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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 27, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good monday morning. at 5:00 a.m. on monday, october 27. the month has zoomed past. >> when we are in the world series it happens to us. >> when we are involved. >> we notice the winter help like conditions but not today, later this week. >> maybe rain. we are looking at thursday and friday. until we get to the awesome weather, crisp and cool nights with limited fog, which is what we see on live doppler hd followed by warm sunshine and the afternoon i have three days you are going to love and it
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starts with today. 69 to 72 around the bay, 71 to 75 inland and the coast is around 65 to 67. now, how is the monday morning commute? is there a world series hangover? >> traffic is light. 23 bart trains are running on time and ace train one is on time and we have a couple of attenuators traveling in the north direction along golden gate bridge. you can see the traffic is still light. copes are picked up. as you head out of the stay you will find flashing lights at marin. in the east bay, everything is moving at top speed. westbound along i-80 to the hoffman split you will find slowing through richmond and over to the richmond-san rafael bridge that drive is moving along without problems. we have developing news on the peninsula, now, hill bother police are investigating a
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situation involving hazardous materials at a home at robin wood lane. the coroner was on the scene and we are waiting to hear back from investigators and will bring you more information. the giants are close to another world series title after last night's victory. they put the game away in the eighth, with peres hitting a double high off the officer field wall which gave giants 4-0 lead and they win 5-0 after a four hit masterpiece from ace bumgarner. we have reaction from the players at at&t park. nick? everyone can agree that bumgarner is a beast, the giants rallied early and they took the lead giving the aprils little to discuss and less to celebrate.
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bumgarner has become the preeminence pitcher sending them home with shut out last night in the 5th game of the world series. shortstop and first baseman loved how it went down every single play. >> going back to kansas city would have been tough being down but it will still be a battle. >> it is great. you do not want to go to their place behind so huge for us and not getting too excited because we are playing a good team. >> bumgarner played some of his best baseball in nine innings the royals struck out eight times and reached second base only once. the giants are if line for the third championship in five years leaving the royals down 3-2.
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>> thanks, knick. giants fans packed at&t park with more than 43,000 filled the stadium, officially 103 percent of capacity. orange and black everywhere. everyone was confident the giants will come back with a championship winning it on the road as it 2010 and 2012. several fans have backed flights to kansas city to see what they hope will be the clincher. they will leave for kansas city this morning. game six tomorrow at kauffman stadium in kansas city. if necessary a decisive game seven is wednesday. first pitch is 5:0 our time. >> we will have i'm coverage live for the final game or games of the world series and follow use sports anchor on twitter and facebook and wayne freedman will report live from the world series and you can follow his
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digital updates from dance scans by following imon twitter and face into the. >> half a dozen with the san francisco sheriff department could face consequences after the death of a patient connected to the disappearance and death of lynn spalding. a member of the sheriff deputy staff has been fired, two suspended and five face discipline. the sheriff handled some security duties. she vanished in september and her body was found 17 days later in a stairwell. no hospital staff has been disciplined. the fell has filed a lawsuit against the certify. >> the start of a court trial that could decide the future of city check of san francisco. a federal judge will begin hearing a suit filed by city attorney against the commission that accredits junior colleges. the commission throatened -- throat ended to strip of
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accreditation, and losing accreditation will force the school to shut down. the city attorney will argue the commission's evaluation violates the law and sound business practices. a five-year-old boy now is unobservation at a new york city hospital this morning with ebola-like symptoms. he just returned home from begin knee with his family on saturday and we have a report from washington. >> kristen, good morning, four states now have a mandatory quarantine for health workers returning from west africa, and it is quite controversial. one nurse cop fined in new jersey is now taking steps to force authorities to let her go. >> inside the hospital tent, casey is under quarantine despite testing negative. the 33-year-old nurse who returned on friday is a first traveler, automatically detained under controversial new
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quarantine rules imposed by four states. she told cnn her treatment has been inhumane. >> i feel like my basic human rights have been violated. >> she hired an attorney. >> there is in reason for the state of new jersey to keep her quarantined. >> new jersey governor chris christie is defending the 21-day mandatory quarantine order. >> the new proposal call is under scrutiny and many experts saying it is unnecessary because people infected do not become contagious until they start showing symptoms. >> as a scientist and health person if i were asked i would not have almosted that. >> dr. spencer the new york ebola parent who triggered the policy is in serious-but-stable condition. he now is entering a more serious phrase of ebola involving gastro intestinal
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problems. more than a dozen people are recovering from something that made them sick at a redwood city hotel. this spread was shot by a guest showing patients being treated at the hotel in san francisco. firefighters called the hotel at noon and found at least 16 people infound for naacp event sick come blipping of ving and high temperatures and headaches. doctors say they all ate salmon at hotel on saturday night and the hotel has released a statement saying in part, while we do not know the cause of the illness it appear unrelated to the hotel at this time according to an inspection by health department officials. >> high levels bacteria forces firefighters out of their
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station after the water levels were tested. the firefighters have been reassigned in downtown brentwood. >> now the weather forecast. mike? check out calistoga: 42 degrees. american canyon at 43. 44 in guerneville. santa rosa, 43. and san rafael is 54. that is our warm spot around san francisco. alameda is the warmest at 55 and brentwood at 53. newark is 49. cupertino is friction. san jose is 48. this is how it looks from mount tamalpais with clear conditions out this, and no weather worries for the commute and not finding any fog through the day planner we could have a high passing fog and a bright day and 62 to 68 a
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gorgeous afternoon and 66 to 72 and quit cooling and in the 50's by 9:00 tonight. a couple degrees warmer tomorrow with sun, and warmest on wednesday. thursday, we are watching foreign that will hold off during the day. so friday, rain is on the way. coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> we have 38 bart trains running on time. we will take you to the north bay. 101 shows moving along at top speed through met plume and interest novato at 67 miles per hour and to the south you can see the drive as you come in off of 580 through san rafael over the golden gate, the drive on the other side of the bridge, traffic is light, and tracy to
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dublin is 37 minutes and we are seeing extra cars piling on to the roads and travel is bad on highway 4 from antioch to concord, 20 minutes and 101 and san francisco a short 16 minute commute. america's money report is next. >> a touching vigil for a sheriff's deputy killed in the line of duty with new details on the suspect. >> another member of the bush family ready to move into the white house? the strong new hint jeb bush will make a presidential run in
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is monday, 5:14. the orange lights and a gorgeous shot as the giants win up now in the world series at 3-2. i know we have a lot of bleary eyed folks. >> i vote for the bleary eyed folk. >> new information about the suspect who shot and killed two sheriff deputies near sacramento on friday. officials say the 34-year-old
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suspect was deported to mexico twice and has a prior drug conviction. a vigil was held last night for 47 year old zanny oliver one of the two victims, a 15 year victim of the sacramento county sheriff. his family, friends and community he served held candles and signed cards in his honor. they say he loved his job and oliver is survived by his wife and two daughters. >> in cab da, the gunman who shot and killed a soldier before storming parliament made a video that indicates michael zehaf-bibeau's attack was driven by political motives. the video has not been released. the 32-year-old was shot after he ran into the parliament building in ottawa on wednesday and began opening fire. >> south korean prosecutors are demanding the death penalty for the captain of a ferry that sank back in april killing more than 300 people. the prosecution are requesting that a district court issue life
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sentences to three other crew members for negligence and failure to protection passengers. the four were among the first group rescued when the ferry was sinking. it is one of the most deadly disasters. >> another bush in the white house? it looks like it could happen. some people believe in a an interview with abc that jeb bush will more than likely run for president in 2015 saying his family will support his father 100 percent should he decide to launch a bid. jeb and the brother of president bush, getting a little confusing. jonathan will talk about it on "good morning america" so you can watch it right here. >> could this happen in the united states?
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>> waiting another day to buy holiday plane tickets to save you big bucks. >> it turns out holiday cot east us for pets now is big business. >> topping america's money, looking for rock bottom deals for the holidays should be shopping. the best prices are found eight weeks in advance with tickets purchased on sundays are $isn't cheap -- $70 are the cheapest and on mondays the tickets are the most expensive. >> $350 million will be spent to dress pets for halloween. four years ago it was $220 million. a pumpkin is the must popular costume and then a hotdog. >> speaking of hall peep, little
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trick-or-treaters are worried about the rain. >> something to keep them dry. it is touch and go. it is several days ago. we will be wet as we head to friday. >> we will talk about monday morning, check out live doppler hd seeing no rain, in fog, not even any clouds and those are to the north. in fact, we don't have a breeze at the golden gate bridge right now, that is how calm it is outside. no cross wind to deal with, no fog to contend with, just a clear commute. we will talk to leyla gulen about that. sunny and seasonal this afternoon, warmer afternoon through when and with the cold front aetch promising it will be cooler, really cool this weekend after we get through the rain on thursday night into friday. as far as today, picture perfect out there, 72 in san jose, 74 in gilroy, santa cruz at 70, and
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nearly 70 degree temperatures up and down the peninsula and because it is breezy we will have mid-60's for you, to norly 70 -- nearly 70 in south sausalito and mid-60's at your cost line, and 70 to 72 degrees is the spread along the east bay shore and 72 to 75 inland east bay, and another chilly night with temperatures in the mid mio upper 40's and san mateo and san francisco and half moon bay, in the low-to-mid 50's to upper 50's. the high pressure is deflecting our latest storm to the north and it is a high cloud or two dancing through our sky and the high pressure is going to bring us the warming trend through thursday or wednesday, but as we head to thursday we have increasing includes in the evening and overnight hours, maybe some drizzle along the coast with rain moving into the north bay friday morning and rain by noon, and hoping the
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rain starting to move out by 5:00, different from yesterday. yesterday, i was talking about pretty heavy rain during the halloween at least trick-or-treating and now it could come in quicker and be out of here by saturday morning. as far as totals, they are impressive, possibly .5", to an inch headed into the north bay and a couple of inches in the sierra which can be nice. the seven-day forecast shows 70 to 80 is our spread open wednesday it is warmest and coolest on saturday after the showers and low-to-mid 60's if all of us and maybe 50/50 weekend. >> rain on halloween? poor kids. it never fails, it is really, really cold or it rains. >> it is a trend. >> want to wear the nice costumes and then you have to wear a big coat. >> in san jose, you can see 280 is moving along without any problems and not too many cars, that is highway 17 as you push
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in the south direction it is clear. the rest of san jose is moving along at top speed and 101 from 280 split to the nimitz you can see clear conditions and 65 miles per hour pushing to the san jose airports, 280, the drive in cupertino from 101 will training you seven minutes and highway 85 is clear, and to the north of dumbarton is 64 miles per hour and 68 miles per hour on the san mateo bridge and nice from hayward to foster city but we have a construction project on the bay bridge up to the new tower and we will have a lane taken away and it will last for a couple of minutes and pent of -- possibility of it lasting until 2:00 this afternoon. seven things to know as you start the day. >> robin williams last film got rave reviews but it may never hit the big screen. hit the big screen. >> two big retailers
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. here are seven things to know today. number one, developing news, a quiet peninsula community is dealing with a hazardous materials emergency. hillsborough police, the coroner and other emergency crews responded to a house fire overnight but no word on what prompted the emergency, we are waiting for an update. >> two, one game is all that separates the jayantss from the third world championship in five years winning last night in 5-0. bumgarner was a complete shut out. game six is in in month tomorrow night. all the highlights are coming up. a five-year-old boy is in isolation in new york after showing signs of the ebola
5:25 am
virus. he was carried by workers in haz-mat suits. health officials say he was vomiting with 103-degree fever. no one has been quarantined. >> a gunman shot a mother of four in brad day -- broad daylight. 30-year-old perla avina was killed in her vehicle with her husband. road rage incident may have sparked the shooting. >> if you take bart from the east bay bring extra money. it will cost you a dollar to park at concord, the last three free parking lots start charged by the end of november. check out live doppler hd, well to the north for the storm track with a warming trend in the forecast. i will have an update on the rain that is possible on halloween. a look at the bay bridge the eastern span with a few extra
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cars pushing from the east bay to san francisco and we are light as far as accidents are concerned and one new wreck on 242 with construction that could gum up the commute. one of robin william's final movies will never be shown on the big screen after failing to find a backer, call "boulevard," a married man who relies he is gay and turns into a prostitute. it is unlikely to be released unless someone distributes it, one of four unconvenience films he made before his death. apple pay launched on monday and it appears major retailers are taking a bite out of the business. wal-mart and best buy want nothing to do with the new mobile payment system. rite-aid and cva said the same thing. the company is working with a
5:27 am
group of large retailers to develop their own mobile wallet. we are coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including the high-tech companies working with the transit age and what they will call for
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 5:29. impressive giants victory and heading back to kansas city to finish things up. >> everyone is still talking about bumgarner. there were so many stars that stepped up. >> now, mike? good morning, everyone.
5:30 am
the light winds on live doppler hd but watch out at the coast we blow around 21 to 33 knots from the northwest through 9:00 this evening and that will keep the temperatures at the cost cooler than the rest of us and the exploritorium is looking proudly at a very proud symbol of san francisco, the coit tower and it is proudly wearing orange. everyone is proud but for the ace fans. 65 to 67 and breezy. pleasant around the bay at 69 to 72. for each day we win, i wear the same dress. i promise. >> really? >> we only need one more. >> this is it. >> good morning, everyone, we have a couple of problems including a crash southbound 680 at gregory lane with possible injuries. through pleasant hill, the drive is not so messen with a lane taken away. from walnut creek, you can see
5:31 am
traffic is heavier around near main street pushing to highway 24 you will see the brick lights flashing. as we take it to the south, through fremont, southbound 680, another crash and it sounds like two cars involved on the shoulder not causing delays. 5:32, happening today the free ride is over for hundreds of bart commuters and another parking lot will start charging for parking. amy hollyfield is at concord with motor. >> tremendous ride here at concord is ending. the parking spots here are no longer free. you now have to pay a dollar to par like in concord. part said they cannot afford to give a free parking spot anymore. it costs $1.33 on average to maintain and police each parking space in its system. all of the revenues from the parking fees will go into a
5:32 am
special account and they will use it to modernize their stations and improve access to the stations. concord is not the last station to do this. there are still three more who also need to charge. we have them listed: north concord is next starting neck 12. hayward and oakland coliseum have free parking but that will change. the date is to be announced. they are the next three stations to begin charging. the fee is $1. bart says the clipper card is the best way to pay for it or when you park, remember your stall number and you get inside you can go to the fare machine and pay the $1 fee. 5:32. the giants are a win away from claiming their third world series title in five years after
5:33 am
dominating game five performance from pitching ace bumgarner who pushed a complete game shut out the first in the world series since 2003 and royals could jut not figure how to hit bumgarner. giants win. nick is at at&t park. it took a long-term to quiet down. >> absolutely. we now know the secret behind the win was leyla gulen's commitment to wearing the dress when they win. we didn't foe thats now we know, if you were not aware in was a fitting tribute to robin weapons. we got video of that. the oldest son of robin williams through the emotional first pitch to billy crystal to start game five. withs was a die heard giants fan
5:34 am
and was joined by siblings. crystal is a huge yankees fan but he was welcomed with applause at at&t park. >> very present. just watching the reaction at the pitching and how they held on to each other hugging billy crystal you know there is a special relationship. >> he was not booed because of that reason, he is a great friend with robin williams. >> a clip of williams leading fans in the chant played and crystal got it going with "play ball." williams' children issued a statement through the giants organization saying it was an honor to low out the first pitch at a world series game and more so to their father's best friend. >> the game itself, 9 giants put it away when peres hit one off
5:35 am
the center field wall give a 4-0 lead but bumgarner pitched a first complete shut out the first in a world series since 2003. >> that was a big game for us being tied up 2-2. it is better to win one rather than having to win two. >> have not seen a better pitcher over the course of the post sent than to do what he has do. the last to win was the cardinals in the 1940s. >> game six is tomorrow in kansas city and if necessary a decisive game seven is wednesday but we hope and think that won't be necessary. the first pitch for both games
5:36 am
is 5:07 our time with coverage live in kansas city for the final game. follow mike shumann on twitter and facebook and wayne freedman will be reporting with digital updates on twitter and on his facebook page. happening today, a 20-year-old man is entering a plea on charges of molesting two young girls who were shopping with their parents. christopher german me live add girl in a wal-mart and then drove to a target at bay fair mall and molested another girl 15 minutes later, aims six and nine. the public was credited with leading the police to german. >> a san jose map will enter a plea for assaulting an elderly
5:37 am
man in a park restroom turning himself into police after the incident. the victim suffered severe facial injuries. he said he flashed his son in the bathroom but police say this is no evidence that happened. >> oakland police this morning are looking for whoever shot and killed a mother of four in broad daylight, a tragedy officers are blaming on road rage. according to the police, 30-year-old perla avina was in the car with her husband going south on 98th avenue on independence and someone in another scar shot her. her husband rushed her home to try to save her the. >> he drove to the house, family members came out and started cpr and oakland police officers arrived and started cpr but she died of the fatal gun shot wound. >> investigators say perla avina and are husband were driving a 1998 black toyota camry similar
5:38 am
to had hoping releasing the make will encourage businesses and homeowners along the stretch of 98 the avenue to check their surveillance video. breaking news, a five-year-old boy is in a america city hospital after showing signs of ebola virus. the boy was take were to bellevue hospital from his home in the bronx last night. officials say he was vomiting and had 103-degree fever when he was carried from the home wearing haz-mat suits after just returning home from guinea. the boy now is in isolation and being observed but has not been tested for ebola and no one has been quarantined. last night state officials loosened the mandatory 21-day quarantine protocol. >> another high school student has died after a shoot out on
5:39 am
friday. the gunman, 15-year-old took his own life and three other students remain hospitalized and authorities are still trying to figure out a motive for the shooting. >> the family released a statement saying we are devastating by this senseless tragedy she is our beautiful daughter and words cannot express how much we will miss her and the family plans to donate the ago gaps. >> caltrain is teaming up with google to speed up modernization of public transportation. the san francisco chronicle reports there is the caltrain commuter coalition including 49ers, linked in, stanford, and h.p. and is expected to announce an efforted to secure more funding to improve the rail commute system and says the companies cannot rely on schultzs and are frustrated they cannot rely on public transportation. 5:39.
5:40 am
mike? >> we will have rain on halloween. but the question is, when? we will have more on that ahead but, right now, we have cold air at menlo park at 45. palo alto is 44. upper 40's in redwood city and foster city and belmont is 52 and san bruno is 56 and look at all the 40's, napa and mill valley, and santa rosa, mid-40's, and oakland, conquer, livermore, san jose, upper 40's. it is cooler up to eight degrees cooler this morning with oakland seeing the biggest change from yesterday. here is the day planner and it will be cooler, no fog, no clouds, no rain, temperatures in the low-to-mid upper 60's from the coast to inland and 66 at at the coast at 4:00, and low 70's for the rest of us and in the 60's by 7:00 and 50's by 9:00.
5:41 am
tomorrow is warmer. same on en, the warmest day is 70 to 80, and thursday it is looking dry but cooler because friday the rain is coming in. details are coming up. raw. >> we are starting off with a look at san rafael, 101, clear, headed through san rafael to 580 the tail lights pushing in the south direction and at the golden gate bridge you can see a few extra cars making their way into to city and everything is moving along just fine. we have an accident in the east bay trying to figure out where it is located and whether it is 242 or 680. we have conflicting reports but through pleasant hill, southbound, and approaching 242 we have heavy traffic. the metering lights are on, on the bay bridge. there is an accident at south 680 at fremont on the soldier but not causing any delays. 5:41. day ago drug or medically
5:42 am
beneficial? next, the trial getting underway in california that could radically change federal laws on mayor -- on marijuana. >> flames race through a motorcycle shop in the south by. >> a big moment in the spotlight turns interest an error, a performance that hit up social media for the wrong reasons last
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5:45 am
novato, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. investigators are expected to be at scene of a fire that nearly wiped out a motorsports dealership in san jose on camden avenue at 5:00 yesterday. this video is from the san jose fire department. dozens of firefighters were called to help fight the fire, with 70 vehicles damaged or destroyed. crews pulled a dozen vehicles out of the burning building. >> a hear will be held in federal court that marijuana should not be classified as dangerous. the defendant attorney presented new and scientific information about marijuana.
5:46 am
marijuana is classified by the federal government as "dangerous drug," just like her written with no medical value. the curt could decide the classification is unconstitutional and the case involves men charged with growing marijuana on federal land. the judge says that is irrelevant. the law was unconstitutional. >> the singer at the world series is apologizing asking for the nation's forgiveness. this is what he is asking. ♪ o' say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hail ♪ were so gallantly streaming
5:47 am
>> even tim lincecum was perplexed. he says the national anthem means a lot and he said his nerves got the best of him and he is completely torn up about what happened and it took two minutes and six seconds to sing the national anthem. >> the fans are showing off their pride wearing hers right on her happened, her wrist, with a cool rainbow loom bracelet she made during the game last night. number one fan, the baby cannot get enough of the giants or halloween. all tricks for the royals and all treats for the giants fans. you can mail your photos to us at >> as much as we talk about bumgarner, we beat two of their better relievers, the untouchables.
5:48 am
>> and it is everywhere in the lineup. >> everyone is contributing. glad to see that. hopefully with can get timmy in a game or two. >> in the midwest and in the high plains, we will look at the cold front sweeping law and that will bring a chilly air mass to kansas city and in fact, the wind chills are in the 40's dropping to 50. our guys are used to that playing in the 50's all summer. with a breeze at at&t park. so, they will be there in short sleeves. >> half moon bay is seven miles and otherwise it is clear on live doppler hd and here is the commute through 101 and this specifically is san rafael and the fog we dealt with yesterday is not out there and high pressure is coming in and the sinking air is weeing sunshine and we are a degree of what our
5:49 am
high should be in all of our neighborhoods. warmer highs through wednesday. scary on halloween with the chance of rain. first though, low-to-mid 70s in the south bay, and 74 is the warm spot in gilroy. 71 and 672 -- 72 up the peninsula. low-to-mid 70 from sausalito through the north bay valley. mid-60 at your coastline. low 70's along the east bay shore and low-to-mid 70's inland east bay. look at the 40's tonight as cool as this morning and mid-to-upper 50's around oakland and san bruno and keeping the next storm which is part of the remnants the anna that want through hawaii to our north, a passing high cloud and justing ahead to thursday, by the time we get to friday morning there is drizzle
5:50 am
on the coast and behind rain in the north bay move through the heart of the bay through the afternoon hopefully by the evening we get a break before showers start to roll in toward saturday morning. this system is promising to be more moisture laden as we watch this roll on you get into the darker blues and it is half an inch to an inch of rain and sierra gets plenty of rain and high elevation snow like i showed you on twitter. my seven-day outlook shows temperatures remainest on wednesday, up to 80 for the rest of us and cooling on tuesday especially friday interest saturday with chance of rain. as we look right new from san mateo bridge, traffic is filling up as you make it from hayward to foster city taking on a minute extra to the commute and now we have 11 minutes from hayward to foster city cross the water and toward the peninsula and 101 to 80 northbound and
5:51 am
southbound, moving along without any problems and you can see it, how clear it is. we are not seeing the heavy, heavy traffic, and a few people hitting snooze because of all of partying. who can blame them, right? southbound highway 242 the accident is causing heavy delays through concord and now we have backups fromly four possibly one lane blocked at 36 miles per hour is the top speed and 580 is nothing but trouble, tracy to dublin 52 minutes and 27 minutes west highway four from antioch to concord. >> how low will they go? the welcome news drivers are getting at the pump. everywhere in the bay area. >> tourists taking a big risk for a few moments of fame on social media and the national forest service is saying "enough is enough." >> new honor for the canadian soldier killed last week in the capital attack in ottawa and
5:52 am
howly son took part in the tribute.
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5:54 am
>> today, san francisco will make short-term rentals like airbnb official and legal but with that comes rules and regulations. the mayor will find controversial legislation to create a public registry for hosts. you pay a fee. abide by 90-day limit, and pay hotel taxes. airbnb eats into the city's limited housing. the legislation was push by the board of supervisors has protection against landlords turning residential units into permanent hotels. >> are you readed out this morning to fill up the car?
5:55 am
gas prices are at the lowest level in four years. the latest survey shows prices have dropped 18 crept as glenn in the past two weeks and dropping 65 cents since the peak in may and now is at 29 since below last year at this time. of course, we have the highest gas prices in the country right here in san francisco at $3.45 a gallon compared to the nationwide average of $3.08 and some places below $3 a gallon. >> never here. >> of course not. >> facebook friend said it was $2.89 in kansas city. >> how is their weather? >> cooler. highs are like our lows. good morning, everyone, when i drive into san francisco in the morning i see more buildings with orange lights so it is nice to see everyone getting in the spirit. temperatures today cannot be closer to average, everyone is within one degree. if you travel around the state
5:56 am
we have high surf to the south and 58 in lake tahoe with snow this weekend. again. leyla gulen? >> we have a brand new accident on 680 with more information in a minute. 680 has had problems but right now, 280, it is quiet headed away from highway 17 northbound. to the north of that shot, northbound and southbound 880 between 280 at forest avenue, construction is in the process of with respecting up, so you may have to tap the brakes around san jose international airport and then at 280 it will clear up. add another line to the warning "don't feed the bears." the forest service is saying don't take selfies. rangers say tourists are getting too close to the wild hive at bear watch spots. the park service says bears come for the salmon and now people
5:57 am
want to take a selfie with the bears. attacks on people are rare but the forest service is threatening to close the area to keep people from hassling the animals. >> at 6:00, facing the consequences, the fall intermediate inside the san francisco sheriff's department after the disappearance and death of a patient on their watch. >> shake it off, the brand new album of taylor swift dropped and she is talking about it on "good morning
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> giants win. the complete game shut out. what a night for bumgarner and the orange and black.
6:00 am
they are a game away from a world series win. >> a haz-mat situation turns into a coroner's investigation. the new details we are learning. >> doctor ms. new york city are monitoring another person for possible ebola virus symptoms, one of the youngest patients yet. >> thanks for joining us. we will get right on the ball and look at the wet forecast with mike. >> good news for the commute. we have thick fog yesterday but that is not the case this morning. live doppler hd shows ten miles means unlimited visibility and we have haze in the air at half moon bay but that is not inbound. for the bay, temperatures are in the upper 40's to low 50's and in the mid-50's h 60's by noon and 70 at 4:00 and you need a coat in the evening, low 60's by 7:00. 50 by 9:00. a high cloud or two through noon. upper 60's at noon and low 70s at 4:00 and mid-60's by


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