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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 26, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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go giants! >> yes, yes, yes, yes. >> giants fans ready for more world series baseball. a huge win last night evens its up with the royals. hello. the first pitch at game five is just minutes away and san francisco is brimming with orange and white confidence. cornell bernard is live at at&t park. >> the rain is gone, the sun is out, fans are so ready for this. check it out. mock covey cove, packed with boats, rafts, kayaks.
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everyone wanting to get close to the action fans in the stands who are lucky enough to score a ticket for game five tonight. and they did it last night and many hope the giants can do it again, win. >> go giants! >> yes, yes, yes, yes. >> they know the giants are number bunt really wants to get the point across with her giant finger at tonight's game five. >> yes, yes, yes, every single inning, go giants. ♪ >> the crowds around at&t park is electric. orange and black the color of the game. ticks for game five, sold out. that didn't stop matt and his sign from making this last-minute appeal. >> came here trying to get a ticket. hopefully it will work, find another genuine fan and have also good karma going on. >> genuine fan? >> means i'm here at the game, trying to root on the giants.
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>> inside the playing field is ready for battle. the dugout story is, too. it's packed with fans grabbing all the gear they can get. >> i'm buying another sweater. i already have a couple of them. have seven shirts. >> every corner around at&t that giant souvenirs for same my favorite, keep calm and just panik. the win was amazing, unless you're a royals fan. >> what happened to the royals? >> they were good in the beginning but something just went wrong. >> being royals fans but for the most part the crowd is pretty good. it's really alive in there, cloud, it's fun. i think we're going to take it to them today. beat the san san francisco bumgarner -- giants. >> fans were doing a pregame warmup at pedro's cantina.
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>> got to dig deep, find your inner champion and win. >> hunter pence style. >> go giants. >> go giants. >> go giants. >> good giants. we're back live at mccovey cove, packed with those who own a boat or know one who does. zack williams, son of robin williams, will be there for pregame activities. >> that's awesome. thank you. a lot of work out there for us at at&t park. mike shumann is live, and this team has to be bumped up after last night. >> no question. down 4-1, come back and win 11-4. just an amazing, total team effort, maybe the best all season. let's look at highlights. the giants had 11 different players with hits.
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pablo sandoval now has 47 postseason hits, a franchise record, buster posey, 16 hits that's post season, all singles, and 21 rbi. petite, 12 scoreless innings the season. he's the mvp, and maddison bumgarner will take the hill tonight. royals beat him in august but he says he is ready to roll tonight. >> i feel as good as i felt all year, which is fortunate for me. that's tough. usually don't work out that way. but for whatever reason, everything started clicking the last probably two months. and i've been really really good. >> have to remind yourself how difficult this is. you have to be thankful, and we're pretty lucky, i think to have the type of players we have here to get us here three times in five years. i think each time you try to take in a little bit more.
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>> all right. we're down to a two out of three series. you do not want to have to go back to kansas city and win two games no, matter what team. james "big game" shields against bumgarner tonight. should be a great matchup. abc7 news. >> giants fans have been flooding our ureport page with photos. this is baby simone from san mateo, showing off his pablo the kung fu panda suit. very cute. and this photo was submitted from down under -- we don't have that one. we want to see any and all photos you have so keep them coming. you can e-mail them to >> game five, the last one here in san francisco, is starting just about now. this series shifts back to kansas city for game six on tuesday. if necessary, a decisive game seven will be wednesday. the royals, by the way, flight home tonight. the giants are scheduled to
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leave for kc tomorrow morning. other news now. oakland police are investigating the death of a baby girl. emergency crews arrived at this home around 7:00 this morning, responding to a call of an unresponsive infant. they took the nine-month-old to oakland children's hospital where police spoke with the parents. they're not saying if they suspect foul play. oakland police are also investigating a shooting that left a woman dead today. it happened on 98th avenue east of interstate 880. the gunman shot at man and a woman in a car and the woman was hit. the man drove her to a home on ross more avenue and called four help. the victim died from her injuries. the shooting may be the result of road rage fight between two drivers. no arrests have been made. at least 16 people are being treated for food poisoning, possibly from eating fish at a
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hotel in redwood city. firefighters reported to the hotel to find more than a dozen people sick, half teenagers part of a basketball group traveling in the u.s. doctors as kaiser medical center believe they all got sick from eating salmon at the hotel last night. the hotel has not responded to abc7 for comment. more to come on abc7 news at 5:00. up next, stopping the spread of the ebola virus in the u.s. what you can do to protect yourself and to help doctors. >> a wall of lava oozing out of control on the big island of hawai'i. the danger it's posing to nearby residents. >> good evening, i'm abc7 meteorologist frances dinglasan. a glorious, beautiful day outside, blue skies. a warm yips on the way -- a warmup is on the way, and rain is in the
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the fight against ebola could be turning into a fight between state and federal officials. four states have now imposed their open antiebola rules like involuntary karens from people returning from treating patients in west africa. they're saying federal guidelines don't go far enough. the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases say the guerins are -- carolina are -- quarintines are not necessary. >> that's flexibility because at the local level they've have to be implemented in real conditions and decisions have to be made in real time. >> deblasio was speaking from
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bellevue hospital, where dr. craig spencer is quarintined and undergoing treatment. >> evacuation orders are still in effect on the big island of hawai'i for residents threatened by the kilauea volcano. the lava flow is seeping toward the up to. it has advanced 300 yards since friday and is cleaning dangerously closer to the community. emergency officials are warning residents to be prepared to leave in the next three to five day us. the volcano has been erunning continuously since 1983 but the oozing lava is a new problem. the days of parking for free at b.a.r.t. stations are coming to an end. starting are tomorrow parking at the concord b.a.r.t. station will cost $1 between 4:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., and then parking fees go in effect at the three remaining stations where it's free, north concord marx, hayward, and oakland coliseum.
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>> up next, putting your selfie in danger. how visitors to national parks are taking risks for social media moments. a live look outside. abc7 news meteorologist frances dinglasan will have the forecast after the break.
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>> add another line to the warning, don't feed the bears. the u.s. forest service in south lake tahoe is saying, don't take selfie with the bears. the "reno gazette-journal" reports tourists are getting too close to wildlife at taylor creek.
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bears come every year for the salmon run, attracting people wanting to take selfies for their social media profiles. bear attacks are rare but the forest service is threatening to close the area to keep people from hassling the animals. >> apple pay launched last monday and retailers are trying too take a bite out of the business. apple pay was operational at pharmacies, rite-aid and cvs last week, but it was disabled by the end of the week. a rite aid memo says the company does not accept apple pay at this time, and is working with a group of large retailers to develop its own mobile wallet by next year. some of the other major retailers looking to use the same technology include k-mart, target, wal-mart, and best buy. let's gate check of the forecast now. frances dinglasan is in and she has ordered up a gorgeous day. >> yes, and it's been delivered.
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we saw lots of blue sky and sunshine today. live doppler 7hd looking at clear conditions across the bay area. emeryville, west towards the bay and the golden gate bridge. currently temperatures in the 60s. 63 in san francisco. oakland, 67. also another shot for you. this time of the golden gate bridge from sutro. more blue skies out there, just a picture-perfect shot. and temperatures are mainly in the upper 60s in santa rosa and napa. fairfield, 70. we got a lot of sunshine but temperatures were near the same as yesterday. as you enjoy the view from the exploratorium, expert clear -- rather, cooler numbers overnight because of the clear conditions. then we have a warming trend continuing into wednesday, and then unfortunately, looks like a scary storm coming on halloween. so, just heads up for the world series tonight. right now, 63. sun sets at 6:18 so temperatures cool down to 60 by the time the
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game ends. here's what is going on. upstairs, an area of high pressure to the storm moved east. high pressure will build and this will allow temperatures to warm up tomorrow afternoon. the trend will continue as high pressure builds into wednesday, and that's the warmest day. but overnight, numbers dip into the 40s elsewhere, some 50s around the bay. 49 in san jose. tomorrow's highs will be just a little bit warmer. we have the cooler air mass but with more sunshine we'll see numbers come up a couple of degrees in a lot of areas. so 69 in san francisco, 70, oakland, 72, san jose, narrow band of temperatures. now, here's what i wanted to show you to give you a head's up. i don't mean to frighten you for halloween but the latest forecast shows rain creeping into the north bay, and this
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system definitely packs more of a punch than the one we saw yesterday. and thenly lunchtime, widespread showers around the bay area. folks having parades for school so might want to have a backup plan. and then looks like a messy, tricky halloween evening, with rain continuing all around the bay area. now, with the accuweather seven-day forecast, the rain continues into saturday morning but for now, enjoy the sunshine. the warmer weather. we will be bumping up temperatures every day, wednesday will be well above average. probably five to ten degrees above average. lots of sunshine, near 80 inland. then look out for the rain friday. unfortunately, the timing is not too great into saturday. >> a couple alterations on halloween costumes. larry beil with sports and everybody is talking world series bus we must not forget football. >> the raiders had the game in cleveland circled on their
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calendar as a winnable contest. the problem is the browns had --led also.
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yeah, enough for two. gosh. try four, buddy. hmm, i'll take a dark roast. chai tea, please. honey, text the man what you want. french vanilla, make it strong! the all new keurig 2.0 is here. brew for one, brew for all.
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good evening. the raiders took the field in cleveland as the only winless team left in the nfl, trying to change that against the browns who are in rebuilding mode themselves. after three quarters the question was, who would score the first touchdown of the game. the turning king of cleveland,
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lebron james, on hand. first quarter, raiders bring out janikowski for an attempt. it's a fake, though, matt schaub is the holder and it's a bad snap here. schaub picks it up, herries, his first pass as a raider is intercepted by gipson, and reading lips, why did he call that play? 36 seconds left in the third. raiders down 9, 6. mcfadden hit by witter in. the first touchdown of the game, brian hoyer. raiders turned it over three times following a derek carr fumble. ben tate up the middle. raiders lose 23-13. now 0-7, losing 13 straight. the nfc west, leading cardinals and the eagles. minute and a half left. carson palmer, the default to john brown. over the shoulder catch to speed
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and burn. 24-20 arizona. philly needs a touchdown. one second left. cardinals blitz. nick foles, backing up, hits matthews but out of bounds. 24-20 is the final. after weeks of rumor0s of locker room discourse the super bowl champion seahawks and carolina, one touchdown in the entire game. wilson high to luke willson as the knox win. what a finnish the bengals-ravens game. cinci led just over six minutes left. dalton fumbles, ravens score. a field goal made it 24 torn. and then look at dalton on the keeper. get behind him and pushes into the end zone. bengals win late, 27-24.
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after last week's loss, chicago's brandon marshal called out his bears teammates. didn't help. they got smoked by the patriots. tom bridie's numbers, 30-35. 354, five touchdowns, three to that man, the gronk, rob gronkowski. carrying people into the end zone. nine catches 1:49 ideas. the pats win, 51-23. >> from brady's magnificent performance to smith, jets and bills, gene yo, three picks on three straight possession. these are not replays though they lack similar. michael vick came on in the second. he had pick and two fumbles. the jets lose their seventh in a row, all bills, 43-23. the earthquakes ended their disappointing season today against chivas u.s.
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they can now focus on team u.s. duties, ending the year with 14 goals scored. 32nd minute, eric torres in the corner, hit the post but felix was there for the rebound. 1 or chivas the final, they were partying in the stands. the giants and royals just underway in game five of the world series. last i checked it was still scoreless. the inning just end for the giants. we'll update that. 0-0 as we speak. and we'll have an update at 6:00. >> up next, the adorable reaction from a young history buff when she found out she couldn't meet a founding father. now here is a look at that abc world news at 53:00. >> coming up on world news tonight, the nurse back from treating ebola patients in africa now held in a hospital against her will. plus the hero teacher who
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stopped the washington high school gunman from doing even more harm, and that river of lava in hawai'i is now closing in. in. ♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins! oh chris, di? oh, i knew i forgot something. i'll just do it now.
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>> coming up at 6:00, we'll show you the touching tribute to robin william at game five of the world series. the soap box racers, a little nostalgia and they're paving the way for the return of another san francisco park icon. join us at 6:00.
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meanwhile, american history buff can be passionate about the subject but are they as passionate as four-year-old ava? you need to watch her reaction when her mother breaks the news she can't meet president george washington. >> i'm sorry. you love george washington? >> uh-huh. >> devastation. her mom says she can meet president obama but apparently that's not good enough. ava became fond of the first commander in chief when she started studying u.s. history as part of her home-school curriculum. >> not going to meet thomas jefferson. going to be a tough couple of days. >> don't know if she has an appointment to meet president obama but throw the kid a bone. that does it for us at 5:00.
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the news continues online, twitter and facebook. see you right back here at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." quarantine outrage. the nurse back from treating ebola patients in africa held against her will in a hospital tent. are they going too far. high school horror. the hero teacher in the first year of her job running towards the gun fire. tonight, the homecoming prince turned gunman. the young girl whose life he took. why would he target he is best friends. slow motion disaster. the burning river of lava, the homes in the line of fire and the residents ready to evacuate right now. too hurt to work. a beauty contestant. a dancing hamster. off the job. and on wormman's comp.


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