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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 27, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and black. they are a game away from a world series win. >> a haz-mat situation turns into a coroner's investigation. the new details we are learning. >> doctor ms. new york city are monitoring another person for possible ebola virus symptoms one of the youngest patients yet. >> thanks for joining us. we will get right on the ball and look at the wet forecast with mike. >> good news for the commute. we have thick fog yesterday but that is not the case this morning. live doppler hd shows ten miles means unlimited visibility and we have haze in the air at half moon bay but that is not inbound. for the bay temperatures are in the upper 40's to low 50's and in the mid-50's h 60's by noon and 70 at 4:00 and you need a coat in the evening, low 60's by 7:00. 50 by 9:00. a high cloud or two through noon. upper 60's at noon and low 70s at 4:00 and mid-60's by 7:00 and
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the cost is total sunshine today, with temperatures in the low-to-mid 60 which is breezy for you. >> bart trains are running on time and ace train one is two minutes late. the metering lights were turned on and track is building from the east bay pushing into treasure island. now, go have a couple of problems on 680 and we have had several accidents. this one is involving three vehicles southbound 680 at her done road blocking one lane with heavy backup and behind it, southbound 680 another accident involving four vehicles possible injuries. thank you. the giants are close to another world series title after last night's victory in game five. >> the home the giants put the
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game away in the 8 and peres hit a double high off the center field wall and inches from a home run and hunter pence scored and the giants win 5-0 with a complete shut down thank you bumgarner. >> we have reaction from the players. >> absolutely. good morning, the giants were fired up and wasted no time taking care of business. given the kansas city royal little to discuss and less to celebration, bumgarner has become the preeminent pitcher in the playoff and sent the royals home with a shutout in the 5th game of the world series twice in the series kansas city bumgarner reduced the royals to rubble. >> he has do this post-season, it is remarkable.
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especially we have the tvs on before the game and all we hear is how well he is done what you expect and to be able go out there and execute and do a complete shut out makes it more impressive to me. >> bumgarner played some of the best baseball and says he cuts he would use it for game five because he wants the star pitcher to get rest. to show the talk is not just hype, i will slayer this. bumgarner is the first pitcher to win first four world series starts of his year since 1957. that is a long time. >> amazing. more amazing statistics. >> the giants are set to leave for kansas city tomorrow and if necessary, a decisive game seven
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would be wednesday. first pitch for boat games 5:07 our time. follow mike shumann on twitter and facebook and wayne freedman will report live from the world series and you can follow the updates from kansas city by following him on twitter at wayne freedman and open facebook payment. -- page. >> police are investigating a situation involving hazardous materials incident with the coroner on the scene and other emergency crews starting at night at 9:30. two plans were seen leaving the home with no word on what triggered the situation or who may have died or been injured. we have several calls in for an update and we will bring you more information. >> a dozen people are recovering from something that made them sick at a redwood shores hotel.
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this is video showing parties being treated at hotel with firefighters calling at balloon and found 16 people sick in town for naacp event. doctors say they all ate the salmon at the hotel on saturday night. the hotel has released a statement saying in part "while we do not know the cause it appears unrelated to the hotel at had time according to a just completed inspections by health department officials." half a dozen people with the san francisco sheriff could be facing cons following the death of a patient at san francisco general. this is connected to the disappearance and death of 57-year-old lynn spalding. according toking examiner a member has been staffed two have been suspended, five faced discipline. the sheriff handled security duties for the hospital. spalding vanished from her room
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in september and her body was found in a stairwell 17 days later. no hospital staffers have been disciplined. her family has filed a lawsuit again the city. >> the start of a court trial that could decide the future of city check of san francisco. a federal judge will hear the suit filed by city attorney against the commission that accredits junior college after threatening to strip of acredit days because of poor financialment. losing the accreditation will force the school to shut down. the evaluation will be argued to have violated the law. >> a five-year-old boy is under investigation if new york city for ebola virus symptoms. the boy is now being tested in america city the same medical center treat the doctor who was diagnosed with ebola last week. the five-year-old just returned home with his family on saturday from guinea. there is growing controversy on
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how states are preparing for possible cases. now to washington, dc, with that story. >> pour states have a mandatory quarantine for health workers returning from west africa. it is quite controversial. one nurse in new jersey who is confined there is now taking hell action to try to get herself released. >> inside the hospital tent casey is under mandatory quarantine despite testing negative for ebola the 33-year-old nurse who returned from sierra leone on friday is the first traveler automatically detained under controversial new quarantine rules imposed by four states. she told cnn the treatment has been inhumane. >> i feel like my basic human rights have been spray lated. >> she hired an attorney to work for her release. >> there is in reason for the state of new jersey to keep her
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quarantined. >> new jersey governor chris christie is defending the 21 day mandatory quarantine order. the protocol has come under intense scrutiny and many health experts say it is unnecessary because people infected with ebola do not become contagious until they show symptoms. >> as a health person if i much asked i would not recommend that. >> dr. spencer 9 new york ebola virus who triggered the policy in serious but stable condition. doctors say he is entering a more serious phase involving gas gas -- gastrointestinal problems. >> now a check on the weather forecast. mike? >> let me show you what i found from a facebook friend.
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the front page of the" kansas city star," hunter pence is scoring. we scored a lot last night. we dominated. now we will talk temperatures. 52 in milpitas, everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40's in the south bay and mid-to-upper 40's inland east bay newark, half moon bay, through the north bay, until calistoga at 42 tremendous warming today and home 70s everywhere but for mid-60's along the coast and breezy for you and 69 in san francisco. today is the going of a they day warming trend topping out at 70, and 80 inland and well start to see cooling with extra clouds and rains coming in friday and saturday. an update is. coming up in the seven day forecast. halloween could be spooky with the rain? >> it is spooky, not even
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halloween. we have a lot of problems on 680 and we have had several accidents from sunol so over to pleasanton, we have the first of the couple of accidents southbound 680 involving at least three vehicles and polyp joys involved, as well, and then a break in classic and you are become on the breaks beyond highway 84 at southbound 680 four cars involved and no great way to get around this. speed are down to 20 miles per hour through pleasanton. at 33 miles per hour beyond the second accident. it will take 20 or 25 minutes from 580 to sheridan. tracy to dublin is 52 minutes. antioch to concord is 30 minutes. >> riding bart is getting more
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spendive if some commuters and the passengers who pay more before they bar the train. >> a pitter sweet night for a five-year-old boy and his late father and the tribute on the ice for the soldier gunned down in the canadian capital and new details we are learning about the suspect. >> will the bush dynasty continue with strong new
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good monday morning. 6:14. a look at traffic on 680 and walnut creek getting heavy. we will talk to leyla gulen how the commute picture looks in a minute. >> canadian hockey team pays tribute to the canadian soldier gunned down last week in the shooting rampage in ottawa with a touching gesture to his young son. a gunman shot and killed 24-year-old nathan cirillo while he guarded the national war memorial. his five-year-old son dropped the puck before the start of the game. marcus walked down a red carpet
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long side the family members before dropping the puck, the team also presented him with a jersey a funeral for corporal sir relative low takes place tomorrow. >> we are learning new details about the gunman who opened fire. michael zehaf-bibeau made a video prior to the attack in a statement late yesterday, the police commissioner said the video shows michael zehaf-bibeau shows it being driven by political motives. the video has not been released to the public but the 32-year-old was shot dead after running into the parliament building. >> major colleague baseball is mourning the death of a top prospect. stimulus cardinal tevaras died when he lost his and crashed driving in his native dominican republic. his body was identified by the family. his next-to-last hit was game time home run against the giants in game two of the national
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championship series and the giant peres knew him well. he had a very tough hour yesterday upon learning the news. >> the political world is buzzing this morning after the son of former florida governor jeb bush said he thinks his father will run for president in 2016. here is what he said to stephanopolis. >> will your dad run? >> i think he is assessing. >> more than 50 percent or less? >> more than likely high is giving it serious thought that he will run. >> george p. bush add the family would be 100 percent mean his father if he decided to make the white house run. we will have more on that at 7:00. the plot thickens. >> it does indeed.
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election 2016. >> like adding corn starch. >> any fog out there? >> no. there is no fog right now. >> okay...last night, what a game. 6:17. let's talk how quiet live doppler hd and from the east bay hills camera at how quiet the bay is, the ferry ride will be chilly but not very breezy and not very choppy. as we look from the camera at the ferry building aglow in orange talking about orange sky today and total sunshine, and seasonal temperatures this afternoon and warming trend through wednesday and still looking at rain for halloween
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and temperatures to the south low-to-mid 70's through the santa clara stream, 72 in san jose and 72 in los altos, and because it is breezy language the coast we have mid-60's and we will flirt with 70 in downtown in south san francisco and low-to-mid 70 through sausalito and mid-60's and breezy at the coastline and 70 to 72 along the east bay shoreline with oakland and san leandro and berkeley topping out at 70 at hercules and as far as inland we are going 72 to 75 degrees, another chilly one tonight, and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's through inland and around palo alto and low-to-mid 50's for the rest of us at 58 for the warm spot in san mateo and high pressure to the society strong enough to push the next system to the north so patching high cloud through the not pay early today and total sunshine in the afternoon so the warming will begin. the system has part of the energy from hurricane anna that
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hit hawaii. on friday morning light rain is developing in the north bay and pushing through the heart of the bay in the afternoon and into the early evening, and hopefully we will get a break but it come in too late for trick-or-treaters with scattered showers for saturday morning and in the evening it clears out. the system will have more rain with darker blue developing .5" to 1". the seven-day forecast shows 70 at coast 80 inland for wednesday, and look at saturday, we don't make it out of the low-to-mid 60's. have a good one. >>s with let at the 680 this has been the tough spot, 680 all listen sending you from highway 4 to 24 and with the exception of the san ramon valley from 580 to sunol that is where we have the issues and the drive from pleasant hill to walnut creek it is nothing but bumper-to-bumper traffic as you go from main
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street to highway 24 and as we jump down south to the san ramon valley, southbound 680, this is in pleasanton involving three to four vehicles and you can see they are heavy traffic as we push away from 580, there is an area of break and you are back on the brakes with another crash here. it is adding three times to your commute. if you travel there between 580 to the sunol grade, it is 30 30-minute trek. in way to get around this. pack your patience. >> testing for cancer, now a do it yourself procedure? new at 6:30 the at home test at sale and what medical experts are saying. >> "shake it off," the brand new album by taylor swift is out and she is talking about it only on "good morning america" and a surprise she has for luckynkler hi,
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>> now a check on what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. coming up next on "good morning america", outrage over a mandatory ebola quarantine a nurse in isolation is speaking out calling the treatment "inhumane." we are live from new jersey
6:24 am
where she is kept in isolation. >> taylor southwest's latest album dropped and it is the best yet. they told "good morning america" she is excited about project. >> without a doubt this is the best thing i have done so to have people able to finally have it now and to have the fans understand what i have been working on for two years it is most amazing feel. it is electric. >> the album titled "1989," the year she was been. it is the first pop album no longer country the first song "shake it off," is number two on the billboard pop chart. it is expected to sell 800,000 in the debut week and "good morning america" is surprising several fans by flying them to new york to watch her perform on the she on thursday. >> life in the fast lane from birth for a pair of north carolina twins three week old twins who sleep at home while
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mom and dad tell the story of the speedy birth. the babies were not due for a couple of weeks when mom started feeling cop tractions and her water break in the van as dad rushed to the hospital. >> i said take my pants off, and trying to drive and take my pants off and the baby came out and my pants caught hill. >> dad wanted to hold over but mom wanted him to keep going. the couple pulled up to the emergency room with both babies in mom's arms. >> holding them ransom? is that how the baby got its maim? >> there should be no bill from the doctors. >> a real fan frenzy across the bay area with the orange and black reacting to last night's
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incredible game and the return to kansas city. >> riding bart in concord got more expensive. we will explain. >> the weather window showing how clear it is and the ferry ride how calm it is, we will talk about a warming trend and the update on a warming trend. speaking of bart, 50 trains erupting -- are run on time and that is the way to go. jammed out of pleasant hill at highway 24 and nothing but trouble at dublin and the sunol grade. stay tuned. re discovering the real
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risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is monday october 27. we will thank you for joining us as we look at this shot of san francisco. with the shades of orange and black.
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our giants are this close! is there a certain energy in the air. >> i hear it crackling. i feel it. >> maybe it is that sandwich i had. >> no, no it is not the sandwich. thank you for joining us. >> we will check with meteorologist mike nicco on the weather. no rain. no clouds. in fog on live doppler hd. we will talk about the day. we start off in the 40's and 50's and up to nine degrees cooler than yesterday up to nine degrees cooler than the day before so long nights and the dry air feel like fall. by noon low 60s at the coast and mid-60's around the bay and upper 60's midland, and by 7:00 the low-to-mid 60. by 9:00, most of us are in the 50's. >> good morning, everyone here
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is the golden gate bridge, pouring in from marin to the city, we are looking at a few extra cars and you have and company up to san francisco. we have problems along 680 and we have had one accident after another, south of 580 as you come in toward pleasanton, there is an accident south of stone ridge and the further you head in the south direction another multiple vehicle accident involving several injuries, as well causing pressure along 8 so southbound 84 as you try to meet up with 680 it will be packed. give your extra self time. not too many good ways to get around this. thank you, leyla gulen the giants are a win away in claiming the third world series in five years. >> it is like a storm. the royals don't know what hit them. >> it was dominating game and
6:32 am
performance by pitching ace bumgarner pitching a complete game shut out the first in a world soars since 2003 and this reaction from kansas city battle billy butler after a third strike they does not know how to hit him and the giants hill the royals 5-0. nick has coverage from at&t park. it took a long time for the place to quiet down. >> it did. i live near here and i could hear it for quite a while. i had to get up for the show this morning. we hoped we could get the players possibly packing up to take off and we understand that may not happen until after 1:00 o'clock but we will stick around anyway. the giants wasted in time taking care of business giving for the royals little to discuss and less to celebrate and bumgarner has become the preeminent pitcher in the playoffs and sent the royals back home with 5-0 shut out in the 5 the game of the world series. and crawford and first became
6:33 am
man brendon loved the way it went down. every play. >> going back to kansas city it would be tough to be down. but we are a game closer. >> it is great. you do not want to go down to their place behind a game. huge for us. not getting too excited because i am playing a good team and we have to play our best baseball. >> in bumgarner's nine innings the royals struck out eight times and reached secretary place only once. the giants are in line for the third championship in five years leaving the royals down 3-2. we will stick around and get a chance to see the players behalfing up and heading back to kansas city but kristen i am not leaving this until they give me a shout out for you. >> really? hope we brought some wardrobes there. you may be there for a while.
6:34 am
>> the giants put the game away in the eighth and peres hit one off the to which the center field wall and that would drive in two players for the 4-0 but bumgarner allowed only four hits, the first shut out in the world series since 2003. >> it was a big game for us. it is a lot better we have to win one rather than winning two. that was a big game. >> have not seen a better pitcher over the course of the post season and it has been a long one than to do what he has done it is historic. >> the last club to win the world series three out of five years was the st. louis cardinals back in the 1940s. the giants leave for kansas city this morning with game six tomorrow in kansas city and if necessary, a decisive game seven is wednesday.
6:35 am
the first pitch for boat games is 5:07 our time with team coverage live for the final game or games of the worm series and follow abc7 news sports anchor on facebook and wayne freedman will have digital updates. the free ride is over for bart commuters in the east bay for parking. amy hollyfield is at concord bart to explain. now when you park in concord you need to remember this stall number on the parking space because now you need to pay for it. parking at the concord bart station now costs $1. bart officials say the system cannot afford to offer free parking costing an average of $1.33 a day to maintain and
6:36 am
police so they need you to help pay for that. some commuters complain this isn't enough parking at bart stations and they want more parking gar rans build. officials say that will not happen garages are too expensive but they will use the parking fees to pay for things like bicycle lockers and racks and bus schultzs. -- shuttles. >> i am not super happy. i pay $5.65 each way for my commute and that adds $0 a month -- $120 a month to it. >> there are still three bart stations where you can part for free but now for long. north concord will start charging november 12. you have a few more weeks. next is hayward and oakland coliseum charging in november. the clipper card is the easiest
6:37 am
way to pay but you have to set it up in advance or go to the add fare machine remember the stall number you can type that in and pay your dollar fee. it and 6:37. in the east bay road rage turns deadly over the weekend. the investigation under iowa morning in oakland after a mom is shot and killed. did you catch this? the national anthem is botched during the world series and we will tell you what the singer said
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we are opening the weather window from mount tamalpais with a lack of cloud cover, high or low, as we look to the south across a calm bay this morning. our weather cannot get more average than today. we are within one degree everywhere from low-to-mid 70's outside of san francisco and san francisco is upper 60. through the central valley, sunny and mid-70's. nearly 90 in palm springs. we have been talking about the storm bringing up rain on friday. did you see the snow? in lake tahoe? we can do it again on saturday. check out my twitter and
6:41 am
facebook. we have snow in the sierra. >> from north to south and in between the golden gate bridge shows traffic is backing up from the toll plaza so we are starting to see delays. i wonder if there is an accident or stalled vehicle. i have not seen anything yet but we will keep our eyes open on this one but certainly heavy delays with traffic stopped at the tolls. as we head into san jose, 280 northbound away from highway 17, that is quite the packed drive and we have an accident along 880, two lanes are taken away south of 280 southbound, along the film it and the drive through fremont is on the basics. are you thinking of flying to kansas city for game six of the world series? coming up we are checking ticket prices to see how much a seat will set you back. >> oscar pistorius is not happy with his five year prison sentence and the step he is now taking this morning. do it yourself cancer testing?
6:42 am
new details on this procedure and whether the insurance companies are covering the
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covering walnut creek, burlingame and campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. this just in to the newsroom prosecutors in south
6:45 am
africa say they will appeal the verdict and sentencing of oscar pistorius. he was given a five-year sentence on tuesday after being found guilty of culpable homicide, a lesser charge, in the shooting debt of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. he began serving his sentence last beak and would be eligible after ten months. to complete the sentence under house arrest. the prosecution insist he should have been found guilty of murder. >> developing news, oakland police are looking for witnesses in deadly shooting of a mother of four in a possible case of road rage. police say the 30-year-old perla avina was riding with her husband on 98th yesterday when someone in another car shot her. her husband rush her home a couple of blocks arm to try and save her. >> he drove to the house and the family members came out and the oakland police officers arrive on the scene and started cpr and she died of the wound.
6:46 am
perla avina and her husband were driving a 1998 black camry similar to this one and they hope releasing the make will jog the memories of witnesses. >> a 20-year-old man is due in court to enter a plea on charges of sex weigh molesting two young girls shopping with their parents. christopher german molest add girl in wal-mart two weeks ago and then he drove to a target at bayfair mall and molested another girl 15 minutes later. the victims were six and nine. police released surveillance video of the suspect following both indepartments and credit the -- both incidents and credit the public for helping find. >> a new cancer skit was developed at the mayo clinic that is the first to lock for cancer-related d.n.a. in a stool
6:47 am
company and hopes to provide a cheaper option for many who are reluctant to go to the doctor and be tested for colon cancer. medicare covers the test this costs $599. private health insurance does not. >> trading is underway on wall street, and the dow is currently down 56 and almost 57 points to 16749. >> apple pay launched and some major retailers are trying to take a bite out of the business. this is a report that apple pay was operational at pharmacies at lite aid and c.v.s. but then disabled because they are working with large retailers led by wal-mart to develop their own mobile wallet next year. back to the world series. the singer is apologizing for messing up the new york anthem at game five. he is asking this for -- this
6:48 am
morning for the forgive necessary. ♪ o' say can you see ♪ ♪ by the dawn's early night ♪ >> what -- ♪ what so proudly we hail ♪ ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes ♪ >> that comes later, can you see the players looking perplexed and hes is the national anthem means a lot to them and he said his nerves got the best of him and he is torn up about what happened. it took him a full two minutes and six seconds to sing, one of the hardest things to do. >> no doubt about that. >> game 6 is tuesday and we wanted to see how much tickets
6:49 am
selling for in kansas city. >> if you want standing room they are going for $244. by the way what is interesting the prices are cheaper than the $400 something yesterday before they lost the game to the giants so i don't know if that means they are losing faith or waiting for what could be the seventh. we will see. >> there fans headed out to kansas city to see the game with early call at the airport so what do you do when you get an early call? rest your eyes. until they call. this is a tweet from wayne freedman from the airport as they head out to kansas city to see our giants wrap up the world series. >> how about it. how is the weather looking? >> cold. colder than here.
6:50 am
the front page of the" kansas city star," facebook and this was shared with me, dominated and they are not feeling too good beating some of their better relieveers. now, the cold front is pushing through arkansas headed to the south so you will have christian air and 55 at 7:00 and down to 50 with a wind chill, it will feel like mid-to-upper 50's. we have small craft advisory at the cost through 9:00, and win up to 23 knots. san jose, 280 and 17 and above that you have clear skies and back over to the east bay hills, nice clean air on top of us. sunny and temperatures as chose to averages with we get. still looking like rain for saturday. now, the temperatures are low-to-mid 70's in the south bay to santa cruz, and low 70's on
6:51 am
the peninsula but the frees keep you in the mid-60's and 70s south san francisco, and 72 along the another bay shoreline and 72 to 75 inland and a lot of 40's again tonight especially in our valleys and toward palo alto and low-to-mid 50's elsewhere and will san mateo at 58. the high pressure and a few high clouds as the storm system passes to the north and the warming trend lasts through wednesday and it starts to pay per on thursday we get an onshore flow head of system and wake up on friday the best chance is in the north bay during the commute and it is looking like the rain will move through in the afternoon hours and it will start to taper in the evening and that is different than what we talked about yesterday. we have scattered showers saturday morning and clearing saturday afternoon and sunday and this promises to have more rain, and you can see the darker
6:52 am
blues, .5" to an inch and more snow the seven-day forecast shows 70s at the cost and 80 inland and look at the highs on saturday barely in the low-to-mid 60 after the rain open friday. leyla gulen? >> the golden gate bridge shows traffic is flowing and the accident is blocking a lane and everything is pushed to the shoulder but we still have residual backup. in hercules, westbound 80 at willow road we have a multiple vehicle crash and a lot of multiple vehicle crashes and this is involving five cars and we are looking at delays getting off of the bridge and stop-and-go traffic as you head south of highway 4. to southbound 80 we have a crash blocking two lanes pushed to the shoulder but we have solid delays away from 238. thank you, we are back with seven things to know before you go. >> we continue in 90 seconds
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6:54 am
>> whether you are just joining us or headed outdoor. one game is all that separating the giants from the third world championships in five years beating the royals last night with bumgarner a complete shut out and game six in missouri tonight. >> a quiet peninsula community is dealing with a hazardous
6:55 am
materials situation. the police and the coroner and other emergency crews responded to a house overnight with in word on who or what prompt the the emergency. if you take bart from the east bay, bring extra money. starting today it will cost you a dollar to park at the concord bart station. officials say they cannot offer to -- afford offering free parking. a five-year-old new york boy is tested for ebola this morning after he began showing signs of the virus. he and the family returned from guinea on saturday. the nurse being mentored for ebola at another new york store will be released after being free of symptoms for 24 hours. >> waste management workers continue the strike in east bay with 130 workers walked off the job last week claiming the manager was disrespectful and discriminatory to union workers,
6:56 am
trash service at the point, now, is not impacted. >> ready for sunshine and a gorgeous afternoon? we have it. we also have fog making a late appearance in santa rosa at 1.75" and orange october sunrise from mount tamalpais. temperatures are mid-60's at the cost and rest of us 69 to 75. >> it has been a manic monday wish it were sunday. bumper-to-bumper on san rafael bridge. we have a couple of accidents including hercules westbound 80 at willow, multiple vehicles, blocking one lane, and heavy delays. >> another manic monday? >> another one. >> just another one. >> we continue online and twitter and facebook and all the mobile devices. >> see you in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" but three you with this beautiful shot from our it's a fresh
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good morning, america. and breaking news for the viewers out west. the american nurse quarantined in a hospital parking lot in a tent is being released showing no signs of ebola in the last 24 hours, set to go back to her home in maine. and a 5-year-old boy is being watched right now after being raced to the hospital by emergency workers in hazmat gear. hawaii on red alert. red hot lava on the way to a town. a highway of molten laugh have 2,000 degree river of molten rock. families ready to evacuate. west point rocked by scandal. the u.s. military academy under fire for how they recruited a football team. allegations of partying, underage drinking.


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