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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  October 26, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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twitter and facebook. see you right back here at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." quarantine outrage. the nurse back from treating ebola patients in africa held against her will in a hospital tent. are they going too far. high school horror. the hero teacher in the first year of her job running towards the gun fire. tonight, the homecoming prince turned gunman. the young girl whose life he took. why would he target he is best friends. slow motion disaster. the burning river of lava, the homes in the line of fire and the residents ready to evacuate right now. too hurt to work. a beauty contestant. a dancing hamster. off the job. and on wormman's comp.
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and tonight, investigators hot on the trail. good evening and thank you for joining us this sunday evening. i'm cecilia vega. as we come on the air, there is new front in the fight against ebola, and it's centered right here at this new jersey hospital where a nurse just back from africa is confined. kaci hickox is showing no symptoms but the governor says she can't leave for three weeks and she is speaking out tonight. and two more states alongside new york and new jersey imposing a mandatory quarantine. are the new rules going too far are or they protecting the public from this deadly disease? linsey davis is in new york tonight. >> reporter: good evening. the mayor of new york city calling what happened to kaci hickox inappropriate. yet, she remains here in
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quarantine in an isolation tent. inside the tent, kaci hickox says she was treated like a criminal from new jersey health officials when she returned from treating patients in sierra leone. she says she is treated inhumane. >> this is unacceptable. and i feel my basic human rights with violated. >> reporter: in an open letter to the dallas morning news, she said she was left in a cold tent with nothing but paper scrubs for clothing. i sat along in an isolation tent. i thought of colleagues that will return to america and face the same ordeal. the white sox is working on new guidelines for people working in west africa. chris christie, one of the first governors to implement a mandatory quarantine poll say says he thinks will be a national policy. >> you are going to be quarantined for 21 days.
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we need to protect the folks in this country. >> reporter: the 33-year-old nurse says she is not ill at all but reportedly planned to sequester herself in her home in maine upon her return. when asked on "this week," the director of disease says he sided with hickox. >> if i was asked, i would not have recommended that. >> reporter: the white house craig spencer, the new york ebola patient who triggered the policy, is said to be entering a more serious phase of the illness. now experiencing gastro intestinal problems. telling "the new york times," i'm feeling well and still under going treatment. he is said to get anti-viral and plasma therapy. his fiancee, to be quarantined at the new york apartment she shares with him. her torn tells abc news he plans to file a federal lawsuit challenging her confinement if
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she can't get released. >> linsey davis, thank you. and dr. rich besser joins us now. you opposed the mandatory quarantine. why? >> well, the health care workers don't pose a risk. there have been hundreds and hundreds of workers in the region and returned to the countries. not one has infected anyone else. and the reason is, you cannot share the infection unless you are sick and sharing body fluids. monitoring for fever works. we need to celebrate them as heroes so more people will go over. >> we heard from a lot of people out there, the viewers who support the quarantine on the nurse. is there a middle ground? >> i understand the fear.
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it's a deadly infection. we need the leaders to lead, not follow the pack. we are getting mixed messages. here in new york, we have the leaders say the doctor posed no risk but they went to every place he visited and cleaned it up. the middle ground is coming this week. they are moving from self-monitoring a fever and every health care worker that returns will be monitored by a health department. i think that is the middle ground. >> dr. besser, you have been on the story since the beginning. thank you very much. we move on to the high school shooting in washington. students, the families and the community trying to understand how a boy just crowned homecoming prince could launch such a violent attack on his best friends. tonight we are seeing the face of the young girl he killed, zoe galasso, just 14 years old. and four others are fighting for their lives tonight. here is abc's neil karlinsky. >> reporter: tonight, megan silverberger, a teacher in her first year on the job is called a hero. stopping the shooting from growing worse, while running towards the gun fire when everyone else was running away. >> for some reason, her instinct was to run in the cafeteria where the teacher saw kids down and a shooter. >> reporter: silverburger issued a statement saying she was in an office next to the cafeteria and heard shots. she ran in and confronted the
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shooter until security arrived. it was early morning. the freshman brought a 40 caliber handgun and opened fire on his closest friends and relatives, shooting them in the head. tonight, two are in critical condition. nate hatch in serious condition and andrew fryberg, still critical. also shot, zoe galasso, who died at the scene. this girl says she could have normally been at the lunch table. all of them, their best friends. >> i don't understand why he did it. i loved him so much. i just think he made a bad choice. >> reporter: he was the school's newly crowned homecoming prince. and nate hatch's grandfather said he spent time with the
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attacker's family overnight. >> i went to the home yesterday and we talked together and prayed together. >> reporter: tonight at the school, the parents and students are gathering for a community meeting that will include counselors. everyone here just trying to come to grips with this. and the school will be closed the entire week. >> neil karlinsky, thank you. we want to show you one photo ta caught our eye today. flowers outside the scene of the shooting and in the distance, you can see it, a rainbow. and now, we turn to the growing recall of potentially dangerous air bags. tonight there are tough questions frp the agency responsible for keeping drivers safe. here is abc's david kerley. >> reporter: tonight after a disastrous air bag recall warning roll out, the country's car safety watchdog is under scrutiny. the transportation department slamming the national highway traffic safety administration. calling the recall not optimal
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and promising the investigation in the air bags is not over. the government is investigating the air bags used by more than a dozen makers. they can inflate too strongly. it can send shrapnel from the bag and into people. >> when i saw the blood, i thought i was going to die. rrp the federal reviews comes after they first got the numbers done. saying monday, 4.7 million bags needed to be replaced. the next day, nearly 8 million bags. safety experts say nearly 20 million bags should be replaced. on abc's "this week," senator blumenthal told martha raddatz -- >> it has to be confrontational. >> reporter: still, families are confused. this woman says she can't get straight answers and will keep
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ore toyota off the road until the bags are replaced. >> the last thing you want to do is put your family in a car that is not safe. >> reporter: the department of transportation says the website to check recalls is back up and an important safety detect is being addressed. cecilia? >> david, thank you. we move to over seas to a milestone in afghanistan. u.s. marines and british troops officially ending combat operation fls that country. transferring the camps to baghdad control. today flags lowered there for the very last time. every marine, now headed home. and a hint of what the next presidential election might look like. george p. bush, the son of former florida governor jeb bush, is the newest generation of the dynasty to run for office. making a bid to be texas land commissioner. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl catching up exclusively with the younger bush, asking the question on so many minds. >> reporter: is your dad going to run for president? >> i think he is still assessing it. >> reporter: do you think it's
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more than 50% or less than 50%. >> i think it's more than likely. that he is giving it a series serious thought -- >> reporter: that he will run. >> that he will run. >> could we be in for a bush/clinton rematch? stay tuned. we turn to hawaii and a river of lava creeping towards dozens of homes. you can see it here. families ready to evacuate at a moment's notice. abc's clayton sandell has the latest. >> reporter: it is the big island's lava monster, now on the doorstep of this small town. from the air, a view of the inevitable. lava and the houses just hundreds of yards apart. in the last 24 hours, the lava scorched a path three more football fields long, bearing closer to dozens of families now being told they may have to evacuate as early as tuesday. >> it's really hard to leave the home that we have been here for over 40 years. >> reporter: experts believe the river of fire will likely flow down one of these low lying path
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ways. within days, ift could cut through entire neighborhoods, and bearing down on the highway. we have reached the lava flow. you can see how big it is. looking at your guide up there, how small he appears. the lava is a 2,000 degree force that stops for nothing. standing here is extremely hot. almost like standing literally inside an oven. there is no way to successfully divert the lava, officials say. the only thing now is to let nature run its sometimes destructive course. clayton sandell, abc news, hawaii. back on the mainland, nature's power coming down hard in the northwest too. a fierce storm coming off the pacific ripping through the 0a region, strong enough to knock trees in homes, cars and power lines. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano is here now. it's not over yet. >> no, very active. the next storm system. take a look, coming in.
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this is actually left overs from hurricane ana rolling in monday and tuesday. heavy rains and winds. not as much wind as we saw yesterday. but heavy snow in the high elevations. and temperatures, 10 to 20 degrees above average. and look at denver, changes in store. >> and halloween is in store friday. have a trick or treat forecast? >> well, that section, the midsection, the south, that is the best area to do the trick-or-treating. northeast, questionable areas. maybe rain and maybe snow. might have to improvise with some of the costumes. >> rob with a frightful forecast for some, thank you so much. and though halloween may be in your sights, a new survey finds it's the end of the year holidays that should be on your mind. they crunched the numbers and found that now is the best time to be airline tickets. mara schiavocampo reports. >> reporter: it's not even halloween, but sharon and kyle harvey are already planning for the holidays. >> trying to buy a ticket for our daughter to come home for
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christmas. >> reporter: their daughter, melissa, a college senior l be flying home from philadelphia to sacramento. >> wait, here's one is pretty good. >> reporter: a new study suggests they right on time. to get the best deal on travel, buy eight weeks in advance, which for christmas is now. and buy on sunday, yep, today. >> airlines know leisure travelers are shopping on the weekends. they price their fares accordingly to attract the travelers that are most price sensitive. >> reporter: the average saving, up to $70. per ticket, compared to monday. the most expensive day to buy. don't wait much beyond the eight weeks. >> in general, last minute deals on airfare, it's over. >> reporter: it worked for the harveys. they found a one-way ticket for $309. thanks to a sunday search. >> what is the first thing you're going to do when melissa
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taxpayers spend millions for fraudulent workers compensation claims. we have all seen the videos. fraudsters caught on camera. as i found out, camping them in the act isn't so easy. that's beauty contestant shawn that palmer hoping to be the next toyota grand prix. but prosecutors say she strutted her stuff after claiming a work
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injury left her with an inability to bear weight on her foot. they arrested the beauty queen on charges of allegedly collecting $24,000 on workers compensation claims. and remember these dancing hamsters? one of them, leroy barnes, claimed total disability after getting hurt in a gig. but he is right here, shaking his tail in a car commercial. he is accused of collecting over 50 grand in disability. >> when people submit workers comp claims and they get paid for it, what happens? it causes premiums to rise. >> reporter: catching them on camera is bob keen's mission. i joined him on a pre-dawn black ops surveillance in farm country. bob's goal? to get video of a farmer who claims injuries from a car
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accident make it difficult to farm. the house we are going to be watching. bob spies the injured farmer lifting an object in his truck. it hardly feels like enough to call the farmer a fraud but bob says it is enough to start building a case. you have all the gear, head to toe camo. >> you have to have a creative solution. they think they are five steps ahead of us. >> reporter: the beauty queen pleaded not guilty to five claims of fraud. and the dancing hamster is out of the cage, free on bail, he pleaded not guilt. the questionable workers compensation claims skyrocketed, up 24% over the last year. when we come back, she is smiling even though there is a hungry bear just a few feet away. a wild new trend and a warning about selfies tonight. the instant index is next.
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remembers jack kroup from the group cream. he wrote "sunshine of your love." he was known as one of the best bass guitarists in music. former band mate eric clapton says bruce he was a tremendous composer and inspiration. he was 71. now, what not to do should you happen to come across a bear in the wild. risking your life for a selfie might be at the top of your list. this happy camper is all smiles. yeah. that's a bear just a few feet behind her. but authorities in lake tahoe, california, aren't laughing. they say they've actually had mobs of people rushing towards the bears for a picture. they are considering closing out one part of the park. now to a different kind of daring. these fearless daredevils taking
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and finally, looking to live a little longer, laugh a little more? well, tonight we are going to let you in on a little secret. the fountain of youth, the ticket to happiness, might be as simple as being kind to others.
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here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: check out what happens to your brain when you give to charity. studies show people who give or volunteer are less depressed, have lower blood pressure and live longer. >> the majority of people, they get more pleasure in the brain when they give than when they get. >> they are the same pleasure centers that are lit up when you have sex, are in love or eat candy. >> reporter: "new york times" columnist and his wife have written a new bock called "a path appears" in which they issue a challenge to all of us. if we want to the have a truly fulfilled life, we must give back. a lot of people feel there is not much i can do when they look at the problems out there. >> any one individual can't solve a problem in its entirety but one individual can have an impact.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: for 50 cents, you can deworm a child. preventing a lifetime of health problems. for $50, you can buy 50 books for a child, boosting their odds for educational entertainment. you are saying do a little more? >> absolutely. we say if you fold it into your life, it is a part of your life. >> reporter: make giving a habit, they say. we know that it helps others and it also helps you. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> make giving a habit, a good advice for us this sunday night. the new series a path appears starts in january. gma in the morning and dave muir tomorrow night. enjoy the rest of your sunday. good night.
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a touching tribute to robin william at game five of the world series. >> iranians in the bay area march against their homeland's violent practices. a topsy-turvy week ahead for bay area weather. abc7 news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. right now the giants are trying to take game five of the world series. before the game the team honored one of its most famous' and beloved fans, robin williams. sergio quintana begins our team coverage with more. >> a very touching open of this game for bay area comedian, robin williams. his daughter, sell da, joined his son, zack, who threw out the ceremonial first pitch to robin
6:00 pm
williams very good friend and baseball fanatic, billy crystal. even baseball fans enjoyed the moment. inside at&t park just before the game, giants fans all agreed that tonight is pivotal in the series. i talked with a father and son duo about their excitement over being here, and they both made it clear the son is not wearing royals blue. it's buster posey's all-star national jersey. >> people came off strong and then you show them the back side and they say, that's even cooler. >> the last world series game i went to was in 1962, the seventh game, when the giants lost to the yankees. >> he is clearly hoping for a much better turnout tonight than the game he watched so many years ago. of course, the game has been going on for an hour now, and giants fans are hoping that this will be a decisive win tonight. they're hoping to


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