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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 29, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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history is not on the side of the giants the past ten to lose game six when they had a chance to get the title, nine have gone on to lose including the 2002 giants. that will not stop fans from packing civic center plaza. matt? >> giants fans are hoping the loss is delaying gratification and hoping for a big win. city hall is still aglow. the big screen is if front showing the game tonight. hopefully it will be a big celebration after the last out. last night it was quiet. giants fans were stunned by the blowout loss in game six. it happened soerly many did not wait until it was over to leave. >> it is obviously disappointing.
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>> surprised they scored so men runs and our starting pitcher was taken off so early. >> san francisco police were ready for celebration last night mission street became a tow zone and dumpsters were emptied. mission district is where the giant sized sell operations and parties after they won the world series in 2012 a bus was torched and vandalized. muni was prepared and used only diesel buses. we hope the city gets another parade tonight. it did not take long if the aprils to jump way ahead last night and kansas city scored seven runs in the bottom of the second. the turning point was was with runner on second and third, and a ground to first and belt
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checked at third with jake peavy directing and then the bases were loaded. and then a single through the hole interest left field putting royals ahead and later in the inning, a two run double over the infield scoring two more runs. the royals routed the giants 10-0. the giants look ahead to the excitement of game seven. 39-year-old tim hudson will start on the mound for the giants. >> as a kid you grow up thinking of this and as a big league player you think and you wonder if you will have that opportunity. 16 years in the big leagues and i have that chance. i am really exciteed. >> hudson will be the oldest game 7 starter in major league
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baseball history. >> the first these innings took an hour and 39 minutes to play. wayne greed man is in kansas city and talked to giants fans at the kauffman stadium. >> overconfident at time but mostly it was an unravelling. it was hard to watch. it happens on both sides and to us today. >> get rest. start fresh. go for it. >> you can follow the updates on twitter from kansas city and mike shumann will report live from kansas city. >> the decisive game seven is today, again in kansas city with first pitch at 5:07 our time. developing news, berkeley
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police are looking for a car seen speeding away after a deadly shooting. amy hollyfield is at the scene. >> police are still here. look at all of the evidence markers at the shooting scene. we can see 14 from here. a man in his early 20's was killed before 8:00 last night. we are sat the seapress market in berkeley on university avenue at the frontage road mention to interstate 80 the property of the east bay regional park district. that is the police department investigating. the business was closed. police do have witnesses. >> witnesses from what i understand did not report hearing the art but one reported shots fired and saw a couple of people fleeing north on frontage road and a vehicle fleeing south out of the parking lot.
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>> police do not know if those running were arrest witnesses or the killer or killers. everyone who works at the market is accounted for and is okay. no arrests have been reported. they have not released information on a suspect. it is 4:35. nasa will begin the investigation into the explosion of unmanned cargo rocket headed forth's -- headed for earth's orbit. the rocket erupted into a fireball second after lift off yesterday. the rocket was carrying 5,000 pounds of cargo intended for the international space station.
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nasa says no one was hurt. >> new video of the explosion is showing another speaker expect -- another perspective. michael was watching from look out point and was taking video when the rocket blew up. today the challenge of revoke accreditation for city college of san francisco resumes in a hearing after dramatic testimony. according to "chronicle," the commission president admitted she edited language favorable to city college out of the report. she testified that she did not give the school a chance to defend itself as required. losing accreditation could shut down the college. lawyers are trying to prove the commission had political motives for denying accreditation engaged in unfair practices and illegal denied the school due process. >> former president clinton is holding a rally encouraging
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people to vote. he will be joined by democratic congressman from elk grove and from walnut grove. bill clinton will stress importance of voting for middle class advocates. the rally at at uc davis art pavilion. >> a candidate for oakland mayor got a last minute boost from senator boxer who is not registered to vote in oakland but says her grandchild go to schools in the school and that could give shaft the momentum before the election. this is three weeks after she received an endorsement from governor jerry brown. >> follow coverage of the election returns on tuesday with our news app and rode about the races and propositions. the app is free to download from
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google play or apple app store. the fiance of former oakland a's said he will never resume full use of his hand after he accidentally shot himself. he told police he was cleaning a gun in the kitchen of his las vegas home and it went off he had surgery last night. according to the "los angeles times" his fiance said the doctors told her he would never fully recover and this video is from july when the 50-year-old canseco attended an 89 world series reunion in oakland. she heard the downtown go off and saw his middle finger hanging by a thread. she tweeted last night from his account asking fans to pray for his finger. >> the warriors on the regular season in sacramento against the kings starting forward, david lee is expected to miss because of a strained hamstring. the game will mark the coaching
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debut for new head coach with the home opener on saturday night against the lakers. mike, is this going to be the hottest day? warmest day this week, well above average, in the 80's in many areas. 70's around the bay and 62 in san francisco at the ferry building. 58 headed downtown. sunny side is the cool spot at 56. palo alto is 48. santa clara is 48, too. 49 in petaluma. 50 in walnut creek and pleasanton and pittsburg is 57. the temperatures are from two to six degrees warmer than yesterday with more humidity in the air. we could see more fog in the north bay. put so cool this morning.
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toward noon, 70 already at the coast and 66 at the bay and 72 as we head inland and high clouds increase through the day and 72 at the coast at 4:00, and 76 around the bay and 82 inland and not so cool in the evening with the humidity and cloud cover in the mid-to-upper 60's coast and bay but 74 inland. moving forward, tomorrow we will see the low clouds and high clouds increase and the sea breeze drops down to 4 to 8 degrees. rain turns to showers and a window for trick-or-treaters. >> we have 20 bart trains running on time and ace train one is a minute late. san mateo is clear and accident free and beautiful coming from hayward to foster city. it will take 90 minutes to -- nine minutes to cross the water. a stalled big rig is blocking a
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lane so you will find it but 580 is moving along at top speed. no delays into oakland. the nimitz is where you need to be, northbound and southbound of 238 moving along just fine, as well. uc berkeley athletic program is under scrutiny again. success on the field is not translating into success in the class. a disturbing discovery in a san francisco neighborhood. >> unstoppable river of low. the deadline people in hawaii are given
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 4:43. two prominent sports programs at
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cal are not making the grade. the cal football is last among schools in the tower five conferences and the men's basketball program is lowest among pack 12 schools. it measures rates of student athlete whose enrolled between 2004 and ten 20 and completed degrees in six years. the football program graduated 51 percent of the players and best program graduated 46 percent. cal graduation rate among all sports is 80 percent. >> you expect bats in neighborhoods head of halloween but not real bats. a san francisco family was surprised to find a real bat in their drive. this one turned out to be rabid. here is that story. >> at first she said, are you sure this is not a prank. >> the 11-year-old assured his mother it was not a halloween trick. >> we saw an ear twitch so we
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knew it was alive in the drive. >> the mother took the photos of the bat and it made its way from the family drive to the sidewalk along 15th in san francisco's richmond district. >> we put a box on top of it and the health department came out and they said the bat was rabid. >> it was found in the daylight just outside of the community garden. the san francisco department of public health says there are no records of a human contracting rabies from a bat but if you or your child have touched a bat recently, they would like to hear from you. >> melissa was interviewed we an animal control officer and said there were a few cases an -- around the area. >> the department could not confirm the exact number of
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rabid bats but said there is likely nothing to worry about. developing news from the big island of hawaii. some people living near the path of a lava flow have left and others are ready to leave. the lava has used into the small town that has destroyed a shed and homes are in the path. residents remaining in the town are told to clear out by tonight. people with respiratory problems are told to stay indoors. >> all or nothing today for the giants in game seven and now more than ever san francisco fans are standing behind the team. >> lifelong fans say they are teens now but they have been giants fans from before they could talk. he has high hopes the giants
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will regroup with win today. >> we say thanks for the fan photos you have shared and you and e-mail the pictures to or tweet them to us. >> i don't think the players seem worried. they do not look at the stats or the history, they have done it. >> time to rewrite history. it hadn't been done in a while so...bumgarner will pitch will dim but it will be fun to see it play out. >> it will be cooler. moving on, here it is. the world series, 52 at 7:00,
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dropping to 48 and cooler than last night. headed over to the civic center plaza. the giants watch party 71 degrees at action, and down to 68 and 65 and 64 by 8:00 and hopefully there is quite a celebration going on and winds are light and variable and the high pressure dominates from sutro tower you can see how clean the air is. high clouds warm in. steady morning rain. afternoon showers for friday into saturday. quiet through tuesday. 80's to the south. everyone but santa clara and milpitas and sunnyvale around 78 to 79. we have mid-70's to 80's on the peninsula, and remember the water is in the low-to-mid 60's and mid-70's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low 70's north bay and we have mid-to-upper 70's and an 88 in
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castro valley and hercules and low 80's throughout the east bay. tonight, it will be milder than the last couple of mornings with mid-40's to low 60's and low clouds along the coast. all showers are staying north. we have a cold storm coming. we could have the possibility of thunderstorms. at 11 o'clock tomorrow, you can see the steady rain in the morning friday. it is over by 12. the bulk of the widespread showers are offshore by 6:00. they will come in around 7:00. we will have a window, maybe at 4:00, so if you trip or treat between 4:00 and 7:00 you could have a better chance of being dry. up to three quarters of an inch
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of rain. temperatures in the 60's friday and saturday. 60's and 70s on sunday and 70 away from the coast monday and tuesday. in san jose, traffic is at top speed. 56 miles per hour along 101 to san jose airport. 280 is not bad. headed into cupertino it is not bad. highway 85 and 87 and 17 looking clear. to the north, dumbarton has no accidents. san mateo is smooth. speaking of 280, 101 to cupertino is 11 minutes and 80 westbound from albany to the maze is four minutes and southbound 880 from fremont to san jose is 15 minutes. >> the federal government is going after a major cell phone provider accusing the company of deceiving customers. in tech bytes, at&t is
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underfire, being accused of slowing down data speeds for customers with unlimited data plan claiming that 3.5 million customers have been affected since 2011. motor role has a super charged version of their smartphone, the droid, featuring 5.2" screen and a battery lasting 48 hours. >> finally, taco bell has a new mobile app and you can pay by phone and skip the line when you arrive at the accident and customize whatever you are craving like never before. the state is launching a new crack down on drunk drivers. >> a pothole there, bay area roads get a report card. the best and worst places to drive in the bay
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4:54. there has been no improvements to the bay area roads in years which have been consistently mediocre for a decade after grading 43,000 miles of streets and roads. brentwood was best and dublin at 84 and the three largest were average, san francisco got 65, san jose was 62 and oakland 60. the worst belonged to st. helena receiving a grade of 40. >> san francisco holds the grand opening of the new cruise terminal plaza a 2.5 acre park on pier 37 after the opening of the $100 million cruise terminal
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which opened in august. the terminal covers 70,000 square feet and 360 degree views of the bay. >> later today, the 360 degree view will be of the sun. >> sun. high clouds. not is bright as yesterday. or as blue. but extra humidity it will be hazy. a little. sunshine and 74 in monterey and home 80's through the central valley and 93 in palm springs and 76 in san diego and mid-60's today in lake tahoe but as we head to friday, 53 with rain and snow on saturday and 44 degrees with sunshine on sunday and that is a good 15 degrees cooler-than-average. friday night into saturday when the snow level will drop and start to pack snow possible on the passes as it could drop to 4,000'. we will keep you advised. as we head out the door, the golden gate bridge is looking
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pretty darn nice if you come in from marin, no throughs, in fog, no nothing. you can see northbound traffic moving across the bridge, picking up the coaches if you are traveling from san francisco and interest marin be aware of that, we have a stalled big rig eastbound 80 at 4th street that is on the shoulder. it should not be blocking lanes but was carrying cargo. everything is off loaded. bart and muni all running on time. bart has 30 trains on the tracks contra costa supervisors vote add big raise over the objections of nearly every union representing county employees. the board voted 4-1 to approve a 33 percent pay hike increasing the pay from $97,000 a year to $129,000 a year. supervisor anderson cast the
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only no vote saying they deserve a raise but 30 percent is too high. it angered the union who have endured pay cuts to balance the budget. >> members of the naturest american tribe at odds over control of a central valley casino are due to court for a special hearing. a federal judge is expected to democrat how soon the doors at the resort can re-open. it was shut down three weeks ago after an armed faction of the tribe stormed the casino forcing evacuation. it was caught on surveillance video. the attorney general is requesting the casino remain closed longer because of public safety concerns. >> california is cracking down on drunk driving and ramping up efforts to reduce the minors injured or killed in crashes involving alcohol. it includes deploying agents where there are usually large
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halloween celebrations such as towns with yasser arafats and using decoys to reduce the number of businesses and groundups selling alcohol to pipers. >> new urgency in california over ebola virus, and what we are learning of two people in southern california being monitored for the virus. >> the new help the federal government is offering for home owners and individuals hit hard by the napa earthquake. >> anger over influence in the mayor's office could shake up city hall with a potential
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