever recorded in the county. the drugs came from mexico and are worth $18 million on the street. agents arrested 22 people in a series of raids. a san francisco board supervisor david chu will rope an ordinance regulating medicine
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disposal requiring manufacturers who sell and distribute drugs in the city to fund and administer a drug take back program after a rueing that upholds a similar ordinance in alameda. officials say this keeps hardful unused drugs out of the ocean. >> golden gate bridge officials renewing charges of a sidewalk trillion for those who walk or bicycle across the bridge. sidewalk access fees for bicycle and pedestrians would help the bridge district deal with $33 million deficit take affect in 2017. >> officials considered a sidewalk stole 10 years ago but backed away after protests by bicycle groups. what do you think of the idea? let us know. folks are going to walk and
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ride across the golden gate bridge today so how is the weather going to look? chilly. >> it will be chilly in the morning. by the afternoon hours it will be very pleasant fall afternoon. we have fog along the coast at 1.5 miles visibility at half moon bay. it is clear this morning from sutro tower we will use this as a backdrop with sunny and dry conditions. showers are possible across the north bay on thursday with a bitter chance friday night into saturday and rest of the weekend is dry. upper 60's in milpitas and sunnyvale and low-to-mid 70's the rest of the south bay and 75 in gilroy and in mountain view, mid-60's loan the coast into downtown. 67 in south san francisco. we could fall a little short in
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daly city and colma at 62. low-to-mid 60's from bodega day at 62 to sausalito and upper 60's to nearly 70 through the north bay valley and along the east bay shore upper 60's to nearly 70 and 71 in castro valley and low-to-mid 60's through our inland east bay neighborhoods. tonight we are cool again and maybe not so cool as this morning with high clouds rolling in and upper 50's around napa and palo alto and through the valley and most of us in the low-to-mid 50's until san mateo and oakland in the mid-to-upper 50's. here is the cold front yesterday we go back 12 hours and want as it falls apart and a weak area of high pressure pushing in will be overrun by high clouds headed into the afternoon and look where the jet stream is, just to the north. this is why the next system will stay across the north bay. it looks impressive.
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the rest of us have a zip open friday is saturday. game one tonight, we are over to the stadium in the truman complex in kansas city with temperatures around 63 under clear skies and dropping into the upper 50's. seven-day forecast shows a couple of degrees warmer tomorrow and same open thursday with showers north and friday night, probably after all of our festivities whether it is homecoming or no matter what, we will have a chance of rain saturday afternoon and sunday is dry. leyla gulen? >> thanks, yesterday was horrible traffic day so we hope we can maybe it better today of the so far, so good, in san jose, with clear conditions and no major problems in san jose. in east bay along 680 we had horrible conditions. it is quiet now. the rest of san jose is fine with 101 at top speed. and 680 beyond the nimitz, looking good and 280 to
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cupertino, no delays. everyone is clear. to the north, along 680 away from dublin/pleasanton and sunol grade and highway 84 we are at top speed with slowing in the when direction over the altamont pass and eastbound, we have construction. that will last until 9:00 between greenville and north flynn road. happening today, architect, and school psychologist, wrestling coast, among 1,100 job s available with interviews at hilton valley inn from noon to 4:00, and 17 people will be there to take your resume. >> yahoo mires the company will go about buying
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start-ups with the $5.8 billion it made in the i.p.o. of and take better advantage of access in china or asia, in general. >> new iphone is taking seals into record territory at apple. staggering numbers of hacking, officials say 500 million financial records have been stolen the last area and businesses should be told, you are going to be hacked have a plan. apple had sold 16 percent more iphones than last year with excitement over iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus credited for the surge. microsoft could be getting into the smart watch business. they are developing a wearable and itness device that can large
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by end of the first year. the first watch will hit shelves in 2015. monica lewinsky knows what it is lick to have her reputation destroyed and wants to other others who are in a similar situation. she is just getting started with her campaign. we see more of her. >> consuming water could put money back in the pockets of water users in north. >> a canoe ship takes a frighten ing turn. a super spider sending chills up the sometimes of people around the world this
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starting in weekend, the
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marin water district is offering $50 for products including cool covers and water recirculating and rain barrels for a total of $250 earned from implementing all the measures offered on a first-come-first-serve bases but to be eligible you must make purchases on or after october 25. a woman on a canoe survived a chart attack off the coast. it happened on sunday three miles out to sea. the woman says what she believed a young great white took a few bites out of the stabilizing arms leashing scary looking teeth marks. it was so forceful she was knocked into the water but got back on the safely. official state shark was too smart to warrant an advisory. >> if you are scared of spiders don't look.
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the rest of you, this is the south american bird eater the largest spider in the world, and harvard scientists had a run in with one. he posted these pictures on the "web," and they went viral weigh up to half a pound. they are a foot across. they eat frogs and mice and prey on birds. >> i would not put my hand that close to the creature. >> they are not particularly dangerous. >> right. right. right, that is what they all say. >> here we go. we have beach hazards. we will have large breakers on
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the northwest beaches with up to 13' waves and high surf and wind advisory at santa barbara and northbound along the coast. to the south, be careful. 72 in chico and 75 in sacramento. 93 in palm springs. >> here is someone would loves spiders. >> they are dangerous. they throw their when in your eyes and that happens to a researcher and it was stinging for days. no thank you. this is quite nice, i look at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza, with empty conditions and
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the dumbarton is at top speed. >> your trip to yosemite next summer could be more expensive. the park service wants to raise the fee from $20 to $30 for seven day pass and has not raised taxes since 1997, a slight hike in a site is considered up to $4 a night and 80 percent of the fees collect stayed in yosemite and pay for maintenance, repairs, build exploration and transportation. the park service is taking e-mail on the proposal with a link at >> toys 'r us has a new line of action figures with chars from "breaking bad." a petition has been called to have the figures removed from toys 'r us requesting signatures and they have 5,900.
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they have a bag of methamphetamine and are next to other children toys. show was a fan but says the action figures are "inappropriate." >> break breakinging news in san francisco with a water main break and the impact it could have on the surrounding neighborhoods. >> is santa clara prepared in the event of ebola virus outbreak? we are 12 hours away from the giants taking the field in kansas city for game one of the world series and how san francisco is gathering up all
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> only 12 hours until the world series. thanks for joining us. >> thank you is in kansas city but in the bay area how does the weather look? >> fall-like, as nice as it is in kansas city today with tons of sunshine and a few more high clouds and both of us will top out in the 70's with a few 60's. can you see live doppler hd showing how dry it is. the key is when you step outside, it is up to 16 degrees cooler than yesterday. dress appropriately. by the end of the day we are ending up in the same ballpark temperature-wise around the bay upper 60's to low 70's inland 72 to 74 and breezy along the coast in parts of san francisco at 62 to 67. the roads are bomb. good morning, everyone, if you are waking up with us at 5:00, yester


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